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洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 49I am addicted to cigaretes.My friend is a chain smoker.You drink too much, I think you are hooked on alcohol.Anybody who drinks too much can be called a buzzer.That fat can must be hooked on sweatsI cannot wake up in the morning without a cup of coffee.People shouldnot do drugs, they are too addictive.I am depended on caffeine.Too many people take drugs to get high.He is hooked on cocain. 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20583For the pupils and teachers of the Chinese school,对于中式学校的学生和老师们来说these four weeks have been a challenge of endurance...这四周是一场耐力战Tested by cultural differences.经受了文化差异的考验Excuse me, you two!哎哎哎,你们俩You didn#39;t show me your manners.你们很没礼貌I never seen a student like you.从来没见过像你这样的学生You embarrassed the Bohunt.你丢了航特中学的脸And the occasional lost-in-translation moment.还有偶尔的沟通不畅问题Who can tell me what ;Pp; Means?谁能告诉我PP是什么意思You said pee-pee!你刚刚说;尿尿;There was time lost to discipline problems.纪律问题一度无法控制Listen to me, to teacher!听我讲,听老师上课And time spent forming new relationships.还有花在建立新恋情上的时间Too young for it, in my book. Too young.太早了,在我看来,太早了The big question now is, has the Chinese school managed to overcome all the disruption to triumph in the test?最重要的问题是,中式学校有没有克所有的混乱,在考试中获胜呢The results are in,结果出来了and the Chinese teachers will soon know how their students have done.中国老师马上会知道他们的学生成绩如何Luca. Thank you.卢卡,谢谢Angelina.安吉丽娜At Bohunt, the kids are used to grades,在航特中学,孩子们通常会拿到得分but they#39;ve never been ranked against each other.但他们从未排出过名次高低I got 100% in maths!我数学拿了满分Yes. Oh, my God!没错,我的天My academic ability has definitely improved during this experiment.我的学术能力在这次试验中绝对提高了It#39;s all about hard work and not really chatting or messing around.重点是努力学习,不要聊天和打闹And a lot of it#39;s getting on with work by yourself,而且在很大程度上需要自主学习and I think I#39;m often quite good at working on my own.我觉得我一直都很擅长自主学习I don#39;t know if this is good or not, I#39;m not sure.我不知道这是好还是坏,我不确定For maths, this is 51%. I can tell you...数学得了51分,我可以告诉你...Is that good or bad?那是好还是坏In our small class group, you#39;re the best. OK?在我们的补习小组里,你是第一,好吗Are you happy? Yeah.你开心吗?开心But you can be much, much better, as I told you, right?但你还可以做得更好,我跟你说过的,是吗This isn#39;t really that bad.并没那么糟糕Well, for me, it#39;s not that bad.对我来说,并不糟糕Do you feel happy? I#39;m not that pleased.你开心吗?我不那么开心Why not? Tell me.为什么呢,跟我说说I came nineteenth in Mandarin.我的普通话考了第19名23rd in English, 34th in maths,英语第23名,数学第34名and 32nd in science.So it#39;s not what you expected, right?科学32名,不符合你的期望,是吗I#39;m annoyed with myself.我生自己的气I only just passed Mandarin.我普通话才刚刚及格But to be honest, Chinese education isn#39;t the most encouraging thing.说实话,中式教学法不够鼓舞人心OK. Why? Cos they#39;re always just...好的,为什么,因为他们总是...it#39;s just all expectations that maybe you can#39;t always reach.会给你也许没办法实现的期望But if you try hard and you keep, you know, trying hard,但如果你努力,并且持续努力no matter where you go to work, or you go to school,不论你去哪儿工作,或者上学you try your best, then that won#39;t hurt you. You can just...尽力而为,排名就无所谓了,你就...I did try my best!我确实尽力了And you#39;re just telling me my best isn#39;t good enough.而你刚刚告诉我,我尽了全力还是不够好Yeah, I#39;m happy with them.我对这个成绩挺满意的Cos I didn#39;t pay attention, like, do that well in the first two weeks of the Chinese thing.因为对于中式教学法,最开始两个星期的时候我压根没注意听讲So I think I did all right, like, considering I concentrated for two weeks.所以我觉得我表现还不错,毕竟我只听了两个星期 Article/201606/451470I#39;m on an island in the Torres Strait,south of Papua New Guinea.我被困在巴布亚新几内亚南部 托雷斯海峡的一个孤岛上There#39;s a larger island on the horizon which offers hope of rescue.在海平线上可以看到一座稍大的岛屿 在那里被营救的可能性大一些But before attempting a risky crossing,there#39;s the issue of food.但是在冒险渡海之前 我还要解决食物的问题I#39;m on the lookout for the bigger fish that congregate near the reef.我想在浅水的礁石附近 捕到一条稍微大点的鱼But without goggles,it#39;s impossible to see clearly in salt water,但是由于没有护目镜 我完全看不清海水里面的情况So I#39;ve adapted a plastic bottle as a viewfinder.所以我用塑料瓶做了个简易的水下观景器But the fish are few and far between,and those that I am seeing are proving too quick.但是这里的鱼群密度比较小 而且我所看到的鱼游得都很快Harpoon this up tight, give myself a bit more power in it.橡胶管拉到最紧 这样就叉会更有力Even with more power in my harpoon,I#39;m having no luck in choppy waters with limited visibility.即便有了强有力的武器 视觉受限 我在海浪中什么都没抓到Looks like a couple of feelers just poking out from under that rock ledge.这里的礁石下面 露出来了几根触角But I#39;ve spotted something that might be an easier catch.但是我发现了更容易捕捉的东西Yeah, there#39;s a lobster down there.这下面有一只龙虾Sometimes if you just stroke the tips of the feelers,it will bring them out.只要敲一下龙虾的触角 它们就会从礁石下钻出来Need to do that first.这是我要做的第一步Lobster claws are powerful enough to break a finger,So I need to be careful.龙虾的大钳足以夹断人的手指 所以一定要小心But he#39;s out, and I#39;ve got a clear shot.它爬了出来 我正中目标 Article/201704/502075FLASH知性英语:给老人让座Please take the seat本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/11770

