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The Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development is a body that frequently feels as cumbersome as its name. It contains an eclectic mix of data collection, research and economic forecasting, and serves as a forum for international policy making.经济合作与发展组OECD)经常给人的感觉是,它就像自己的名称一样笨拙。它的职能繁多,包括数据收集、研究与经济预测,以及充当一个国际政策制定论坛。Much of its work is valuable, some elements more than others. Yet it requires renewed impetus. The OECD needs not just to increase its impact but to bring more emerging market governments into what was set up as and still feels like a club of rich countries.经合组织的大部分工作是有价值的,有些工作比另一些更有价值。不过,该机构需要注入新动力。它需要的不仅仅是提升自身影响力,而是要接纳更多新兴市场政府——它在建立之初就像一个富国俱乐部,现在仍给人这种感觉。Angel Gurría, the former Mexican finance minister and current OECD secretary-general, is in his second term of office, which expires next year. Although the institute has made some important progress recently, it needs new blood to speed up its development. The OECD needs a leader with both the intellectual firepower to lead policy debates and the political heft to broker international deals over policy with sensitive implications for its members.墨西哥前财长、经合组织现秘书长安赫尔#8226;古里Angel Gurría)目前处于第二任期,他的任期将于明年结束。尽管近年来该机构取得了一些重要进步,但它需要注入新鲜血液来加快自身发展。经合组织需要这样一位领导人:他不但要具有引导政策辩论的智慧,而且要有政治份量,能在对成员国产生敏感影响的政策方面促成国际协议。Some of what the OECD does in particular macroeconomic analysis and forecasting duplicates work done elsewhere, such as the International Monetary Fund. Its research capability really adds value by collecting and analysing micro data on a host of different issues health systems, development aid, labour market institutions and others.经合组织的部分工作——尤其是宏观经济分析和预测——与国际货币基金组织(IMF)等其他机构的工作有所重合。经合组织的研究能力确实增加了价值——收集并分析有关大量不同问题(如卫生保健制度、发展援助、劳动力市场制度等)的微观数据。These numbers and analysis can inform pivotal debate. For example, while the OECD cannot supplant the IMF in setting conditions for bailouts, having a second opinion over the structural reform demanded of countries such as Greece is a valuable role.这些数据和分析可以为关键辩论提供有价值的信息。例如,尽管经合组织不能在设定纾困条件方面取代IMF,但在希腊等国必须实行什么结构性改革的问题上提出不同观点,也是在发挥有价值的作用。In the case of development aid, OECD data collection and analysis also form the basis for improving the quality of assistance, such as reforming damaging “tied aidrules that compel recipients to spend the money on exports from the donor country.在开发援助方面,经合组织的数据收集与分析也为提高援助质量打下了基础,比如改革具有危害性的“限制性援助”规则——这些规则强迫援助接受方必须用援助款购买援助提供方的出口产品。来 /201504/371238China and Vietnam have agreed to resume military ties and curb their maritime dispute, according to Beijing’s official Xinhua News Agency.据官方的新华社报道,中国和越南已经同意恢复军事关系,并控制住两国的海上纠纷。The two communist neighbours had been in a maritime face-off since July, when China placed an oil rig in disputed waters in the South China Sea.此前这两个相邻的共产党国家自7月以来处于海上对峙,起因是中国在南中国海争议海域部署了一个石油钻井平台。However, relations have reportedly been soothed this weekend by the visit to Beijing of a high-level Vietnamese military delegation.然而,在越南一个高级军事代表团在刚刚过去的周末访问北京后,双边关系据报道已经平静下来。“We should make our troops well-behaved, and not make remarks harming the feelings of both people or do things undermining the overall bilateral relations,Fan Changlong, vice-chairman of China’s powerful Central Military Commission, said in remarks carried by Xinhua.新华社引述中国中央军委副主席范长龙的话称,中越应当“管控好部队,不说伤害两国人民感情的话,不做影响两国关系大局的事。”The three-month showdown, during which Chinese boats rammed Vietnamese ships, was the most serious in a series of confrontations between China and its maritime neighbours.中国船只曾在持续三个月的海上对峙期间撞击越方船只,这场对峙是中国与海上邻国之间一连串对抗中最严重的。