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Donald Trump has sold the Miss Universe Organization to William Morris Endeavor-IMG, the Hollywood talent and marketing agency, just days after buying his former partner NUniversal out of the beauty pageant business.唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)把环球组织(Miss Universe Organization)出售给了好莱坞人才与营销机构威廉莫里斯奋进-IMG(WME-IMG)。就在几天前,特朗普刚刚从他的前合作伙伴N环球(N Universal)手中买入了环球组织的股权。Mr Trump, who is leading polls among Republican presidential candidates, had co-owned the business, which also includes the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA events, for 13 years. But the relationship with N fell apart earlier this year over Mr Trump’s controversial comments on the presidential campaign trail.在共和党候选人资格角逐中领先的特朗普,曾跟N环球共同拥有“美国”(Miss USA)和“美国妙龄”(Miss Teen USA)赛事举办权长达13年。但今年早些时候,当特朗普在总统竞选中发出争议性言论之后,N环球终止了与特朗普的合作。In June the Comcast-owned broadcaster cut ties with the outspoken businessman and reality television star, citing his “derogatory statements” about immigrants. On Friday Mr Trump announced on Twitter that he had bought N’s 51 per cent stake in Miss Universe.今年6月,这家康卡斯特(Comcast)旗下的电视公司终止了与这位敢言的商人、真人电视节目明星的合作,并引述了他关于移民的“诽谤言论”。上周五,特朗普在推特(Twitter)上宣布,他已买入了N持有的51%环球组织的股份。“When I purchased the pageants many years ago, they were in serious trouble. It has been a great honour making them so successful and I have really enjoyed watching the pageants grow throughout the USA and worldwide,” Mr Trump said on Monday.特朗普周一表示,“当我多年前买入这家选美公司时,它正处于严重困境中。我很荣幸给它带来这么大的成功,我真的高兴看到选美大赛在全美国和全世界成长壮大。”The purchase price was not disclosed. In financial disclosures related to his political campaign, Mr Trump said Miss Universe was worth between m and m and had .4m in revenue.购买价并未对外披露。在与政治竞选相关的财务披露中,特朗普表示,环球组织的价值为500万美元至2.5亿美元,其营收为340万美元。Also on Monday, N announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film star and former California governor, would host the next season of Celebrity Apprentice airing in 2016. Mr Trump had hosted the show and its predecessor, The Apprentice, since 2008, but relinquished that position when he decided to run for the White House.也是在周一,N公布称,电影明星、加利福尼亚州前州长阿诺德施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)将在2016年主持下一季的《名人学徒》(Celebrity Apprentice)电视节目。自2008年以来,特朗普曾主持过《名人学徒》及其前身《学徒》(The Apprentice),但他决定竞选总统时,放弃了那个角色。At WME-IMG, the pageants join a growing portfolio of events including fashion weeks in New York, Berlin and Sydney and music festival Lollapalooza.在WME-IMG,选美大赛已成为了一系列不断增多的活动的一部分。其他活动包括在纽约、柏林和悉尼举办的时尚周,以及俊杰(Lollapalooza)音乐节。Univision, the US’s largest Spanish-language TV network, dropped its plans to televise the pageants this year following Mr Trump’s remarks. Mr Trump is suing the company for 0m for breach of contract.在特朗普发表上述言论之后,美国最大的西班牙语电视网络Univision放弃了今年电视播放选美大赛的计划。特朗普目前正起诉该公司违约,索赔5亿美元。Other companies have also severed their relationships with Mr Trump this year, including Macy’s, Serta and the PVH Corporation, which all had deals to produce or sell merchandise with the billionaire’s name on them.今年,一些其他公司也终止了与特朗普的合作关系,包括梅西百货(Macy;s)、Serta和PVH Corporation。这些公司都跟特朗普签定了制作或销售印有他名字的商品的协议。 /201509/399121A true sign of great style is the ability to “shop smart” and find the staple items you need for each season. For winter, knitwear is one such necessity.超级潮人都拥有“只买对的”的能力,他们总能找到每个季节的不可缺少的基本款。在冬天,针织衫就是这种必备单品。Knitwear is both comfortable and affordable. But if you style it incorrectly, it could easily make you look like a tubby teddy bear.针织衫既舒适又实惠。不过如果你选错了款式,它可能轻而易举地把你变成臃肿的泰迪熊。Want to keep warm in a stylish way? Here are some knitwear tips to help you look hot even on the coldest days.想要保暖又时髦?下面这些小贴士或能帮你在寒冷的时候保持热辣美丽~ /201512/413733

World leaders accustomed to fine dining had a surprise on their plates Sunday at the ed Nations - trash.吃惯了美味佳肴的世界各国领导人27日在联合国就餐时大吃一惊,因为他们的盘子里装的居然是厨余垃圾。Chefs cooked up a lunch made entirely of food that would have ended up in garbage bins, hoping to highlight the extraordinary waste in modern diets and its role in worsening climate change. It included such delicacies as the ;landfill salad;, consisting of vegetable scraps and rejected fruit.厨师烹制了一顿全部由本该扔进垃圾桶的食材制作的午餐,以凸显现代饮食惊人的浪费现象及其对气候变化加剧的影响。其中包括“垃圾堆沙拉”,由蔬菜废料和被丢弃的水果做成。Also on the for the lunch at the UN headquarters was a vegetable burger made of pulp left over from juicing, which typically wastes most of the produce.联合国总部的午餐菜单上还有一款蔬菜汉堡,它的原材料是榨取蔬菜汁后所剩的残渣。榨汁通常会浪费掉大部分蔬果。The burger came with fries created from starchy corn that would typically go to animal feed - which along with biofuels is the end product of the overwhelming majority of the 36 million hectares of corn grown in the ed States.与汉堡搭配的是玉米粉制成的薯条,而这种玉米粉通常被用作动物饲料。美国种植了3600万公顷玉米地,绝大多数玉米的最终产物就是这种玉米粉饲料和生物燃料。“It#39;s the prototypical American meal but turned on its head. Instead of the beef, we#39;re going to eat the corn that feeds the beef,” said Dan Barber, a prominent New York chef who co-owns the Blue Hill restaurant.蓝山餐厅老板之一、纽约著名大厨丹·巴伯说:“这是典型的美国菜,不过食材来了个大反转。我们吃的不是牛肉,而是喂牛的玉米。”“The challenge is to create something truly delicious out of what we would otherwise throw away,” he said.他说:“对我们而言,挑战是要把原本会丢弃的东西做成真正的佳肴。”Barber crafted the with Sam Kass, the former White House chef who drove the anti-obesity “Let#39;s Move” campaign of First Lady Michelle Obama.这份菜单的设计者是巴伯和前白宫大厨、美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马反肥胖运动“我们动起来”的组织者山姆·卡斯。Kass thought of the waste-lunch concept as he learned about year-end UN climate negotiations in Paris, which aim to reach a far-reaching global agreement to tackle the planet#39;s worsening climate change.在了解到年末将在巴黎举行的联合国气候谈判大会后,卡斯想出了垃圾变午餐这个点子。气候谈判旨在达成一项影响深远的全球性协议,以解决地球日益严重的气候变化问题。Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking to reporters afterward, said the lunch demonstrated how food waste was ;an often overlooked aspect of climate change.;联合国秘书长潘基文在午餐会后告诉记者,这一餐提醒大家,食物制作过程中产生的废弃物“经常是气候变化问题中被忽视的一个方面”。;That is shameful when so many people suffer from hunger,; Ban said.他说,“世界上还有那么多人忍受着饥饿,我们却在浪费食物,这是可耻的。”According to UN figures, 28 percent of agricultural lands around the world go to produce food that is lost or wasted. The loss each year is the equivalent of 3.3 billion tonnes of carbon responsible for climate change.联合国的数据显示,全球28%的农业用地上产出的食物会被丢弃或浪费,而在这些食物生产过程中产生的二氧化碳可达33亿吨。 /201509/401590

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