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Each has been entrusted with a single precious egg每只企鹅都带着一个珍贵的企鹅蛋balanced on the top of its feet.平稳地放在脚上If the egg were to drop onto the ice, even for a moment,如果企鹅蛋掉在冰上 哪怕只有一小会儿the chick inside would die蛋中的小企鹅也会死去and all this would count for nothing.而这一切也将成为徒劳The emperors are not entirely alone.帝企鹅并非完全孤单The Weddell seal.威德尔海豹The only mammal to remain here throughout the winter.唯一留在这里过冬的哺乳动物They must have breathing holes,必须要有冰洞供他们呼吸and so have to constantly scrape away the ice所以得经常把冰刮掉that threatens to close them,以防水面被冻住rasping away fresh build-ups用他们的超级大嘴with special wide-gaped jaws.将刚结上的冰层一一刮掉Beneath the ice, they are在冰面之下beyond the reach of the bitter winter winds.凛冬的寒风无法影响此处The sea is -2 degrees centigrade.海水只有零下二摄氏度A warm bath, compared to the conditions overhead.但相比冰上的条件 这算得上温水浴 /201211/211323

How can I avoid making someone angry?我怎样才能避免激怒别人呢?A very effective way of avoiding making somebody angry is by acknowledging what it is that theyre feeling. And the most effective way of doing that is by asking the individual, what are they feeling? If they tell you that theyre feeling angry,you can ask them what theyre angry about. And as you start to become aware of what the triggers are for their anger, thats one of the ways that you dont actually have to trigger their anger. But there is a problem with this, because if Im using my anger to control you and you are finding different ways of avoiding triggering my anger, it means that you become diminished. Your needs as an individual become diminished. And its all about me and my needs and my need to control you. So theres a very fine line that I walk. What I need to do is I need to be sensitive to the individuals triggers. Its very important, that. But at the same time is not allow their triggers to control me and manipulate me. So I also have to be very clear about what my needs are, what Im feeling, and what Im thinking. And I need to be able to communicate that with the individual who has an anger problem or whose anger Im trying to avoid having triggered.避免激怒别人一个非常有效的方法就是了解他们的感受。最有效的方法就是问一下这个人,他们感觉怎么样呢?如果他们告诉你他们感到很愤怒,你可以问一下他们为什么而生气。当你了解了导致他们生气的导火线之后,你就不会再次激怒他们。但是这种方法有一个问题,因为如果我用我的愤怒来控制你,你千方百计的避免激怒我,这意味着你作为一个个体的需求被压制了。一切都是关于我,关于我的需求,我控制你的需求。所以要有一个底线。我要做的就是注意导致这个人生气的诱因。这非常重要。但是同时不要让这个诱因控制我,操纵我。所以,我也要非常清楚自己的需求是什么,自己的感受是什么,自己的想法是什么。我必须能够和这个愤怒的人,或者这个我避免激怒的人好好沟通。Thanks for watching How To Avoid Making Someone Angry.感谢收看“怎样避免激怒某人”视频节目。 /201211/209439

  The Japan Pavilion is a semi-circular structure, covered by a purple membrane material. Several antennae and caves make the pavilion a "breathing organism," which will express the harmony between the human heart and technology. The pavilion has been dubbed "Purple Silkworm Island" by Chinese people. The pavilion uses solar energy collection batteries hidden in the double-layer membrane, and the cave will collect rainwater to spray on its exterior surface to keep temperatures cool. The pavilion is divided into past, present and future exhibits.201009/113716



