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淮安浆细胞性龟头炎淮安市淮安医院治疗宫颈炎多少钱A new study has found that most men prefer women to look #39;natural#39;. But how natural exactly? asks Richard Holt.一项新研究的结果显示男人更偏爱看起来“自然”的女性,但到底有多“自然”呢?理查德·霍尔特问道。I didn’t realise until quite late in life that some women don’t just wear make-up, they wear a full-on disguise – the sort you might adopt if you were evading capture. At university one of new flatmates came downstairs late one night and I thought we were being burgled.我直到很晚才意识到,生活中,有些女人不仅仅是在化妆,而是戴着不折不扣的伪装——她们用的伪装很夸张,你甚至可以采用那种妆容来逃避追捕。大学时,我的一位新室友在深夜时分下楼来(完全没化妆),而我还以为我家被破门盗窃了。It had been obvious before that she wore a lot of make-up, but I naively hadn’t realised that without it she would look like a completely different person. On a later occasion I overheard her, in unpainted form, opening the door to a guy who knew her quite well and having to overcome his puzzled expression by saying: “John, it’s me!”她一直浓妆重抹,这点很明显。而我天真地没有意识到,如果不化妆的话,她看起来完全像是另外一个人。之后有次,我听到她讲话。那时她没有化妆,给一个和她很熟的人打开门,却不得不因为对方满脸困惑而解释道:“约翰,是我啦!”Apparently half of women admit to doing their make-up at least four times a day and awhopping 67 percent only go bare-faced twice a month.显然有一半女性承认她们每天整理妆容至少四次,高达67%的女性的女性一个月只素颜两次。These findings are presented as part of a campaign to give women the confidence to “pare back the amount of make-up they wear” and to let their “own natural radiance shine through”.这些调查结果都被认为是提升女性信心“减少化妆程度”这一运动的一部分,并鼓励她们“秀出自然美。”The study was carried out by a company called St Ives.这项研究是由一个名为St Ives的公司开展的。In case anyone remains unconvinced, the company has enlisted the help of Lydia Bright, star of a television show called The Only Way Is Essex, to front the campaign.为防止有人依然对此不信,该公司还请了莉迪亚·布莱特为这一活动开场。她可是电视节目“埃塞克斯是唯一的生活方式”的大明星。Bright, 23, says of her time on TOWIE: “I don’t know whether anyone remembers my first ever appearance, but I was caked in make-up. It looked like I’d applied it with a trowel.”23岁的布莱特,在“埃塞克斯是唯一的生活方式”节目中讲道:“我不知道是否还有人记得我的第一次亮相,但当时我的脸上被化妆品堆叠成蛋糕一样的。看起来像是我用抹刀砌上去的。I don’t recall her first appearance – or any of them, if I’m honest – but I am prepared to believe her. Not least because we are treated to before-and-after shots showing what she looks like in full warpaint, and then after the damascene moment when she was told she may be overdoing it a touch.老实讲,我不记得她的第一次亮相了——或她的任何亮相。但我打算相信她。尤其是因为她拍摄前的照片和拍摄后身着盛装的照片都被展示出来了,人们都觉得她化妆有点过头了。The only problem is that the “after” shot shows a woman still wearing what appears to be quite a lot of make-up. The “before” shot looks as if she’s trying out as an Alice Cooper lookalike.唯一的问题是,后图展示的是一位看起来依然浓妆重抹的女子。在前图中,她看起来似乎是想尝试一下爱丽丝·库珀(休克摇滚先驱)的妆容。“No make-up” meaning “less make-up than usual” forms part of the tabloid narrative.“不化妆“实际上意味着“画比平时少的妆” 。So when the campaign says that three-quarters of men prefer the natural look, it is in this context. They don’t actually mean “natural” – ie the face as it really is. They mean tabloid natural. The illusion of natural. The campaign is telling women that cosmetics are a good thing, but that they could be applying them better.所以,当调查显示四分之三的男人更喜欢素颜时,就是指在上述情况下。他们并不是真指“素颜”——即脸本来的样子,他们是指淡妆素颜(假素颜)。这项活动告诉女士们,化妆品是好东西,但她们可以更好地运用它。And I think I’m fine with that. I’ve got absolutely no problem with make-up, as long as the person underneath remains vaguely recognisable, and doesn’t look like she’s been painted in the style of a late-1930s Picasso.而我对此没有意见。我对化妆真的一点看法都没有。只要能依稀辨认出妆容下的那个人,并且不要看起来像是按照20世纪30年代后期毕加索风格画的就好。 /201410/334764淮安清河区治疗慢性肠炎多少钱 Seeing Yang Leiguang, you might never imagine that the skinny boy traveled independently to Tibet for one month. More surprisingly, the 21-year-old from Henan University of Science and Technology brought only 500 yuan with him and earned other funds for travel on the way. He thinks that, with this trip, he accomplished his dream because he experienced some of the most memorable moments of his life.