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Stage 56 bar tricks第56关,吧台小戏法So here is how it is going to work.下面我讲一下规则Im going to bring out a few people to perform their incredible feats.我会邀请一些人进行才艺展示If you guys think it is fantastic and amazing they get to stay here at the bar.如果你们认为表演的好或者很惊艳,他们就可以留下If you think its disgusting and grossing and you are not intending at the least,如果你们认为表演很恶心,难以接受,觉得一点儿都不搞笑then our crack security staff who are here.我们有训练有素的安保人员They are crack security staff. They are not two guys who work in our office.就是他们,他们可不是天天呆在办公室的普通上班族They are. They are. They are trained killers, OK?他们是……他们可是训练有素的杀手They will usher them out of the studio to never return again.他们会把不合格的人赶出演播厅,让他们再也回不来So what do you say? You want to see some bar tricks?你们觉得怎么样?想看吧台戏法吗Lets bring out our first contestants.让我们有请第一位选手Hello, sir. Hello.先生,你好What is your name? Where are you from?你叫什么名字?你来自哪里My names Jonathan from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.我叫乔纳森,来自宾夕法尼亚州的兰开斯特Thank you for coming and joining us. What is your bar trick?感谢你的到来,你要表演什么Im going to remove my underwear without taking my pants off.我不脱长裤可以把内裤脱下来Youre going to take off your underwear without removing your pants? That is correct. Yeah.你不脱长裤就能把内裤脱下来?对All right. Who wants to see it?好的,有人想看吗No!不是吧Oh, my god! That was—天呐!真是—What do you think, guys? Should he stay or should he go?大家觉得怎么样?他可以留下来吗Take a seat at the bar. Well done.请在吧台边就坐。干得漂亮Lets meet our next contestant!有请下一位选手Hello, sir.先生你好How are you? Whats your name and where are you from?你好,你叫什么名字,来自哪里My name is Charles. Im from Idaho.我叫查尔斯,来自爱达华州OK. Thank you for coming and joining us. What is your bar trick?好的,欢迎你的到来。你要表演什么呢Im going to put suction cup darts in my eyes.我能在眼睛上粘两个吸盘I mean, the question is who wants to see it? Do you want to see it?问题是会有人想看这个吗?你们想看吗?All right. Go for it.好的,开始吧Oh, my—No! Oh!哦天,别!天呐!I dont know how you learned to do that!你是怎么学的这个!Oh, my god! What do you think, guys? Should he stay or should he go?天呐!大家觉得怎么样?他能留下来吗Oh, hes got to go. They are kicking him out.哦……他得离开。他们把他踢出局了Oh! Wow. Tough crowd. Tough crowd! He put—OK.天呐,观众都好残忍,好残忍。他把——好吧All right. Lets meet our next contestant.好了。有请下一位Hello, sir. Whats your name and where are you from?先生你好。你叫什么名字,来自哪里Josh from Madison, Wisconsin.我叫乔希,来自威斯康星州的麦迪逊Oh, thanks. Big whoop there.好的,欢呼声很激烈啊An audible whoop from Wisconsin. And what is your trick?来自威斯康星州的欢呼。你要表演什么Im going to make a fart sound with my mouth that goes forever.我能用嘴模仿放屁的声音并且一直不停Going to be a tough one for us to judge that, Josh. All right. Take it away.你这个很难评价啊。好,开始吧He hasnt actually started yet. That is actually me.实际上他还没开始。刚刚那个声音是我What do we think, guys? Should he stay or go?大家怎么看?留下还是离开They are kicking him out! Take your forever fart away from me!他们把他踢出局了。快点走吧Look at this guy. Sitting pretty smug.看那个人,坐的真是自在哈Look at him sitting on the bars. All right. OK. One more? Do you want one more?看那个坐在吧台边那个人,还来一个吗?你们还想看吗Lets bring in our next contestant.有请下一个Very well, sir. What is your name and where are you from?好的。你叫什么名字,来自哪里My names George the Giant. Im from Bakers Field, California.我叫大个子乔治,来自加利福尼亚的贝克尔斯菲市OK, George. Now what is your bar trick?好,你要表演什么I drink milk a little bit differently than normal people.我喝牛奶的方式跟普通人有点儿不一样OK. You have certainly revved the crowd up. OK, George. Go for it.好的,观众有点儿激动。开始吧,乔治When I was a kid, I loved crazy straws. I thought it was the interesting thing in the world.我小时候,特别喜欢吸管,我觉得吸管是世界上最好玩的东西But then I got older and I wanted to be something different.我长大后就想玩点儿不一样的I wanted to be the worlds biggest crazy straw and this is how I did it.我想做成世界上最长的吸管,就是这个OK, leave it free. A little bit long.好,松一下,放长一点儿Now it is not a straw unless someone drinks out of it. No, Im good.没有人在这头吸得话它就不是一根吸管。不用了,谢谢Dont make me laugh! Milk will come out my nose!别逗我笑,我一笑牛奶会从鼻子里喷出来的What do you think, folks? Should he stay or should he go?大家怎么想?留下还是离开George, take a seat at the bar. Well done. That was stage 56 bar tricks.乔治,在吧台边就坐吧。干得不错。这就是56关,吧台小戏法。If you have a bar trick and you think youre good enough to come sit here at the bar just tweet us at @latelateshow.如果你有足够好的玩法,能让你坐上吧台边的位置的话,请在推特上给@深夜秀发消息。We would love to see you here, and show everything you have got.我们很希望能够在这里看到你的才艺201707/517049

