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惠州韩式包皮环切术费用惠州那家医院治疗生殖器疱疹好惠州人民医院前列腺冶疗 Long bee Laverne Cox made the cover of Time magazine as a “transgender tipping point,” and long bee Caitlyn Jenner made global headlines as a mer Olympian transitioning from male to female at age 65, there was Candis Cayne.早在拉韦恩·考克斯(Laverne Cox)作为“变性人引爆点”登上《时代(Time)杂志封面之前,早在作为前奥运会选手的凯特琳·詹纳(Caitlyn Jenner)在65岁时变成女儿身成为全球头条新闻之前,坎迪丝·凯恩(Candis Cayne)就已经进入公众视野The 5-foot- Hawaiian beauty ruled the New York club scene more than a decade bee moving to Hollywood in . There, Ms. Cayne became the first transgender actress to appear on network TV.这位身高5英尺英寸(约合1.77米)的夏威夷美女称首纽约俱乐部舞台十多年,年进军好莱坞在那里,凯恩成为第一位出现在电视上的变性女演员She was cast on A’s “Dirty Sexy Money,” opposite William Baldwin as a transgender woman having an affair with a married politician. She appeared on “Good Morning America,” where Robin Roberts said she was “blazing a path” transgender visibility.她在A频道的《黑金家族(Dirty Sexy Money)中与威廉·鲍德温(William Baldwin)演对手戏,饰演一位与已婚政客有染的变性女人她还在《早安美国(Good Morning America)中亮相,罗宾·罗伯茨(Robin Roberts)说她为变性人能更多的被社会所关注“照亮了道路”The spotlight did not last. After “Dirty Sexy Money” was canceled, Ms. Cayne largely faded from public view. But in recent weeks she has re-emerged on a larger stage.但是公众的关注没能一直持续下去《黑金家族停播后,凯恩基本上从公众视野中消失了但是最近几周,她又重新出现在更大的舞台上She appeared on the cover of Star Magazine, was interviewed by People magazine, has appeared in innumerable tabloid blog posts and was the grand marshal at the Gay Pride Parade in Montreal.她登上《明星杂志(Star)的封面;接受《人物杂志(People)的采访;出现在无数小报的客文章中;担任蒙特利尔同性恋傲娇大游行(Gay Pride Parade)的大礼官The source of this sudden attention is E!’s “I Am Cait,” in which Ms. Cayne, , has emerged as the unlikely confidante of Ms. Jenner, accompanying her on trips to San Francisco to meet with gay and transgender activists and escorting her to the ESPY Awards in New York.她突然之间获得的关注源于E!的真人秀节目《我是凯特(I Am Cait),岁的凯恩在其中不可思议地以詹纳的闺蜜身份现身,多次陪她去旧金山与同性恋和变性人活动家们会面,护送她去纽约接受ESPY奖There have also been rumors of a romantic spark, though it’s hard not to be skeptical that the story line was manufactured by E! producers to gin up tabloid interest. Indeed, a recent teaser posted by E! is called “Caitlyn Jenner Gets Asked Out on a Date,” although the actual clip just shows Ms. Jenner going to Ms. Cayne’s house a glass of wine.也有传闻说,她们之间擦亮了爱的火花,但是人们很难不去怀疑,这个故事是E!的制作人们为了引发小报兴趣而编出来的的确,前不久,《E!发布了一个预告片,名叫《凯特琳·詹纳应邀赴约(Caitlyn Jenner Gets Asked Out on a Date),而实际上,那个片段只是詹纳去凯恩家喝葡萄酒And earlier this month, Star published a photo of Ms. Cayne on its cover, with the headline: “Caitlyn Jenner: I’m in Love.”本月早些时候,《明星杂志在封面上登出凯恩的照片,标题是“凯特琳·詹纳:我恋爱了”Ms. Cayne is savvy enough to know a good tabloid story, so when asked about the relationship, she simply offers, “I can say Caitlyn and I have become close, and we’re great friends.”凯恩很精明,知道这是很好的小报故事,所以当被问及她们的关系时,她只说,“可以说,我和凯特琳很亲密,我们是好朋友”On a recent Wednesday, Ms. Cayne was running around a spacious house in the Hollywood Hills, where a photographer was taking publicity shots her newfound fame.前不久的一个周三,凯恩在好莱坞山的一所宽敞的房子里到处游逛,一位摄影师在为她在公众中的新形象拍摄宣传照片There were sequins in every shade of the rainbow and dresses made out of peacock feathers. But it was her hair — long and blond and blown out to perfection, the sort beauty queens try to emulate — that completed the look.