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济南哪里人流做的好China has reported nearly 110,000 HIV/AIDS cases so far this year, a slight increase over last year, said the nation#39;s top AIDS specialist.据国家艾滋病专家称,今年中国报告艾滋病例接近11万例,较去年有所增加。The gay male population has been hit particularly hard, accounting for more than 25 percent of the total.男男性行为是我国艾滋病感染最多的群体,占全部病例的25%。Wu Zunyou, head of the National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, made the remarks on the sidelines of the ongoing 2015 National Conference on HIV/AIDS. ;The situation among gay men is alarming and in some cities one out of five gay men is HIV positive.; In worse-hit cities such as Beijing and Harbin, more than 70 percent of the cases reported in 2015 involved gay men.国家艾滋防控中心主任吴尊友,在2015年艾滋病学术大会上进行了演讲,;男同性恋者的情况十分严重,平均每五个男同性恋者就有一个病检结果是阳性。; 病情较严重的北京、哈尔滨等城市,70%报告的病例都涉及男男性行为者。Worse, young students have been hit hard in recent years by the epidemic, he said, and 70 to 80 percent of the HIV/AIDS cases detected in 2015 among them involved gay sex. ;It#39;s a big challenge to protect young students from HIV/AIDS,; he said.更严重的是,近些年感染艾滋病的学生增加,在2015年发现的学生艾滋病的病例中,70%到80%的病例都是由于男男性行为。吴尊友称:;避免学生感染艾滋病成为一个巨大挑战。;Thanks to robust intervention efforts initiated in 2003, China has a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS (0.06 percent). But the rapid increase of HIV cases among gay men has hardly been curbed.由于2013年开始执行强有力的避免艾滋病的措施,中国艾滋病患病率仅有0.06%,但是男同性恋的艾滋发病率却很难抑制。Mainstream prevention strategies like education and behavioral intervention didn#39;t work well for them, said Wu. Condom use, for instance, has never exceeded 50 percent of the gay male population, he noted, citing previous investigations. ;I even saw a gay medical doctor who had unprotected gay sex,; he said.主要防御措施比如教育和行为上预防在男同性恋者身上效果并不是很好。吴尊友引用之前的调查说道,比如说避套的使用,使用避套的男同性恋者从未超过50%,;我甚至见过一个男同医生在性生活上不使用保护措施。;Many of them are aware of the risks and preventive measures but simply don#39;t practice accordingly, he pointed out. Wu suggested that improved treatment should be the best way to help curb the quick sp of the virus among gay men.他指出,他们中的很多人都了解感染艾滋病的风险和预防措施,只是不想这么做而已。抑制艾滋病毒在男同群体里的广泛传播的最好办法是加强治疗。HIV/AIDS sufferers are much less likely to pass the virus to others if put on antiretroviral therapy, he explained. In that regard, ;treatment is prevention,; he said.他解释称,如果接受抗逆转录病毒治疗,艾滋病毒携带者很难将病毒传染给他人,从这个角度来看,;治疗就是防治。; /201511/411529市中区中医院是不是私立医院 山东济南阳光医院几级

历城区中心医院妇科 Like men, about half of all women play games. But men are far more likely to call themselves “gamers.”像男性一样,大约有半数的女性玩。但男性自称“玩家”(gamer)的意愿远远高于女性。That’s according to a new Pew Research Center survey that found 48 percent of women play games, just shy of the 50 percent of men who play. The gamer identity was far less attractive to women, however, with 6 percent of them adopting the label compared with 15 percent of men.皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)新近的一项调查发现,48%的女性玩,仅略低于男性50%的比例。然而在女性看来,“游戏玩家”这个身份的吸引力却远远更低,只有6%的女性接受这个标签,相比之下男性中的比例为15%。Video game experts said it was no surprise that women are shunning an association with gaming culture as the community of hard-core players has become increasingly identified with sexist attitudes among its fringe members.专家表示,女性回避与游戏文化产生关联并不令人奇怪,因为硬核游戏玩家的群体越来越多地被其中边缘成员的性别歧视态度所代表。“Having a label of gamer is not just about being geeky,” said Rosalind Wiseman, an author who has studied gaming attitudes among young people. “It also has spilled over unfortunately into a really negative connotation of people who are just really angry and intolerant of other people.”“被打上‘玩家’的标签不仅代表着像个‘极客’(geek),”罗莎琳·怀斯曼(Rosalind Wiseman)说。“很遗憾,这个词的涵义延伸了,带有了一种相当负面的意味,即那些十分易怒、完全不能容忍别人的人。”怀斯曼研究过年轻人对游戏的态度,并有著作出版。She added that the reputation “is really not representative of a lot of people who play games.”她补充道,这种名声“并不能真实代表很多游戏玩家”。