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呼和浩特无疼流产武川县治疗阳痿哪家医院最好的Blueberry, corn, lemon poppy seed!蓝莓,玉米,柠檬罂粟籽!Muffins come in severalscrumptious varieties and are simple to make, but there are pitfalls to avoid.松饼美味且形式多样,易于制作,但是仍需避免一些小误区。What makes the difference between a lofty, delicate muffin and a flat, rubbery lump?那么,松软美味的松饼与扁平坚硬的松饼有什么区别呢?The secret to muffin making is not to stir the batter too much. Why?松饼制作的秘密是不要过度搅动调和好的面糊。为什么呢?Once flour is mixed with wet ingredients, strands of gluten protein in the flour stretch out and linkup with other protein molecules.当面粉与含水分的成分调和时,面粉里的面筋蛋白开始伸展并与其他蛋白分子发生作用衔接起来。The more you mix, the stronger this gluten matrix becomes.你越是搅拌,面筋结合得越紧。Fora dense, chewy bagel, a strong matrix is just right. But with muffins, the texture should be moredelicate.对于有嚼头的硬面包,强劲结合的面筋没什么问题。但是对于松饼来说,质地应该精细一些。Muffin recipes are designed to create a delicate gluten matrix by minimizing stirring time.松饼的秘方是减少搅拌时间,让面筋蛋白结合得更加精细。The firststep is to mix the dry ingredients in one bowl, and the wet in another.第一步是将干燥的成分放入一个碗内,将含水分的成分置于另一个碗内。This two-bowl procedure isnt intended to turn your kitchen upside down, but to decrease stirringtime after you combine wet and dry.分碗放置配料并非要将你的厨房搞得乱七八糟,而是为减少干料与湿料混合后的搅拌时间。Muffin recipes also say to stir the batter just until combined,leaving some lumps.松饼秘方也提到,将面糊搅拌至刚刚好,留一些疙瘩在里面。Want to see what happens with gluten in overmixed muffin batter?你想知道松饼糊搅拌过度的后果吗?Next time you make muffins,sacrifice one to science!下次当你做松饼的时候,为科学牺牲一次!Fill all but one section of the muffin tin, then stir the last bit of batterseveral minutes more.将一个松饼罐灌满,然后将剩下的糊糊多搅拌几分钟。Strands of gluten will stretch out and link up, making the batter look stringy.一股股的面筋会伸展开来并丝丝相连,让面糊看起来呈丝状。During baking, the rubbery, experimental muffin wont rise like the others.在烘烤的过程中,橡胶块般的实验松饼不会像其他松饼一样蓬松起来。Air bubbles have tofight through that tough gluten matrix, leaving long tunnels instead of little holes.水气泡很难通过牢固的面筋网,同时留下长孔而非通常情况下的小洞。Now you knowthe muffin makers secret–be gentle with gluten!现在你明白松饼制作者的秘密了吧-对面筋温柔点! /201310/260675呼和浩特妇科门诊 Business商业报道Soft drinks in Mexico墨西哥软饮料Fizzing with rage嘶嘶愤怒A once-omnipotent industry fights what may be a losing battle一个曾经无所不能的行业的一场必败之仗LA MANSION steakhouse inside Mexicos lower house of Congress has become the headquarters of a lobbying effort the likes of which congressmen say they have never seen before.墨西哥国会下议院LA大厦内的牛排餐厅已成为游说广场,国会议员们说他们以前从未见过。There is so much wining and dining that one lawmaker, proposing a bill on October 15th to regulate the lobbyists, claimed he was talking to a half-empty floor because his colleagues were too busy being schmoozed at La Mansion.这里有这么多的美酒和美食,一个国会议员于10月15日提出了一项法案以规范游说,因为他的同事们忙于在La大厦闲聊,他抱怨说自己在对地板说话。The lobbyists work mainly for soft-drinks companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and their respective Mexican bottlers Femsa and Cultiba.这些游说者主要为软饮料公司,如可口可乐、百事公司和他们在墨西哥的饮料瓶公司Femsa和Cultiba工作。Their focus is a proposal currently under debate in Congress to slap an excise tax of one peso on to the price of a litre of fizzy drinks.他们关注的焦点是一个建议,目前国会正在辩论的一升碳酸饮料征收一比索的消费税。Though the industry has faced down consumer activists in the past in Coca-Colas biggest market by volume outside the ed States, this initiative comes directly from President Enrique Pea Nieto.虽然行业之前说了消费者活动家,这里是可口可乐在美国以外最大的销售市场,这一举措直接来自总统恩里克·佩尼亚·涅托。