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The most likely explanation is probably that we are an accident.最可能的解释就是,也许我们的存在只是一次意外Just by chance, some molecules bumped into each other at random机缘巧合下,一些分子随机地进入其他分子until finally one formed that could copy itself.直到最后组合了一个可以自我复制的个体Then began the slow process of evolution接着,缓慢的进化过程开始了that led to all the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth.这形成了地球上生命的多样性Life seems to be simply只要有适宜的环境what matter does given the right conditions and enough time.和充足的时间,物质似乎就能构成生命I think that life is probably quite common throughout the universe,我认为生命遍及整个宇宙but that#39;s another tale all together.不过那是另外一个故事了As life developed, it changed the planet on which it was born,生命在演替的同时,也改变着育它的星球altering the very fabric of the Earth.改变着地球特有的构造After four and a half billion years, the human race arrived on the scene.45亿年后,人类登场了But one thing often troubles people when they hear this story.但人们听这故事时,常常被一个问题困扰How could such an astounding chain of events一系列导致我们出现的事件which resulted in us be an accident?怎会仅出于偶然Perhaps science has revealed there is some higher authority at work,或许科学已经揭示还有更高等的权威在运作setting the laws of nature so that our universe and we can exist.制定自然法则,使宇宙和我们得以存在On the face of it,乍看起来 life does seem to be too unlikely to be just a coincidence.生命的出现不太可能是巧合Think about it.仔细想想The Earth lies at exactly the right distance地球恰好与太阳距离适当from the sun to allow liquid water to exist on its surface.使地表能够存在液态水And the sun just happens to be the right size而太阳也恰好大小适中to burn for billions of years long enough for life to have evolved.足以燃烧数十亿年,足够生命得以进化The solar system is littered with all the elements needed for life.太阳系中充满生命所需的所有元素These elements themselves are only possible只有古老恒星消亡because of older stars that have burned out.这些元素才能产生These older stars only existed而只因为早期原始气团的微不均匀because of a tiny unevenness in the early primordial gas,这些古老恒星才能存在that was itself produced by a one in a billion imbalance它自身源于大爆炸产生的粒子海洋中in the sea of particles that came from the Big Bang.十亿分之一的不平衡 Article/201509/400880Seoul erects two statues of WWII sex slaves中韩少女雕像并排坐落首尔公园 纪念二战慰安妇Two statues depicting sex slaves from 20 century wartime have been erected near the entrance to Seoul National University.首尔国立大学入口处树立起两座20世纪战争时期的慰安妇雕像。One of them portrays a girl dressed in traditional Korean clothing, the other in typical Chinese attire.其中一人是穿着韩国传统装的女孩,另一人则穿着典型的中国装。The statues were designed by artists from South Korea and China.雕像是由中韩两国的艺术家共同设计。 译文属 Article/201510/406809原味人文风情:Family Tree《族谱》New York Time#39;s best selling author Barbara Delinsky joins us to discuss her explosive novel Family Tree, which delves into the hot-button issues of race and family.纽约时报的畅销作家Barbara Delinsky加入我们讨论她那充满爆点的小说《族谱》,探究种族和家庭等敏感议题。Barbara, welcome!Barbara,欢迎!Thank you, Michele. It#39;s a pleasure.谢谢,Michele。这是我的荣幸。The couple in the novel, Dana and Hugh are white, but they give birth to a child who has African-American features. Is this even possible?小说中的夫妻,Dana和Hugh是白人,但他们生出了一个拥有非裔美国人特征的孩子。这实际上是有可能的吗?This is very definitely possible. Genetics is a very interesting field, and for the sake of this book, I did a lot of research. Certain traits can lie dormant for generations. Suddenly we can have a child who#39;s got red hair, and we don#39;t quite know where it came from. It can be a mix of different genes, or it can come from a family member from way back. The latest DNA tests are able to determine where we came from, literally, on four different levels: Asian, European, Native American and African. Now we can have a test and find out what percentage of each of these races we are. Racial purity is very very rare.这是非常肯定有可能的。遗传学是个非常有趣的领域,为了这本书,我做了很多研究。某些特征能够潜伏数个世代。突然之间我们会有个长着红头发的孩子,而我们不大清楚它是从哪儿冒出来的。它可以是不同基因的混合,或者它可以从久远之前一位家族成员而来。最新的DNA检测能够判定我们打哪儿来,丝毫不夸张地,以四个不同的标准:亚洲人、欧洲人、美洲印地安人和非洲人。现在我们可以做个检测然后找出我们身上这些每个种族所佔的百分比。纯种是非常非常稀有的。Authors often get the germ of a story from real life.作家时常从真实生活中得到故事的楔子。Maybe I an article about Thomas Jefferson, because there was a lot of attention about the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren who he perhaps sired, and the racial element involved in that.也许我读了一篇关于Thomas Jefferson(美国第三任总统)的文章,因为有许多目光集中在可能是他生出的孩子、孙子以及曾孙身上,以及牵扯在那其中的种族要素之上。Dana and Hugh are so different, and yet so similar.Dana和Hugh如此不同,然而又如此地相似。Dana comes from a family that doesn#39;t really know its history, much as mine does not. She doesn#39;t even know who her father is, or was. She doesn#39;t know anything about him. Dana becomes who so many of us are, who would, in some very human ways, like to know where she came from. But then again, it#39;s a little bit frightened of knowing, because she#39;s not sure if she#39;s going to be pleased.Dana来自一个不全然了解其历史的家族,就很像是我的家族一样不了解。她甚至不知道父亲是谁,是否健在。她不了解任何关于他的事情。Dana变成我们之中的很多人,愿意以一些非常人性的方式,想要知道她打哪儿来。但再者,知情是有点令人害怕地,因为她不确定是否会开心。Hugh knows everything about his family and takes pride in his family tree.Hugh知道他家族的所有事情,并以他的族谱而自豪。I found that interesting that you use knitting and stitch work as a metaphor in your book. Why?我发现那很有趣,在书里你用编织以及缝纫作为一种象征。为什么?There#39;s been a resurgence of interest in knitting in this country, and that is something that has been around for generations and generations, so knitting becomes a parallel legacy to all those that are discussed in Family Tree.在这个国家,一直有个对编织的爱好的复生,而那是某个已经存在了一代又一代的事情,所以编织成为在《族谱》书里谈论到的所有那些人共同的遗产。What is the most significant message that you want to relay to your ers?你想传达给读者最有意义的讯息是什么?I want them to think about the fact that things are not always as they seem, that people may look to be one thing, and not be that thing, and that there#39;s often personal anguish involved in this.我想要他们思考几件事实,眼见不一定为凭,人们也许期盼成为某个东西而无法达成,而且这其中通常有个人痛苦牵扯在内。Barbara Delinsky#39;s Family Tree is an utterly unforgettable novel that ask penetrating questions about race, family and the choices that people make in times of crisis.Barbara Delinsky的《族谱》是本彻头彻尾令人无法忘怀的小说,针对种族、家庭以及紧要关头人们所做出的决定,提出犀利的问题。 Article/201504/369959

