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Im curious quickly,the zombie makeup,they do such a good job with you.我很好奇 僵尸妆 他们化得很好but it must take a long time to make you up as a zombie.但是化僵尸妆肯定要很久吧It takes about an hour and 45 minutes in the morning and then about 45 minutes to take off at the end of the day.早上要花一小时45分钟 拍摄结束后要花45分钟才能卸妆But the thing is,its,I have to do the full makeup process to get on,但是问题是 我必须完成一整套化妆过程 but its quite easy and tempting to just half ass it when you take it off.但是草草卸妆很容易 也很有诱惑力So I have had on a couple of occasions like still had my wig cap on and sunken,black eyes and bits of makeup.所以我有时候依然戴着假发 有黑眼圈 僵尸妆的一点残留And I stopped at the supermarket on the way home and not thought about it.回家路上 我去了超市 没想到这事And I remember walking through a supermarket once where Im sure they will have a wanted sign of me now.我记得有次在一家超市逛着 他们现在肯定有对我的通缉令It was me walking through,on the phone.我就走来走去 打着电话Goodness knows who,saying this brain that I ate today,it was a sociopathic brain天知道在跟谁打 说我今天吃的脑子 是反社会分子的脑子and its a little difficult to play that,this whole thing.Your jaw is falling off.有点难演什么的 同时你的下巴掉了My jaw is falling off and people are like,I did zombie makeup for,I saw.我的下巴掉了 人们 我搞过僵尸妆 我看见了Walking Dead,and they caked it on.I was almost disappointed at how I still looked so much like myself.《行尸走肉》 他们拍了照片 我有点失望 我还是很像我自己I think I have a photo.I still looked so much like myself.It freaked me out.我觉得有照片 我还是很像我自己 我吓坏了I didnt look different enough.I was going to say,you know,Im rightly speaking out of turn if you came and cameoed on I Zombie.我看起来不够有区别 我想说 我也许有点冒昧 但如果你来《我是僵尸》演配角I think you would be the only person who needs a spray tan to look like youre dead.我想你是唯一需要美黑喷雾 才能看起来像是死人的人Thats true.I am one of those guys you can see my veins coming through.Its beautiful,oh my god.是真的 你可以看到我的静脉 很美 天啊This is me now with 30 layers of makeup on.we tone you up a bit.we tone you up a bit.Do that please.这是我涂了30层粉的样子 我们会给你喷美黑喷雾的 一定要喷I Zombie air tuesday at 9:00 on the CW.Rose,thank you so much for being here.Thank you.Nice having you on the show.《我是僵尸》周二九点在CW台播出 罗丝 多谢你抽空前来 谢谢 你来真是太好了Rose Mciver.Be right back.Shawn Mendes is here.Stick around.罗丝·麦克莱佛 马上回来 肖恩·门德斯将来表演 不要走开201608/458068。

  • The current negotiations over the contracts are continuing pretty much out of the spotlight. Theres a delicate balance that both sides are trying to pull off.Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes shared the ;wants; and ;needs; of both sides in these contract talks with us.He penned a column today in the News about the talks.First, the automakers ;wants,; according to Howes:;They want to keep their costs down, and remain competitive with the foreign competitors operating in the ed States,; Howes says. ;And theyre going to be dragging their feet a little bit on base wage increases, and sweetening to health care, because health care is consuming, yet again, a big chunk of cash for them and they want to get their arms around it.;And the ;wants; for the UAW, according to Howes:;Start with base wage increases, I think, for both the so-called legacy workers and also for the second-tier workers who started getting hired after the 2007 agreement … More for the second-tier, I think, they want to get a little bigger chunk for them and maybe a little less for the legacy guys, but I dont think you get this deal ratified without base wage increases,; he says.Howes also says the UAW also wants to address where plants are moving and where products are made in these deals.He