In soft snow,your bollard needs to be at least 10 feet across.当积雪松软时 系绳桩直径至少要有10英尺But it will hold many times your weight.它足以撑数倍于你体重的物体Theyre incredibly strong,and have been used by the military for years.它牢固的令人不可思议 多年来一直为部队所利用Okay. Here we go.好 可以出发了I need to kick in steps into the snow and use the friction of the rope as I descend.下落过程中 我要深深踩入积雪中 并利用绳索的擦力Okay. Get down the last bit of this without any rope.好了 最后这段路可以不用绳子Its quite precarious, this bit.Good, positive steps.Control your own descent.这一小段的雪很松 很好 能踩实 要自己控制好下山速度Dont let the mountain control it for you.不能让山来控制你的速度Never rush in the mountains.下山时绝不能着急It doesnt get you down any quicker,at least not in a good way.那并不能提高速度 至少不是安全下山的方式Okay. Then across to under here.好了 然后到这下面来Okay. This is good. Come down to me.这里不错 下来我这里A rocky outcrop like this is like an island of safety.像这样露出来的石头就好像安全岛一样You can use them to catch your breath and assess your situation.你可以利用它来喘口气 分析一下周围情况Okay. Cool. Reach, reach.I got you. Lets go. Lets go.好 不错 过来 过来 我抓住你了 过来 过来Okay. Lets just take a quick two minutes here.让我们在这休息两分钟You know, one of the big dangers, actually,要知道在高海拔地方of high altitude is just getting really dehydrated.最危险的事情之一就是严重脱水You burn up so much fluids here.在这里你会消耗掉大量的水分Youre breathing hard. Youre working hard.你在用力的呼吸 用力的攀爬Youve got to keep drinking.你要记得不断喝水Its always tempting just to eat snow.一般方法就是直接吃雪But actually, that can give you blisters in your mouth.但事实上 那会让你的嘴里起泡Its just gonna lower your core temperature.并且会使你的体温降低Youre better off trying to melt some snow.最好是尝试先把雪化掉201704/504016

Angela Milner, like many paleontologists, believes the mega-carnivores were solitary creatures.Angela Milner和许多古生物学家一样,也认为大型食肉恐龙营独居生活Traditional view of large meat-eaters dinosaurs behaviour was传统观点认为大型食肉恐龙was that they were large, perhaps very ferocious animals, perhaps rabid predators, but probably living singlely.是非常巨大凶残的动物,狂暴的掠食者,但很可能是独自生活Large meat-eaters dinosaurs, theres no real evidence at all that they worked together in big groups.大型食肉恐龙目前还没有据能明它们会群体合作Pack hunting is really hard to evolve.群体狩猎是很难进化的模式And so, unless theres a reason for it to be there, I would, my default would be to say its not there.除非那里能有一些合理的原因。在我看来那是不可能的For the skeptics, there is some convincing evidence to support their view of solitary predators.对于那些持怀疑态度的人来说,很多有力的据都能明独自狩猎的观点These are footprints made by dinosaurs.这些是恐龙的脚印Theyve been preserved in rock for over 150 million years.它们保存在岩石中已有1亿5千万年Mark Norell believes footprints like these show which kind of dinosaurs lived in groups.Mark Norell认为这些脚印能够说明哪些恐龙营群居生活The giant plant-eating dinosaurs left track-ways, fossilized footprints,最大的植食恐龙留下了足迹,脚印化石which really really show I think that they lived in groups or herds, whatever you want to call them.这些脚印显示它们生活在一个群体中,或者说是团队中,怎么说都行And these footprints are not arranged randomly, theyre arranged in groups.这些脚印并非杂乱无章,而是很有序地排列Which really shows that large ones walked in front of the packs, smaller ones in the middle of the packs大的恐龙走在队伍前面,小的恐龙走在中间,and these groups had a structure and theyre all going in the same direction.整队伍按照一定的次序,一起朝同一方向前进And someplaces you can follow them for long stretches, long distances, hundreds and thousands of meters.有时你能跟着它们走很长一段路、很长一段距离,几百米或是几千米And you can see that they all move, sometime they all turn, and really seems to suggest that theyre all moving together.你会发现它们都是一起前进,有时一起转弯,它们都朝着同一方向前进Its not just a coincidence, theyre all in the same direction.这些事实说明它们走在一起并非偶然,So I think this is really really powerful evidence, that suggestive of this sort of behavior in these animals.这都是非常有力的据说明了这些动物的行为The evidence for giant carnivorous dinosaurs isnt as good.但是大型食肉恐龙却没有这方面的据201611/480447


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