It sparked violent demonstrations against Taiwanese factories and Chinese worksites in Vietnam, in which five people died.它在越南引发针对台资工厂和中资项目工地的暴力示威,导人死亡。The military meetings in Beijing this weekend were important “because they indicate that both China and Vietnam acknowledge that an accident or miscalculation between their armed forces could get out of control wrote Carl Thayer, professor emeritus with the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy, who closely follows events in the South China Sea.澳大利亚国防学院(Australian Defence Force Academy)南海问题专家、新南威尔士大学(University of New South Wales)名誉退休教授卡#8226;泰尔(Carl Thayer)写道,周末在北京举行的两军会晤是重要的,“因为它们表明,中国和越南都承认,两国军队之间发生意外或误判可能导致局面失控”。“Both sides appear willing to reach an understanding on how to respond to incidents to prevent their escalation.”“双方似乎都愿意就如何对事件做出回应、以防止其升级达成谅解。”Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan have drawn closer together diplomatically as China becomes more assertive in its territorial claims in waters rich in oil and fish.随着中国在拥有丰富石油和渔业资源海域的领土主张上变得更加强硬,越南、菲律宾和日本已经在外交上走得更近。Nonetheless, China’s strategy seems to be working. It has reinforced military bases on the islets in the South China Sea on which it bases its claims to the surrounding waters, while stepping back from each individual confrontation before its neighbours can cobble together a unified diplomatic response.尽管如此,中国的战略似乎奏效。它在南中国海的小岛加强了军事基地,这些小岛是中国声索周围海域主权的依据;同时在邻国能够协调做出统一的外交回应之前在相关对峙中后退一步。In this case, China has mended its fences before it hosts regional heads of state at the Asia Pacific Economic Forum near Beijing. The withdrawal of the contentious rig came shortly before a regional defence meeting in August.这一次,中国于在北京附近举行亚太经济合作论坛(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum,简称APEC)、迎接区域各国元首前夕修补了关系月份一次地区防务会议之前不久,中国撤走了有争议的石油钻井平台。来 /201410/337019U.S. President Barack Obama has signed a bill that provides a two-day extension of government funding and temporarily averts a partial federal government shutdown.美国总统奥巴马签署了一项法案,将政府拨款延长两天,暂时避免联邦政府部分关闭。Both houses of Congress approved the heavily fought-over spending measure late Thursday, with just minutes to go before the midnight deadline.国会参众两院星期四午夜最后期限之前几分钟批准了这个各方争执不下的开法案。The Senate now has until Saturday at midnight to approve a wider spending measure.参议院要在星期六午夜之前批准一个更广泛的开计划。The Senate is expected follow the lead of the House of Representatives, which on Thursday passed the .1 trillion spending bill that funds the government through September 2015.众议院星期四批准000亿美元、截0150号的联邦政府预算。预计参议院也将通过这个预算案。Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner warned lawmakers that if they did not pass a bill Thursday - even a temporary measure to fund the government - they would have to stay in Washington until Christmas.众议院共和党议长贝纳向国会议员发出警告,如果星期四不通过联邦拨款法案,哪怕是一个临时法案,那么他们就得在华盛顿一直待到圣诞节。Lawmakers from both sides and President Obama urged passage, even though conservative Republicans were angry over what was not in the bill and liberal Democrats were upset over what was there.两党议员和奥巴马总统都敦促通过开法案,尽管保守的共和党人对法案中未包括的内容感到愤怒,而自由派民主党人则对其中包括的一些内容表示不满。来 /201412/349054

