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America’s embassies美国大使馆First, dig your moat挖壕筑壑Designing buildings for America’s diplomats is getting ever trickier为美国外交官员设计建筑变得愈加棘手Jul 30th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition “NOBODY can be messing with our embassy,” declared Barack Obama in mid-July, after a pro-government mob pelted America’s mission in Damascus with stones, eggs and tomatoes. That is not true, however, of the put-upon architects who have to design America’s embassies: they are constantly being hit with new restrictions, from both their own government and the host country.“任何人都不能滋扰我们的大使馆,” 美国总统奥巴马七月中旬向外界如是宣布。此前,大马士革亲政府民众曾向美国大使馆投掷石头、鸡蛋和西红柿。然而对于那些受雇于美国,迫于无奈才设计美国大使馆的建筑师来说,他们可没这样的好运:他们经常因为本国政府和东道主国家施加的种种新限制而苦恼不已。Ever since the bombing of the American embassy in Beirut in 1983, security has been the overarching concern when designing new embassies. Safety rules have been tightened repeatedly, and incorporated into a “standard embassy design” that dictates which offices should be adjacent to which (keep the bigwigs away from the public areas), how far embassy buildings should be set back from nearby roads (100 feet, or 30 metres), what materials can be used for walls and windows (nothing that is easy to climb or shatter) and so on. The result, critics say, is a dull series of near-identical, boxy bunkers. As John Kerry, who heads the Senate foreign-relations committee, put it in , “We are building some of the ugliest embassies I’ve ever seen…I cringe when I see what we’re doing.”自从美国驻贝鲁特大使馆在1983年发生爆炸事件以来,对于新使馆设计的安全性考虑向来是有过之而无不及。安全规则一再收紧并被纳入“标准使馆设计”——规定了各办公区的相邻性原则(政要办公区要远离公共区域)、使馆建筑距离附近公路应有的距离(100英尺或30米)和墙体和窗户所使用的材料(避免任何攀爬的可能性或可破坏性)等诸多因素。批评者认为,按此规则设计出的使馆不过是一系列单调得近乎相同、四四方方的掩体而已。正如参议院外交关系委员会主席约翰·克里年所言:“我们正在建造一些我见过的最丑陋的大使馆…每当见此情景我就深感厌恶”。He is not alone. Londoners are less than thrilled by the thought of the “crystalline cube” that will slowly rise from the semi-gentrified riverine site of Nine Elms. This, at billion the most expensive American embassy ever built, was made necessary when Grosvenor Square in Mayfair became too unsafe, despite the bomb-blast barriers that make the place look like a damper version of Baghdad.The new embassy will be separated from malicious sightseers by rolling parkland and a moat—100 feet wide, as required.不只克里有此想法。伦敦人对于九号榆树巷半人工河处徐徐崛起的“水晶立方”建筑丝毫没有兴奋之感。尽管防炸弹爆炸障碍物使得新大使馆看上去象阴影笼罩的巴格达,但当梅费尔区格罗夫纳广场安全性无法保障时,花费10亿美元建造这座美国史上最昂贵的大使馆就显得很有必要了。通过种植草坪和挖掘100英尺宽(视需要而定)的护城河,有不良意图的观光客将无法接近这座新使馆。201108/147088New Internet-based gadgets 手机上网新体验Browse the Web with your voice, share 'how to' projects online, connect devices and go social on your mobile phone.I’m here in San Francisco at the Web 2.0 Expo. A gathering of technology thing companies are all here to look at what’s latest and greatest in web-based computers. We are gonna go inside and see what’s new from large companies and small.Instructables is a project sharing website. Instructables is a platform, and users can put up projects step by step format, so that you can repeat it. But it’s on any subject you can put up a project that you are excited about and teach me how to do it, I put up a project and teach you how to do that. I can put up 100 steps if I need to. I can put up pictures, I can embed , I can put up CAD files if I need to say seen something to a printer file if I need to be able to do something truly complicated. People put up the projects they’re passionate about, and then they really, the least thing that also comes from the web is that we can interact around it. So people say oh, I do that too, and here is a picture of my finished product, which I think is totally cool.Nokia’s actually made a strategic shift in its business for the future over the last year. And then Nokia has now moved from being the world’s largest handset manufacturer for mobile phones to now creating a focus in our core business around building Internet services and software that integrate with your mobile phones. Web2.0 is really about bringing the connection between people and communities to the web and building a very