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Chihira Kanae is greeting visitors to the world#39;s biggest travel fair in Berlin this week, answering questions and guiding people in the right direction. But one passer by#39;s attempt to ask her out for dinner is met with silence.在本周于柏林举办的世界规模最大的旅游览会上,Chihira Kanae热情接待到场的访客们。此外,她还回答访客们的问题并为人们指明方向。不过当一位路人试图邀请她吃晚饭时,她却只以沉默回应。That#39;s because Chihira Kanae, despite her lifelike features and long brown hair, is a robot, the third version of a robot in human form developed by Toshiba and can only answer pre-programmed questions.这是因为,尽管Chihira Kanae外表栩栩如生,留着一头棕色长发,但“她”却是个机器人。她是东芝研发的第三代人形机器人,并且只能回答程序提前设置好的问题。She was joined at the ITB fair on Thursday by another robot host Mario, a small red and white robot made by French Aldebaran Robotics, showing how they might be put to use in the travel industry, such as checking in hotel guests.周二,她和另一个机器人Mario一起参加了ITB览会。Mario是一个红白相间的小型机器人,由法国的亚尔迪巴朗公司制造。本次展览显示出了机器人将在旅游业中能够发挥什么样的作用,比如说为酒店旅客办理入住。;The point is to make people smile and give them a unique experience. It#39;s not to take the place of employees,; Fabrice Goffin, co-founder of QBMT whose software powers Mario, told Reuters at the fair.QBMT的联合创始人法布里斯·戈芬在览会上向记者表示:“放置机器人的目的是让人们微笑着获得独特的体验。我们并没有用机器人替代人类雇员的意思。”The Marriott hotel in Ghent has been trialling Mario, using him to hand out room keys, high-five guests and liven up meetings held in the hotel by ing out presentations. Marriott was keen to stress that Mario will not replace any human staff.根特市的万豪酒店已经在试用Mario,让他递交房门钥匙、和顾客击掌,以及在酒店承办的会议上朗读展示稿来活跃气氛。同时,万豪酒店也强调,Mario并不会取代任何人类员工的岗位。;For now it#39;s a great add-on service,; Roger Langhout, general manager of the Marriot in Ghent, said.该酒店的总经理Roger Langhout表示:“现在这只是一种扩展务。”A survey of travelers across Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the U.S. and China, done by online travel and entertainment deals site Travelzoo showed that 80 percent of consumers expected robots to play a big part in their lives before 2020.在线旅行网站Travelzoo对英、法、西、德、加、巴、日、美、中的游客们进行了一项调查。结果显示,80%的消费者期待在2020年之前让机器人在他们的生活中发挥重要的作用。However, the survey also showed people still wanted the human touch when on holiday and in certain countries, such as Germany and France, consumers were more skeptical.不过,调查结果也显示,人们在度假中仍然需要和人类的接触。而在一些如德、法之类的特定国家,消费者们对机器人存有更多的疑虑。 /201603/431777Facebook has created a new “social VR” team, led by two gaming executives, ahead of the launch of its Oculus Rift headset next month.在即将于下月推出Oculus Rift头盔之前,Facebook于上周日宣布成立了新的“虚拟现实社交”(social VR)团队,由两位视频游戏高管负责领导。The unit, unveiled on Sunday, is the first time that Facebook has begun to consider how to bring its core social networking service into virtual reality, two years after acquiring Oculus for bn.该部门是Facebook自两年前以20亿美元收购Oculus之后,首次开始考虑如何将其核心社交网络务带入虚拟现实。The team is led by two executives from the games industry, Daniel James and Mike Booth, who both have backgrounds in creating 3D multiplayer experiences.该团队的负责人是来自视频游戏行业的丹尼尔礠姆斯(Daniel James)和迈克布斯(Mike Booth),这两位高管都有创建3D多人游戏的经验。That implies that Facebook’s vision for its VR community could look something like Second Life, the online world that saw a brief surge of popularity 10 years ago, or the science fiction concept of the Metaverse, a vast online community where digital avatars mingled on a virtual-reality high street, created by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash.这意味着Facebook希望其虚拟现实社区能类似于《第二人生》(Second Life)——十年前一度大为流行的网络世界,或能类似于科幻小说中的Metaverse概念。Metaverse是一个庞大的网络社区,用户的数字化身可以在虚拟现实大街上互动,这一概念来自于作家尼尔斯蒂芬森(Neal Stephenson)1992年的小说《雪崩》(Snow Crash)。