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Situation 73情景73Dont beat around the bush.别拐弯抹角!How much are you asking for this car?这辆车你要卖多少钱?Yor know,its in great shape with new tires and a new paint job.你知道,它有新轮胎,新喷漆,车况很棒。Well,that sounds good but how much do you want for the car?嗯,好像不错,但是你这辆车要卖多少钱呢?I forgot to mention the low mileage,too.我忘记得到它的哩数也很低。Dont beat around the bush!Tell me how much you want?别拐弯抹角!告诉我你到底要多少钱?Lets see,Im sure we can come up with a fair price.咱们看看,我确信我们可以谈出个公平合理的价钱。Mr.Chen,may I speak to you for a minute?陈先生,我能跟你谈一会儿吗?Yes.What do you want?可以的。你要什么?I have a problem.Id like to talk to you.我有个问题。我想要跟你谈谈。What is it?是什么?Well,I dont really know how to say this...嗯,我真不知道该怎么说。Stop beating around the bush,get to the point.别再拐弯抹角了,快说出重点。Mr.Jones,are we going to work a full day on Saturday?琼斯先生,星期六我们将工作一整天吗?As far as I know,yes.就目前我所知道,是的。Is there any possibility that well work only half the day?有没有可能我们只工作半天。I dont thonk so,Why?我认为没有,干嘛?I had hoped to go to my hometown this weekend.我本来希望这个周末回家乡去看看。Dont beat around the bush,what do you want?别拐弯抹角了,你要什么? /201208/194280JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是Lulu 要问的:分手。JESSICA: Lulu! Too bad you have to fly to Shanghai for your friends wedding next month. 我本来想约你一起去听演唱会呢!LL: 嗨,别提了,要结婚的那俩个人,分手啦! Say Bye-Bye啦!JESSICA: What? Did they break up?LL: 分手就是 break up? b-r-e-a-k, break. u-p up. 没错,分手啦! 这俩人特神,婚期定了,喜贴发了。结果,上礼拜那个女生给我来电话说,她和那男生分手了! 是不是该说 She broke up with her boyfriend?JESSICA: Yes. Break up with someone 就是跟某人分手。不过,Lulu, What happened? Why did they break up?LL: 听说是那个男生劈腿!JESSICA: Whats 劈腿?LL: 就是...他还跟别的女生好。He has another girlfriend.JESSICA: Really? He cheated on the girl he was gonna marry?LL: 等会儿,我知道 cheat 是“欺骗”,你说的 cheat on her,就是背着她和别人好,“劈腿”的意思,对不对?JESSICA: Thats right!所以啊,你说,都快结婚了,却发现 Her boyfriend cheated on her, 这女生能不跟他一刀两断吗?!JESSICA: There you go! Cut their ties! If I were her, I would not give that guy another chance either!LL: Cut their ties? T-i-e-s, ties 就是联系。Cut their ties 就是彻底断绝关系,一刀两断喽?JESSICA: 没错! Now lets see what youve learned today!LL: 第一,情侣分手是 break up;第二,劈腿,对伴侣不忠,是 cheat on someone;第三,说俩人一刀两断叫 cut their ties! /201303/229811

Love is a verb爱是一个动词Do you ever think about words how they are used?你曾经想过词语会如何使用吗?They are some words that can be used in many different ways.有一些词语,可以用于许多不同的方面。Depending upon how you use the words, it could have several different meanings.这取决于你如何使用,它可能有很多不同的意思。Love is an example of this.爱是一个这样的例子。Of course, love is an emotion that can come and go, but it is also a verb.当然,爱是一种情感,来去匆忙,但是它也是一个动词。If you really love someone, you invest that person and that requires acts of love.如果你真的爱一个人,你需要对那人进行投入,并期待爱的行为。Saying I love you is wonderful, but showing someone that you love him or her, well, youve heard the phrase ;actions speak louder than words;. I believe it.说;我爱你;是美妙的,但对你爱的人表示,嗯,相信你已经知道那句;行动胜于语言;的老生常谈了。我一直坚信不疑。So what kinds of things do you do that mean I love you?