says these talks are ;very delicate; in nature for new UAW president, Dennis Williams.;Theyre on the other side of what has been a real roaring back of Detroit financially, and from a product perspective,; says Howes. ;And I think the union is in a difficult position for a few reasons. One is, yes, theres no question these companies have made a lot of money. How can they can extract and reach a deal that enables these companies to continue to make money, but also rewards the workers in a way that makes sense?;Howes says its unusual for the talks to be so ;under the radar; this close to the end of negotiating time. Usually stories leak out about the talks. He says the fact that theres been so little attention on the talks reflects how Dennis Williams works.201508/394403。
  • Young trevally, they dart for the fish, causing them to panic and break ranks.澳洲鲹鱼飞快地冲向鱼群,恐慌的鱼群四下逃散。By putting themselves in the midst of the shoal, the sharks are in a perfect position to exploit the chaos.而这对等待在浅滩的鲨鱼来说,是浑水摸鱼的好机会。For a hungry lemon shark, no water seems too shallow.一条饥饿的柠檬鲨可以在任何浅水中活动。The sharks are able to use these special tactics to feed inshore, because of the rhythm of the tides, which change conditions every few hours.鲨鱼们这种独特的近岸狩猎策略是为了适应每几个小时就发生一次的潮汐,适应周而复始的变化而发展出来的。The cycle of day and night also has a dramatic effect on everything that lives on the reef.还有日夜的循环,也能产生出戏剧性效应,进而影响着珊瑚礁中的每个生物。 201411/341639。
  • Inner-city gentrification城市绅士化So long, Soho苏活区,坚持住好么Londons seediest district hints at some of the ways the capital is changing伦敦市最脏乱的一个区在某些方面预示着这个城市正在悄然改变IN 1847 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels earnestly debated the failings of capitalism in rooms above a pub at 20 Great Windmill Street, in Soho. Some 170 years later, patrons of Be at One, the chain which has taken over the venue, have somewhat different problems to worry about. After making their way past a bouncer, and through throngs of people to a bar dimly lit by brown lights, drinkers navigate a cocktail around 20 pages long, with eye-watering prices. “I dont like paying 8.50 for a drink,” admits Josh Rogers, an American tourist. “But Im happy to pay more if the area is vibrant and fun,” he adds, slightly despondently.1847年,马克思和恩格斯在苏活区20大风车街的一间酒吧楼上的房间里,深刻分析了资本主义的灭亡。在170多年后,Be at One—早已接管此地的连锁店—的顾客们却在担忧另外的一些问题。越过保镖,穿过拥挤的人群进入尽是昏暗灯光的酒吧,酒客们浏览着足足有20多页的鸡尾酒菜单,价格也贵的令人咋舌。“我不愿花8.5英镑(13美元)就买一杯喝的,”美国游客乔希罗杰斯说。“但若是这个地方能更化一点我还是很乐意花钱的,”他略带遗憾地补充道。Soho, an area of about half a square kilometre in the West End, has long been an anomaly in central London. At the turn of the 20th century it was full of French, German, Polish and Italian immigrants; just before the first world war one writer remarked that “when the respectable Londoner wants to feel devilish he goes to Soho”. Full of pretty Georgian houses and dark side streets, it resisted development in the 1970s, and it remains a red-light district: around 40 flats are still used for prostitution. Film and television companies cluster above bars and restaurants.苏活区,这个位于西区近0.5平方公里的地区,长久以来都是伦敦市中心的变异型。在20世纪初,这里满是法国、德国、波兰和意大利的移民;在第一次世界大战之前就有一位作家说道“当备受尊崇的伦敦人想体验邪恶生活,他们都会去苏活区。”满目尽是漂亮的乔治王时代艺术风格的房屋和昏暗的街边,拒绝跟上19世纪70年代的发展,这里仍是红灯区:有近40栋楼房仍是卖淫场所。电影电视公司都簇集在酒吧和餐厅的楼上。