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在厦门地区中药祛黑斑哪家医院好厦门整容欧菲Is it ;healthy eating; or ;healthful eating?; Is there even a difference?For some people, there is. Anne Curzan, professor of English literature at the University of Michigan, is y to lead us into the nuanced world of grammarians, where some distinctions are a little more complicated than they seem.While Curzan was giving a talk on grammar pet peeves, someone expressed a moment of frustration: ;People keep saying eat healthy food! And I cant stand it!;Although this might make you scratch your head, there is a rule behind it. In the 19th century, many grammarians sought to make words complement each other. They tried this with healthy and healthful. ;To say healthful,; says Curzan, ;should mean conducive to or causing health, and healthy should mean experiencing good health.;;The problem is that healthy has meant both those things for hundreds of years, and the distinction has never really held,; says Curzan. ;So I have to say I think this rule has not made it.;But this isnt the only place where grammarians tried to create complementary distribution in the language. Theres another example: shall and will.;In the first person,; says Curzan. ;In other words, with I or we, you use shall to express the simple future. Then you use will to express obligation, necessity, determination, or permission.;But if you use either word in the second or third person, the rules flip-flop. That means if you use you, he, or she, then will expresses the simple future and shall expresses permission/obligation/determination.What were they thinking!? If youre looking for a grammarian to blame for this headache, Curzan suggests looking back at John Wallis, a 17th century bishop and mathematician. But dont be too hard on his memory, as the rule hasnt aged very well. According to Curzan, its commonly used in just one place: legal writing, where the word shall expresses a legal obligation.But this, too, is controversial, as the word shall is often misused. Lawyer Bryan Garner, an expert on legal grammar, has more or less given up on it. ;His practice, at this point, is to always replace it with will or may or must in order to clarify,; says Curzan.It might seem like grammarians just make the rules, but sometimes they will be the first to break them.201510/404299厦门全瓷牙什么价位 The PRI had hoped to win a majority in the summer’s elections, but it fell short by 11 in the 500-member Chamber of Deputies and by four in the 128-member Senate. In any case, some of the most important reforms will need changes to the constitution, which require a two-thirds majority in Congress.革命制度党希望在拿下今年夏季的国会选举,但在500人组成的众议院(Chamber of Deputies)中离多数票差11票,而在128人的参议院(Senate)中差了4票。无论如何,最为重要的改革促使需涉及宪法改革,而后者需要国会三分之二的多数票通过。However, Mr Pena has reason to be optimistic. The opposition PAN shares much of Mr Pena’s agenda, and together the two parties have a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress. A new power to fast-track two bills per congressional session will help. A lot will depend on who ends up leading the PAN, which is restive and rudderless after finishing third in the presidential election. The handover period between July’s election and December’s inauguration has been a model of presidential co-operation. Mr Calderon’s crackdown on Mexico’s vindictive criminals has given him a personal reason to stay on good terms with the new government, to make sure of the protection he and his family will need when he leaves office.即便如此,裴纳尼托也有理由乐观。因为其反对党国家行动党与裴纳尼托的议程大致吻合,而该两党已占了议会三分之二的多数席位。而总统被赋予在两院各增二票的新权力也能起到一定作用。但许多结果将取决于国家行动党的最终领导人。在本次总统中,该党仅位列第三,其后更是纷争不断、群龙无首。六月大选的交接期与十二月接任之间,是以两位总统联合的模式管理。卡尔德隆总统曾对墨西哥恶犯予以严厉制裁,这使得他个人有理由与新政府和谐相处,以确保其离职后自身与家人的人身安全。Fighting on two fronts两组前线作战Mr Pena’s main problem in Congress may well be his own party. As this special report went to press Congress was about to pass a labour-law reform, which among other things would make hiring and firing easier. But linked measures to make Mexico’s over-mighty unions more transparent and democratic were voted down by congressmen from Mr Pena’s own PRI, which has strong ties to unions. If the unions cannot be tamed, Mr Pena’s other reforms—to open up the monopolised energy sector and overhaul the tax system—may be similarly diluted.