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莱芜市治疗宫颈炎多少钱临淄区人民医院妇科医生Business.商业。FacebookFacebookWork in progress逆流中前行The stockmarket has lost no time in unfriending the social network券市场正加紧同社交网络解除好友关系IT IS still gaining members-there were 955m by the end of June-but Facebook has been losing friends ever since it became a public company on May 18th. Delays in trading on the frenzied opening day were scarcely the social-networking companys fault. But not since that first day has the share price closed above its bloated debut mark of ; and recently it has lurched lower. It dropped by 8% after hours on July 25th when Zynga, a games company that uses Facebook as a base, reported poor quarterly results, and by another 10% after Facebooks own figures came out the next day. It has fallen further since. On August 1st Facebooks shares closed at .88, the lowest yet (see chart).虽然新用户仍在不断增加——到六月底这个数字已经达到9.55亿之多——但自从5月18日上市以来,Facebook的持者却在流失。疯狂的上市首日发生的交易延迟的确不应归咎于这家社交网络公司。但是自从发行价虚开38美元之后,它的股价就再没有高过这个数字;最近更是屡创新低。7月25日开盘数小时之后,基于Facebook平台的游戏公司Zynga公布了其糟糕的季度业绩,Facebook的股价下跌8%。而第二天,Facebook自己的数据公开之后,股价更是再跌10%。从此就一蹶不振了。8月1日,Facebook的股价收盘于20.88美元,上市以来的新低(见表)。New shareholders are not the only ones feeling fed up. On July 30th Limited Run, a New York platform for the online shops of record labels, artists and designers, said it would delete its Facebook page. It estimated that 80% of clicks came from ;bots;-computers rather than people, but triggering payments to Facebook all the same. Limited Run added that after it changed its name (from Limited Pressing) Facebook asked it to spend ,000 a month on advertising to change the name of its page on the network to match. Calling Facebook ;scumbags;, it invited its human visitors to follow it on Twitter instead. Facebook says it is investigating, and that ;there seems to be some sort of miscommunication; about the change of page name, for which it does not charge.并不是只有新股东们感到失望。7月30日,来自纽约的为唱片、乐手和设计师搭建的线上平台,Limited Run,宣布公司将删除其Facebook主页。据估计,其80%的主页点击都是;机器人;所为——电脑操纵而非用户,而他们却一样要为这些点击向Facebook付费用。Limited Run补充道,在其改名之后(原先叫Limited Pressing),Facebook还要求其付一个月2000美元的费用来为网站主页的更名打广告。他们把Facebook看作;小人;,并邀请其用户转而关注他们的推特帐号。Facebook称事情正在调查,并称关于主页更名;其中一定有什么误会;,因为这是完全免费的。In its own way the latest droop in the share price is as mysterious as the bots apparently plaguing Limited Run. Granted, the news from Zynga, which alone provides 10% of Facebooks revenues, was a shock. Facebook made a quarterly loss, of 7m, but that was more than explained by the accounting cost of share-based compensation. And revenue growth slowed, to 32% in the year to the second quarter. Yet that was pretty much what analysts had expected, perhaps a little better.和明显成为Limited Run公司麻烦的那些机器人一样,近来Facebook股市的萎靡从它自身的角度来看同样不可理解。的确,Zynga占到Facebook营业额的10%,其亏损新闻对Facebook是一种打击。Facebook也确实遭遇了1.57亿美元的季度亏损,但这更大程度上是受到分红补贴成本的影响。从年中的第二季度来看,营业收益额的增长放缓至32%。这和分析师的预测相差无几,甚至还要好于预期。