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It was a modest drop but Taiwan#39;s unemployment rate fell to a six-year low in July, highlighting the economy#39;s resilience despite a slowdown in mainland China.7月台湾失业率小幅下降,至6年最低点,显示台湾经济在大陆经济放缓时仍具弹性。Taiwan#39;s unemployment rate fell from 3.97 per cent in June to 3.95 per cent, just beating estimates and continuing a steady downward trend from an average 4.18 per cent in 2013. This is the lowest jobless rate since June 2008 (see chart).台湾失业率从6月的3.97%下降至3.95%,略胜过预期,为2008年6月以来最低的失业率,也延续了从2013年以来稳步下降的趋势。2013年时,台湾失业率平均为4.18%。The labour force grew by 42,000 last month, a third straight gain, with the number of employed people rising for a fifth month, by 29,000.上月劳动力人口增加4.2万,为连续第三个月上升;受雇人数增加2.9万,为连续第五个月上升。The export-driven economy has been picking up steam in recent months, with GDP in the second quarter expanding by 3.74 per cent from a year ago - the fastest pace since late 2012.近几个月来,出口驱动型的台湾经济一直在提速,第二季度国内生产总值(GDP)同比增长3.74%,为2012年下半年以来的最快增速。Data released last week showed export growth accelerated to a yearly pace of 5.8 per cent in July, from 1.2 per cent in June. Barclays commented on that report: The pick-up was led by continued strong growth to China, with exports to Europe also improving. Export growth to the US slowed surprisingly, but leading indicators suggest this is unlikely to last.上周公布的数据显示,7月台湾年化出口增速从6月的1.2%提高至5.8%。巴克莱(Barclays)对该数据称:“出口提速的首要原因是对大陆出口持续增加,对欧洲出口也在好转。对美出口增速放缓令人惊讶,但先行指标显示,这一趋势很可能逆转。The economy is expected to decelerate in the current quarter, but exports of tech gadgets, including Apple#39;s upcoming iPhone 6, are limiting the downside risks.预计第三季度台湾经济增长将会减速,但一些新科技产品——包括苹果(Apple)公司即将上市的iPhone 6——的出口,将减小下滑风险。 /201408/323593




  In Europe it is hard to find two more solid democracies and flourishing economies than Sweden and Germany. Yet the strong performances of radical right protest parties in elections on Sunday show that even these models of prosperity and efficient government are infected with a virus that sps over the entire continent.在欧洲,很难找到两个比瑞典和德国民主更稳固、经济更繁荣的国家了。不过,极右翼抗议党派(protest parties)在上周日选举中的强劲表现明,就连这些繁荣兴旺、政府高效的典范国家,也被一种横扫整个欧洲的病毒感染了。Neither the Sweden Democrats, with 12.9 per cent of the vote in national legislative elections, nor Alternative for Germany (AfD), with 12.2 per cent and 10.6 per cent respectively in elections to the state parliaments of Brandenburg and Thuringia, came anywhere near outright victory. But their share of the vote shot up, demonstrating that few, if any, mainstream European conservative parties can assume themselves to be immune to the threat from unconventional movements on their right flank.无论是在全国立法机构选举中获得12%选票的瑞典民主党(Sweden Democrats),还是在勃兰登堡州(Brandenburg)和图林根州(Thuringia)议会选举中得票率分别为12.2%和10.6%的德国新选项党(AfD),都谈不上是大获全胜。但它们得票率的大幅上升明,很少有(假如真有的话)哪个欧洲主流保守党派能够想当然地认为,自己可免受比自己更右翼的非常规运动的威胁。Less than two weeks ago, an opinion poll suggested that Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, would win the second round of the country’s 2017 presidential election against Fran#231;ois Hollande. In Britain, the ed Kingdom independence party, which, like the National Front topped the national polls in May’s European Parliament elections, is set to defeat the ruling Tories next month in a by-election in Clacton, southeast England.