看着杨磊光,你可能怎么也不会想到正是这个清瘦的男生独自在西藏旅行了一个月时间。而更令人意想不到的是,这名21岁的河南科技大学学生身上只揣了500元,剩下的路费都是边走边赚的。他认为通过这次旅行,自己经历了人生中一些最难忘的时刻,从而实现了自己的梦想。Most desirable destination向往已久Yang acquired his love for Tibet after watching a documentary about the holy place. “I remembered watching people kowtow in front of the Potala Palace. Their devoted faces and sincere emotions just touched me so much that I wanted to go there myself,” he says. So he started to prepare for his long-awaited trip after he entered university and had more free time.在观看了一部讲述西藏的纪录片之后,他就爱上了这处圣地。他说:“我记得纪录片里人们在布达拉宫前叩首的场景。他们脸上的虔诚触动了我,因此我想自己去那里看看。”上大学后,有了更多的空闲时间,于是他便开始着手准备这次期待已久的旅程。Most thrilling experience兴奋不已Though Yang had been preparing for the Tibet trip for three years – doing exercise, learning hiking and wilderness survival skills, practicing photography and ing travel guides – he still met some unexpected challenges on the way.杨磊光为这次西藏之行筹备了三年时间。期间,他坚持锻炼、学习徒步旅行以及野外生存的技能、练习摄影并阅读旅行指南。但在途中,他还是遇到了一些突发状况。“Since it was my first time in Tibet, I underestimated the cost. I had to use every means to live cheaply and make more money,” he says. In one month’s time, he did several different jobs. He got paid to mark down the names of the people who reserved tickets to enter the Potala Palace; he handed out leaflets; and what he felt most thrilled about was selling souvenirs.他说:“因为这是我第一次进藏,因此低估了此行的费用。我必须开源节流”在一个月的时间里,他打了几份工:记录预定布达拉宫门票的游客的名字、发传单、还有最令他兴奋不已的贩卖纪念品生意。“I learned from one of my fellow backpackers that he was making money from selling souvenirs, so I bought accessories from the open market and sold them in the city center just as he did,” Yang explains. But that work was not risk-free. Like all the other vendors, Yang ran away whenever someone came to tell him to stop selling souvenirs.他解释道:“我从一位驴友那里得知他靠贩卖纪念品挣钱,因此我就效仿他,从自由市场上采购了一些配饰,到市中心去卖。”但是这份工作并非零风险。和其他的小贩一样,一旦被人阻止,他就要仓皇而逃。Most difficult moment艰难时刻For most of the trip, Yang handled situations properly, but there was one moment when he felt embarrassed and devastated.尽管旅行中的大多数状况他都可以应对自如,但是有一次尴尬经历几乎令他崩溃。“That was at Nam Co,” he says. “A girl and I wanted to go back to Lhasa, but we couldn’t get a free ride until 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon when a pickup truck came and agreed to take us”. But there was only one seat available. Yang is a gentleman, so he gave his seat to the girl, but he left all of his stuff on board.他说:“在纳木错时,我和一个女孩想要回拉萨,但没人愿意免费送我们一程。直到下午三四点时,一辆皮卡路过,答应捎上我们。”但车上只有一个空座。杨磊光发扬绅士风度,将座位让给了那个女孩,但同时他也将全部行李都落在了车上。When he realized his mistake, it was aly too late. He couldn’t catch up with the vehicle, and he didn’t have a cell phone to call the police or the girl. He had to walk alone along the road. “I walked for hours on the road, and I even worried about the worst result – that I may die of thirst or freeze to death,” he says. He was lucky enough to eventually catch a bus to Lhasa, where he met the girl again and got his stuff.当他意识到自己的错误时,为时已晚。他追不上那辆车,没有手机,既不能报警也无法联系上那个女孩。他不得不沿着路走下去。他说:“我在路上走了好几个小时,甚至还担心过最坏的结果——被渴死或冻死。”幸运的是,他最终搭上了一辆开往拉萨的大巴,在拉萨他再次见到了那个女孩,拿回了行李。The trip didn’t only bring Yang good memories and friends but also beautiful photos. He used these photos to make postcards and sell them on his campus. “I earned some money from this business, which will fund my next trip,” Yang says.这次旅行给他带来的不仅仅只有美好回忆以及路上结交的好友,还有一张张漂亮的风景照。他将这些照片做成明信片,在校园里出售。他说:“我会用赚到的钱来作为下次旅行的费用。” /201312/267711淮安哪家医院看不孕不育好

