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成都生殖治疗妇科炎症好吗成都市包皮手术医院哪里好To the Chinese government, Facebook Inc. isn#39;t a social-media platform, it#39;s a channel for Chinese businesses to expand beyond the country#39;s borders.对于中国政府来说,Facebook Inc.并不是社交媒体平台,而是中国企业在境外扩张的一个渠道。At least that is the implication of a post on the website of China#39;s State Council Information Office following a meeting between Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the office#39;s head, Cai Mingzhao. The post includes a photo of Ms. Sandberg and Mr. Cai standing next to each other in the formal pose with a Chinese flag drooping in the background--a routine setup usually taken by Chinese officials during all manners of state visits.至少这是中国国务院新闻办公室主任蔡名照与Facebook首席运营长桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)会面后,新闻办网站上的一条报道所传达的信息。报道包括桑德伯格与蔡名照以正式的姿势并肩站着的合影,背景中有一面垂着的中国国旗,这是中国官员在所有形式的正式访问中通常采取的惯例安排。Ms. Sandberg, who declined to speak to media during a book promotion event Tuesday night in Beijing, met with Mr. Cai earlier in the day to discuss Facebook#39;s role helping Chinese enterprises expand abroad, according to the government site. Tantalizingly, the post also says the two discussed other cooperative items, without elaborating.桑德伯格周二晚间在北京的一个新书推广活动中拒绝与媒体交流。新闻办网站上说,当天早些时候她与蔡名照会面,就Facebook平台对中国企业拓展海外市场的重要作用进行了探讨。令人着急的是,报道还说两人讨论了其他合作事项,但却没有详细说明。Most likely, the meeting is less about the potential of Facebook to open up in China and more an acknowledgement that the American Internet giant#39;s business here increasingly resembles that of Google Inc., which makes the bulk of its money in the country helping Chinese businesses advertise in foreign markets.最有可能的情况是,两人会面讨论的内容与Facebook在华运营的可能性关系不大,更多地是承认这家美国互联网巨头在中国的业务越来越像谷歌(Google Inc.)的模式,谷歌在中国的收入大多来自帮助中国企业在海外市场进行广告宣传。Facebook is blocked in China, and amid a deep freeze on political commentary by online posters, it looks highly unlikely that the site will open any time soon. Instead, Ms. Sandberg#39;s meeting shows that for U.S. tech companies, the rise of the Chinese economy--and in turn Chinese companies--means the country is now an increasingly important source of advertising dollars.Facebook在中国被屏蔽,由于对网络用户政治性言论的深度封锁,该网站近期在中国开放的可能性很小。相反,桑德伯格与蔡名照的会面显示出,对于美国科技公司来说,中国经济以及中国公司的崛起意味着中国现在日渐成为广告收入的重要来源。That means for Ms. Sandberg and Facebook, even as they have been stiff-armed from the world#39;s largest pool of Internet users, it#39;s important to wear a smile and lean in to the Chinese market.这意味着对桑德伯格和Facebook来说,在他们被挡在世界最大的互联网用户群体之外的同时,重要的是面带笑容、主动接近中国市场。 /201309/256375金堂县儿童医院位置 The US tech industry has failed to appreciate the mounting global concern over its record on online privacy and security and must act fast to prevent deeper damage to its image, Silicon Valley’s top executives and investors have conceded.美国硅谷的高管和投资者们承认,美国高科技行业没有意识到其网络隐私及安全记录正不断引起全球担忧,必须迅速采取行动,以防行业形象受到更大损害。The self-criticism, much of it aimed at consumer internet groups Google and Facebook, comes as some of the sector’s best-known names have been battered by a backlash over revelations of widesp US internet surveillance and concerns about their cultural dominance.这些检讨大部分针对消费者互联网巨头谷歌(Google)和Facebook。美国大规模互联网监视行为的揭露,以及对其文化优势的担忧引起了人们的强烈反对,令该行业部分知名人士饱受抨击。Peter Thiel, a start-up investor and Facebook director, said: “Silicon Valley is quite oblivious to the degree to which this crescendo of concern is building up in Europe. It’s an extremely important thing and Silicon Valley is underestimating it badly.”Facebook董事、风险资本家皮特#8226;泰尔(Peter Thiel)说:“硅谷没有察觉到欧洲不断加剧的担忧情绪。它非常重要,而硅谷却严重低估了它。”Google has been most in the line of fire, with the European Commission turning up the heat in a competition case last week and a recent “right to be forgotten” legal ruling forcing it to remove some links from its European search services.谷歌一直处于风口浪尖,欧盟委员会(European Commission)上周在一起反垄断案中加大了对谷歌的压力,以及近期在一项“被遗忘权”裁决中迫使谷歌删除欧洲搜索务的部分链接。