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四川成都市人民医院网上咨询热线成都妇幼保健医院妇科华栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201603/434602新津县人民医院怎么样! 1854, London.The industrial age has turned the city into mankinds enemy.1854年 伦敦 工业时代让城市变成了人类的死敌A killer stalks the streets:Cholera.一个杀手肆虐横行 那就是霍乱Heading for the epicenter,determined to stop the epidemic, physician John Snow.深入疾病多发区 决心找出病源 这就是约翰·斯诺医生Cholera was this plague that ravaged through western society that everyone ran from.霍乱在西方国家肆虐横行 人们避之唯恐不及He went right into it.He embraced the fear that so many had.他却深入其中 去接近其他人的恐惧For 300 years, Cholera has been contained in India.三百年来 霍乱一直在印度盛行But as people travel farther, by train and sea,The disease moves with them.但当人们乘坐火车或航船远行时 他们所携带的病毒也随之扩散开来Every Russian city overwhelmed,1 million dead.前苏联的每座城市都未能幸免 一百万人因此而丧生As it sps west, it grows more virulent.越往西传播得越严重People fear its the new Black Death.Poland, Germany.人们唯恐这是新一轮的黑死病 疾病蔓延至波兰和德国19,000 dead in Paris alone.150,000 across America.仅在巴黎 就有一万九千人死亡 而美国则有十五万人死于此疾In less than half a square mile of London,600 dead in just two weeks.在伦敦 不到半平方英里内 短短两周就有六百人死亡The first victim: Sarah Lewis baby daughter.第一位受害者便是莎拉·刘易斯的小女儿Now, her husband,wracked by stomach cramps, desperate thirst,vomiting, diarrhea.如今 她的丈夫 饱受肠胃绞痛 极度干渴的折磨 还伴有呕吐 痢疾201604/437060After another two years of full thrust,再经过两年的全速推进the ship would reach its top speed,飞船将会到达它的最高速度99% of the speed of light.光速的99%At this speed, a single day on board到达了这一速度,飞船上每过一天is a whole year of earth time.地球上都过了一整年Our ship will be truely flying into the future.我们的飞船真正地是在飞向未来The slowing of time has another benefit.让时间放慢还有另一个好处It means we could,这就是in theory, travel extraordinary distances理论上我们能在一个人的有生之年within one human lifetime.航行很长的距离A trip to the edge of the galaxy would take just 80 years.一次到系边缘的旅行只需80年But the real wonder of our journey is that但这次探索真正的奇妙之处在于it reveals just how strange the universe is.它揭露了宇宙是何等的奇妙Its a universe where就是这个宇宙,在这里time runs at different rates in different places.时间会因地点不同而以不同的速度流逝Where tiny wormholes exist all around us.细小的虫洞无处不在And where, ultimately,we might use our understanding of physics我们能够运用自己的物理知识to become time voyagers through the fourth dimension.成为在四维空间中任意穿行的时间航行者201508/391178青羊区妇幼保健院在线询问

彭州市检查妇科病哪家医院最好的They were claiming that Michael organised a conspiracy to abduct children,他们指迈克尔组织成员绑架儿童to falsely imprison a family and to commit criminal extortion.并囚禁与勒索一家人And the other counts had to do with allegations of child molestation.其他的罪名则是儿童性侵相关These were serious allegations, the most ridiculous allegations.这些是很严重的指控 也很扯Anyone who knows Michael, Michael is not a paedophile.认识迈克尔的人都知道 他绝对没有恋童癖Mr Jackson has been booked into the countyjail.杰克逊先生已遭县立监狱申请收押He has since been released. He has posted the bail现在正假释中and he has been given an arraignment date.并也被告知开庭日lt bothered me because l was wondering how he was feeling我很担心 我一直在想他的感受and how he was dealing with it.与他如何面对这一切Michael used to always tell me, Id rather slit my own wrist than to hurt a child.迈克尔曾跟我说过 我宁可自杀也不会伤害孩子And here they are trying to accuse me但他们竟然控告我会伤害of the thing that l love best, and thats children,我最爱的东西就是儿童accuse me of molesting them. 控告我性侵他们The more l looked at the facts, the more l conversed with him,我愈看手边的据 愈跟他谈话the more ridiculous these charges appeared.就愈觉得这些控诉很荒谬He just did not seem like the kind of person他根本就不像that could ever engage in this kind of behaviour.会有这些行为的人Mr sneddon was obsessed with taking down Michael Jackson.史奈顿先生 很偏执地想拖垮迈克尔·杰克逊My understanding is that in the mid-90s, Mr Sneddon personaIIy traveIIed据我所知史奈顿先生 还曾在90年代中期to Australia and Canada, and perhaps other countries lm not aware of,亲自飞往加拿大与澳洲 可能还有其他的国家to find witnesses against Michael Jackson.目的是寻找愿意指迈克尔·杰克逊的人He also arranged to have a website他还在圣巴巴拉县立警察局at the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department设立了网站where they were looking for any witnesses or evidence against Michael.让民众提供人或物201510/406442四川八院QQ A scan was looking at the density of my liver by passing vibrations through it.探测器正在通过振动查看我的内脏The harder the liver had become by alcohol the less vibrations would pass through.硬化越严重 反馈的振动就越多The important figure is this one重要的参数是这个the stiffness value and thats well within the normal range这个刚度值在正常的范围内so I would say thats a normal liver stiffness.所以结果是正常的-Thats reassuring to you and me. -Immensely.-那让我们都放心了 -的确是But there was a catch.但还有个问题Apparently unless I had advanced liver disease no test would pick this up显然 检查只能查出很严重的内科疾病and by the time you feel the symptoms of liver damage要是已经出现症状 肝脏已严重受损you have a one-in-three chance of immediate death!三个这样的人中 一个会立即死去Without opening me up所以我并不愿意the best predictor of my liver was something I didnt want to think about.乐观地估计我的健康状态We come down to history我们再从你的饮酒习惯being the most important investigation of a patients alcohol来看一下你的情况whether theres alcohol playing a role in damaging the liver.看看你的肝脏是否收到酒精损坏Its quite interesting how your drinking habits虽然你的饮酒习惯have changed over your lifetime.已经改变了不少However you are drinking excessively但是你的饮酒量and well outside the recommended limits for a male.还是远超过成年人的推荐值重点解释:1.pass through穿过; 透过; 流过例句:The waterway is wide for many ships to pass through.这条河很宽,足以使很多船通过。2.think about考虑;回想例句:The time is approaching when we must think about buying a new house.我们要想一想买新房子的事了,时机即将来临。3.play a role in在 ... 中起作用; 扮演角色例句:He was invited to play a role in this TV play.他被邀请在这个电视剧里扮演一个角色。 201507/387117四川省第二中医医院网上预约

