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讲解文本: 蓝瘦:I feel bad 我很难受I feel heart-broken 我心碎了香菇:I want to cry 我想哭I feel like crying 我想哭 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201610/471670unit 34约好送机dialogue英语情景对话A:l need a taxi to the airport.A:我想叫辆出租车去机场.B:lt is unnecessary. lll see you off at the airport.B:没有必要,我将去机场送你。 /201504/369739

9.File management Dialogue9.档案管理 对话Steven is in charge of file management. At this moment Mr. Wu is asking him to file some reports.史蒂文负责档案管理,此刻吴先生要求他为报告文件归档。Mr. Wu: Please file all the reports for me.吴先生:请替我把这些报告归档。Steven: OK. Would you like to file them according to dates?史蒂文:好的。你要我按日期顺序归档吗?Mr. Wu: Yes. Will you also make copies and file them using both methods?吴先生:是的。你可以将它们复印一下,然后以两种方式各归档一份,好吗?Steven: Yes, I will.史蒂文:好,我会的。Mr. Wu: Good. Can you please also list all the documents in those old files?吴先生:非常好。你能为这些旧档内的所有文件编目录吗?Steven: When do you expect it to be finished?史蒂文:你希望我何时完成?Mr. Wu: Before next Friday.吴先生:下周五之前完成就可以了。Steven: All right.史蒂文:好的。 /201510/402325

unit 434搭错车dialogue 英语情景对话A:Excuse me! Does this bus go to the railway station?A:对不起!我乘这辆车能到火车站吗?B:No, Youre got on the wrong bus. You can take a No. 22 bus at the University station and then transfer to a No. 83 bus at the railway station.B:不到,您乘错车了。您可以乘坐22路公共汽车在大学站换乘83路公共汽车到火车站。A:OK! Thank you very much!A:好的。谢谢您! /201606/447546

  We are in the same boat 我们处境相同;同病相怜例句:We both have no jobs, we are in the same boat.我们都没有工作,我们处境相同。We both dont have any money, we are in the same boat.我们都没有钱,我们的处境是相同的。A:Are you taking a vacation this summer?你今年夏天要度假吗?B:Yes, but were not going anywhere.是的,但是我们哪儿也不去。A:What do you mean?你什么意思?B:Everything is sky high.we dont have enough money for a vacation. How about you?一切都很贵。我们没有足够的钱去度假。你们呢?A:Were in the same boat. With both boys in college, its been tough. We simply cant afford a vacation this year.我们处境相同,因为两个男孩子都在念大学,经济一直很困难。我们今年就是没办法去度假。B:Maybe next year,things will be better.也许明年情况会好转。背景音乐:Let Me In Secondhand Serenade更多英语资讯,欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201605/444488