淮安淋菌性尿道炎怎样治疗What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at your desk? For many of us, checking email or listening to voice mail is practically automatic. In many ways, these are among the worst ways to start a day. Both activities hijack our focus and put us in a reactive mode, where other people’s priorities take center stage. They are the equivalent of entering a kitchen and looking for a spill to clean or a pot to scrub.当你来到办公桌面前,第一件事做什么?对于我们大多数人来说,看邮件或者听语音信息几乎是自动的。从某些层面来讲,这些大致是开启新的一天最糟糕的方式。这些动作分散我们的注意力,并且把我们扯进一种反动的模式当中,而此时别人采取的优先措施就占据了优势。这就相当于走进一间厨房,找一把勺子或者一个壶来当抹布擦。A better approach is to begin your day with a brief planning session. An intellectual mise-en-place. Bourdain envisions the perfect execution before starting his dish. Here’s the corollary for the enterprising business professional. Ask yourself this question the moment you sit at your desk: The day is over and I am leaving the office with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. What have I achieved?一个更好的方法是以一种有简要计划的方式来开启新的一天。一个脑力劳动者的准备工作。布尔登想象着在他开始烹饪自己的餐点前有一个完美的准备。下面是推广到上进的商务人士。当你坐到办公桌面前的时候,对自己这么说:今天就这么过完了,我带着极大的满足感离开这个办公室。我完成了什么工作?This exercise is usually effective at helping people distinguish between tasks that simply feel urgent from those that are truly important. Use it to determine the activities you want to focus your energy on.这一系列动作旨在帮助人们从简单且不那么重要的任务中抽离出来通常很有效。用这种方法来决定哪些是你想要花精力集中做的事。Then—and this is important—create a plan of attack by breaking down complex tasks into specific actions.然后——当然这个也很重要——制定一个施行计划将任务分解成明确的行动。Productivity guru David Allen recommends starting each item on your list with a verb, which is useful because it makes your intentions concrete. For example, instead of listing “Monday’s presentation,” identify every action item that creating Monday’s presentation will involve. You may end up with: collect sales figures, draft slides, and incorporate images into deck.效率大师大卫#8226;艾伦推荐用一个动词开头来记录每天的的事情,这样很有用,因为它可以让你的计划具体起来。比方说,不写“礼拜一的报告”,而是标明做礼拜一的报告涉及到的每个步骤。最后你可能是这样写的:搜集销售术语,制作幻灯片,把照片放到展板上。Studies show that when it comes to goals, the more specific you are about what you’re trying to achieve, the better your chances of success. Having each step mapped out in advance will also minimize complex thinking later in the day and make procrastination less likely.研究标明,涉及到目标实现时,你越是明确自己试图要达到的目标,就越有机会成功。事先把每一步都想好,还能减少后续复杂的思考,也能缓解拖延。Finally, prioritize your list. When possible, start your day with tasks that require the most mental energy. Research indicates that we have less willpower as the day progresses, which is why it’s best to tackle challenging items – particularly those requiring focus and mental agility – early on.最后,分清主次。如果可能的话,用最耗费脑力的事情来开启一天的工作。研究表明一天当中,随着时间的推移,我们的精力越来越差,这也是为什么最好尽早处理那些有挑战的工作,特别是那些要集中注意力,脑子要转得快的工作。The entire exercise can take you less than 10 minutes. Yet it’s a practice that yields significant dividends throughout your day.整个过程要不到10分钟。然而却是一个让你一天有所建树的的过程。By starting each morning with a mini-planning session, you frontload important decisions to a time when your mind is fresh. You’ll also notice that having a list of concrete action items (rather than a broad list of goals) is especially valuable later in the day, when fatigue sets in and complex thinking is harder to achieve.用一个个小小的计划来为每一天拉开序幕,当你的大脑清醒时,一次性理清重要的事情。你还会注意到有一份明确的行动计划(而不是泛泛的目标清单)后续在一天中,当倦意来袭,复杂的思考难以做到的时候会格外有用。Now, no longer do you have to pause and think through each step. Instead, like a master chef, you can devote your full attention to the execution.现在,再也不用一边做一边停下来想下一步该做什么了。取而代之,像主厨一样,你可以把你的全部注意力都集中到执行上面去。 /201409/329854淮安三院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 Chaps, if you’re ding the prospect of following your better half for hours to trawl the Boxing Day sales, this will be welcome news.亲们,如果你也担心自己的理智不够坚定,不足以让你在数小时的节礼日采购中保持冷静和理智,你也许会喜欢下面的这个消息。For it turns out the most effective shopping sprees are the snappiest ones – with our ability to spot a bargain dropping off significantly after less than half an hour.研究明,在购物狂潮中动作最快的人才是最会买东西的人。