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He built quite a name himself, having been pictured on numerous nights out surrounded by glamorous women.在被拍到很多晚外出时周围都环绕着各种美艳的女子后,他早已花名在外The -year-old son of mer footballer Gary Lineker headed out a night on the town on Friday evening.这位前足球运动员加里#86;莱因克尔的岁儿子周五晚上在镇上外出寻欢And he, of course, was seen with a bevvy of girls surrounding his every move. The party-goer headed to London hotspot the Rose Club to let his hair down. Dressed up the evening to charm the crowd, he wore jeans with a black T-shirt and grey shirt. Matched with a black leather jacket and smart shoes, he had obviously smartened himself up enough to impress the females in the club.而他,当然,被看到每一步都被一群女孩围着这位派对爱好者前往伦敦的热门场所玫瑰俱乐部放松了一下盛装打扮以便晚上能惊艳众人,他穿着牛仔裤,搭配黑色T恤和灰色衬衫,再配上一件黑色皮夹克和帅气的运动鞋,他明显打扮过自己并足以打动俱乐部上的女性He emerged from the venue surrounded by women. Although it seems he headed to that particular venue in the hope hed bump into his crush, Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole.他从会场周围的女人周围出现虽然好像他朝着那个特定的场地走去,怀着希望能遇到他暗恋的对象Girls Aloud组合的谢丽尔.科尔While Chris Eubank was also a star attendee at the club.But Lineker certainly didnt leave alone as he jumped in a taxi with not one, no even two but four girls as he headed back home. And the girls seemed delighted to be in his company and sitting by his side.虽然克里斯#86;尤班克也是俱乐部的明星成员但莱因克尔肯定没有独自离开,因为当他回家时,他和不只一个女孩一起跳上出租车,甚至不是两个而是四个女孩女孩似乎很高兴有他陪伴并能坐在他身边 7

Looking out from his office window in Taipei with a cigarette dangling from his lips, Taiwanese auteur Chang Tso-chi says there is no better place to learn about courage than from the top of a tree.从他的台北办公室窗户往外望去,嘴里叼着香烟,台湾导演张作骥(Chang Tso-chi)说,树顶是最能懂得勇敢的意义的地方Most humans have a fear of heights, he says, but the view from the top is often vastly different than what you see at the ground.他说,大多数人都会恐高,但是在树顶上看到的景象跟你在地面上看到的真的非常不同Mr. Chang, who grew up in the countryside in southern Taiwan, recalls how he and his friends would climb trees in their bare feet. The mountains were our playground, and the drainage ditch next to my home was so clean that we often swam to school, he says.张作骥在台湾南部乡村长大,他想起小时候经常和朋友光着脚一起爬树的情形他说,那些山就是我们的游乐场,我家旁的排水沟里的水特别干 ,所以我们经常游泳去学校This strong sense of nostalgia a simple childhood, free of tablet computers and online games, is the primary motivation behind his latest coming-of-age film, A Time in Quchi, which completes Mr. Chang trilogy on the family following How Are You, Dad? () and When Love Comes ().这段远离平板电脑和在线游戏的简单童年勾起他强烈的怀旧情绪,而这正是他拍摄以成长为主题的最新电影《暑假作业(A Time in Quchi)的背后初衷该片是继年《爸…你好吗?(How Are You, Dad?)和年《当爱来的时候(When Love Comes)之后的家庭三部曲的最后一部A Time in Quchi opens with Bao, a long-faced -year-old boy from a well-to-do family, riding in the backseat of his father car. Bao is being shipped off from the city to spend the summer with his recently widowed grandfather in Quchi, a mountainous commy outside Taipei, while his parents work out details of their divorce.