不到两周前,一项民调结果显示,法国国民阵线(National Front)主席马琳#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)在2017年的法国总统选举中对阵弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)时,将在第二轮投票中胜出。在英国,英国独立党(UKIP)像法国国民阵线一样,在今年5月于本国举行的欧洲议会(European Parliament)选举中得票率名列第一。在下月于英格兰东南部的克拉克顿(Clacton)举行的补缺选举中,英国独立党有望击败执政的英国保守党(Tories)。From France and the Netherlands to Austria and Greece, the radical right is an established phenomenon. Even though it has never held power in an EU country, it is remoulding political landscapes. A minority government beckons in Stockholm because the 49 seats won by the Sweden Democrats have denied an absolute majority to the victorious parties of the left.从法国、荷兰到奥地利、希腊,极右翼势力的崛起已是既成事实。尽管这股势力从未在某个欧盟(EU)国家掌权,但它正在重塑欧洲的政治格局。斯德哥尔很可能会出现一个少数派政府,原因是瑞典民主党赢得了49个席位,导致在选举中获胜的左翼政党无法形成绝对多数。AfD’s success – it now holds seats in three of Germany’s 16 state assemblies as well as the European Parliament – is one factor behind the electoral collapse of the liberal Free Democrats. For most of the Federal Republic’s history between 1949 and 2013, the FDP was the nation’s third party, an essential element of coalition governments and the pro-business voice in German politics. Now it has no seats in the Bundestag, the lower house. The latest miserable results in regional elections have removed it from the upper house where the states are represented.如今,德国新选项党在该国16个州议会中的3个拥有席位,在欧洲议会也拥有席位。该党的成功,是导致自由派的德国自民党(FDP)在选举中溃败的因素之一。在德意志联邦共和国1949年至2013年历史的大部分时间里,德国自民党都是第三大党,是联合政府不可或缺的组成部分,在政界属于亲商派。如今,该党在德国议会下院——德国联邦议院(Bundestag)——中已没有席位。由于最近在地方选举中遭遇惨败,该党在代表各州的议会上院中也被扫地出门。AfD attracts disaffected voters from all parties. It is no longer a single-issue movement, mixing its original hostility to the euro and German-guaranteed financial bailouts with support for small businesses and improved education.德国新选项党从各个党派那里把心怀不满的选民吸引过来。该党不再是一个聚焦于单一问题的运动,而是一面继续反对欧元和德国担保下的金融纾困,一面持小企业和改善教育。Rightwing populism displays different characteristics from country to country, possessing a nastier far-right streak in Greece and Hungary than in Germany and the UK. One crucial element in the rise of AfD, the National Front and Ukip is the decision of their leaders to steer clear of explicit racism, let alone uniformed violence. Instead they aim to build respectability by concentrating on law and order, immigration, the overburdened welfare state and perceived threats to national identity.右翼民粹主义在不同国家展现出不同特征:与德国和英国的情况相比,希腊和匈牙利右翼民粹主义带有更令人反感的极右色。德国新选项党、法国国民阵线和英国独立党崛起的背后有一项关键因素:他们的领导人决定不诉诸露骨的种族主义,更别说身着制实施暴力行为了。相反,他们关注法律与秩序、移民、负担过重的福利国家以及人们眼中国家认同受到的威胁,打算以此赢得尊重。In contrast to Ukip and AfD, however, the origins of the Sweden Democrats lie in fringe rightwing extremism rather than traditional conservatism. They exploit popular misgivings about high immigration levels and the alleged failure of multiculturalism in a country that has long served as a haven for refugees from Iran to the former Yugoslavia.但与英国独立党和德国新选项党形成反差的是,瑞典民主党起源于边缘的右翼极端主义,而不是传统的保守主义。他们利用了民众对移民大量流入的担忧、以及某些人口中多元文化主义在瑞典的失败——长期以来,瑞典一直是从伊朗到前南斯拉夫等各国难民的避难所。