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黑龙江省中医院网上挂号依兰县妇幼保健医院专家预约Did you know that the number zero was discovered by Hindu mathematicians around the sixth century? What? That's crazy! Zero is just a number. It's not something that you have to discover, just there. Well, actually what I mean is … isn't it there? That's… You know what I mean. That was exactly the problem. Sure, people had the idea of a number that stands for nothing, but they were confused by it. For many centuries the notion of number “zero” was disregarded as nonsense. The whole thing actually frighten people. No,kid? No.Why Aristotle himself argued that the idea of zero should be outlawed? because when you try to divide other numbers by zero you don’t get anywhere. Zero times infinity is still zero!【生词注释】actually adv。事实上stand for 代表,象征confuse v.搞乱; 使糊涂 disregard v. 不理会outlaw v. 使……失去法律保护, 宣告非法infinity n. 无限大, 无限你知道“0”这个数字是由印度数学家在6世纪左右发明的吗?什么?那太疯狂了。“0”只是一个数字,那并不是你必须发明的,它就在那儿。是的,事实上我的意思是……它不在那儿吗?那是……我要说的。那正是问题所在,当然,人们脑中有这样一个什么都不表示的数字概念,但是他们被这个概念搞糊涂了。许多世纪以来,零的概念被当作胡闹而没人理会。零的事让人们感到恐惧。不会吧?你在开玩笑?我不是开玩笑。为什么亚里士多德争论零的概念是不受法律的?因为当你用0除以任何数字时,得到的仍然是0。0乘以无限大的数字仍然是0。201111/160512木兰县中医院在线咨询 为期两天的北约峰会于3日拉开帷幕,会场设在法国斯特拉斯堡和德国凯尔。在斯特拉斯堡市中心的北约峰会会场周围,数百抗议者4日凌晨与警方发生冲突。警方用催泪瓦斯驱散抗议人群,并拘留了数十人。 As world leaders discuss the conflict in Afghanistan, demonstrators fought the police. The centre of Strasbourg is a fortress, but it didn't stop property from being smashed and set alight.As you can see, several hundred protesters have gathered here on the outskirts of the City of Strasbourg. The demonstration has turned pretty ugly. These protesters are throwing bottles and rocks to the police. The police are returning fire with teargas and also firing a number of plastic grants.The security operation has caused more than a hundred million pounds. Some of the demonstrations have been peaceful. This group of students blocked the main tram line to the summit to make their points."Maybe it's peaceful here, but we bring war all over the world. So we bring war to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, uh, in African countries, we, uh, so, uh, we bring with peaceful here but the NATO brings war, exports war all over the world."Members of the alliance were kept well away from the pitched battles. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel led a symbolic crossing of the Rhine. They were greeted in France by President Nicolas Sarkozy. Two nations whose histories are in twining conflict, now united through a 60-year-old alliance.04/66983Vegetable oil植物油What’s cooking?发生了什么事?Edible oils are filling fuel tanks as well as bellies食用油填饱了肚子还要灌满油箱Sep 17th 2011 | from the print edition OIL markets are full of uncertainty. Asian demand is booming and doubts abound over the ability of supply to match the world’s appetite. What goes for crude oil also applies to the stuff squeezed out of vegetable matter.石油市场变幻莫测。亚洲国家对石油的需求与日俱增,石油供应能否满足世界需求受到广泛质疑。人们对原油的贪求目光同样落在了植物性物质所压榨出的东西身上。The price of stir-frying and dressing a salad has rarely been higher. Over the past decade the price of vegetable oils has all but quadrupled. Like other commodities, prices hit records in 2008. The subsequent slump is now forgotten: prices are back close to the peaks. Glencore, the world’s biggest commodity trader, may be about to confirm the industry’s allure: rumours are flying that it is mulling an investment in KS Oils, an Indian edible-oil firm.炒菜和酱沙拉的价格一直呈高企态势。过去十年间,植物油的价格几乎翻了两翻。与其它商品一样,它的价格在2008年创造了纪录。随后的价格暴跌现已被人们淡忘:现在价格又反弹至高点附近。全球最大商品交易商(瑞士)嘉能可国际公司将向人们实该行业的吸引力有多强:坊间盛传该公司正在考虑投资印度食用油企业“KS食用油品公司”。