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南昌同济整形美容医院纹眉毛多少钱九江瑞昌市永修县德安县星子县隆下巴多少钱Changing the topic转换话题更改主题Can I just change the subject before I forget?在我忘记之前我可以换个话题吗?Oh, by the way,…哦,对了,...Oh, before I forget, …哦,差点忘了,...Oh, I meant to tell you earlier.哦,我的意思是早点告诉你。Oh, incidentally….哦,顺便说一句...。Oh, that reminds me.噢,这提醒了我。Oh, while were on the subject, …呵呵,我们正在处理这个问题,...Oh, you reminded me of something.哦,你让我想起了什么。That reminds me of n.p….这让我想起n.p...。On the subject of n.p:…n.p的主题:...Talking of n.p…说到n.p的...Breaking off the conversation中止谈话Could you excuse me a moment?能打扰一会儿吗?Good talking to you.很开心跟你说话。I have to be off.我必须走了。I have to make a phone call.我得打个电话。I must just go and say hello to someone.我只是去打招呼。I need another drink.我需要再来一杯。I need to get some fresh air.我需要呼吸新鲜空气。I want a cigarette.我要一烟。Ill be back in a sec.我很快回来。Ill be right back.我马上回来。Ill catch you later.再会。Im just going to the bar/the buffet.我只是去酒吧/自助餐。If youll excuse me a moment.打扰一下。Its been nice taking to you.很高兴与你交谈。Its getting late.天色已晚。Theres someone I want to/need to talk to.有一个人我想/需要跟他谈谈。Would you excuse me a moment?能打扰一会儿吗? /201604/435595南昌吸脂减肥手术哪家医院好 栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:go dutch 各付个(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201505/373452讲解文本:问:What kind of ship can never sink?什么ship(船)永不沉没?答:Friendship.(友谊之船)friendship中有ship(船),但本身意思是“友谊”,和“船”毫无关系。类似名词:领导力 leadership艰难困苦 hardship运动家精神 sportsmanship疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201604/437770抚州南丰县崇仁县乐安县宜黄县抽脂多少钱

南昌市第一人民医院去痣多少钱Rob is annoyed. He has spent hours filling in forms for his small house extension. Can Feifei help him? Listen to the programme to find out.罗布非常生气。他花了数个小时的时间填写小型房屋扩建申请表。菲菲能帮他吗?请收听本期节目并找出。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:文本与音频并不完全对应。Feifei: Hello Rob. You look so busy, what are all these papers?菲菲:你好,罗布。你看起来很忙,这些纸是什么?Rob: Oh, Feifei, I have to get a permit to build an extension to my house. Its a very small bit of building work but I have to fill in all these forms.罗布:哦,菲菲,我要申请扩建我的房子。虽然是一项小建筑工程,但是我要把这些表格都填了。Feifei: What is this one for?菲菲:这张是什么表?Rob: Well, this one here is for my local council. I need to apply for planning permission. And then they want lots of supporting documents to make sure it fits in with building regulations.罗布:那张是地方议会要求的表格。我要申请建筑许可。他们需要大量明文件,来确保房子符合建筑规范。Feifei: It sounds exhausting.菲菲:听起来很累。Rob: It is. I hate red tape. If I could cut through this red tape it would be brilliant!罗布:的确很累。我讨厌繁文缛节。我要是能减少这些繁文缛节就太好了!Feifei: So your problem is red tape? Say no more, Rob! The solution is in my bag! Ah, here they are!菲菲:你的问题是红色胶带吗?罗布,不用多说了!解决方法就在我的包里!给你!Rob: A pair of scissors and blue tape?罗布:一把剪子和蓝色胶带?Feifei: Yes. You use the scissors to cut through your red tape and... if you dont like red tape, use blue. I love the colour blue!菲菲:对。你可以用这把剪子把你的红色胶带剪了……如果你不喜欢红色胶带,那就剪蓝色胶带吧。我喜欢蓝色!Rob: Thank you, Feifei. Youre a good friend. But in English we call the rules and processes required to get official permits — which usually seem to be pointless — red tape.罗布:谢谢你,菲菲。你真是我的好朋友。不过在英语中,我们称那些要经过官方许可、但通常不值得这样做的规范和流程为red tape。Feifei: Ah, bureaucracy! So lets hear some examples of how this expression is used.菲菲:啊,官僚作风!我们来听些句子,看看这个表达方式如何应用。Examples例句Small firms wont be subject to new regulations under a government plan to cut red tape and boost the economy.小公司不受政府计划简化手续、促进经济的新规的约束。Andrea almost gave up studying abroad. The amount of red tape to get a visa was unbelievable!安德莉亚几乎要放弃留学了。为了得到签而要经过的手续简直多得无法想象!Feifei: I think most people hate bureaucracy, Rob. 菲菲:我认为大部分人都讨厌官僚作风,罗布。Rob: Im not surprised. Some people say this expression might come from the 16th century, when bundles of documents were held together with red tape. I hate all these forms!罗布:我对这点并不感到惊讶。有些人说这个表达方式起源于16世纪,当时文件是用红色带子打包成捆的。我讨厌这些表格!Feifei: Well, its the 21st century now and we still have red tape. Good luck with your red tape, Rob. Im off to paint the town red!菲菲:现在已经是21世纪了,我们仍然还有繁文缛节。罗布,希望你能处理好你的繁复手续。我要去狂欢了。Rob: Oh, no more idioms with red for me today please, Feifei.罗布:哦,拜托今天不要再跟我说有关红色的习语了。Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。Rob: Good bye.罗布:再见。 译文属 /201507/387142南昌同济医院妙桃隆胸假体多少钱 南昌同济美容医院激光去胎记多少钱