裴纳尼托在议会的主要问题来自其自身党派。在本报道付诸印梓之时,墨西哥议会即将通过一项劳动法改革方案,该法案尤其突出的一点是放宽了雇佣关系。但与之相关的一些法案却遭到裴纳尼托的革命制度党反对,因为法案中要求增加墨西哥工会的透明度和民主度,而这些本身强势的团体与革命制度当关系密切。若无法让工会听话,那么在开放垄断的能源部门、彻底整改税制等裴纳尼托推行的措施上,其效果也将受到削弱。The runner-up in the election was the left-winger Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known as AMLO, who came a very close second to Mr Calderon in 2006 but lost to Mr Pena by 6.8%. After both defeats he claimed fraud. The evidence is thin. The left has about a quarter of the seats in Congress, but many of its congressmen have little patience with AMLO, whose magnetic personality repels as many voters as it attracts.本次大选的“亚军”是来自左翼势力的洛佩斯·奥夫拉多尔(Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,人称AMLO)。2006年的大选上,奥夫拉多尔惜败于卡尔德隆,而本次大选则差了裴纳尼托6.8%的持率。经历两次失败后,他声称选举存在舞弊,但据并不充分。左翼势力占据国会约四分之一的席位,但其中大部分人对奥夫拉多尔失去耐心,因为他的人格魅力让一些选民趋之若鹜的同时,让另一些避之不及。The government may also face opposition outside Congress. Though a majority of the political class now seems to be convinced of the need for economic reforms along the lines that Mr Pena proposes, the same may not yet be true on the street, in the public universities or in much of the press. “Mexico is a country where doctrine and principle matter more than practical considerations and results,” says Enrique Krauze, a historian. The state-run oil monopoly is the sort of sacred cow that could emit a deafening, destabilising moo if Mr Pena tried to tether it. Mexico City aly sees an average of 14 protests a day.同时,墨西哥政府还面对议会之外的反对势力。尽管政治阶级的多数已相信裴纳尼托提出经济改革的需要,但墨西哥的大街小巷、公立大学以及媒体报社并非如此。“墨西哥是一个教义信仰高于切实想法与成果的国家,”某历史学家克劳泽(Enrique Krauze)称。国营垄断的石油部门就如同一头圣牛,若裴纳尼托设法拴之,这头圣牛将会发出震耳欲聋的不详之哞。目前,墨西哥城每天平均已有14起游行抗议。The internet is making politics more unpredictable. During the election campaign Mr Pena paid a disastrous visit to a university and fled after being heckled. This gave rise to an anti-Pena student movement calling itself YoSoy132, or “I am the 132nd” (the initial protest was led by 131 students). It is now capable of summoning large crowds via Twitter and Facebook to march against Mr Pena (and often, it seems, for AMLO). During Mexico’s independence celebrations on September 16th anonymous hackers took down several government websites.而由于因特网,墨西哥的政治也更加难以预测。竞选期间,裴纳尼托曾造访墨西哥某大学,却因遭诘难而仓皇离开,最终悲剧收场。这次访问还引发一场“反裴”学生运动,参与者自称YoSoy132,即“我是第132人”(首次游行由131名学生发起)。而今,通过推特网(Twitter)和脸谱网(Facebook)也能组织其“反裴”游行(这些游行似乎大多持奥夫拉多尔)。而在墨西哥9月16日独立日庆祝之际,匿名的网络黑客还搞垮了数个墨西哥政府网站。So it will not be an easy ride. Mr Krauze remembers that the optimism when the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into force in 1994 was quickly punctured by the Zapatista uprising in Mexico’s south on New Year’s Day. “We thought we were there in the first world, on the final lap of our historic marathon. Then on January 1st we woke up to the astonishing news of a rebellion in Chiapas,” he says.因此,改革之路丝毫不易。据克劳泽回忆,1994年北美自由贸易协定(NAFTA)正式生效后不久,墨西哥南部的萨帕塔主义者于元旦日发动动乱,给协定带来的乐观情绪蒙上一层阴影。“当时我们还认为自己已步入第一世界(常指发达国家,译者注),进入历史长跑的最后一圈。没想到元旦那天,恰帕斯(墨西哥东南边境州,译者注)的争辩新闻让我们又清醒过来。”Mexico has form in turning triumph to disaster, and could yet do so again. Its economy remains dependent on the fortunes of the ed States, and financial crises in Europe make investors jittery. Promised reforms will depend on persuading entrenched interests to accept them. Corruption and bad government, especially at the local level, may cause good initiatives to fall at the last hurdle. And the drug war is by no means over. But Mexico deserves a fresh look—not least because its economy is revving up, as the next article explains.墨西哥历来会从胜利跌至灾难,这次可能也不例外。其国内经济仍相当依赖美国,而欧洲金融海啸也可能让墨西哥的投资商犹豫不决。政府承诺经济改革的实现前提,仍然是说既得利益者们同意。政府贪污腐败(尤其是地方级政府)也可能成为改革最后一环的失败原因。另外,缉毒战争也从未停止。但墨西哥值得我们重新评价,其原因之一正是其不断加速的经济增长,详情请看下一篇文章。翻译:沈骜译文属译生译世201608/462917厦门光子脱毛那里好

