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成都第五人民医院早泄治疗都江堰市妇幼保健医院妇科Russians go to the polls on Sunday for a presidential election in which the victory of Kremlin-backed candidate Dmitri Medvedev is considered a foregone conclusion. Medvedev's path toward high office has been very different from the one facing American presidential hopefuls.  俄罗斯民众计划星期天在总统选举中投票,克里姆林宫持的候选人梅德韦杰夫在这次选举中获胜已经被视为定局。梅德韦杰夫通往总统宝座的道路与美国总统候选人非常不同。Russians today are witnessing the twists and turns of an exciting presidential campaign. 俄罗斯人今天正在目睹一场激动人心的总统竞选的曲折过程。But … it is not their own. 但是这不是俄罗斯的总统竞选。Russia's presidential contest stands in sharp contrast to America's hotly-contested presidential primaries.  俄罗斯总统竞争与美国竞争激烈的总统初选完全不同。Unlike his American counterparts, Dmitri Medvedev - the candidate of the ruling ed Russia Party - did not need to submit his ideas, style and political record to the scrutiny of open competition, in which various party constituencies select their nominee based on discrete interests, be they regional, social, industrial, or financial. 与美国总统候选人不同的是,代表执政的统一俄罗斯党的梅德韦杰夫不需要暴露思想、方式和从政记录,来接受公开竞争的检验。在公开竞争中,不同政党的选民根据地区、社会、工业或者财政等不同利益来挑选候选人。Instead, Medvedev was nominated in private, though the exact procedure is unknown. Word of his candidacy came in December after the leaders of several parties, not just ed Russia, presented his name to current president Vladimir Putin. But it is widely believed Mr. Putin selected Medvedev himself. 尽管无法了解确切的程序,梅德韦杰夫却是私下任命。统一俄罗斯党等几个政党的领袖去年12月向现任总统普京提名梅德韦杰夫之后,梅德韦杰夫就成为候选人了。但是人们普遍相信,是普京本人挑选了梅德韦杰夫。The 42-year-old candidate also did not have to agree to a single debate against his opponents. President Putin says there is no need. 今年42岁的梅德韦杰夫也不用答应与任何一个对手进行辩论。总统普京说没有这个必要。The Kremlin leader asks why should Medvedev participate in debates and discuss problems that will be clearly formulated in a populist key. He continues, "Did we not have the opportunity to tell citizens what we have done and what we will do? In essence everything has been said." 普京问道,梅德韦杰夫为什么应该参加辩论、去讨论将会被清楚确定的问题?他说:“我们有机会告诉公民我们已经做了什么和我们将会做什么吗?其实所有事情都已经说过了。”Mr. Putin says the opposition candidates - political unknown Andrei Bogdanov, Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, and populist firebrand Vladimir Zhirinovsky - have been granted every opportunity to publicize their programs.  普京说,政界不知名人士格丹诺夫、共产党领袖久加诺夫和煽动民粹争议的日里诺夫斯基这些反对党候选人有充分的机会来宣扬他们的竞选计划。But none has challenged the front-runner's platform and opposition campaign advertising is barely visible. Televised political promotions are not frequent, and the candidates have little outdoor advertising.  但是没有任何人来挑战梅德韦杰夫的竞选纲领,而且很少能看见反对派的竞选广告。电视经常播放政治宣传,候选人的室外广告很少。The most prominent election publicity amid a sea of commercial ads is a generic series of small billboards with a reminder that March 2 is Election Day. Another series billboards in Moscow shows prominent Russians - Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, well-known actor Leonid Yakubovych, or Viktor Sadovnychy, an honorary citizen of the capital, announcing merely that they will vote. 在商业广告的海洋中,最令人瞩目的竞选宣传是一系列的小型标语牌,提醒人们留意3月2号是选举日。莫斯科另外一个系列标语牌是显示莫斯科市长卢日科夫、知名演员雅库波维奇或者显示莫斯科一位荣誉市民,标语牌上仅仅说,这些人都会投票。The advertising seems aimed at increasing voter turnout. Although denied by the Kremlin, political analysts say large institutions such as factories, hospitals and universities are being pressured to secure a 65 percent turnout to promote the legitimacy of the election.  宣传广告的目的似乎是为了增加投票率。克里姆林宫虽然否认,但政治分析人士说,工厂、医院和大学等大型机构正在被迫确保65%的投票率来提升选举的合法性。Public opinion polls indicate Dmitri Medvedev will win handily in the first round. Muscovite Andrei Borodin intends to vote for him. 公共民意测验显示梅德韦杰夫将在第一轮投票中轻松获胜。The Russian voter says everybody fundamentally understands that Medvedev is Putin's successor, adding that he is very pleased with Putin's policies and considers them to be those of order. Borodin says most Russian citizens feel the same. 