Nonetheless, there are reasons to be sceptical about the speed at which Facebooks revenues and profits can grow. In America and much of Europe just about anyone who might want to join aly has; and the ratio of daily to monthly users ticked down in North America, Europe and Asia-a sign to some of ;Facebook fatigue;. So Facebook must make money from the members it has rather than simply by adding new ones. And it must find a way to do so on mobile devices, from which most Facebookers now check the site (56.9% of monthly users did so in the second quarter). There is little space for ads on a smartphone; and ads must not just avoid irritating users, but make them click.尽管如此,我们还是有理由去怀疑Facebook的营业额及其利润的增长空间。在美国以及欧洲大部分区域,想要入市的股民早已出现悲观情绪;而在北美,欧洲以及亚洲,日活跃用户以及月活跃用户的比例开始呈现下滑趋势——这是;Facebook疲乏症;的标志。所以Facebook需要想法设法从已有用户身上吸金,而非扩大自己的用户群。而且必须在移动设备这块战场上发力,因为大多数的Facebook用户都是通过移动设备访问网站的(第二季度数据比重达56.9%)。在智能手机上投放广告的空间很小;而且广告不能光做到不侵扰用户,还要让他们点击才行。I want to sell you a story;受赞助内容;赢利模式Facebook sees ;sponsored stories; in users news feeds, the main flow of information about their friends, as the tool for this job. These are ads that companies can pay to highlight with the aim of seeing them sp by recommendation. Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer, told analysts that click-through rates on ads in news feeds were ;multiple times better; than on ads to the right of the screen. Ms Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebooks founder and boss, said stories in news feeds were bringing in more than m a day, half of that from mobile devices.消息推送,已经成为用户获取好友信息的主要渠道。Facebook发现,;受赞助的内容;可以作为它营收的一个来源。为了使自己的广告通过推荐的方式传播,公司可以付费用来使其突出显示。Facebook的首席运营官雪莉·桑德伯格告诉分析师,在消息推送中的广告点击率是屏幕右侧广告的;数倍;。Facebook的创立者和老板,桑德伯格以及马克·扎克伯格,称消息推送每天能为Facebook创收百万美元以上,其中半数来自移动设备。That sounds promising, but it is not yet a lot of money. Steve Weinstein of ITG Investment Research says that sponsored stories are ;an ad product that is not going to ramp up overnight;, which explains the cautious tone of Facebooks bosses. Advertising through friends recommendations on social networks is still new. So advertisers will need to learn what sponsored stories ought to look like, and then be convinced to spend money on them. They will also need to keep refreshing stories, which in turn will mean more expense.虽然听上去充满希望,但数目并不算是很大。来自ITG投资研究所的史蒂夫·韦恩史蒂恩说,受赞助的内容;不会成为一夜走红的广告产品;,这也和Facebook老板们的谨慎论调相符合。在社交网站上,通过好友推荐的广告模式依旧新颖。因此广告的投放者需要清楚受赞助内容的合理形式,确认之后,再投入资金。他们也需要对内容进行更新,反过来意味着更大的开。Mr Zuckerberg and Ms Sandberg also pointed to two other initiatives. One is an exchange on which marketers will be able to bid for ad impressions in real-time. This is standard in the industry, but new for Facebook. The other is a push for ads from small and medium-sized businesses (but not, perhaps, Limited Run). Recently, says Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group, big advertisers working with agencies, which accounted for perhaps one-third of Facebooks ad revenue last year, have been building up their spending with Facebook. Spending by small firms and online businesses has stalled, leading to the slowdown in Facebooks growth.扎克伯格和桑德伯格也提出了两项新举措。一个是为营销者准备的交流平台。他们可以实时地对广告投放位置进行投标。这在工业领域里是标准,但在Facebook还是全新的尝试。另一个是推动中小型企业投放广告(除了Limited Run之外,可能)。