Kona Haque of Macquarie, an Australian bank, points to two structural factors behind oil’s sizzle: China and biodiesels. A planet with more mouths to feed and deeper pockets has led to rapid growth in consumption of vegetable oils as well as grains and meat. And although the rapid surge in demand for oils in China and the rest of Asia is slowing there is still plenty of scope for more growth.澳大利亚麦格理科纳·哈克指出炙手可热的石油业背后存在着两大结构性因素:中国和生物柴油。养活全球众多人口和全球巨大财富导致了植物油、粮食及肉类消耗的快速增长。尽管中国及亚洲其它地区迅速飙升的石油需求正在放缓,但石油的需求增长空间仍然较大。In the past few years a new source of demand has emerged for vegetable oils. Biodiesel production has rapidly accelerated and now consumes over a tenth of the global vegetable-oil crop. Depending on the crude-oil price and governments’ enthusiasm for mandating biofuels it could account for as much as a fifth by 2020, according to Peter Thoenes of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.在过去数年间,植物油出现了一种新的用途需求。生物柴油产量快速增长,消耗了全球植物油作物总量的十分之一。联合国粮农组织彼得·梭尼斯表示,受制于原油价格波动及政府热衷于强制使用生物燃油,生物柴油对植物油作物的消耗量到2020年有望达到五分之一。201109/154470哈尔滨市九洲有妇产科吗?

黑龙江哈市第三医院有超导可视无痛人流吗US: Iran Missile Test Underscores Threat to Middle East, Europe美称导弹防御系统符合俄罗斯利益The ed States says the reported test of a new Iranian ballistic missile underscores that country's threat to the Middle East and Europe, including Russia, which has opposed a planned U.S. regional missile defense system. Big-power diplomats are expected to discuss Iran's nuclear program and missile activity Thursday in Paris.美国表示,伊朗试验新的弹道导弹显示这个国家对中东以及包括俄罗斯在内的欧洲构成威胁。而俄罗斯一直反对美国在欧洲部署区域导弹防御系统的计划。一些大国的外交官预计星期四将在巴黎讨论伊朗的核计划和导弹活动。The Bush administration says the Iranian missile test violates U.N. resolutions and other international obligations,and will likely be added to the agenda of Thursday's meeting on Iran of the five permanent U.N. Security member countries and Germany, the P-Five-Plus-One.布什政府表示,伊朗试射导弹违反了联合国有关决议及其它国际义务,由五个联合国安理会常任成员国和德国在周四举行的关于伊朗问题的五加一会议的议程中可能会加上这一事态发展。Iran said it successfully tested a two-stage solid-fuel missile with a 2,000 kilometer range, which if verified would be an advance over the less-versatile liquid-fuel rockets Iran has developed in the past.伊朗称,它成功试射了一个两级固体燃料导弹,射程为两千公里。这一消息如果被实,那将是在伊朗过去发展的功能相对不全的液体燃料火箭之上的一大进步。The test came on the eve of the Paris meeting of P-Five-Plus-One political directors, who will review efforts to persuade Iran, through incentives, to stop a uranium-enrichment program the ed States believes is weapons-related.伊朗导弹试验是在巴黎五加一会议即将举行的前夕进行的。与会的政界人士将审查通过奖励措施动员伊朗停止铀浓缩计划的努力。美国认为伊朗的核活动与武器有关。The U.S. delegate to the Paris meeting, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns, was in Moscow for talks on various issues -including the missile-defense system the ed States plans to deploy in central Europe to counter the Iranian threat.参加巴黎会议的美国代表、美国国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯在莫斯科和俄罗斯官员举行会谈的时候谈到各种问题,其中包括导弹防御系统。美国计划在欧洲中部部署导弹防御系统来对付伊朗的威胁。Moscow this week rejected a U.S. proposed set of confidence-building measures, including on-site inspections, designed to allay Russian concerns that the U.S. system would threaten its strategic missile forces.State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood reiterated Moscow has nothing to fear from the proposed system, and said the Iranian test should illustrate why the deployment should go forward.美国国务院副发言人罗伯特·伍德重申,莫斯科对美国计划中的防御系统没有什么好担心的。他还说,伊朗的导弹试验说明为什么应该部署这个系统。"I think it is pretty obvious that when Iran launches one of these ballistic missiles that this is something of concern to the international community, and I am including Russia in the international community here," Wood said. "And so again we think missile defense is in the interest not only of the ed States and its European allies, but also Russia. So we will continue to make the case to Russia that we need to cooperate closely on missile defense."伍德说:“我认为这很明显,在伊朗发射这种弹道导弹的情况下,国际社会显然会对此关注,我认为国际社会也包括俄罗斯在内。因此,我们重申,导弹防御系统不仅符合美国及其欧洲盟国的利益,同时也符合俄罗斯的利益。