在《暑假作业的开头,小宝――一个富裕家庭里的岁男孩闷闷不乐地坐在父亲的车后座上,被带离台北送往大山间的屈尺,和刚独居不久的爷爷一起度过暑假,与此同时他的爸妈正在商讨离婚事宜At first, Bao (played by Yang Liang-yu) hates his new life without Wi-Fi and television and having to live with his strict grandfather, who remembers his deceased wife by drawing her face on a rock. Bao disdain the countryside is compounded by a lack of friends. While other kids keep active by climbing trees and catching insects, Bao remains earthbound, tethered by his tablet.一开始小宝(杨亮俞饰演)恨透了他的新生活,这里没有Wi-Fi和电视,还要和凶巴巴的爷爷一起生活爷爷在一块石头上画着思念的亡妻没有朋友更加剧了小宝对乡下的厌弃其他孩子蹦蹦跳跳地去爬树去捉虫,他却攥着平板电脑原地不动Bao tunes take a turn when he eventually makes friends with classmates in the school of 7 students. From there, he slowly matures from a boy obsessed with electronic gadgets to a young man who learns the value of love, friendship and letting go.直到他在一所只有7个学生的学校里结识了朋友,小宝的命运有了转变自那时起,他便渐渐从一个痴迷电子设备的男孩,逐渐成长为一个懂得爱、友谊和释怀之义的少年I know kids enjoy the film because they think it hilarious, but my target audience isnt the kids -- it the adults, Mr. Chang says. Just because your children live with you, how well do you really know them -- and do know what they are thinking?张作骥说,我知道孩子们喜欢这部电影因为它很有趣,但我的目标受众并不是孩子,而是成年人就因为你和你孩子住在一起,你就以为自己真的很了解他们、知道他们心里在想些什么吗?As a father of a -year-old boy, Mr. Chang says he, too, was one of those parents who spent more time with work than with his son, recalling one instance when he saw an unfamiliar young man back while on the set of the film and wondering who the stranger was. I didnt realize it was my son until he turned around.作为一个岁男孩的父亲,张作骥说他也曾因忙于工作而无暇顾及儿子他记得有一次在片场看到一个陌生少年的背影,心想这个人是谁,直到他转过身来我才发觉那是我的儿子That was a wake-up call Mr. Chang, the director of a film about the gap between parents and their children.那件事震醒了张作骥――这位指导了以亲子隔阂为主题的电影导演Mr. Chang says the purpose of his film isnt to guilt-trip working parents, but to shed light on the challenges faced by those who struggle with caring aging parents and raising children -- and the communication breakdown in families, despite all the modern conveniences designed to bring people closer.他说拍摄电影的目的不是让有工作的家长们感到内疚,而是让人们看到那些上有老、下有小的中年人所遭遇的挑战;并让人们意识到尽管现代技术让人们更易亲近,一些家庭仍然存在着沟通的障碍The director -- who has been in the film industry more than 5 years and has won several major awards, including a Golden Horse award best feature film When Love Comes -- says filmmakers should do more to use movies as a conduit to highlight the struggles facing society underdogs.这位踏入电影行业已超过5年,并赢得了多项重要大奖(包括凭《当爱来的时候赢得金马奖最佳剧情片)的导演说,电影人应当更多地将电影用作一个媒介,去揭示社会底层人群所遭遇的挣扎I never offer any solutions in my movies, but what I do is point out the problems, he says. I feel I have a duty to make sure their stories are told and their existence is acknowledged.他说,我从不在我的电影中给出任何解决办法,我做的是让观众看到问题我觉得我有责任确保他们的故事能被讲述,他们的存在能被感知Mr. Chang says his next film, which he also wrote, will center on the struggles of modern men, including the relationship between a male sex worker and a studious son who comes to the realization that all of his academic pursuits were his mother and not himself. (The film, which doesnt yet have an English-language title, is scheduled completion by the end of this month. A release date hasnt been announced.)