The stigma gained currency last year with so-called GamerGate, an online campaign to discredit critics of sexism in games and gaming culture. As harassment veered into threats of violence and rape, the controversy drew news media attention, and set off debates over how bad misogyny in gaming had become.去年,随着所谓的“玩家门”(GamerGate)事件,这种负面印象广为流传。对和游戏文化中的性别歧视提出批评的人士,在“玩家门”事件中受到了攻击。随着骚扰行动转变成了涉及暴力和强奸的威胁,这场争议吸引了媒体的注意,也让外界开始讨论游戏圈仇视女性的风气已经到了多么严重的程度。Other unwritten codes about what qualifies a person for membership in the gaming community have helped to raise the bar to entry: Casual playing, for instance, doesn’t count, and you must play games that are sufficiently intricate, strategic and difficult.对于什么样的人才可以成为游戏圈的成员,还有其他一些不成文的规则。这些要求也帮助提高了入围门槛:例如,随便玩一玩是不算的,你玩的游戏必须足够复杂、有战略性,而且具备难度。Jamin Warren, founder of the game arts and culture company Kill Screen, said the reason many hard-core gamers cling to a restrictive definition of the word can be explained by “classic in-group favoritism.”艺术和文化公司“谋杀屏幕”(Kill Screen)的创始人加民·沃伦(Jamin Warren)说,许多硬核玩家执着于这个词语的狭隘定义,这可以用“典型的内群体偏向”来解释。As games have become more a part of the cultural mainstream in recent years, Mr. Warren said, “the protectiveness of the term has only heightened.”近年来,随着越来越多地成为主流文化的一部分,沃伦说,“对玩家这个词的保护欲也增强了。”Ms. Wiseman, who studied gaming habits among middle- and high school-aged people, said girls face elevated scrutiny over their gaming skills. They describe harrowing experiences in web-based multiplayer games where participants talk through headsets. When a girl’s voice chimes in, the reaction from other players often follows a certain script.怀斯曼研究了初高中学生的游戏习惯,她说,女生的游戏技能受到了更加严苛的审视。她们形容,在玩家都戴着耳机聊天的网络多人游戏中,自己有过糟糕的体验。有女生的声音加入时,其他玩家的反应通常都符合一种特定的套路。“It’s something about they’re a slut, they’re fat, they’re ugly, or they are bad at the game,” she said.“要么说她们是婊子,要么说她们胖,要么说她们丑,要么说她们游戏打得不好,”她说。As a result, girls will often mute their voices.因此,女生常常会关掉语音。Some in the gaming community have proposed a shift in the meaning of gamer to be akin to cinephile, a person with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the whole medium. Others have argued that the definition should be broad and, in particular, reflect the wide array of people who play.游戏圈里的一些人提议,让“玩家”转变成类似“影迷”(cinephile)的涵义,即对整个媒介有深入的了解和见解的人。另一些人则主张,其定义应该宽泛,尤其是要能反映“玩游戏的人”这个广泛的群体。“Marginalized groups have always engaged in gaming,” Kishonna Gray, director of the Critical Gaming Lab at Eastern Kentucky University, said in an email. “They just haven’t been acknowledged by gaming culture yet and they really aren’t catered to.”“边缘化的群体一直都热衷于,”东肯塔基大学(Eastern Kentucky University)游戏批评实验室(Critical Gaming Lab)主任基淑娜·格雷(Kishonna Gray)在电子邮件中说。“只是他们还没有得到游戏文化的承认,其需求也还无人满足。”The Pew survey, which was conducted this summer among a sample of about 2,000 adults, found that young men play games far more than other groups, with 77 percent of 18- to 29-year-old men saying they play, and 57 percent of young women.皮尤的研究是今年夏天对大约2000名成年人展开的。研究发现,玩游戏的年轻男性比例远高于其他群体,18至29岁的男性中,有77%称自己玩游戏,而年轻女性中的比例为57%。With older Americans, the pattern flips: Over the age of 50, women are more likely to play games, with 38 percent saying they play, compared with 29 percent of men.在较为年长的人中,情况则截然不同。在50岁以上的人群中,女性玩游戏的比例更高,有38%称自己玩游戏。而同年龄段的男性中只有29%。Society at large seems to remain apprehensive about the benefits of games. Forty percent of respondents to the Pew survey said people who play violent games are more likely to be violent themselves, while 26 percent said games are simply a waste of time.对于的益处,整个社会似乎仍存在担忧。在皮尤的研究中,40%的受访者表示,玩暴力游戏的人,本人有暴力倾向的可能性更高,26%的受访者认为纯粹是浪费时间。The survey did not make distinctions among players of console games, PC games, online games or mobile games.调查中没有区分游戏机游戏、电脑游戏、在线游戏和移动设备游戏的玩家。 /201512/417116泰安市痛经多少钱山东大学齐鲁医院在那儿




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