The “global war on terrorwas shot down in a hale of ridicule. Sceptics scoffed that President George W Bush’s GWOT was not global and it was not a war since terrorism is a tactic, not an enemy. On taking office as US president in , Barack Obama quietly dropped the term.The GWOT may have been a clumsy phrase and an inexact idea but, sadly, linguistic quibbles have not removed the underlying issue. However you want to label it, the world has a problem with jihadi violence and it is getting worse.There are two specific ways in which the threat from militant Islamism has worsened over the past five years. First, jihadi groups are operating in more parts of the world. Second, the frequency of attacks and number of deaths is increasing.The massacre of 148 people, mainly children, at a school in Peshawar on December 16 was the worst atrocity in Pakistan since 2007. It was followed, this month, by the murder of up to 2,000 people by Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the killing of 17 in two separate attacks in Paris.Three brutal attacks on three separate continents give the impression that the frequency of Islamist terror attacks is rising. That impression is confirmed by the data.A recent study by the Rand Corporation identified 49 Salafist-Jihadi groups operating around the world in 2013, compared with 28 in 2007. These groups staged 950 recorded attacks in 2013, up from 100 six years earlier. And that Rand report was published before a big surge in violence in Nigeria. A recent US state department report estimated that 18,000 people were killed by terrorism in 2013 but also noted that the number of Americans killed was very low and going down.That decline in the numbers killed by terrorism in the west ensured the problem received only sporadic attention in the US and Europe. But, in the rest of the world, the number of lawless areas in which jihadi militias can freely operate and train has increased.A decade ago, the main area of concern for western counter-terrorism efforts was Afghanistan and the border areas of Pakistan with Somalia another significant worry. But now the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) controls a large swath of Syria and Iraq, including Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city.In Africa, Boko Haram possibly inspired by the success of Isis has also seized territory and now controls a part of northern Nigeria the size of Belgium, as well as threatening neighbouring states such as Cameroon and Nigeria. Much of Libya has slipped into violent anarchy and jihadism is also endemic in Yemen.The obvious questions are why the problem is escalating and what needs to be done. In the solipsistic world of US politics, it is natural for politicians to assume the problem somehow begins in Washington. Democrats cite President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. The Republicans claim President Obama withdrew from Iraq prematurely.Actually, recent history teaches ambiguous lessons about the impact of western military intervention. The failure of the US to intervene earlier in Syria is sometimes blamed for the rise of Isis. On the other hand, western military intervention in Libya helped to reduce the country to anarchy creating space for jihadi groups to thrive. In reality, this is a problem that is not primarily about US foreign policy and the iniquities of the west. In recent years, every single permanent member of the UN Security Council has been hit. The US was struck on September 11 2001. The UK experienced the 7/7 bombings that killed London commuters in 2005. Russia has waged a long and brutal struggle with Chechen jihadis. China has experienced a bombing in Tiananmen Square and killings around the country. Now France has been struck. India, too, is on the frontline.Tempting as it is for western powers to make common cause with all countries that have been hit by Islamist terror, it is also politically difficult since that potentially involves accepting the Russian narrative on Chechnya, the Israeli narrative on Gaza and the Chinese view of Qinjiang.The factors