The lobbyists may have blundered in their attempt to kill it.游说者在试图扼杀此税的努力中做错了。The governments argument is simple.政府的理由很简单。Mexicans consume too many fizzy drinks.墨西哥人消耗太多的碳酸饮料。The habit has helped make the country one of the most obese in the world, and obesity is a killer:这个习惯使墨西哥成为世界上最肥胖的国家之一,而肥胖是一个杀手:Mexicos mortality rates from diabetes are staggeringly high. The government proposed the sin tax to discourage soft-drinks consumption.墨西哥的糖尿病死亡率高得惊人。政府提出了罪恶税以阻止软饮料消费。The industrys reaction has been apoplectic.业界的反应是愤怒。In full-page ads in national newspapers it has argued that the tax is regressive and satanises soft drinks, which it claims do not cause obesity.在全国性报纸的整版广告认为这项税收是退步的和丑化不会引起肥胖软饮料。With a hint of xenophobia, the lobbyists call it the Bloomberg tax, because New Yorks mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has also sought to tax fizzy drinks.伴随着一个仇外心理暗示,游说者称它为彭税,因为纽约市长迈克尔·布隆伯格也设法对碳酸饮料征税。Bethany Gomez of Euromonitor International, a consultancy, says the industry is right to be worried.欧睿国际的伯大尼·戈麦斯说业内人士的担心不无道理。More than half the fizzy drinks sold in Mexico are in bottles of two litres or more, which is where the extra pesos would be most noticeable.超过一半的在墨西哥销售的碳酸饮料每瓶在两升以上,多征收的比索将是很明显的。A switch to smaller sizes would hit volumes.变成小包装会打击销售量。What is more, the tax may set a precedent.更重要的是税收可能会开创一个先例。Coca-Cola seems to be worried that whatever happens here could sp to the rest of Latin America, says Javier Trevio, a ruling-party lawmaker.可口可乐似乎担心,无论在这里发生什么事都可能会蔓延到拉丁美洲的其余地方,执政党国会议员哈维尔·特雷维尼奥说。The lobbyists have made some missteps, congressmen say.国会议员说游说者已经有一些失误。They have created enemies in other industries by proposing that the tax be charged on sugar content, not just on soft drinks.他们因建议根据软饮料含糖量征税创造了在其他行业的敌人。That angers companies like Nestle, which makes sugary snacks, as well as Mexicos politically connected sugar-cane producers.这激怒了生产含糖食品的雀巢公司以及墨西哥与政治势力有关系的甘蔗生产者。They have also been too overt in their lobbying, in a political system that is used to more subtle forms of collusion between lawmakers and business.他们在游说时表现的太明显,尤其是在国会议员和商业的关系很微妙的一个政治制度时。One of Femsas main lobbyists, a former ruling-party bigwig, is said to have had a blazing row with the current head of the party in the lower house, who resented being bossed around.可口可乐的主要游说者之一,前执政党要人,与现任执政党下议院的头头进行了激烈的争吵,而此人讨厌被别人颐指气使。So the soft-drinks lobbyists tactics may have backfired.所以软饮料游说者的策略可能会适得其反。As The Economist went to press there was still no final agreement on the soft-drinks tax—but congressmen appeared y to approve the one-peso levy—as well as extending another tax to junk food.如经济学家所说现在对软饮料税仍然没有达成最终协议,但国会似乎准备批准比索征收以及另一个垃圾食品税。 /201310/261924鄂尔多斯无痛人流手术哪家医院最好的

呼和浩特妇幼保健医院人工流产多少钱Books and Arts; Book Review; New fiction from Japan;文艺;书评;来自日本的新小说;Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side;嗨,去野外散个步吧;A black cat, two moons and a host of nocturnal little people populate Haruki Murakamis new novel. But has he become more conventional?在村上春树的新书里,他将一只黑猫、两轮月亮以及一群夜晚小小人拟人化。