people-centric web. And we've, because Nokia’s business is expanding in connecting people from the very beginning and through voice, we are now bringing our services into that space as well. So people is very much at the center of our OV, a strategy that we announced in all the applications that we built.We are launching a location-based search application on your mobile device, mostly launching a library today. It is called Tellme by mobile, and what you can do is you look for businesses near you, using the power of your voice as an input. You can also look at movies, weather, traffic, maps things like that .Nick’s Crispy Taco’s .There you go, so you’ve found Nick’s Crispy Taco’s. And you can either call them, you can get a map, and directions or share.Life Mesh is really kind of born out of the two dominant trends in the industry today. So one, clearly the Internet is becoming more and more central to our digital life. So that‘s our work style or life style. And then two, we are all adopting a wider and wider diversity of increasingly powerful devices. So all this is pretty good, we do lots of interesting things on the web and even those devices in isolation are pretty useful as well. But we quickly run into a problem we realize we can’t get all this to work together. So really Life Mesh is designed to begin solving these problems. A generic definition of Life Mesh is it’s a software plus services platform that enlivens your devices by making them aware of each other over the Internet.02/61634Paul McGuinness, manager of the rock band U2, discusses the battle against illegal music downloading The basic premise is the music industry is in a crisis. Tell us about it.Well,what's,what has replaced, physical product sales is an illegal peer to peer file sharing across the Internet, and that means that the industry which is decreasing in volume by about 15-20 percent a year is on the way to oblivion. Em, it will be followed by the movie industry, if cooperation from the ISPs on a worldwide basis, is not forthcoming.Where do you attach the blame in the primary sense?Well, that is very, very directly to the Internet service providers around the world who sell broadband subscriptions all over the world which are primarily used to illegally download content whether it's music, films, television programs or books. And what we would like the ISPs to do is, first of all, prevent the flow which they can do through filtering of illegal content, but also join us in a new business model, where they would actually collect on behalf of content owners and share that revenue, with record companies and film companies.Why has it been so hard to get these,these people on board to get some sort of shared arrangement?Well, personally, I believe the ISP industry has been quite cynical. They have claimed that it is not possible to filter. That's not true. And several courts in Europe in Belgium, and in Denmark and other countries have determined that this is not a good enough excuse. They must sooner or later take responsibility for this because what's happening is that the deluge of illegal content is now clogging up their pipes and they are unable to deal with the vast amount of illegal material passing through their systems.Now I know that baidu.com is one of those that's been singled out by the music industries, it's the biggest Chinese search engine, it's listed on Nasdaq and it's been subject/ to be deliberately named. We couldn't get Baidu to talk to us, but they issued a statement in which they say they believe in copyright protection. They have announced a series of partnerships with companies including EMI, Rock Music Group and more than half of the domestic recording companies in China. They take intellectual property rights seriously so they say they continue to work to fight piracy on the Internet. Sounds great, isn't it?It sounds very good, but I'm afraid the practice is not as good as the rhetoric. Baidu particularly made very very large sums from other people's content and passed on very very little of it to the content owners