Like AfD, the Sweden Democrats revel in the fact that political and cultural elites treat them like polecats. They calculate that this contempt bestows on them an outsider status that helps their cause in an era of widesp disillusion with establishment parties.像德国新选项党一样,瑞典民主党陶醉于一个事实:政治与文化精英像对待臭鼬一样对待他们。他们认为,这种蔑视赋予了他们一种局外人的身份,在当权党派普遍令人失望的时代,这种身份有利于他们事业的发展。Across Europe the question is not if the radical right will come to power like Mussolini in 1922 or Hitler in 1933, but the extent to which its xenophobic populism will influence mainstream parties. At the moment the radical right is blowing its trumpet hard. But the walls of European democracy, like Jericho, are still standing.欧洲各国面临的问题,不在于极右翼势力是否会像1922年的墨索里尼(Mussolini)和1933年的希特勒(Hitler)那样上台执政,而在于排外的民粹主义会对主流政党产生多大影响。目前,极右翼正在卖力地自吹自擂。但欧洲民主的城墙就像杰里科(Jericho)一样,仍然屹立如初。 /201409/329633

  Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei Technologies Co. said two of its employees are among the 239 passengers on board the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the weekend.中国电信设备供应商华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.)说,马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines,简称:马航)上周末失踪的那架航班上有其两名员工。该航班共载有239人。#39;We are in very close contact with Malaysia Airlines and the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia,#39; said a Huawei spokeswoman who works at the company#39;s headquarters in Shenzhen, China. #39;Everyone here is very concerned and we are all watching the news,#39; she said.华为发言人在公司总部深圳说,华为正与马航和中国驻马来西亚大使馆保持密切联系。她说,公司所有人都极为关注此事,大家都在看新闻。The spokeswoman said that the two employees are Chinese, but did not identify them by name or provide further details.该发言人说,这两名员工为中国籍公民,但未透露其姓名,也没有提供更多详情。According to the passenger list released by the airline, just over half of the passengers on flight MH370 are Chinese citizens. The Boeing 777 jet vanished in the early morning hours on Saturday over the South China Sea. A massive, multination search for the plane is ongoing.据马航公布的乘客名单显示,MH370航班上多一半的乘客都为中国公民。这架波音(Boeing)777喷气式客机上周六凌晨在南中国海(South China Sea,中国称南海)上空失踪。多个国家目前正在展开大规模搜救行动。Huawei, the world#39;s second-largest supplier of telecom networking gear after Sweden#39;s Ericsson, has about 150,000 employees world-wide. The company has a Malaysian office in Kuala Lumpur.华为是仅次于瑞典爱立信(Ericsson)的全球第二大电信网络设备供应商,在全世界有大约15万名雇员。该公司的马来西亚办事处设在吉隆坡。 /201403/279303Former Manchester ed manager Alex Ferguson is set to sell an estimated million-worth of wine at three sales by auction firm Christie#39;s, with the bulk being put up for auction in May in Hong Kong.佳士得拍卖行(Christie#39;s)将分三次拍卖前曼彻斯特联队(Manchester ed, 简称:曼联队)教练亚历克斯#8226;弗格森(Alex Ferguson)收藏的价值约500万美元的葡萄酒,这些藏品的大部分将于5月份在香港拍卖。The sales, which feature wines from top producers in France and Italy, will pair bottles with soccer paraphenelia from his long career with the team.拍品是弗格森收藏的法国和意大利顶级酒庄出产的葡萄酒。这些葡萄酒将配上与弗格森漫长的曼联队执教生涯相关的足球物品一同拍卖。The overwhelming majority of the lots -- 257 out of 482-- will be sold at a Hong Kong auction on May 24. The remaining lots will be sold in London and online in June.佳士得一共将拍卖482瓶弗格森收藏的葡萄酒,其中绝大部分(257瓶)将在5月24日的香港拍卖会上拍卖。剩余部分将于6月份在伦敦和网上出售。