来自市场研究机构Pivotal Research Group的分析师布莱恩·威瑟尔最近说,和代理商合作的大型广告商一直以来都在加强和Facebook的合作关系。这些收入约占到Facebook去年广告收入的三分之一。而同时,小型企业和线上业务的开却停滞不前,放缓了Facebook的增长势头。With these plans, thinks Mr Wieser, Facebook is doing the right things. He dismisses worries about falling ratios of daily to monthly users. Far more Americans visit Facebook than other social-media sites and they spend more time online there than anywhere else. So there is ;no other satisfactory provider for most marketers; with a ;social; strategy. He thinks the shares were overpriced at but have now sunk unreasonably low.威瑟尔认为,通过这些计划,Facebook正在沿着正确的方向前进。他对日活跃用户和月活跃用户比例下滑的担忧不屑一顾。在美国,多数人在同类的社交网站中偏爱Facebook;而且比起其他网站,他们也更愿意在Facebook上消磨时间。所以,对于大多数营销者而言,也没有其他既拥有;社交;战略,又;令人满意的平台提供商;了。他承认开盘价38美元的确过高,但现在跌到如此之低也是不合理的。Facebook may take comfort from the enthusiasm of others for the social world. This week Google was said to have paid 0m for Wildfire Interactive, a social-marketing firm; Oracle and Salesforce.com have also been recent buyers in the field. A new report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the research arm of a consultancy, sees vast untapped potential in companies use of social technologies (internally, as well as in dealings with customers). Gartner, another research firm, said this week that failing to communicate with customers on social networks could be as damaging to companies as not answering phone calls or e-mails. Mr Weinstein notes that Facebook ;is still valued like a very successful business;: worth billion, indeed, at only eight years of age.Facebook会对其他公司对于社交世界的热忱感到宽慰。谷歌刚刚于这周宣布,斥资4亿美元收购社交营销公司Wildfire Interactive。甲骨文公司和云计算公司Salesforce.com近来也成为了这片领域的掠食者。麦肯锡咨询公司研究部门——麦肯锡全球研究所的一份最新报告表明,在企业对于社交技术的运用上存在着尚待开发的巨大潜力(从内部看,同消费者交易也是如此)。另一家咨询公司的高德纳本周表示,如果企业无法在社交网络上同客户交流,其后果将等同于不接电话或是不回邮件,将是破坏性的。韦恩史蒂恩强调,Facebook;仍是一家非常成功的企业;,市值500亿美元,而且,仅仅用了八年。 201208/193575山东大学齐鲁医院药流多少钱 Business A guide to goodness Values for money.商业 良品导购 价廉物良。Want to know if a product is virtuous? Theres an app for that.想知道一个产品是否货真价实?有个软件能帮你。AS HE applied sunscreen to his young daughters face, Dara ORourke, a professor of environmental and labour policy at the University of California, Berkeley, found himself wondering if the lotion was safe.当加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校的环境与劳工政策教授多拉?欧罗克往他年幼的女儿脸上抹防晒霜时,他发现自己在怀疑这种防晒霜是否安全。He realised there was no ily available answer.他意识到这个问题没有现成的。The result—two years, a team of chemists, lots of testing and a chunk of venture capital later—is GoodGuide.com.历时两年,一批化学家进行了大量的测试及后期风险投资,成果是建立了指南网(GoodGuide.com)。Launched in 2008, this is a website and smartphone app that rates 140,000 consumer products (currently only in America) according to their safety, environmental sustainability and the ethics of the firms that make them.这个成立于2008年的网站有配套的智能手机软件,它根据安全性、环境可持续性及生产厂商的道德操守对十四万种消费品(目前仅限于在美国的产品)进行了评估。Now GoodGuide has created a new ;purchase analyser; app designed to inform consumers not just about the values embedded in products, but also about whether they are the virtuous shoppers they say they want to be.