莫斯科市民包罗丁说,他有意投票给梅德韦杰夫。包罗丁说:“每个人根本都了解,梅德韦杰夫是普京的继承人。” 他补充说,对普京的政策感到很满意,认为这些政策是有序的。包罗丁说,大部分俄罗斯公民都有共同的感受。Russia's March second vote comes eight months before the U.S. election. By January, both countries will have new leaders, who will have arrived in office after completely different campaigns. But outgoing Russian president Vladimir Putin says it will be in the interests of both countries for their new leaders to cooperate. 俄罗斯总统普京说,两国新的领导人进行合作,符合两国的利益。200802/27978成都省第三医院的地址 Israel to Redistribute Gas Masks Amid Fears of War with Iran以警惕伊朗再向全民发放防毒面具  Israel is strengthening security on its home front in a sign of war jitters. Israel is casting a wary eye toward Iran. 以色列在紧张的战争气氛中正在加强国内的安全防卫工作。以色列正在警惕地盯着伊朗。Israel's security Cabinet has decided to redistribute gas masks to the entire population amid fears of a non-conventional war with Iran. The last distribution was before the U.S. invasion of Iraq four years ago. The gas masks were collected last year because they were out of date.  由于担心和伊朗之间爆发一场非常规战争,以色列的安全内阁决定再次给以色列全民发放防毒面具。以色列上一次发放防毒面具是在4年前,在美国攻打伊拉克之前。去年,这些防毒面具由于过了有效期而被收回。Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai initiated the redistribution. 这次发放防毒面具的工作由以色列国防部副部长维尔奈发起。Vilnai told Israel Radio that handing out gas masks does not mean that war with Iran is imminent.  维尔奈对以色列电台说,发放防毒面具并不意味着以色列马上要和伊朗打仗。Nevertheless, there is growing concern here about Iran's nuclear program and threats by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to wipe Israel "off the map."  尽管如此,以色列人对伊朗核项目,以及伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德威胁要将以色列“从地图上抹去”的担忧不断增加。"We are worried," said Israeli spokesman Mark Regev.  以色列发言人雷格夫说:“我们对此感到担忧。”Iran insists that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. But Regev says Iran is stalling in negotiations with the international community as it moves closer to building a nuclear bomb. 伊朗坚持说,它的核项目是为了和平用途。但是雷格夫说,伊朗在逐步发展制造原子弹能力的同时,正在拖延与国际社会的谈判。"We are concerned that the Iranian strategy is very clear," he said. "They want to keep talking and talking and talking, but at the same time to aggressively move forward on their nuclear program." 雷格夫说:“我们担心,伊朗采取的策略非常清楚。他们打算继续谈判、谈判、再谈判,但是与此同时,在野心勃勃地推动其核项目的发展。”Iran is seen as an existential threat, and that has raised speculation that Israel might launch a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. Israeli officials have warned time and again that they will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and that there is a military option. 以色列把伊朗看作是对其存在的威胁,这引起人们猜测,以色列可能会对伊朗的核设施发动先发制人的袭击。以色列官员一再警告说,他们不会允许伊朗获得核武器,在这方面存在一种军事选择。Iran has ballistic missiles that can hit anywhere in Israel, and it has warned of fierce retaliation in the event of an Israeli attack.  伊朗拥有射程可以达到以色列境内所有地方的弹道导弹。伊朗曾经警告说,如果以色列发动袭击,伊朗将会对其进行严厉的报复。 200804/33229South Korean Officials Try to Keep Lid on Kim Jong Il Health Rumors韩官员为有关金正日健康传闻降温 North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is still nowhere to be seen, more than a week after South Korean intelligence officials revealed the belief he is recovering from a stroke. South Korean officials are trying to cool down a sizzling media demand for rumors and speculation about the North Korean leader's condition. 韩国情报官员相信北韩领导人金正日中风并正在康复已经一个多星期了,但金正日仍旧没有露面。韩国官员试图为媒体对有关金正日健康状况的传闻和揣测的热情降温。South Korea's main Cabinet minister in charge of North Korean affairs warned lawmakers Thursday to keep matters related to the health of the North's leader, Kim Jong Il, discrete. 韩国统一部长官金夏中星期四警告韩国议员们说,不要把有关北韩领导人金正日健康状况的消息对外泄漏。Unification Minister Kim Ha-joong says sping reports could lead to confrontation. 金夏中说,传播这个消息会引发对抗。He says it is inappropriate to pass on reports, even credible ones, that have not been officially confirmed by North Korea. He says Pyongyang could eventually view such behavior as slanderous and antagonistic. “没有被北韩正式确认的消息,即使是可信的,也不应该到处传播。北韩方面可能最终会认为这是诽谤和对抗行为。”