Among the items on offer in Hong Kong: Six bottles of 1999 Romanée-Conti Grand Cru paired with a Manchester ed shirt from the team#39;s Champions League triumph in 1999. The shirt is signed by Mr. Ferguson. The wine-and-jersey combo is estimated to sell for as much as 850,000 Hong Kong dollars (US9,613), Christie#39;s said.香港拍卖会上的拍品包括六瓶产于1999年的罗曼尼#8226;康帝干红葡萄酒(Romanee-Conti Grand Cru),同这些葡萄酒一起拍卖的是1999年曼联队在欧洲冠军联赛(Champions League)上夺冠时穿的球衣。这件球衣上有弗格森的签名。佳士得称,这一葡萄酒加球衣组合预计将拍出85万港元(约合109,613美元)。Many of the other wines at the Hong Kong sale, including a 6-liter bottle of 2005 Imperiale Sassicaia estimated to sell for as much as HK,000, will be signed #39;Best Wishes, Alex Ferguson#39; in black marker on the label.将在香港拍卖会上出售的其他很多葡萄酒也将有弗格森的签名。这其中包括一瓶产自2005年的六升装皇家西施佳雅(Imperiale Sassicaia),预计将拍出1.2万港元。弗格森将在这些酒瓶上写上“献上最美好的祝愿,亚历克斯#8226;弗格森”。Mr. Ferguson led Manchester ed from 1986 until his retirement in 2013. One of soccer#39;s most successful managers, he captured the Premier League title 13 times and also won the Champions League twice during his tenure. That success helped Manchester ed become one of the most popular sports brands in the world. The club says it has 659 million followers, many of whom are from Asia.Agence France-Presse/Getty Images2012年9月29日,弗格森在曼联对阵托特纳姆热刺的比赛中看表。弗格森从1986年开始担任曼联队教练,直至2013年退休。他是曼联队史上最成功的教练之一,在执教期间率领球队获得了13次英超(Premier League)冠军和两次欧洲冠军联赛冠军。这些成功也帮助曼联成为世界最受欢迎的运动品牌之一。曼联队称,它在全球拥有6.59亿球迷,其中很多来自亚洲。#39;My interest in wine began during a scouting trip in France and, over time, my enjoyment of discovery and collecting grew,#39; the Glasgow-born manager said in a statement released by Christie#39;s. #39;The importance of collecting wine was that it served as a distraction and gave me a balance in my life that helped me in dealing with the intensity and demands required of me as the manager of Manchester ed.#39;弗格森在佳士得发布的一份声明中称,他在一次造访法国时开始对葡萄酒产生兴趣,随着时间的推移,他越来越享受发现和收藏葡萄酒的乐趣。弗格森还说,收藏葡萄酒的重要性在于能帮助他分散压力,使他的生活达到平衡,帮助他应对作为曼联队教练面临的强度和要求。Asian wine collectors, the most active buyers in the market just a few years ago, have turned less enthusiastic on fine Bordeaux but are still splurging on top-flight Burgundy. Mr. Ferguson#39;s collection features plenty of the latter.就在几年之前,亚洲的葡萄酒收藏家还是该市场上最活跃的买家,但他们现在对波尔多(Bordeaux)葡萄酒的兴趣已下降,但仍会对顶级的勃艮第(Burgundy)葡萄酒一掷千金。弗格森收藏的葡萄酒中很多都产自勃艮第。It#39;s not the first time a celebrity collection has found its way from the U.K. to Hong Kong. In 2011, Andrew Lloyd Webber sold HK.3 million-worth of wine at a Sotheby#39;s auction.佳士得并不是首次在香港拍卖英国名人的葡萄酒收藏。2011年,苏富比拍卖公司(Sotheby#39;s)就在香港拍卖了作曲家安德鲁#8226;劳埃德#8226;韦伯(Andrew Lloyd Webber)收藏的价值4,330万港元的葡萄酒。It#39;s the second time in two years that Christie#39;s in Hong Kong has featured a well-known wine collector. In 2013, the auction firm sold HK million-worth of wine owned by Henry Tang, a politician and former candidate for Hong Kong#39;s top post of chief executive.这也是佳士得两年内第二次在香港拍卖知名葡萄酒收藏家的藏品。这家拍卖行在2013年出售了唐英年(Henry Tang)收藏的价值4,800万港元的葡萄酒。唐英年是香港政界人士,曾是香港行政长官候选人。 /201404/289875