现在,指南网已开发了一个新的;购物分析家;软件,此软件不仅旨在告诉消费者产品的内在价值,也旨在告诉消费者他们是不是自己所说的希望成为的良心购物者。Using the new app requires selecting a series of characteristics, which can range from whether the user favours organic products to buying only from firms with a good human-rights record. (It also rates how competitively things are priced, via a partnership with Price Grabber.)使用这个新软件需要对一系列特性进行选择,这些特性涵盖了从用户是否喜欢有机产品到只从人权记录良好的公司购买产品等方面。(通过与Price Grabber合作,指南网还能评估产品的定价有多少竞争力)。The consumer then scans the bar code on a product with the camera in their smartphone. The app identifies it and checks in a database to score how it shapes up.然后,消费者用其智能手机中的摄像头扫描产品上的条形码。软件识别条形码并在数据库中进行检索,从而为产品评分。Much therefore depends on the quality of the data, which GoodGuide gathers from various sources, including government reports and scientific studies, and research by its own staff.因此,评分结果在很大程度上取决于数据的质量,这些数据是指南网从各处搜集而来的,来源包括政府报告、科学研究及其员工所作的调查。If the product scores badly, the app will recommend an alternative item which is rated more highly.如果产品得分很低,软件就会推荐另一种得分更高的替代产品。The app also tracks a consumers purchases to see how well they fit with their selected values, giving a sort of personal virtue (or hypocrisy) rating.软件还会追踪消费者的购物记录,看看他们的购物行为在多大程度上符合自身赞同的购物观,然后给出一种个人的购物美德度(或虚伪度)等级。So far, GoodGuide has mostly been used by shoppers who are aly keen to know about any issues connected with products they buy.到目前为止,使用指南网的大都是这样的购物者:他们已热衷于了解任何关于其购买的商品的问题。They are mothers concerned about a childs health, older people facing a chronic illness or supporters of a cause, such as animal rights.他们是关心子女健康的母亲、身患慢性疾病的老年人和某项事业(如维护动物权利)的持者。The hope behind the app is that the idea of finding out about a products background will become mainstream.这个软件背后的期望是:;查清一种产品的背景信息这个理念;会变成主流。Consumers rarely change their buying habits, even when confronted with scientific and other data, says Mr ORourke.欧罗克先生说,即使面对科学数据和其他数据,消费者都几乎不会改变他们的购物习惯。So he has drawn on insights from behavioural economics, which show shoppers can be greatly influenced by peer pressure and by information passed on to them by people they know.于是他利用了行为经济学的观点来开发这个软件。这些观点表明,同辈压力及购物者认识的人传递给他们的信息都能对购物者产生很大的影响。The app tries to take advantage of these pressures.这个软件尝试利用这些压力。The virtue rating will inform a consumer how well they are doing according to the values which they espouse.购物美德度评估会根据购物者所赞成的购物观来告知他们其购物表现如何。That measurement gives an incentive to do better.这种评估会促使购物者改善其购物行为。Soon, the rating will be able to be shared with others on social-media sites such as Facebook, which could inspire (or pressurise) a shopper to consume more thoughtfully.很快,人们就能够在如脸谱网(Facebook)的社交媒介中与别人分享这种评估,这将鼓励(或施压)购物者更加理性地消费。It might even, believes Mr ORourke, turn being a good shopper into an online game.欧罗克先生认为,这个软件可能甚至会将;做一个优秀的购物者;变为线上游戏。 /201212/212492Still in Books and Arts; Book Review;Foreign interventions;When to hold and when to fold;文艺;书评;来自外国的干扰;来自外国的干扰究竟该如何进退;Can Intervention Work? By Rory Stewart and Gerald Knaus.《干预有用吗?》Rory Steward, Gerald Knaus合著。