“I was surprised it turned this quickly,” Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, said of the change in the political mood over US tech. However, he denied that Silicon Valley had failed to anticipate the concerns. “It’s easy to blame the tech companies for being insufficiently sensitive – we are way sensitive, trust me.”谷歌董事长埃里克#8226;施密特(Eric Schmidt)在谈到围绕美国科技产业的政治情绪的变化时说:“我很惊讶会变得这么快。”不过他否认硅谷未能预见到这些关切。“人们很容易指责科技公司不够敏感——我们是相当敏感的,相信我。”Mr Thiel conceded that Facebook had work to do on its approach to Europe: “We certainly don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all. Facebook would like to be more sensitive to more local concerns.”泰尔承认Facebook在欧洲的做法有待改进:“我们当然不认为存在适用于所有情况的策略。Facebook希望能对当地的关切更加敏感。”Marc Benioff, chief executive of Salesforce.com, one of the biggest sellers of internet-based services to businesses, said consumer internet companies had “paid a terrible price” for imposing a US-centric view of their technology.Salesforce.com首席执行官马克#8226;班尼奥夫(Marc Benioff)表示,消费者互联网公司用自己的技术强推“美国中心”观念,已经为此“付出了惨痛代价”。Salesforce.com是一家大型的基于互联网的企业务公司。Jim Breyer, an early investor and former board member of Facebook, said the US government and tech companies had to “step up significantly if they want to regain the world’s trust”.Facebook早期投资者和前董事会成员吉姆#8226;布雷耶(Jim Breyer)表示,美国政府及高科技公司不得不“大大加快行动,如果他们还想重获全世界的信任”。The backlash over privacy and security has started to ripple more widely through Silicon Valley, where young companies have raced to launch new technologies without making these issues an overriding priority.围绕隐私和安全方面产生的强烈抵制情绪已开始在硅谷产生广泛影响。一直以来,硅谷的年轻公司争相推出新技术,没将隐私和安全当做重中之重。The tensions have exposed rifts inside the industry. While companies such as Facebook and Google claim to have seen little damage to their business, those selling cloud services are expected to lose bn-bn over the next three years as a result of the Snowden backlash, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.这一紧张局势已暴露了科技行业内的裂痕。虽然Facebook和谷歌等公司声称其业务没受到太大影响,但根据信息技术创新基金会(Information Technology and Innovation Foundation)的数据,在斯诺登事件影响下,云务销售商未来3年预计将损失220美元到450亿美元。“Some in our industry have underestimated the degree to which people care about privacy,” said Brad Smith, general counsel of Microsoft, which is trying to refocus its business on cloud services. “I’m not sure across Silicon Valley people have completely woken up to this.”微软(Microsoft)法律总顾问布拉德#8226;史密斯(Brad Smith)表示:“我们行业的一些人低估了人们对隐私的在意程度。我不知道硅谷的人是否都清醒地注意到了这一点。”微软正准备重新把云务作为一项核心业务。 /201409/328370JERUSALEM — Last month, on a freeway from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, I sat in the driver#39;s seat of an Audi A7 while software connected to a camera on the windshield drove the car at speeds up to 65 miles an hour — making a singular statement about the rapid progress in the development of self-driving cars.耶路撒冷——上月,在从耶路撒冷到死海的高速路上,我坐在一辆奥迪(Audi)A7的驾驶座上,而与装在挡风玻璃上的摄像头相连的软件,则在驾驶这辆汽车以每小时65英里(约合104.6公里)的速度前进,显示着自动驾驶汽车发展的神速。While the widely publicized Google car and other autonomous vehicles are festooned with cameras, radar and the laser range finders called lidars, this one is distinctive because of the simplicity and the relatively low cost of its system — just a few hundred dollars#39; worth of materials. ;The idea is to get the best out of camera-only autonomous driving,; said Gaby Hayon, senior vice president for research and development at Mobileye Vision Technologies, the Israeli company that created the system in the Audi.受到广泛宣传的谷歌(Google)汽车和其他自动驾驶汽车装满了摄像头、雷达和被称作“激光雷达”(lidar)的激光测距仪,而这部汽车的独到之处却在于简洁,以及成本相对较低的系统,材料只需几百美元。为奥迪研制这套系统的以色列移动眼视觉技术公司(Mobileye Vision Technologies)负责研发的高级副总裁加比·阿永 (Gaby Hayon)称,“我们的想法是充分开发只用摄像头的自动驾驶系统。”The Mobileye car does not offer the autonomy achieved by Google#39;s engineers. The Google car, which has been tested for more than 300,000 miles in California traffic, will merge onto freeways, drive safely through intersections, make left and right turns, and pass slower vehicles.使用移动眼的汽车不具备谷歌工程师所实现的那种自动化程度。谷歌汽车曾在加利福尼亚进行过30万英里的驾驶测试,它将会出现在高速公路上,在交叉路口安全行驶,能左右转弯,还能超过速度稍慢的汽车。