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Sure. You mentioned IBM, when IBM entered the market, was that a daunting thing for you at apple?的确如此。你提到IBM,IBM进入PC市场是不是对苹果构成了威胁?Oh sure. I mean… here was apple, you know a 1 billion dollar company, and here was IBM, at that time, probably about 30 some billion company entering the market,那当然,苹果当时的市值只有10亿,而IBM大约是300亿 sure. it was very scary. Err... we made a very big mistake though, that IBM’s first product was terrible. It was really bad. 确实让人胆寒,尽管IBM的第一款产品十分糟糕We made a mistake of… not realizing that a lot of other people have strong vested interests to help IBM to make it better. So ...If it has just been IBM, it would have crashed and burned. 但我们太轻敌了,我们忽略了很多人的利益与IBM捆绑在一起,如果没有这些帮助,IBM早就输了But IBM did have I think a genius in their approach, which was to have a lot of people have vested interests in their success. And that’s what saved them in the end.IBM的确很高明,它建立了强大的同盟阵营,终于救了它一命。So you came back from visiting Xerox PARC with a vision, and how do you implement the vision?你从施乐研究中心找到了灵感,如何付诸行动呢?Well, I got our best people together and started to get them working on this. 马上召集身边的骨干来实现这个创意The problem was we hired a bunch of people from HP, and they didn’t get this idea, they didn’t get it. 。问题是从惠普跳槽来的几个人不理解图形界面的本质I remember having dramatic arguments with some of these people, who thought the coolest thing in user interface was the soft keys at the bottoms of the screen,我跟他们大吵过几次,他们觉得图形界面就是在屏幕下方加上几个按钮 you know. They have no concept of proportionally spaced fonts, no concept of the mouse.完全不明白比例字体和鼠标的重要性As a matter of fact, I remember arguing with these folks, people screaming at me,我记得他们和我争执不下,冲我大嚷大叫 it could take us 5 years to engineer a mouse and it would cost 300 dollars to build. 说什么研发鼠标至少要5年,成本不会低于300美元 /201306/245075。

Don#39;t spend all your time fussing with your face in the summer. Learn how to do your makeup right so you can spend your time in the sun.炎热的夏天不要把所有的时间花费在和自己的脸做斗争上。学习一下如何打造夏季妆容,这样你就可以花费更多时间晒日光浴了。You Will Need你需要Oil-free cleanser无油洗面奶Towel毛巾Sponge海绵Tinted moisturizer保湿润色粉底霜Powder foundation粉底Blotting paper吸油纸Bronzing powder古铜粉Fluffy brush蓬松的刷子Light makeup浅色化妆品Tinted lip bal着色护唇膏Eyeliner眼线笔Eye shadow眼影Waterproof mascara (optional)防水睫毛膏(可选)Oil-based remover (optional)油性卸妆水(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Wash first1.洁面Wash your face with oil free cleanser in a cool room to limit sweat. Then blot your face dry with a towel.在一个清凉的房间内用无油洗面奶洗脸,防止出汗。然后用毛巾把面部擦干。STEP 2 Sponge on moisturizer2.涂保湿润色粉底霜Sponge on a tinted moisturizer SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin from the sun. Let the moisturizer absorb for 10 minutes before applying your foundation.涂抹防晒系数为15或更高的保湿润色粉底霜,防止皮肤被阳光晒伤。让保湿霜吸收10分钟的时间,然后再涂粉底。STEP 3 Smooth on foundation3.涂粉底Smooth foundation over spots where you need extra coverage, around your nose, under your eyes, and over blemishes.在斑点,鼻子周围,眼睛下部和瑕疵等需要额外遮盖的地方涂抹粉底霜。STEP 4 Add bronzing powder4.添加古铜粉Apply bronzing powder to your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose with a loose, fluffy brush to keep it from densely packing on the color. Glowing skin enhances the whiteness of eyes and teeth.前额,脸颊,下巴和鼻子用蓬松的刷子刷一些古铜粉,防止颜色太过密集。散发光的皮肤更让你显得唇红齿白。Apply lighter makeup in the summer that won#39;t cake. Shade slightly, but allow your skin#39;s natural color to come through, too.夏季使用不容易结块的浅色化妆品。涂上薄薄的一层,但是还可以让皮肤能够散发出自然的光。STEP 5 Control shine5.控制油光Control shine with blotting paper, followed with a luminescent powder to keep it all looking natural in the bright sun.用吸油纸吸走油光,然后涂一层冷光粉,让皮肤在明亮的阳光下看起来更自然。STEP 6 Color lips6.唇部上色Color your lips with a subtle, tinted lip balm. Use a natural-looking nude shade or invisible lip liner for definition. The waxy film will prevent colors from bleeding in the heat.用浅色的着色护唇膏为唇部上色。使用比较自然的裸色或看不见的唇线笔勾勒形状。蜡膜可以防止颜色在炎热中晕染。Use waterproof mascara during the humid months, but use oil-based remover to prevent a build up.湿润的天气使用防水睫毛膏,但是使用油性卸妆水,以防结块。STEP 7 Shape the eyes7.眼部妆容Use neutral shades of shadow to make your eyes pop, and shape your eyes with colorful liner. Put on a bikini and hit the beach.使用中性的眼影,让眼部更加突出,用色眼线笔来描绘眼睛形状。穿上比基尼,向沙滩出发!Ancient Egyptian workers considered oils that guarded skin from the effects of sun and wind to be a vital part of their regular wages. Grievances were filed during the reign of Ramesses III when they were withheld.古埃及工人认为保护皮肤免受风吹日晒的油是他们日常工资重要的一部分。拉美西斯三世统治时期将这些油扣留,遭到工人不满。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/290803。