张作骥说他的下一部电影(也由他撰写剧本)将以现代男性的挣扎为题材,影片将讲述两个男人的情感故事,他们一个是男性性工作者,一个是勤奋学习的学生,却渐渐意识到所求学业是为了母亲而非自己(该电影尚未配有英文字幕,计划将于本月底摄制完成发布时间尚未公布)A Time in Quchi, which opened Friday in Taiwan, has screened at several international festivals, including Vancouver, London and Busan.《暑假作业于上周五在台湾首映,已在包括温哥华、伦敦和釜山的多个国际电影节上展映 688

  The pressure is on. The endgame is near. There will be blood, brutality, death and scary lizard mutants smashing through a sewer. The final film installment of Suzanne Collins’s best-selling trilogy, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part ,” will reach American screens on Friday, Nov. , and millions of fans worldwide will scrutinize the movie its fidelity to the books; the portrayal (by Jennifer Lawrence) of its intrepid, taciturn heroine Katniss Everdeen; and its evocation of the civil war that rends Panem, the totalitarian state built from the ashes of North America at some unspecified time in the future.压力很大,终局来了会有鲜血、暴行与死亡,可怕的蜥蜴变种生物涌进下水道月日星期五,根据苏珊·柯林斯(Suzanne Collins)的畅销三部曲改编的《饥饿游戏电影系列的最后一部《饥饿游戏3:嘲笑鸟(下)(The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part )在美国影院上映全世界千百万书迷们将会紧盯着电影,看它是否忠实原著;詹尼弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)仍在片中饰演勇敢而沉默的女主角凯特尼斯·伊夫狄恩(Katniss Everdeen),她的表现如何?施惠国”是未来某个不确定的时间里建立在如今北美国家余烬之上的集权国家,在这一部影片中被卷入内战,它的命运又将怎样?The pressure has always been on the makers of “The Hunger Games” films. More than nine million copies of the trilogy were in print in the ed States by the time the first movie was being planned, and a huge fan base, with very specific ideas about Katniss and her world, aly existed. Despite the blockbuster nature of the books, Ms. Collins’s dystopian vision of an annual gladiatorial game of wits and weapons in which teenagers — a boy and a girl from each Panem’s districts — must kill one another while the entire population of Panem watches on television, wasn’t an easy one to bring to the screen.《饥饿游戏电影的制作人们总要承担压力当系列的第一部电影筹拍之时,原著三部曲小说在美国已经印行了900万册,它拥有广大的粉丝基础,人们对凯特尼斯和她的世界已经有了非常清晰的概念柯林斯女士的这部反乌托邦小说讲了这样一个故事,施惠国有个地区,每一年,每个地区都要选送一名少年与一名少女参加竞技游戏,凭着智慧与武器生存,彼此残杀,施惠国的全体居民则会通过电视观看,尽管小说有着畅销基础,但要把它搬上银幕却并不容易“Many studios just passed,” said Nina Jacobson, who, along with Jon Kilik, has produced the film series from the start. She and the director Francis Lawrence, who was responsible “Mockingjay Part ” as well as the two preceding films, were sitting in a London hotel the day after the movie’s red-carpet premiere here, recalling the often difficult path they traveled to bring the series to fruition.“很多制片公司都放弃了,”妮娜·雅克布逊(Nina Jacobson)说,她和琼恩·吉里科(Jon Kilik)从第一部起就担任这个系列的制片人该片在伦敦举行红毯首映礼的第二天,她与《嘲笑鸟下和前两部影片的导演弗朗西斯·劳伦斯(Francis Lawrence)一起在伦敦的一家酒店中,回忆了这部系列走过的艰难路途“Kids killing kids, a young protagonist, female, and what’s with the weird name?” Ms. Jacobson said. “I had people saying: ‘Couldn’t you age up the characters? Can we make the love triangle more important?’”