By contrast, the Mobileye vehicle is capable only of driving in a single lane at freeway speeds, as well as identifying traffic lights and automatically slowing, stopping and then returning to highway speeds.相反,移动眼汽车只能以高速在一条车道上行驶,可以识别红绿灯,并自动减速、停车,之后再继续以高速行驶。But by blending advanced computer vision techniques with low-cost cameras, the company is demonstrating how quickly autonomous driving can be commercialized. ;You cannot have a car with ,000 of equipment,; said Amnon Shashua, a computer scientist at Hebrew University and a founder of Mobileye, referring to Google#39;s lidar system, ;and imagine that it will go into mass production.;然而,通过将先进的计算机视觉技术与低成本的摄像头搭配使用,这家公司向人们展示了,自动驾驶的商业化可以多么快地实现。希伯来大学(Hebrew University)计算机科学家,移动眼公司创始人阿姆农·沙舒瓦(Amnon Shashua)评价谷歌的激光雷达系统说,“要是一辆汽车搭载的设备价值高达7万美元,你是没办法设想让它大规模生产的。”Elon Musk, the automobile and spaceship entrepreneur, recently made headlines by saying much the same thing. Mr. Musk said he was interested in designing self-driving versions of his Tesla automobiles, possibly in partnership with Google, but in an interview with Bloomberg Mr. Musk said lidars were too expensive to be used in production cars. Like Google, Mobileye is not an automobile company, but rather a technology firm that is intensely focused on developing the next generation of artificial intelligence software.汽车和宇宙飞船行业的企业家埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)最近因发表大致相同的看法而上了新闻。马斯克称,他很有兴趣为为自己的Tesla汽车设计自动驾驶的版本,可能会与谷歌合作,但在接受彭社(Bloomberg)采访时,他表示激光雷达成本太高,不适用于汽车制造。与谷歌一样,移动眼也不是一家汽车公司,而是主要研发下一代人工智能软件的技术公司。The company was founded in the 1990s, after developers persuaded General Motors to buy an inexpensive camera that could detect vehicles in adjacent lanes.20世纪90年代,开发人员在说通用汽车(General Motors)购买一种可以探测到相邻车道上的汽车的廉价摄像头之后,成立了这家公司。Mobileye has recently begun offering the third generation of its technology, which companies like Volvo have promoted for its ability to detect pedestrians and cyclists. Nissan also recently gave a hint of things to come with a demonstration of a car that could automatically swerve to avoid a pedestrian who walked out from behind a parked car. The system was based on Mobileye technology.最近移动眼公司开始提供第三代技术,由于能够探测行人和骑自行车的人,这项技术得到了像沃尔沃(Volvo)这样的公司的推广。日产(Nissan)最近展示的一款汽车,可以自动转弯避开从停着的汽车背后走出的行人,其系统的基础就是移动眼技术。这款车可能暗示了未来的某种方向。As soon as this summer, the first limited systems offering a feature known as ;traffic jam assist; will begin arriving from more than five major automobile makers. Those cars will drive safely in stop-and-go traffic, but will require that drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel.今年夏天,首批具备有限功能,提供“堵车助手”务的系统就会装配到五家以上大型汽车制造商生产的汽车上。这些车可以在走走停停的路况中安全行驶,但司机还是需要把手一直放在方向盘上。But more advanced systems will be introduced as early as 2016, according to Mobileye, and it was that advanced capability I experienced last month, during my foray in freeway traffic.不过,移动眼透露,更先进的系统最早将于2016年推出,它正是我上个月在高速路上飙车时,体验的那套功能先进的系统。With two Mobileye engineers, Dr. Hayon and Eyal Bagon, we drove several miles east of Jerusalem, where Mobileye is located, and then pulled off at a nondescript turnout where another Mobileye employee waited in a shiny white Audi A7.在两名移动眼工程师阿永士和埃亚勒·巴贡(Eyal Bagon)士陪同下,我们在耶路撒冷以东开了几英里路,那里是移动眼公司的所在地,之后在一个没什么特征的岔道停了车,另一名移动眼的员工坐在一辆闪闪发亮的白色奥迪A7里等我们。On the way out of town, the two men were apologetic. This was a work in progress, they told me.在出镇的路上,两名男士充满歉意,他们对我说,这是一套还在研发的系统。I was aly feeling a little let down. In California in 2010, I had been the first reporter to drive in the Google car, a Toyota Prius fitted with sensors that created a remarkably detailed map of the world around the car. Moreover, it was connected wirelessly to the Internet, giving it access to a vast cloud-based set of data that could be matched to what the local sensors were seeing.我已经感到有点儿失望了。我曾是2010年在加利福尼亚驾驶谷歌自动驾驶汽车的第一个记者,那是一辆丰田普锐斯(Toyota Prius),上面布满感应器,它们针对车周围的世界,创造出一幅细致得难以置信的地图。不仅如此,它还能无线上网,这让它能获得以云计算为基础的大量数据,这些数据能够与现场感应器正在捕捉的图像一一契合。