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School President (Stuart Little) 【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Are you quite certain you’re prepared to handle his uniqueness?2. Mr. And Mrs. Little, we try to discourage couples from adopting children outside their own species.3. It rarely works out. /200605/7317But it was here that I tried to find my place in this world I knew I wanted to make a difference. 但正是在这里我试图寻找我在这个世界上的立足之地我知道我想有所作为But it was vague how in fact Id go about it But I wanted to do my part to do my part to shape a better world So even as I worked after graduation. 但却不清楚如何去做可我想尽自己的力量去建设一个更美好的世界因此 即使当我毕业后在纽约从事几份In a few unfulfilling jobs here in New York I will not list them all even as I went from motley apartment. 没有成就感的工作的时候我不会一 一列举即使在我搬出一间杂乱的公寓To motley apartment I reached out I started to write letters to community organizations. 又搬到另一间同样杂乱的公寓的时候我也在努力求索我开始给全国各地的All across the country And one day a small group of churches on the South Side of Chicago answered. 社区组织写信有一天芝加哥南区的一个小型教会组织回了信Offering me work with people in neighborhoods hit hard by steel mills that were shutting down and communities where jobs were dying away. 给了我一份为当地居民务的工作他们那里的钢厂停业使他们受到沉重打击那里的就业机会也一天天消失The community had been plagued by gang violence so once I arrived one of the first things we tried to do was to. 当地社区一直被帮派暴力所扰所以我一到那里我们争取做的第一件事情就是Mobilize a meeting with community leaders to deal with gangs And Id worked for weeks on this project We invited the police; we made phone calls. 与社区领袖开会商量应对帮派的对策我为这项工作忙了好几个星期我们邀请了警察 我们打了电话We went to churches; we passed out flyers The night of the meeting we arranged rows and rows of chairs in anticipation of this crowd. 我们去了教堂 我们散发了传单要开会的那天晚上 我们排好了一排排椅子以为会有一大群人到会And we waited, and we waited And finally, a group of older folks walked in to the hall and they sat down. 我们等啊等最后 一群老人走进大厅然后坐下来201610/467401Hi, everybody. On the first day of my administration, I promised to restore science to its rightful place. I told you we would unleash American innovation and technology to tackle the health challenges of our time. Over the last eight years, weve delivered on that promise in many ways, both big and small – including, of course, providing health coverage to 20 million more Americans, and making health care more affordable for all Americans. Right now, we have the chance to put our best minds to work one more time – and in a big way. Theres a bill in Congress that could help unlock cures Alzheimers, end cancer as we know it, and help people seeking treatment for opioid addiction finally get the help they need. Its called the 21st Century Cures Act. Its an opportunity to save lives, and an opportunity we just cant miss. This bill would do a lot of good things at once. Let me tell you about five of them: First, it will make real investments this year to combat the heroin and prescription drug epidemic thats plaguing so many of our communities. Drug overdoses now take more lives every year than traffic accidents, and deaths from opioid overdoses have nearly quadrupled since 1999. Under Obamacare, health plans in the marketplace have to include coverage for treatment, but theres more we need to do. For nearly a year, Ive been calling for this investment so hundreds of thousands of Americans can get the treatment they need, and Im glad Congress is finally getting it done. The second thing the Cures Act does is make a significant investment in Joe Bidens Cancer Moonshot. In my State of the Union Address this year, I set a goal of making America the country that ends cancer once and for all – and I put the Vice President