所以你都做些什么来表示我爱你?You can hold your grandmas hand;你能握住你奶奶的手;You can brush children hair or give them a hug;你可以给孩子们梳头或给他们一个拥抱;You can polish the dirty shoes;你可以把脏鞋擦的光亮;You can put ;have a good say note in your husbands briefcase.你可以把;好好说;的纸条放入你丈夫的公事包。There are always things we can do to show our affection.总是有我们可以做的事情来表达我们的感情。But it is not just the actions, the heart behind those actions that contain a lot.但并不只是行动,而在这些所做的事情后的一颗心包含了很多。Think about that next time when you want to show some people how much you love them.想想下一次当你想让一些人知道你是多么的爱他们的时候。Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:Do you believe that actions speak louder than words?你相信行动胜于语言吗?What are some examples of these?有什么例子可以明这些?What have you done to show someone that you love him or her?你都做了些什么展现给别人你爱他/她吗?What has someone ever done to show his or her love for you too?有人曾经做过过什么来表示他或她对你的爱吗?How does that make you feel?那让你感觉如何?Have you ever committed a random active kindness?你是否曾经有偶然的积极善意呢?Has a stranger ever helped you under a difficult situation?曾有陌生人在你困难的情况下帮助你吗?What do you think it is the stronger emotion: love or hate?你认为什么是更强烈的情感:爱还是恨?Can a marriage be successful without love?一个没有爱的婚姻是成功的吗? /201203/176655

  经典句型:I would like to check out. 我要结账。A:I would like to check out.甲:我要结账。B:Please show me your room card.乙:请出示您的房卡。A:Here you are.甲:给你。经典句型:Are you paying in cash or by credit? 您用现金还是信用卡结账?A:Are you paying in cash or by credit? 甲:您用现金还是信用卡结账?B:Ill pay by credit.乙:用信用卡。A:Here is your bill. Please sign here. 甲:这是您的账单。请在这里签名。句型讲解:check out意思是“付账后离开”,如果后面接旅馆或房间,用介词of。如:The last guests checked out of their rooms in the morning.最后一批客人在上午结账退房了。名词形式是Checkout is at midday in this hotel.本旅店中午结账。 /201407/310895


  All the world and his wife were so kind to Marlin.(误译)全世界和他的妻子都对马林这么好。(正译)人人都对马林这么好。全世界的其他表达:1. around the world 世界各地;全世界;环游世界In most countries around the world.在全世界绝大多数国家。Now we have clients all around the world.如今,我们的顾客来自世界各地。Now, many aim to release at the same time around the world.而现在,许多电影都是在世界范围内同时发布的。2. all over the worldHe has soldiered all over the world.他做军人,走遍了全世界。All over the world people swim for fun.世界上所有的人为了乐趣而游泳。Today cheese is made all over the world.今天,世界各地都制造了奶酪了。3. entire worldWe monitor the entire world.我们监视整个世界。The entire world, your powerful work amazed.全部世界,你的有力的工作惊奇了。Entire world is the informative process of number.整个世界都是数码信息化的。4. from poles to poles 从南极到北极,全世界Water tends to move from the poles toward the equator.因而水会倾向于由极区往赤道地区移动。it varies in height from 5 km at the Poles to 15 km at the Equater.它的高度在极地只有5千米,而在赤道有15千米。 /201205/180807

  Feifei: This is a great restaurant, Finn. Im glad we could finally come here and try out their new .菲菲:芬恩,这真是家很棒的餐厅。我很高兴我们终于可以来这里品尝他们的新菜式了。Finn: It is a good restaurant, Feifei. But, well, I havent been able to relax and enjoy a nice meal in the last few weeks.芬恩:菲菲,这是家不错的餐厅。可是,我过去几周都没有放松过,也没有享用过一顿美餐。Feifei: Really?菲菲:真的吗?Finn: Yes, well, Im moving home soon...芬恩:是啊,我马上就要搬家了……Feifei: Oh, I know how difficult it is to find a new flat.菲菲:哦,我知道要找一间新公寓有多难。Finn: Yes. And my grandmother has been complaining that I dont visit her in Scotland very often...