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Celebrity plastic surgery has been a source of fascination for decades, and speculation over who might have gone under the knife has practically become a national pastime. ;Have they or haven#39;t they?; items are staples in celebrity weeklies, complete with side-by-side photos of stars ;then and now.;明星整容一直以来都是公众关注的焦点。八卦哪位明星可能动了刀也成了全民消遣的方式之一。类似;他们究竟有没有整容;这种话题已经成了周刊的家常便饭,并经常附带明星现在和过去的对比照。While some celebs try their best to hide the work they#39;ve had done, or deflect with cliche excuses (;I had a deviated septum, OK?;), others — like the Kardashians — freely admit to fillers and even try out new procedures in front of the cameras.虽然有些明星尽可能的掩盖自己整容的事实,或是编造一些老套的理由(比如有的人称自己只是矫正了隔膜)来转移公众的目光,但是总会有一些人像卡戴珊家族一样,不断大胆的使用填充剂,甚至还在镜头前尝试新的整容方式。Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow of E!#39;s ;Botched; recently sat down with with The Huffington Post and dropped some serious truth bombs, including the one procedure every female star in Hollywood is having, the procedures celebs won#39;t admit to having, and the stars who are driving plastic surgery#39;s biggest trends.保罗·纳西夫医生和特里·杜布罗医生最近有点抽风,对《赫芬顿邮报》透漏了些秘密,抛出了一些;真相炸弹;。其中包括每一位好莱坞女星都会接受的整容流程,即那些明星们不会承认自己接受过的整容步骤,而正是这些明星推动了整容业的蓬勃发展。While noting that there are plenty of stars who denounce plastic surgery and fillers, Dr. Dubrow told The Huffington Post that if a celebrity looks ;preserved,; they#39;ve most likely had some form of cosmetic work done. ;But who knows?; he admitted.尽管有许多明星都谴责整容手术以及填充物,不过杜布罗医生向《赫芬顿邮报》表示,如果一位明星看起来还不错,那么很有可能他是整过容的。但他承认,这种事没人说得准。There was period about seven or eight years ago, according to Dr. Dubrow, when the ;hot thing; was to have fat injected into one#39;s face. The results of this procedure left most of Hollywood looking ;altered,; and he added that because of this, people were ;starting to look weird.; The ;new face,; he said, resulted in a homogenous look among stars.据杜布罗医生研究,七八年前最流行的就是给脸部注射脂肪。这一方法使得大多数的好莱坞明星看起来都变了样。他还说道,正是因为这种手术,许多人看起来变得很奇怪。这种;新型脸;导致大多数的明星看起来都是一个样子。Now, the doctors say the trend for celebrities is just to look like a better, perhaps more youthful version of themselves instead of all looking alike.这位医生表示,如今的整容手术正朝着能够使明星看起来状态更好,更年轻的趋势发展,而不是努力打造出一个个相似的面孔。While you might hear certain celebs claiming they#39;ve ;never gone under the knife,; Dr. Nassif explained that a lot of celebrities are doing non-invasive treatments that don#39;t require surgery. CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is one of those procedures. It freezes the body#39;s fat and requires very little recovery time. The Kardashians did it this season on ;Keeping Up with the Kardashians.;而纳西夫医生指出,你也许听过许多名人说自己从来没有动过刀,但是也还是有很多人做了微整形,这是不需要做外科手术的。微整形会冻结体内的脂肪,恢复时间也很短。卡戴珊最近在;与卡戴珊同行;综艺节目中就接受了微整形。These days, there#39;s less shame associated with cosmetic surgery. It#39;s becoming more common for celebrities to be more open about the procedures they#39;ve had done.如今,整容行为变得不再那么令人难堪。名人大方承认自己接受过哪种整容手术的行为也越来越普遍。In terms of actually admitting to certain surgeries, both doctors agree there#39;s an evolution of admitting to ;acceptable; procedures.说到承认整容的事,两位医生均表明,这种承认是一个慢慢进化的过程。;Celebrities will admit to breast implants now, but they wouldn#39;t for a while,; Dr. Dubrow said, ;Liposuction was verboten to admit to. Now, they will say, #39;I had a little something sucked out.#39;; There are still some procedures and surgeries that no one will admit to undergoing.杜布罗医生表示:;明星现在可能会承认自己隆胸,但是之前就不会承认,吸脂手术在之前是不会被承认的,现在他们也承认了。他们会说#39;我就是吸出了体内一些东西#39;。;但是仍旧有一些类型的整容是没有人会承认的。According to Dr. Dubrow, butt augmentation is still considered too taboo for celebrities to cop to having. Attitudes toward plastic surgery are constantly changing. Similar to liposuction now, he said we#39;ll likely see evolution of butt augmentation becoming ;acceptable; in about four years.杜布罗医生表示,一些名人仍拒绝接受丰臀手术。人们对待整容的态度是日新月异的,就像人们改变对丰胸手术的态度一样。也许四年后,丰臀手术就会为人们所接受。 /201606/451857

