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襄阳市治疗生殖器疱疹医院襄阳天和医院妇科挂号I am in the infantry with a segregate,second infantry division.Ive been fort Lewis我曾在路易斯要塞的步兵营 第二步兵师Im a vehicle commander on a Shrike,and I konw a lot of people dont understand whats that我是一辆百舌鸟战车车长 大家可能不清楚Thats basically a big tank with rubber wheels most people explain,Im just the commander of the vehicle,I command where it goes and what it does就是一种有胶轮的大型坦克 我就是一辆战车的车长 可以决定战车的进退攻守At the first injury,you had seems like such a freak accident,can you talk about what happened你上次负伤 好像是一件很可怕的事故 能给我们讲讲发生了什么吗Yeah.Last deployment I was in Afghanistan,I was getting y for a mission好的 上次我在阿富汗部署 准备执行一项任务We were upon top of our shriker,a bullet had been left around from shooting prior当时我们在战车的顶上 一个左边前锋队员打出的炮弹That had not gone off.A live round basically exploded on top of the vehicle却没有避开 一个炮弹在战车的上方爆炸了and it cut through my hand and took off my index finger on my right hand,wow然后刚好打中我的右手 弹片把我的食指打掉了 哇Ive regained all my strength in my hand,they said Id only get 50 percent strength现在右手的握力已经像以前一样 虽然医生曾说只能恢复一半But I can use my hand fully to the ability,Iam able to use it now.Amazing,amazing.但我现在想用右手做什么都可以 已经完全好了 太惊人了And we cut the letter down a tiny bit actually,but in the letter you told us what youre doing because youre struggling to pay bills刚刚读信的时候 其实有所删减 信中还写道 你们做的许多为了付各种费用的事情And tell us,tell them.I know what youre doing,to pay bills和大家聊聊 你们是怎样应付生活开销的Well,we got kind of creative,we put together things we didnt need anymore and things we could live without and we put them on我们想了个点子 把不再需要的东西 生活必需品以外的东西整理出来卖Like what?what are you selling on.We sold some baby stuff,some appliances,some furniture,what appliances were you using举个例子 都卖什么 一些婴儿用具啊 家用电器 家具 用什么电器啊Like coffee pot and stuff like that you know you dont need你不需要的那些咖啡壶之类的东西I found some unloader parts set I have done my car before I bump my truck我还找到了一些以前为我自己的卡车做的减震的装备You are selling stuff like that,just a little things you know.all right.你们就卖这些 差不多的小东西 好的 /201609/464625枣阳市第二人民医院白带异常怎么样 樊城区妇幼保健中医院男科医生怎么样

襄樊包皮手术一共要多少钱Yemenis and Saudis也门人和沙特人之间Love across the line跨越边界的爱恋The geopolitics of illicit love地缘政治间的非法恋爱FOR daysYemenhas been abuzz with talk of Huda and Arafat. Huda al-Niran, a 22-year-old Saudi woman, fell in love with Arafat Muhammad, a Yemeni, while he was working inSaudi Arabia. In October the couple fled toYemenafter her parents refused to let them marry, but Ms Niran was arrested for entering the country illegally. She seemed set for a quick trial and deportation. Then their love story became a cause célèbre for young Yemenis, who view it as a version of Romeo and Juliet in the south-west of theArabian peninsula. On November 26th Ms Niran was freed into the custody of the UN for a period of three months, allowing her to seek refugee status.近几天以来,也门一直在谈论胡达和阿拉法特之间的故事。胡达是一名22岁的沙特女子,她与一名曾在沙特阿拉伯工作的也门男子阿拉法特·穆罕默德相爱了。在其父母不同意他们的结婚请求后,他们十月逃往了也门。但是胡达却因非法入境被捕了。她似乎面临着快速审判和驱逐出境。