in charge of Mission Control. This bill will allow us to invest in promising new therapies, in new ways to detect and prevent cancer, and to develop more vaccines for cancer just as we have them for measles or mumps. Joes done an incredible job – this bill is a chance for Congress to do its part, too. Third, well be giving researchers the resources they need to help identify ways to treat, cure, and prevent all kinds of brain disorders. Alzheimers. Epilepsy. Traumatic Brain Injury. And it also supports the Precision Medicine Initiative, an effort we started to bring doctors and data together to develop treatments and health care that one day can be tailored specifically for you. That can lead to some big breakthroughs. Fourth, the Cures Act includes bipartisan mental health reforms, including important programs for suicide prevention. And fifth, were making sure the FDA incorporates patients voices – your voices – into the decisions they make as they develop drugs. So, thats what the 21st Century Cures Act is all about. Like all good legislation, it reflects compromise. This week, the House passed it overwhelmingly, and in bipartisan fashion. The Senate will vote in the next few days, and I hope theyll do the same. Ill sign it as soon as it reaches my desk, because like a lot of you, Ive lost people that I love deeply to cancer. I hear every day from Americans whose loved ones are suffering from addiction and other debilitating diseases. And I believe we should seize every chance we have to find cures as soon as possible. When its your family, hope cant come soon enough. Thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend.201612/483640

英语日常口语 18:Emergency本单元是关于紧急情况的对话Alice: Oh it's so quiet tonight! You could hear a pin drop. Gives me a chance to catch up on my ing. Man: Quick, quick! Get a doctor!Alice: She's just gone for a break. What's the matter?Man: I don't know. It's my son. He's stopped breathing. Alice: Oh no! Wait a minute, I'll just phone for the doctor. Man: There's no time. You have to give him mouth to mouth.Alice: But I haven't done it before! Man: You haven't done it before?Alice: No, not for real. Wait while I find the phone.Man: No! No, you must do it now!Vocabulary: You can hear a pin drop (idiom): It is very quiet To catch up on something: To do something which you have not had time to do recentlyMouth-to-mouth: A shortened version of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation -trying to help someone when s/he has stopped breathing by breathing into her/his mouth本单元的语言点是现在完成时态,现在完成时是动作发生在过去,强调对对现在的影响,请看下面的解释和范例The present perfectThe UseWe use the present perfect to talk about something that happened before now but we don't say exactly when it happened. Alice says, 'She has gone for a break'. The doctor isn't in the room now because she left the room for her break some time before now. The father says, 'He's stopped breathing'. The patient isn't breathing now because he stopped breathing at some unknown time in the past. If we refer to the time when the doctor left the room or when the patient stopped breathing, then we use the past simple. She went for her break at midnight.He stopped breathing 1 minute ago.The present perfect has two parts -the main verb and the auxiliary verb.The form - the main verbHe has stopped breathing.She has gone for her break. In these examples, the main verbs are 'to stop' and 'to go'. We use the past participle of the main verb. Some verbs are regular - you add 'ed' to the infinitive without 'to', while others are irregular. You have to learn the past participle e.g. to go -gone to