“孩子之间彼此残杀,一个年轻的领袖,女性,还有这个奇怪的名字是怎么回事?”雅克布逊说“有人问我:‘你不能让角色年纪大一点吗?我们能不能让三角恋爱关系分量再重一点?’”Ms. Jacobson, an independent producer, said that she became “fixated” on the series after an employee persuaded her to the first novel and that she convinced Ms. Collins that she would find a studio that would be faithful to the stories’ values.雅克布逊是一位独立制片人,她说,一个员工推荐她读读小说的第一部,她就“迷上了”这个系列,她向科林斯女士保,她一定会寻找一家忠实原著价值观的制片公司“The book is about the consequences and the commercialization of violence, so it can’t be guilty of commercializing violence itself,” she said of the film franchise. “That was the first conversation we had.” (Ms. Collins wouldn’t comment this .)“这本书说的是暴力的后果,以及暴力的商业化,被商业化了的暴力就不会令人产生负罪感,”她说起这部电影的改编,“这就是我和柯林斯做的第一次对话”(柯林斯女士拒绝接受本文作者采访)She and Ms. Collins eventually chose Lionsgate from three potential studios, even though it had never made a film on the projected scale of “The Hunger Games.”柯林斯和她最后从三家公司中选择了狮门公司(Lionsgate),尽管它此前从未拍过《饥饿游戏这样规模的大片“Having been a corporate soldier most of my career, I was very aware of how scared big companies can get down the line,” Ms. Jacobson said. “At Lionsgate, everyone was in the room from the beginning and knew exactly what they were in .”“在事业生涯的大部分时间里,我都是团结协作的战士,我非常清楚担惊受怕的大公司有时候是多么拖沓,”雅克布逊说,“但在狮门,从一开始,所有的负责人都在,而且知道自己的职责是什么”One of those things was Ms. Collins’s uncompromising vision of a heroine who is not friendly, funny, kooky or defined by a man. “A brilliant, possibly historic creation — stripped of sentimentality and psychosexual ornamentation, armed with Diana’s bow and a ferocious will — Katniss is a new female warrior,” Manohla Dargis wrote in The New York Times review of the first film.柯林斯笔下毫不妥协的女英雄不怎么友好,也并不有趣或古怪,并且完全不受男人掌控,这是小说中非常重要的东西“这是精的,或许是历史性的开创,她身上剥除了多愁善感和精神性爱的装饰,用狩猎女神的弓箭武装起来,有着凶狠的意志——凯特尼斯是全新的女战士,”曼诺拉·达吉斯(Manohla Dargis)在《纽约时报发表的,对第一部影片的影评中说道Still, Ms. Jacobson insisted that there had never been any demands to direct the role differently. Mr. Lawrence agreed. “The conventional arc this kind of movie would have been that she was petrified to go into the Games, and learns courage and triumphs,” he said. “Instead she volunteers, is courageous from the beginning and is changed in other ways — and not always the better. In the last movie, it is her fault that some of the loss of life happens.”但是雅克布逊坚持说,并不需要对这个角色进行特别处理导演劳伦斯同意她的看法“对于这种电影来说,传统的发展是让她先是害怕参加这个游戏,然后学会了勇气,最终凯旋归来,”他说“但她是自愿参加的,她从一开始就很勇敢,后来她在别的方面产生了很多变化——不一定都是好的在最后一部影片中,因为她的错,有些人送了命”He added that he liked that the love triangle involving Katniss, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) — her fellow tribute from District — and her childhood friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth) was not at the efront of the movies or the books. “It’s not about romance, it’s just about survival,” he said.