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What is the secret to relaxing during stressful times?压力时刻放松的秘诀是什么呢?The way to de-stress when you#39;re panicky or you stack one activity on top of another activity, another activity, another activity, is to say to yourself, “Ok. Stop it! Stop it!” Then, talk to yourself in a more proactive, slow way. Like,;hmmm.; Make that sound to decompress, because many people talk to themselves in a way that makes them stressful. That#39;s the internal dialogue that you have in your head; the internal little voice that keeps on giving you all kinds of commands that you have to do stuff, which is not entirely true. You can just ‘be#39; for a moment. Once you create that stop, then you can listen to yourself in a different way. You relax your voice. You speak slower, and therefore you disrupt the panicky thought patterns that you have in your head.当你非常恐慌的时候,或者事务缠身的时候,释放压力最好的办法就是对自己说:“停下来!停下来!”然后,以更加积极主动,更加缓慢的方式对自己说话。你的声音一定要能够减轻压力,许多人对自己说话时都让自己感觉到非常有压力。这是你脑海中的内部对话,这个内部的细小的声音给你发出各种各样的指令,让你完成各种各样的任务,而这些并不是完全必要的。你可以暂时停下来一会儿。一旦冷静下来,你就可以以不同的方式倾听自己内心的声音。你放松了自己的声音,更缓慢地说话,因此你打断了脑海中慌乱的思维模式。Thanks for watching How To Discover The Secret To Relaxing During Stressful Times.感谢收看“压力时刻怎样放松自己”视频节目。 Article/201211/207428。

演讲简介:“如果我有一个女儿,而不是妈妈,她会叫我B点(Point B)...”这是口语诗人萨拉·凯的演讲开头,这一谈话赢得了TED2011大会上两次起立喝。 Article/201211/208809。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today`s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Westgard`s global studies classes at Dilworth-Glyndon- Felton Middle School in Dilworth, Minnesota.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了Westgard女士的环球学习课堂。What was the first U.S. state to ban texting while driving? If you think you know it, then shout it out! Was it California, Delaware, New York or Washington? You`ve got three seconds, go!美国的哪个州第一个禁止在开车时发短信?如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出它!它是加利福尼亚州,特拉华州,纽约州还是华盛顿州?你有三秒钟的时间。开始!Washington passed the country`s first law against texting while driving. It went into effect in 2008. That`s your answer, and that`s your ;Shoutout!;华盛顿州通过了该国的第一条禁止在开车时发信息的法律。它在2008年生效。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: In the year since that ban went into effect in Washington, dozens of other states have passed similar laws.自从这条禁令在华盛顿生效以来,十几个其他的州也通过了类似的法律。The Department of Transportation is making a big push to cut down on texting while driving, and some companies were getting involved by asking young drivers to sign a promise that they won`t text behind the wheel.交通部大力推行减少在开车的时候发短信,一些公司也被要求让年轻的司机签下承诺,即他们不会在驾驶时发短信。 /201209/201180。

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Has it been ages since you were able to take a nap, a book, or simply catch your breath? Finding “me” time isn’t easy, but it can be done.You Will NeedSome backbone A day planner Self-discipline Some time to organize yourself Step 1: Learn to say No(学会说“NO”)Let’s face it: We all have friends we’ve outgrown and favors we do for lack of backbone. Learn when to put your needs before others.Step 2: Make appointments with yourself(履行自己的承诺)When you’re planning your week or month, block chunks of free time for yourself, then honor them as you would a business meeting or a date with a loved one.Step 3: Get organized(合理安排)Get yourself organized both at home (clean your closets, take care of mail as it comes) and at work (clean off your desk, create a filing system) so you don’t waste time looking for things.Studies show we wear 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of the time, so getting rid of the excess will make selecting an outfit much faster.Step 4: Start delegating(依靠他人)See what tasks you can slough off on others – junior employees at work, your spouse, kids if you have them. If you can afford a housekeeper a few times a month, do it.Step 5: Buy in bulk(减少购物次数)Cut down on trips to the store by buying as much as you can in bulk. Invest in a second fridge or a stand-alone freezer if you have the room.When you do shop, go at off-peak times, like the early morning, after the lunch hour rush, and shortly before the store closes, and group your errands by location.Step 6: Cut down on computer use(缩短上网时间)Checking your email compulsively and surfing the web can eat up enormous amounts of time. Check your work email at a few set times during the day, and leave your home computer off except when you have a specific task to accomplish.Step 7: Streamline errands(做好计划)Put an end to writing and mailing checks by paying all your bills online. If your health plan allows it, get your prescriptions by mail.Step 8: Relax(休息好)Relax and put your feet up – you’ve earned it!American men do 2.7 hours of home-related work per day, versus 4.5 hours for women. Article/201001/94830。