但他是否变得更保守点了呢?Haruki Murakami filches from George Orwells “Nineteen Eighty-Four” for the title of his new novel, “1Q84”, making a play on kyu, the Japanese word for nine, by transposing the letter “Q” for the number “9”. Significantly, the action also takes place over the last nine months of 1984. But it would be a mistake to conclude from this that Japans magical postmodernist has spent nearly 1,000 pages writing about a dystopian world where couples make love in an ash glade, hardly daring to speak because of the all-listening microphones in the trees. Mr Murakamis main influence here is not so much Orwell as Philip Pullman; his “1Q84” less a stairway to another world than a heave-ho into a whole new universe.村上春树的新书《1Q84》书名的灵感来自于对乔治·奥威尔( George Orwell)《1984》一书的借鉴(他把“9”改成了“Q;,而在日语里,“9”的发音与Q谐音)。此外,值得注意的是,书里故事发生的时间也是1984年最后的9个月。因此,如果错误地认为这位日本后现代魔幻大师花了近1000页的笔墨,只为描写一个情侣在野外做爱,并由于树上装有所有人都能听到的窃听器而不敢发出丝毫声音的反乌托邦世界,这就错了。但是村上春树在这里的主要影响并不像奥威尔或是菲利普·普尔曼(Philip Pullman)一样,他的《1Q84》一书与其说是通往另一个世界的阶梯,还不如说是完全逃向一个全新的世界。Sitting in a taxi on the gridlocked elevated Metropolitan Expressway in Tokyo, Aomame, the skinny heroine with asymmetric breasts (her name means “green peas”), is catapulted into action when she hears Janaceks “Sinfonietta” on the radio. Her cabbie tells her she can beat the traffic by hopping out of the car and down an emergency staircase at the next exit. He warns her that things will not be the same. But it is only when Aomame notices that the policemen have swapped their holstered revolvers for bulky semi-automatic weapons that she realises she has entered a parallel universe.当身材纤瘦、两个乳房不对称的女主角青豆(Aomame,其意为“绿色的豆子”)坐在一辆出租车里,在堵得水泄不通的东京高速公路上蹒跚前行时,车里广播放着亚纳切克(Aomame)的小交响曲,此时此刻,故事开始了。出租车司机告诉青豆说她可以通过走一条附近出口的紧急通道来绕开堵车,不过,他警告说如果她这么做了,事情将会不一样了。但当青豆注意到警察们的左轮手变成了笨重半自动手时,才意识到自己进入了一个平行宇宙。This gripping beginning ensures the er falls for Aomame, forcing Mr Murakami to work extra hard on her counterpart, Tengo, who appears in alternate chapters in the book. Tengo is an unpublished novelist who keeps to himself, working as a private maths tutor in a prep school. His father was a debt-collector who rounded up licence fees for the NHK television network, dragging his son along with him on Sundays as he called on households door-to-door. Tengos beloved mother died when he was very young, and the boys earliest memory is of hearing his mother having her breasts sucked by a man who was not his father. Tengos flat-pack character fills out as the book evolves, in particular in a long passage when he visits his aged father in his nursing home and tries to talk to him about the past.这一引人入胜的开头保了读者会为青豆而倾倒,这迫使村上春树得花更大的力气去塑造他的另一个人物——天吾(Tengo),在书里,天吾的故事与青豆的故事平行进行。天吾在一所补习学校里担任数学老师,他是个孤僻的业余写手,但他的小说从没发表过。天吾的父亲是NHK公司负责上门收费的收款员,周日的时候会拉着儿子跟他一起到各家各户去收电视有线费。天吾挚爱的母亲在他很小的时候就去世了,而他最早的回忆则是听着一个不是他父亲的男人在吮吸他母亲的乳房。随着小说情节的进展,天吾原本单薄的形象逐渐丰满起来,其中有一大段他的形象特别突出,这一段描写了他去养老院探望年老的父亲,并试图与父亲谈论过去。Tengos life changes when a friend, a grumpy editor named Komatsu, persuades him to clean up a raw manuscript by a teenage girl, Eriko Fukada, called Fuka-Eri throughout. Komatsu believes that the girls autobiographical story, about being raised on a rural commune that changes into a sinister cult involved in mind games and child abuse, has all the makings of a bestseller if its style can be improved enough so that it wins a literary prize. Aomame, as might be expected from a woman who shimmies down from an overhead expressway without much concern for her stockings or her chestnut- coloured Charles Jourdan heels, turns out to be a minx on the make, a charming, ball-breaking, feminist do-gooder who likes nothing better than rounding off a days killing with an all-night bout of bisexual sex. Aomame is really a hired gun, who specialises in quietly offing wife-beaters and child rapists, a manga version of Stieg Larssons Lisbeth Salander.