  Today in History: Tuesday, March 26, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月26日,周二On March 26, 1979, the Camp David peace treaty was signed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat at the White House.1979年3月26日,以色列总理梅纳赫姆·贝京和埃及总统安瓦尔萨达特在白宫签署了戴维营和平条约。1827 Composer Ludwig van Beethoven died in Vienna, Austria, at age 56.1827年,作曲家路德维希凡·贝多芬在奥地利维也纳去世,时年56岁。1874 Poet Robert Frost was born in San Francisco.1874年,诗人罗伯特·弗罗斯特在旧金山出生。1885 The Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co. of Rochester, N.Y., manufactured the first commercial motion picture film.1885年,伊士曼干板公司和纽约罗切斯特电影公司制造了第一部商业电影。1892 Poet Walt Whitman died at age 72.1892年,诗人惠特曼逝世,享年72岁。1911 Playwright Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus, Miss.1911年,剧作家田纳西·威廉姆斯在密西西比州哥伦布出生。1964 The musical ;Funny Girl,; starring Barbra Streisand, opened on Broadway.1964年,芭芭拉·史翠珊主演的音乐剧《妙女郎》在百老汇上映。1971 East Pakistan proclaimed its independence, taking the name Bangladesh.1971年,东巴基斯坦宣布独立,取名孟加拉国。1992 A judge in Indianapolis sentenced former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson to six years in prison for raping a Miss Black America contestant.1992年,前世界重量级拳王迈克·泰森因强奸一名美国黑人被印第安纳波利斯法官判处6年监禁。1997 The bodies of 39 members of the Heavens Gate techno-religious cult who had committed suicide were found inside a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.1997年,在加利福尼亚州兰乔圣菲一住宅内发现了39具尸体,系天堂之门信徒集体自杀。2000 Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia.2000年,普京当选俄罗斯总统。2003 Former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, N.Y., died at age 76.2003年,前纽约参议员丹尼尔·帕特里克·莫伊尼汉去世,终年76岁。2011 More than 250,000 people took to Londons streets to protest the toughest spending cuts since World War II.2011年,250,000多人走上伦敦街头抗议自世界大战以来最严重的开削减。 /201303/232264This gives you instructions on how to make sure a fire that you started in the woods is completely extinguished. Use your hands to feel the fire after you pour water on it.这段视频指引你怎样确保点燃的火堆完全被熄灭。浇水之后要用双手感觉一下。Im going to show you how to put out a fire when youve been lighting one in the woodlands or anywhere in the world. You need to make sure its fully extinguished before you leave the area and the best thing for that is water. So, Ive got about five liters of water here.我现在向你展示怎样熄灭你在野外或任何地方点燃的火堆。离开之前你必须确保火堆完全熄灭,最好的灭火工具就是水。我这里有大约五升水。I want to make sure I sp it nice and evenly around the fire, like that, okay. So, Ive poured plenty of water on the fire. Im going to make sure everythings cool and out.要把水均匀地洒在火堆上,就像这样。现在,我已经在火堆上倒了足够的水。我要确保一切已经冷却,火苗已经熄灭。And the best way to do that is to get your hands in there so I know thats not on fire anymore. Its all nice and wet. Once youve done that, take your ashes and just scatter them like this.最好的方法就是把手放在火堆上,这样就能知道是否还有火苗在继续燃烧。现在已经完全湿了。之后,把灰分散开。Take the little pieces of wood left over and just scatter them off in general directions, making sure that all the ends are nicely extinguished. And then, finally, where theres a scorch on the ground, just bring some leaves back over so there is absolutely no trace that there was a fire here.把燃烧剩下的较小的木柴向不同的方向散开,确保所有木柴都熄灭。最后,在地面上火堆烧过的地方覆盖一些树叶,这样就绝对不可能死灰复燃。Thanks for watching How To Put Out A Fire.感谢收看“怎样熄灭火堆”视频节目。201211/209917