他补充说,片中凯特尼斯、她在区的祭品同伴皮塔(Peeta,乔什·哈切森[Josh Hutcherson])饰演),以及她的童年朋友盖尔(Gale,利亚姆·海姆思沃斯[Liam Hemsworth]饰演)之间的三角关系,并不是电影或书的中心,这一点他非常喜欢“它的主题不是浪漫爱情,而是生存,”他说Ms. Lawrence has won plaudits her Katniss, but her casting initially drew an outcry from some fans of the novels — too old, too blonde, too curvaceous. Yet Ms. Jacobson; Mr. Kilik; and the first film’s director, Gary Ross, held their ground.詹妮弗·劳伦斯因凯特尼斯这个角色获得了喝,但一开始决定由她来饰演这个角色时,却令不少原著的书迷抱怨——她年纪太大,是金发,身材太丰满然而雅克布逊、吉里科和第一部电影的导演加里·罗斯(Gary Ross)都力挺她“Jen had and has a very youthful face and quality, and quite honestly from the time we saw her audition, there was no one else that we even considered.” Plus, she added, there was always hair dye.“从过去到现在,詹妮弗都有一张非常青春的脸,也有非常年轻的气质,试镜时她就非常诚实,除了她我们没考虑过别人”此外,雅克布逊还说,她一直都要染头发After the wild box-office success of the first movie, which took in 6.5 million globally, the producers found themselves without a director. Mr. Ross, who had written the screenplay of “The Hunger Games” with Ms. Collins and Billy Ray, issued a statement at the time saying he didn’t have enough time to write as well as direct the second installment.影片第一部取得了巨大的票房成功,在全球赚到了6.865亿美元,之后制片人们发现,他们缺了一个导演罗斯和柯林斯女士以及比利·雷(Billy Ray)一起创作了《饥饿游戏第一部电影的剧本,当时他发表声明,说自己没有时间为为第二部影片担任编剧和导演Mr. Lawrence, who had aly established his post-apocalyptic directing credentials in the Will Smith vehicle “I Am Legend,” said that he was at first hesitant when Ms. Jacobson approached him. “I had never done a sequel to anyone else’s movie,” he said. “If too many parameters have been set, there is not enough to do.” After going back to the books, he said, he found enough of a change of environment to make the second film, “Catching Fire,” interesting.弗朗西斯·劳伦斯当时已经执导过威尔·史密斯(Will Smith)坐镇的后末日巨作《我是传奇(I Am Legend),他说,当雅克布逊女士同他接触时,他一开始非常犹豫“我从来没接手过另一个人的系列片,”他说“如果有太多限制因素已经设定好了,那就没什么发挥余地了”但是,他说,读过原著之后,他发现环境有了足够的改变,可以令第二部影片《饥饿游戏:星火燎原(Catching Fire)有趣起来The decision to split the final novel, “Mockingjay,” into two parts was made bee he came aboard, but Mr. Lawrence said he would not have been able to make an adequate version of the book in a single film. “We got a lot of flack; some people thought it was cynical and money-making,” he said. “But I honestly don’t think the changes that happen to people in that book are doable in a two-and-a-half-hour movie.”他上任之前,制片人们就已经决定将小说第三部《嘲笑鸟分为上下两部电影拍摄,但是劳伦斯先生也说,在单独一部影片里,没办法展现出一本书的全貌“我们遭到很多抨击,有人觉得这很讽刺,都是为了赚钱,”他说“但是第三部书中的人物发生了很多变化,我真的不觉得能在一部两个半小时的电影里说完”Fans may not have agreed; “Mockingjay Part 1” earned Lionsgate around Man of Steel certainly does take itself seriously as an origin story. It starts with a pounding heartbeat, followed by you-know-who emerging from his mother womb on the planet Krypton. (Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer are the baby parents.) That auspicious event is, we are told, Krypton first natural birth in centuries. On our planet, however, the story proves to be a miscarriage, if not quite an abortion. Here one more studio extravaganza brought down by numbing action and an addiction to generic digital effects. (I chose to see the -D version, so I cant blame the third dimension.)