  Todd: So, Mark, I heard that you are going to be leaving Tokyo pretty soon.托德:马克,我听说你很快就要离开东京了。Mark: I am. Im getting out of the city.马克:对,我要离开这个城市。Todd: Ah, man, so when you go back to America are you going to live in a big city like Atlanta or Birmingham?托德:那你回到美国以后,会住在亚特兰大或伯明翰这样的大城市吗?Mark: Well, I from Birmingham, which is a kind of medium sized city, but theres a lot of access to the countryside, cause Birmingham is a medium sized city but Alabama is very rural, so lots of mountains, lots of countryside and Im actually looking forward to getting into that setting again.马克:我来自伯明翰,那是个中型城市,不过那里有很多乡村地区,伯明翰虽然是中型城市,可是阿拉巴马州充满了乡村风味,有许多山和许多的乡村,我很想再次过那种生活。Todd: Oh, man. I dont know dude. I grew up on a farm, and I lived way out in the country growing up, and I cant stand the country now.托德:哦,天哪。伙计,我不知道。我在农场上长大,我在偏远的乡村长大,所以我现在无法忍受乡村生活。Mark: Really.马克:真的吗?Todd: Yeah. Ive lived in big cities: San Francisco, London, Bangkok, Tokyo.托德:对,我一直在大城市生活:旧金山、伦敦、曼谷、东京这样的城市。Mark: But dont you miss like the, you know, fresh air, and the views. Dont you just tired of concrete jungles, and buildings and.马克:可是你不会怀念新鲜的空气和美景吗?你不会厌倦钢筋水泥和高楼大厦吗?Todd: Ah, thats true. I mean, when youre in the country, you have fresh air and you do have, you know, the beauty, and this and that, but its just boring. Its the same five people.托德:这倒是事实。我是说,生活在乡村的时候,可以呼吸到新鲜的空气,还可以欣赏美景,不过太无聊了。而且周围就只有那么几个人。Mark: It is true, but actually I find its harder to meet people in a big city, because there is so many people, so youre, nobody really cares to stop and talk to you because there is a million other people around, but if youre in a town, a small town, or out in the country, the few people you do meet, you form a good relationship with.马克:话是没错,不过我发现在大城市很难结交朋友,大城市里有许多人,没有人会停下来与你交谈,因为周围有1百万人,可是如果你生活在小城镇或是乡村,你遇到的人很少,所以可以建立良好的关系。Todd: Yeah, thats somewhat true, but theres just no energy. You know the countries slow. You cant just go to any restaurant at any time, you cant, you know, go see a museum, or go see a ball game or go to a nightclub and its a just a lot of sitting around.托德:对,从某种程度上来讲这是事实,不过那种生活没有活力。你知道乡村的生活节奏很慢。你不能随时去餐厅吃饭,没有物馆,也不能去现场看球类比赛,或是去夜店,周围只有田地。Mark: Well, thats true and, if I do, every time I go back to the country, I always miss those things, like a museum, and you know, concerts and things like that, but Im just able to relax so much more when Im out in a rural setting.马克:没错,每次我回到乡村,都不能做这些事情,不能去物馆,不能去看音乐会之类的,不过我在乡村的时候会更放松。Todd: Well, I hope you have a good time.托德:嗯,希望你过得愉快。Mark: Thanks.马克:谢谢。 译文属 /201501/356187。

  3. Going to an Emergency Room 3.去急诊室A: I cut myself pretty badly with a knife. I think I need stitches.A:我用小刀把自己割伤的相当严重。我想我需要缝合。B: Come inside so the triage nurse can stop the bleeding.B:进来让分诊护士为你止血。A: I was just preparing dinner and my hand slipped.A:我只是在准备晚餐,我的手被划了。B: This cut does need stitches, but I stopped the bleeding for now.B:伤口需要缝合,但现在我先止血。A: Will you give me stitches right now?A:你会现在给我缝针吗?B: No, since the bleeding has stopped you have to wait in the Emergency Room waiting area.B:没有,因为刚刚止血,你必须在急诊室等候区等候。A: What do I do while waiting?A:等待的同时我做什么?B: Fill out these registration forms.B:填写这些登记表格。A: When will I get my hand stitched up?A:什么时候能帮我的手缝合?B: Here in the ER we take care of people based on how bad their injury is.B:在急诊室我们根据他们的受伤程度照顾人们。A: I was here before many of these other people.A:我比那些人先到这。B: Some of them are in worse shape than you. B:一些人的情况比你糟糕。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/418733