  Wanda, has set out an ambitious global expansion plan – but has vowed not to sell all the homes it builds to wealthy investors in its home market.万达(Wanda)已提出一个雄心勃勃的全球扩张计划,但承诺不会将其建造的所有住宅都售予中国的富有投资者。China’s biggest commercial property developer by sales aims to increase its current bn annual turnover to 0bn by 2020, primarily through international property development, according to Michael Purefoy, the man in charge of Wanda’s international housing sales.万达国际房地产销售主管迈克尔#8226;普里福伊(Michael Purefoy)表示,万达计划到2020年将其目前的300亿美元年度销售额增至1000亿美元,主要通过国际房地产开发。万达是中国销售额最高的商业地产开发商。“Our ambition is to turn Wanda, which is a very well-known brand in China and Asia, into a global brand,” he said.他表示:“我们的理想是将万达这个在中国和亚洲非常知名的品牌变成一个全球品牌。”Although Wanda is primarily a real estate developer, it has also branched out into leisure. It owns 60 hotels in China, US cinema chain AMC and yachtmaker Sunseeker.尽管万达的主业是房地产开发,但该集团也将触角伸向了休闲业。万达在中国拥有60家酒店,还拥有美国影院连锁AMC以及英国游艇制造商圣汐(Sunseeker)。Chinese property companies have reacted to brewing trouble in their home market by diversifying and taking their first steps abroad. Most are simply buying existing assets as an investment, but Wanda wants to take on the more complicated and challenging task of developing new property.面对中国市场即将出现的困境,中国房地产公司的回应是实现多元化,同时首次将目光投向海外。多数房地产公司只是购买现有资产作为投资,而万达则希望开发新的地产,承担更为复杂且更具挑战性的任务。Wanda took its first step overseas last year, purchasing a site in Vauxhall, south London, where it plans to build 440 homes and a hotel in two residential towers.万达是在去年首次进军海外市场的,在伦敦南部的沃克斯豪尔(Vauxhall)购买了一个地块,计划建造两栋住宅楼,包括440套住宅和一家酒店。It then moved into Spain, Australia and the US earlier this year with land purchases in Madrid, the Gold Coast and Chicago, and is in the process of buying a property on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.接着,今年早些时候,万达进军西班牙、澳大利亚和美国,在马德里、澳大利亚黄金海岸和芝加哥购地,目前正收购洛杉矶比佛利山威尔夏大道(Wilshire Boulevard)的一处地产。It is now seeking further sites “throughout the world” in “key global cities”, Mr Purefoy said.普里福伊表示,万达现在正在“全球主要城市”继续寻找地产项目。Wanda will put the first group of homes in the Vauxhall development, called One Nine Elms, up for sale this week.万达将在本周销售沃克斯豪尔项目的首期住宅,该项目名为One Nine Elms。London developers have been criticised for selling homes abroad, particularly to Asia. Wanda will benefit from “brand recognition” when marketing foreign homes to Chinese buyers, Mr Purefoy said, but the company does not want simply to channel Asian cash into the British housing market.伦敦开发商一直因将住宅向海外(特别是亚洲)销售而受到批评。普里福伊表示,在将外国房产推介给中国买家时,万达将受益于“品牌认知度”,但该公司不仅仅是希望将亚洲资金引入英国房地产市场。It has “internal guidelines controlling the level of sales within China” in an attempt to diversify its customer base, Mr Purefoy said: “We want to be a global brand and we can’t do that if we only sell homes in Asia.”万达“在中国有控制销售水平的内部原则”,目的是将客户基础多样化,普里福伊表示:“我们希望成为一个全球品牌,如果我们只在亚洲卖房的话,我们就不可能做到这点。”Wanda has signed up to London mayor Boris Johnson’s initiative asking developers to market their homes to Londoners first, before offering them to buyers abroad. All of Wanda’s planned projects combine residential development with its expertise in hotels.万达参加了伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)提出的计划,该计划要求开发商首先向伦敦人推介它们的房产,然后再面向海外买家。万达所有计划中的项目都将住宅开发与其在酒店方面的专长结合在一起。 /201410/337018