Kim Jong Il has not been seen in public since last month, and was most notably absent from a military parade this month marking the country's 60th anniversary. South Korean intelligence officials told lawmakers last week they believe the North Korean leader is recovering from a stroke. 金正日从上个月起就没有公开露面,而且引人注目地缺席本月纪念北韩建国六十周年的阅兵式。韩国情报官员上星期对韩国议员们说,他们相信金正日中了风,目前正在康复。North Korea has officially denied all reports of their leader's ailing health, calling them a worthless international conspiracy. South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo told Cabinet ministers this week to avoid provoking Korea by discussing intelligence. He reminded them that nobody knows how the situation with the North Korean leader will progress at this point. 北韩官员正式反驳了所有有关金正日健康的报导,称这些报导是无用的国际阴谋。韩国总理韩德洙本星期要求内阁部长们避免因为讨论情报而挑衅北韩。他提醒部长们说,现在没有人知道金正日的健康状况会怎样发展。South Korean media reports have included details from unnamed sources ranging from alleged convulsions being suffered by the North's leader, to speculation about whether or not he is able to brush his teeth by himself. 韩国媒体的报导包括没有透露姓名的消息人士提供的细节,从金正日患了痉挛到他是否还能自己刷牙等揣测,不一而足。For South Koreans, Kim Jong Il's health is no matter of petty gossip, but a national security issue of the first order. He has absolute personal control of North Korea's secretive government, and he has never publicly named a successor. Any compromise of his health is viewed as potentially destabilizing to the North Korean system - and even to peace on the Korean peninsula. 对于韩国人来说,金正日的健康状况可不仅仅是闲言碎语,而是首要的国家安全问题。金正日对北韩政府实行绝对的个人控制,也从来没有公开指定一名接班人。金正日的健康如果出现任何问题,都会被认为可能影响到北韩体制、甚至朝鲜半岛的稳定。Unification Minister Kim called reports of a possible post Kim Jong Il collapse of North Korea unhelpful Thursday, and warned they could further aggravate the aly sensitive North-South relationship. 统一部长官金夏中星期四称有关金正日身后北韩可能会垮台的报导于事无补,并警告说,这些报导可能进一步加剧北韩与韩国之间已经很紧张的关系。200809/49278四川生殖医院好嘛

四川中西医结合医院做人流多少钱Bush Urges Congress to Approve War Funding布什敦促国会追加战争经费  U.S. President George Bush wants 8 billion more in military spending to help pay for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Opposition Democrats are adding domestic spending to that bill, and Mr. Bush says he will veto it if those programs are not removed. 美国总统布什要求国会拨款1780亿美元的军费,以帮助付在阿富汗和伊拉克的战争费用。反对党民主党在军费开案上附加了国内开。布什表示,如果这些开不删除,他会否决这一法案。President Bush says more money is urgently needed for military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. 美国总统布什说,在阿富汗和伊拉克的军事行动急需增加经费。"Each day, the men and women of our Armed Forces risk their lives to make sure their fellow citizens are safer," he said. "They serve with courage and honor. They've earned the respect of all Americans. And they deserve the full support of Congress. I often hear members of Congress say they oppose the war, but still support the troops. Now they have a chance to prove it." 他说:“我们武装部队的男女军人每天都冒着生命危险,确保他们的同胞和公民的安全。他们带着勇气和荣誉奋斗。他们赢得了全体美国人的尊重。他们应该得到国会的全力持。我经常听到一些国会议员说,他们反对战争,但仍然持军队。现在他们有机会明这一点 。”If lawmakers do not act, President Bush says critical accounts at the Department of Defense will soon run dry. In his weekly radio address, he warns that civilian employees may face temporary layoffs next month. After July, Mr. Bush says the Pentagon will no longer be able to pay U.S. troops, including those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. 布什说,如果国会不采取行动,美国国防部的紧急军费账户会很快枯竭。布什在每周例行广播讲话中警告说,国防部的文职雇员下个月可能面临临时裁员。布什说,7月份之后,五角大楼将无法再付美国军人的军饷,包括那些在阿富汗和伊拉克役的军人的军饷。Lawmakers have had the president's request for additional military funding for 16 months. Opposition Democrats have attached unrelated domestic spending to the bill, taking it beyond the president's 8 billion request. Mr. Bush says he will veto the measure if it exceeds what he says are his reasonable and responsible funding levels. 国会议员已经同意总统的要求,同意追加16个月的军费拨款。反对党民主党把与军费开无关的国内开项目附加到这个议案上,从而使拨款总额超过了总统要求的1780亿美元。布什说,如果拨款法案超过他所说的“合理和负责任”的拨款水平,他将否决这一法案。 