It was a tour de force. The car merged seamlessly with traffic on Highway 101 and then turned off the freeway to automatically drive through downtown Mountain View, Calif., where Google has its headquarters. It was taken out of automatic pilot just twice — while passing a cyclist and then again to back into a parking space. The Google engineers did not want to chance a mishap with a reporter on board.那是一件杰作。车天衣无缝地融入了101号高速路的车流,而后从高速上下来,自动驾驶着穿过加州山景市区,即谷歌公司总部所在地。车子退出自动驾驶模式的情况只发生了两次,一次是绕过一个骑自行车的人,另一次是倒车进入停车位。鉴于有一名记者在车上,谷歌工程师不想冒发生事故的风险。There was no such caution last month with the Mobileye engineers.上个月,移动眼公司的工程师就没这么小心翼翼。;Why don#39;t you drive?; Dr. Bagon suggested as he slid into the passenger seat behind a large display and keyboard. Dr. Hayon jumped into the back seat, and I had no choice but to get behind the wheel.巴贡坐进前面装着大显示器和键盘的副驾驶时建议,“要不你来开?”阿永已经跳进了后座,我别无选择,只能坐进驾驶座。The Mobileye engineers proceeded to give me a rapid-fire lesson on how to drive their robot car: Turn on the automatic navigation by pressing the cruise-control button and then pulling a stick on the steering wheel toward you to activate the ;lane-keeping,; or steering, feature.移动眼公司的工程师随即给我上速成课,教我如何驾驶他们的自动车:按下巡航控制按钮,打开自动导航,然后把方向盘上的操纵杆扳向自己,启动“车道保持”或驾驶模式。Following another engineer who had taken off in a car ahead of us, we pulled onto the highway. After a false start, I engaged the autopilot, and off we went; I put my hands in my lap and tried to relax as we snaked down a desolate canyon road on our way to the Dead Sea.另一名工程师坐在我们前面的一辆车里,我们跟着他驶上了高速公路。第一次启动失败后,我打开了自动驾驶仪,然后汽车便开动了;我把双手放在大腿上,试图在沿着一条荒凉的峡谷道路前往死海的途中放松片刻。In the Google car, I had felt detached from the machine intelligence that guided it. But in the Mobileye car I was acutely aware of the autopilot#39;s limitations. The car had a tendency to weave a bit when it started to pull away from an intersection. Once, as we were passing a parked car, the Audi pulled in the direction of the other vehicle. I lifted my hands out of my lap and nudged it back to the center of the lane. The Mobileye engineers sat perfectly calm.坐在谷歌的汽车内,我觉得自己与引导车辆的机器智能并没有太大关系。而坐在移动眼车内,我能够明显觉察到自动驾驶仪的局限性。在离开交叉路口的时候,行车的路线总会有点迂回。有一次,当我们开车经过一辆停靠在路边的汽车时,奥迪车朝另一辆车的方向驶了过去。我抬起放在腿上的手,把车重新开回路中央。移动眼公司的工程师非常冷静地坐在一旁。After 20 minutes of freeway driving, I pulled the Audi off at an intersection, and then put it back on autopilot and headed toward Jerusalem. The demonstration was not as eye-popping as my Google ride, but it gave me a clearer understanding of what the automobile industry has in its sights.在高速公路上行驶了20分钟以后,我把奥迪车停在了一个岔路口,然后打开自动驾驶仪,朝耶路撒冷驶去。这次试驾并不像驾驶谷歌汽车那样令人震惊,但它让我更加清楚地理解了汽车行业的愿景。 /201410/339019崇州市儿童医院门诊部地址

成都市八院体检收费标准For much of the developed world, 2013 marked the beginning of a new technological era. More than half the people in North America, the UK, Japan, South Korea and the Nordic countries now own a smartphone, market researchers have concluded. By next year, the rest of western Europe will join that mobile majority.对许多发达国家来说,2013年标志着一个科技新时代的开端。市场调查人员得出结论称,如今在北美、英国、日本、韩国和北欧等地,一半以上的人拥有智能手机。等到来年,西欧其余国家也将加入这一阵营。The rise of the smartphone has aly created new winners and losers in the consumer electronics market. According to a November estimate by analysts at US investment bank Canaccord Genuity, Apple and Samsung captured a “remarkable” 109 per cent (correct) of handset industry profits in the third quarter of 2013, a figure that makes sense only if the losses suffered by suppliers such as BlackBerry, Nokia and Taiwan’s HTC are counted as “negative profits”.智能手机的崛起让消费电子市场诞生了新的赢家和输家。美国投行Canaccord Genuity的分析师在11月份给出的估计数字显示,2013年第三季度,苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)“不可思议”地斩获了手机行业109%的利润。这一数字之所以说得通,是因为黑莓(BlackBerry)、诺基亚(Nokia)以及台湾宏达电(HTC)等供应商遭受的亏损被算作了“负利润”。But it is not just their mobile rivals’ earnings that Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices have gobbled up. Cameras, music and radio players, alarm clocks, navigation systems, even torches and compasses are now absorbed into a glowing screen.