现场有各种颜色的亮片和用孔雀羽毛做成的连衣裙不过,是她的头发让造型变得完美——她长长的金发吹得很完美,是选美皇后们努力追求的发型“It’s my showgirl moment,” Ms. Cayne said. “This dress I’m wearing now has a kind of ‘Viva Las Vegas’ vibe.”“这是我的歌舞女郎时间,”凯恩说,“我现在穿的连衣裙有一种‘万岁’的感觉”Growing up in Maui in the early 1980s as Brendan McDanniel, things were a little more crunchy granola. Her parents were teachers and progressives who had few issues when, as a teenage boy, their son came out as gay. It would be several more years bee Ms. Cayne came to terms with her gender identity.坎迪丝·凯恩原名布伦丹·麦克丹尼尔(Brendan McDanniel),世纪80年代初在毛伊岛长大,那里相对开明他的父母都是教师,也是进步人士当十几岁的儿子出柜时,他们几乎没有表示异议几年后,凯恩才弄清自己的性别身份Shortly after high school, Ms. Cayne moved to New York in hopes of becoming a professional dancer. She lived in a single-room occupancy hotel in the then-seedy meatpacking district; went on scholarship at Steps, a dance studio on the Upper West Side; and worked as a kitty girl at the Roxy, a mer gay club in Chelsea.高中毕业后不久,凯恩搬到纽约,希望能成为一名职业舞蹈演员她住在当时比较脏乱破旧的肉库区的一个单人套房旅馆里,后来获得了上西区舞蹈班Steps的奖学金,在切尔西的前同性恋俱乐部Roxy里做猫女郎(kitty girl)“I had a tray and I would sell candy, cigarettes and lollipops,” she said. “And then I realized I loved doing drag.”“我拿着一个托盘,卖糖果、香烟和棒棒糖,”她说,“然后我发现自己喜欢变装”There, Ms. Cayne fell in with Lina Bradd, also known as the “gender illusionist” Girlina, and the two became inseparable. Ms. Cayne worked by day at the wig bar at Patricia Field’s boutique in Greenwich Village, and permed by night with Ms. Bradd at Boy Bar in the East Village and the Tunnel in Chelsea.在那里,凯恩偶然结识了莉娜·布拉德福德(Lina Bradd),后者也被称为“性别魔术师”格莉娜(Girlina),她们俩形影不离白天,凯恩在格林尼治村帕特丽夏·菲尔德(Patricia Field)的时装精品店的假发部工作,晚上,她和布拉德福德在东村的男孩酒吧(Boy Bar)以及切尔西的隧道酒吧(Tunnel)表演They did triple pirouettes in four-inch pumps and knew the words to every disco song. A crowd favorite was their lip-synced rendition of “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough),” with Ms. Cayne channeling Barbra Streisand and Girlina as Donna Summer.她们穿着四英寸(约合厘米)高的高跟鞋表演脚尖旋转三周,她们知道每一首迪斯科舞曲的歌词观众最喜欢的是她们对口型演唱《不再有泪(够了)(No More Tears [Enough Is Enough]),凯恩饰演芭芭拉·史翠珊(Barbra Streisand),格莉娜饰演唐娜·萨默(Donna Summer)“They were like the Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell of the gay club scene,” said the veteran drag permer Linda Simpson. Well, at least the scrappy downtown version of them.“她们就像同性恋俱乐部圈里的琳达·埃万杰利斯塔(Linda Evangelista)和娜奥米·坎贝尔(Naomi Campbell),”资深变装演员琳达·辛普森(Linda Simpson)说呃,至少在杂乱的市中心同性恋俱乐部圈里是这样Matthew Kasten, who was the promoter at Boy Bar, said, “She kept her shoes in the oven because she didn’t cook.”马修·卡斯滕(Matthew Kasten)是男孩酒吧的推广员他说,“她把鞋子存放在烤箱里,因为她不做饭”By the time Ms. Cayne was , it was clear that perming in beaded gowns at night was not enough her. “Nothing made sense,” she said. “I just felt better when I was female.”凯恩岁时,显然已经不满足于仅在晚上身穿珠饰礼进行表演“哪儿都不对劲,”她说,“我就是觉得成为女人时更舒”But there was one thing standing in the way of a transition. “I was flat broke,” Ms. Cayne said.但是变性有个难题“当时我身无分文,”凯恩说Through a transgender club doorwoman named Paris, Ms. Cayne began getting black-market hormones. Surgeries took place in a decrepit basement in Guadalajara, Mexico.