  The de facto head of Shanghai’s free-trade zone has stood down, according to Chinese official media, striking another blow to a project that has aly failed to live up to expectations.据中国官方媒体报道,上海自由贸易区(FTZ)事实上的主管、中国自由贸易区管委会常务副主任戴海波被免职。这一事件对原本未能达到人们预期的上海自贸区来说,是又一次重大打击。Xinhua, the state news agency, said Dai Haibo, vice-secretary of the Shanghai municipal government, would no longer act as deputy director and party secretary of the year-old Shanghai free-trade zone management committee.中国官方新闻机构新华社(Xinhua)表示,戴海波不再担任成立了一年的上海自贸区管委会副主任和党组书记。除了自贸区管委会副主任,戴海波还是上海市政府的副秘书长。The FTZ declined to comment.对于这一消息,上海自贸区拒绝置评。The long anticipated zone, an enclave of financial deregulation, has attracted some high-profile companies such as Amazon, which last month announced plans to open a logistics warehouse there.作为一块放松金融监管的飞地,长期以来备受期待的上海自贸区吸引了亚马逊(Amazon)等高端公司。上个月,亚马逊曾宣布了在上海自贸区设立物流仓库的计划。But the news of the premature departure of Mr Dai will underline concerns about the FTZ’s future as it approaches it first anniversary this month. Analysts say there has been scant progress on loosening capital controls or liberalising interest rates in the zone.然而,就在上海自贸区成立一周年纪念日日益临近之际,戴海波提前离职令人们愈发担心自贸区的未来。分析师表示,自贸区在放松资本管制或利率自由化方面的进展乏善可陈。“We don’t think the dismissal of some individual official will change the overall development and openness of the free-trade zone,” said Su Chang, chief economist at CEBM Group. “What we know for sure is Beijing is not very happy with the current status of the free-trade zone”莫尼塔(CEBM Gruop)首席经济学家苏畅表示:“我们认为,个别官员的免职不会改变自贸区总体的发展和开放。我们可以确信的是,中国政府对自贸区的现状不太满意。”Economists say further relaxation of rules on merchandise trade is not among the most urgent reforms for China, aly the world’s largest exporter and second-largest importer.多名经济学家表示,对于中国这个已经是全球最大出口国和第二大进口国的经济体来说,进一步放宽商品贸易规则并不是中国最紧迫的改革之一。Even US ecommerce group Amazon was vague about the benefits of operating in the zone beyond geographical proximity to consumers.即使是美国电子商务集团亚马逊,对于在自贸区运营的好处,除了地理上更接近客户之外,该集团仍一头雾水。Few people expected immediate breakthroughs on financial reform. However, the near total lack of substantive changes has led to cynicism among bankers.几乎没人认为自贸区会在金融改革方面立刻取得突破。然而,实质性改革差不多全面缺失的现象已招致业人士的批评。“It’s been mostly hype so far,” said a loan banker in Shanghai who works with small and medium-sized companies in the zone. “Nothing has really changed.”上海一位在自贸区负责与中小企业合作贷款业务的业人士表示:“到目前为止,多数宣传都言过其实。真正的改变没有发生。”In a report last month about Shanghai International Airport, one of the so-called “concept stocks” that rose sharply in the lead-up to the FTZ’s launch, Hino Lam, Goldman Sachs equity analyst, wrote: “We believe that benefits from Shanghai’s free-trade zone reform policies may take longer than expected to materialise, as we have yet to see any positive impact from it so far in 2014”.在上个月一份关于上海国际机场有限公司(Shanghai International Airport Co)的报告中,高盛(Goldman Sachs)股权分析师伊诺#8226;拉姆(Hino Lam)表示:“我们相信,上海自贸区改革政策发挥优势所需的时间要比预期长。因为,2014年迄今我们还没有看到这些政策的积极影响。”上海国际机场有限公司是所谓“自贸区概念股”,该公司股价曾大幅领涨股市——直至自贸区启动。 /201409/328656