Efforts to make China self-reliant in steel resulted in 10% of the country#39;s forests being felled to feed the furnaces.自力更生大炼钢铁的结果导致了百分之十的森林被砍伐,在熔炉中焚烧殆尽。This had a profound impact on China#39;s environment, with effects, in some cases, lasting until the present day.除四害、大炼钢铁对中国的环境造成了巨大的影响,其中有些影响一直持续至今。Mao#39;s policy towards the countryside has been described in the phrase, ;Man must conquer nature.; Quite different from the ancient concept of harmonious co-existence with nature.毛主席关于农村的政策一言以蔽之:;人定胜天;,完全有别于古老观念中所述的人与自然和谐相处。As modern China engages with the outside world, which of these attitudes seems likely to prevail.由于现代中国与外部世界的交流更加频繁,这种观点似乎占据了主导地位。To find the answers, we#39;ll travel to the far reaches of the heartland to see how its traditional cultures and unique creatures are faring today.为了找到,我们的旅途将深入到中国的心脏地带。去了解一下那儿的传统文化以及独特的生物在今天的处境。 /201408/319178。

Like fingertips searching for a hold,这棵长春藤的黏性吸盘this ivy#39;s adhesive pads grip the bark.像寻找着力点的指尖一样 紧紧抓住树皮Instead of sticking to the trees, some climbers use sharp claws.有些植物不会紧黏在树干上 而是伸出利爪The cat#39;s claw creeper hooks its tendrils into the tiniest crevices猫爪藤用卷须勾住微小裂缝and hauls itself to the top.把自己往上撑With every metre it climbs, the light gets a little stronger,每向上爬一公尺 阳光就变得更强一些fuelling more growth.进一步刺激它生长This tendril of a passion flower seems to flail aimlessly in mid-air,这株西番莲的卷须 看似漫无目的地在半空中乱挥but in fact it#39;s searching for an anchor point.其实它在找一个着力点Its tendril coils on itself, pulling the plant towards its support.卷须盘绕起来 把植物拉向它的撑物In a matter of just days, these climbers make it to the canopy.短短几天光景 这些攀缘植物就到了树冠层Now with light in plentiful supply, these plants are able to flower.它们来到明亮的阳光下 肆意地绽放花朵Other plants have a different strategy别的植物在拥挤的森林里 以截然不同的策略to find the light they need in the crowded forest.得到它们所需的光线 Article/201310/262588。