But the area has become far less gritty. Fewer prostitutes operate there; most shops selling pornography have closed down. At the end of November Madame Jojos, a burlesque bar, had its licence revoked, after a fight took place outside it, and the bars security team were captured on CCTV wielding baseball bats. The club had aly been approved for redevelopment by the Soho Estates, one of two large landowners in the area, but the incident speeded up its closure. Denmark Street, known as Tin Pan Alley because of the number of music shops along it, is due to be turned into a street of flats and pop-up shops. A former police station which was empty for 13 years is currently being turned into an apartment block.但是这个地方已经大不如以前那般。越来越少的卖淫场所;大多数贩卖色情产品的商店都纷纷歇业。一间名为乔乔女士的脱衣舞酒吧外曾发生了一次斗殴事件,监控中拍下了酒吧安保团队挥舞棒球杆的场面,11月末,该酒吧被吊销了营业执照。这间酒吧已经获得了苏活区地产开发—该地区两大地头蛇之一的重建许可,但是这般小插曲倒加速了它的倒闭。丹麦街,更响亮的被称为锡盘巷,因为沿街有众多的音乐制品店,即将变成尽是楼房和快闪商店的街道。一栋空了13年的前警察局如今也正在被改造成一栋公寓。In part these changes reflect how Britain itself has become more cosmopolitan. In the 1960s Soho was full of food markets selling rarities such as avocados and globe artichokes, recalls Matthew Bennett, who has lived there for five decades. Now you can get such goods “at a Waitrose in Penzance,” he sniffs. Many quirky shops were on long-term leases which have since expired, while in some parts of the West End getting a licence to open a late-night bar has become harder. The internet has chipped away at the sex industry. In 2007 the local council cracked down on “clip joints”—where men are fooled into paying for titillation that never happens.这些变化在很大程度上反映了英国是如何变得愈加国际化。在19世纪60年代,苏活区满是贩售稀有物品的食品市场,像是鳄梨和朝鲜蓟,已在那里生活了50年的马修班内特如是回忆。如今你能“在彭赞斯的任一家维特罗斯里”买到这些商品,他说。许多古怪的商店都曾有长期租约而如今已过期,另外一些西区的部分商店想要获得午夜酒吧的许可已变得愈发困难。互联网已经削弱了性产业。在2007年,当地议会严厉打击 “夜总会”—在这里,男人们经常会冲动的为从未有过的新鲜感一掷千金。An increased demand for residential properties in central London has speeded up these changes. Since 2003 the West End has lost around 180,000 square metres of office floorspace as developers turn offices into flats. Increasing numbers of rich families with younger children live in the city centre, an area that many would have shunned two decades ago. Between 2003 and 2013 the number of children under the age of 16 in Westminster, the authority which encompasses Soho, increased by 30%, nearly double the rate for that age group across London. As a result, landowners have become more active in sprucing up the area: “Our motto is: edgy but not seedy,” says Steve Norris, the chairman of Soho Estates and a former Conservative MP. Crossrail, a new train line with a station north of Soho at Tottenham Court Road, will also bring a swathe of shiny new shops and offices.伦敦市中心的居民住宅需求量增加已加速了这些变化。自2003年西区失去18万平方米的办公用地转而被开发商用作住宅楼。愈来愈多的有年幼子女的富裕家庭居住在市中心,这个人们20年前都避而远之的地区。在2003年到2013年间,威斯敏斯特—包括苏活区—16岁以下青少年数量增加了30%,是整个伦敦该年龄段人数增长率的二倍。自然地,土地所有者都纷纷打出了各种旗号:“我们的口号是:前卫但不下流,”苏活区房产开发中心老板、前保守党议员史蒂夫诺里斯说。横贯铁路,位于苏活区北边托特纳姆法院路一种带有车站的新型列车线路,也将带来更多的各式各样的商店和办公室。This irks many, however. “Soho is the last ramshackle area of the old soot-stained, post-war London,” says Rupert Everett, an actor who has campaigned for the rights of sex workers. “Once that turns into a cascade of glass, then London is gone,” he sighs. After the closure of Madame Jojos a campaign group, Save Soho, was set up; around 9,000 people have signed a petition lambasting the change of “once proud centres of subculture” into “identikit high-end boutiques”. Pete Townshend, a musician, has argued that Denmark Street should be made into a “heritage zone”.然而这一举动却引起各方怨言。“苏活区是旧式烟色战后伦敦的最后残影,” 鲁伯特埃弗雷特说,他是曾身体力行持性工作者的演员。“一旦这里变成了各式样玻璃窗,那么伦敦也就不复存在了,”他感叹道。在乔乔女士的一个活动团体的没落之后,拯救苏活区,崛起了;近9000人已签署了请愿书,抗议把“曾经骄傲的文化中心”变作了“尽是广告人物海报的高端精品店。”音乐家皮特汤森坚持认为,丹麦街应该被建成一个“遗产区”。