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21 activists were arrested on Saturday for blocking freight trains in Washington that transport oil and coal in the Northwest. 周六,华盛顿的21名活动分子因阻碍货运火车在西北地区运输石油和煤炭而被捕。The Fossil Fuel Resistance Network blocked the tracks for about three hours before police arrested 21 people who refused to leave. 化石燃料阻碍网络封锁轨道约3个小时,直至警方逮捕21名拒绝离开者。This was the group#39;s first protest. 这是该组织的第一次抗议。About 100 demonstrators participated in the event altogether, some holding signs that said, ;I stand against oil trains.; 大约100名示威者参加了这一事件,一些人拿着标语说:“我抵抗石油列车。”Five freight trains were delayed due to the protest, but they were able to move eventually.由于抗议,五列货运火车晚点了,但最终恢复了运行。译文属。 /201606/450163。

洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 59I want to buy a slipper ticket to...When does the next train leave for...?How much does a return ticket cost?Will dinner be served on this train?Is smoking allowed on the train?Are the bathroom on this bus clean?How many stops will the train make on the way?Where is the tiket corner?Excuse me. I cannot seem to find my seat, can you help me?Where do I bought my bus? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20593。

吴大维洋腔洋调英语口语视频第一册第12集,rock石头,有大有小,在英语中它们都有各自的说法,它们分别是什么呢?还有rock的其他用法,一起来学习下吧。 rock相关词汇和短语:1. pebble 石子2. stone 石头,石板3. rock 石头4. boulder 岩石5. get rocked 受到创击或创伤eg. I got rocked yesterday.6. rock and roll 摇滚eg. Let#39;s get out of here. Let#39;s rock and roll.7. stuck between a rock and a hard place 左右为难8. on the rocks (饮料)加冰块,濒临破裂的eg. How would you like your whisky? On the rocks.9. rock bottom 最低点,最低限度eg. Excuse me, can you give me that shirt for a cheaper price?Sorry, that#39;s rock bottom price.10. rocks in your head 没脑筋的人eg. Hey! Do you have rocks in your head?相关专题推荐:色拉英语乐园视频新英语900句视频从零开始学口语 /200809/49534。

新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson42:Sweet Memories美好的回忆616. Do you remember how the flowers used to smell on our farm? 你还记得我们农场里的花的香味吗?617. You were wearing the blue dress on our first date. 我们第一次约会的时候,你穿的是蓝色衣。618. I loved to sit under that oakv tree as a child. 我喜欢像个小孩子那样坐在那棵橡树下。619. Some of my best memories are from college. 大学生活给我留下了一些最美好的回忆。620. These pictures bring back some great memories. 这些照片带给我一些美好的回忆。621. Fresh grass always reminds me of childhood summers. 清新的鲜草总是让我想起孩童时的夏季。622. I love New York in the summer. 我喜欢夏天的纽约。623. I can’t forget the way her hair smelled. 我不能忘记她头发的味道。624. That reminds me of my first dog. 那使我想起了我的第一条。625. I still like thinking about my first girlfriend. 我还是喜欢回想起我的第一个女朋友。626. Pictures are nice, but I don’t need any remindersw for such a milestone in our lives. 照片很美,但我不需要任何东西来帮助我回忆起这样一件在我们生命中占据重要地位的事情。627. There have been many other moments since we’re become parents that I will remember just as much. 我们做了父母后也还有很多美好的时刻,而我也一样会记住的。628. It’s a very significantx moment in your life. 这是你生命中非常重要的时刻。629. He reminds me of my first dog. 它让我想起了我的第一条。630. One of the best memories I have of him was when I first got him. 我记忆中最美的时刻是我刚得到他的时候。【生词解读】1. memory [5memEri] n. 回忆,记忆2. oak [Euk] n. 橡树 3. reminder [ri5maindE] n. 提醒者,提醒物,令人回忆的东西4. significant [si^5nifikEnt] a. 重要的,重大的;值得注意的 /200812/19265。

栏目简介:103 museums across the city were packed with visitors today, as they dropped admission fees to mark International Museum Day. The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum will permanently cut ticket prices from 50 yuan to 20 yuan tomorrow, but that could make it difficult to balance the books. Reporter Wu Yina explains. Article/201704/499894。