Facebook-owned Oculus has aly experimented with bringing communication and social networking features through a “Social Alpha” for its Gear VR headset, which lets small groups of people chat as they watch online s together on a virtual cinema screen, and with Toybox, a Rift game which lets two people play table tennis and other games in a small room together.Facebook旗下的Oculus已经尝试通过“Social Alpha”应用为Gear VR头盔带来通信和社交网络功能。当一小群观众在虚拟影院屏幕上观看在线视频时,他们可以通过“Social Alpha”互相聊天。Oculus还研发了Toybox,这款用于Rift的游戏能让两个人在一个小房间里一起打乒乓球和其他游戏。On stage at Samsung’s press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, said that VR was the next step in online communications after text, photos and s.在巴塞罗那世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)上,Facebook首席执行官马克丠克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在三星(Samsung)的新闻发布会上表示,继文字、照片、视频之后,虚拟现实将是在线交流的下一步。“VR is the next platform, where anyone can experience and share anything they want,” he said, suggesting that friends and colleagues will gather around virtual campfires, watch movies in a private theatre or hold group meetings using the technology. “VR is going to be the most social platform.”扎克伯格表示:“虚拟现实是下一个平台,任何人都可以在上面体验、分享他们想要的任何事物。”这意味着朋友和同事们可以围坐在虚拟篝火旁聚会,在私人影院观看电影,或利用该技术举行小组会议。“虚拟现实将成为社交性最高的平台。”He added that Facebook had dedicated “hundreds of our best engineers” to VR, to help create experiences that make “you feel like you’re actually there” with friends.他还表示Facebook已将“数百名我们最棒的工程师”致力于虚拟现实,帮助营造出让“你觉得就像真的与朋友在一起”的体验。Facebook’s social VR team, working closely with Oculus’s engineers and designers, will compete with several start-ups that have aly tried to bring conferencing and social networking into VR, such as Silicon Valley’s Altspace VR and vTime by UK-based digital studio Starship.Facebook的虚拟现实社交团队与Oculus的工程师和设计师有着紧密合作,该团队将与几家初创企业展开竞争,这些企业已试图将视频会议和社交网络带入虚拟现实,比如硅谷的Altspace VR和英国数字媒体Starship开发的vTime。“We’ve aly helped people connect in a wide variety of ways on mobile devices — ranging from Facebook and Instagram to Messenger and WhatsApp — and now we want to apply that same approach to the new medium of VR,” Facebook said in a blog post.Facebook在一篇帖子中表示:“我们已经帮助人们在多种移动设备上建立联系,从Facebook、Instagram到Messenger和WhatsApp,现在我们想将这种方式应用于虚拟现实的新媒体。” /201602/427823

Huawei, the Chinese telecoms hardware maker, has unveiled an 87 per cent surge in handset sales revenues in the first half of 2015 and says its consumer elec琀爀漀渀椀挀猀 business — primarily smartphones — accounts for one-third of global revenues.中国电信设备制造商华为(Huawei)报告2015年上半年手机销售收入激增87%。该公司还表示,其全球营收的三分之一来自以智能手机为主的消费电子业务。The privately held company, known for its telecoms network infrastructure business, has seen rapid growth in its smartphone division, which it launched under its own brand name three years ago.这家私人所有企业以电信网络基础设施业务闻名,但其智能手机部门增长迅猛。华为在三年前推出自身品牌的智能手机部门。Huawei yesterday published unaudited figures showing it shipped a total of 48.2m smartphones in the first half of the year, up 39 per cent from the same period a year earlier. Combined with a higher sale price, aimed at the top end of the market, revenues shot up even faster year on year to reach .2bn.华为昨日发布未经审计的数据,显示今年上半年智能手机总出货量达4820万部,比去年同期增长39%。由于华为手机以高端市场为目标,售价较高,营收同比增长更快,达到72亿美元。Huawei’s success comes as other smartphone makers grapple with slowing growth in China, where smartphone sales shrank 4 per cent in the first quarter, according to researcher IDC, the first such drop in six years.就在华为取得巨大成功之际,其他智能手机制造商正在艰难应对中国市场增长放缓。根据研究机构IDC的数据,今年第一季度中国市场智能手机销量减少了4%,这是6年来首次出现下跌。Homegrown rival Xiaomi looks set to struggle to meet an initial sales target of 100m phones this year and even a revised goal of 80m, after announcing this month that it sold just 34.7m devices in the first half of 2015.今年,华为在中国本土的对手小米(Xiaomi)看来将很难完成最初制定的1亿部手机的销售目标,甚至连调整后的8000万部的目标也有难度。