不过,苹果iPhone和三星Galaxy设备所吞噬的可不止是移动领域竞争对手们的利润。如今,不仅相机、音乐与电台播放器、闹钟、导航系统,就连手电筒和指南针也被整合进这些发光的屏幕中。Yet as smartphones increase in sophistication, they are also enabling new categories of gadget that harness their always-on connection, sensors and processing power.尽管如此,随着智能手机变得日益复杂,它们也催生出一系列能够利用它们的“永远在线”网络连接、传感器和处理能力的新电子产品。Wearable technology, “smart home” devices such as lights and security systems, fitness trackers and even toys are all orbiting the smartphone, making connected devices one of 2013’s hottest gadget trends.可穿戴技术、灯光与安保系统等“智能家居”设备、健身追踪器乃至玩具,都开始围着智能手机“打转”。可连接设备(connected devices)由此成为2013年最“火”的电子产品潮流之一。As innovation in smartphones themselves starts to slow down, the platform that they are enabling is just getting started – even if analysts say mass-market adoption is still years away.智能手机自身的创新速度开始放缓,但它们所催生的平台的发展才刚刚起步——尽管分析师表示这一平台还需数年时间才能为大众市场所接受。“The nice thing about the internet of things is it’s not monolithic,” says Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm’s interactive platforms division, who predicts a “Cambrian explosion” of smart devices. “I expect wearables to be on a very fast cadence as form factors fall out.”高通(Qualcomm)交互平台部门总裁罗伯#8226;钱德霍克(Rob Chandhok)说:“物联网的美好之处就在于它不是一元化的。”他预言智能设备会出现“寒武纪大爆发”。“我预计,随着各种形态的智能产品逐渐问世,可穿戴设备将呈现飞速发展。”Pebble, one of the best-known independent makers of smartwatches, which raised m on US-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter last year, said in November that it had sold 190,000 watches in total – impressive for a start-up but hardly the sort of volume that would have Apple rushing its rumoured iWatch to market.名气颇高的独立智能手表制造商Pebble去年在美国群募平台Kickstarter上募资1000万美元。11月份,该公司宣布,它已总计售出19万块手表。就一家初创企业而言,这是一个令人赞叹的销售数字;但这一数字还不足以迫使苹果急忙将其传闻中的iWatch投放到市场。As with most smartwatches, the Pebble mainly acts as a way to notify the wearer of incoming messages or other alerts from a Bluetooth-tethered smartphone.如大多数智能手表一样,Pebble的主要功能是:接收蓝牙连接的智能手机收到的信息或其他提示,将之通报给佩戴者。The September launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear marked a significant moment for the smartwatch market. Although the device has had mixed reviews, the endorsement of the form factor by the South Korean electronics group – coupled with persistent rumours that Google, Microsoft and others are all working on similar watches – signalled that smart watches may not be a niche for much longer. Even Casio’s G-Shock now has a Bluetooth connection to receive message notifications – and has the benefit of actually looking like a watch.三星9月份举行的Galaxy Gear发布会标志着智能手表市场的一个重要时刻。尽管该产品得到的评价褒贬不一,但这家韩国电子集团对此类可穿戴设备的持——再加上不断有传言称,谷歌(Google)、微软(Microsoft)等公司也都在研发类似的手表——暗示着,可能过不了太久,智能手表就不再是一种小众产品了。就连卡西欧(Casio)的G-Shock现在也有蓝牙连接,用以接收信息通知——此外它还有个优势,那就是看起来的确像块手表。At the same time as the Galaxy Gear was unveiled, Qualcomm launched the Toq, a smartwatch that uses its Mirasol screen to showcase the potential of the technology.就在Galaxy Gear除去面纱的同时,高通推出了Toq——这款智能手表的屏幕使用Mirasol显示技术,高通试图以此来展示这项技术的潜力。Unlike the Gear, which needs charging every day and does not keep its watch face lit all the time, the Toq’s screen is always on and the battery lasts for several days.Toq比Galaxy Gear更胜一筹的地方在于:Gear每天都得充电,屏幕也不是一直亮着;而Toq的屏幕不但一直亮着,电池续航时间更是长达数日。“Being able to do things at a glance is very powerful,” says Mr Chandhok. “I don’t want to replicate the smartphone, but I do want to use it to raise things above the noise level. Notification really only works when it’s at a glance.”“能够扫一眼就解决问题是非常有用的。”钱德霍克说,“我不想复制智能手机,但我真的想用它来着重提示一下要做的事。通知真的只有在扫一眼就看到的时候才起作用。”But Robert Brunner, partner at the design agency Ammunition Group, which works on products such as Beats by Dr Dre headphones, says the appearance of these devices is just as important as what they do.但设计公司Ammunition Group的合伙人罗伯特#8226;布伦纳(Robert Brunner)认为,这些设备的外观与它们的功能同等重要。Ammunition Group设计的产品包括“Beats By Dr. Dre”耳机等。