take -taken to find -foundto see -seen to give -given to buy – boughtThe form – the auxiliary verbThe auxiliary verb is 'to have'. When we make the present perfect we use the present simple form of 'to have': I/you/we/they have ...he/she/it has...The form is often shortened to: I've, she's, we've, etc. She has gone for a break.She's gone for a break. We use the auxiliary to make negatives, questions and short answers. I haven't done it before.Has she done it before?Yes, she has.No, she hasn't.Adverbs of timeThere are some adverbs of time that are commonly used with the present perfect.Just -This means it happened recently, not a long time ago She's just gone for a break. Never -This means it has not happened, not even once.I've never given mouth to mouth. Aly -This emphasises that something has happened before nowI have aly called the doctor. She is coming. The adverb goes between the auxiliary verb and the main verb. /200707/159102_10 I’m so lucky! I’m so lucky! 我真幸运! I’m really blessed! W 我真幸福! I’m the luckiest person in the world.我是全世界最幸运的人. Everything is perfect. 一切都很完美. Everything is going my why. 每件事都很顺利. You are the reason why! 就是因为你的缘故! Thanks a bunch. 非常感谢. I owe you a lot. 我非常感谢你. I’m a lucky dog. 我真幸运. /200706/14107

5_10 I’m sorry. I’m sorry. 我很抱歉. I apologize. 我道歉. It’s my fault. 是我的错. I was wrong. 我当时错了. You are right. 你是对的. Please forgive me. 请原谅我. I didn’t mean it. 我不是有意的. It wasn’t on purpose. 那不是故意的. It won’t happen again. 这种事不会再发生了. /200706/1416819. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1994 Received the Nobel Peace Prize in the Speech19. 以色列总理拉宾1994年在接受诺贝尔和平奖时的演讲Since I dont believe that there was any precedent that one person got the Nobel Prize twice, 我想从来没有任何人曾两度获得诺贝尔奖,allow me on this opportunity to attach to this prestigious award, a personal touch.因此请允许我利用这个机会再花些时间就这一奖项谈谈自己的感触。At an age when most youngsters are struggling to unravel the secrets of mathematics and the mysteries of the Bible; 当处在对大多数年轻人来说应该在努力揭开数学的秘密和圣经的奥秘的年龄时;at an age when first love blooms; at the tender age of sixteen, I was handed a rifle so that I could defend myself.当处在爱情的花朵初次绽放的年龄时;当处在而又在不谙世事的十六岁时,却有人递给我一步以防身。That was not my dream.那本不是我的梦想。I wanted to be a water enginêer.我曾梦想当一位水利工程师。I studied in an agricultural school and I thought being a water engineer was an important profession in the parched Middle East.我曾在一所农业学校学习,当时认为在干旱的中东,水利工程师会是一个重要的职业。I still think so today.今天我依然坚持这个想法。However, I was compelled to resort to the gun.然而,我却被迫与打交道。I served in the military for decades.我在军队役了几十年。Under my responsibility, young men and women who wanted to live, wanted to love, went to their deaths instead.在我役期间,渴望生命、渴望爱情的年轻男女却走上了黄泉之路。They fell in the defense of our lives.他们是我捍卫我们的生命安全而倒下的。Ladies and Gentlemen,女士们,先生们,In my current position, I have ample opportunity to fly over the State of Israel, and lately over other parts of the Middle East as well.以我目前的地位,我完全有机会乘飞机飞越以色列,然后飞越中东的其他地区。The view from the plane is breathtaking; deep-blue seas and lakes, dark-green fields, dune-colored deserts, 从飞机上看到的景色是摄人心魄的:深蓝色的海洋和湖泊,深绿色的田野,五颜六色的沙丘构成的沙漠,stone-gray mountains, and the entire countryside peppered with white-washed, red-roofed houses.石灰色的山脉,以及由白墙和红顶的房子点缀的整乡村。And also cemeteries. Graves as far as the eye can see.还有墓地,那一眼望不到边的一个个坟墓。Hundreds of cemeteries in our part of the world, in the Middle East—in our home in Israel, but also in Egypt, in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon.在我们居住的世界上的中东地区,在以色列我们的家园,而且还有埃及,叙利亚,约旦,黎巴嫩,放眼望去都是数以百计的基地。From the planes window, from the thousands of feet above them, the countless tombstones are silent.