南昌市第一人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱 Todd:Hey, Mark, I heard that you mightbe interested inbuying a computer.托德:嘿 ,马克,我听说你想买台电脑。Mark:Thats right. Yeah, Iminterested inbuying a Mac computer because Ive never used Mac before.马克:对。我想买台苹果Mac,我以前没用过Mac电脑。Todd:Well, that is actually perfect because I have two MacIntosh laptops and Im selling one of them.托德:那太好了,我有两台MacIntosh笔记本电脑,我打算卖掉一台。Mark:Youre kidding.马克:你开玩笑的吧。Todd:Yeah.托德:真的。Mark:How much?马克:你打算卖多少钱?Todd:Well, Ill sell it to you for 20,000 Japanese yen, so thats almost 200 dollars. Thats a pretty good deal. But theres a problem with it.托德:我可以2万日元卖给你,大概200美元。这其实相当划算了。不过那台电脑有点问题。Mark:Whats the problem?马克:什么问题?Todd:The problem is the disc drive is broken, so sometimes if you put a DVD into the disc drive it doesnt work.托德:光驱坏了,有时放入DVD光盘以后,光驱没有反应。Mark:OK.马克:知道了。Todd:Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesnt work.托德:有时可以正常读取,有时就没有反应。Mark:Well, thats not too bad because I have another computer that I can watch DVDs on.马克:嗯,那不算太坏,我还有台电脑,我可以在那台电脑上看DVD光盘。Todd:OK.托德:好。Mark:How long have you had it?马克:你用了多长时间了?Todd:Ive had it for about three years, and it works great, like its great for the internet. Its great for lots of things. I just unfortunately accidentally broke the DVD because I had a problem. I couldnt get a DVD out and I foolishly tried to get it out the wrong way, so but it still works. There is one other problem. It has a power cord and I lost the original power cord for it.托德:我用了大概三年,这台电脑用起来很棒,上网也很便利。很多功能都很棒。只是因为我的失误,很不幸地把光驱弄坏了。因为有张DVD拿不出来,我用了错误的方法去拿,所以不小心弄坏了光驱,不过还是可以使用的。这台电脑还有一个问题,就是电源线,我把原装的电源线弄丢了。Mark:Right, OK, so I need to buy a new power cord.马克:好,就是说我要买个新的电源线。Todd:You need to buy a new one.托德:你得买个新的。Mark:And how much will thatsetmeback?马克:那要花多少钱?Todd:That will probably cost you about 6,000 yen.托德:大概6000日元。Mark:6,000 yen.马克:6000日元。Todd:Yeah, so its not too bad.托德:对,不是太坏。Mark:So that new Mac that you got over there, how much was that new?马克:你新买的那台Mac电脑多少钱?Todd:If you buy it new, well this is an older edition, but now theyre about 100,000 yen. Theyre actually quite a good deal. Thats why Im selling it so cheap because you can buy a new Mac for pretty cheap.托德:这是旧版,新的大概要10万美元。非常划算。所以我才会卖这么便宜,因为可以买到划算的新Mac电脑。Mark:Right. OK. Sounds a good deal. Can I build websites on that one?马克:好。听起来是很划算。我能用那台电脑建网站吗?Todd:Yeah. You can pretty much do anything. It has a lot of capabilities. Its very easy, and if you like the TV show the Sopranos, Illthrow ina bunch of DVDs as well.托德:可以。你可以做很多事情。那台电脑有很多功能。而且操作便捷,如果你喜欢《黑道家族》这部电视剧,我还可以送你几张DVD。Mark:Really.马克:真的吗?Todd:So you can watch themfor free.托德:你可以免费看。Mark:Right, so 20,000 yen and how many DVDs?马克:好,2万日元,你送多少张DVD?Todd:Well, there is a set of four so theres probably, I dont know, theres four DVDs but theres probably 18 episodes of the show the Sopranos.托德:一套是四张,不过我不太清楚,应该是四张DVD,可能有18集《黑道家族》。Mark:Right.马克:好。Todd:Its a good show.托德:那部剧很棒。Mark:OK. That sounds like we may have a deal.马克:听起来我们可以成交了。Todd:Cool.托德:真酷。Mark:Yeah. Let me talk to the girlfriend about it. See if she wants to buy a Mac because its her money, too. Maybe I need to borrow some money off her.马克:好,我要先跟我女朋友谈谈。看看她是不是希望我买Mac电脑,因为那也是她的钱。我可能要跟她借点钱。Todd:OK.托德:好。Mark:And then we can do the deal.马克:然后我们就可以交易了。Todd:OK, sounds good. Alright, thanks Mark.托德:好,听起来不错。好,谢谢你,马克。 译文属 /201511/412127鹰潭微创丰胸的价格南昌男士脱毛



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