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水是很重要的 Water Is Important -- :3: 来源: Wateris very important to us. If there is no water, we will die. We can eat nothing few days, but we must drink water every day. Besides, if there is no water,the plants will not grow, and the animals will not live. Theree, there willno food us. But the water has been severely polluted nowadays. Much wateris not suitable drinking. our human beings and our planet, we mustprotect water. Without it, there would be no life any longer in earth.水对我们来说是很重要的如果没有水,我们会死我们可以几天不吃东西,但是我们每天都必须喝水此外,如果没有水,植物就不能生长,动物也活不下去,我们也就没有了食物但是现在水资源却被严重污染,很多水都已经不适合饮用为了我们和我们的星球,我们一定要保护水资源没有水,地球上也就不会再有生命的存在毛泽东故乡韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词 --5 :: 来源: 毛泽东故乡韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词韶山是一个小山村,地处湖南省会城市长沙西南部0公里处,风景优美,具有典型的湖南山村气息1893年月6日,一个男婴诞生在韶山的一个富农家里,这个男婴就是改变中国命运的伟人毛泽东韶山是毛泽东度过童年和少年时期的地方,他在这里读书,帮父亲做事现在让我们一起开始伟人毛泽东故乡韶山之旅吧!  Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!       Today, we will go and visit Shaoshan, the hometown of Chairman Mao. Shaoshan is a small mountain village about 0km southwest of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, with some fairly beautiful scenery and a once typically Hunan village atmosphere, Shaoshan has been irreparably changed by history. On the 6th December 1893, a baby was born in a little house in this village, to a relatively wealthy peasant couple. The child was to grow up to become China’s Great Helmsman, Chairman Mao Zedong, and it was in this region that he spent his childhood and youth, attending school and helping his father with his work.   As the hometown of the great man of the generation, now Shaoshan is one of the important tourist zones in Hunan province. The major tourist sites including the mer residence of Chairman Mao, Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong, Water-dripping Cave and Steles est of Mao’s Poems,and so on.   The mer residence of Chairman Mao is the most interesting site. Entered through a courtyard, the house is of a sunny yellow, mud brick walls, with a nicely thatched roof, and is found on a wooded hillside, above some lush paddy fields. There are and one half rooms in the mer residence, which include one and half central room, a kitchen, a dining room, three family bedrooms and a guest room. Within the rooms are various personal effects of Mao and his parents, as well as photos from Mao’s life.   This is the central room, used by two families: Mao’s family and their neighbor. So we said that there is only one half of the central room belongs to Mao’s family. And this is there kitchen, where Chairman Mao often helped his mother doing some housework in his childhood. Go through the kitchen was Chairman Mao’s parent’s bedroom, there are two photos of Chairman Mao’s parents on the inner wall, and it was in this room where Chairman Mao was born.   The Dripping Water Cave, about 3 km northwest of the village, is a very popular destination, possibly because of the fact that Mao allegedly spent days here in the early days of the Cultural Revolution Years (1966-76), contemplating the unknown. 韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词英文导游词:吉林雾凇——冬天里的春天 -- :01: 来源: 英文导游词:吉林雾凇——冬天里的春天吉林雾凇以其“冬天里的春天”般诗情画意的美,同桂林山水、云南石林、长江三峡一起被誉为中国四大自然奇观Ladies and Gentlemen;  Welcome to my hometown Jilin city. And I am the tour guide of China National Tourism Administration you can call me Vera. or Miss Zhang , and on my left hand is our driver Mrs. Li he have more than year driving experiences, he will keep our safe.  Ok everyone there are few minutes bee we reach the ten miles dike, now I will give you a brief introduction about Jilin Rime, the Rime of Jilin city is said to be a symbol of the spring in winter ,being together with the Guilin landscape ,Yunnan stone est and Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, it is called the four meteorological wonders in China ,and actually ,china has the earliest record of rime in the world which is also commonly known as” the mist attached to trees” by local people .  Now I will introduce how Jilin Rime comes into being ,up going kilometers upstream from the Jilin city along the Songhua River is the famous Fengman power station, in winter when the water passes through the hydraulic group ,it gets warmer and the temperature keeps at around centigrade in spite of the coldness and the steel –like ice on the lake ,Since the river water holds great heat energy it doesn't freeze as long as ten miles ,water vapor rises constantly from the water surface and the whole river appears to be misty ,Given that there are pines, poplars and weeping willows along the dykes the water vapor freezes around the trees when encumbers coldness, of course under the effect of atmospheric pressure. Wind direction and temperature .Because of this special mation, Jilin rime can last a rather long time and it happens frequentlyin winter season . What's more ,the best time sightseeing is from the late December to the next February.Somtime there could be more than 60 times of rime –mation in a single winter.  People usually divide the process of appreciation into three stages; watching the mist at night, enjoying the rime in the morning and appreciation, a silver and magic world appears just in front of us .all of the tress along the river are covered by rime and the branches of weeping willows like silver necklaces. As the last stage, we are talking about the time when the rime begins to fall. Usually, after nine o'clock in the morning, the rime will fell down from the trees. This begins by little amount and then more and more is falling down. When the flying rime falls on our heard and shoulders, we feel especially fresh and cool.  Ok everyone now we have reached the Songjang road please put you hats and gloves together go fellow me to enjoy the wonders of the rime 英文 导游词 吉林

