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081 environment Words (toxic)waste (ari)pollution environment recycling protect acid rain pollutants ecology radiation extinction damage desertification over-fishing rainforest destruction overpopulation ozone layer Unleaded petrol Phrases Create toxic waste Protect the environment Cause climate change Greenhouse effect Global warming Destruction of the rainforest Reduction in air quality Sources of renewable energy Climate change Air quality Use unleaded petrol Cause the extinction of Be environmentally aware Renewable energy Natural habitats Beginner A; is the environment a big issues in your country? It is in mine. B: it is in mine too. The biggest issue is water. The climate is dry and so water conservation is very important. A: what methods do you use to conserve water? B: water is rationed. We can only use a certain amount each month. It means that we cannot use some modern household items, like washing machines. They use too much water. A: I see. I think the biggest environment problem in my country is air pollution. B: yes, I agree. The air here is much more polluted than in my country. Of course, my country is more agricultural and has much less industry. A: we have reduced emission of air pollutants in recent years, but cars are still a major source of them. Factories have become cleaner as stricter environment pollution law have been introduced. B: the problem is now on a truly global scale. I don’t believe that any single country can do anything about it. A: I think you’re right. There needs to be an international response to this problem. Intermediate A: there are so many environment problems in the world today. Do you think we can really solve them all or will destroy the world? B; I hope that world leaders can get together and agree on a plan for action, but I doubt it’ll happen before it’s too late. A; we need to solve the problem of air pollution before we destroy the atmosphere. There’s lots of clean, modern technology, but companies in developed countries say it’s expensive. Developing countries put more emphasis on economic development than on environment protection. B: everyone is looking at the issue in the short term, rather than the long term. It’s the same with the destruction of the rainforests. Countries and companies just want the wood. They’re not thinking about the long-term damage to the forests. We should also remember that the forests are an important natural habitat for thousands of species of animal and plant life. A; in other parts of the world, especially in Africa, there is a problem with desertification. Climate change and over-farming are causing farmland to turn into desert. In means that people cannot grow enough food. B: it also means that people sometimes fight over the farmland that remains. Damaging the environment actually leads to conflict between people. A: have you ever thought about joining an organization committed to protecting the environment? You could get involved with projects to improve the environment. B: I think I’d like to do that. I could take the things I learn here back to my country when I have finished my studies. /200705/13761襄阳第一医院人流套餐枣阳市人民医院有学生套餐Two, debt. In 1994, the debt-to-GDP ratio of African countries was 130 percent, and they didnt have fiscal space.第二件事,债务。在1994年,非洲国家债务对GDP的比例是130%,而且他们没有财政空间。They couldnt use their resources to invest in their development because they were paying debt.他们无法用自己的资源去投资于自己的发展,因为他们都在偿还债务。There may be some of you in this room who worked to support African countries to get debt relief.在这里也许有一部分人为持非洲国家的债务减免努力过。So private creditors, multilaterals and bilaterals came together所以个人债权人、多边与双向债权人走到了一起and decided to do the Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initiative and give debt relief.决定发起“重债穷国倡议”并且给予债务减免。So this debt relief in 2005 made the debt-to-GDP ratio fall down to about 30 percent,因此在2005年,这项债务减免使(非洲国家)的债务/GDP比率下降到了30%,and there was enough resources to try and reinvest.这就有了足够的资源去尝试和再投资。The third thing was loss-making enterprises.第三件事是亏损企业。Governments were involved in business which they had no business being in.