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栏目简介:Organic food products currently make up only 1 percent of all food sold in China, but both domestic and foreign companies are gearing up to boost sales betting on peoples increasing awareness of a healthy diet. Organizers at an organic food show say the market has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years, but still have a lot to catch up to European markets. Cui Huiao has more.201705/507176。

J.P. Morgan was a huge power on the stock market when it was not at all regulated.J·P·根在股市上具有巨大影响力 当时股市没有什么政府监管In the case of George Westinghouse, his company on a number of occasions, was assaulted on the stock market by Morgan entities.而乔治·威斯汀豪斯的公司则多次受到根旗下公司在股市上的攻击Morgan capitalizes on a downturn in the economy....launching a smear campaign designed to trigger a sell-off of Westinghouse stock.根利用经济低迷的机会 发起了一波抹黑攻势 试图引发威斯汀豪斯股票的抛售Mr. Morgan!Mr. Morgan!What is to be done about the panic?根先生 根先生 关于恐慌应该怎么办Theres no need to panic.没必要恐慌Mr. Morgan, are we on the verge of a depression?根先生 我们正处在经济萧条的边缘Not if we act wisely.明智地行动就不会Now how many more companies will go bust, Mr. Morgan?还有多少公司会破产 根先生The only companies at risk are those fast expanding capital intensive,debt-ridden ventures.危险的只有那些扩张过快 资本密集 债务缠身的投机者Thank you, gentlemen.谢谢 先生们Mr. Morgan! Mr. Morgan!根先生 根先生Morgans remarks are subtle.根没有指明But his influence on Wall Street is so great,their effect is devastating.但他对华尔街有着巨大的影响 这些话的影响是毁灭性的Over the next few weeks,investors sell off Westinghouses stock,sending the company into a tailspin.接下来的几周内 投资者开始抛售威斯汀豪斯的股票 让这家公司处于慌乱之中Within days, its almost bankrupt.没过几天 它就近乎破产You get successful at something and all of a sudden you make a lot of money and the world says youre successful.你可能会很成功 突然间赚了很多钱 世人都说你很成功Theres no margin for failure anymore.问题不是失败Theres only degrees of success.而是成功的程度大小With Westinghouse driven into debt,Morgan is convinced theres no longer any competition to win the contract for Niagara.威斯汀豪斯陷入危机之后 根相信 没了竞争 赢得尼亚加拉的合同也就不会有任何问题 201606/447164。

Target is been neutralized. Im heading to the hotel.目标已经消灭,我现在准备去酒店。Checking into the penthouse. The name is Hunter.入住顶层,我的名字叫亨特。Certainly Mr. Hunter. I have your reservation right here.好的亨特先生。我现在就帮您查查您的预订信息。Uh, wait did you say Hunter? Mhm.额,稍等,你刚才说是亨特?No. I dont have a Hunter.不,预约里没有亨特。But you emailed the confirmation to my watch.但是你们给我的手表发了邮件确认啊Oh, well marketing handles emails. Oh! I have a Hanson.哦,那是邮件营销。哦,我查到了汉森。No, its Hunter. Hunter.不,是亨特。亨特。I picked my room on your app.我用你们的App选的房间Oh we have so many apps.哦,我们有许多App。I, uhh. But Im a platinum member.我...但是我还是你们的白金会员呀Uhhh, I even have a promotion from your um... from your website.额,我甚至是有你们网站上的促销券...Promotions are on a different system. But I do have a single on the ground floor Mr. Hanson.促销信息在不同的系统上,我们这边真的只有一位在一层的汉森先生。Its Hunter. My name is Hunter!是亨特。我的名字是亨特!201611/479322。