  On a wooden stake planted in Africa’s equatorial forest, a small hand-painted sign s: “Here will be erected the water intake of the Inga 6 power plant.”在非洲赤道地区的森林里,有一个木桩上一个手写的小牌子写着:“因加(Inga)6号电站入水口。”The hopeful claim refers to the latest plan to realise one of Africa’s largest and longest stalled white elephants: Grand Inga, the world’s biggest hydropower dam, not far from where the river Congo meets the sea.这句充满希望的标语指的是完成大因加(Grand Inga)水电站项目的最新计划,这是非洲规模最大、拖延时间最长的大型项目之一,也将成为全世界最大的水电站,距离刚果河入海口不远。Located in the far western extreme of the Democratic Republic of Congo, several dams and hydropower plants would deliver 42,000 megawatts, nearly twice the size of the world’s largest power station, the Three Gorges Dam in China. If built, it would double the electricity production capacity of Africa and resolve what Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, calls Africa’s “energy apartheid”.大因加项目的地址位于刚果民主共和国的最西端,由多座大坝和水电站构成,装机容量将达4.2万兆瓦,接近目前世界第一大水电站中国三峡(Three Gorges Dam)的两倍。如果建成,它将让非洲的发电能力翻一番,解决世界(WB)行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)所说的非洲“能源隔离”(energy apartheid)问题。Grand Inga has for decades been the stuff of dreams. Now, say its World Bank backers, it is the stuff of cogent plans. One sign of Grand Inga’s growing momentum is that it has prompted an unprecedented offer from China to work alongside the US to finance big infrastructure projects in Africa.数十年来,大因加水坝项目一直是个可望不可及的梦想。如今,世界持这一项目建设的人说,这已经成为一项切实可行的计划。一个积极迹象是,中国史无前例地提出,愿与美国一道,为非洲大型基建项目提供资金。“Energy is the development of a country,” says Richard Kapia Boshinga, director of Snel, the state power company, standing on a narrow bridge at the Inga rapids. “It’s got to work.”站在因加河湍急的水流上方一座狭窄的小桥上,刚果国家电力公司(Snel)负责人理查德#8226;卡皮亚#8226;欣加(Richard Kapia Boshinga)说:“能源关乎一个国家的发展。必须成功。”Still, the project faces obstacles as great as its dimensions. Even if Washington and Beijing opt to collaborate, it remains hostage to shaky financing. It is also beset by opposition from environmental groups, poor management and the uncertainties of working in one of the world’s least developed and most corrupt countries.不过,这个项目面临的困难跟其规模一样大。即便华盛顿和北京方面选择合作,项目的资金情况仍不确定。此外还有环保团体的反对、管理水平低下、以及在一个极不发达且极为腐败的国家开展项目所带来的不确定性等诸多困难。“We think the whole project will cost more than bn, but who will invest money like that in Congo?” says Albert Mbafumoya, a senior adviser in the prime minister’s office.刚果总理办公室高级顾问艾伯特#8226;姆巴福雅(Albert Mbafumoya)说:“我们预计整个项目将耗资逾500亿美元,但谁会在刚果投那么多钱?”Two dams – Inga 1 and Inga 2 – aly exist but are in a sorry state. Conceived by Belgian colonialists and built more than 30 years ago under dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, five of their 14 turbines no longer turn, producing only 1,000MW for a country the size of western Europe.因加1号和2号两座水坝已建成,但状况不佳。这两座水坝由比利时殖民主义者设计,30多年前在独裁者蒙托#8226;塞塞#8226;塞科(Mobutu Sese Seko)主政下建成,如今14部涡轮机有5部已经坏掉了,发电量仅为1000兆瓦,而刚果的面积与西欧相当。The lack of power is hurting miners in the Katanga region of southern Congo, where some facilities are losing the equivalent of a month of annual production from blackouts.电力不足对刚果南部加丹加省的矿业企业造成很大影响,由于经常停电,一些矿厂一年下来相当于停工一个月。Many previous efforts to develop the site, where the river’s broad brown waters narrow to little more than 100 metres after gushing down over 15km of rapids, have all stalled. But Congo has this time adopted a plan that some financiers believe might work: a seven-phase effort to build Grand Inga in increments.