芬恩:是啊。而且我祖母一直在抱怨我没有经常去苏格兰探望她……Feifei: Yes, our elders like us to visit every now and again.菲菲:是啊,我们的长辈希望我们能经常去看望他们。Finn: And this new project at work...芬恩:还有工作中的这个新项目……Feifei: Ive noticed that you have been working late...菲菲:我注意到你最近一直工作到很晚……Finn: I simply have too much on my plate right now!芬恩:我只是现在有太多的事情要做了!Feifei: Oh, if you have too much on your plate, can I help you?菲菲:哦,如果你盘子里有太多东西,我能帮你吗?Finn: Yes, well, that would be nice...芬恩:好啊,那真是太好了……Feifei: Leave it to me. Let me take some of this lovely looking chicken from you. Mmm... this is very tasty...菲菲:交给我吧。我来从你的盘子里拿些美味的鸡肉。嗯……这真的太好吃了……Finn: Feifei, what are you doing?! Youre taking food from my plate?!芬恩:菲菲,你在做什么?!你在从我的盘子里拿食物吗?!Feifei: Mmm... I must find out how they cook this chicken. It tastes so good!菲菲:嗯……我一定要知道这些鸡肉是怎么做出来的。真的太好吃了!Finn: Feifei, I didnt mean for you to take food from my plate. In English, when you say you have a lot on your plate or too much on your plate, you mean you have a lot of work to do or a lot of problems to deal with.芬恩:菲菲,我的意思并不是让你从我的盘子里拿食物。在英语中,have a lot on your plate或者too much on your plate的意思是你有太多的工作要做或是有太多的问题要处理。Feifei: Problems?! Thats not good.菲菲:问题?!那可不太好。Finn: Yes. Well, its not about food, but about work and problems. Have a lot on my plate is todays expression in The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples of how its used.芬恩:是啊。这个表达与食物无关,而是和工作和问题有关。Have a lot on my plate就是今天地道英语节目要学的表达方式。我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用。Ann has a lot on her plate at the moment. Shes just had twins!安现在有太多的事情要做。她刚刚生了双胞胎!Sorry, but the manager cant speak to you today. The company is launching new products next week and shes got too much on her plate right now.抱歉,可是经理今天不能和您谈话。公司将在下周推出新产品,她现在有太多的事情要做了。Feifei: Oh, so this expression has nothing to do with this delicious food you have on your plate.菲菲:哦,所以这个表达方式与你盘子里这些美味的食物无关。Finn: Come on, Feifei. You knew this expression aly - you just wanted to pinch my chicken!芬恩:菲菲,好了。你已经知道这个短语的意思了,你只是想吃我的鸡肉!Feifei: OK, OK, guilty as charged! This chicken looks so appetising... and these potatoes and...菲菲:好吧,好吧,我承认!这鸡肉看上去太可口了……还有这些土豆和……Finn: Feifei, I can share them with you.芬恩:菲菲,我可以和你分享这些食物。Feifei: Oh thank you, Finn. And you can share the workload, too. I can help you with your new project so youll have time to go and visit your granny.菲菲:哦,芬恩,谢谢你。你也可以分担工作量。我会帮你完成新项目的,这样你就有时间去看望你的奶奶了。Finn: Feifei, Im very grateful. Here, have some more potatoes. And... I like the look of that carrot mash you have on your plate.芬恩:菲菲,我真是太感谢你了。来,再吃点土豆吧。还有……我喜欢你盘子里的胡萝卜泥。Feifei: Here, have some... this food is lovely! Well have clean plates in no time at all. Bye.菲菲:来,吃一点吧……这些食物真好吃!我们很快就会吃光的。再见。Finn: Bye.芬恩:再见。 译文属 /201409/327411