《超人:钢铁之躯(Man of Steel)当然是把自己看成是一本正经的原创故事故事以砰砰的心跳拉开帷幕,接着那个你知道是谁的人从他母亲的子宫里降生到了氪星球上(罗素#86;克罗(Russell Crowe)和阿耶莱特#86;祖瑞尔(Ayelet Zurer)饰演婴儿的父母)我们被告知,这件大吉大利的事情是氪星上数百年来第一例自然分娩然而,在我们的星球上,这个故事即使算不上流产的话,也明是一次失败的生产这又是一部被令人麻木的动作和痴迷追求数字特效的行为所毁掉的电影大片(我选择观看的是-D版本,我不能对3-D版加以批评)It a huge disappointment, since the buildup to the action is so promising, albeit joyless. The promise lies partly in Alex McDowell elegant production design, which suggests that Krypton civilization was influenced by cross-cosmos currents of Gothic and Gaudí, but mainly in the darkly revisionist premise. We will not, the long prelude makes clear, be seeing Superman as yesteryear sturdy superhero in tights; he to be taken more seriously than that. We wont even be seeing this iteration of Kal-El as Superman, a name that goes unspoken throughout, though it almost escapes the lips of Amy Adams Lois Lane. Then what does that capital S on his chest stand ? It isnt an S at all, David S. Goyer script reveals slyly, but a Kryptonic character that means hope─i.e. hope mankind.这是一部极其令人失望的电影,因为这部片子的酝酿过程是那么地值得期待(虽然经历并不快乐)人们期待它的部分原因是亚历克斯#86;麦克道尔(Alex McDowell)精致的制作设计在他的设计中,氪星文明受到跨宇宙的哥特式和高迪式潮流的影响,但是大多修饰得比较阴暗从长长的序幕中可以清楚看到,我们见到的超人(Superman)与过去那个身着紧身衣、体格强健的超级英雄不一样了,他将被塑造成更为严肃的形象我们甚至都不再把这位卡尔-埃尔(Kal-El)当成是超人超人这个名字在整部影片中都没有提及,虽然它差点从埃米#86;亚当斯(Amy Adams)饰演的洛伊斯#86;莱恩(Lois Lane)口中脱口而出那么他胸膛上的那个大写的S代表什么呢?戴维#86;S#86;戈耶(David S. Goyer)的电影脚本显示,那根本不是S,而是氪星的文字,意为“希望”──也就是人类的希望The steely man of the title, liberated from yesteryear external underwear and played with unalloyed gravity by Henry Cavill, has come to us with godlike powers. Theree the movie, which was directed by Zack Snyder, raises the question of whether well be smart enough to receive such a one with open arms. That a fair question, even if the visual parallels between Kal-El and Christ are insisted on overmuch. And there plenty to enjoy in the drama of the hero coming to grips with those powers as a confused youngster in the heartland (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are his adoptive parents); meeting Lois, who learns quickly, once, the truth of his identity; and preparing the struggle against the evil General Zod (Michael Shannon), who arrives from Krypton with a gang of baddies and extremely bad intentions.片名中的这位钢铁之躯不再是过去那种内衣外穿的形象,亨利#86;卡维尔(Henry Cavill)将其演绎成一个纯粹严肃的角色,呈现在我们眼前的是神一般的力量,这部由扎克#86;斯奈德(Zack Snyder)执导的影片让人产生了这样一个疑问:我们是否聪明到会张开双臂接受这样一个形象的程度即使卡尔-埃尔和基督在视觉上的相似性渲染得有些过度,但这依然是一个值得研究的问题对于这样一个英雄人物影片中有很多看点:这个生活在美国中西部的年轻人(凯文#86;科斯特纳(Kevin Costner)和戴安#86;莱恩(Diane Lane)饰演他的养父母)在意会到那些力量时心生困惑;遇到洛伊斯(她这一次很快得知了他的真实身份)的场景;以及为迎战心怀鬼胎、带着一大帮坏人从氪星赶来的坏蛋佐德将军(迈克尔#86;珊农(Michael Shannon饰演))所做的准备Yet hope springs ephemeral in this production. First off, there the problem of casting in the central role. I can do things that others cant, Kal-El tells the grievously injured Lois as he cauterizes her wound with sizzling eyebeams. It