所以,我们将继续努力说俄罗斯,在导弹防御系统问题上,我们需要密切合作。”The U.S. plan calls for placement of 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a related radar system in the Czech Republic.美国计划在波兰设置10枚拦截导弹,在捷克共和国设置相关的雷达系统。Russia has threatened to deploy short-range missiles and jamming equipment in its Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, bordering Poland, if the U.S. program goes forward.Officials in Moscow were ed as calling the new U.S. transparency proposals inadequate, while also suggesting the Bush administration is trying to pre-empt missile-defense decisions by President-elect Barack Obama.An Obama spokesman said this week the incoming president only supports deploying a missile-defense shield when the technology has been proven workable.一位奥巴马的发言人本周表示,当选总统只有在有关技术已经被明是切实可行的条件下,才会持部署这一导弹防御系统。200811/55995黑龙江省哈尔滨六院网友评论 D: 3.1415926535 . . . Y: Don. Don? D: What? Y: What are you doing? D: I was trying to break the record for memorizing pi. Now I'll have to start over. Y: Memorize pi? Oh yeah, I remember that from 7th grade geometry. But how can you memorize pi? We usually abbreviate it as 3.14, but the numbers just keep going after the decimal point. D: I'm trying to memorize as many numbers as I can. The record is 42,000 decimal places. Y: Wow. You're really going to try to memorize that much? Why? What is pi, anyway. D: It's only one of the most fascinating numbers in the history of mathematics. It sounds simple: Pi equals the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. No matter how large or small the circle, the ratio always equals pi. Y: That's interesting. D: Yes, and it has been for over 4000 years. The Babylonians were the first to approximate pi, and ever since, mathematicians have come up with ways of figuring it more accurately. In modern times we've used supercomputers to calculate pi to billions of decimal places. Y: That's really something. But what's all the excitement about? I mean, what is pi used for? D: It's used to measure the length of arcs and other curves and to determine the area of sectors and other curves. It's also used to measure the volume of solids. For instance, if you're a rocket scientist trying to calculate the fuel capacity of a cylindrical fuel tank, pi's your guy. Y: Cool. D: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a record to break. Y: Good luck. D: 3.1415 9265 3589 7932 3846 . . . 【生词注释】memorize v.记住, 记下pi n.圆周率start over 重新开始geometry n. 几何学decimal point 小数点fascinating adj.迷人的curve n.曲线sector n.扇形201110/157161哈尔滨市医科大学第一医院在那

黑龙江省哈尔滨市妇幼医院院长是谁International AIDS Day provides an opportunity to examine the efforts to combat the deadly virus that attacks the human immune system. In South Africa, whose 5.7 million HIV victims make it the most affected country in the world, officials and activists are assessing an ambitious campaign launched by the government on AIDS Day (Dec 1st) last year.国际艾滋日提供了机会来检验抗击这种破坏人类免疫系统的致命病毒的努力的成果。在南非有570万人罹患艾滋病,这使得该国成为全世界感染艾滋病人数最多的国家,那里的官员和活动分子正在评估南非政府从去年艾滋日开始发动的一项雄心勃勃运动的成效。South Africa's President Jacob Zuma one year ago announced what he called a new era in his government's fight against the HIV/AIDS virus.南非总统祖玛一年前宣告他的政府向艾滋病毒所作的斗争进入他所说的新时代。"To take our response a step forward, we are launching a massive campaign to mobilize all South Africans to get tested for HIV. Every South African should know his or her HIV status."祖玛说:“为了在对艾滋病毒的回应方面向前迈进一步,我们正在发动一项大规模的运动,动员所有南非人都作艾滋病毒检验。”Mr. Zuma said 15 million people would be tested for HIV in the next year, treatment programs would be expanded and a major prevention campaign would be launched.祖玛说,明年会有1500万人作艾滋病毒检验,治疗方案也会扩展而且会启动一个重大的预防艾滋病运动。