当天吾的朋友——性子暴躁的编辑小松(Komatsu)劝他去修改少女深田绘里子(Eriko Fukada)(文中一直叫做深绘里)小说的初稿时,天吾的生活发生了变化。深绘里这部自传体的小说描写了自己生长的村庄公社被转变成了一个邪恶的新兴宗教团,充满勾心斗角和虐待儿童。小松认为如果小说风格能得到很好修改的话,使其拿下一座文学奖,那就足以让它成为畅销书了。青豆,人们原来也许以为她是一个不顾自己还穿着丝袜和褐色佐丹高跟鞋摇摇晃晃地翻过高空中的公路的女子,事实上却是一个野心勃勃的狐狸精,一个迷人而强势的女权主义者,一个妄图替天行道者,最喜欢每天出去干净利落地杀人,然后晚上来场疯狂的通宵性爱,男女不限。青豆实际上是个职业杀手,精于无声无息地除掉那些虐待妻子或侵犯儿童的男人,简直就是史迪克·拉尔森(Stieg Larsson)笔下丽丝贝·莎兰德(Lisbeth Salander)的日本漫画版。Aomames and Tengos parallel stories begin to rub against one another long before the characters do. They both see a black cat and two moons (one shiny and normal, the other misshapen and moss-coloured); and both know about the little people who emerge periodically from the mouth of a sleeping child and disappear under the childs bed. The two heroes were once at school together and even, briefly, held hands at the age of ten. An unresolved longing to recapture that moment permeates both their lives, and the will-they-wont-they question overshadows the whole book.早在两位主角在这个反乌托邦世界里相遇之前,青豆和天吾这两条平行的故事线就开始交织在一起了。他们都看见了一只黑猫和两轮月亮(一轮形状正常,散发着光芒,另一轮却形状诡异,而且是苔藓一般的颜色);他们也都知道小小人:那些小小人会不时从睡着的小孩口中爬出来,消失在床底下。 两位主角是校友,而且,他们在十岁的时候还有过一次牵手。想要重新拾回那个瞬间的渴望无法满足,渗入了他们两人的生活,而全书充斥着他们最终能在一起吗这个问题。Herein lies the conundrum of “1Q84”. Mr Murakamis reputation as Japans greatest literary surrealist is based on a series of short stories and novels, such as “Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”, which came out in 1985, and “Norwegian Wood” two years later. His early works were intensely personal fantasies involving unhappy, virtually disembodied men and suffused with references to Western music and literature. “1Q84” is much longer, but also far more conventional.这里有个关于“1Q84”的谜题。村上春树因一系列超现实主义的短文和小小说而被誉为日本最伟大的文学大师,这些文章包括1985年出版的《世界尽头与冷酷仙境》以及1987年出版的《挪威的森林》等。他早期的作品集中于描写郁闷的游魂般的男人的个人幻想,充斥各种西方音乐和文学的参考资料。相比之下,《1Q84》篇幅要长得多,但也保守得多。Like two American writers, Jonathan Franzen and Jeffrey Eugenides, both known for their fizzy inventiveness but whose recent work is more plot-driven, Mr Murakami seems to have made a conscious move towards romantic narrative. Mr Franzens latest book asks whether the married protagonists will stay together; Mr Eugenidess which of the two main heroes will his heroine end up with (if any). It is Mr Murakamis turn, now, to cut in on the boy-girl gavotte. This has certainly proved a popular move. When the first two volumes of “1Q84” were published in Japanese in , more than 1m copies were sold in just a few weeks; the third volume followed to similar acclaim a few months later. Keeping up originality can be hard work. But Mr Murakamis new direction, like that of Mr Franzen and Mr Eugenides, is bringing him thousands of fresh ers. And that is a good thing.和两位均因创造性而闻名(但他们现在的作品更加注重阴谋)的两位美国作家乔纳森·弗兰岑(Jonathan Franzen)和杰弗里·尤金尼德斯(Jeffrey Eugenides)一样,村上春树似乎也有意描写男女之间的爱情故事。弗兰兹的新书怀疑已婚的主角们是否还会在一起;尤金尼德斯则抛出了女主角会跟两位主要男主角中的哪位在一起(如果她要跟一个人在一起的话)的问题。现在,轮到村上春树来决定男女主角之间的关系了,这显然是最近的流行趋势。年当《1Q84》的前两卷在日本出版时,几周之内就卖出了100多万本;几个月之后,第三卷也卖出了同样数目。追求原创性绝非易事,但是就如弗兰兹和尤金尼德斯一样,村上春树的新方向为他带来了成千上万的新读者。 这是件好事。 /201304/236016通辽市治疗慢性肠炎多少钱 呼和浩特市立医院人流多少钱