通过一个名叫帕里斯(Paris)的变性人俱乐部看门人,凯恩开始从黑市上购买荷尔蒙手术在墨西哥瓜达拉哈拉的一个破旧的地下室进行To help pay her nose job, the club promoter Marc Berkley hosted a benefit at the Palladium around 1996.1996年左右,为了给凯恩筹集鼻子整容的费用,俱乐部推广员马克·伯克利(Marc Berkley)在守护神俱乐部(Palladium)举办了一场义演“There was a dunking booth, and all the girls got in and you would pay to dunk the queens, and the money went to getting Candis a new nose,” said the drag permer Sherry Vine, one of several permers who participated.“那里有一个扣篮浸泡机(dunking booth),所有的女孩都进去,观众付费投篮,投中后,变装皇后们就会掉进水里,筹集的钱给坎迪丝整鼻子,”变装演员雪莉·瓦因(Sherry Vine)说她是其中一位表演参与者After Ms. Cayne completed her transition, she moved into the cabaret world, often perming at the Viceroy, a since-shuttered Chelsea restaurant, where her signature move was to take her show into the street, where she would continue to lip-sync and dance while climbing onto the hoods of taxicabs, as the audience watched through the plate-glass windows.凯恩完成变性后,进入卡巴莱舞蹈圈,经常在切尔西的餐馆Viceroy(后来倒闭了)表演,她的招牌是把表演延伸到大街上,她会一边继续对口型唱歌跳舞,一边爬到出租车发动机罩上,观众们透过平板玻璃窗观看But she always wanted to act and soon began auditioning. One of her first jobs was on “CSI: NY.” It was a bit part.但她一直想去表演,很快开始试镜一开始,她曾在《犯罪现场调查:纽约(CSI: NY)中演一个小角色“I ended up getting drowned in a toilet,” she said. “I was the dead person.”“最后,我溺死在厕所里,”她说,“我演的是一个死人”Then, in , she received a phone call from Ms. Field, her mer boss, who had since become an in-demand costume designer. Ms. Field had been hired on a noirish nighttime soap called “Dirty Sexy Money,” which was casting the part of a transgender woman. Would Ms. Cayne come in and audition?年,前老板菲尔德给她打来电话那时,菲尔德已经是一位热门戏设计师,为一部名叫《黑金家族、有些阴暗的晚间肥皂剧工作当时剧组正在寻找一名饰演变性女人的演员凯恩会来面试吗?“I it and a week later I got a callback,” Ms. Cayne said. “I had no idea it was a big deal.”“我去试镜了,一周后,我得到回电,”凯恩说,“当时我完全不知道那是个绝佳的机会”But when the ratings “Dirty Sexy Money” dropped in the second season, one of the first things that was reconsidered was her character’s place in the plotline. Once again, she died an ignominious death.但是当《黑金家族第二季的收视率降低后,剧组首先重新考虑的一点就是她的角色在故事情节中的地位她第二次不光地死去“I got killed in a flashback,” Ms. Cayne said. “A flashback!”“我是在倒叙中死去的,”凯恩说,“在倒叙中!”The next few years weren’t easy. She got a small part on the FX show “NipTuck,” and appeared as a judge on “RuPaul’s Drag U,” an offshoot of “Drag Race.”接下来的几年并不容易她在FX频道的电视剧《整容室(NipTuck)中得到一个小角色;在《鲁保罗变装皇后秀(Drag Race)的衍生剧《鲁保罗变装皇后学院(RuPaul’s Drag U)中饰演一名法官It turns out that there weren’t a lot of significant roles transgender actresses. In recent years, she earned her living mostly by doing drag shows around the country. Meanwhile, the relationship with the man she expected to marry ended.事实明,给变性女演员准备的重要角色并不多近些年,她主要靠在美国各地表演变装秀为生与此同时,她想要结婚的男朋友也跟她分手了“I just assumed because I was a novice that I would be getting auditions and working a lot more,” said Ms. Cayne, who lives in a modest home in Glendale, Calif., with her two boxers. “It was a stark reality that I faced.”“我本以为,因为我是新手,所以我需要试镜,需要更努力,”凯恩说她住在加利福尼亚州格伦代尔一个简朴的房子里家里有两只拳师犬“这就是我面对的残酷现实”Then this May, a few weeks bee Ms. Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover hit the newsstands, Ms. Cayne received a phone call from a producer at “I Am Cait.” Except she wasn’t told what the show was about.