人们曾多次试图开发因加河段的水力资源——15公里的湍急河段、宽阔的褐色河面,在这里陡然缩窄下落,落差达100多米。这一次,刚果采取了一种一些出资方相信可能成功的方案:分7个阶段,渐进式建设大因加水坝。The incremental approach might lessen the objections of environmentalists, who warn of loss of species and agricultural land to coastal erosion and releases of methane gas. The smaller pieces would also be less daunting to finance, starting with Inga 3, which would#8201;cost#8201;bn#8201;and#8201;deliver#8201;4,800MW.渐进式方法或许会减轻环保主义者的反对,他们警告称,水坝的建设会导致物种灭绝、河岸退后侵蚀农地、甲烷释放。分阶段建设可能也会减轻融资压力,首先需要融资的因加3号水电站预计将耗资120亿美元,装机容量达4800兆瓦。The government in Kinshasa hopes the World Bank and the regional African Development Bank among others will commit a quarter of the funds. That still leaves nearly bn to come from other sources, including the US, China and the private sector.刚果政府希望,世行和非洲开发(African Development Bank)等能承担四分之一的资金。即便如此,还有近90亿美元的资金缺口,需要从美国、中国和私营领域等来源取得。Jan Walliser, an official at the World Bank, says the third phase of Inga looks feasible. But he cautions: “Private investors will not step in until enough electricity can be sold to creditworthy customers – which is why exports to South Africa and sales to the mining sector have to be looked at to make it a viable investment.”世行官员扬#8226;瓦利泽尔(Jan Walliser)表示,因加3号水电站工程看上去可行。但他谨慎地指出:“在能够将足够多的电卖给有信誉的客户之前,私人投资者不会入场。所以必须观察水电站向南非和矿商销售电力的情况,以判断投资是否可行。”South Africa last year agreed to purchase 2,500MW from Inga 3 as well as a chunk of subsequent stages. Kinshasa also hopes the domestic mining sector will take 1,300MW and the rest of Congo another 1,000MW. But Congo has a poor record in paying its electricity bills, making it difficult to raise money for a project that cannot guarantee payback.南非去年同意从因加3号水电站购买2500兆瓦的电,并同意从后续几个阶段建设的水电站购买相当大一部分电力。此外,刚果政府希望国内采矿业将吸收1300兆瓦,其余行业再吸收1000兆瓦。但在刚果,电费账单经常被赖掉,这种情况使得人们很难为一个无法确保回报的项目融资。After years of delay, mining companies are applying plasters to the existing infrastructure rather than waiting for Inga 3.在多年的拖延之后,采矿企业正在对现有的基础设施修修补补,而不是等待因加3号水电站建成。Glencore, the miner-cum-trader that has several big projects in Katanga and its partners are lending 8m out of its own pocket to rehabilitate the turbines of Inga 2 as a way to increase electricity production.矿商兼贸易商嘉能可(Glencore)在加丹加省有多个大型项目,它的合作伙伴们将自掏腰包提供3.68亿美元贷款,修复因加2号水电站停转的涡轮机,以增加发电量。Freeport-McMoRan, which has a bn copper and cobalt mine in Katanga, is lending Snel 0m to build a smaller local power plant. “Future expansion will be dependent on our ability to get incremental power, and reliable power,” says Bill Harris, the mine’s president.自由港麦克莫兰公司(Freeport-McMoRan)在加丹加省有一座价值30亿美元的铜钴矿,它即将向刚果国家电力公司提供2.2亿美元贷款,以建设一座小型的地方电厂。该矿总裁比尔#8226;哈里斯(Bill Harris)说:“未来的扩张将取决于我们能否获得更多稳定的电力供应。”Mo#239;se Katumbi, the governor of Katanga, agrees. He estimates miners could be digging 1.5m tonnes of copper a year right now, up from the current 990,000 tonnes, were it not for the power shortages. “The problem for Inga,” he says, “is that the project took so long.”加丹加省省长莫伊兹#8226;卡通比(Mo#239;se Katumbi)表示认同。据他估算,要不是受到电力短缺的影响,铜的年产量可能不止现在的99万吨,而可能达到150万吨。“因加的问题在于,”他说,“这个项目花了这么长时间。” /201409/331782

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