他们的爱情故事也将在也门的年轻人中产生轰动,他们认为他俩的爱情就像阿拉伯半岛西南部版的罗密欧与朱丽叶。11月26日,胡达被转交给联合国监护,以寻求难民身份,时间长达三个月。Yemenis have been gripped by the saga for several reasons. The countrys deep-rooted conservative traditions are slowly changing. Young middle-class men and women have grown increasingly willing to challenge their families expectations, with many now bidding to choose their own spouse rather than submit to an arranged marriage. But more often than not, unlike Mr Muhammad and Ms Niran, they end up putting their adolescent relationships aside and fulfilling their parents wishes.因为多种原因,也门人一直被这个传奇笼罩着。该国根深蒂固的保守传统正在渐渐改变。年轻的中产阶层男人和女人越来越渴望挑战他们家庭的期望,他们中许多人正自由选择自己的配偶,而非从包办婚姻。但往往不会像默罕默德和胡达一样,放弃他们的青春爱情而从父母的意愿。Yemeni interest in the star-crossed lovers touches on geopolitics, too. The case has presented an opportunity for Yemenis to score a point against the Saudis, who want the Yemeni authorities to return Ms Niran. Many Yemenis resent their richer and more powerful neighbours interference in their countrys affairs. Moreover, the kingdom recently deported tens of thousands of Yemeni workers after deciding to cut down on foreign labour.也门人对跨越界限又触犯地缘政治的恋人也很感兴趣。这个案件有机会让也门人胜了沙特人一分,沙特想要也门当局送回胡达。许多也门人憎恨比他们富强的邻国干涉他们国家事务的行为。与此同时,沙特王国最近宣称为了削减外来劳务,遣返了成千上万的也门工人。Many of the Yemeni campaigners who spearheaded the protests that led to the ousting of President Ali Abdullah Saleh two years ago have enthusiastically taken up the cause of Ms Niran and Mr Muhammad, organising street protests to press the government to drop the charges against Ms Niran and grant her refugee status. They describe their temporary shift in focus from agitating for political change as ensuring the “victory of love”.两年前,许多也门竞选者带头反对导致了总统萨利赫的下台,他们热情地接手了胡达和默罕默德案件,组织了街道游行抗议,迫使政府撤销了对胡达的控告,并承认其难民身份。他们认为暂时转移鼓动政变的重心是为了确保“真爱的胜利”。Some Yemenis whisper that public opinion might have been different if the nationalities had been reversed. “Lets face it,” says a young Yemeni. “If Huda were a Yemeni who ran across the Saudi border with her Saudi boyfriend, wed be cursing the Saudis and demanding that they send her back.”一些也门人私下说,如果两恋人的国籍调换过来,公众的意见可能有所不同。一位年轻的也门人说道:“我们一起来期待吧,如果胡达是一名也门姑娘,与她的沙特男友逃到沙特,我们会诅咒沙特人,要求把她送回来。”译者:彭瑶 译文属译生译世 /201507/386475襄樊第一人民医院治疗早孕多少钱 襄阳第四人民医院治疗不孕不育多少钱

老河口市第二医院私人医院Were back,heres Sir patrick Stewart.You have embraced social media,我们回来了 这是帕特里克·斯图尔特爵士 你接受了社交媒体and you have a great sense of humor about it,and seem to enjoy sending out tweet pics and we have on here,而且你在网上很幽默 你似乎很喜欢发推特照片 我们这里有一张For example,great way to announce your marriage.I love that picture.比如 这是宣布婚事的好办法 我喜欢这张照片Are you in a Chucky cheese by any chance.Never been in a Chuck cheese,no.你是在查克芝士儿童餐厅吗 我从没去过查克芝士 没有We are in a friends ball pit.What are you.Seriously,please,sir Patrick.我们在朋友的球坑里 你会 我是说真的 别调皮了 帕特里克爵士For a friend who has everything,you give them a ball pit.如果你的朋友什么都有 就给他一个球坑Ok,some kind of crazy slang.here you are,You claim youre eating your fist slice of pizza,好的 真是古怪的俚语 你宣传这是你吃的第一块披萨That cant be true.You had pizza before this.Oh,yes.There was a big misunderstanding about this.