  B:欢迎大家来到美语训练班!Im Donny.A:大家好!我是杨琳! Donny, 有听众问咱们这个“美语训练班”节目的英文名是什么,人家都猜是English training class.B:其实我们的英文名是American English Mosaic. M-o-s-a-i-c, mosaic, 就是;马赛克;。A:没错! 美语训练班把美国之音的美语教学节目汇集到一起,就跟马赛克一样,拼贴杂烩,内容丰富。B:Exactly! So what are we going to teach today?A:今天,我们要去看棒球比赛, 和朋友聊聊大学里的社团生活和打工经历,出点份子钱,帮同事过生日, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“拗口”和“不择手段”。B:But first, lets just take a small piece from the whole mosaic.A:对,咱们先花一分钟,学一个词!Learn A Word :obesity今天我们要学的词是obesity, obesity is spelled o-b-e-s-i-t-y, obesity. Obesity肥胖症。A new study finds that comparing to the reduction of food intake, food choices are more important in tackling obesity. 一项新的研究显示,与减少食物摄入量相比,食物的选择在改变肥胖症情况上更为重要。Not getting adequate amounts of sleep is a significant risk factor for obesity. 睡眠不足是导致肥胖症的危险因素之一。First Lady Michelle Obamas anti-obesity campaign aims at making children exercise more and eat better. 美国第一夫人米歇尔.奥巴马的反肥胖症运动鼓励孩子们增加运动,改善饮食。好的,今天我们学习的词是obesity, obesity, obesity.A:Obesity,肥胖症. But how fat is too fat? 要到多胖才算是肥胖症呢?B:One way to determine if youre obese is to have a doctor measure your BMI, or body mass index.A:计算身体质量指数?可是我觉得这个指数定得太宽松了! 就拿我来说吧,我BMI在正常范围,可我觉得自己特胖,一点都不苗条!B:啊?You dont look fat at all!A:是嘛?我可没信心。B:Some women just feel like they can never be thin enough.A:Seriously! Id do anything to lose 10 pounds!B:Anything? 那好吧,来听下面的words and idioms,看看怎么形容你这种心态。Words and Idioms:beg borrow or steal我是 Douglas Johnson.我女儿最近迷上了一个摇滚乐队。下个月,这个乐队要来我们这里演出,我女儿可兴奋了,说什么都要去。可是,这个乐队人气太高,演唱会票非常抢手,很难买到。不过我女儿铁了心要去,说什么也要弄到一张票。她这种追星的热情,让我想到了一个习惯用语,那就是:M:Beg, borrow, or steal. Beg is spelled b-e-g, borrow; b-o-r-r-o-w, and steal; s-t-e-a-l. Beg,-borrow,-or-steal.beg是“求”,borrow是“借”,steal则是“偷”,beg, borrow or steal字面的意思是“祈求,借用或者偷”,其实就是指“不择手段,用一切方法”。我女儿非要去看演唱会,Shed beg, borrow or steal to get a ticket. 不论用什么方法,她非得搞到一张票不可。很多人都有失眠或睡不好觉的问题,在下面这段话中,我们来听一听,有什么办法可以改善睡眠质量:;Many people would do anything for a good nights sleep. But they dont have to BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL to get it. They need to keep a regular sleeping schedule, make sure the bedroom is dark, quiet and cool, and avoid alcohol and caffeine at night. Thats how theyll be able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.;这段话是说:[很多人为了能睡上一夜好觉愿意做任何事。其实,他们不这么大费周章也能睡好觉。只要保持固定的睡眠时间,保卧室里黑暗、安静、凉爽,并且晚上不喝含酒精和咖啡因的东西,就行了。这样做,第二天醒来时就能神清气爽。]我还听说,电脑、电视和手机也会造成人们失眠,因为它们发射的信号会干扰大脑产生的睡眠荷尔蒙。所以,在快睡觉的时候,最好远离这些东西。好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:;Many people would do anything for a good nights sleep. But they dont have to BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL to get it. They need to keep a regular sleeping schedule, make sure the bedroom is dark, quiet and cool, and avoid alcohol and caffeine at night. Thats how theyll be able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.;Beg, borrow or steal这个习惯用语也可以说成 beg, borrow and steal, 意思是一样的。在节目开始时,我谈到女儿迷恋摇滚乐队,不过,同下面这段话中提到的乐队相比,我女儿的偶像只能是后生晚辈了。我们来听一听:I cant believe the Rolling Stones concert is aly sold out. All I want is two tickets. I dont care where the seats are. And Im willing to travel wherever I have to. This may be their last tour ever. Thats why Im prepared to BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL to see them perform.;这段话是说:[我简直不能相信滚石乐队演唱会的票已经卖光了。我只要两张票,不在乎座位,也不在乎演唱会在什么地方开,反正我一定要跑去看,这也许是他们最后一次开演唱会了。