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本期内容:It is right to put everything in its proper use凡事都应用得其所首先,我们来学习一个单词 proper P-R-O-P-E-R 合适的,正确的再来学习一个词组 put sth in use 使用某物put sth in its proper use 适当的使用某物关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201703/50054722. Calling to Cancel a Reservation 22.打电话来取消预订A: I need to cancel a reservation.A:我需要取消预订。B: Can you tell me the name the reservation is under?B:你能告诉我用谁的名字预订的吗?A: Sure! The reservation is under the name Carlos Jones.A:当然!预订是以卡洛斯#8226;琼斯的名字。B: Can you please confirm your billing address?B:您能确认下您的帐单地址吗?A: Its 116 Lighthouse Road in Boston.A:波士顿的灯塔路116号。B: Did you want to reschedule the reservation?B:你想重新预订吗?A: No, I need to cancel it outright.A:不,我需要完全取消它。B: So Im canceling the reservation from March 3 through 5th, correct?B:所以我要取消预订从3月3日到5日的预定,对吗?A: That is right.A:对的。B: The cancelation will be subject to a cancellation fee.B:取消将收取15美元的取消费用。A: No one told me that when I made the reservation.A:我预订的时候没有人告诉我这个。B: Im sorry, sir. You can pay the cancellation fee or be charged for the full stay. B:对不起,先生。你可以付取消费用或留下来收取全部费用。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/43526920 Changing money(1)第20课 兑换钱(1)C1: Good afternoon, maam. What can I do for you?甲行员:午安,。我能为你效劳吗?C : Can I change foreign currency here?顾客:我可以在这里兑换外币吗?C1: Yes, go to the window over there which says foreign exchange.甲行员:可以,你到那边标示兑换外币的窗口去换。C:Okay, thanks.(The customer goes to the foreign exchange window. ) Excuse me, Id like to change Japanese yen into US dollars.顾客:好的。谢谢。(顾喀建/包兑换峁而的窗口。)对不起,我想把日元换成美元。C2: No problem How much would you like to change?乙行员:没问题。你要兑换多少钱?C: Whats the exchange rate?顾客:汇率多少?C2: The current exchange rate is ¥110 to the dollar. (to be continued)乙行员:目前的汇率是110日元换1美元。(待续) /201503/364734

14.The red lamp on the phone is going on and off.电话上的红灯在闪。Useful Expressions常用语句1.What is this red lamp for?这个红灯是做什么用的呢?2.Red light is flashing and do I have any message?红灯正在闪,有我的口信吗?3.Is there any message from somebody?有人留有口信吗?4.Will you deliver my message to my room?请你把我的口信送到我房间来好吗?5.Im coming down in a minute to pick up my message.我马上下来取我的口信。6.Let me leave my message to my friend who is coming to this hotel at 8 p.m.让我把口信留下,我的朋友8点钟要到本饭店来。7.The air-conditioning isnt working.空调出故障了。8.Its too hot.Could you tell me how to adjust the temperature?天气太热,请你告诉我怎样调整温度好吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Hello.This is room 1205.Our message lamp is flasing.喂,我是1205号房间,我们的信号灯一直在闪。B:Hold on a minute,please.请等一会儿。A:Thank you.谢谢你。B:Im sorry to have kept you waiting.Mr.Jones needs a telephone call from you.抱歉,让你久等了,琼斯先生要你打电话给他。A:Would you bring the message to my room?请你把口信送到我房间来好吗?B:Im afraid we have nobody available at the moment.我恐怕我们现在没有人空闲。A:Then Ill come down and pick up the message immediately.那么,我马上下来拿口信。B:OK.We wait for you.好的,我们等候你。 /201501/355327

on foot 步行例句:I missed the regular bus, so I had to go to work on foot.我错过了公交车,所以不得不步行上班。I go to work on foot every day.我每天步行上班。A:I have to go to the store, we are running out of salt.我得去一趟商店,我们盐用完了。B:Ill drive for you.我开车送你去。A:No, Ill go on foot.不了,我步行去。背景音乐:Johnta Austin-17 minutes更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201606/448888讲解文本:stuck-up 自大的,自命不凡的,高傲的Why is Jack so stuck-up? I dont understand.Jack为什么如此自命不凡?我完全不能理解。Mary is not as stuck-up as everyone says.Mary不像大家说的那么高傲。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201705/508027