今年5月,在詹纳的《名利场(Vanity Fair)封面火爆上市的前几周,凯恩接到《我是凯特的一个制片人的电话只不过,她未被告知这个节目是讲什么的“He said, ‘I want to tell you something but I can’t until you sign a confidentiality agreement,’ ” Ms. Cayne said. “It was like: ‘Hmm. OK. I’m going to sign my life over bee I know anything.’ But I was also intrigued because of that.”“他说,‘我想告诉你一件事,但你必须先签一份保密协议,’”凯恩说,“那就像是说:‘嗯好吧我要先把命签出去,才能知道是为了什么’但我也很好奇”Soon, the producer called back to say that he was working on Ms. Jenner’s series E! and that the show wanted Ms. Cayne to go to a dinner at Ms. Jenner’s house.很快,那位制片人打来电话说,他在为《E!制作詹纳的真人秀节目,想让凯恩去詹纳家赴宴Ms. Cayne put on a navy lace dress and drove over, and was surprised to discover not only how far along Ms. Jenner was in her transition, but that a number of other prominent trans women were there, including the artist Zackary Drucker and Jennifer Finney Boylan, a Barnard professor and frequent contributor to The New York Times.凯恩穿上一件海军蓝蕾丝连衣裙开车过去,惊奇地发现詹纳已经快要完成变性了,而且其他几位著名的变性女人也在那里,包括艺术家扎克里·德鲁克(Zackary Drucker)和詹妮弗·芬尼·伊兰(Jennifer Finney Boylan),后者是巴纳德学院(Barnard)的教授,经常为《纽约时报撰稿And the cameras were rolling.摄像机在拍摄At first, Ms. Jenner was shy. “Not in the sense of being quiet,” Ms. Cayne said, “but in the sense of wanting to learn. Now she’s blossomed.”一开始,詹纳有点害羞“我不是说她很安静,”凯恩说,“而是那种她想学习变性的感觉现在,她已经自如盛放了”Likewise, a genuine friendship seems to have blossomed, on and off camera, between the two. “Very good friends” is how Ms. Cayne put it.她们似乎也结下了真正的友谊,不管在镜头前还是私下里凯恩现在的表述是,她们是“很好的朋友”Perhaps eager not to alienate the producers at E! (“I don’t even have a contract,” she said at one point), she hedged a little when asked point blank whether she and Ms. Jenner were dating. Then she gave a wink.也许是因为她非常不想疏远E!的制作人们(“我甚至没签合同,”她说过),所以当被直接询问她和詹纳是否在交往时,她有点回避然后她眨了一下眼“I lived in New York years,” she said, alluding to the friends there who know her to be solely interested in dating straight men. “You do the math.” Asked the same question on “Access Hollywood” this week, she was more direct, saying: “No. We’re just really, really good friends.”“我在纽约住了年,”她说她间接提到,那里认识她的朋友们都知道她只和直男交往“你自己猜吧”本周,当《直通好莱坞(Access Hollywood)节目也问起这个问题时,她回答得更直接:“不,我们只是非常非常好的朋友”If this sort of attention in the celebrity press has not bothered her, it’s partly because the show has put transgender issues front and center in a way seldom seen on television.如果说这种关注名人的媒体并没有困扰她,那么部分原因是这个节目让变性问题成为焦点,这在电视上很少见“The reason I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to do this’ is because it’s going to change the world,” she said. “This is going to make a huge difference to kids who feel alone and watch this show, and see trans women who are successful, happy, amazing people.”“我说‘是的,我要做这个’,是因为它会改变这个世界,”她说,“对那些感到孤独的孩子们来说,通过这个节目,看到变性女人是成功的、快乐的、美妙的,这将会对他们产生重大影响” 3987惠州友好男科医院男科预约

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惠州友好男科咨询Iranian drama ;Bear; was named the Best Feature Film at the th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) Golden Goblet Awards ceremony held at the Shanghai Grand Theater in Shanghai on Sunday, China.org.cn reported. Iranian director Khosrow Masoumi is the first director to scoop the award twice.据中国网报道,第届上海国际电影节颁奖典礼周日在上海大剧院举行,伊朗电影《熊获得最佳影片金爵奖,导演克斯罗#86;马素米成为首位获得两座最佳影片金爵奖的导演The best director award went to Gao Qunshu the cop film ;Detective Hunter Zhang;. The other Chinese winner was Shi Luan, who won best cinematography his work on the film ;Falling Flowers;.