tempting to think that another actor might have done things Mr. Cavill cant, but there no way of knowing, given Mr. Snyder stiff direction and the generally turgid dialogue. (Lots of talk about trust, leaps of faith and initiating the phantom drive.) There also the issue of Mr. Crowe Jor-El, who keeps materializing with bizarre frequency as his son holographic spirit guide and real-time strategist, never mind that the old man is long dead. Marlon Brando Jor-El returned too, but only in obvious outtakes.然而,在这部作品中希望只是昙花一现首先,中心角色的演员选择存在问题卡尔-埃尔在用嘶嘶作响的眼睛光芒烧灼严重受伤的洛伊斯的伤口时对她说:“我可以做别人无法做到的事情”这很容易让人想到,另一名演员也许可能做卡维尔无法做到的事情,不过鉴于斯奈德执导时的拘谨以及影片中晦涩的对白(大谈特谈信赖、放心信任并让人产生幻觉),换一名演员的效果如何也无从知道克罗演的乔-埃尔(Jor-El)也有问题,他现身充当他儿子的全息式精神导师和现场军师的频率让人匪夷所思,全然不顾这位老人早已去世的事实马龙#86;白兰度(Marlon Brando)所演的乔-埃尔也在影片里出现了,但用的是明显能看出是以前片子剪余片段的镜头Eventually, though, what seals the movie doom─as inventive entertainment, though perhaps not as a commercial venture─is its surrender to the lower power of coarsegrained action and computer-generated images of inexplicable banality. It Fight Club cum sci-fi as Zod and Kal-El duke it out on the streets of Smallville, then do it again, just like barroom brawlers, during an interminable climax set against a background of a Manhattan seized by the usual chaos of fireballs, shattering glass, flying trucks and toppling towers. You know they say it all downhill after the first kiss, Lois tells her inamorato early on. She doesnt know the meaning of downhill.尽管如此,最后判定影片失败的──作为创新,可能不是作为商业风险投入──是它居然接受了低标准的粗糙动作以及平庸得令人费解的电脑制作图像它既是《搏击俱乐部(Fight Club)这样的打斗片,又是一部科幻片,因为佐德和卡尔-埃尔在斯莫维尔(Smallville)的大街上一决高下,之后又重新开战,就像酒吧里的打斗者一样没完没了的打斗高潮背景设在曼哈顿,火球四起、玻璃横飞、卡车腾空、高楼倾覆洛伊斯早先对她的情人说过:“你知道,他们说初吻之后就每况愈下了”相信她并不知道“每况愈下”意味着什么 55 million less than “Catching Fire.” But Ms. Jacobson defended the film, saying that it was the darkest of the movies, with difficult themes of war and revolution as well as traumatic emotional events. “We hope that people seeing Part will understand the need Part 1 better,” she said.影迷们可能不会同意;《嘲笑鸟上比《星火燎原少了一亿美元的票房收入但雅克布逊女士坚持捍卫这部影片,说它是系列之中最黑暗的一部,要处理战争、革命、创伤的情感时刻等复杂的主题“我们希望看过《嘲笑鸟下的人都能更好地理解《嘲笑鸟上的必要性,”她说(The cast and crew members suffered their own trauma when Philip Seymour Hoffman, who played the chief gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee in the final three movies, died suddenly a few weeks bee the end of shooting “Mockingjay Part ,” in which he appears, though the filmmakers were ced to rewrite some of his scenes other characters.)(拍摄过程中,剧组成员也经历了创伤的时刻,在后三部影片中饰演游戏总监普鲁塔克·黑文斯比[Plutarch Heavensbee]的菲利浦·赛默·霍夫曼[Philip Seymour Hoffman]于《嘲笑鸟下拍摄结束前几个星期突然身亡,制片人们只得重写片中一些和他有关的场景,把他的戏份改给别人)Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Jacobson said that while such themes are always relevant, they carry particular weight today. “The fear and the consequences of defying the status quo are not glossed over,” Ms. Jacobson said. “You can change the world if you stand up to authority, but at a great cost.”劳伦斯先生和雅克布斯女士说,虽然这些主题一直都很重要,但在当今的世界,它们显得更加意味深长“反抗现状的恐惧与其后果并未被掩饰,”雅克布逊女士说,“如果你挺身而出,反抗权威,就能改变世界,但这要付出巨大的代价” 159