大邑县中医院生孩子价格But thats not really quite enough但是这些信息还不够for me to know exactly what this bug is,对我来说 必须清楚地知道这是什么so we grow it on plates like this,所以我要在培养皿里培养它and each of these dots每个像这样的菌落里has about a half-billion organisms in it.有将近五亿个有机体These discs here have got antibiotics in them这些小圆盘里含有抗生素 which leak out into the agar,并会释放到琼脂中and if you look at that one there,如果你看那里you can see theres a very, very,你会发现这个很大一块区域very, large zone of clearing什么都没有and thats because that antibiotic这是因为 is killing that organism,这种抗生素杀死了有机体but if you look at all the others,但若再观察其他的 theres no effect at all.根本就没有效果So this plate is telling us所以这个培养皿告诉我们that my patient has got a highly resistant organism,病人体内生有高度耐药性有机体and this explains why这就解释了shes not doing quite as well as she should,为什么她没有像预期的那样好起来so resistant to one, two, three, four, five antibiotics,对这五种抗生素都有耐药性sensitive to only one.只对一种敏感Our resistance to antibiotics我们对于抗生素的耐药性is a problem thats only getting worse.是一个日趋严重的问题201503/363652 Pre Off Piste滑野雪前的准备Now that we are getting more adventurous with your skiing,现在我们来让你的滑雪变得更冒险一点,something that is going to really help, is to have a really smooth link between your turns.两个转弯处的流畅连接对于我们接下来的滑雪会有很大的帮助。No hesitation, no tea break, no dead spot. A good skier is always doing something.没有犹豫,没有茶歇,没有盲点。一个好的滑雪者总是在不间断的进步中的So when you are coming round the corner and finishing the turn,所以当你从拐弯处滑过来完成这个弯时,we want to see a really fluid link between the end of that turn and then the start of that next one.我们想看到你在第一个弯结束第二个弯开始之间的真正流畅的连接。A good way to practice this is to put some nice rhythmical turns on down the piste.练习的好方法是在滑雪道上多滑几次有韵律的转弯。Always doing something, theres no hesitation.总是在行进中没有犹豫。Set yourself a challenge. Try to make ten turns in perfect rhythm.给自己订个目标。努力转十个完美的有韵律的弯。Each turn should feel identical and in control.每个弯都应该感觉相同的都在你的控制下。Once you feel comfortable with this, move on to some steeper terrain and even try to increase the number of turns.只要你滑的感觉很舒了,找些更陡峭的地形来练多滑几次。So a slightly bigger turn, but the same rules apply.所以尽量转大一点弯,技巧一样。Im completing this turn, but Im aly thinking of going into the next one.我正在完成这个弯但同时我已经在考虑下一个弯怎样转了。Watch my pole plant. Its coming through to help me start the turn with no hesitation.观察我的点杖动作。它协助我没有犹豫的转弯。My arms are in front and I feel relaxed. You can see, Im always doing something.我的胳膊在身前,我感觉非常放松。你可以看到我总是在做一些事情。Now weve got that working really strong on the piste, lets take it off piste.现在这些技巧在滑雪道上非常有效果,让我们离开滑雪道。So before youre going off piste, its really important that youve got the right safety equipment.在你离开滑雪道前,带好你正确的安全装置是非常重要的。An avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, good first aid kit.一个雪崩收发器,探针,雪铲,急救箱。And remember, its one thing having them in the bag, its another thing knowing how to use it.记住:把它们放在一个包里是一回事;知道怎样使用是另一回事。So its always worthwhile doing a safety course and practicing often,做好安全准备工作非常值得并且要经常练习,so when it does come, ( hopefully it never does), youll be able to do it without thinking too much.以便真的发生意外时你能不用考虑立刻处理。(当然最好不要发生)And if you are going far away from the piste,如果你打算野外滑雪,get yourself a guide or an instructor who knows where you are going,给自己找个向导或教练,了解行进方向,and keep an eye on the weather.同时注意天气情况。Just use your brain.不要犯2。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201506/379777成都医学院第二附属医院有网上预约吗成都省中医医院要预约吗



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