——我们讨价还价的能力在不到半小时的时间内就会明显降低。According to experts, the rational part of the brain begins to shut down after just 23 minutes on average when comparing deals.专家研究显示,平均而言,人们大脑中进行数理运算的部分(我们在购物中正是运动这部分大脑)在短短23分钟后就会暂停运转。The speed at which our cognitive abilities switch off was revealed in tests on 400 people who were placed in a #163;3 million 20-tonne medical MRI scanner.为了研究我们大脑感知能力停滞的速度,专家对400名实验参与者进行了研究。这400位实验参与者在一部价值三百万英镑重达20公吨的核磁共振扫描仪上接受了检查。It found the higher brain functions in the pre-frontal cortex initially give us the edge when hunting for bargains.研究发现,在人们购物时,依靠的是前额叶皮层产生的高级脑功能。But relying on it for long periods is tiring, causing us to revert to more primitive parts of the brain, like the insular cortex, which are no good when it comes to judging value for money.但是前额叶皮层长时间工作会产生疲劳,使我们更多的倚靠大脑中构造较为简单的部分,例如岛叶皮层,这样人们揣度商品价值的能力因而降低。The good news for committed shoppers is a so-called ‘soft break’ – a few minutes rest grabbing a coffee, for example - can reinvigorate our senses, although only temporarily.对于那些热衷购物的人来说,好消息是,稍事休息一下——比如花几分钟喝杯咖啡——可以使我们的感官重新振作,虽然这仅是暂时的。 /201401/271640江苏省淮安治疗痔疮多少钱

淮安中山妇科咨询 South Africa#39;s government will distribute coloured and flavoured condoms among students to end ;condom fatigue;, the health minister has said.据英国广播公司(B)4月3日报道,南非卫生部长亚伦·莫特索亚雷迪(Aaron Motsoaledi)日前表示政府将给学生发放具有颜色和香味的避套,以解决“避套疲劳”的问题。Aaron Motsoaledi#39;s comments came after a survey showed that condom usage had fallen in South Africa.此前一项调查显示,避套在南非的使用率正在下降。这可能是因为“普通避套不够酷”,他补充说。The decline in usage may be because ;the standard-issued choice condoms just aren#39;t cool enough;, he added.南非有640万HIV病毒检测呈阳性的携带者,居世界首位。South Africa has some 6.4 million HIV-positive people - more than any other country.南非人文科学研究理事会(HSRC)调查显示,南非HIV病毒携带者的比例已经从2008年的10.6%上升至2012年的12.2%。The survey, by South Africa#39;s Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), showed the rate of people with HIV had risen from 10.6% in 2008 to 12.2% in 2012.该调查报告指出,这不仅是因为有新感染的人群,还因为抗病毒治疗(ART)成功得到广泛应用。This was because of the combined effects of ;new infections and a successfully expanded antiretroviral treatment [ART] programme;, the report said.很多HIV病毒携带者现在能活得更久,是因为他们接受了ART治疗,而前政府曾一度禁止国营诊所使用这种治疗方法。Many of those infected with HIV are living longer because they are being given treatment which a previous government refused to make available in state clinics.据路透社报道,大约200万人正在参与ART项目治疗,但慈善团体也提醒地方诊所正在面临药物短缺问题。Some two million people are now on the ART programme, however charities have warned that local clinics are running short of the drugs, Reuters news agency reports.The latest study shows that condom use had declined, especially in the 15 to 24 age group.最新调查显示,避套在南非的使用率正在降低,尤其在15到24岁的人群中间更是如此。The 2008 survey showed that 85% of males used them and 66% of females, but this had dropped to 67% and 50% respectively in 2012.2008年调查显示,有85%的男性和66%的女性会使用避套,但在2012年这两个数字已分别跌至67%和50%。;The increases in some risky sexual behaviours are disappointing, as this partly accounts for why there are so many new infections still occurring,; said Leickness Simbayi, an investigator on the study.“这表明了危险性行为的比率在上升,很令人失望。这也解释了为什么现在仍不断出现大量新感染的患者。”该研究的调查员莱克尼斯·西姆贝(Leickness Simbayi)说。Some three-quarters of those surveyed said they had a low risk of contracting HIV, even though 10% were aly infected.75%的受访者表示他们感染艾滋病的风险很低,但实际上10%已经被感染。In his response to the report, Mr Motsoaledi said: ;We need to inject enthusiasm into the condom campaign, and we are about to start rolling out new types of free, coloured condoms which are also flavoured.;莫特索亚雷迪对此回应道:“我们需要让人们积极关注避套运动,同时我们正计划免费发放新型色香味避套。”The condoms will be distributed for free at South Africa#39;s universities and colleges, he added.这些避套将在南非各高校免费发放。 /201404/285960淮安中山宫颈糜烂多少钱淮安妇幼保健院治疗内分泌多少钱



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