  Timeless elegance: Jane Fonda, left, may be 7, but she looks decades younger in her shimmering Atelier Versace bronze gown, which shows off her tiny waist, while Eva Longoria, right, looks every inch the retro Hollywood siren in an Emilio Pucci creation7岁的老牌女星简·方达(左)依旧神采飞扬;《绝望的主妇女主Eva Longoria一席白衣尽显女神范 1835


  As pop star misdemeanours go, Minami Minegishi was tame in the extreme – breaking her group strict dating ban to spend a night with her boyfriend.随着流行歌星不当行为曝光,峰岸南极度自责——打破她所在团体的禁爱令,与男友共度一夜Yet hours after a magazine published photographs of her leaving his home last month, Minegishi, a member of the wildly popular girl band AKB8, went on to YouTube to issue a tearful apology.然而在一份杂志公布上个月她离开他家的照片的几小时后,峰岸南,AKB8组合的人气成员,紧接着在YouTube发布含泪道歉的视频;As a senior member of the group, it is my responsibility to be a role model younger members,; she said, bee ending the four-minute mea culpa with a deep, lingering bow.“作为该组合的元老成员,成为后辈的道德楷模是我的责任,”在结束分钟认错以及深深鞠躬之前她说道The most striking thing about her apology, however, was her appearance. She had shaved her head, a traditional act of contrition inJapan, but perhaps a step too far a -year-old woman whose ;crime; was to have found herself a boyfriend – 19-year-old Alan Shirahama, a dancer in a boyband.然而,关于她的道歉最令人震惊的事是她的外表她剃掉她的头发,日本一种传统的忏悔行为,但对一个岁的女孩也许有点过分,其“罪行”是被发现自己有一个男朋友——19岁的白滨亚岚,一个男生组合里的舞者Minegishi explained she had decided to cut off her long hair immediately after seeing her photograph, her face hidden behind a surgical mask and a baseball cap, in the weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun on Thursday.峰岸南解释说在看到她的照片之后她立即决定剃光了她的长发,她把脸隐藏在口罩和棒球帽里,在周四的每周小报《文春周刊里 Her dramatic gesture underlined the strict rules to which Japan young pop stars must adhere to project an image of unimpeachable morals.她戏剧性的姿态强调了日本年轻明星必须坚持其无懈可击的道德楷模形象的严格规定In the YouTube , which has been viewed more than 3m times, Minegishi said the assignation has been ;thoughtless and immature;.在YouTube视频上,这已经被浏览超过3百万次,峰岸南说这段约会一直是“轻率和不成熟的”;If it is possible, I wish from the bottom of my heart to stay in the band,; she said. ;Everything I did is entirely my fault. I am so sorry.“如果有可能,我从心底希望能留在乐队,”她说“我所做的一切完全是我的错我很抱歉”;I dont believe just doing this means I can be given what I did, but the first thing I thought was that I dont want to quit AKB8.;“我认为仅仅这样做并不意味着我所做的事可以被原谅,但我首先想到的是我不想离开AKB8”AKB8 management agency demoted her to ;trainee level; starting on Friday, according to the band official blog.AKB8管理机构周五开始降级她的“学员水平”,根据该乐队的官方客Minegishi is among the original members of the band, which since it med in has built up a huge following among teenage girls and salarymen who flock to concerts and publicity events the chance to shake hands with their idols.峰岸南是乐队的原始成员,从年成立起已经在少女和上班族之中形成一个庞大的追随群,他们蜂拥而至音乐会和宣传活动以获得与他们偶像握手的机会 39






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