小米本月曾宣布,2015年上半年只卖出了3470万部手机。Meanwhile, Apple on Tuesday said revenues from Greater China more than doubled to .2bn, thanks to a surge in iPhone sales, but saw bn wiped off its share price after overall iPhone sales disappointed. Its iPhone sales of 47.5m units for the three months ending in June were at least 1.5m below the number Wall Street was expecting.与此同时,苹果(Apple)周二表示,由于iPhone销量的激增,该公司在大中华区的营收增长一倍以上,达到132亿美元。然而,由于iPhone总体销量令人失望,苹果股价暴跌,市值蒸发660亿美元。在截至6月份的3个月里,苹果的iPhone销量为4750万部,至少比华尔街的预期数字低了150万部。Wang Yanhui, head of the China Smartphone Alliance, an industry association, said that while Huawei’s figures showed about half of its sales were in China, the figure was probably closer to 60 per cent. Technical features such as a long battery life and stable connection on China’s high-speed trains have lifted Huawei’s popularity, he added.行业协会——手机中国联盟(Mobile Phone China Alliance)秘书长王艳辉表示,尽管华为的数据显示大约一半的销量来自中国,但该数字可能更接近60%。他补充说,华为的电池续航时间很长,而且在中国的高铁上也能稳定联网,这些技术特性提升了华为手机的人气。Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s smartphone division, attributed the rapid increase in smartphone sales to a decision to target the upper end of the market, “a testament to our core business strategy to offer premium quality products”, he said yesterday.华为智能手机部门主管余承东(Richard Yu)将华为智能手机销量的迅猛增长归功于公司以高端市场为目标的决定。余承东昨天表示,这一增长“是对我们提供优质产品这一核心经营战略的明”。However, CK Lu, a China smartphone market analyst at Gartner, sounded a note of caution: “To become a truly global tier-one player, Huawei must find a way to enter the US market.”不过,高德纳(Gartner)中国智能手机市场分析师吕俊宽(CK Lu)告诫称:“要想成为真正的全球一流厂家,华为必须想办法进入美国市场。”Since 2012 Huawei has been effectively blocked from big business deals in the US by Congress due to concerns that the company founded by Ren Zhengfei, an ex-military officer, spies for China — a charge Huawei denies.自2012年以来,华为在美国实际上被国会挡在大笔商业交易门外。美方担心,由退役军官任正非创立的华为会替中国从事间谍活动。华为否认这一指控。 /201507/387778

Artificial intelligence will spur economic growth and create new wealth. Machines that “think” like humans will help solve huge problems, from curing cancer to climate change. Yet millions of human workers will need to retrain, as robots make their existing jobs redundant.人工智能将刺激经济增长和创造新的财富。从治疗癌症到气候变化,像人类一样“思考”的机器将帮助解决巨大问题。然而,随着机器人使大量现有工作岗位变得多余,数以百万计的工作者将需要重新培训。These are the contrasting messages provided by the world’s leading technologists during the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, as political and business leaders ponder how best to respond to the rise of smart machines.这些是世界领先的技术专家本周在达沃斯传递的一些反差鲜明的信息。在这里举行的世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)上,政治和商界领袖思索如何最好地回应智能机器的兴起。Sebastian Thrun, the inventor of Google’s self-driving cars and an honorary professor at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, said “almost every established industry is not moving fast enough” to adapt their businesses to this change.谷歌(Google)自动驾驶汽车发明者、荷兰代尔夫特理工大学(Delft University of Technology)名誉教授塞巴斯蒂安史朗(Sebastian Thrun)表示,在推动企业适应这种变化方面,“几乎每一个老牌行业的动作都不够快”。He suggested self-driving cars would make millions of taxi drivers redundant and planes running solely on autopilot would remove the need for thousands of human pilots.他提出,自动驾驶汽车将使数以百万计的出租车司机失去工作,只靠自动驾驶仪运行的飞机将使成千上万人类飞行员变得多余。One of the central themes of this year’s conference is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” referring to how technological breakthroughs are expected to transform industries across the world. Delegates argued that advances in robotics and artificial intelligence would have the transformative effect that steam power, electricity and ubiquitous computing achieved in previous centuries.今年世界经济论坛的中心主题之一是“第四次工业革命”,它指的是技术突破预计将在世界各地转变各行各业的面貌。