Meet Alo#351;, the 2-year-old Van cat from Turkey whose slightly crossed blue and green eyes have made him the newest Internet sensation.  来认识一下Alo#351;吧!这只来自土耳其两岁大的猫咪,一蓝一绿色的斗鸡眼在网络上引起了新的轰动。  “His eyes are the most beautiful in the world to me,” his owner Burcu Kaynak told Bored Panda. The different coloration of the kitty’s eyes is a result of heterochromia, a condition caused by the relative excess or lack of melanin. “It does not affect his vision at all,” Kaynak added. “People are very interested in him, whether it’s on social media or when walking outdoors.” Alo#351; aly has 10k followers on Instagram and counting!  “对于我来说,他的眼睛是世界上最美的。”他的主人Burcu Kaynak告诉我们。“猫咪眼睛之所以呈现不同的颜色是因为异色症的原因,是黑色素过剩或者缺乏导致的一种情况。这一点也没影响他的视力。不管是在社交媒体还是外出散步的时候,人们都对他很感兴趣。”在Instagram和Counting上他已经有一万多粉丝了。 /201605/440210

Extraordinary photos have emerged showing a tribe chief holding the perfectly mummified remains of one of his ancestors in a remote Indonesian village.根据几张奇特的照片显示,在印尼的一个偏远山村,一个部落的首领竟然怀抱着一具保存完好的木乃伊祖先遗体。Dani tribe chief Eli Mabel is pictured holding the remains of Agat Mamete Mabel in the village of Wogi in Wamena in West Papua.这些照片拍摄于西巴布亚省瓦梅纳市渥基村,该村的达尼部落首领依莱·梅布尔怀抱着阿加·马梅特·梅布尔的遗体。The indigenous tribe, who live in a remote area of the Papuan central highlands, used to preserve their ancestors by smoking their bodies, which kept them in a near-perfect state for hundreds of years.这一土著部落居住在巴布亚中部的高原地区,他们过去常常通过烟熏身体来保存祖先的遗体,这一方法可使遗体几乎能完好地保存好几百年。The smoking mummification is no longer practiced, but the Dani tribes people still preserve a number of mummies as a symbol of their highest respect for their ancestors.烟熏木乃伊化如今已被摈弃,但是达尼部落的人们仍然保存了大量的木乃伊,以作为他们对祖先的最高敬意。In recent years the Dani tribe has attracted tourists from around the world, with some villages even showing their original customs and holding mock wars.近些年来,达尼部落吸引了全球各地的游客,一些村庄甚至还展示他们的原始习俗,并进行模拟战争。Every August the Dani hold mock battles with neighbouring tribes – the Lani and Yali peoples - to celebrate the fertility and welfare of the Papua province as well as upholding ancient traditions.每年八月,达尼部落都会和临近部落,比如拉尼部落和亚里部落,一起开展模拟战争,以庆祝巴布亚省土壤肥沃、人民生活幸福以及源远流长的古老传统。The people of Baliem Valley, the Dani, Lani and Yali tribes, were discovered accidentally by American zoologist and philanthropist Richard Archbold, while on a zoological expedition to New Guinea in 1938.达尼部落、拉尼部落和亚里部落这些居住在巴列姆山谷的居民,都是在1938年被前往新几内亚进行动物考察的美国动物学家及慈善家理查德·阿奇尔德在无意中发现的。In the Dani tribe, the men wear distinctive tribal attire, including face paint, feathers, animal bones and intricate penis sheaths named Koteka. The women wear skirts made from woven orchid fibres decorated with straw and woven bags.达尼部落的男性身着与众不同的部落饰,其中包括脸上的油、皮革、动物骨头和名为Koteka的复杂阴茎鞘。而女性穿的裙子主要是由编织的兰花纤维制成,同时饰以稻草和编织包。 /201608/462724

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