In the Democratic radio address, South Carolina Congressman John Spratt says a spending blueprint for the next fiscal year restores money the president wants to cut from education and health care. 在民主党的广播讲话中,南卡罗莱纳州众议员约翰.斯普拉特说,在下一个财政年度的开蓝图中恢复了总统要削减的教育和医疗保健费用。Spratt, who is chairman of the House Budget Committee, criticized the president for turning a 6 billion surplus into record deficits. 斯普拉特是国会众议院预算委员会主席。他批评布什把2360亿美元的财政盈余变成为创记录的财政赤字。"Faced with these grim facts, what does the president's budget for next year propose? More of the same and a mountain of debt. The budget the Democrats passed this week charts a new course. It restrains spending and sticks to the rule of pay-as-you-go but supports investments in energy, education, and infrastructure," he said. 他说:“面对这些严峻的事实,总统提出的明年财政预算是什么呢?是大同小异和如山的债务。民主党这个星期通过的预算将另辟蹊径。这个预算控制开,坚持量入为出的原则,但同时持对能源、教育和基础设施的投资。” Spratt says the Democrats' trillion-plan will balance the federal budget by 2012. But it assumes no additional spending for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after next year and allows many of the president's record tax cuts to expire.  斯普拉特说,民主党提出的3万亿美元的预算案能够在2012年之前平衡联邦预算。不过,这个预算没有假定明年之后再为伊拉克和阿富汗战争追加经费,同时也使许多布什实行的创记录的减税项目期满作废。200806/41480成都心血管病医院妇科专家大夫 And welcome back, it's 15 minutes before the hour. Dealing with difficult people and situations at work got a whole lot easier. That's because our next guest,Marilyn Puder-York,has written a brand new book called "The Office Survival Guide". And you are er, immanently qualified to write this, you got a PhD in this stuff.A PhD in clinical psychology and I've been an executive coach for about 30 years.And you've also been in the workplace and you've seen the mistakes that people made over and over again, and you have that out there. For example, you even mentioned yourself, you reacted emotionally once when someone talked about your company scaling down. That's right.You went into a rave saying why they shouldn't and you reacted as if it was a person. That's , that's an in er... that's an inanimate object. (That was...)That was...I had a blind spot. I , I was raised to think I was supposed to rescue everybody and then they decided to tell me that my...had to fire my staff and downsize my department and I took it personally, which is one of the Achilles' Heels for what people do - they take things personally at work.But in a working environment people don't come there, you know, they are not, they are not machines, so they do come, they come into a working environment carrying a certain amount of baggage, how they've been raised, the kind of experience they've had in the past and so everybody comes in here with a different set of issues. So how, how do you deal with different people in the, in the workplace to make sure that um, you know, it's not as challenging? Well, number one, first of all, everybody comes with baggage and everybody has issues, and that's a given, but I think the one, the most important thing to do is to be as self-aware as you can about your own Achilles' Heels and your own vulnerabilities. First take responsibility for yourself, know your blind spots, you know, know what difficult situations you're gonna react inappropriately to so that you can control them, and you can control your emotions and curb any kind of impulsive actions on your part, so you don't, you know, inappropriately act with other people.But you say, er, when it comes to co-workers, don't treat them like family members. What do you mean?Absolutely. Well, the environment, first of all is not a family. It's a political entity. So your, your co-workers are not your siblings, your boss is not your parent (even though you might see them more), even though you might see them more, and even though we might feel as if they are. The truth of the matter is they are not, and you don't want to project whatever familiar patterns you had with your siblings, which might have been