【视频讲解】Top 5 Songs for Week Ending April 29截止4月29日本周5佳歌曲This is the Top Five Countdown! Were hangin with the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart, for the week ending April 29, 2017.现在是本周5佳歌曲公布时间!到2017年4月29日为止,我们列出了Billboard 100个流行单曲榜中最佳的前五首歌曲。Countdown n. 倒数计时Pop Singles chart 流行单曲榜It turns out that lighting does strike twice in the same place, because we get a Top Five debut for the second straight week.如同被雷劈了两次,因为这些歌曲保持五强的位置已连续二周了。Lets start in fifth place, where The Chainsmokers and Coldplay hold with “Something Just Like This.”让我们从第五名开始,烟鬼组合和酷玩乐队的《Something Just Like This》Coldplay just grabbed two nominations for this years Ivor Novello Awards. Chris Martin amp; Company are nominated twice in the PRS For Most Performed Work category – they earned it for “Adventure Of A Lifetime” and “Hymn For The Weekend.” Theyll square off against Adele, with “When We Were Young.” Named for the famous Welsh composer and actor, the Ivor Novello awards will be handed out on May 18 in London.酷玩乐队今年到目前为止只获得了两项全英原创音乐大奖提名。克里斯马丁公司由于出色的表现获得了两次提名,被提名的两首歌分别是《Adventure Of A Lifetime》和《Hymn For The Weekend》。这一成绩或将击败阿黛尔的《When We Were Young》。全英原创音乐大奖将于5月18日在伦敦颁发。nomination n. 任命,提名-nominate v. 提名 Ivor Novello Awards 全英原创音乐大奖square off:把...做成方形;(打斗等时)摆好(架势)-After the audience votes, a panel of proponents and a panel of opponents square off on the topic.Lets keep it in the U.K. for this weeks big debut: Harry Styles opens in fourth place with “Sign Of The Times; We’ll catch up to Harry in the moment.Its the lead single from Harrys first solo album, dropping on May 12.Harry将带着《Sign Of The Times》以第四的成绩首次登台演出,这首歌曲是Harry第一张个人专辑里的主打曲,这张专辑将于5月12日发行。Debutn. 初次登台;开张vi. 初次登台-He decided to debut with several other violinists.Harry co-wrote this song with Jeff Bhasker, who won the 2016 Grammy for Non-Classical Producer of the Year. Jeff has worked with everyone from Jay Z to the Rolling Stones. Harrys album has a lot of buzz behind it, and he says he will go on tour. Harry与赢得2016年格莱美奖年度非古典制作人的Jeff Bhasker合作写的这首歌。从Jay Z 到Rolling Stones(滚石乐队),他曾经和各种人合作过。Harry的专辑歌曲有不少以嗡嗡声为背景音乐。他表示,自己将继续巡回演出。Non-Classical Producer 非古典类制作人Buzz 嗡嗡声;闹哄哄,乱糟糟的吵杂声;流言蜚语Kendrick Lamar loses a slot in third place with “Humble,”from his smash hit album Damn.Kendrick Lamar在本周下降了一个位置,凭借畅销专辑《Damn》中的单曲《Humble》获得第三名。a slot 一个位置-Today they have to earn their slot in the chain, and that success will be closely watched by therest of the industry.Kendrick headlined for two successive weekends at the Coachella festival, and now fans can await his North American headlining tour. It starts July 12 in Glendale, Arizona. Travis Scott and D.R.A.M. will be the opening acts.他的作品连续两周问鼎科切拉谷地音乐节,粉丝们们终于可以期待他7月12日从亚利桑那州格伦代尔启程的北美巡演了。successive adj. 连续的,接连的Bruno, Bruno...make up your mind. Bruno Mars this week returns to second place with “That’s what I like”and Bruno recently stopped by a London landmark.Hes sold more than 26 million albums, but Bruno Mars just cant make that last jump: “Thats What I Like” this week returns to its chart high of second place.布鲁诺#8226;马尔斯(Bruno Mars)至今已经卖出了2600万多张专辑,布鲁诺#8226;马尔斯(Bruno Mars)凭借《Thats What I Like》跃居本周流行单曲排名第二位。Brunos currently on tour in the ed Kingdom, and last week he stopped by the Beatles old stomping ground, Abbey Road Studios in London. He says he didnt use that famous zebra crossing from the album cover photograph, but it was a temptation.布鲁诺(Bruno)目前在英国巡演,上周路过披头士的故地——伦敦埃比路录音棚。他说他没有用那个著名的斑马线当封面(伦敦北区埃比路斑马线,因为出现在英国甲壳虫乐队的唱片《Abbey Road》封面上而出名),但这是一种诱惑。chart high 最高排名stomping ground 落脚点-Now Mr. Putins back is an old spys stomping ground.If youre tempted to think we have a new singles champ, think again: Ed Sheeran remains your countdown king with “Shape Of You.”如果让你猜谁会是最新的个人冠军,艾德#8226;希兰(Ed Sheeran)的《Shape of You》无疑是首善之选。As of April 6, this was the best-selling single of 2017 in the U.S., moving 1.7 million copies. Its also the only song to have surpassed the million-seller mark so far this year.4月6日,《Shape of You》成为美国2017年的畅销歌曲,售出170万张。这也是今年迄今为止唯一卖出超过百万张的单曲。countdown king 最终时刻的王者surpass v. 胜过,优于,在(质量、成就等)上超出201707/516025。