这就是为什么我无论如何,用一切办法都要去看不可。]看来歌迷的心情都是一样的! 不过,Rolling Stones 滚石乐队的告别演唱会的确是意义非凡。这个摇滚乐团60年代出道,叱诧数十年屹立不倒,已经是重量级的流行文化符号了! 好,我们再来听听刚才那段话:;I cant believe the Rolling Stones concert is aly sold out. All I want is two tickets. I dont care where the seats are. And Im willing to travel wherever I have to. This may be their last tour ever. Thats why Im prepared to BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL to see them perform.;各位听众,今天我们学习的习惯用语是beg borrow or steal,意思是“不择手段,用尽各种办法”。A:Beg, borrow or steal! 真是说出了我减肥的心声! I would beg, borrow or steal to fit in my bikinis! 不管怎样我都要减肥成功,好去穿比基尼! 我要做骨感美女!B:好了! 这是美语训练班,不是美女训练班。A:哈哈,Donny, 美语和美女你说起来不拗口嘛?B:Of course not, Im a trained professional.A:你还真不谦虚! 不过,既然说到“拗口”,咱们就来听听这个词用美语怎么说。How to say it:tongue twisterDONNY 在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是吴琼要问的:拗口。DONNY:吴琼,Whats up?WQ:我表要生宝宝了,发动全家给孩子起名儿呢,这不,我翻翻字典,找点灵感。DONNY:Interesting! 我也来出主意! WQ:孩子姓唐,你说叫什么好?DONNY:唐?嗯....唐--老--鸭。WQ:啊?!DONNY:Haha! Im sorry, Wu Qiong. I know this is a terrible name, but when you mentioned the word ;唐”, the name rolled right off my tongue.WQ:Rolled right off your tongue? 从舌头上滚下来?我明白了,就是顺口,脱口而出。你一听到“唐”字,顺口就说出了唐老鸭。 那...如果不顺口,也就是拗口,该怎么说呢?DONNY:You can say its a tongue twister. Tongue is spelled t-o-n-g-u-e, and twister, t-w-i-s-t-e-r.WQ:哦,tongue twister, 就是说起来拗口的东西! This name is a tongue twister 这个名字真难念。DONNY: 没错! Wu Qiong, you know the luxury car brand ;Mercedes-Benz;, do you?WQ:Mercedes-Benz? 就是奔驰嘛!DONNY: Right. The Chinese translation 奔驰 rolls right off the tongue. However, if we call the brand 梅赛德斯·本兹, to me , thats a tongue twister! Its like Im tripping over my own tongue when I try to say it.WQ:Trip over your own tongue? 我知道 t-r-i-p, trip 是摔倒的意思,所以 trip over ones own tongue 就是打磕巴,吃螺丝吧?DONNY:Absolutely!WQ:DONNY, We need to find a good name for this baby. We dont want people to trip over their own tongues when they say the babys name!DONNY:Of course, but first lets see what youve learned today!WQ:第一,顺口叫 to roll right off the tongue第二,拗口的东西则是 a tongue twister第三,打磕巴,吃螺丝,叫 to trip over ones own tongueA:Donny, 快展示一下你的中文水平,给大家来段儿tongue twister, 绕口令!B:四是四,十是十,四十是四十,十四是十四,别把十四当四十,也别把四十当十四,谁能说一说,请来试一试。A:够溜的!B:你也来一个?A tongue twister in English!A:这有何难?你听好了!How many cans can a canner can if a canner can can cans? And how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?B:Awesome!A:还可以吧! 大学时口语课上学的。B:I bet you were a good student back in college.A:那当然。我是拿全额奖学金的! 我可是大学里的风云人物。B:那咱们就听听大学生活吧,Lets listen to“美语三级跳”。GoEnglish:College─Intermediate各位听众,大家好!今天我们为您播出“美语三级跳”节目“大学生活”单元的中级课程。Winnie:Eric 和 Patty 是大学同学,俩人正在聊校园生活。Professor:Eric wants to find out what clubs Patty is in. In this section, listen for the word ;a cappella,; which means singing without any instruments.Eric:So Patty, tell me about what kind of clubs you like to do.Patty:Well, Ive always loved singing, but its pretty hard to get into the singing clubs.Eric:I know, they can be pretty competitive. But if they dont accept you, you should start an a cappella group! Im sure lots of people would want to join.Patty:Do you think its hard to start a club?Eric:I dont think its very hard. You should talk to the student life officials. I think you just have to find a professor to sponsor you.Patty:Thats all? Thats really easy. I think Ill do that.Winnie:Patty 喜欢唱歌,但是要进学校合唱团很难。