This poses a dilemma for developers. They want to spruce up the area while retaining the vague air of bohemianism that has attracted many to it. Parts of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, which was the centre of the hippie-era “summer of love”, have become tourist attractions, partly because of NIMBY residents. Westminster City Council is trying to limit the number of office-to-residential conversions. Others are pushing for a “creative-industry policy” for the area, in which film companies and the like have a say about developments. Such schemes may help prevent Soho changing too swiftly. But in many cases it may be too late.这使得开发商陷入了两难境地。他们想在装饰该地区的同时还要保留这里吸引众人来此的放荡不羁的环境风格。旧金山嬉皮区,曾是嬉皮士时代“爱的夏天”的中心,该区的部分地区已逐渐成为各式景点,这一定程度上是邻避居民的原因。威斯敏斯特市议会正试图限制办公转变为住宅的数量。还有在该地区不断推进“创意产业政策”,凭该政策那些电影公司之类的都可以对发展有所谏言。这般规划可能会有助于抑制苏活区的快速变化进程。但是在很多情况下,这些规划可能已经太迟了。译者:张娣 校对:王颖 译文属译生译世 /201501/353772。
  • Education and religion教育与宗教信仰Falling away此消彼长How education makes people less religious—and less superstitious, too接受教育越多,宗教倾向越少—迷信倾向也越少。这是为什么?JUST one extra year of schooling makes someone 10% less likely to attend a church, mosque or temple, pray alone or describe himself as religious, concludes a paper* published on October 6th that looks at the relationship between religiosity and the length of time spent in school. Its uses changes in the compulsory school-leaving age in 11 European countries between 1960 and 1985 to tease out the impact of time spent in school on belief and practice among respondents to the European Social Survey, a long-running research project.多上一年学,成为教徒(在教堂,清真寺或佛寺等宗教场所独自祈祷)的概率就少10%;10月6日发表的一篇论文得出了上述结论。这篇论文是一项长期项目的成果,它通过社会调查的方法,调查了1960-1985年间,11个欧洲国家中义务教育年限的变化,以求揭示受教育程度对宗教倾向(包括思想上的皈依和行为上的尊奉)的影响。By comparing people of similar backgrounds who were among the first to stay on longer, the authors could be reasonably certain that the extra schooling actually caused religiosity to fall, rather than merely being correlated with the decline. During those extra years mathematics and science classes typically become more rigorous, points out Naci Mocan, one of the authors—and increased exposure to analytical thinking may weaken the tendency to believe.比较了背景相似但受教育程度不同的人群之后,作者可以负责任的说:上学越多的人,越是不容易信教。两个现象之间确实存在因果关系,而非仅仅具有相关性。作者之一的南茜·莫肯声称,研究所面向的那个时期,数学和自然科学课程变得愈发严格,这就强化了学生分析问题的能力。而一个人愈是习惯于用分析的眼光看问题,就愈是具有怀疑精神;相反,宗教则要求人们不经思考就加以接受:二者有着内在冲突。Another paper, published earlier this year, showed that after Turkey increased compulsory schooling from five years to eight in 1997, womens propensity to identify themselves as religious, cover their heads or vote for an Islamic party fell by 30-50%. (No effect was found, however, among Turkish men.) And a study published in 2011 that looked at the rise in the school-leaving age in Canadian provinces in the 1950s and 1960s found that each extra year of schooling led to a decline of four percentage points in the likelihood of identifying with a religious tradition. Longer schooling, it reckoned, explains most of the increase in non-affiliation to any religion in Canada between 1971 and 2001, from 4% of the population to 16%.今天早些时候发表的另一篇论文表明,土耳其于1997年将义务教育年限从五年增加到八年之后,女性的宗教倾向下降了约三到五成(不过没有调查土耳其男性的情况);宗教倾向通过被调查者的自我评价,是否裹头巾,是否持伊斯兰政党等变量加以度量。2011年发布的一项研究成果,着眼于20世纪50至60年代之间,加拿大各省义务教育年限的延长。研究发现,接受学校教育的时间每增加一年,固守宗教传统的概率就减少4%。这项研究认为,1971年至2001年的30年间,加拿大人口中不信教的比例从4%上升到16%,其中主要原因是受教育程度的提高。The most recent paper also showed that each extra year in the classroom led to a drop of 11 percentage points in superstitious practices, though these remain common. Two-fifths of respondents said they consulted horoscopes, and a quarter thought that lucky charms could protect them. Other research has shown that religious beliefs and practices seem to make people happier, and in some circumstances healthier and wealthier, too. But to argue that such benefits more than offset the gains from extra education would require a leap of faith.最近发表的这篇论文还表明,每多上一年学,迷信行为就减少11%(虽然后者依旧盛行)。四成的被调查者相信占星术;另有四分之一认为护身符能保佑他们。其他研究早已表明,宗教信仰可使人们内心更充实,并在某些条件下,使人更健康、更富足。不过为了这些好处,就希冀人们少受些教育的话,恐怕只能说是“诸君北面,我自西向”了。 译者:韦永睿 校对:沈晓旭 译文属译生译世 /201410/336877。