Can we intervene in foreign countries and do good? Can we stop wars and genocides and get rid of evil dictators? Can we then build modern, democratic states that thrive in our wake? The answer depends on who you ask. An anti-Qaddafi Libyan will have nice things to say about NATOs role there right now. But you will get very different views from an Afghan, an Iraqi, a Bosnian or a Kosovar.我们有权干预外国吗?我们的干预真的有利吗?我们能够阻止战争和屠杀吗?我们能够消灭掉那些邪恶的独裁者吗?我们能够激发他们的斗志,促使他们建造一个现代的民主国家吗?这些因人而异。谈起北约在推翻其政权中起到的重要作用,一个反对利比亚卡扎菲政权的人立即就滔滔不绝。但是如果你问一个阿富汗人,伊拉克人,波斯尼亚或是科索沃人,得到的就会大不相同。Rory Stewart and Gerald Knaus are well placed to pose and answer these questions. Before Mr Stewart became a Conservative MP, he was a deputy governor of two Iraqi provinces. He also walked across Afghanistan and wrote a bestseller about the experience. Mr Knaus, a political economist, runs the European Stability Initiative, a Berlin-based think-tank founded in Sarajevo in 1999, which has been particularly influential in the Balkans.Rory Stewart 和 Gerald Knaus根据自身的经历,给出了合宜的。在Stewart成为一个保守党议员之前,他曾担任过伊拉克两个省的省长。他还曾横穿阿富汗,将自己的经历写成了书,并成为了畅销书。Knaus则是一名政治经济学家,他管理一家位于柏林的智库,叫作欧洲稳定计划。其于1999年创建于萨拉热窝,在巴尔干半岛各国特别有影响力。The book is structured as two essays with a lengthy joint introduction. Mr Stewart has written a colourful account of his time in Afghanistan and his failed attempts to stop what he sees as a self- defeating build-up of ambitions, troops and plans. He skewers gobbledygook notions of bringing Afghans accountable governance and Western-style rule of law. It is not that he is against such things, but that he doubts the ability of foreigners to impose it all. He cites a pragmatic admonition from English Mountain Rescue: “Be prepared to turn back if conditions turn against you.”本书由2片论文及一篇很长的合序构成。Stewart描绘了他在阿富汗时多姿多的生活,也写了他对阿富汗一系列的雄心壮志,军队的建立以及计划的制定的看法,认为这都是自拆台脚,他想要阻止却未能成功。他竭力讥讽那些官腔,说什么建立一个可信赖的阿富汗政府,引进西方式法治。他并不是反对这些做法,而是质疑外国人的执行力。他在此引用了英国高山救援队的一条朴实的警告;“如情况不利,请准备回程。”Writing about Bosnia, Mr Knaus deploys heavy artillery in arguments that he has made before. Intervention there has been a stunning success, he says, given the state of Bosnia at the end of its devastating war in 1995. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have returned, not a single intervening soldier was killed (after the war), and todays problems are of the conventional political sort, not the kind that herald another war. Not only does Bosnia enjoy free and fair elections, but also it has relatively little crime. Mr Knaus argues that the only missteps came from assumptions held by those like Lord Ashdown, when he was de facto governor of Bosnia, that well-meaning envoys could behave like imperial viceroys, sacking elected yet obstructive leaders at will.谈到波斯尼亚时,Knaus大量引用了他之前发表的观点,火力十足。鉴于那场1995年波斯尼亚发生的残酷的战争的结局,干预确实取得了惊人的成功,他说。成百上千的难民都回归故土,且没有一个外来士兵死于战后重建工作中。但是今天的问题是常规政治,并非预示着另一场战争的那种。不仅波斯尼亚有了公平自由的选举,而且犯罪也相对减少。Knaus认为,唯一的错处在于阿什当勋爵等人的错误假设。阿什当勋爵为波西尼亚实际领导人时,满怀善意的使者却能像帝国总督那样,任意将选举出来却碍手碍脚的领导人撤职。