behind the recent upsurge in violence include the increased fragility of several states in the aftermath of the revolutions in the Arab world as well as the amplifying effect of social media, which allows jihadi messages to sp fast and to reach ever-larger audiences.As Islamist militias have gained ground, so the conflict with them has come increasingly to resemble a conventional war. There are now several parts of the world where regular armies are battling jihadi groups for control of territory. American and European air-forces are bombing Isis. The Nigerian army, aided by troops from Chad and Niger, is fighting Boko Haram albeit not very effectively. The French army deployed in Mali to beat back a jihadi threat. The Pakistanis, goaded by the attacks on Peshawar, have renewed military action against the Taliban.“全球反恐战争”曾在一阵奚落中被击落在地。怀疑论者讥笑称,乔#8226;W#8226;布什(George W Bush)的全球反恐战争并非全球性的,甚至连一场战争都不是,因为恐怖主义是一种战术,而非敌人009年巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)就任美国总统后,悄悄地放弃了这种提法。全球反恐战争或许只是一个蹩脚的提法和一个模糊的构想,但不幸的是,语言上的吹毛求疵并没有消除潜在的问题。不管你给它贴什么样的标签,世界正面临着圣战暴力的问题,而且正在日趋恶化。在过去5年里,激进伊斯兰主义带来的威胁在两个具体方面已经恶化。首先,圣战组织的活动范围已扩大到世界更多地区。其次,袭击的频率和死亡人数都在增加26日,巴基斯坦白沙瓦市的一所学校148人(大部分是儿童)遭到屠杀,这是自2007年以来巴基斯坦发生的最残暴的恐怖事件。随后是在本月,多达2000人在尼日利亚被恐怖组织科圣Boko Haram)杀害,另有17人在巴黎发生的两次独立的袭击中遇难。发生在三个不同大洲的三次残暴的袭击给人们留下的印象是,伊斯兰主义恐怖袭击的频率正在上升。这样的印象得到了数据实。兰德公Rand Corporation)近期的一项研究发现,2013年有49个伊斯兰教沙Salafist)圣战组织在世界各地活动,007年时只有28个。这些组织发动的记录在案的袭击从6年前00起增加到2013年的950起。兰德的报告发布之后,尼日利亚的暴力事件又呈现大幅激增。美国国务院近期的一份报告估计,2013年有1.8万人死于恐怖主义袭击,但同时指出,被杀害美国人的数量非常低,而且下降。西方国家被恐怖主义杀害的人数下降,使得这一问题在美国和欧洲只受到零星关注。但在世界其他地方,圣战武装分子能够自由行动和训练的无法律地带的数量已经增多0年前,西方反恐努力关注的主要地区是阿富汗以及巴基斯坦边境地区(索马里是另一大担忧对象)。但如今,自封的“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)控制了叙利亚和伊拉克的大片地区,包括伊拉克第二大城市苏尔。在非洲,科圣地——或许是受到Isis成功的启发——也占领了土地,目前控制着尼日利亚北部、面积相当于比利时大小的部分地区,同时对喀麦隆等邻国造成了威胁。利比亚大部分地区已陷入混乱的无政府状态,圣战主义在也门的气焰也很嚣张。显而易见的是,为什么这一问题正在恶化,而我们又需要做什么。在唯我论的美国政治世界里,政客们很自然地认为问题某种程度上产生于华盛顿。民主党批评布什总统入侵伊拉克的决定。而共和党称奥巴马总统过于草率地从伊拉克撤军。实际上,西方军事干预的影响在近期历史上带来的教训是双面的。Isis的崛起有时被归咎于美国没有更早对叙利亚进行干预。另一方面,西方对利比亚的军事干预却使该国陷入无政府状态,为圣战组织的兴起创造了空间。事实上,从根本上说,这并非美国对外政策以及西方的种种罪恶造成的问题。最近几年,联合国安理会(UN Security Council)每一个常任理事国都遭遇过恐怖袭击0011日,美国遭受袭击005年,英国经历了伦敦.7”爆炸案,造成通勤人员死亡。俄罗斯对车臣的圣战分子发动了长期而残酷的斗争。中国的天安门广场遭受过一次爆炸袭击,全国各地时有暴恐事件发生。如今,法国也遭到了袭击。印度同样也处于恐怖袭击的前线。与所有遭受伊斯兰主义恐怖袭击的国家联合起来,这对西方国家来说看上去很诱人,但在政治上也有困难,因为这样就会暗含接受俄罗斯对车臣、以色列对加沙以及中国对新疆的种种说辞或态度。近期暴力事件激增的原因包括,一些国家在阿拉伯世界革命之后变得更加脆弱,以及社交媒体的放大效应,使圣战信息能够快速传播并覆盖更大范围的受众。随着伊斯兰主义武装分子的发展壮大,与他们的冲突已经越来越像一场常规战争。目前,在世界的几个地区,正规军正在为争夺领土控制权与圣战组织交战。美国与欧洲的空军在对Isis进行空袭。在乍得和尼日尔军队的帮助下,尼日利亚军方正在打击科圣地——尽管不是非常有效。法军在马里展开部署以击退圣战组织的进攻。白沙瓦的袭击事件促使巴基斯坦人重新开始对塔利Taliban)进行军事打击。长远来看,解决圣战暴力问题更是一场理念之争而非军队间的斗争。但与此同时,打击伊斯兰主义暴恐运动的军事行动正在非洲、亚洲和中东展开。最终结果可能还是要进行一场“反恐战争”

Is fat really an electoral issue?肥胖真的影响竞选吗?Even before Bridgegate and questions around his conservative credentials began to erode Chris Christie’s poll numbers, his weight was a point of contention in discussions about whether the New Jersey governor would make a credible presidential nominee.甚至在桥门事Bridgegate)之前,在针对克里斯·克里斯Chris Christie)保守政绩的质疑开始影响他的持人数之前,这位新泽西州长的体重已经是他能否成为总统候选人的讨论焦点。Back in 2012, Barbara Walters asked Mr. Christie whether “you couldn’t be president because you’re too heavy?And in a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released in February, 53 percent of New Jersey voters found that he did not have the “right lookto be president despite the fact that he had lost significant amounts of weight after lap-band surgery in 2013.2012年,芭芭拉·沃尔特Barbara Walters)问克里斯蒂“你是否会因为太胖而无法成为总统”。今月发布的拉特格斯-伊格尔顿民意调查(Rutgers-Eagleton Poll)发现3%的新泽西投票人认为,克里斯蒂没有总统的“样子”——尽管他013年接受胃束带手术后,体重已经下降了很多。