从几千英尺高的飞机的窗口往下望,无数的墓碑沉默不语,But the sound of their outcry has carried from the Middle East throughout the world for decades.但是几十年来,他们的疾呼声不曾间断地从中东传向世界各地。201612/482680How do we build a society without fossil fuels?如果不用石油,我们如何让一个社会运转起来?This is a very complex challenge,这是个十分严峻的挑战,and I believe developing countries could take the lead in this transition.我相信发展中国家可以为这个改变起带头作用。And Im aware that this is a contentious statement,我很清楚这是一个很有争议性的说法,but the reality is that so much is at stake in our countries但事实是,如果我们国家的发展始终围绕着石油,if we let fossil fuels stay at the center of our development. We can do it differently.国家就会承担巨大的风险。我们能换一种发展方案。And its time, it really is time,而且是时候,真的是时候了,to debunk the myth that a country has to choose between development on the one hand去揭穿这个所谓一个国家必须在一边是经济发展,and environmental protection, renewables, quality of life, on the other.另一边是环境保护,可再生资源,以及生活质量中二选一的谬误。I come from Costa Rica, a developing country.我来自哥斯达黎加一个发展中国家。We are nearly five million people, and we live right in the middle of the Americas,我们有将近五百万的人口,身处在美洲的中心,so its very easy to remember where we live.所以记住哥斯达黎加的位置十分的简单。Nearly 100 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources, five of them.我们所用的电力资源几乎百分之百来自于可再生资源,一共有五种。201701/489524

I learned about the Haiti earthquake by Skype.我是从Skype上知道海地地震的。My wife sent me a message, ;Whoa, earthquake,; and then disappeared for 25 minutes.我妻子给我发了个消息,“哇,地震了,”然后就消失了25分钟。It was 25 minutes of absolute terror that thousands of people across the U.S. felt.这是绝对恐怖的25分钟,数以千计的美国人都感觉到了。I was afraid of a tsunami;我曾担心是海啸。what I didnt realize was there was a greater terror in Haiti, and that was building collapse.我没意识到的是,更可怕的事在海地发生了,那就是建筑坍塌。Weve all seen the photos of the collapsed buildings in Haiti.我们都看到过海地建筑坍塌的照片。These are shots my wife took a couple days after the quake,这些是我妻子在地震后几天拍摄的,while I was making my way through the D.R. into the country.当时我正从D.R.赶往海地。This is the national palace -- the equivalent of the White House.这是国家宫殿,相当于白宫。This is the largest supermarket in the Caribbean at peak shopping time.这是加勒比最大的超市购物高峰时的场面。This is a nurses college -- there are 300 nurses studying.这是一所护士学校,有三百名护士在此学习。The general hospital right next door emerged largely unscathed.学校旁边的综合医院基本安然无恙。This is the Ministry of Economics and Finance.这是经济与金融部。We have all heard about the tremendous human loss in the earthquake in Haiti,我们都听说了海地地震所造成的巨大的人员伤亡,but we havent heard enough about why all those lives were lost.但我们并不十分了解造成所有这些生命逝去的原因。We havent heard about why the buildings failed.我们不了解为什么这些建筑会坍塌。After all, it was the buildings, not the earthquake, that killed 220,000 people,毕竟,是这些建筑,而不是地震,导致220,000人死亡、that injured 330,000, that displaced 1.3 million people,330,000人受伤、130万人无家可归、that cut off food and water and supplies for an entire nation.整个国家都缺乏食物、水和补给品。This is the largest metropolitan-area disaster in decades,这是几十年来大城市地区最大的灾难。and it was not a natural disaster -- it was a disaster of engineering.但它不是自然灾难。它是场工程灾难。AIDG has worked in Haiti since 2007,AIDG从2007年起开始在海地工作,providing engineering and business support to small businesses.为小型企业提供工程和商业持。And after the quake, we started bringing in earthquake engineers在地震后,我们带领地震工程师进入震区,to figure out why the buildings collapsed, to examine what was safe and what wasnt.以弄清楚什么导致了建筑坍塌,并检查那些没有坍塌的建筑是否安全。Working with MINUSTAH, which is the U.N. mission in Haiti,我们与MINUSTAH一起工作,他们是联合国驻海地机构,with the Ministry of Public Works, with different NGOs, we inspected over 1,500 buildings.与公共工程部一起工作,还有其他的一些NGO组织,我们检查了超过1500栋建筑。We inspected schools and private residencies.我们检查过的有学校和私人住所。We inspected medical centers and food warehouses.我们还检查了医疗中心和食品仓库。