How do I know if I have the skills to be an entrepreneur?我怎样才能知道自己是否具有成为企业家的潜质呢?Well, first thing, there are somethings you just consider yourself. Are you a self-starter? I mean if you know that ;Gee, I have a terrible time getting up in the morning; and ;I just can#39;t make myself do some of these things; then maybe this is not for you. You can be very successful in your way and make a lot of contributions to society, which I think is very important without becoming an entrepreneur. However, becoming an entrepreneur, you#39;ve got to be a self-starter. You have to be the kind of person that keeps at it, because you#39;re going to take a lot of things that go wrong, and you#39;ve got to be able to keep doing these things. So, one thing is, if nothing else: think through this and say, ;Well am I like that? Am I that kind of a person? Can I deal with risk and uncertainty? Can I deal with stress?; (There#39;s definitely going to be a lot of stress involved.) ;Can I deal with all those things?; There are a number of tests out, in fact, there#39;s one in my book called ;The Right Stuff Test;, and you take it yourself. If you can#39;t get my book or can#39;t even find it in the library, then in that case you can go to the internet and search for ;ofnor test;. I did this just to find out how many there actually were, and I came up with 1.8 million different hits, I think. Now, not all these will be the real thing, but a lot of these are tests and a lot them don#39;t cost anything to take. So, take a little test and see how you sound on these things. I would do that first to see whether this is really for you.首先,你需要考虑自己的几个方面。你有积极主动的精神吗?我的意思是,如果你有这种想法:“早上起床对我来说非常困难”,或者“这些事情我做不到”,或许企业家并不适合你。你可以以自己的方式获得成功,为社会做出许多贡献,不需要成为企业家,你也可以做到这些,我认为这非常重要。然而,要成为企业家,你必须非常积极主动。你必须不断努力,因为你必须处理许多错误的事情,必须有能力坚持做许多事情。首先要考虑一下,“我是这样的吗?我是这样的人吗?我能够勇于承担风险和不确定性吗?我能够应对压力吗?”(成为企业家肯定要面临许多压力。)“我能够处理所有事情吗?”关于是否能够成为企业家有许多相关测试,实际上,我的一本书“性格测试”中就有。如果你没有买我的书,图书馆中也没有,你可以上网搜索。我这样做只是为了发现有多少人具备企业家的潜质,我参考了180万份不同的。可能并不一定完全准确,但是其中许多都是测试,而且是免费的。所以,进行一下简单的测试,了解一下自己是否适合。Thanks for watching How To Know If You Have The Skills To Be An Entrepreneur.感谢收看“怎样知道自己是否具备企业家潜质”视频节目。 Article/201211/209025。

Although these forests have experienceda great dealof change,尽管这些森林历尽了沧桑巨变they are still host to some ancient and incredible relationships.但它们依旧是一些远古的令人难以置信的关系的主人Almost 60 centimetres high,差不多六十厘米高this is the immense flower of the Elephant yam.这是滇南魔芋的巨大花冠Locals call it the ;Witch of the Forest;.当地人称之为丛林女巫As the stars rise,the witch begins to cast her spell.夜幕降临繁星满天丛林女巫开始释放她的魔力The forest temperature drops,but the flower starts toheat up.森林中的气温下降了花儿却开始升温了A heat sensitive camera reveals the flower#39;s temperature热成像摄影机显示出了花的温度rising by an incredible ten degrees Celsius.温度令人难以置信的升高了十摄氏度At the same time, a noxious stench of rotting flesh fills the forest air.在这个时候,腐肉有毒的臭气弥散在整个森林As the flower#39;s heat increases,a cloud of odour rises up.随着花朵热量的增加臭气阵阵袭来The foul perfume carries far and wide.难闻的味道四处飘散It doesn#39;t go unnoticed.它并非没有注意到Carrion beetlesarrive onthe scene.腐尸甲虫登场了The beetles comein search ofa feast of warm decaying flesh,甲虫来到这儿寻找一顿温暖的腐肉圣宴but they#39;ve been tricked.但是甲虫上当了 /201208/193845。

Rescue continues for landslide victimsSearch and rescue operations at a landslide in Chongqing in the southwest have entered their 4th day. 27 miners are known to be trapped, and eight of them are injured. So far, 9 bodies have been recovered and 63 people are missing. Heavy rain and fog on Jiwei Mountain in Wulong halted the controlled explosion.Rescuers are focusing on drilling holes through the rubble.Experts believe if they're going in the right direction and all goes well, they can expect to finish an underground tunnel on Tuesday.Rescuers are clearing the pass for heavy machinery and getting y to administer first aid.On Monday afternoon, new pipes and welding machines arrived.He Zonghai, Deputy chief of Chongqing Transportion Bureau, said, "The pipes are mainly for draining of the barrier lake and sending food to the trapped people." Article/200906/73546。