He also called for a change of attitude toward the disease. "Let there be no more shame, no more blame, no more discrimination and no more stigma. Let the politicization and endless debates about HIV and AIDS stop," said Zuma.他还呼吁人们改变对这种疾病的态度。祖玛说:“让我们不再感到耻辱,不再责怪、不再歧视、不再觉得有污点。让我们停止围绕艾滋病毒和艾滋病的政治化行动和无休止的辩论。”This represented a dramatic shift in policy from the previous government (of Thabo Mbeki) which downplayed the seriousness of the epidemic. Critics said it caused hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.这番标志不同于前南非政府的重大政策转变,前南非政府曾经低调处理艾滋病流行的严重性。批评人士说,这导致原来可以避免的成千上万病人的死亡。201011/119410 The month of June is winding down and that means that Apple's Steve Jobs is scheduled to come back to work. A lot of mysteries surrounding Steve Jobs and his health as always, you remember he took a leave of absence to recover from pancreatic cancer. Then the Wall Street Journal reported he received a liver transplant in Memphis.As usual Apple has declined any comment on all manner of questions with regard to Steve Jobs' health. And that will be a subject that experts will debate in terms of governance - how much disclosure, what should the CEO say, what should the CEO say about his health, how much should the board disclose to the shareholders. We'll be debating that forever. But the real question is, you know, what's up with the future of Apple. Apple did just fine while Steve Jobs stepped back. And of course here again we don't know how involved he was during this time period, obviously he had a liver transplant. There were many days and maybe even weeks when he wasn't involved with the company at all. Tim Cook, the No.2 at Apple is obviously a very competent and very intelligent guy fully capable of running this company. But over the long run, even though the company didn't skip the beat while Steve was on the leave of absence, over the long run, there is no question that Apple will not be the same without Steve Jobs. When you talk about innovation, you talk about attention to detail, attention to consumers, the ability to see over the horizon to come up with new products. There is no one on the planet who does that better than Steve Jobs, really the Thomas Edison of our time. You think about Steve Jobs' health, you have to wonder: how much time does he have running this company. Obviously no matter what happens, his health is not great. And you know with Steve Jobs, you really have to wonder, you know, how much longer will he run this company. It's, it's a heartbreaking question. I's a question that no one really wants to discuss or talk about. Obviously we all wish Steve Jobs well and it's interesting to see you know, if he comes back what kind of shape is he going to be in and where he will take this company. Right now people are looking for a netbook or a er to come out from this company. Um, will they do that, um will they continue / making iPhones bigger, better, differently, what's gonna happen to the Mac product line. Um, there're just a whole host of questions. And right now the way Apple likes to handle things is they want to be in control of the information destiny. They want to be in control of the information flow very often when reporters ask questions, they just decline to answer and say that, you know either they don't want to answer or it's really none of the presses' business. So far that's seemed to work, but it's obviously a very controversial strategy, we'll see how that serves, I mean in the Steve Jobs' Apple saga, as it unfolds over the next several weeks and months.Vocabulary:1.wind down: to draw gradually toward an end 2.pancreatic cancer: 胰腺癌3.all manner of: 各种各样的,形形色色的4.skip the beat: 应该是用作比喻,心跳加剧意味着不安,紧张等症状,反正这里意思是就算乔布斯没在,苹果也没出现啥异常。5.a host of sth: 许多,大量6.saga: 英雄传奇08/81689哈尔滨市哪家医院治疗妇科病最好的黑龙江省九州妇科医院几楼



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