这不可能是真的 你以前吃过披萨的 是的 人们对此有很大的误解Of course I had pizza,but that was my first slice.I had never gone into a pizza restaurant before and asked for a slice.我当然吃过披萨 但是这是我的第一块 我从没去过披萨店点过一块披萨I didnt know such a thing existed.And by the way.How do you mean you dont know a slice existed.我都不知道存在着一块披萨 顺便说句 你说你不知道存在着一块披萨是什么意思You order a pizza,you get it this size or this size and you eat most of it.你点一份披萨 有这么大或这么大的 然后你会吃掉大部分First of all,this is how you and I differ.Oh really?I eat all of it and get another one.首先 这就是我们的不同 真的吗 我全吃完 然后再点一份But you,you,didnt it come presliced,how are you eating this pizza,dont tell me youre using a knife and fork all these years?但是你的不是事先切好的吗 不然你怎么吃披萨啊 别告诉我你这么多年一直在用刀叉吃Well yeah,this is embarrassing and it certainly enrages my wife是的 这很尴尬 而且让我的妻子很生气Because I do eat pizza with a knife and fork and I know that is a social abhorrence in the ed States.Im going very angry right now.因为我的确用刀叉吃披萨 而且我知道在美国 人们深恶痛绝这种事 观众现在变得很生气了201609/467260 Well, as if we needed one more reason to get our environmental act together, arecent U.N. report warns that the number and size of dead zones in the ocean isincreasing.如果我们需要一个理由一起进行环保行动,那么这个理由就是联合国最近的发布的一个报告警告说海洋死区的数量在不断增多,面积在不断增大。Dead zones are regions of oxygen-deprived water, where nothing can live.海洋死区是指海水中的氧气被消耗减少,以致没有东西能够生存。Theyrecaused by an excess of nutrients-usually nitrogen-released into the water.它们是由排入水中的过剩的营养物质引起的-这种物质常常是氮。When sewage, farm fertilizers, and emissions from vehicles and factories get washedinto the ocean, you get what experts call a “nitrogen cascade”.当污水,农田肥料,以及车辆和工厂的排放物被冲刷入海中时,就形成了专家所谓的“氮容器”。Tiny free-floating organisms known as plankton feed on all that untreated nitrogen, and multiply to such an extent that they deplete the oxygen supply inthe water.像浮游生物这些自由浮动的微小生物就是以未经处理的氮为食。它们繁殖到了如此的程度,以致于耗尽了水中供应的氧气。While fish may be able to swim away and avoid suffocation, slower-moving and bottom-dwelling creatures like lobsters, clams, and oysters often cant.尽管鱼可以游走避免窒息,但是那些缓慢移动和底栖的生物,列如:龙虾,蛤蚌,和牡蛎却不行。Also, the ocean might be a large place, but right now there are 146known dead zones, some of which span tens of thousands of square miles.或许海洋是一个广阔的地方,但是目前已知的海洋死区已有146个,其中一些跨度数万平方英里。One ofthe worst is where the Mississippi River drains into the Gulf of Mexico, anddumps fertilizer runoff from the Midwest.最严重的地方之一是密西西比河流入墨西哥湾的地方,这里倾倒着从中西部流失过来的肥料。Oh,no.Is there anything we can do?噢,不。有没有什么我们可以做的呢?We can reduce nitrogen emissions from cars andfactories, and implement better sewage treatment.我们可以减少汽车和工厂氮的排放量,并且实施更好的污水治理方法,We can plant new forest andgrasslands to soak up extra nitrogen and keep it out of the water.种植新的森林和草地来吸收多余的氮,并使氮远离水源。And we candevelop alternative energy sources that arent based on burning fossil fuels.我们还可以开发不以化石燃料燃烧为基础的替代能源。 201412/347903枣阳妇幼保健人民中心医院治疗尿道炎多少钱襄阳保康县妇幼保健院中医院男科电话



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