and the content makers, the musicians and the performers.Is there a legal strategy? Is there a legal place in which you can seek redress for this?Yes, the best example is what the French have decided to do. The French are introducing legislation which will, which will warn once, twice and then on the third time will disconnect a serial downloader of illegal material, illegal downloader of material. And that is being recommended by certainly the music industry to governments all over the world. It's known as the Olivennes Initiative and should become law later this year in France. And we certainly approve of that.And briefly, could U2 have been as big as it was if it was starting now, and can you...?It's not, this is really not a fight on U2's behalf. This really to the extent that I'm,I'm,I'm a representative. I'm representing all artists.Sure, but if a new band, a new potential U2's starting today, could it get it underway given that there’s such a leeching away of potential profits?It is a very big problem because the record companies, the traditional record companies are no longer able to make the investment in new talent that they used to be relied upon for.Fascinating. Paul McGuinness, glad to have you in here.Thank you.200812/59181Climate and the solar cycle气候和太阳圈Chilling out in the winter sun在冬日的阳光中发冷Stratospheric changes can lead to nasty cold snaps平流层的变化能引发讨人厌的寒流THOSE unconvinced;and those seeking to unconvince others;of the reality of man-made global warming often point to the changeable behaviour of the sun as an alternative hypothesis. A new study showing how the severity of winters in Europe, and warming in the Arctic, might be linked to changes in solar activity might seem to add to this case. In itself, it does not, for the heat (or, rather, the cold) in question is being redistributed, not retained. But it does point to two other lessons about climate change: that hard data on the factors which affect it are sometimes difficult to come by; and that computer models of the climate can be quite impressive tools for working out what is going on.不相信全球变暖是人为因素造成的和那些企图让别人不相信的人常常会将太阳的易变表现作为假设进行选择。一项新的研究正在致力于研究欧洲的严冬和日渐变暖的北极圈与太阳的变化活动可能的关联,似乎是为了明此观点。实则不然,因为受人质疑的太阳热能(或者说冷能)一直在重新分布,而不是保持不变的。但这项研究却让人们从气候变化中学到了其他两点:影响因子的数据有时候很难得到;气候的电脑模型能够模拟出现在的气候状况,让人印象深刻。The sunrsquo;s activity waxes and wanes on an 11-year cycle, and over this cycle the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light the sun emits changes a lot more than does the total amount of energy. The stratosphere, the part of the Earthrsquo;s atmosphere which does most to absorb UV, might thus be expected to be particularly sensitive to the cycle.太阳的活动周期是11年,在此周期内太阳散发出的紫外线总量的变化比太阳能总量的变化要大的多。吸收大部分紫外线的平流层?;;地球大气圈的一部分,在此周期内可能会变得异常敏感。In a paper just published in Nature Geoscience, Sarah Ineson of Britainrsquo;s Meteorological Office and her colleagues compared the way that the Met Officersquo;s new and putatively improved climate model dealt with winters at times of high UV and at times of low UV, using data on the amount of ultraviolet the sun gives off that were collected by a satellite called SORCE.刚刚在《自然-地球科学》杂志上发表的一篇论文中,英国气象办公室的沙哈.伊内森和她的同事用该气象办公室公认的新型气候改进模型,对其在冬天纪录的高紫外线和低紫外线数据进行比较,这些数据是由一架名叫SORCE的卫星收集太阳散发的紫外线量获得的。Dr Ineson found that at low UV levels the stratosphere in the tropics was cooler, because there was less UV for it to absorb, which meant the difference in temperature between the tropical stratosphere and the polar stratosphere shrank. That changed the way the atmosphere circulated, and as those changes sp down into the lower atmosphere they made it easier for cold surface air from the Arctic to come south in winter, freezing chunks of northern Europe. These conditions looked similar to those seen in the past two cold European winters;which occurred at a time of low solar activity. The Arctic itself, in models and in real life, was warmer than usual, as were parts of Canada. In contrast, northern Europe, swathes of Russia and bits of America were colder.伊内森士发现热带地区平流层中的紫外线含量低,因而就更凉爽,因为那里没有足够的紫外线可以吸收,也就意味着热带地区平流层的气温和极地地区平流层的气温差异很大。