This is the aftermath of a bombing that killed at least 11 police officers and injured dozens of people in Turkey. Its bringing attention back to Cizre — a town near the Syrian border.土耳其遭炸弹袭击,造成至少11名警察死亡数十人受伤。目光聚焦叙利亚边境附近小镇吉兹雷。Cizre is a tense area due to frequent clashes between the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, and the Turkish government.由于库尔德工人党与土耳其政府冲突频繁,吉兹雷成了紧张地区。We should note the U.S. and the European Union agree with Turkey that the PKK is a terrorist group.值得注意,美国和欧盟同意土耳其认为库尔德工人党是一个恐怖组织。So it wasnt surprising when Turkeys prime minister and other officials in the country quickly blamed the PKK for the attack. The bombing was reportedly at a check point and near a police headquarters.所以毫不奇怪,土耳其总理和其他官员立即指责库尔德工人党发起了此次袭击。据报道,爆炸发生在一个检查站,靠近警察总部.But several attacks from both sides have been carried out in recent months since a cease-fire negotiation fell through last year.自去年停火协议失败以来,近几个月双方发动多次进攻。Cizre has been subjected to on-again-off-again curfews by Turkish forces. Residents who stayed said they were cut off from necessities, and those who fled came back to destroyed buildings.吉兹雷遭土耳其军队时断时续的宵禁。住在那里的居民说他们被切断必需品,那些逃走的回来摧毁建筑。In May, the ed Nations pushed for an investigation into reports that around 100 civilians were burned to death in Cizre basements by Turkish security forces.五月,联合国迫切要求调查约100名平民被土耳其安全部队烧死在吉兹雷的地下室。Despite the previous cease-fire and calls for peace, this time, the Turkish government doesnt seem willing to talk with PKK leaders until the group surrenders weapons.尽管此前的停火协议和对和平的呼吁,此次土耳其政府似乎并不愿意跟库尔德工人党领导人谈判,直到其缴械投降。译文属。201609/464305。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452238。


A company at Niagara Falls has begun work on one of the most ambitious construction projects ever undertaken.一家位于尼亚加拉大瀑布的公司开始了一项无比巨大的建设项目The worlds largest power plant is being built.世界最大的发电厂正在开建And 1,300 men are digging a massive tunnel 2.5 miles into bedrock.1300人正在挖掘一条巨大的隧道 深入岩床2.5英里Once complete, the raw power of the falls will generate a mind boggling 120,000 horse power.一经建成 瀑布的原始力量将产生难以置信的12万马力电能More than all the electricity being produced throughout the country combined.这比全国发电量的总和还要多Niagara is a watershed in the history of the electric industry.尼亚加拉大瀑布是电力工业史的分水岭It shows that it is not only feasible but practical to transmit electricity over distance.它显示出电力不但可行 还能长距离运输The Niagara power station will be capable of generating enough electricity to light the entire Northeast.尼亚加拉发电站所发电量将能点亮整个东北部To take such a incredibly famous place thats got this extraordinary water power and harness it to electricity was going to make the case to the world that this was something you could do everywhere.找到如此著名的地方 利用它丰富的水力资源 驾驭它来进行发电 这是向全世界昭示这是任何地方都可以做到的But the Niagara Power Company hasnt yet decided who will power the generators......Morgan and Edisons D.C. or Teslas A.C.但是尼亚加拉电力公司还没决定用谁的发电机 是根和爱迪生的直流电 还是特斯拉的交流电 201606/447039。