与会代表们提出,机器人和人工智能技术的进步将产生变革性的影响,就像过去几个世纪的蒸汽动力、电力以及无处不在的电脑运算能力那样。“[Artificially-intelligent machines] can look at a brainscan better than most radiologists, but they can also weld better than any human,” said Illah Nourbakhsh is a professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, the institution partnering with taxi app group Uber to build driverless cars. “It’s affecting white collar and blue collar jobs. Nobody is inherently safe.”“(人工智能机器)能够比多数放射科医生更擅长看懂脑部扫描,它们也能够比任何人类焊接工更好地焊接,”卡内基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon University)机器人学教授伊拉蘒巴卡西(Illah Nourbakhsh)表示。该校正与打车应用优步(Uber)合作研制无人驾驶汽车。“这影响到白领和蓝领的工作。没有人是绝对安全的。”But Prof Thrun was optimistic that redundant roles would quickly be replaced.但史朗教授乐观地认为,多余的角色将很快被替换。“With the advent of new technologies, we’ve always created new jobs,” he said. “I don’t know what these jobs will be, but I’m confident we will find them”“随着新技术的出现,我们总是在创造新的就业机会,”他表示。“我不知道这些工作具体会是什么,但我相信我们会找到它们。”Not all are convinced. According to a study released by WEF this week, increased automation and artificial intelligence in the workforce will lead to the loss of 7.1m jobs over the next 5 years in 15 leading economies, while helping create just 2m new jobs over the same period.并非所有人都深信这一点。根据世界经济论坛本周发布的一份研究报告,提高自动化程度和在劳动力队伍中引入人工智能,未来5年期间将使15个主要经济体失去710万个就业岗位,而同期技术进步将仅带来200万个新工作岗位。Across industries, leading executives worried about the effect of job displacement.在各行各业,领先高管们纷纷表示担心工作替代的影响。Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, chairman at Nestlé, warned some countries would become unstable if businesses could not replace jobs taken by machines.雀巢(Nestlé)董事长包必达(Peter Brabeck-Letmathe)警告,如果企业不能帮助被机器取代的工人找到新工作,一些国家将变得不稳定。“Other industrial revolutions cost a lot of people their heads,” he said. “I’m not sure we have the time for the wonderful markets to fix all these problems.”“过去几次工业革命使很多人失去了生计,”他说。“我不肯定我们有时间让神奇的市场力量来解决所有这些问题。”Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft, said: “This challenge of displacement is a real one, [but] I feel the right emphasis is on skills, rather than worrying too much about the jobs [which] will be lost. We will have to spend the money to educate our people, not just children but also people mid-career so they can find new jobs.”微软(Microsoft)首席执行官萨提亚纳德拉(Satya Nadella,见上图)表示:“人被机器取代的这种挑战是真实的,但我认为正确的重点是技能,而不是过于担心那些将会失去的工作。我们将不得不花钱来教育人们,不只是孩子,也包括职业生涯中途的人们,使他们能够找到新的工作。”For workers to adapt, Prof Thrun argued that the way people approach their professional lives would require change.史朗教授主张,要让工作者适应,人们对待自己职业生涯的态度将需要改变。The robotics pioneer is also the founder of Udacity, a Silicon Valley start-up that enrols high-earning professionals into six-month online courses, retraining them in order to switch jobs. Due to growing automation, he predicted it would become the norm for workers to change jobs every few years.这位机器人领域的先驱还创立了Udacity,这是一家硅谷初创企业,招收高收入专业人士参加六个月的网上课程,对他们进行再培训,使他们能够换工作。他预测,随着自动化越来越普及,工作者每隔几年更换工作将成为常态。“In the ed States, in 2012, figures from Department of Labour Statistics show the average tenure [in a job] was 4.6 years and it’s shrinking,” he said.“美国劳工部劳动统计局(Department of Labour Statistics) 2012年数据显示,美国一份工作的平均任期为4.6年,而且还在缩短,”他表示。Erik Brynjolfsson, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and co-author of The Second Machine Age said: “We’re moving to a world where there will be vastly more wealth and vastly less work. That shouldn’t be a bad a thing, and shame on us if we turn it into a bad thing.”麻省理工学院(MIT)教授、《第二个机器时代》(The Second Machine Age)合著者埃里克布林约尔松(Erik Brynjolfsson)表示:“我们正进入一个财富大幅增加、而工作大幅减少的世界。这不应该是一件坏事;如果我们把它变成一件坏事,那将是我们的耻辱。” /201602/424094

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