这种情况改变了大气环流的方式。冬天,当大气环流变化散布到低一点的大气中时,自北极圈表层而来的冷空气很容易就能传播到南方,让北欧的大部分国家处于冰冻之中。这些状况和过去的两次发生在欧洲的严冬很相似;;那两次严冬都发生在太阳活动频率很低的时候。而北极圈本身,无论是作为模型还是实际情况,都比平常要温暖,加拿大部分地区也是如此。临近俄罗斯和美国的北欧则相反,显得比平时更冰冷。Why had this solar effect not been seen before? To some extent it had. Earlier modelling of a period of prolonged low solar activity in the 17th and 18th centuries showed similar patterns. That models of todayrsquo;s climate had not was, in part, because they used much lower estimates of the amount of UV variation over the solar cycle than those derived from the SORCE data, the most precise to be taken from a satellite looking at the sun. It may just be that working with more realistic data made the model work better.为什么我们之前没有看出这种日光影响呢?某种程度上,我们看到过。更早以前,对17、18世纪时太阳活动持续不活跃的那段时期所做的模型也体现了同样的结构。但如今的气候模型却没有体现出来。部分原因是因为对太阳圈内紫外线变化量的估计比直接从SORCE中得来的要低的多。SORCE观察太阳所得出的数据,比其他的卫星更为精准。那么用更为接近实际的数据做模型或许更为可靠。This does not mean the question is settled. Some scientists suspect the SORCE data may be exaggerating the sunrsquo;s variability, and if they were revised the link might go away. There are other theories around seeking to explain the recent cold winters, too. Improving predictions of future cold winters on the basis of this work, as the researchers say they would like to do, may thus prove hard.这并不意味着问题解决了。一些科学家怀疑SORCE的数据可能夸大了太阳的变化性,如果数据一经修改,两者的关联可能也不复存在了。还有其他一些理论也正寻求解释最近冷冬的原因。研究员们说,他们想通过这些理论模型来改进预测未来冷冬的准确性,但看来并不那么容易。But though global warming has made people look to models as predictors of the future, that is not their strongest suit. Something they can do much better is look at what happens when a variable such as UV is altered, compare that with the data, and thus gain insight into the mechanisms by which climate works. This new research provides a good example of what such an approach can achieve.尽管全球变暖让人们将模型视为未来的预言者,这却不是模型的最大作用。它们还有更大的作用,它们能观察当一个变量改变时(如紫外线)会发生什么,并与数据作比较,从而洞察出气候变化的机制。这项新的研究为这种方法所能取得的结果提供了好的例子。stratospheric adj. 同温层的, 平流层的alternative adj. 非此即彼的; 供选择的stratosphere n.同温层putatively adv. 推定地circulate v. 循环exaggerate v. 夸张, 夸大mechanism n. 机械201111/162709

U.S. President Barack Obama said this week that his administration has to do a better job of dealing with terrorism threats in the wake of the failed Christmas Day bomb plot aboard a commercial flight en route to Detroit. Opposition Republicans have been critical of the administration's handling of the incident, and political experts have been assessing the fallout.在圣诞节发生的阴谋炸毁一架飞往底特律的民航班机未遂事件之后,美国总统奥巴马表示,美国政府必须在处理恐怖威胁方面改进工作。反对党共和党人一直在批评行政当局对这个事件的处理,政治专家们正在评估其结果和影响。The failed terror bomb plot constitutes Mr. Obama's most serious national security test to date, and the president has been quick to acknowledge that there is plenty of room for improvement.炸飞机未遂事件,是迄今在国家安全方面对奥巴马最严峻的考验。奥巴马总统迅速承认,有很大的改进余地。"So we have to do better, and we will do better," he said. "And we have to do it quickly. American lives are on the line."奥巴马说:“我们必须改进,我们将会改进。我们必须迅速着手。这关系到美国人的生命。”Opposition Republicans see an opening in the administration's flawed handling of the failed attack, and appear eager to highlight the incident as a potential campaign issue for the November midterm congressional elections.反对党共和党人从行政当局处理这次事件的不当之处看到了机会,他们似乎乐于强调这个事件,作为11月美国国会中期选举的潜在竞选议题。Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele spoke on N's Today program.共和党全国委员会主席迈克尔.斯蒂尔(Michael Steele)在N的"今日"节目中说:"At some point this administration has to take responsibility for what it is doing and take responsibility for its decisions," he said. "They are having an impact, whether domestically or internationally, and you have got to account for it, and this is one of those break points where you stop and assess how is the administration doing? How are they performing? 斯蒂尔说:“在某一阶段,本届行政当局不得不为自己的作为和决定负责。这些是有影响的,对国内外都是有影响的,你必须承担责任。这是事情的‘断点’之一,在这一点上,你停下来,评估行政当局做的如何,表现如何。”201001/94084