We inspected government buildings.我也检查了政府的建筑。201605/444670And folks, you can buy a copy of Bill Clintons ;My Life; from the bookstore here at TED.朋友们,你可以买一本比尔克林顿的《我的人生》,就在这里的TED书店里。Parse it cover to cover for whatever hidden references you want.你可以从头到尾地找你想找的暗示,Or you can go to the Random House website where there is this excerpt.你也可以去兰登书屋网站找到这段节选,And how far down into it you figure well have to scroll to get to the golden ticket?你猜猜我们得翻多久才能找到“金色入场券”?Would you believe about a dozen paragraphs?你相信吗?大概就翻十几段:This is page 474 on your paperbacks if youre following along:在平装版的474页,往下找:;Though it was getting better, I still wasnt satisfied with the inaugural address.“虽然就职演说稿已经改得蛮好了,我还不是很满意。My speechwriters must have been tearing their hair out我的撰稿人一定在抓头发了because as we worked between one and four in the morning on Inauguration Day, I was still changing it.;因为我们从早上一点到凌晨四点一直在改,就在就职的当天我还在改。”Sure you were, because youve prepared your entire life for this historic quadrennial event that just sort of sneaks up on you.当然了,你一生都在准备被迫接受这个降临到你头上的四年一度的历史性时刻。And then -- three paragraphs later we get this little beauty:然而,三段以后我们发现了这个微妙之处:;We went back to Blair House to look at the speech for the last time. It had gotten a lot better since 4 a.m.;“我们回到布莱尔宫最后看一遍讲稿。凌晨4点以后,讲稿修改得好多了。”Well, how could it have?噢,怎么可能呢?By his own writing, this man was either asleep,这可是他自己写的,要么他在打瞌睡,at a prayer meeting with Al and Tipper or learning how to launch a nuclear missile out of a suitcase.或者和Al和Tipper在祈祷,或者在学怎样用手提箱启动核武器201701/4870469. Mandela 1994 Inaugural Address9. 曼德拉1994年就职演说We are both humbled and elevated by the honour and privilege that you, the people of South Africa, have bestowed on us, 对于南非的人民能授予我们这个荣耀和特权我感到非常荣耀与喜悦,as the first President of a united, democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa, to lead our country out of the valley of darkness.让我能够成为这个统一的,民主的,没有种族歧视,没有性别歧视的南非的第一任总统,并且领导我们的国家走出黑暗的低谷。The time for the healing of the wounds has come.治愈创伤的时候已经来临。The moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come.西安、消除分隔我们的鸿沟的时刻已经来临。The time to build is upon us.创建的时机就在眼前。We have, at last, achieved our political emancipation.我们终于取得了政治解放。We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, 我们承诺,会将依然陷于贫穷、剥削、苦难、suffering, gender and other discrimination.受着性别及其他歧视的国人解放出来。We succeeded to take our last steps to freedom in conditions of relative peace.我们已经成功地在相对和平的情况下实现了自由。We commit ourselves to the construction of a complete, just and lasting peace.我们承诺要构建一个完整、公正、持久的和平环境。We have triumphed in the effort to implant hope in the breasts of the millions of our people.我们已成功地让我们千千万万的国人的心中燃起希望。We enter into a covenant that we shall build the society in which all South Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall, 我们立下誓约,要建立一个让所有南非人,不论是黑人还是白人,都可以昂首阔步的社会。Without any fear in their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity——a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.他们心中不再有恐惧,他们可以肯定自己拥有不可剥夺的人类尊严——这是一个在国内及与其他各国之间都保持和平的美好国度。As a token of its commitment to the renewal of our country, the new Interim Government of National y will, 作为我国致力更新的明,新的全国统一过渡政府的当务之急as a matter of urgency, address the issue of amnesty for various categories of our people who are currently serving terms of imprisonment.是处理目前在狱中刑囚犯的特赦问题。We dedicate this day to all the heroes and heroines in this country and the rest of the world 我们将今天献给为我们的自由而献出生命who sacrificed in many ways and surrendered their lives so that we could be free .和做出牺牲的我国以至世界其他地方的英雄们。Their dreams have become reality.他们的理想现已成真,Freedom is their reward.自由就是他们的报酬。201612/482672

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