高群书凭借执导电影《神探亨特张获得最佳导演奖;最佳摄影奖得主为中国影片《萧红的摄影师石栾Mexico Ursula Pruneda was named best actress her role as a mourning mother in ;The Dream of Lu;, and renowned Russian stage actor Vladas Bagdonas was named best actor his debut film role in ;The Conductor.;墨西哥女演员乌苏拉#539;普鲁内达凭借在影片《悲伤成梦中扮演一位悲伤的妈妈,而摘得影后桂冠首次走上大银幕的俄罗斯舞台剧演员弗拉德斯#539;巴格多纳斯凭借在《指挥家中的出色表演摘得金爵奖影帝桂冠Meanwhile, Japan Kenji Uchida won best screenplay ;Key of Life;.此外,日本导演内田贤治的电影作品《盗钥匙的方法获得最佳编剧奖项 1881 PARK CITY, Utah — The Sundance Television Festival this is not.That snarky, small-screen nickname is nonetheless being tossed around by some of the Hollywood attendees who are gathering here the 31st Sundance Film Festival, which starts on Thursday. The reason: Like the rest of moviedom, the independent-film world is grappling with the incursion of television as a creative and financial ce.Independent film used to define the cutting edge in entertainment, but the indie crowd has lately ceded ground to television, which is turning out risk-taking shows like Amazon’s “Transparent,” created by a Sundance film alumna. A vast majority of the 3 movies that will play Sundance this year will end up finding an audience not in a theater but on a -on-demand system.The shift leaves Sundance, longtime attendees say, on the edge of an identity crisis. The festival, fiercely proud of its heritage as America’s emost showcase independent cinema, is working to hold on to that identity. At the same time, it is tentatively embracing an art m, television, in which innovation and energy abound.In other words, it is trying to remain relevant.The signs of this push and pull are everywhere, starting with “Animals,” an independently produced and financed television series. The first two animated episodes, about lovelorn New York rats and gender-questioning pigeons, will make their debut at Sundance on Monday as a special event. Moreover, “Animals” is hoping to use the festival to land a distributor — a first a television series, Sundance staff members said.A TV show being shopped at Sundance? It is not as strange as it sounds, at a time when analysts estimate that digital and -on-demand services are replacing art houses as the primary outlet more than 90 percent of independent films. The most active Sundance buyers this year are expected to include distributors that tend to lean on on demand, like IFC, Magnolia and Radius-TWC, the boutique division of the boutique Weinstein Company.Twelve Sundance documentaries are aly spoken by HBO, CNN, Showtime and Netflix. “Your local art house cinema is moving to your living room,” said Jason Blum, a producer whose film “Whiplash” opened Sundance last year and who notably just announced a major expansion into television.At the same time, more independent directors and writers are hoping to use Sundance as a launching pad not a film career but a television one.