A German zoo, under fire for letting a mother polar bear eat its five-week-old cub, apparently, has bowed to public pressure, and decided to hand-rear its last surviving baby.Their decisions to intervene, rather than let nature take its course, follows last year's worldwide campaign to save Knut, a young Berlin polar bear. Sue Turten reports.The five-week-old cub was taken from its mother, Vera, after a public outcry in the German press. Polar bear mom eats her babies. Vera seen here is the bear in public disgrace, but in spite of her behaviour, the zoo in Nuremberg was going to leave their only surviving cub with its mother Vera, saying nature should take its course.Up until now, we did not have any indication that the mother does not take exemplary care of her cub, therefore we clearly favoured a natural upbringing, just recently, we had clear evidence that the mother did not behave correctly any more, and therefore we intervened.Comparisons have inevitably been made with Knut, the cub in Berlin, who was rejected by his mother last year, and reared by keepers in spite of protests by animal rights campaigners.What can I say? I think it's not very different in nature, where the animals are on their own. Should they interfere here? I don't know what's right, but I think what they are doing is ok.It's hoped this cub will not let all the publicity go to its head, Knut now has his own blog and TV show, he's been in Vanity Fair.200810/53418

Beckham's hilarious InterviewAli-G Interviews Posh Spice and David Beckham for a fund raise in England. Hilarious!I can see this… Yeah, that's more like a camel-hoof girl? Now, it must be amazing going out with a Spice Girl, but in an ideal world and no disrespect to your bitch, wouldn't…, in an ideal world, wouldn't you rather be with Baby? No. So how many does Spice Girls turned you down before you went to your Posh? you went to Scary first, well? No,it's just this one… Now, does you go to watch him play football? Yeah I do. Whenever I can, coz Brooklyn loves going to watch him, so, as much as we can. Me heard there is an insulting song that they sing about you. As you heard it, what is the words? They say Posh Spice "takes it up the arse" That, you, that you take up the arse. That's what they say. 02/62178

New York's old people rebel纽约老人起来反抗To the barricades for Medicare老年保健医疗制度的障碍卡A by-election may be a referendum on the Republicans’ health plans或许递补选举是对共和党保健方案的一次公民选票May 12th 2011 | DEPEW, NEW YORK | from the print editionNEW YORK is a blue state. Its governor, Andrew Cuomo, is a Democrat, as are its two senators. But chunks of it are very conservative, such as the reliably Republican 26th congressional district in western New York. It spans the suburbs of Buffalo, across hundreds of acres of farmland, to the suburbs of Rochester. Registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats there by around 30,000. George Bush handily won the district in 2004, though he lost the state by 19 points. In 2008 it was one of only four New York districts that voted for John McCain over Barack Obama. Chris Lee, the Republican who had represented the district since 2008, won a whopping 74% of the vote at the 2010 mid-term election. He stepped down in February after a gossip website posted shirtless pictures he had sent to a woman he had met on Craigslist.纽约州在图中为蓝色区域。纽约州总检查长安德鲁科莫和纽约州两名参议院是民主党员。不过大部分纽约人都很保守,如位于纽约西部的共和党的第26个国会区。它跨越了水牛城的郊区,横跨大片农田,一直延伸直到罗切斯特市。已注册的共和党人要比民主党人多上30,000人左右。2004年,尽管乔治布什在纽约州的选票输给对手19个百分点,但他轻易地赢得了这个地区的选票。2008年,它是纽约州四个投给约翰麦凯恩的选票多于投给奥巴马的选票的地区之一。自2008年来,克里斯李成为这个地区的代表,以遥遥领先的74%的选票赢得了2010年中期选举。他之所以于二月下台,是因为一个绯闻网站张贴出了他的赤膊照片,他曾经将这些照片发给在“克雷格清单”(一个网上免费分类广告网站)上认识的一个女人。The special election (as Americans call a by-election) to fill the Craigslist congressman’s empty seat will take place on May 24th. Jane Corwin, a wealthy conservative member of the state Assembly, should on past form be a shoo-in, but recent polls indicate she has an unexpected battle on her hands. According to one recent poll Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, is just a few points behind Ms Corwin, and another shows her in the lead. Jack Davis, the self-financed independent “tea-party” candidate, is also performing solidly in the polls. At first glance it appears that Mr Davis, a former Republican who also ran (unsuccessfully) for office as a Democrat, may be siphoning support away from Ms Corwin.“克雷格清单”事件导致国会议员职位空缺,这次特别选举(美国人称之为递补选举)将在5月24日举行。简科温是纽约州参议院的一名富有的保守派成员,之前她很被看好,不过最近选票对她不利,这意味着她要投身到意料之外的选票交战中。据最近的一次选票显示,民主党人凯西胡赫尔选票仅次于科温一些,另一次选票中显示胡赫尔居于领先地位。自行筹资的独立党派——茶会选手杰克戴维斯在近日的投票中的成绩也表现出强劲之势。戴维斯此前是一名共和党员,同时也作为民主党的候选人参加竞选,结果当然失败了,乍看之下,他似乎是通过虹吸原理,从科温那里赢来选票。201105/136855

