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介绍:I want to spend time with my grandfatherFirst of all, every time I have problems, he can always help me outSecondly, we konow each other pretty wellFinally, when I stay with him I feel totally relaxed 词汇: 1 facial [常用于名词前] connected with a person face; on a person face 面部的a facial expression面部表情facial hair面部毫毛 subtle (often approving) not very noticeable or obvious 不易察觉的;不明显的;微妙的subtle coloursflavourssmells, etc. 淡淡的色、味道、气味等(of a person or their behaviour 人或其行为) behaving in a clever way, and using indirect methods, in order to achieve sth机智的;机巧的;狡猾的I decided to try a more subtle approach.我决定智取organized in a clever way巧妙的a subtle plan巧妙的计划a subtle use of lighting in the play灯光在剧中的巧妙运用good at noticing and understanding things敏锐的;头脑灵活的The job required a subtle mind.那项工作需要一个头脑敏锐的人去做欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 63973

Page: My nose is between my eyes.And it is between my eyes and my mouth.My mouth is under my nose.My nose is over my mouth.Our noses are over our mouths.The light is over the table.The dog is under the table.This is a clock.It is on the wall.It is over the bookshelves.The bookshelves are under the clock.Page: 5This is his hair.It is short.This is her hair.It is long.These are his ears.Where are her ears.They are under her hair.Her hair is over her ears.This is his head.This is his face.his eyes,his nose and his mouth are parts of his face.This is a clock.It has a face.This is the face of the clock.The clock has two hands,a long hand and a short hand.The long hand is at 5.The short hand is between 7 and 8.Page: 6A clock has a face.It has no nose.It has no eyes.It has no mouth.It has no ears.It has no hair but it has a face.It has a face and two hands, the long hand and the short hand.The long hand of the clock is between one and two.One is bee two.Two is between one and three.Three is after two and two is after one.I have this book in my hands.It was on the shelf with the other books.It was between the other two books bee I took it from the shelf.Page: 7I have it in my hand.I am putting it between the other two books.Then it will be with the other books.Now,it is on the shelf again.It was in my hand.I had it in my hand.It is not in my hand.Where is it?This is a room.What do you see in the room?Do you see the floor and three walls of the room?Do you see them?Do you see a door and two windows?Is one of the windows open?Is the other window shut?Do you see two seats and the bookshelves between them?Do you see the clock over the bookshelves?Yes,I see them.These things are in the room.The room is in the house.Page: 8This is a face.Eyes, nose and mouth are parts of a face.Which are the eyes?Which is the nose?which is the mouth?These are my hands.Which is my right hand?Which is my left hand?Which are my thumbs?Which are my fingers?This is a man?Which are his arms?Which are his hands?Which are his legs?Which are his feet?This is his head.These are his arms.These are his legs.These are his feet.What is this?Page: 9This is his body.His head, his arms,his legs and his body are parts of a man.He has a body.She has a body.All men and women and boys and girls have bodies.This baby has a body.This dog has a body.This is his tail.This is his body.He has four legs and a head and a tail.He has no arms and hands,but he has feet.His head,his body his legs and his tail are parts of a dog.This is a dog head.Which is his mouth?Which are his eyes?Which are his ears?Which is his nose?Page: 50This is a foot.These are toes.They are parts of a foot.These parts of a foot are its toes.This is a toe.This is a leg.This is a knee.It is part of a leg.This part of a leg is its knee.Our legs are parts of us.This is a neck.It is part of a man.It is between his head and his body.The part which is between his head and his body is his neck.This is a man head.This is his chin.It is under his mouth.It is part of his face.The part which is under his mouth is his chin.Page: 51This is a man body.The part which is between his head,his arms,and his legs is his body.This is his body.This part of him is his chest.This is a chest of drawers.This man has his finger on his chin.This man has his finger on his chest.This baby is on his hands and knees.This baby is on his hands and feet.This baby is on his knees.This baby is on his feet. 38638大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:What is the best thing to make in a hurry?急匆匆的时候做什么最好?下面给大家揭晓:Make haste.抓紧,赶紧词汇:hurry n.匆忙;仓促;急忙He was in a hurry to leave.他急切地要离开You must avoid making decisions in a hurry .你千万不可仓促做出决定They squeezed through the crowd in a hurry.他们急忙从人群中挤了过去词组:in a hurry 匆忙hot hurry 燃眉之急tearing hurry 火急火燎下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:What job will make people look up to you?干什么工作人们会敬仰你?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 58You and Me---Rosie ThomasYou and me, me and you There is so much that we`ve been through, through it all I've come to understand Gods love. And if tomorrow never comes know this twice, just know this once. Knowing you has made me able to go on. You and me, me and you There couldn’s be a better two, to be blessed and know the meaning of true love. And if you leave me I feel scared, fall apart so unprepared. But I dare to make it trough all on my own. Yes I dare to make it trough on my own内容来自: 65