Professor:Thats right, Winnie. So what does Eric suggest that she do?Winnie:Eric 建议她自己组织一个;A-cappella; club,也就是不用乐器伴奏,全靠清唱的阿卡贝拉合唱团。Professor Bowman,阿卡贝拉合唱团在美国大学里受欢迎么?Professor:Yes, theyre very popular. Now were going to learn about what Eric does in his free time. Listen for the word ;cramming,; which means to study really hard.Patty:What about you, Eric? What kind of clubs and activities do you do outside of class?Eric:Personally, I dont have time for clubs.Patty:Why not? Do you have to do a lot of cramming for the three English classes you take?Eric:Actually, Im not busy because I have to spend lots of time cramming. Im busy because I have a part-time job.Winnie:啊?我原来还觉得,Eric只选三门英文课是因为他偷懒呢,原来他是因为要兼职打工才没这么多时间的。Professor:In America, lots of students have part-time jobs to help pay for college.Winnie:学生打工都干些什么呢?Professor:Some students work on campus in places like the library. Others work off campus as waiters at restaurants.Winnie:不知道Eric打的是什么工?Patty:What do you do for your part-time job?Eric:I work at a restaurant bartending and serving food.Patty:Oh cool! How do you like it?Eric:I love it because all my hours are at night, so I can save my days for class and studying.Patty:Thats very convenient. Do you make a lot of money?Eric:Yeah, the tips are great and I meet a lot of fun people.Winnie:Eric晚上在酒吧调酒?哇,太酷了~~Professor:Yes, but he must be very tired going to school all day and working all night. Did you hear how Eric is paid at the restaurant?Winnie:他说,他在酒吧挣很多tips--小费。Professor:Exactly. Now lets find out if Patty has a job.Eric:What about you? Do you have a part-time job?Patty:No, I got a scholarship, so I dont have to worry about working.Eric:Thats great. Does your scholarship pay for everything, including classes, housing and food?Patty:Thats right, thanks to my good grades in high school I got a full ride.Winnie:Patty真厉害,有scholarship奖学金,所以不用打工赚学费。Professor Bowman, 什么叫;full ride;呢?Professor:Some scholarships only pay for part of college. But if your scholarship pays for everything, you can say its a ;full ride; scholarship.Winnie:哦,full ride就是全额奖学金,学杂费和生活费全包!Patty一定特别优秀。Professor:Yes, she said she got good grades in high school.Eric:Wow, I wish I had studied harder in high school so that I got a scholarship.Patty:Well, there is one big problem. Since the scholarship pays for my meals, I have to eat the food in the dorms.Eric:Oh right! The cafeteria food is terrible. But whenever you want a good meal, come to the restaurant I work at and you can eat for free.Patty:Believe me, that is an offer that I will not refuse.Winnie:Patty和Eric都觉得学校食堂cafeteria的饭菜不好吃。 Professor Bowman, 在美国大学住学生宿舍好不好玩?Professor:Lets tune in next time to find out.A:原来Patty和我一样,She got a full ride, 拿到了全额奖学金。