Pakistan Says it Arrested Taliban Spokesman巴基斯坦逮捕塔利班发言人Pakistani military says it has arrested the spokesman for the Taliban in the restive Swat valley along with four other wanted "terrorists." This is the first major arrest in the region since the government ordered a military offensive to regain control of the northwestern valley and eliminate militants there.巴基斯坦军方说,它已经在动荡不安的斯瓦特山谷逮捕了塔利班发言人以及另外四名受到通缉的“恐怖分子”。这是自政府发动军事进攻,重夺西北部山谷的控制权并清剿那里的激进分子以来的首次大规模抓捕。Pakistani authorities say security forces detained Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan and four other key militant commanders in what they are describing "a successful" military raid just outside the main town of Mingora in the Swat Valley. 巴基斯坦当局说,安全部队扣押了塔利班发言人穆斯林 .可汗和其他四名主要激进分子指挥官。他们称这是在斯瓦特山谷主要城镇明戈拉外的一次“成功的”军事突袭。A notorious commander Mehmood Khan is among those the military has arrested. An official military statement says that the militants are being interrogated and troops are conducting raids on the information obtained from them. 臭名昭著的指挥官马穆德.可汗也在军方逮捕的人中。一份官方的军方声明说,激进分子正在接受审讯。军队利用从激进分子那里获取的情报展开突袭。The security operations, says the spokesman, are making "remarkable successes". He refused to give further details about the detainees saying it may undermine the anti-insurgency offensive in Swat. 发言人说,安全行动正在取得“显著的成功”。他拒绝透露更多有关被押人员的消息,说那也许会危及在斯瓦特对叛乱分子的攻势。Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters that militants have no option but surrender because the government is determined to "either kill them or arrest them." He reiterated that Pakistan does not plan to hold peace talks with Taliban militants. 联邦内政部长马利克对记者说,激进分子别无选择只能投降。因为政府决心“要么打死他们,要么逮捕他们”。他重申巴基斯坦没有和塔利班激进分子进行和谈的计划。"I repeat no negotiations with the terrorists. We are not going to spare anybody who challenges the writ of the government," he said. 他说:“我重申,不会与恐怖分子谈判。我们不会放过任何违抗政府命令的人。”The arrests in Swat are the latest blow for the Taliban insurgents in Pakistan whose chief commander Baitullah Mehsud was killed in a suspected U.S missile attack on his hide out in the South Waziristan region near the Afghan border. 斯瓦特的被捕是对巴基斯坦叛乱分子最近的一次打击。巴基斯坦塔利班总指挥官马哈苏德在怀疑是美军对他在阿富汗边境附近南瓦济里斯坦的藏匿处发动的导弹袭击中丧生。Pakistan launched a major offensive in and around Swat in late April to check the Taliban advances in the northwestern mountainous valley, once a popular tourist resort. The offensive came after the ed States and other western allies criticized the Pakistani military for failing to rein in the extremists. 巴基斯坦政府军四月下旬在斯瓦特及其周边地区发动大规模进攻,遏制塔利班在西北部山谷的发展。那里曾经是旅游圣地。袭击前,美国和其他西方盟国谴责巴基斯坦军方没能控制住极端主义分子。The military says the anti-insurgency operation in the area has so far killed nearly 2,000 Taliban militants and left more than 300 soldiers dead. Pakistani soldiers have cleared much of the Swat valley and surrounding areas but they say there are still pockets of resistance. 军方说这一地区的反叛乱行动到目前为止已经打死近2000名塔利班激进分子,有300多名士兵丧生。巴基斯坦士兵已经清剿了斯瓦特山谷和周边大部分地区。但是他们说仍会遭遇一些抵抗。However, despite their successes, the Pakistani security forces had failed to kill or capture top Taliban leaders in the region until the announcement of spokesman Muslim Khan's arrest along with four other commanders on Friday. The top leader of the militants in Swat, Maulana Fazlullah, is still at large. 然而,尽管取得了成功,巴基斯坦安全部队在星期五宣布逮捕了发言人穆斯林.可汗和另外四名指挥官前,一直没能打死或逮捕这一地区的塔利班高层领导人。斯瓦特的塔利班头目之一法兹鲁拉仍然在逃。Washington has praised the anti-insurgency operation in Swat and has given significant financial assistance to help Pakistan repatriate hundreds of thousands of families the offensive had displaced. Most of the internal refugees have now returned to their homes with foreign-funded assistance.华盛顿赞扬斯瓦特地区的打击叛乱分子的行动,并提供了可观的经济持,帮助巴基斯坦将成千上万因袭击而背井离乡的人遣送回国。大部分巴基斯坦的难民已经依靠外国的资金援助回到他们的家园。09/83968

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