But while that in turn gave way to all sorts of editorializing about whether the ed States was a fattist country, and so on, it turns out that the weight thing, when it comes to political campaigns, is not in fact solely an American question.由此出现了各种社论,讨论美国究竟是不是世界上最胖的国家。不过,事实明,在政治竞选中,体重不只是美国独有的问题。It has popped up in Britain, too. And as its electoral cycle kicked off last week, when Prime Minister David Cameron officially asked the Queen to dissolve Parliament, it was front and center, thanks to an interview Mr. Cameron gave to The Times of London, in which it was revealed that he had lost 13 pounds in three months by renouncing peanuts and cookies and cutting down on carbs.这个问题也出现在英国。上周,英国首相戴维·卡梅David Cameron)正式提请女王解散议会,启动大选。体重问题成为当时的一个焦点。卡梅伦在接受伦敦《泰晤士报The Times)采访时称,通过不吃花生和饼干、减少碳水化合物的摄入,他在三个月里减了13磅。This came after an earlier pledge to lose weight made in January on B Radio Sussex, in which the prime minister called his efforts to slim down “a great patriotic struggle.”今月,首相卡梅伦在B萨塞克斯电台节目中发誓减肥,说自己的减肥是“伟大的爱国行动”。And it was followed by praise for Chancellor George Osborne’s previous and significant weight loss, achieved by going on the 5:2 diet (the one made popular by the Jennifers Aniston and Lopez in which you eat what you want for five days, and then effectively fast for two).之前,财政大臣乔治·奥斯本(George Osborne)通过5:2减肥法(随心所欲吃五天,然后有效禁食两天,这种方法因被詹妮弗·安妮斯顿[Jennifer Aniston]和詹妮弗·洛佩兹[Jennifer Lopez]采纳而广为流行)明显减轻体重,获得人们的赞扬。As the race to become the next prime minister begins two years of Western electoral cycles, with Canada expected to go to the polls later this year, America about to descend into a 16-month race that began last month with the Ted Cruz declaration, and France gearing up for its 2017 election, the weight card is shaping up pun intended into something of a modern strategic tool. At least (and this is particularly interesting) among the men.英国首相选举拉开了西方国家两年大选期的序幕:加拿大有望在今年晚些时候开始投票;上个月,特德·克鲁Ted Cruz)宣布参加美国总统选举,标志着为期16个月的美国大选开始;法国正在017年大选做准备。“体重牌”正成为一种现代战略手段。至少在男竞选人当中是这样(这一点特别有趣)。In 2012, part of Fran#231;ois Hollande’s pre-election makeover involved a public promise to diet (one of his less flattering nicknames was “Flanby and a subsequent 15-kilogram (33-pound) weight loss. In 2006, Mike Huckabee, a potential candidate from Arkansas, actually published a diet book, “Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork.Jeb Bush has revealed he follows the Paleo diet. Such history would suggest that where Mr. Cameron has gone this time around, all three may soon follow. (Mr. Huckabee, who has gained a fair amount of girth in the last few years, certainly has opportunity here.)2012年,弗朗索瓦·奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)的预选策略包括公开承诺减肥(他的一个不太好听的绰号是“Flanby牌焦糖布丁”),后来他减了15公斤006年,阿肯色州潜在总统候选人迈克·赫卡Mike Huckabee)出版了一本减肥书——《不要再用刀叉自掘坟墓了Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork)。杰布·布什(Jeb Bush)曾透露他采用旧石器时代饮食Paleo diet)。这样的历史表明,既然卡梅伦能实现诺言,这三个人可能很快也会减肥成功(在过去几年里,赫卡比的腰围已经减了不少,他肯定能成功)。Fitness, for obvious reasons, has always been part of the leadership arsenal, with the workout photo op seeming almost de rigueur, be it jogging (Bill Clinton, Mr. Cameron); golf or basketball (Barack Obama); or hunting (Vladimir Putin). But the public discussion of executive waistline issues is a relatively new development. And presumably a calculated one.显然,健身始终是展示领导能力的武器,发布锻炼照片几乎是常规做法,不管是跑步(比尔·克林顿[Bill Clinton]、卡梅伦);打高尔夫球或打篮球(巴拉克·奥巴马[Barack Obama]);还是打猎(弗拉基米尔·普京[Vladimir Putin])。不过,公众对国家领袖腰围的讨论是相对较新的发展——很可能是一个蓄意策划的发展。Party leaders need to use every tool at their disposal, including personal weight battles. At least judging by how it is working in Britain.