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻5.Honest?5.诚实吗?Two small boys, not yet old enough to be in school, were overheard talking at the zoo one day.在动物园,我无意中听到两个学龄前的小男孩在聊天;My name is Billy. What yours?; asked the first boy. ;Tommy,; replied the second.“我叫Billy你叫什么名字?” 一个男孩问题“Tommy”,另一个男孩回答;My Daddy an ant. What does your Daddy do a living?; asked Billy.“我爸爸是一位会计师,你爸爸是做什么的?”Billy问TommyTommy replied, ;My Daddy a lawyer.; ;Honest?; asked Billy.“我爸爸是一位律师,”Tommy回答“真的吗?”Billy问;No, just the regular kind;, replied Tommy.“不是啦,就跟别的律师一样”Tommy回答 73 Ten Dollars第3单元 十块钱Tom and his wife Marg went to the ed State Fair every year. Every year Tom said, ;Marg, let go ride the airplane together.;汤姆和他太太每年都会去参加年度庆典每年汤姆都会说:“玛格,我们一起去坐飞机吧”And every year Marg would say, ;I know, Tom, but that airplane ride costs ten dollars, and ten dollars is ten dollars.;每年玛格都会说:“我知道,汤姆,可是坐飞机要花十块钱,十块钱也是钱”This year Tom and Marg went to the fair.今年汤姆和玛格也去参加年度庆典Tom said, ;Marg, Im 71 years old. If I dont ride that airplane this year I may never get another chance. I might be dead by the next time the fair comes. Let go ride the airplane.; Marg replied, ;Tom , that airplane ride costs ten dollars, and ten dollars is ten dollars.;汤姆说:“玛格,我都71岁了,今年再不坐飞机去玩可能再也没有机会了下回年度庆典时,搞不好我已经翘辫子了我们去坐飞机吧”玛格回答:“汤姆,坐飞机要花十块钱,十块钱也是钱”The pilot overheard them. ;Folks, Ill make you a deal. Ill take you both up a ride. If you can stay quiet the entire ride and not day one word, I wont charge you, but if you say one word it ten dollars. ;驾驶员无意中听到他们的谈话,便说:“两位,我和你们做个交易我带你们两个飞一程,如果你们能全程保持安静,一句话都不说,我就不收你们的钱;但只要你们一开口,就要付十块钱”Tom and Marg agreed. The pilot does all kinds of twists and turns, rolls and dives. He does all his tricks over again, but still not a word.汤姆和玛格决定接受这项提议结果驾驶员尽其所能地翻来覆去,一会儿旋转一会儿俯冲,所有花招尽皆出笼,但还是没听到有人说话They land and the pilot turns to Tom, ;I did everything I could think of to get you to yell out, but you didnt.;降落后,驾驶员转头对汤姆说:“我想得出来可以让你们大叫的招数都使过了,结果还是被你们打败”Tom replied, ;Well, I was gonna say something when Marg fell out, but ten dollars is ten dollars.;汤姆回答:“其实玛格摔出去的时候我是想开口啦,可是十块钱也是钱” 019685Just Average第单元 普普通通In my third year of school, something happened and my attitude about working hard changed. Im not sure what it was, but something encouraged me to study a little harder this one particular test we were going to have at school.我在三年级时发生了一件事,改变了我对努力认真的态度,我不确定是什么事,不过那件事鼓励我对学校即将展开的小考,再多用功点In my whole life, I was always just an average student. My parents seemed to think I could do better and reminded me of this all the time. In many ways, their nagging made it so I didnt want to study or work hard. Of course this caused problems when it came to getting grades back.我从小到大一直都是个普通的学生,我父母似乎认为我可以做得更好,经常提醒我这点,他们大事小事都要唠叨,使得我更不想要用功念书,当然啰,每次拿成绩单回家,免不了又会有问题Well, like I said there was this one test. Four days I prepared it! On the day of the test I remember feeling very confident and found the tast fairly easy to write.不过这次小考,我花了四天准备!考试当天,我记得感觉非常有自信,而且发现考试很简单The following day we got our test scores back. I had the top grade! Needless to say, my parents were very happy with me. More important though, I realized that I could be more than just average. A lesson I learned by proving to myself, not because someone else told me.隔天我拿到考试分数,我考满分!不用说我父母也很满意我的表现,不过重要的是,我了解到我可以不只是普普通通,并没有人告诉我这一点,而是我向自己明了这一点 1996

英国新天后丽安娜·刘易斯(Leona Lewis)为卡梅隆新片《阿凡达演唱的主题歌“I See You”完整版已经在PopEater网站上了,你认为这首歌能再现当年《泰坦尼克号(Titanic)的“我心永恒”(My Heart Will Go On)的风光吗? 《阿凡达的配乐由卡梅隆的老搭档詹姆斯·霍纳(James Horner)创作,这首歌也是由他作曲、Simon Franglen填词的,表现的是片中男女主角的感情

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