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DHL International Courier Service. Innovation uses magazine particular media m which means a piece of transparent PVC paper will be placed into a magazine and will be printed a DHL worker on both side, Theree, when you turning the paper the worker can deliver the express mail to no matter Chinese or Japanese customers.DHL国际快递务一张印有DHL员工的透明PVC被用在了杂志上,这种特定的创新媒体形式使你翻阅杂志时,无论中国客户还是日本客户都将得到DHL的务

Havana, Cuba, Street Baseball, 1999"A passion baseball overcomes the lack of a bat in a pickup game in Havana. 'We love U.S. culture,' says one city resident. 'We play your sports, study your language, and know all your Hollywood stars.'" —From "Cuba—Evolution in the Revolution," June 1999, National Geographic magazine在哈瓦那一场临时拼凑的棒球比赛中,人们对棒球的热情克了没有棒球棒的困难一个城市居民说:“我们热爱美国文化我们参加你们的运动,学习你们的语言,也知道你们所有的好莱坞明星” ----摘自1999年《国家地理杂志7月号《古巴---革命中的发展 7386

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Hot Suicide Wings, Chicago, Ill.   自杀级辣鸡翅 芝加哥,伊里诺斯州   You need to sign a disclaimer bee digging into the “XXX HOT” suicide wings served at Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in Chicago.   在芝加哥的Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap点这份“XXX级辣”菜品之前,你需要先签署一份免责声明其辛辣程度可见一斑 871

Zsa Zsa Gabor, the Hungarian actress whose self-parodying glamour and revolving-door marriages to millionaires put a luster of American celebrity on a long but only modestly successful career in movies and television, died Sunday in Los Angeles. 匈牙利演员莎莎#86;嘉宝(Zsa Zsa Gabor)的漫长影视表演生涯虽未能大红大紫,但她以自我戏仿的魅力以及同多位百万富翁走马灯般的婚姻为其增添了一层美国名流光She was probably 99.她于周日在洛杉矶去世,可能享年99岁The cause was heart failure, her longtime publicist Edward Lozzi, told the Los Angeles Times.她的长期宣传人员爱德华#86;洛齐(Edward Lozzi),告诉《洛杉矶时报(Los Angeles Times),死因是心力衰竭Married at least eight times, calling everyone Dahlink, flaunting a diamonds-and-furs lifestyle and abetted by gossip columnists and tabloid headline writers, Gabor played the coifed platinum femme fatale in plunging necklines in dozens of film and television roles, many of them cameos as herself. 嘉宝结过至少八次婚,她把所有人都称为Dahlink(即亲爱的[Darling],这里是指嘉宝总是过于强调她的异国口音——译注),过着炫耀钻石和皮草的生活,并且时常受到八卦专栏作者和小报作者的关注,她在数十部电影和电视剧中饰演身穿低胸装,戴满铂金首饰的性感尤物,其中不少都是她客串出演自己Her career, which began with the title Miss Hungary in 1936, was still going strong in the 1990s, outlasting those of her sisters, Eva and Magda, celebrities in their own right. 她的职业生涯始于1936年当选匈牙利,在1990年代仍然老当益壮,她的姊伊娃(Eva)和玛格达(Magda)也因为各自的原因出了名,She was the last surviving Gabor sister.两人均先于她过世A girl must marry love, and keep on marrying until she finds it, Gabor once said. 一个女孩必须为爱情而结婚,并且不断结婚,直至觅得真爱,嘉宝曾经说过Her husbands included a Turkish diplomat, hotel heir Conrad Hilton, actor George Sanders, an industrialist, an oil magnate, a toy designer, a divorce lawyer and a man often referred to in the news media as the Duke of Saxony. 她的丈夫包括土耳其外交官、酒店继承人康拉德#86;希尔顿(Conrad Hilton)、演员乔治#86;桑德斯(George Sanders)、一位工业家、一位石油大亨、一位玩具设计师、一位离婚律师,以及一个在媒体上通常被称为萨克森公爵(Duke of Saxony)的人Another marriage that nobody counted — a case of bigamy at sea with a has-been Mexican actor — lasted only a day and was annulled.此外还有一桩没有人当真的婚姻――她曾在海上与一个前墨西哥演员犯下重婚罪――这场婚姻只持续了一天就被宣告无效In 1989 she was arrested slapping a police officer who had pulled her over a traffic violation and found that her license had expired and that she had an open vodka bottle in her Rolls-Royce. 1989年,她因驾车违反交通规则被警察要求将车停在路边,警察发现她的执照已经过期,并且发现她的劳斯莱斯轿车内有一个打开的伏特加酒瓶,她因掌掴警察而遭逮捕Breezing into court, she took the stand and, by turns haughty, coquettish, weepy and coarse, spoke of Gestapo tactics in Beverly Hills. 审讯时她漫步走进法庭,来到被告席,时而目中无人,时而卖弄风情,时而哭泣,时而咒骂,大谈在比弗利山庄出现的盖世太保手段The judge gave her 7 hours in jail.法官判她入狱7小时Gabor appeared in more than 60 television movies and feature films. 嘉宝出演过60多部电视电影和电影Critics said her best roles were early in her career, in Moulin Rouge (195) and Lili (1953). 家说她最好的角色出现在其职业生涯早期出演的《红磨坊(Moulin Rouge,195)和《莉莉(Lili,1953)里面She also appeared as a nightclub manager in Orson Welles’ 1958 classic Touch of Evil and, the same year, as a sexy alien in Queen of Outer Space, a camp favorite about virile American astronauts landing on a planet populated by scantily clad women.她还在奥逊#86;韦尔斯(Orson Welles)1958年的经典影片《历劫佳人(Touch of Evil)中饰演一个夜总会经理,同年,她在《外星女王(Queen of Outer Space)中饰演一个性感的外星人,这部坎普爱好者心中的上佳之作讲述一大群颇具男性气概的美国宇航员在一颗行星上登陆,其居民都是衣不蔽体的女性From the 1950s into the ‘90s she was also on scores of television programs: talk shows, game shows, comedy specials, Westerns, episodic dramas.从1950年代到1990年代,她还参加了数十个电视节目,其中包括谈话节目、游戏节目、喜剧特辑、西部电视片和连续剧Exploiting her naughty celebrity, Gabor, with the help of collaborators and ghost writers, published four books: Zsa Zsa Gabor: My Story (1960), Zsa Zsa’s Complete Guide to Men (1969), How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man (1970) and One Lifetime Is Not Enough (1991).嘉宝充分利用自己颇不安分的名人经历,在合作者与捉刀者的帮助下,出版过四本书,包括《莎莎#86;嘉宝:我的故事(Zsa Zsa Gabor: My Story,1960)、《莎莎男性完全指南(Zsa Zsa’s Complete Guide to Men, 1969)、《怎样俘获男人、怎样留住男人、怎样摆脱男人(How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man,1970)和《一次生命还不够(One Lifetime Is Not Enough,1991) 893

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