  unit 319 购买运动鞋dialogue英语情景对话A:Welcome to Jinyuan Shoe Town. What can I do for you?A:欢迎光临金源鞋城。你要买什么?B:Im looking for a pair of white sports shoes to go with mv jeans.B:我想买一双白色的运动鞋来配我的牛仔裤。A:White? What make do you want? Arid what size?A:白色?你要什么牌子的?要几码?B:Adidas. Size 38.B:阿迪达斯,38码。A:Adidas? They wear well. Try this pair, Size 38 , please.A:阿迪达斯?嗅,它们很耐穿的,试试这双吧,38码的。B:Yes. ( After trying) A bit tight actually, they pinch my toes. Have you got a larger pair. Size 39?B:好的。(试穿后)好像太紧了点儿,有点夹脚。有没有大点的,比如说39码的?A:Okay. What about this one?A:有。这双怎样?B:(After trying) Mm, this pair fits me well. Ill take it. How much is it?B:试穿后)嗯,这双正合脚。就这双多少钱?A:You are so lucky. They are on sale today. It costs only 250 yuan. Pay at the counter over there.A:你真走运,今天正好在促销,只需250元。请到那边柜台去付款。B:OK. Thank you.B:好,谢谢。 /201601/423576unit 104买烟(1)dialogue英语情景对话A:Excuse me, could you give me change for a dollar?A:打扰一下,能给我换开一美元吗?B:Ill see what I have. What do you need it for?B:我得看看有没有。你要用来做什么?A:I want to get cigarettes.A:我想要买烟。B:You can use quarters, dimes and nickels.B:你可以换二角五分、一角和五分硬币。 /201507/383967on the rangerange“练习场”是指练习的地方:那里有网子可以让你把球打进去。on the coursecourse是指你和其他人一起比赛的地方。play a shot轮到你打球。feel your tempo当打高尔夫球的人谈及良好的挥杆时,他们就会这么说。selecting a club打高尔夫球的人会在球袋里放一些不同的球杆创门的重量都不一样,而且适合不同类型的挥杆。选择适当的球杆来打球是件重要的事。line of puttputt是指沿着地面轻推,以便把球打入洞中。line of putt是指球要进洞的行进方向。early holes比赛的前几洞。总共有18个洞。finishing holes比赛的最后几洞。practice teetee是指在该洞第一次挥击时的小台子(开球区域)。smooth backswing高尔夫球的挥杆包含两个部分,一是把球杆后移的向后挥击( backswing ),一是把球打出去的向下挥击(downswing ).shoot in the 70s在18洞的球场中,70杆以下的成绩对职业选手来说算是很好的成绩。成绩的算法是选手挥击的总杆数加上罚杆。on the greengreen是一块很平顺的短草地,上面有洞。中文习惯称为“果岭”。 /201607/455999

  14. Details of Moving In 14.搬家细节A: This is it. We can move in starting tomorrow.A:就是这。我们可以从明天开始。B: No way! Really?B:绝不可能!真的吗?A: Yup. We cleared escrow. Its officially ours now.A:是的。我们清理了托管。现在它正式是我们的了。B: I dont know what to say.B:我不知道说什么。A: Its time to figure out how were going to move in.A:是时候弄清楚我们要怎么搬进去了。B: Well, I think we should rent a trailer, and move the big stuff first.B:好的,我想我们应该租一辆拖车,然后先搬大的东西。A: Yeah, that would make sense.A:是的,言之有理。B: Ill start boxing everything else.B:我要开始打包其他所有东西。A: I know of a good moving company. My best friend used them last year.A:我知道一家很好的搬家公司。我最好的朋友去年用的他们。B: Are they affordable?B:他们是付得起的吗?A: I think so. Ill call them tomorrow morning.A:我想是的。我明天早上给他们打电话。B: I still cant believe that house is ours. Its a great feeling. B:我仍然不能相信那个房子是我们的了。很棒的感觉。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/429957


  unit 80 特殊日期dialogue英语情景对话A:John, my father isnt there at all. Are you kidding?A:约翰,我爸爸根本不在那儿。你不是开玩笑吧?B:Poor fellow! Whats the date today, buddy?B:可怜的家伙!哥们儿,今天是几号?A:Its... OH, its the first of April, April Fools Day.A:是……哎呀,4月1日,愚人节!B:You forgot all about it, didnt you?B:你全给忘了,是不是? /201506/379029。




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