B:Well, Im more like Eric. I had some part-time jobs in college, including bartending.A:你大学时也在酒吧打过工?That sounds so cool!B:I also started my own club!A:你自己成立了社团?是什么?B:就是练习中文,说绕口令的社团啊。A:啊?听起来好像相声社,真有意思!好啦,大学生活聊起来就没完了,咱们还是进入下一个单元--“礼节美语”吧,今天讲的是:凑份子。Business Etiquette:Birthday Bucks ISarah 转到新部门工作不久,在去吃午饭的路上遇到原来的同事 Amanda.S:Hi Amanda, how are you? Ive missed working with you and the whole gang since my transfer last week.A:Weve missed you too. The office just isnt the same without you. How is your new job?S:Its great. I really get to focus on what I like to do and everyone has been very nice and welcoming. However, Im having a small problem with my new colleagues.A:What happened?MC:Sarah告诉Amanda她很想念原来的同事,I missed working with you and the gang. 大家都知道,Gang 有团伙的意思,在这里指常聚在一起的一群人。 Amanda 也说,The office just isnt the same without you. Sarah走了,办公室好像就不一样了。虽然Sarah很喜欢她新的工作, 但是在跟新同事相处时却遇到了一些小麻烦,我们继续听。S:Well, three people are celebrating their birthdays this month and the policy here is for everyone to contribute ten dollars to a card and cake for each person.A:Wow, so youll be out thirty dollars on your first week at work!S:I know. It is a lot of money and I havent gotten to know any of the people celebrating their birthdays well enough yet. At our old department, it was only three dollars for each birthday and there were only ten of us.MC:原来,这个月有三个新同事过生日,Sarah 不得不跟着一起凑份子,买卡片和蛋糕为同事庆祝。They want her to contribute to the card and cake. Contribute is spelled c-o-n-t-r-i-b-u-t-e, contribute 是贡献的意思。这样一来,She will be out thirty dollars. 一下要出三十块。Sarah 跟这些同事还不熟,所以觉得有点亏。Amanda 安慰她说,A:Well, every department is different. You wouldnt want your new co-workers to think youre a Grinch, right?S:What is that? It doesnt sound like a good thing to be.A:A Grinch is a person who spoils the mood at a happy occasion by being selfish or unenthusiastic. You know -- a party pooper.S:I definitely dont want to be that! But, I still think its unreasonable for them to ask me for such a big sum of money when we dont know each other very well. What should I do?MC:Amanda 警告Sarah,如果她不出份子钱的话,同事会认为她是 Grinch, Grinch is spelled g-r-i-n-c-h, grinch 专门用来形容自私,而且没有情趣的人。Sarah当然不想让新同事觉得她是个败兴的人,a party pooper, 可她还是很不甘心,觉得新同事的要求不合理 unreasonable. reasonable 是有道理的,前面加上 un, unreasonable 就变成了没有道理的。这笔份子钱,Sarah最后会出吗?我们下次继续听。A:唉! 凑份子的事真的很难掌握。出钱吧,有点舍不得,不出吧,You dont want people to think youre a Grinch. 又不想让别人觉得自己小气,不合群。B:Yeah. I know what you mean! When I was in China, I got invited to several weddings. I always had a until I learned that all the guests had to contribute a 红包 to the new couple.A:是啊! 结婚凑份子可比办公室帮人过生日的钱多多了!B:Okay, lets stop complaining and listen to something fun and relaxed.A:那就是“体育美语”喽!American sports English:Seventh inning stretchYC:Gosh, Patrick, this baseball game is taking forever.PW:Well, Yang Chen, a baseball game is nine innings long.YC:一场棒球赛有9个 innings 9局。