Part 2(食) 6:单句-在酒吧英语口语900句文本下载 /200708/16856。

;Twenty years ago, I started to making gelato, because gelato is something make you feel happy.;“20年前,我开始制作冰淇淋。因为它能让人感到快乐。”Gianluigi Dellaccio came to America with a sweet tooth, a scooter and a dream.带着自己对甜食的喜爱,一台踏板车还有一个梦想,吉安路易吉·德拉西奥只身来到了美国。When I was 6 years old, I had this accident, and the accident, it put me in a position that I had to go swim to help my scoliosis.“6岁的时候,我遭遇了一场事故。正是因为这起事故,我不得不去游泳,从而改善自己脊柱侧弯的情况。;A water polo coach noticed him and a little more than a decade later he scored this,当时一个水球教练注意到了他,十多年后,他取得了这样的成绩,game-winning goal in a junior national championship on his way to join the Italy#39;s national team.在国家青少年锦标赛上打出了致胜一球,并顺利加入了意大利国家队。All the strength, all the dedication that I put in the sport I choose to invest it in my own life.“我决定曾在这项运动上付出了多少努力和汗水,如今就要投入多少到自己的生活中去。”The investment put Dellaccio in Germany, learning the gelato business from family there.为了全心投入自己的人生,他去了德国,从家人那里学习打理冰激凌生意。He mastered his craft in Milan where he touched gelato making at a youth jail.在米兰的一个少年监狱中,他接触到了冰激凌制作,并习得了一手好手艺。It was his first chance to use the type of authentic, gelato-making equipment that would shape his future.那是他第一次使用真正的冰激凌制作机器,为他日后的道路打下了基础。My dream was always to open a gelato shop here, in the ed States, and I started in 2006 Dolci Gelati.“我一直以来的梦想就是在美国开一家冰激凌店。终于,2006年我拥有了Dolci Gelati。”But the road to Dolci wasn#39;t easy.但这条路其实并不容易。It took Dellaccio 6 years to get a green card so he could legally work in the US.德拉西奥用了6年的时间才获得了绿卡,这之后才能在美国合法工作。And the American Dream wasn#39;t exactly what he expected.而美国梦也并不完全是他所期望的样子。It was very tough, because sometimes, you know, you have those days that you feel lonely and sad — homesick.“这一路走来真的挺难的,因为有时候,总有那么一些日子,你会觉得很孤单,很难过——特别想家。Those days helped me to build my strength.;这些想家的日子让我变得更加努力。”Until he went to what he knew: Selling gelato from the back of an iconic Italian scooter.直到有一天,他从自己了解的东西开始做起:在一辆标志性的意大利踏板车后面推销冰激凌。;I had a cooler in the back of the Vespa with samples going to restaurants, to different restaurants to let the chef try the product.;“我在黄蜂踏板车后面放了一个装着样品的冷藏箱,然后跑去各种餐馆里面,请厨师尝一尝我的产品。”His direct marketing worked, a decade later, Gianluigi has two stores in the Washington area.终于,他的直销手段生效了。十年之后,吉安路易吉在华盛顿地区开了两家门店。He buys local when he directly employes 18 people and countless others along the supply chain.店里所需材料都是在本地购买,同时他还直接聘用了18名当地人,在供应链上也请了许多其他工人。He serves some big names, he even has a stand at Major League Baseball Park.他还为一些知名人士提供过产品。甚至在美国职业棒球大联盟公园也开设了一家门店。Once you reach a goal, you need to put another target to keep going, because if you reach one goal then you settle,“一旦你达成一个目标,就需要树立下一个来保持前进的步伐,因为如果实现一个目标之后就安于现状,that#39;s the day that you go down,;那么止步之日便是你堕落之时。”Dellaccio was a recent finalist in Chicago at the Gelato World Tour.德拉西奥最近刚刚入围意式手工冰激凌世界巡回赛的决赛。He will compete for the World#39;s Best Gelato in September 2017.2017年9月,他将为争夺“世界上最好吃的冰激凌”而战。It#39;s all part of a sweet dream -turned-reality through years of work, lots of smiles and a little scooter.经过多年的努力工作,Dellacci骑着自己的小踏板车,满脸笑意地将梦想迎进现实,而我的讲述也只是他追梦路上的一部分。Arash Arabasadi, VOA news, Washington.VOA新闻,阿拉什·阿拉巴萨第于华盛顿为您播报。 Article/201706/515550。