“Now the dream is to write and direct an indie film, get into Sundance and then use that to become a big-time TV series creator, like Lena Dunham, or a show runner or a TV director,” said Reed Martin, author of “The Reel Truth,” a guide to making an independent film. “TV is where all the money is, and where a lot of the creative risk-taking is celebrated these days,” he added.The indie brain drain is noticeable. The filmmakers Mark and Jay Duplass, long Sundance darlings, have recently been busy creating the series “Togetherness” HBO. (They are also executive producers of “Animals.”) Woody Allen, who was indie bee indie was a thing, is making a digital series Amazon, where Jill Soloway — who directed the Sundance entry “Afternoon Delight” — is the creative ce behind “Transparent.”John Ridley is following up his Oscar-winning “ Years a Slave” screenplay with “American Crime,” which arrives on March 5 on A.So where does all of this leave Sundance?On the one hand, festival organizers are thrilled about the rise of television as fertile ground the independent-cinema crowd. Sundance’s oft-repeated goal is to “support independent storytellers,” regardless of the medium. The nonprofit Sundance Institute last year added a television writing lab to its roster of workshops.More than 900 people applied openings, according to Keri Putnam, the Sundance Institute’s executive director.“We spend a lot of time listening to our commy of artists, and what we began to see, like everybody else, was the surge of opporties independent voices on television and online platms,” Ms. Putnam said. “This feels like a very natural expansion of our work.”Similarly, the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last year started a program dedicated to online series, and the more commercially oriented South by Southwest festival in Texas added a television section.But Robert Redd, Sundance’s founder, and his crew also want to protect their movie base, which is one reason they work so hard to stage world premieres (1 this time around, out of 3 features total). When film executives no longer need to make the trek to Utah to see new offerings — when everyone can simply view them on Vimeo link from New York and Los Angeles, as some aly do — Sundance stops being a must-attend event.Some festival officials even avoid the word television, referring to it instead as “episodic storytelling.”“We have no mal plans to add an episodic festival section,” Ms. Putnam said.Still, “Animals” represents an important toe in the water.That seven-episode series is not the first TV project to be shown at Sundance. In , the festival screened Jane Campion’s seven-hour “Top of the Lake” mini-series in its entirety, billing it as a “cinematic event.” Last year, the festival’s experimental New Frontier section included Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “HitRECord on TV,” a variety-show outgrowth of a website.But both of those shows aly had cable distribution locked up in advance and were trying to use Sundance to generate tune-in buzz. The same is true of “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,” a six-part documentary series headed to HBO next month; Sundance will screen the first episode on Tuesday.