Scope And Scale Of Italian Mafia Sky#39;s Alex Rossi examines the sp of the Italian Mafia and how its influence extends well beyond the plots of movies.新闻背景:意大利警方在首都罗马等地展开了大规模突击行动,出动了500名来自不同部门的执法人员,其中包括特种部队。逮捕了数十名涉嫌与黑手党组织相关的嫌疑人员。意大利警方表示,这次行动是罗马历史上规模最大的打击黑手党行动之一,其主要目标是肃清罗马海岸周边的犯罪行为。意大利政府报告显示,黑手党在2011年共敛取了257亿欧元,占当年意大利国内生产总值的1.7%。报告同时指出,黑手党组织敛财所得主要来自绑架后敲诈的赎金,此后他们将非法所得再进行“投资”时,扩充自己的领土和势力范围成为了他们的首选。伦敦警方宣布已于7日逮捕兰卡多尔。英国《镜报》称,兰卡多尔为“意大利政府最想逮捕的罪犯”。现年64岁的兰卡多尔是意大利黑手党最重要的头目之一,由于他曾是一名体育老师,在黑手党内部被称为“老师”。上世纪90年代成为意大利巴勒莫市黑手党组织首领,他多次参与组织敲诈、贩毒等违法活动。据英国《卫报》报道,兰卡多尔曾因在1987年至1994年间从事黑手党活动被意大利法院判处7年监禁,但他本人并未出席庭审。此后兰卡多尔开始逃亡生涯,并被意大利警方视为“最危险”的罪犯。Stinky rubbish blocking the streets of Naples is a sign for many Italians of just how deeply entrenched the Mafia is in Italian society. The breakdown and collisions cause riots and expose the corruption of what should be a public service. It also shows just how far the tentacles of organized crimes have sp.So all these money that they make they invest in the Italy economy, so they own business, they own shops and they buy a lot of free real estates. And that#39;s to me is the most thrilling aspect of the Mafia, because then they merge with legally legitimate entrepreneurs and co-hold the economy and society more broadly.The Mafia originated here in Sicily nearly 200 years ago and was known as the Cosa Nostra. Since then it spooned other criminal families in mainland Italy, such as the Camorra in Naples. The syndicate#39;s reach expands the globe and the Mafia is a force in America with five mobster families dividing up the criminal spoils of major cities like New York. The term Mafia has also grown and it#39;s used to describe as illegal gangaround the world, such as the Yakuza in Japan and Triad in China.What they all have in common with the Sicily Mafia is the aspiration to become an alternative authority in a given territory. So in a sense they set themselves up as a legitimate authority instead of the state.And Italian Mafia is growing, even eclipse tourism when it comes to revenue. According to a recent report by C, an association of shop keepers, Mafira Incorporated now represents 7% of the country#39;s GDP, generating a revenue of around 110 billion pounds every year.The police having the past made high-profile arrests with members then paraded for the camera, but even so Mafia#39;s grip on the industrial crime shows no signs of slipping. /201308/252351。

The 1980s appear to be a new era of American financial prosperity.上世纪80年代是美国经济繁荣的新时代Low interest rates and the easy credit flows lead a bussiness boom.低利率和宽松的信贷政策的盛行引领经济繁荣复苏Over the course of the decade,在这十余年间trading on Wall Street markets breaks records,华尔街市场交易屡创新高the Dow Jones Index rises more than 200 percent.道琼斯指数飙升了超过200个百分点By the 1980s,100,000 Americans become millionaires every year.80年代末 每年便有十万美国人跨入百万富翁的行列There have been boom times before.美国也曾历经过繁荣The oil rush leads to cheap gasoline and cars for the masses.石油热带来了廉价汽油 实现了汽车普及And cheap steel leads to a construction boom,廉价钢铁促进了建筑业的繁荣builds new cities.城市迅速发展起来Now in 1980s America,80年代的美国 cheap credit creates a boom in consumers.低息贷款刺激了消费The credit card is the symbol of the decade.信用卡是这个时期的象征Invented in 1958,once reserved for the wealthy, now it#39;s democratized.开发于1958年 一度是有钱人的专利 如今普罗大众也可以拥有By 1989,more Americans have credit cards than vote in elections.到1989年 持有信用卡的美国人比选民还多The 80#39;s see cardholders increase their debt by a factor of five.80年代 持卡人的借贷额增长了五倍By the end of the decade, Americans are spending nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars on their credit cards every year.到80年代末 美国人每年刷卡消费近2500亿美元During the 80s, the number of shopping malls surpasses the number of high schools.80年代 购物中心的数量甚至比高中学校的数量还多There#39;s a 78% increase in fast-food stores.快餐店的数量增加了78%Spending on restaurant food more than doubles to over 250 billion dollars in decade.十年间 餐饮行业消费额翻了一番 达到2500多亿美元During that decade we probably became more materialistic than we ever had before.那十年可能是美国史上最为物欲横流的时期Consumption was off the charts.消费创下了历史新高 /201304/234958。