This probably isn#39;t surprising, but Americans feel very divided right now. And Gallup has some empirical data to prove it.这可能并不令人惊讶,但美国人现在感到分裂严重。盖洛普有一些经验数据来明。The polling organization found 77 percent of Americans believe the nation is more divided than united on its fundamental values. 调查机构发现,百分之77的美国人认为在基本价值观上分裂大于团结。That#39;s the highest percentage Gallup has recorded over the past 20 years.这是过去20年来盖洛普记录的最高比例。The divide falls along partisan lines — Democrats are more likely than Republicans to view the country as divided.根据不同的党派路线,民主党人比共和党人更认为国家是分裂的。That tracks with Gallup#39;s previous post-election surveys, which found members of the losing party believed the country was more divided. 根据盖洛普此前选举后的调查,发现落选党派成员认为国家更为分裂。But this time, fewer Americans than before are hopeful the new president-elect will be able to unite the country: 45 percent of respondents told Gallup Donald Trump would do more to unite the country than divide it.但这一次,相比以前更少的美国人期待新当选的总统能够团结国家,百分之45的受访者告诉盖洛普唐纳德·特朗普将做更多来团结国家。译文属。 Article/201611/480193

栏目简介:An exhibition featuring 11 artworks about 11 cities and regions across Asia opens to the public tomorrow. Curators say the pieces explore fading cultures due to globalization. Huang Yue gives us the details. Article/201705/507189

This is a compact apartment.这是间麻雀虽小,五脏俱全的公寓。compact这里指空间不大但功能齐全。compact也指小型的,紧密的。 a compact disc一张光盘。 /200802/27257

No one here will be found a place like this.没有人会乐意待在这个地方 A little bit airy as bad is dark, dank and seny with here you ever gonna find.阴森 令人毛骨悚然 这或许是你所能找到的 最阴暗 最潮湿 最危机四伏的地方了It#39;s quite welcome in first Chinese jungle.这就是中国的热带丛林给我的待遇This is the end of the creek.We need to get out of this.我们游到头了 得上到岸上去The mossy vertical rock pace give waterfall is unclimble.瀑布的两侧是峭壁而且布满青苔 无法攀爬 So my best beck is this vine.Sea this run, runs all out there.最好的选择就是利用这根藤蔓 看 它一直延伸到了岸上It#39;s a good, 80 foot of the vine.which is gonna be a tough climb.good shaked.不错 这藤蔓有80英尺长 这将会是一次艰难的攀爬 看看这藤蔓牢不牢But this gonna be the best beck to get me to the top.但这已经是我爬上山的最佳办法了See whether its a stable vine.I#39;m taking my way.看它牢不牢靠 我正奋力向上爬This is dangerous, the rocks will down.Let#39;s go for this. Go!这也很危险 因为可能会有落石 管不了这么多了 继续前进This is all about trying to use leg strength rather than arm stength.顺着藤蔓向上爬主要是运用腿部力量 而不是手臂的力量The arms tired first.I go quite great on this vine.手臂会最先疲劳 我的藤蔓攀爬技术发挥地还不错For I need another training course to the top of it.So far It#39;s harder.爬上去需要的是另种攀爬技巧 到目前为止 真是举步维艰啊I#39;ve got to pays myself here.The last feet always the hardest,you gonna conserve your energy.一定得全力以赴了 最后的一段也是最艰难的一段 你得保存好自己的体力 Article/201607/453910