“Animals,” in contrast, is being dangled sale by agents at ICM Partners, alongside films like “People, Places, Things,” a potential crowd-pleaser about a newly single graphic novelist with twin daughters.The element of commerce is important. Sundance first hit its stride in the 1980s partly because independent-film executives, split between New York and Los Angeles, came together in the middle to wheel and deal. The festival’s heat has always come from the money changing hands.“We truly have no idea what to expect,” said Mike Luciano, who wrote and directed “Animals” with Phil Matarese. “It could end up on traditional TV. It could go to one of the interesting home streaming options. That’s what’s exciting about it.”犹他州帕克城——这里并不是在举行“圣丹斯电视节”第31届圣丹斯电影节(Sundance Film Festival)于周四拉开帷幕,一些出席的好莱坞人士经常用这个和小屏幕有关的难听外号来称呼它这可能是因为,和电影界的其他部分一样,独立电影界也在努力应付电视作为一种创作力量和经济力量的入侵独立电影界曾经代表了业的最前沿,但是近来,独立电影界已经开始把自己的领地割让给电视界,比如亚马逊冒险推出的剧集《透明家庭(Transparent),就是由圣丹斯出身的班底主创的今年在圣丹斯电影节上映的3部影片中,大部分不会在影院播出,而会在视频点播系统中播出圣丹斯的长期参与者们认为,这个变化令该电影节面临身份危机圣丹斯电影节是美国独立电影的最佳展示机会,组委会深以这个传统为骄傲,致力于保持住这一身份与此同时,它也暂且接受电视这种充满革新与能量的艺术形式换言之,它试图保持确当性处处都显现出这种挣扎,先是《动物们(Animals),这是一部独立制作、独立核算的电视剧前两集是动画,讲述失恋的纽约老鼠与对性别有疑问的鸽子,它们将于周一作为特别活动在圣丹斯首播此外,《动物们希望利用电影节寻找分销商——圣丹斯的工作人员们说,这样的做法对于电视剧来说还是第一次在圣丹斯电影节上卖电视剧?其实这并不像听上去的那么奇怪,如今,分析师们评估,数字与视频点播务正在取代艺术影院,成为90%的独立电影的主要出口今年,预计圣丹斯电影节上最活跃的购买者中也会包括依靠视频点播的分销商,诸如IFC、Magnolia和Radius-TWC,其中Radius-TWC是业界精英温斯坦影业(Weinstein Company)旗下的精英部门在圣丹斯播出的纪录片中,已经有部被HBO、CNN、Showtime和Netflix预定“本地的艺术影院来到了你的起居室里,”制片人詹森·布拉姆(Jason Blum)说,他的影片《爆裂鼓手(Whiplash)是去年圣丹斯电影节的首映影片,最近他也在电视上获得了较大知名度 与此同时,更多独立电影导演和编剧不仅希望把圣丹斯作为促进电影事业发展的平台,在电视事业上也是如此“现在人们的梦想是编写并执导一部电影,在圣丹斯放映,然后凭借这份资历,成为黄金时段电视剧的主创,比如莉娜·杜汉姆(Lena Dunham),或者成为电视节目主持人或者导演,”里德·马丁(Reed Martin)说,他是独立制片指南书《胶片真相(Reel Truth)的作者“现在的资金都投向电视,近来电视也鼓励很多创意方面的冒险,”他补充独立电影界的人才流失很明显独立电影制片人马克(Mark)和杰伊·杜普拉斯(Jay Duplass)是圣丹斯颇受宠爱的常客,最近正忙于为HBO台拍摄《患难与共(Togetherness)此外两人也是《动物们的执行制片伍迪·艾伦(Woody Allen)早在独立电影成气候之前就已经是独立电影人了,如今他在为亚马逊拍摄一部数字电视剧;此外曾执导年圣丹斯参赛影片《午后乐事(Afternoon Delight)的吉尔·索洛维(Jill Soloway)也在为亚马逊工作,担任《透明家庭的主创约翰·里德利(John Ridley)曾因撰写《为奴年( Years a Slave)的剧本而获得奥斯卡奖,如今他为《美国重案(American Crime)做编剧,该剧将于3月5日登陆A台所以圣丹斯还剩下什么呢一方面,电影节组织者们为电视业的兴起而兴奋,它为独立电影业提供了丰富的观众基础圣丹斯电影节经常重申自己的目标是:“持独立的故事讲述者”,不管讲述者采取的是什么媒介去年,非盈利性的圣丹斯学院在自己的工作室中加入了一个电视剧本创作实验室圣丹斯学院的执行理事吉莱·帕特纳姆(Keri Putnam)说,有900多人申请了这个实验室的个空缺职位“我们花了很多时间听取同行艺术家的意见,我们开始和所有人一样意识到,在电视和其他网络平台中,开始涌现出大量独立的声音,”帕特纳姆说“于是我们的工作自然而然就延伸了”同样,纽约的翠贝卡电影节也在去年开设了一个项目,专门用于网络剧集;更为商业化的得克萨斯州西南偏南电影节亦增设了电视剧单元但圣丹斯电影节的创始人罗伯特·莱德福特(Robert Redd)和他的工作人员们仍然希望维护电影基础,所以他们才努力搞了那么多全球首映(在本届圣丹斯电影节上映的3部长片中,共有1部是全球首映)如果电影业的执行官员们不必长途跋涉,赶到犹他州来看新片,如果任何人都可以呆在纽约或者洛杉矶,从Vimeo网站观看这些影片(其实有些人已经这么做了),到那个时候,圣丹斯就不再是什么非参加不可的活动了有些电影节组织者甚至讳谈“电视”这个字眼,称电视剧为“分集讲故事”“我们还没有正式推出增设分集电影单元的计划,”普特纳姆说不过,《动物们代表一次重要的尝试这部剧集有7集,不过它并不是第一次出现在圣丹斯上的电视节目年,圣丹斯电影节完整放映了简·坎皮恩(Jane Campion)七小时的迷你剧《湖畔之巅,并将之列入“电影活动”去年,电影节的实验项目,“新边疆”单元播放了约瑟夫·高登-莱维特(Joseph Gordon Levitt)的《HitReCord on TV这是一个出自网站的综艺秀但这两个电视节目都已经事先预定在有线台播出,旨在利用圣丹斯平台做宣传《噩运:罗伯特·斯特的生与死(The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst)也是如此,它是一部六集纪录片,将于下月在HBO播放,圣丹斯电影节将于周二播放前两集《动物们则正相反,它正由ICM伙伴公司对外出售,该公司出售的电影还包括《人物、地点、事件(People, Places, Things),这是一部潜在的讨好大众的电影,主角是一个新近失去伴侣的图文小说家,带着双胞胎女儿生活商业元素很重要圣丹斯电影节能在世纪80年代达到第一个全盛时期,部分是由于原本分裂为纽约与洛杉矶两派的独立电影制片人们聚集到这个中间地带,一起做买卖电影节的一贯来自金钱交易“我们确实不知道未来会发生什么,”迈克·卢西亚诺(Mike Luciano)说,他是《动物们的编剧,并与菲尔·马塔莱斯(Phil Matarese)联合执导了该剧“它可能在传统电视台播放,也可能成为有趣的家庭流媒体之选所以才这么让人兴奋”惠东县有治疗前列腺炎吗惠州友好医院不孕不育科



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