PW:Oh--Its the seventh inning aly? All right! You get to experience the famous ;seventh inning stretch,; Yang Chen. YC:Yayyyyyy. Patrick, What exactly is the ;seventh inning stretch;?PW:It is a baseball tradition! Because baseball is such a long game, during the seventh inning everyone stands up and stretches their legs and sings a song.YC:如果碰上两个烂队,到第7局大概观众都要睡着了。所以要来个;seventh inning stretch;,舒展一下身体,活动活动筋骨。Lets stretch our legs,MusicYC:Oh, Ive heard the song before─带我去看棒球赛!PW:Thats right─Take me out to the Ball Game. Stand up and sing it with me, Yang Chen!YC/PW:Take me out to the Ball Game, Take me out to the Crowd; Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I dont care if I never get back! Lets root, root, root for the home team, if they dont win its a shame, for its one, two, three strikes youre out at the old ball game!PW:There! Dont you feel better now, after the seventh inning stretch? Im going to the snack bar. So would you like peanuts? Cracker Jacks?Y:No. Just get me a beer.B:Take me out to the Ball Game, Take me out to the Crowd; Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I dont care if I never get back!A:唱得不错啊 Donny! 不过看棒球这么放松的事,还需要休息啊?那我们主持节目这么辛苦,更应该take a stretch!B:Yeah! Lets do it!A:好了,今天的节目就到这里。节目的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!B:Bye! /201206/185292

  5. Im sorry hes busy now.恐怕他现在没时间接您的电话。还能这样说:Im afraid hes occupied now.Im sorry he is tied up.应用:You are busy as a bee from morning to night.你真忙!6. His line is busy at the moment.他正在通话。还能这样说:Hes talking on another line.Hes on another line now.应用:at the last moment 在最后关头;at the moment 此刻,那时;every moment 时时刻刻;for a moment 片刻;in a moment 一会儿、不久,立即、马上7. When will she be back?她什么时候回来?还能这样说:How long do you think shell be back?Do you know what time shell be back?谚语:What is got over the devils back is spent under his belly.(钱财)来得不正,去得也不正。8. She should be back after lunch.她午饭后应该会回来。还能这样说:The time she can be back is after lunch.It is after lunch that she should be back.应用:at the back of ones mind 在记忆的深处,下意识地;at sb.s back 跟随某人,持某人;be glad to see the back of 希望摆脱某人;be laid on ones back 卧病在床


  Carrie never changes her mind at pleasure.(误译)卡里从来不会高高兴兴地改变主意。(正译)卡里从不随意改变主意。at pleasure 听便,随意Eat at pleasure, drink by measure.尽情吃饭,适量饮酒。I can make my horse go fast or slow at pleasure.我能随意使马快走或慢走。1. at will 随意;任意They strike at will, right?它们肆意攻击我们,对吗?You can vary the pressure at will.你可以随意变换压力。With automatic lock function, pull at will.自动锁纸功能,用多少拉多少。2. as one pleases 自便,随意;随便Doing as one pleases or chooses.根据一个人的喜好或选择而做。One can do as one pleases when creating art.艺术的创作可以随心所欲。To think, to feel and to do just as one pleases.你可以凭着个人的喜爱去想,去感受,去做。3. free rein n. 完全的行动自由Give free rein to your imagination.你可以完全自由地运用你的想像力。Wed better give the horse a free rein.我们最好放松缰绳任凭马奔跑。Mr. Fei, on the other hand, has been given a free rein.而在另一方面,费翔被给予了自由。4. ad lib adv. 没有限制地;即席地I had forgotten to bring my notes and had to speak ad lib .我忘记带讲稿了,只好临时讲几句。He has a relaxed directing style, encouraging the actors to ad lib in order to create a better sense of reality.为营造更真实的感觉,他采用一种随意的导演风格,鼓励演员自由发挥。 /201204/176641



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