Conversation A : In the Locker Room?MARTIN: Coach Havranek, thanks for meeting with me. May I ask you some questions?COACH: Yes. I have about ten minutes now.?MARTIN: The team looks very good. Are you happyCOACH: Yes, I'm very happy. The game is too slow. I want to see more action, but I'm happy.?MARTIN: I don't want to talk only about this game. I want to talk about coaching.COACH: OK.?MARTIN: Did you want to be a university football coachCOACH: First, I wanted to be a professional football player.?MARTIN: Did you play professional footballCOACH: I played for two years.?MARTIN: What happenedCOACH: I broke my leg.?MARTIN: In a football gameCOACH: No, in an accident. I fell out of a tree.?MARTIN: A tree?!?COACH: It's funny now. But it wasn't funny then. I was playing with my children. I wanted to get a ball in the tree. I went up the tree. And the limb broke. I broke my leg in three places.?MARTIN: And no more football.?COACH: That's right. I wanted to play, but my wife didn't want me to play. My leg wasn't good.?MARTIN: Now you're a coach.?COACH: It's funny. I played football for ten years. I never had an accident.?MARTIN: Do you like coachingCOACH: Very much. I wanted to play football. But I like coaching very much. I'm very happy.?MARTIN: You played professional football. You coach university football. Did you want to coach professional footballCOACH: No. I wanted to work with younger men. First. I wanted to coach high school football. I like to work with young men and women.?MARTIN: Did you want to teachCOACH: Coaching is teaching. I wanted to see the young men and women grow. I liked to watch my children grow, and I wanted to watch other children grow.?MARTIN: Do girls play footballCOACH: My girls did. They were very good. Some schools have football for boys and girls.?MARTIN: You wanted to coach high school, but you are coaching university men now.COACH: That's right. The university wanted me. They asked me.?MARTIN: What do you want to see this yearCOACH: I want to see my men grow. We're going to work very hard.?MARTIN: What do you mean “grow”COACH: They were good last year. I want them to learn. I want them to become better.Practice 1:want 除了用来表示想要某物外,还表示可以做某事,即:want to do (sth.)Examples: MARTIN: I want to talk about coaching. I want to talk.?COACH: I want to get a ball. I want to get.?COACH: I want to play football. I want to play.?COACH: I wanted to work with younger men. I wanted to work.?会话A : 在更衣室?马 丁:赫弗拉尼克教练,谢谢你和我见面,我可以问你些问题吗教 练:可以,我现在大约有10分钟时间。?马 丁:球队看来不错,你高兴吗教 练:是的,我很高兴。比赛的节奏太慢,我想看到更多的攻势,但我仍感高兴。?马 丁:我不想把谈话仅局限于这场比赛,我想谈谈训练。?教 练:可以。?马 丁:你当初就想当大学橄榄球队教练吗教 练:最初,我想当名职业橄榄球运动员。?马 丁:你进过职业球队吗教 练:我在专业队打过两年球。?马 丁:出了什么事教 练:我摔断了腿。?马 丁:是在橄榄球赛中吗教 练:不是,在一次意外事故中,我从树上摔了下来。?马 丁:树上教 练:现在听起来很滑稽,但那时并不可笑。当时我和孩子一起玩,我想从树上取个球,但树枝断了,把腿摔断了3处。?马 丁:因此就不能打橄榄球了。?教 练:对,我还想打球,但我妻子不让我打球,我腿不好。?马 丁:现在你当上了教练。?教 练:很有趣,我打了10年橄榄球,从未出过事故。?马 丁:你喜欢教练工作吗教 练:非常喜欢,我原来想打橄榄球,但现在我非常喜欢教练工作,我很高兴。马 丁:你过去是打职业橄榄球的,你现在训练大学橄榄球队,你想训练职业橄榄球队吗?教 练:不,我想和年龄比我小的人在一起,起初,我想训练中学橄榄球队,我喜欢和年轻的男女在一起。?马 丁:你想过要教学吗教 练:训练就是教学,我想看着年轻人长大。我喜欢看着我孩子长大,我也想看着其他孩子长大。?马 丁:女孩也打橄榄球吗教 练:我队里的女孩打,他们打得很好。有些学校有男子橄榄球队和女子橄榄球队。?马 丁:你原想当中学教练,但你现在训练的是大学生。?教 练:对,大学需要我,他们请的我。?马 丁:你今年对你的球队有什么期望呢教 练:我想看到我的队员有更大长进,我们要刻苦训练。?马 丁:你说的长进是指什么教 练:他们去年打得很好,我想让他们多学习,我想让他们打得更好。 /200602/3397

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