内蒙古呼和浩特治疗早孕哪家医院最好的When youre in a stressful situation, are you confident or insecure?当你身处压力时,你是自信满满还是不知所措?Do you react positively or negatively?是行动更积极还是更消极?The answer may depend in part on whom youre around.或许有部分和你周围所处的环境有关,A study by researchers at the University of Notre Dame found that negative thinking, and depression stemming from it, can be contagious in certain circumstances.圣母大学的研究者在一项研究中发现抑郁症源于消极的思维,在特定的情况下这种情绪会传染。For example, the researchers studied 103 freshman college roommates whod been paired randomly.例如,研究专家研究了103名同宿舍的大学新生并随机的进行了对比,They measured each roommates cognitive vulnerability, or tendency to succumb to negative thinking and depression.他们测对了每队室友的认知弱点,或是对消极思维及抑郁妥协的倾向性,Specifically, the researchers measured the subjects likelihood to see negative events as a reflection of their abilities and flaws.特别是研究人员研究了这些新生把消极事件看成是反映自己能力和缺点的可能性。After only six months, it became clear that thinking patterns and styles can be contagious.仅仅在6个月之后,测试结果明了人的思维模式及方式会传染。Students paired with a negative-thinking roommate “caught” that style and became more depressed themselves.在配比消极思维学生组测试中“捕捉到”的这种思维方式会让他们变得更加抑郁,And students paired with more positive thinking roommates were more likely to become more positive in their thinking and report less depression.而积极思维组学生的报告显示他们更加积极,较少抑郁。Now college freshman are in a unique, life changing environment.由于大学新生正处在一个特殊变化环境中,所以他们容易受到周围环境影响,So they might be particularly susceptible to adopting the thought and behavior patterns of people around them —perhaps more so than people in less intense situations at other stages of life.而愿意接受周围人的想法和行为模式,这或许比处于其他人生阶段,竞争环境更小的人表现的更加明显。But maybe not. Other research has shown that, in general, people are affected by how those around them think.其他研究学者的研究结果显示或许不是这样,但总体来讲,人是会受到身边朋友如何思考的影响,So surrounding a negative, depressed person with people who think positively could be a powerful form of therapy.所以,将消极抑郁的人放在积极乐观的人群之中被认为是一种功效强大的治疗方式。 /201311/266134 You are teaching me how to Daugie.Just a little bit. a little bit.All right,all right. Lets get right to it.你刚教我跳道基舞 就一点点 一点点 好的 俺们切入正题吧cause you have a gift for me.What it is? I do.Well, you know, this is season 10.因为你为我准备了礼物 是什么 我准备了礼物 这是第十季And I decide to bring a gift from my foundation,the D12 Foundation, for you.我觉得从我的基金 D12基金里 拿出一部分作为你的礼物Wow, here you go.Wow ,thats amazing. Oh my god.Thats incredible.哇 就是这个 哇 太棒了 我的天哪 太好了Thank you so much, thank you.Oh,my god.非常感谢 感谢 我的老天This Gentle Barm,it needs this so badly right now.“温柔谷仓”正急需这笔钱Thank you so much.And I now have a gift for you. No way.Maybe,maybe.非常感谢 我也为你准备了礼物 不可能 也许吧I heard that youre absess with Lego.Dont tell,yes I am.Like you are absess with Lego, you love...我听说你对乐高玩具十分着迷 不要说 是的 就像你着迷与乐高玩具 你喜欢They are hared.They say they are for kids.But they are hard. they ,they are, like people.很难吧 有人说这是为小孩做的 但这个真的很难玩 的确The box says for ages from 5 to 8,but they are really for adults.玩具说明是给5到8岁孩子玩的 但实际上是成年人玩的Right,look,what you...Look,thats impressive.是的 快看 你在干嘛 快看 超级拉风Yeah,I did that,yeah ,yeah, I did that when I was, you know,for my back,I couldnt really do anything,so I just make Legos all day.是的 我做的 恩恩 那个是在我背部受伤时做的 我基本做不了事情 我每天就玩乐高玩具Mommy, you can play with Legos.妈妈 你可以玩乐高玩具If you are lying in bed,you can play with Legos.当你躺在床上的时候 你可以玩乐高玩具Alright, well, we told our friends in Legos that you love Lego.好的 我们告诉一个在乐高玩具工作的朋友你很喜欢乐高玩具So we get you something.After you my dear.All y,sir.我们为你准备了点东西 亲爱的 你先 先生 准备就绪 /201310/261277乌兰察布中心医院治疗腹胀多少钱内蒙古省呼和浩特首大医院阳痿早泄价格




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