competitive or collegial depending upon your past history, but you don't want to project that which you had in your family onto the work environment because it is an objective rational environment even though sometimes it may feel irrational. You want to maintain rationality and you know, other people may react badly but you want to react as rationally as possible. So you want to curb your emotions and you want to make sure that you er, don't take, you know, everybody so personally.She is the au..the author of "The Office Survival Guide", glad great tips here; how to make it in the world to hold on to that job you have right now and identify your weaknesses and strengths before you start any position.It really is a fascinating book. It really is.Thank you, thank you very much, thanks for having me.Thanks for being here.All right coming up straight ahead... 200809/47881自贡中医院不孕不育科

崇州市妇幼保健院包皮手术怎么样 South Korea's newly appointed foreign minister is warning talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapons capabilities could stall over unresolved issues related to the North's promised declaration. However, officials in Seoul are optimistic a one-on-one meeting this week between North Korean and American negotiators may produce progress.  韩国新任外交与通商部长官警告说,去除北韩核武器功能的会谈可能会因为北韩申报的有关问题没有解决而停滞。不过,韩国政府官员对北韩与美国谈判人员本星期单独会晤可能取代进展感到乐观。In his first media briefing since taking office, South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan expressed concern about the future of the North Korea nuclear talks.  韩国外交与通商部长官柳明桓在就职后举行的首次记者会上对北韩核谈判的前景表示担忧。He says he is concerned the six-nation talks may lose "momentum." 他说,他担心六方会谈可能会失去前进势头。For five years, South Korea has worked with the ed States, Japan, China and Russia to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear programs, in exchange for financial and energy aid along with diplomatic incentives. 韩国5年来与美国、日本、中国与俄罗斯合作,试图说北韩放弃核计划。The six-nation diplomacy has produced progress in shutting down the North's main plutonium-producing facilities. However, Pyongyang has failed to produce a complete declaration of its nuclear activities and stockpiles it promised to submit by the end of 2007. 然而平壤方面没有兑现承诺,在2007年底前彻底申报核活动与核库存。Yu said Wednesday the delay is because of two basic obstacles.  柳明桓星期三说,拖延是因为两个基本障碍。He says there are roadblocks over accusations North Korea maintained a uranium enrichment program and engaged in nuclear cooperation with Syria. 包括在北韩被控拥有浓缩铀计划以及与叙利亚进行核合作的问题上还存在障碍。North Korea has never publicly admitted having a uranium enrichment program, but the ed States says it has abundant evidence such a program exists. Washington also suspects North Korea may have lent assistance to a possible nuclear facility in Syria which Israeli warplanes bombed in September. 北韩从未公开承认拥有浓缩铀计划,但是美国说,有充分的据显示北韩有浓缩铀计划。美国还怀疑北韩可能向叙利亚一个可能的核设施提供了援助,以色列军用飞机去年9月轰炸了这个设施。Negotiators in the six-nation process are now pinning their hopes on a meeting scheduled Thursday in Geneva between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill and senior North Korean envoy Kim Kye Kwan. The diplomats are their respective countries' chief delegates to the multinational nuclear talks. 六方会谈的谈判人员现在都将希望寄托于美国助理国务卿希尔和北韩谈判代表金桂冠计划星期四在日内瓦进行的会谈。两人是六方会谈各自国家的主要代表。A similar one-on-one meeting last year in Berlin helped the two countries resolve a financial dispute that was paralyzing the diplomatic process. It is unclear what specific proposals the two envoys will discuss. However, experts and some U.S. officials have suggested North Korea may seek to address Washington's concerns on the most sensitive issues in a document, separate from the formal nuclear declaration. 去年在柏林举行的一次类似的单独会谈帮助美国与北韩解决了一个让外交进程陷入瘫痪的金融争议。目前还不清楚希尔和金桂冠会讨论什么具体建议。然而,专家和美国一些官员都认为,北韩可能会寻求解决美国对一份文件中最敏感议题的担心,这份文件不同于正式的核申报。200803/30329四川省第四医院位置成都省中医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗



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