政府参与到了他们本无权参与的商业中。And they were running businesses, they were making losses.他们经营着企业,造成了亏损。So some of these enterprises were restructured,所以其中一些企业被重组,commercialized, privatized or closed, and they became less of a burden on government.商业化、私有化或者关闭,于是他们让政府的负担减轻了。The fourth thing was a very interesting thing.第四件事则非常有趣。The telecoms revolution came, and African countries jumped on it.电信革命来了,非洲国家抓住了这个机会。In 2000, we had 11 million phone lines.在2000年,我们已经拥有了1100万根电线。Today, we have about 687 million mobile lines on the continent.到了今天,我们在这片大陆上大概建造了6.87亿电线。And this has enabled us to go, move forward with some mobile technology where Africa is actually leading.这使得我们能够在某些非洲正领先的方面去推进一些移动技术。In Kenya, the development of mobile money -- M-Pesa, which all of you have heard about --在肯尼亚,你们都听说过的移动付--M-Pesa--正风靡全国。it took some time for the world to notice that Africa was ahead in this particular technology.世界花了一点时间才注意到,非洲在这项特殊技术上是领先的。201701/487863In order to convert this opaque, 90,000 hours of into something that we could start to see,为了把这个9万小时的录像变成我们能识辨的东西we use motion analysis to pull out, as we move through space and through time, what we call space-time worms.我们用行动分析来抽取我们在时空的移动,我们称之为时空虫。And this has become part of our toolkit for being able to look and see where the activities are in the data,这个成为了我们工具的一部分,用来观察和辨识数据中的各种活动and with it, trace the pattern of, in particular, where my son moved throughout the home,再利用这个办法去追踪模型,特别是我儿子在家去过哪些地方so that we could focus our transcription efforts, all of the speech environment around my son使得我们能够聚焦解读我儿子学习语言的语境all of the words that he heard from myself, my wife, our nanny, and over time, the words he began to produce.他从我,我妻子和保姆那里听到的所有词汇,渐渐的,他开始使用的词汇So with that technology and that data and the ability to, with machine assistance, transcribe speech,因此通过技术和数据,在机器的协助下录制下对话weve now transcribed well over seven million words of our home transcripts.我们现在已经完成了超过7万字的家庭言谈的记录And with that, let me take you now for a first tour into the data.现在,让我带你们进入这些数据的第一个旅行So youve all, Im sure, seen time-lapse s where a flower will blossom as you accelerate time.我相信,你们大家都看过时间推移的影片,加快时间的推移你可以看见花朵盛开Id like you to now experience the blossoming of a speech form.现在我让你们看看语言的花朵是怎样绽放的My son, soon after his first birthday, would say ;gaga; to mean water.我的儿子,在他的第一个生日后,会说“gaga”来指水And over the course of the next half-year, he slowly learned to approximate the proper adult form, ;water.;在这之后的半年里,他渐渐地学会了成年人说的正确的“水”So were going to cruise through half a year in about 40 seconds.我们现在来用40秒时间快速浏览这半年No here, so you can focus on the sound, the acoustics, of a new kind of trajectory: gaga to water.没有影像,所以你们可以专注听声音,声学上的,这种新的轨迹变化,从“Gaga;到;Water;。201705/507437保康县人民医院是公立医院还是私立医院

老河口人民医院是私立的还是公立的襄阳做无痛人流哪家医院最专业听讲美国口语 /200607/8047We communicate differently, extroverts and introverts.外向者和内向者的交流方式有所不同。Extroverts, when they interact, want to have lots of social encounter punctuated by closeness.外向者在与人互动时喜欢肢体接触,喜欢亲近对方。Theyd like to stand close for comfortable communication.他们喜欢靠近对方近距离交流。They like to have a lot of eye contact, or mutual gaze.他们喜欢眼神接触,甚至相互凝视。We found in some research that they use more diminutive terms when they meet somebody.有研究表明,外向者更喜欢使用昵称。So when an extrovert meets a Charles,比如当一个外向者遇见一个叫查尔斯的人,it rapidly becomes ;Charlie,; and then ;Chuck,; and then ;Chuckles Baby.;很快就会开始叫他“查理”,然后变成“查克”,然后变成“小查查”。Whereas for introverts, it remains ;Charles,; until hes given a pass to be more intimate by the person hes talking to.而内向者呢,会一直叫他“查理”,直到对方认为他俩的关系已经足够亲密。We speak differently. Extroverts prefer black-and-white, concrete, simple language.外向者和内向者的说话方式也不同。外向者喜欢确定、 具体、简洁的语言。Introverts prefer -- and I must again tell you that I am as extreme an introvert as you could possibly imagine -- we speak differently.而内向者喜欢——我必须再次提醒大家,我是一个十足的内向者——我们说话方式很不一样。We prefer contextually complex, contingent, weasel-word sentences我们内向者更喜欢说一些复杂难懂,模棱两可,云山雾罩的话More or less. As it were. Not to put too fine a point upon it -- like that.或多或少吧。基本是这样。不把话说死——就像刚才那样。When we talk, we sometimes talk past each other.我们在说话的时候,经常会打太极,推来推去。201608/462602襄州妇幼保健院中医院有无痛人流术吗襄阳治疗男科的医院

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