unit 101 打电话dialogue英语情景对话A:Excuse me, but could you give me some change?A:打扰一下,您能给我换些零钱吗?B:Let me see. Are dimes and quarters OK?B:让我看看。一角和二角五分的硬币可以吗?A:I want to make a long distance phone call.A:我想要打个长途电话。B:Then youll need small change.B:那么你要用到小面额的零钱。 /201506/3828065. Our price cant be matched.我们的价格无人可比。还能这样说:There is no one who can match the price with us.Nothing can be comparable with our price.应用:find/meet ones match in sb. 遇到不比自己差的对手。例如:He thought he could beat anyone at tennis, but hes met his match in her.他以为他打网球所向无敌,但遇到她却是旗鼓相当。6. The original price is 89 RMB. Now it is much cheaper.原价是89元,现在已经很便宜了。还能这样说:The present price is much cheaper than the original one 89 RMB.Compared with the cost price of 89 RMB, the current price is much cheaper.应用:original house 娘家;original idea 新颖的意见;original sin 原罪7. We have to ask for another price reduction.再给我们优惠点儿吧。还能这样说:Could you please lower the price another?May I ask you to cut the price a little?应用:like another 普通平常的;one another 彼此,相互;taking one with another 权衡利弊,总体来说8. How about a discount of 20%?打个8折如何?还能这样说:Could you make 20% discount?Can you give a 20% off?应用:get wind of 得到风声,获得线索;have none of 允许;fall short of 不及 /201502/356168讲解文本:tough girl 女汉子,坚强的女生tough 坚强的,不屈不挠的,艰苦的tough guy 硬汉I have never met such a tough girl like Mary, she is really great。我以前从没有见过Mary这样的女汉子,她真的很棒。Its a tough fight, we have to try our best.这是一场艰难的战役,我们必须竭尽全力。 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201607/456306

Neil shows up with a very sophisticated mobile phone and he plays a joke on Feifei. He said it was a steal will he be arrested? Listen to the programme to find out.尼尔拿着一部非常复杂的手机来录节目,而且他还捉弄了菲菲。他说这是个便宜货。他会被抓吗?请收听今天的节目,并找出。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Feifei: Hello, this is The English We Speak, with me Feifei…菲菲:大家好,这里是地道英语节目,我是菲菲。Neil: … and me Neil. Hello!尼尔:还有我,尼尔。大家好!Feifei: Neil, what a nice mobile phone you have with you! Wow! Very flashy! Gold colour!菲菲:尼尔,你的手机真是太好了!哇!好鲜艳!金色的!Neil: Its brilliant! The battery lasts a long time. Its got loads of memory — it has plenty of room for apps, pictures, s… And the camera is great too!尼尔:这手机非常棒!电池能待机很长时间。存储容量也很大,有很多空间可以安装应用、储存图片和视频……而且相机功能也非常好!Feifei: It must have cost a fortune!菲菲:那一定要很多钱!Neil: Not at all, it was a steal!尼尔:完全不用,这是个便宜货!Feifei: Neil!!!! Oh, you shouldnt have done that! Youre such a nice guy. Why would you do something like that? You could have taken out a loan to buy it or something, but…菲菲:尼尔!!!!哦,你不应该这么做的!你是这么好的一个人。你为什么要做这种事?你可以贷款或者通过其他方法来买这部手机,可是……Neil: What do you mean?尼尔:你是什么意思?(Sound of a police car siren)(警车警报器的声音)Feifei: They are here! Theyve come for you!菲菲:他们来了!他们来抓你了!Neil: No that was just a sound effect. Im just having a joke with you — Im not going to be arrested! In English, when you say something is a steal you mean its a bargain — so cheap that its almost as if you havent paid anything for it.尼尔:没有,这只是个音效。我刚刚和你开了个玩笑,我不会被捕的!在英语中,当你用a steal来形容某样东西时,意思是这件东西很便宜,便宜到像没付钱,像白给的一样。Feifei: Oh, youre so naughty!菲菲:哦,你真是太淘气了!Neil: Sorry Feifei, it was just a joke. Lets hear examples of how this expression is used.尼尔:抱歉,菲菲,这只是个玩笑。我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用。Examples例句I got this designer shirt in the sales. At £100 cheaper than the original price its a steal!这件名牌衬衫是我在打折的时候买的。比原价便宜100英镑,太便宜了。This is the latest model, sir. You wont find this new computer cheaper in any other shop in the high street. Its a steal!先生,这是最新款。像这款新电脑,你在商业街其他店铺找不到更便宜的价格。这真的很便宜了!Neil: See?尼尔:明白了吗?Feifei: Yes. Its a steal means its a bargain.菲菲:明白了。这个短语的意思是便宜的东西。Neil: So, as I was saying, my phone was so cheap. My phone!!! Where is it?! I had it right here where has it gone?!尼尔:所以如我刚才所说,我的手机非常便宜。我的手机!!!手机去哪里了?我刚刚就把它放在这里了,手机怎么没了?Feifei: Yeah — where is it? … It was right there…菲菲:嗯,手机呢?……刚才还在那里啊……(Sound of a police car siren)(警车警报器的声音)Neil: Yes! Now I really do need to call the police.尼尔:对,现在我真的要报警了。Feifei: No, you dont. Your phone is here! I hid it when you got distracted.菲菲:不,你不用报警。你的手机在这里!刚才你分心的时候我把它藏起来了。Neil: Nice one Feifei — revenge for my phone joke at the beginning. And for the listeners — dont steal anything. Its a steal is just an expression.尼尔:好样的,菲菲,这是对我在开始时用手机开你玩笑的报复。现在我们要告诫听众,不要偷窃。这只是个表达方式。Feifei: Bye!菲菲:再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见! 译文属 /201510/403417本期内容:A good medicine tastes bitter.良药苦口。我们先来学习一个新单词 medicine M-E-D-I-C-I-N-E medicine 药,药物再来学习动词taste的用法,taste加上形容词表示尝起来怎样:taste good 尝起来不错taste bad 尝起来糟糕taste bitter 尝起来苦关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201612/481379

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