  Princes Warn Over Barbaric Animal TradePrince William and Prince Charles tell a conference that poaching is now ;one of the most serious threats to wildlife ever;.随着新兴富裕阶层的扩大和为换取原材料对非洲的大规模投资,及亚洲国家对象牙工艺品需求迅猛增长。导致为获取象牙而非法猎杀大象的行为不断增加。查尔斯王子及威廉王子指责非法野生动物贸易!“没有买卖就没有杀戮”只有所有人放弃使用皮草,才能从根本上消除野生动物贸易的产业链。Killed for its horn the black rhino is now critically endangered, on the black market rhino horn is worth more than gold, here in T zoo where rhino are kept and bred, conservationists say poaching in parts of Africa and Asia has reached epidemic levels.There is great demand for rhino horn in places like China and Vietnam, people are becoming wealthy in those countries, as more people can afford the products, in the countries that this is used people believe aphrodisiac properties from helping you join a hangover to cancer, none of these has been proven though.But this is what is happening every single day, animals are shot, their horns cruelly removed, SKY News filmed this scene in the Kruger national park in South Africa earlier this year, in one case so horrific we have to glare it, a rhino has been maimed while still alive. Like his father Prince William has a keen interest in conservation, as a patron of the charity the Tusk Trust, hes previously travelled to Botswana with Prince Harry, in March he spoke out against illegal trade in wildlife.We must do more to combat this serious crime if we are to reverse the current alarming trends, if not, we can see cease populations of these creatures or even an entire species disappear from the wild, we simply must not let this catastrophe unfold.Worryingly this increasing evidence the trade in rhino horn and ivory is being driven by international serious organized crime groups, in some cases terrorists. Todays conference will discuss how to fight that and how to reduce demand across the globe, today delegates from around the world will be encouraged to sign a declaration in the Autumn to commit to ending this cruel trade.Becky Johnson, SKY News. /201305/241456

  How do I apply for a job without a degree?如果我没有学历,应该怎样申请一份工作呢?When applying for a job without a degree, you have to pre-empt the problem. You must write a job application letter that explains why its wiser to choose you because you dont have a degree. Ill give you a rough example of a letter: ;Dear Mr.Johnson. Im really excited about your job number 4833B that you put on Monster.com. However, Im afraid youre going to throw my application in the trash because I dont have the required MBA. I want to let you know that I very carefully considered getting an MBA, but having spoken to so many people who said that the main thing they got out of that degree program was the piece of paper, I decided to emphasize the substance over the style. Thus, I found two great mentors who are directors at major corporations and I apprenticed with them for six months. Ive attended conferences that they recommended I attend. I books and articles they thought it would be most useful for me to and I have written a few white papers that synthesize my understanding about how to be an effective manager. I believe I have emphasized the steak over the sizzle.Will you choose to interview me?; I have found, when I give keynote speeches and I ask people who are executives, ;Would you interview this person?; 80% of people raise their hand, even though this person not only didnt have an MBA from Harvard, he didnt have an MBA from anywhere! Going for the substance over the sizzle is critical, but you have to sell it in your cover letters and in your interviews.申请一份工作的时候,如果你没有学历,你应该先发制人。在书写求职信的时候就要解释,尽管没有学历,为何雇佣你是更明智的选择。我可以给你一个例子:“尊敬的约翰逊先生。我对你们发布在某网站上的编号为4833B的工作非常感兴趣。然而,我担心你们会把我的工作申请扔进垃圾桶,因为我没有你们要求的MBA书。我想让你们知道,我曾经非常认真的考虑过读MBA,但是跟许多人聊天后我了解到,他们之所以读这些课程纯粹是为了这张文凭,我决定更加实际一点。因此,我找到了两家大公司的主管作为导师,跟他们学习了六个月的时间。我也参加了他们建议的会议。我还认真阅读了他们认为对我有帮助的书籍和文章。我还书写了一些白皮书,综合了我对怎样做一个高效的经历的理解。我相信,我的能力绝对是能够胜任的。你们是否考虑安排一下面试呢?”我发现,我把这封求职信拿出来问一些高管的时候,“你们是否考虑面试这个人?”80%的人同意,尽管这个人没有哈佛的MBA书,没有任何地方的MBA书。本质永远超过形式,但是你必须在求职信和面试中表现出自己的能力。Thanks for watching How To Apply For A Job Without A Degree.感谢收看“没有学历书怎样求职”视频节目。201212/214467。