南平正规整形口腔医院The presidents of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. will meet in Ottawa later this week for the North American Leaders Summit. 加拿大、墨西哥和美国总统将于本周晚些时候在渥太华举行北美领导人峰会。The conference, which is sometimes referred to in the press as the Three Amigos Summit, 该会议有时在媒体上被称作三友峰会,have been held annually since to promote better cooperation under the North American Free Trade Agreement. 自以来每年举行一次,在北美自由贸易协定下促进更好的合作。Usually, the talks are largely symbolic, but this year, after the U.K.s historic Brexit referendum and the rise of Donald Trump, 通常,会谈主要是象征性的,但今年,在英国历史性的退欧公投和唐纳德·特朗普呼声高涨后,they are expected to be much more serious.他们预计会更加严肃对待。译文属。201606/451673在厦门地区大学附属成功医院去痣 And it was probably the most intimidating star-star party,那可能是我参加过的最震撼的I have ever been to.You know, I walked in.The first guy I saw was Tom Cruise.众星云集的派对 我一走进去 看到的第一个人是汤姆·克鲁斯And then I saw you, and, and Jen,and I think like Denny Moore.然后是你 还有珍 好像还有黛米·尔And my wife and I brought a bottle of wine.And we were like, hide the wine.我和我太太带了一瓶红酒过去 我们当时就想 赶紧把酒藏起来You know what I mean.Put it in your purse. Throw it into the bush.你懂的 塞进包 扔进树丛里Get rid of it.This is er.... - You were the only one with a bottle of wine.反正别留着 真是 -你们是唯一带酒去的宾客They dont need our two-dollar bottle wine.You never know when youll go to a party,他们不需要这种两块钱的红酒 去之前你也不清楚状况If its an intimate thing, its nice to bring wine.如果是个私人派对 带酒是很有礼貌的But when its a giant thing and your. - Its a wrong idea.但如果是个大型派对的话 -绝对的坏主意Oh, well,or, or just bring it home and drink yourself.或者带回家自己喝了Thats a waste. It really is.I know.But it was I do remember meeting you there.不然太浪费了 我知道 我们那次确实是我们第一次见Thats right. We have a chat.Yeah. We do.What do we talk about? I dont remember.是的 我们还聊过天 恩 是的 我们聊了些什么 我不记得了Oh my God. It was like, I was so inebriated.我当时喝高了Things were all wrong, very nervous at that party.脑子一片混乱 在那派对上我真的很紧张I think when I went to a car and listened to some music,somebody was playing something in a car for us.我们应该是到车上去听音乐了 有人在车里放音乐给我们听Do you remember that at all?Do you really think that happened?你还记得吗 真有这回事吗 /201512/414042厦门做重睑那家医院好

厦门青春痘的治疗方法Its never too late for fence-mending.Thats certainly the case with the Ford family and the foundation that bears its name.Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes has been speaking with Ford Foundation CEO Darren Walker.Ford and the Ford Foundation had been at odds for years until they fell out completely in 1976. Henry Ford II claimed that the people running the board had no understanding of capitalism and how the fruits of it funded the foundation.Instead of spending money on Detroit and southwest Michigan, as had been intended by Henry Ford and his son, Edsel, the foundation was more interested in the developing world. So much so that the foundation with .3 billion in assets dwindled its contributions to Detroit to a handful of millions by the mid-1990s.But in 2006, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox went after the foundation and reminded it of its obligation to the area in which they were incorporated.Within a year, after a series of administrative subpoenas, the foundation upped its donations in Michigan, starting with a million commitment to what became the ;New Economy Initiative.;The Ford Foundation continued its investment on Detroit with a yearly contribution of -15 million until the ;Grand Bargain.;And now, for the first time since 1948, the trustees of the foundation will be holding a meeting in Detroit.Martha Ford, owner of the Detroit Lions, will be hosting a dinner at The Henry Ford Museum. The foundations trustees will be in Detroit to meet with Mayor Mike Duggan and Gov. Rick Snyder, among others, to learn more about the city.;I think its very emblematic of whats happening in Detroit, in general. I think you now have both political and business leadership that understands what has happened in the past but is less encumbered by the past,; says Howes.201506/379344 When the sea returns, it brings cool oxygenated water back to the reef.凉爽而富含氧气的海水随着涨潮重新流入珊瑚礁中。The relief, though is short-lived.但只带来了片刻的缓和平静。Larger sharks gather at the reefs edge, waiting to get at the freshly accessible hunting grounds.大鲨鱼开始聚集在珊瑚礁的,等待着重新进入猎场的时机。As the water rises, more and more creatures take the opportunity to feed in a new area.而随着涨潮,越来越多的动物跑来参加聚餐。For the sharks, fish that can normally outrun them are temporarily caught in the shallows, trapped between sand and surface, with few places to hide.而对鲨鱼们来说,那些平时它们抓不到的鱼类现在却滞留在浅滩上,被困在浅水里,无处可以躲藏。Lemon sharks hug the shore, surrounded by schooling bait fish, but for the moment, they seem to have little interest in all this food around them.柠檬鲨靠着海岸游动,鱼群环绕周围。但这会儿,鲨鱼们看起来对周遭的食物完全不感兴趣。They are simply waiting for the help.其实它们只是在等待免费帮手的到来。 201411/341638厦门地区双眼皮手术价格厦门地区市妇幼保健医院抽脂多少钱



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