政党领袖需要利用自己能够配的所有手段,包括个人减肥。至少,目前看来,这种手段在英国有用。After all, one of the biggest complaints about Mr. Cameron is that he is part of the old-boy network: a former member of Oxford University’s exclusive Bullingdon Club and hence too removed from the experience of average Britons to be able to understand their concerns. Admitting to a shared human weakness (and on the human weakness scale, a yen for fatty food is relatively harmless) serves to render him accessible. He can relate. Your problems are his problems.毕竟,民众对卡梅伦最大的一项不满在于,他是老伙伴关系网中的一员:他曾参加牛津大学极度排外的布灵顿俱乐Bullingdon Club),因此与普通英国人的生活离得太远,无法理解他们关注的东西。承认自己有一个人类共同的弱点(在人类弱点的天平上,喜欢吃油腻食物相对无害)能让他显得更可亲近。他跟你有关系。你的问题也是他的问题。Paired with Mr. Cameron’s admission in Woman amp; Home magazine that his wife, Samantha, buys his clothes for him, the diet discussion casts the Tory leader pretty neatly as a regular Joe.卡梅伦接受《妇女与家庭Woman amp; Home)杂志采访时承认,他的衣都是妻子萨曼Samantha)买的。再加上关于减肥的讨论,让这位托利党领袖看起来很像普通人。A regular Joe who has (this is key) won the battle. Stuck to his plan. Did what he said he would do. Exercised discipline. And otherwise exemplified qualities that are generally considered desirable in a leader. Especially one engaged in justifying an austerity drive.一个能战胜自己(这是关键)的普通人、坚持计划、实践承诺、严于律己。这些优秀品质通常是人们希望在领导人身上看到的,尤其是对一个推行紧缩政策的领导人来说。Indeed, it is probably not a coincidence that the political weight stories are all success stories.具有政治用意的减肥故事都以成功告终——这很可能不是巧合。Just as it is probably not a coincidence that the one thing that is never mentioned regarding a female candidate, be it Hillary Clinton or Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party or Marine Le Pen, is her weight. Clothes and hair are fair game, it seems, but weight is the off-limits topic.人们从来不提女候选人的体重——不管是希拉釷克林顿(Hillary Clinton)、苏格兰民族Scottish National Party)的妮古拉·斯特Nicola Sturgeon),还是玛丽娜·勒庞(Marine Le Pen)——这很可能也不是巧合。谈论她们的装和发型似乎还算公平,但体重是禁忌话题。Indeed, when the Christie-poundage brouhaha began, there was some Twitter noise about the discrepancy (“Just wondering why the press always makes an issue of Chris Christie’s weight but never mentions Hillary’s ampleness?shannon allen @usacsmret), but it never found any real traction. Weight is so bound up in classic questions of gender discrimination, identity and eating disorders that no one dares go there. (Except, maybe, Susie Orbach.)的确,当关于克里斯蒂体重的争吵开始时,有些人在Twitter上质疑这种差别待遇(“只是不明白为什么媒体总是讨论克里斯·克里斯蒂的体重,却从不提希拉里的丰满?”shannon allen@usacsmret),不过,这样的质疑从来没有引起很大反响。体重问题太容易触发性别歧视、身份和饮食紊乱等老生常谈,所以没人敢碰(当然,也许除了苏茜·奥巴赫[Susie Orbach])。Unless the subject is a man.除非谈论对象是男人。We go on and on about how unfair it is to women in positions of authority that their fashion statements are endlessly discussed and dissected, as opposed to their vocal statements (though I would say the two are related).权势女人的装风格总是被没完没了地讨论和剖析,而她们的主张却没有引起那么多关注(虽然我认为这两者是相关的)——我们经常抱怨这样的不公平。Yet here is a case of appearance-centric talk that is men-only. And it is a discussion that has been started largely by the candidates themselves, to their own ends. Which is why I would guess it is going to continue.围绕外貌的讨论仅限于对男士。这些讨论大多是候选人自己发起的,是为了实现他们自己的利益。所以我觉得这种情况还会继续。At least if Mr. Cameron comes out on top on May 7. After all, Jim Messina, one of the masterminds of President Obama’s 2012 re-election, is working with the Cameron team. He’s going to be looking for another candidate to coach soon enough. This may give him something to chew on.至少如果5日卡梅伦获胜的话,情况还会是如此。毕竟,目前卡梅伦团队中有吉姆·梅西纳(Jim Messina),他曾是巴拉克·奥巴马2012年第二次竞选总统时的主要策划者之一。如果卡梅伦获胜,他很快将再找一位候选人进行指导。这是他大做文章的一件事。来 /201504/371233

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