“We are in the fashion business,” Mr Brunner said at a recent GigaOm conference in San Francisco. “The things that people carry and use define us almost as much as the clothes we wear#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Wearable technology needs to understand fashion.”“我们身处时尚行业之中,”布伦纳在近日于旧金山举办的GigaOm大会上说,“我们所所携带和使用的东西对我们的影响程度,几乎与我们穿的衣一样……可穿戴技术需要懂时尚。”A similar challenge lies in the smart home market, where devices such as the internet fridge are solutions searching for a problem.智能家居市场也存在同样的挑战,像网络冰箱这样的设备纯属“没事找事”。“The magic that we all love of being connected and the things that it does is going, going, gone,” Mr Brunner says. “At some point, having running water in your house was amazing. It’s no longer just about this magic, it’s about what it’s actually doing in our lives.”“我们都喜爱连通性,它就像魔术。但这种魔术连同它带来的东西正逐渐过时。”布伦纳说,“过去,家里有自来水都是一件神奇的事。但今天,神奇本身已不再重要,真正重要的是它能对我们的生活起到什么实际帮助。”Dozens of new devices have emerged in recent months, from smart locks such as August and Lockitron, which open with a wave of a smartphone, to Philips’ Hue lightbulbs, which can be set to match the colour of a photo from a mobile app, as well as other features.近几个月来,有几十种新设备相继问世,从August和Lockitron智能锁(利用智能手机发出的电磁波开启),到飞利浦(Philips)的Hue灯泡(该灯泡所发光芒的颜色,可被设定为与手机应用中图片的颜色相同),以及其他特色产品。Some are aimed at security-conscious folk: Dropcam’s 0 Pro camera constantly monitors its owner’s home, alerting them to movement after they’ve left the house and letting them watch a live feed. SmartThings sells kits that enable garage doors to be locked remotely or sends notifications to a phone when the kids get home from school. Large retailers such as Home Depot, Staples and Lowe’s are devoting more and more floor space to such products, even though it is unclear how large the market for them is today.有些产品瞄准的是那些关注安全的人群:Dropcam售价200美元的Pro相机,能持续监视用户的住所,在用户离家后向他们通报家中的动态,并能让用户观看关于家中动态的实况视频。SmartThings销售的产品能远程锁上车库大门,还能在孩子放学到家时给家长的手机发送通知。家得宝(Home Depot)、史泰(Staples)和Lowe#39;s等大型零售商,正将越来越多的店面空间划拨给此类产品,尽管人们还不清楚现在它们的市场到底有多大。“It takes time for people to embrace connectivity,” says Tony Fadell, chief executive of Nest, whose “learning” thermostat and app-enabled smoke alarm have attained an Apple-like cult following among early adopters of the “connected home”.Nest公司首席执行官托尼#8226;法代尔(Tony Fadell)说:“人们接受连通性是需要一些时间的。”该公司的“learning”智能温控器以及持移动应用的烟雾报警器,已得到“联网家居”尝鲜者的追捧,其中一些拥趸的热情与“果粉”无异。“Most people are just jamming things together because that’s the fastest thing to do. They don’t rethink the experience from top to bottom#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Just because it can be connected doesn’t mean it should,” he says.他说:“大多数人只是把各种东西硬连在一起,因为这是最快捷的方法。他们不会自上而下地反思整个体验……一样东西能与网络连在一起并不意味着它就应该与网络连在一起。”Ben Wood, analyst at tech consultancy CCS Insight, sees great potential in smartwatches, but says the connected home is “just too hard for the man on the street right now”. The plethora of single-purpose “point solutions” is still a long way from the joined-up vision touted at trade shows, he says.技术咨询公司CCS Insight的分析师本#8226;伍德(Ben Wood)认为,智能手表蕴含着巨大的潜力。但他表示,“现阶段而言,普通人还很难实现”联网家居。他说,大量单一用途的“点解决方案”距商展上厂商兜售的整合后愿景仍相去甚远。Amanda Peyton, co-founder of Grand St, a marketplace for creative technology, admits that the “independent, creative, alternative electronics” market is worth just a fraction of the tn consumer electronics market today.创新科技产品销售网站Grand St的联合创始人阿曼达#8226;佩顿(Amanda Peyton)承认,“独立、创新、另类电子产品”市场在今天价值1万亿美元的消费类电子产品市场中仅占一小部分。“But it is absolutely the fastest growing of any sector,” she says. “Over the next few years, you will see this section of the market just growing enormously. It’s going to cut into some of the existing consumer electronics market, but it’s going to grow the whole thing overall.”“但它绝对是增长最快的板块,”她说,“今后几年,你将看到这块市场呈现巨大的增长。它会蚕食部分现有的消费类电子产品市场,但同时也会带动整个市场实现整体发展。”Wearables and other “smart” devices might not overtake the smartphone market any time soon – but they promise to be a much livelier arena for innovation in the coming years.可穿戴设备和其他“智能”设备或许不会在短时间内赶超智能手机市场,但在未来几年里,它们有望成为一个活力远超后者的舞台,为人们展示各种创新。 /201312/270869大邑县中医院做四维彩超检查 Chinese search engine giant Baidu plans to buy the entire share capital of NetDragon Websoft’s subsidiary 91 Wireless for .9bn, making it the biggest acquisition deal in China’s internet industry if it succeeds.中国搜索引擎巨擘百度计划以19亿美元收购网龙公司(NetDragon Websoft)的子公司91无线(91 Wireless)。若交易成功,这将成为中国互联网业最大一笔收购交易。NetDragon, an online game development and mobile internet business based in Fujian province, said yesterday Baidu had agreed to buy its 57.41 per cent stake in 91 Wireless for .09bn. Baidu has offered to buy out the other shareholders on the same terms.总部位于福建的网络游戏开发和移动互联网公司网龙昨天表示,百度已同意以10.9亿美元收购91无线57.41%的股份。百度将按相同条款,向91无线其他股东购买全部股份。91 Wireless is a leading mobile internet company in China. It developed and runs two major smart-phone app distribution platforms for iOS and Android systems on the websites Sj.91.com and apk.hiapk.com. Total downloads on the two platforms exceeded 12.9bn by the end of 2012, the company says.91无线是中国领先的移动互联网公司。它在Sj.91.com和apk.hiapk.com网站上,为iPhone操作系统和Android操作系统开发和运行两大智能手机应用分发平台。该公司表示,到2012年底,这两个平台的总下载已经超过129亿次。Baidu agreed to purchase the outstanding 42.59 per cent stake from 91 Wireless’s remaining shareholders on the same terms offered to NetDragon, taking the total price of the deal to .9bn – surpassing the bn Yahoo paid to acquire 40 per cent of online auction site Alibaba in 2005.百度将按与网龙签署的相同条款,收购91无线剩余的42.59%股权,使得总收购价格达到19亿美元,超过2005年雅虎(Yahoo)10亿美元收购阿里巴巴(Alibaba)40%股份的交易。Private equity fund IDG owns 10.39 per cent of the company; Singapore’s Temasek holds 5.71 per cent through Vertex; and Richard Li, chairman of PCCW and the younger son of Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, has 4.14 per cent through Pacific Century. David Wei, former chief executive of Alibaba.com, is also a shareholder in 91 Wireless, according to the statement.私募股权基金IDG拥有该公司10.39%的股份;新加坡淡马锡(Temasek)通过旗下祥峰集团(Vertex)持有5.71%的股份;香港电讯盈科(PCCW)董事长、亚洲首富李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)的次子李泽楷(Richard Li)通过盈科拓展(Pacific Century)持有4.14%的股份。声明称,阿里巴巴前首席执行官卫哲(David Wei)也是91无线的股东。Baidu’s purchase of 91 Wireless is a bold move by the group into mobile internet, an area considered more and more important as users shift from PCs to smartphones. The biggest Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, is also rapidly developing its mobile internet business.百度收购91无线是该集团进入移动互联网的一个大胆举措。随着用户从个人电脑转向智能手机,移动互联网领域正被视为越来越重要。中国最大的电子商务公司阿里巴巴也在快速发展其移动互联网业务。The acquisition follows Baidu’s purchase of PPS Net TV’s internet business for 0m in May and online site iQiyi.com last year.在此之前,今年5月百度曾以3.7亿美元收购PPS网络电视互联网视频业务,去年收购了在线视频网站iQiyi.com。NetDragon said the disposal of 91 Wireless would enhance its earnings and broaden its capital base. But its shares dropped nearly 18 per cent to HK.88 in morning trading, as 91 Wireless is seen as part of its core business.网龙表示,出售91无线将增强其盈利,拓宽其资本基础。但在早盘交易中,网龙股价下跌到19.88港元,跌幅近18%,因为91无线被认为是其核心业务之一。 /201307/248360四川成都哪里能做韩式割包皮

四川成都包皮包茎手术哪个医院好Appleintroduced an updated suite of Mac computers at a conference for developers in San Francisco, as it made a renewed push to use the iPhone and iPad ;halo effect; to convert more PC users to its higher-priced hardware. 苹果(Apple)在旧金山举办的年度开发者大会上,发布了升级后的Mac系列电脑。这家公司正加大力度,利用iPhone和iPad带来的;光环效应;,吸引PC用户转而使用它更昂贵的电脑硬件产品。A new MacBook Pro notebook, touting thinner casing and the same ;Retina Display; screen used in the latest iPhones and iPad, led a series of upgrades.新款MacBook Pro笔记本电脑的一系列升级最为耀眼。它拥有更加纤薄的机身,还配备了最新版iPhone和iPad上使用的;Retina Display;显示屏。;Surfing the web can be like experiencing magazine-like quality,; said Phil Schiller, head of product marketing, describing the new MacBook Pro, which he said was thinner than his finger. The device will cost ,200, suggesting it was aimed at the professional market which Apple has been accused of moving away from as it goes more mass-market.苹果产品营销主管菲利普·席勒(Philip Schiller)在描述新MacBook Pro时称:;使用该产品上网冲浪,能够体验到杂志一样的质感。;他说,Macbook Pro比他的手指还薄。这款电脑售价2200美元,表明它面向的是专业市场。一直以来,有人指责苹果把更多精力放在大众市场,抛弃了专业市场。 Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple#39;s recently knighted head of design, said: ;It#39;s without doubt the very best computer we#39;ve ever built.;最近获得爵士头衔的苹果设计主管乔纳森·艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)说:;毫无疑问,这是我们有史以来设计得最棒的电脑。; Existing models of other MacBooks were also given upgraded Intelprocessors, extra storage and more memory.MacBook现有的其他型号也配备了升级的英特尔(Intel)处理器,拥有更大的存储空间和内存。 Apple more commonly makes incremental updates to its laptops without the fanfare of a keynote speech. By making a push around the new devices Apple hopes to sell more of its ,000-plus computers to new converts to the Mac operating system, ahead of the release of Microsoft#39;s Windows 8 software.苹果公司对笔记本产品进行渐进式升级时,通常不会请高管大张旗鼓地发表主题演讲。苹果这次大力宣传新设备,是希望能够在微软发布Windows 8之前,向有意转向Mac操作系统的用户出售更多价格在1000美元以上的电脑。Customers who buy a new Mac will be eligible for an upgrade to the new Mountain Lion operating system when it is released later this year. At the annual Worldwide Developer conference in San Francisco, Apple detailed the capabilities of the desktop software and iOS6, the next-generation software for its iPad and iPhone.名为;山狮;(Mountain Lion)的新操作系统将于今年晚些时候开始发售,现在购买新款Mac的顾客届时可以升级到新系统。在这场于旧金山举办的年度全球开发者大会上,苹果详细介绍了这款桌面操作系统,以及应用于iPad和iPhone的新一代移动操作系统iOS 6。 Apple also issued new figures for the App Store which suggested the rate of growth is accelerating, as more iPads and iPhones are sold and the store is extended internationally to 155 countries. More than bn in revenue – which is split 70 per cent to developers and 30 per cent to Apple – has been paid out to developers in total since the download store launched in mid-2008.苹果还发布了App Store商店的最新数据。数据表明,随着iPad和iPhone销量增长,App Store进一步国际化,目前已覆盖到155个国家,而且这个应用下载商店的发展速度还在加快。自App Store于2008年中上线以来,用户总计已经向开发者付了逾50亿美元(其中开发者分得70%,苹果分得30%)。 There are 650,000 apps available in the App Store, up from 600,000 in April, of which 225,000 are dedicated to the iPad.App Store现有65万款应用,4月份时为60万款。其中22.5万款应用专为iPad开发。 Apple unveiled the new technology to whoops and cheers from adoring developers. Ahead of the keynote, Apple poked fun at rival Samsung with its voice control service Siri, saying it was looking forward to the Korean manufacturer#39;s new fridge.苹果在开发者们现场的尖叫喝声中发布了这些新技术。在主题演讲之前,苹果用其声音控制务Siri,打趣了竞争对手三星(Samsung)一番。Siri称,它正在翘首期盼这家韩国厂商的新款电冰箱。 /201206/187083 Apple announced Monday that it sold more than 10 million new iPhones over the first three days of sales — defying some analysts’ predictions and beating last year’s record 9 million.苹果(Apple)在本周一宣布,新一代iPhone开售头三天的销量已经超过了1,000万台。这超出了一些分析家的预计,也打破了去年900万台的纪录。How were those sales split between the big iPhone 6 and the bigger (and more profitable) iPhone 6 Plus?而大屏幕的iPhone 6与加大款(并且利润更高)的iPhone 6 Plus的销量有多大差距呢?The company did not say. That’s information they’ll want to keep from their competitors.苹果并未透露这个数字。他们不想让竞争者知道这一信息。We did get some third-party estimates over the weekend, but they came from different types of sources, and — curiously — they contradict each other.本周末,我们确实从第三方得到了一些估值,不过它们来自不同的消息源,而且有趣的是,它们相互矛盾。The chart above happens be from the mobile analytics firm Mixpanel, but the ones put out by its competitors, Chitika and Fiksu, are not much different. They all show iPhone 6 activity (in-app purchases, etc.) over the first three days outpacing the iPhone 6 Plus by more than seven to one.上面的表格来自手机分析公司Mixpanel,不过其竞争者Chitika和Fiksu得出的数据与此相差不大。它们都显示,最初三天内iPhone 6的活跃度(包括应用内购买等)是iPhone 6 Plus的七倍以上。UPDATE: The ratio of Asian Americans in Soho dropped visibly Sunday after Chinese customs officials were reported to be confiscating grey market iPhones. Meanwhile a er in Berlin writes that the lines there were dominated by Russians and Poles buying for resale in their respective home markets.更新:有报道称,中国的海关人员正在收缴灰色市场的iPhone。在那之后,周日在Soho区的亚裔美国人比例有了明显下降。与此同时,德国柏林的一名读者写道,如今排长队的主要是俄罗斯人和波兰人,他们将在各自的本土市场转售这些手机。 /201409/331980四川省妇保医院前列腺炎多少钱成都生殖妇科医院联系电话




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