Bryant Attacks Tesco Over #39;Unfair#39; Migrant Use The Shadow Immigration Minister criticises UK employers who target foreign workers, but softens his stance on the issue.Even good British companies have been affected by the impactof low-skilled migrant workers. Take Tesco, a good employer and an important source of jobs in Britain.They take on young people, operateapprenticeship and training schemes and often recruit unemployed or disabled staffthrough job centers. Yet one of thedistribution center was moved to a new location, existing staff saidthey would have lost staff by transferring. And the result was ahigh proportion of staff at the new site from A8 countries taking up the jobs. Tesco are clear that they#39;ve tried to recruit locally and I hope theycould provide for insurance for their existingstaff. But thefact that staff are raising concerns shows how sensitive the issue has become. Somecompanies have found themselves far more heavily affected. Next PLCrecruited extra temporary staff for their south Amzore warehouse for the summersale last year and this year.Now South Amzore is in a region with 9%unemployment and 23.8% youth umemployment, yet several hundredpeople were recruited directly from Poland. The recruitmentagency next usedcalled flame has its website wwww.flamejobs.pl entirely in Polish. Now ofcourse short-term contracts and work are sometimes necessary in order tosatisfy seasonal spikes and demand. But when agencies bring such a large of workersof a specific nationality at a time when there are one million young unemployedin Britain, it isright surely to ask why that is happening. Now many employerssay they prefer to take on foreign workers, they have lots ofget-up and go they say they are reliable, they turn up andthey work hard. But I#39;veheard examples from across the country where employers appear to have madedeliberate decisions not to provide training to local young people but to cutpay and conditions and to recruit from abroad instead. All to use tightaccommodation and undercut the minimum wage. It maybe the case assome have argued that many young people discount hospitality or care industryas beneath them, but inmany other countries a job in a hotel is not a dead-end or a gap appear stopgap, but astart of a rewarding career. Tourism is one of our largest industies but I have heard horror tales ofhotel management deliberately cutting hours of youngBritish workers and adding hours to migrantworkers who don#39;t complain about deductions ofearnings that almost certainly take people below the national minimum wage. /201308/252748。

The whales continue to rush by.座头鲸不断地游过去In the end, Roger just can#39;t keep up any longer.终于罗杰再也憋不住气了Exhausted, it#39;s time to return to the boat for the last time.累死人了 该结束回到船上去了Amazing! That was the most amazing experience I#39;ve ever had.太奇妙了There was about...那是我经历过最奇妙的经验seven or eight.大概有七,八只鲸鱼Both dived down about 20 metres in front.在我前面潜下去大概二十公尺And then the female came through first, quite close.然后母鲸先过来,靠得蛮近的And then they all just started diving towards me,公鲸鱼突然开始朝我游过来it was like standing in a stream of traffic.我好像站在马路中间It was just one one side, one the next side, one the next side.这一边好像有车流通过 另外这一边也是And then, after about 40 seconds,大概过了四十秒之后 不知道四十还是四十五秒40, 45 seconds, I was getting a little bit out of breath.我喘不过气了,我往上看And then I looked up, and there#39;s one sitting right on top of me.竟然看到一只就在我头顶上Did you get it? I think so. Hope so.你都拍到了吗 应该有吧,希望有If not, then we#39;re both fired!要是没有 我们俩就准备走路了It#39;s taken 18 days and hundreds of dives,制作团队共花了十八天 并且下海潜水了几百次but at last the team have been able to reveal a secret最后终于拍摄到这些鲸鱼of these whales#39; lives that few people have ever seen.鲜为人所见的秘密活动 Article/201308/251312。