  • Visiting Cuba in 1895, during its war of independence from Spain, he travelled unperturbed through some of the islands most dangerous territory while writing for the Daily Graphic.1895年,丘吉尔到了正在为脱离西班牙统治而战斗的古巴,他镇定地穿过岛上最危险的地区,同时为《每日画报》撰写稿件。The next year his regiment was transferred to India, where he fought Pushtun tribesmen on the border with Afghanistan, penning articles for the Daily Telegraph from a blood-splattered foxhole on the battlefield.次年,他所在的军团调往印度驻防,在印度与阿富汗接壤的地区与普什图部落作战,在战场上血迹斑斑的掩体里,他为《每日电讯报》写通讯。He was then sent to Sudan, where he took part in the British armys last great cavalry charge, at the Battle of Omdurman in 1898.他随后被派往苏丹,在那里参加了1898年的恩图曼战役,这是英国陆军历史上最后一次骑兵冲锋。After narrowly losing a by-election in Oldham, he returned to the journalistic fray as a war correspondent in South Africa for the Morning Post during the second Boer war of 1899-1902.丘吉尔在奥尔德姆选区的补选中以微弱差距落败,此后回归新闻记者的行列,在1899年至1902年的第二次布尔战争中,他担任《晨报》驻南非的战地记者。There he hit the front pages in his own right; he was captured by the Boers while accompanying a scouting expedition on an armoured train.他凭借自己的能力登上了报纸头版;他跟随侦察探险队乘坐装甲列车前进,被布尔人所俘获。Even that could not stop Churchill, who soon escaped from the prisoner-of-war camp, travelling almost 300 miles to safety in Portuguese East Africa.即使被俘也无法阻止丘吉尔的脚步,他很快从战俘营中逃脱,跋涉了近300英里的路程,安全抵达葡萄牙统治下的东非。As Mr Read notes, by the time of his return from Africa, Churchill had saved more than 4,000 from his writing, equivalent to 400,000 today.正如里德指出的那样,从非洲返回英国的时候,丘吉尔通过写作攒下了超过4000英镑,相当于今天的40万英镑。With judicious economy, he told his brother, I shall hope to make that carry me through the lean years.凭借着精打细算,他告诉自己的兄弟,我指望这笔钱能让我度过艰苦的岁月。But he returned to old habits in the years to come.但是他在此后的几年里故态复萌。Notable extravagances involved losing badly gambling in Monte Carlo and betting that share prices would continue to rise when the Wall Street crash hit.值得一提的是,他的生活穷奢极欲,在蒙特卡洛输掉大笔钱财,在华尔街大崩盘的时候押注股价会继续上涨。Churchill did not continue to write simply for adventure or fun;丘吉尔继续写作不是为了冒险或乐趣,he did so to make ends meet.他这样做只是为了糊口。But even that was not enough.但是即便如此也不够。He required bail-outs from wealthy friends in 1938, 1940 and 1946 to save him from bankruptcy.在1938年、1940年和1946年,他需要富裕的朋友伸出援手,才能使他免于破产。Both books manage to tell their tales of Churchill the adventurer and gambler elegantly.两本书都精心讲述了丘吉尔身为冒险家和绅士赌徒的故事。And for a financial biography, Mr Loughs is a surprising page-turner.就金融传记而言,戴维·洛的这本书引人入胜、令人惊叹。But the two authors only briefly link their assessments of Churchills personality to the important decisions he made in office—and even then only in vague terms.但是两位作者只是草率地把他们对丘吉尔个性的判断与他在政坛所做的重要决定联系起来,甚至只是含糊其辞地谈及此事。For instance, both fail to mention how his frequent bouts of depression may have contributed to his impulsiveness and risk-taking.比如说,两本书都没有提到,他经常发作的抑郁症可能是冲动和冒险行为的罪魁祸首。Although their stories are worth telling, they have left bigger questions about Churchill to other historians.虽然他们讲述的故事颇为精,却把关于丘吉尔的更多疑问留给其他历史学家去解决。 译文属译生译世 /201603/430628。
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