Heavy air pollution in NE and N. China could end Saturday中国东北部及北部遭雾霾侵袭将于周六结束Much of northeastern and northern China has been suffering from heavy smog since large scale heating began earlier this month.自本月早些时候大规模供暖以来,中国东北部及北部大部分地区一直遭受重雾霾。The Ministry of Environmental Protection said the air pollution will continue at least until November 14th.环境保护部部长表示空气污染至少会持续到11月14日。The northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning have been hit the hardest.东北三省—黑龙江、吉林和辽宁遭受雾霾侵袭最为严重。 译文属 Article/201511/409706

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201510/404606

One part of that brain seems to be in overdrive似乎脑中某一部分过于强盛when confronted by our Western world of plenty.使我们无法抗拒西方世界的种种诱惑More?还有吗I might have to reposition that one.可能要把那个放回去Dr Susan Francis and her colleagues苏珊·弗朗西斯士和她的同僚are showing just how powerful正为我们展示is our brain#39;s drive for energy-rich, fatty foods.脑部对于高能高脂的食欲有多强OK, I think we#39;re y.准备好了So we#39;re interested in我们正研究which parts of the brain are responding大脑的哪一部分to different concentrations of fat and fat levels.会对脂肪浓度做出反应Fat#39;s very important,脂肪非常重要because people are always craving more fats,因为人们总是渴望更多脂肪and the reward concepts of fat,以及进食脂肪时的兴奋反馈and we#39;re interested in我们所感兴趣的which parts of the brain are being used就是大脑的哪一部分是用来for those responses to fat.操纵我们对脂肪的渴求欲的Works perfectly. OK.运行正常 好的The team prepares a series of energy-rich drinks,研究组准备了一些高能饮料whose fat content ranges from 5% to 30%.脂肪含量从5%到30%不等Here it comes. OK.我倒了 好的A subject is put into an MRI scan,研究对象正在做核磁共振扫描which will register his brain#39;s responses.机器会记录他大脑所作出的反应 Article/201506/378494