From rather successful interventions, defined as Bosnia and Kosovo, the authors convey an important lesson: that is, the experience garnered in one place is generally not much use elsewhere. Bosnia was a success because the intervention came as part of the 1995 Dayton peace agreement, which ended the war and which all the exhausted sides committed themselves to. In Kosovo the vast majority of its people—ethnic Albanians, nearly all of them Muslims—were very grateful for what they saw as their America-led liberation from the Serbs. Mr Knaus also argues that the ed Nations war-crimes tribunal was vital as a form of closure and for removing from the political scene characters such as Ratko Mladic, a Bosnian Serb general now on trial for genocide in The Hague.从波斯尼亚、科索沃等干预的成功案例中,作者得出了一个重要的结论,那就是,从一处获得的经验多数时候在其他地方并不管用。波斯尼亚干预的成功是因对其干预是作为1995年代顿和平协议中的一部分提出的,协议旨在结束战争,而精疲力竭的双方也都愿意遵守。而在科索沃,大多数国民为阿尔巴尼亚人,几乎所有人都是穆斯林,他们十分感激美国领导他们从塞尔维亚人手中解放。Knaus还谈到,联合国军事法庭对于消灭拉特科·穆拉迪克这样的人至关重要。Ratko Mladic是波斯尼亚的塞尔维亚将军,如今因涉嫌种族灭绝而在海牙国家法庭受审。So, does intervention work? As any Bosnian peasant may tell you, “maybe yes, maybe no.” It depends on the circumstances and requires modest ambitions. Muddle through with a sense of purpose, says Mr Knaus. Do what you can, where you can and no more, agrees Mr Stewart. In policy terms that sounds a bit like “yes” to Libya, “no” to Syria and so on.那么,干预究竟是否有用呢?随便哪个波斯尼亚的农民都会这样告诉你,“可能有用吧,也可能没用。”它取决于现实情况,并且人们的目标也要合理。有目标地混日子,Knaus如是说道。你想做就做,能做就做,没别的了,Stewart以此表示赞成。从政策的角度来看,这似乎是在对利比亚称好,对叙利亚摇头之类的。 /201304/233170济南省千佛山医院正规的吗

济南省中医二附院怎样济南妇保医院电话 Business Wine vandalism Draining mystery商业 葡萄酒之劫 正在流失的谜案Who pulled the plug?谁拔掉了瓶塞?BY THE time Gianfranco Soldera realised something was awry, it was too late.当Gianfranco Soldera意识到有些不对劲时,已为时太晚。;I rushed down into the cellar and all ten barrels of Brunello from the 2007 to 2012 vintages were open and the wine had gone off down the drains.;;我匆忙跑下酒窖,但见全部十桶装有2007-2012年份的布鲁耐罗葡萄酒的橡木桶打翻在地,桶内的葡萄酒也已流干殆尽;。On the night of December 2nd someone broke into Mr Solderas estate, emptied the massive oak casks of 62,600 litres of one of the worlds great wines and left without stealing a thing.12月2日夜晚,有人闯入了Soldera先生的庄园,倒空了装有62,600升世界顶级葡萄酒的巨大橡木桶,然后悄然离开,不取分毫。Why is a mystery fit for Andrea Camilleris fictional Sicilian detective, Inspector Montalbano. On Sicily, the explanation would be obvious:这个谜案正好留给安德列?卡米莱笔下虚构的西西里侦探芒塔尔班来解决,在西西里岛,此案动机显而易见:Italians immediately compared the attack on Mr Solderas estate, known as Case Basse (;Low Houses;), to those on wineries confiscated from the Mafia.意大利人立即就把受袭击的Soldera先生庄园,即Case Basse酒庄(矮屋)和从黑手党手中没收的酒庄联系到了一起。But Brunello comes from vineyards around Montalcino in Tuscany—a place where,然而,布鲁耐罗是来自托斯卡纳区蒙达奇诺附近的葡萄园。as the mayor noted, people still go out ;leaving the key to the house in the front door;.该地区是一个被市长称为 ;人们外出都是把钥匙挂在前门;的地方。The 75-year-old Mr Soldera is not a Tuscan.现年75岁的Soldera先生不是托斯卡纳人。He was born near Venice. After a career in insurance, he arrived in Montalcino in the early 1970s to find the perfect spot for Sangiovese, the only grape allowed in Brunello.他出生在附近。在从事了一份保险工作后,20世纪70年代初期,他来到了蒙达奇诺,发现了这个适合种植桑娇维赛葡萄的理想之地,桑娇维赛葡萄也是被用来酿造布鲁耐罗葡萄酒的唯一葡萄。He began producing 10,000-15,000 bottles a year of a light-bodied, floral, long-lived red that nowadays retails on release in Italy at up to /201212/217293聊城市人民医院不孕不育科