  Louis XV never expected to be king,路易十五原本不应成为国王but both his father and grandfather died但他的父亲与祖父before they could reach the throne.尚未继位成王就与世长辞Louis XV loses his parents and his grandparents,路易十五2岁时when hes two years old.失去双亲与祖父母Hes an orphan brought up by people身为孤儿that he doesnt know very well,他由并不熟识的人抚养some of whom are probably fairly terrifying as courtiers.其中一些幕僚令人生畏He is a sickly child very early on.他幼时便体弱多病Wherever he went,不论路易前往何处Louis was surrounded by the legacy of his great-grandfather,都能见到曾祖父遗留在世的印记the man who first built the extraordinary palace就是他最初建造了路易的家that was his home.这座超凡的宫殿Certainly, one would imagine Louis XV has been traumatised不难想象 路易十五失去至亲by the death of all his near family,是何等痛苦and is a lonely and probably他孩童时期非常孤独slightly disturbed child in his youth,可能还有轻微的情绪障碍and I think this carries through the rest of his life.这种情况伴随了他的一生201204/179632

  由张国立、张铁林、王刚、袁立联手打造的新派古装轻喜剧《铁齿铜牙纪晓岚》第四部将于12月28日在北京卫视晚间黄金时段隆重开播。北京卫视今天举行开播新闻发布会,不仅众主创悉数亮相。作为年度大戏,北京卫视还将重磅打造《铁齿铜牙纪晓岚》第四部开播首映礼,届时来自全国10个省市的80名幸运观众将与“铁三角”一起演绎一场别开生面的情景喜剧,形式新颖独特,看点纷呈。《铁齿铜牙纪晓岚》作为经典品牌系列剧积累了超高的人气和口碑,第四部还将延续前三部的人物关系,“铁三角”以及杜小月袁立的回归将再次演绎一段段令人啼笑皆非的故事,此外该剧还力邀闫妮、刘仪伟、杨千嬅、韩雨芹等明星加盟,将大量时尚元素融入剧中,针砭时弊,借古讽今。Loyal fans of "Eloquent Ji Xiaolan", the hit TV series that started ten years ago, will continue their fun-filled journey with the leads. The drama, which tells the story of quick-witted scholar Ji Xiaolan of the Qing court, has gotten its fourth installment. Lead actors were on hand at the promotion ahead of the release. Scriptwriter Zou Jingzhi, was accompanied by lead actors Zhang Guoli, Zhang Tielin, and Wang Gang, as well as returning lead actress Yuan Li to attend the release ceremony. Hong Kong actress Miriam Yueng, who is a newcomer to the series, was also on hand. From the first installment to the fourth, the TV series has gone through ten years. Over that time, the three male leads have become known as the "iron triangle", for their ability to ring in audience ratings. Zhang Guoli, the foremost lead who plays the grand scholar, got sentimental as he traced back the series' past decade.Zhang Guoli, Actor, said, "The series has been on the air for ten years. Almost every night there is a satellite TV station somewhere playing the show. It is the most aired TV series in China. The funny stories that take place among the lead characters are soothing entertainment for those who work hard all day and get back home late. We are the guys who accompany the audience members to help them have fun. So making this fourth installment, I think is a meaningful thing." Wang Gang is the actor that plays the role He Shen, a corrupt minister who frequently finds himself in a battle of wits with Ji Xiaolan. He says he wouldn't play beyond the second installment. But, he is still among the cast.Actor Wang Gang said, "I was a bit bored after the second installment. And the passion for creation faded. So I thought about quitting. But I couldn't afford to leave these old friends. Especially, for this installment, Yuan Li comes back, new ones coming too. So I still want to continue the play with them." Emperor Qianlong's impersonator, Zhang Tielin was active at the press conference. Zhang is fairly good at calligraphy, which is quite apt for his role since Qianlong was a superb calligrapher. Zhang wielded the brush often throughout the TV series. When the host asked the whereabouts of some calligraphy work he wrote on the TV series, he joked that Zhang Guoli has looted his private property. "Eloquent Ji Xiaolan four" will be aired on Beijing TV starting December the 28th. 12/92588

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