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Confirm the flight reservation(1)确认预约(1)Hello.this is ed Airlines.您好,这里是联合航空公司Hello.I want confirm my flight.My name is Jesse.你好,我想确认一下我的航班我是杰西When is your flight?您的航班是什么时候的?June lOth.6月号One first class seat on flight YW,is that right?您预订的是YW航班的头等舱,对吗?Yes.Thanks.By the way.what time do I have to start check-in?是的,非常感谢顺便问一下,我应该在什么时候办理登机手续呢?You are supposed to check in at least one hour beehand.您应该提前一个小时办理 367331

Honourable President Hu, fellow people of Hong Kong, ladies and gentlemen,尊敬的胡主席、各位嘉宾、各位亲爱的香港市民:Today, I humbly take office as the fourth-term Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China. During my tenure, I will fulfill the trust placed in me by the Central Government and the people of Hong Kong with policy achievements.今天,我怀着谦卑的心,就任中华人民共和国香港特别行政区行政长官。在我任内,我会以施政成效答谢中央政府和香港市民对我的信任。I will spare no effort to carry out my election platform and lead Hong Kong in ;seeking change while preserving stability;. My goal is to develop the economy, improve peoples livelihood, promote democracy and build a more prosperous, progressive and righteous society.我会全力以赴,实践我的竞选承诺,带领香港“稳中求变”,发展经济,改善民生,推进民主,建立更繁荣、更进步、更公义的社会。Our country has given us staunch support since Hong Kongs return to the motherland. Ample opportunities have emerged. Not only have these guided and spurred our citys development, they have also enabled us to contribute to the reform and opening-up of our nation. We will continue working tirelessly towards the betterment and prosperity of both our country and Hong Kong.回归以来,国家一直大力持香港,庞大的机遇引导和推动着香港的发展;同时让香港为国家的改革开放作出贡献。未来,我们要继续为国家和香港的共同发展、共同繁荣,努力不懈。With the efforts of our entire community, we have successfully implemented the concept of ;One country, two systems; and the principle of ;Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong; with a high degree of autonomy over the past 15 years.回归十五年,香港得以成功落实“一国两制”、“港人治港”,高度自治,实在有赖全社会的努力。I wish to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to my predecessors, the Honourable Tung Chee-hwa and the Honourable Donald Tsang. Their relentless efforts have laid down a solid foundation for the successful implementation of ;One country, two systems; in Hong Kong.在此我衷心感谢两位前任行政长官,董建华先生和曾荫权先生,他们为“一国两制”在香港特别行政区成功落实奠定了坚实的基础。I would also like to thank the Election Committee members and the Hong Kong community, whose participation has brought substantive meaning to this election. I hope that the entire community will render their concerted effort in building the future of Hong Kong.我也要感谢本届行政长官选举委员会委员和全体香港市民,他们的参与,为这场选举带来实质意义,我衷心希望全社会齐心一意,共建香港的未来。Since I declared my decision to stand for election for the Chief Executive, I have made over 100 district visits and reached out to over 10,000 people from different strata and sectors of society.由我参选到当选这大半年间,我进行超过百次区访,亲身接触过一万位以上的不同阶层、不同行业的市民。In the next five years, my team and I will continue to stay in close touch with the people, so as to narrow both the physical and psychological distances between the Government and the community. We will listen carefully to peoples suggestions and ideas. We will respond to their views and needs in a pragmatic manner.从今天开始,未来五年,我和管治团队将走入民众,拉近政府和市民的地理距离和心理距离。我们会虚心聆听大家的建议和意见,切实回应市民的所想所需。来 /201207/188988

Waiting等人Excuse me.sir, may I take your order now?打扰一下,先生您现在点菜吗?Could we order later? We have five persons altogether and of us are still on the way.我们能一会再点吗?我们总共5个人,有个人还在路上OK,sir. Please call me when you are y.好的,先生,当您准备好的时候叫我Yes.thank you.可以,谢谢 09耽误客人入住时你可以确切告诉我何时能入住吗?A: I wonder what has happened to my room. You said it would be y in ten minutes, but Ive waited half an hour. Can you tell me exactly when I can get in?究竟我的房间怎么样了?你说分钟内会准备好,现在已经半个小时了你可以确切告诉我何时能入住吗?B: Im terribly sorry, sir. Because the previous occupant has extended his checkout time so our house maid is sfill making up the room. It will be y in a few minutes. 非常抱歉,先生由于上一位客人延迟退房,所以我们的务员还在整理房间,数分钟后便会弄妥同类问句:Im so tired now. I dont mind it a little bit messy. 我实在很累,不介意房间凌乱一点Sorry keep you waiting, sir. But we insist on providing clean and tidy rooms our guests. I can guarantee it wont take long.抱歉让您久等了,但我们坚持提供整齐清洁的房间给客人我可以保 不会太久I appreciate you insistence but please think about how tired one is after sixteen hoursflight.我很欣赏你的坚持,但请体谅一下坐了个小时飞机的人的疲劳Maybe you could take a seat in the lobby, sir.或许您可在大堂休息一下,先生拒交额外房租我无论如何也不会付这笔额外费用A: That unreasonable! I wont pay the extra charge anyway.这不合理,我无论如何也不会付这笔额外费用B: Then, please wait a moment, sir. Ill get the manager to take care of your case.那么麻烦你稍候,让我找经理来处理这件事同类问句:Wait a minute. Why three and a half day? I have reserved the room three days only.慢着!为什么是3天半?我只预订了3天Im sorry, sir. But because you check out at six oclock, so there is an extra half day charge.对不起,先生,由于您在下午6点退房,所以我们要多收半天房租But no one told me there is an extra charge. Besides, I just stay a little bit longer.但没有人告诉我要付额外房租,况且我只是多待了一会儿Weve tried to contact you, sir, but youre not in your room.我们曾经试着联络您,但您不在房内 18

Asking Ironing请求熨衣Do you have anything to wash?请问有什么要洗的东西吗?Yes.Here you are.有,给你OK.They will be y by 7:00.好的,所有的衣在7点前都可以洗好By the way.please have these suits pressed.请顺便把这些衣熨一下Of course.sir.We will press all the clothes when they are deaned.当然,我们会把所有洗好的衣都熨一下You really do a good job.你们的务确实很棒 365397Change the breakfast更换早餐I would like to have a continental breakfast.我想要份欧式早餐OK.here you are.好的,给您Well, could I have coffee instead of orange juice?嗯,我能把橙汁换成咖啡吗?Of course, you can. Wait a moment.当然可以,请稍等 180第期:Going Through Immigration 入境询问X:How long are you staying?X:你会停留多久呢?Y:Four weeks.Y:个星期X:May I ask what brought you here?X:请问你为什么来这里呢?Y:Im here on business.Y:我是出公差而来的X:What line of business are you in?X:你从事什么行业呢?Y:I import canned food.Y:我进口罐头食物其他出国旅游英语句型:1.May I ask what brought you here?请问你为什么来这里呢?这句话,“May I...”是一种委婉客气的问语,意即“我可以……吗?”,句中的brought是bring的动词过去式,表示“带来”或“使来”之意What brought you here? 什么风把你吹过来?例:Paul:May I ask what brought you here?Peter:To see my girlfriend Lucy.保罗:请问你为什么来这儿呢?彼得:来看我的女友露西. What line of business are you in? What is your occupation? What do you do?你是干哪一行的? 73

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