山东省第三医院妇科人流 Book Review;Entrepreneurs书评;企业家Headbanging离奇的企业家World Changers: 25 Entrepreneurs Who Changed Business As We Knew It. By John Byrne.世界改变者:25位改变传统商业的企业家 作者:约翰·拜恩。Hero-worship is out. Most serious writers are more interested in “forces” and “factors” than in heroes and heroines. And even biographers specialise in exposing feet of clay. Lord Actons dictum that “great men are almost always bad men” has become a commonplace. Yet one group has escaped from this general cynicism: entrepreneurs. Company executives may be boring Gradgrinds, bankers the spawn of the devil and politicians crooks and liars. But all agree that entrepreneurs are a cut above the rest of mankind. 英雄崇拜的时代已经不再。大多严肃的作家对“影响力”和“影响因素”比对英雄本身更加感兴趣。即使是传记作者,也开始专门曝光英雄的缺陷。艾克顿公爵的格言“伟人几乎总是坏人”已经成为名句。但是有一类人免受这种普遍的怀疑:企业家。企业的高管们也许像令人厌的葛擂梗(Gradgrinds,译者注:狄更斯小说《艰难时世》中的人物),是万恶之源的家和瞒天过海的政治家。但是所有人都同意企业家要高出其他人一筹。The obvious reason for this is that entrepreneurs represent the creative side of “creative destruction”: it is not hard to see how Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have made the world a better place, or even Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks. A less obvious reason is that entrepreneurs appeal to our anti-establishment instincts: some of the very emotions that lead us to dislike chief executives and bankers also lead us to admire entrepreneurs. They are impatient with stuffy conventions. They turn the world upside-down. And they get fabulously rewarded for their efforts.一个显而易见的原因是,企业家们代表着“创造性破坏”中创造性那一面:不难看到理查德·布兰森(Richard Branson,译者注:维珍(Virgin)品牌的创始人)和史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs),抑或是星巴克的创始人霍华德·舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)是如何使世界变得更好。另一个不那么明显的原因是,企业家唤起了我们反体制的本能:某种情绪让我们讨厌高管和家,却崇拜企业家。他们无法忍受古板的条条框框。他们将世界反转。他们也因其努力获得了惊人回报。John Byrnes “World Changers” is a classic exercise in hero-worship. The author provides some interesting insight into what makes entrepreneurs tick. They come in a dizzying variety of shapes. John Mackey, the co-founder of Whole Foods, was a hippie. Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express, served in the marines during the Vietnam war. Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys, was a former leftist who found himself on the wrong side of the Bulgarian police.约翰·拜恩(John Byrne)的《改变世界者》是英雄崇拜的经典之作。作者对什么使得企业家发挥作用提供了一些有趣的洞见。他们的出身形形色色。全食食品公司(Whole Foods)的联合创始人约翰·马克(John Mackey)是一个嬉皮士。联邦快递(Federal Express)的创始人弗里德·史密斯(Fred Smith)曾在越战时期参军。印孚瑟斯(Infosys)的联合创始人纳拉亚纳·穆尔萨(Narayana Murthy)曾经是站在保加利亚警方反方的左派。But three things seem to unite them. The first is that entrepreneurs routinely see opportunities where everyone else sees problems. A surprising number of great companies were born out of fury and frustration. Reed Hastings got the idea for Netflix when a -rental agency presented him with a late fee for “Apollo 13”. This opportunism melds with determination to produce a powerful cocktail of self-belief. Jeff Bezos continued to work away at his idea for an online bookshop even after his company, which remained in the red for its first six years, had been widely dismissed as Amazon.toast.