Are you y for a job change, or should you stick it out in your current position? Asking yourself these questions will help you decide.你是准备换工作,还是继续留在现在的职位?问自己下面的问题可以帮助你做决定。You Will Need你需要Time to reflect反省的时间The ability to be honest with yourself坦诚面对自己的能力Steps步骤Step 1 Note how you feel1.注意自己的感受Note how you feel on Monday morning. Are you sick to your stomach at the thought that there are five days between you and another weekend? Not good.注意一下周一早上的感受。一想到距离下一个周末还有五天的时间就感到反胃?这可不是好现象。If anxiety starts to set it on Sunday, that’s a bad sign.如果周日早上就开始感到焦虑,这是坏的迹象。Step 2 Consider your workload2.考虑工作量Think about your workload. Has it recently doubled—or halved? Either scenario is a valid reason to be unhappy.考虑一下工作量。最近的工作量加倍还是减半了?任何一种情况都让人不开心。Step 3 Weigh pros and cons3.权衡利弊Draw up a list of the job’s pros and cons. Do the cons outnumber the pros? Are the cons more troubling than the pros are enticing? Note: #39;free coffee#39; doesn’t count as a pro.列出工作的利弊。弊是否大于利?弊端造成的烦恼是否超过利处带来的快乐?记住:供应免费咖啡不能算作益处。Step 4 Assess your value4.评估自己的价值Assess your value to the company. Do you feel you’re being paid what you’re worth? Is your boss appreciative of your efforts? If the answer is #39;no#39; to both, it’s time to go.评估自己对公司的价值。你是否感觉自己的付出物有所值?老板是否肯定你的努力?如果两个问题的都是否定的,那么你应该离职了。Unless there is a company-wide salary freeze at your firm, not getting a raise at your last performance review is a sign that you’re not valued.除非整个公司范围冻结薪水,上次工作评估时没有得到加薪也是你的价值没有得到肯定的表现。Step 5 Weigh your options5.考虑多种选择Weigh your options. If you quit, could you afford to live without a salary for a while? The average job hunt takes six months—more, if you’re earning over ,000.考虑一下自己的选择。如果离职,你是否能够在一段时间没有收入的情况下生活无忧?如果你的薪水超过60,000美元。一般求职需要六个月或更长时间。Employment experts say job seekers must figure on one month of searching for every ,000 they earn.职业专家表示,求职者要赚的每一个10,000美元都需要耗费一个月的求职时间。Step 6 Rate the difficulty6.评估困难程度Be honest: could a trained seal do your job? Then you’re y for a challenge.诚实一点:是否谁都可以做你的工作?这样的话你就要做好迎接挑战的准备了。Step 7 Measure your crap threshold7.衡量忍受废话的极限Measure your threshold for taking crap. Is it lowering? Are you on the verge of telling your boss at the morning meeting, #39;By the way, nobody really wants to hear about your weekend potty-training the puppy—let’s get this show on the road.#39; Ta-ta and good luck.衡量一下自己忍受废话的极限。是否忍受能力下降了?早上开例会的时候是否有种冲动要告诉老板,“没有人想听你周末怎样训练宠物,散会吧。”哈哈,祝你好运了。More than three-quarters of survey respondents said they#39;re suffering from burnout at work, and more than half claimed they#39;re under a lot of on-the-job stress.超过四分之三的受调查者表示,他们工作时精疲力尽。超过一半的人宣称他们承受着许多工作压力。 Article/201501/351592

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了。Which of these constellations was named for a mythological hunter? If you think you know it, shout it out. 哪个星座是神话中的猎手命名的?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Aries, Orion, Pegasus or Leo? You#39;ve got three seconds, go.是白羊座、猎户座、飞马座还是狮子座?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!One of the easiest constellations to find on winter nights, Orion. 冬天夜空中最容易找到的星座就是它——猎户座。It#39;s named for the Greek mythological hunter. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.猎户座Orion希腊神话中一个猎手的名字。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: It#39;s also a name of NASA#39;s newest space capsule, which is scheduled for a test flight today.这也是NASA最新的太空舱的名字,今天将进行试飞。This Orion costs 0 million. Orion太空舱造价3700万美元。It#39;s prepared to launch from Florida#39;s Kennedy Space Center. 预计将会从佛罗里达州的肯尼迪太空中心发射。The stakes are high, even though Orion isn#39;t carrying any astronauts. 尽管太空舱没有载人,这仍是一场豪赌。If this test flight fails, it could ground NASA#39;s longterm goals of transporting people well beyond the Moon.如果试飞失败,这会让NASA将人送到月球以外的计划搁浅。 /201412/347698

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