但是三件东西是他们同时具备的。第一,众人眼里的问题,企业家们通常却看到机会。从挫折中诞生的伟大的公司数不胜数。里德·哈斯廷斯(Reed Hastings)是在一家影碟租赁公司向他索取《阿波罗13号》40美元的滞纳金时,冒出了Netflix的灵感。这种机会主义和决心的融合通常炮制出了自我信念。杰夫·贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)在他的公司前六年持续亏损,被广泛否认为“Amazon.toast”的时候,仍然坚持他网上书店的想法。The second is an ability to live with risk and failure. Entrepreneurs do not go out of their way to court risk for its own sake. Many of them are far more conscious of risk than more conventional business people. Mr Hastings started working on the next iteration of Netflix almost as soon as he established his company because he knew that the internet would destroy his business model. But they accept that risk comes with success. Again and again entrepreneurs have been willing to bet their futures on what sensible people might dismiss as a crazy idea. The entrepreneurs hall of fame is full of teenage flakes and college dropouts.第二是在风险和失败中存活的能力。企业家因从未因自身的原因放弃过多风险的追逐。许多企业家远比传统的商人更有风险意识。哈斯廷斯先生在Netflix成立之初就开始着手下一代Netflix的建设,因为他知道互联网将会破坏他的商业模式。但是他接受成功总是伴着风险。企业家总是愿意将他们的未来投在敏感的人看来疯狂的想法上。企业家们的名声里总不乏青年期叛逆和大学辍学等字眼。The third feature uniting them is a determination to run their own lives. Most entrepreneurs have a problem with authority. They would rather fail as their own boss than succeed as second-in- command. A striking number of them come from difficult backgrounds. Ted Turners father, whom the boy worshipped, sent him to boarding school at the age of four and beat him with a coat hanger, for example. A disproportionate number suffer from dyslexia (Richard Branson and Charles Schwab are prominent examples).第三个他们共有的特征是按照自己意愿生活的决心。多数企业家都有权利情结。他们宁愿像自己的老板一样失败,也不愿做个成功的二把手。他们中背景曲折的人奇多。比如,泰德· 特纳(Ted Turner,译者注:CNN的创办者)的父亲,深受特纳崇拜,在特纳四岁时就将他送入了寄宿学校,还用衣架打他。还有一部分人受到阅读障碍的困扰(理查德·布兰森和查尔斯·施瓦布(Charles Schwab,译者注:嘉信理财的创始人)就是典型的例子)。Had “World Changers” continued in this vein it might have been a fascinating book. Mr Byrne is one of the most knowledgeable business writers around—a long-term writer for Business Week and the editor-in-chief of Fast Company. And he has been interviewing entrepreneurs for most of his professional life. But here he soon runs out of steam. He contents himself with printing his own interviews with his 25 world changers (or sometimes clipping together bits of other peoples interviews) rather than writing interpretative essays. And he confronts them with soft questions. The likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg deserve to be admired. But 276 pages of hero-worship, particularly when so much of it comes in the form of the heroes blowing their own trumpets, can wear a little thin.如果《改变世界者》延续这个脉络,可能会是一本非常令人着迷的书。拜恩先生是最见多识广的商业作家之一,担任商业周刊的长期撰稿人和快速公司(Fast Company)的主编。在他多数的职业生活中他都是在访问企业家。但是他很快就失去了活力。他满足于书写他和25位改变世界者的访谈(或者有时候将其他人的访谈也拼凑一点),而并不写些有解释力的文章。他也总问他们一些温和的问题。比尔·盖茨和马克·扎克伯格之辈确实值得被崇拜。但是276页满篇的英雄崇拜,尤其很多都以英雄们自吹自擂的方式呈现,难免乏味。 /201208/195796济南市千佛山医院的宫颈治疗方法济南市阳光药房



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