My Good Friend --19 ::5 来源: My Good Friend Hello!I'm Amy.I have a good friend.Her name is ZhangYun.Her English name is Betty. She is a Chinese girl. She is ten years old.She is in the No.5 Primary school. She is in Class 7,Grade . She is good at English.She likes Chinese ,too.She is kind and very friendly. She likes helping others. She likes singing and playing basketball. This is my good friend.Do you want to know more?

旅游中常用的简单英语会话 -01-01 :7:57 来源: 学一些常用英语,会给你的旅游带来更多的乐趣 谢谢!—— Thank you.多谢!-- Thanks a lot.对不起,麻烦你—— Excuse me. 抱歉—— Excuse the mess. 需要帮忙吗?--Can I help you.谢谢你的帮助—— Thank you helping me. 无论如何,我还要感谢你—— Thanks, anyway. 您好--How are you! 初次见面问好—— How do you do! 很高兴见到你—— (It's) nice to meet you. 请问您从哪来--Where are you from?请问贵姓--Can I have your name?我叫...—— My name is ... (I'm ...)很高兴认识你—— It was a pleasure meeting you. 很高兴见到你—— Pleased to meet you. 希望再见到你—— Hope to see you again. 这是不是说我以后可以再见到你?—— Does that mean that I can see you again? 玩得快乐--Have a good time.祝你好运—— Good luck. 我希望没事—— I hope nothing is wrong. 怎么了?—— What's the matter? 糟糕,严重吗?—— Oh, no! Is it serious? 我真为你难过—— I'm sorry you. 一路平安,走好—— Have a safe trip home. 旅游 常用Rabbits’Family -- :55:53 来源: Rabbits’FamilyHello, my friends! My name’s Sandy. Today, I will tell you an interesting story about rabbits. Look at me , now , I’m not Sandy but a mother rabbit. I have a happy family because of my three daughters. They are very clever and lovely. (In the morning , they have good habits . After they get up , )And they have good habits. After they get up in the morning, they wash the face , brush the hair , clean the ears and blow the noses. They like singing and dancing , too . Now , let’s have a share , children , are you y ? (Yes, let’s go.) Action , please! ( sing and dance)

心中的那条河 The River in My Heart -- :36:1 来源: I live in the city with my parents. I love living in the city, but my favorite place is the river in my hometown. Sometimes my parents will take me to the hometown to visit grandparents. Then I find that river. I like stay on the bank. The air is special fresh there. In summer, I can put my feet in the water and enjoy its cooling touch. In winter, the river is frozen. It is beautiful. the white ice makes itself very outstanding.我和我爸爸妈妈一起住在城市里我喜欢住在城市,但是我最喜欢的地方却是我家乡的一条河有时候爸爸妈妈会带我回家乡看望爷爷奶奶就是这样我发现了那条河我喜欢呆在岸边那里的空气特别新鲜夏天,我可以把我的脚在水里享受着它凉爽的触摸冬季,河水都结冰了很美丽白色的冰使得河格外的显眼职场口语对话:办公室里也能练瑜伽?-- :7:36   Harry Smith: Working at a desk all day can leave you achy and stressed, but yoga can help you deal with that and you don’t even have to get out of your chair. Kristin McGee is a celebrity trainer and Fila’s Yoga Ambassador. Good morning.  哈里·史密斯:坐在办公桌前工作一整天会让你的身体感到酸痛、紧张,但瑜伽可以让你甚至不用离开座位就能得到缓解克里斯汀·麦吉是明星教练兼运动品牌斐乐的瑜伽大使早上好  Kristin McGee: Good morning.  Harry: Tell me some things I can do while I’m at my desk to help relieve my stress and help me feel better.  Kristin: OK, well the first thing I wanna show you is Eagle Arms. So swing your arms out to the sides like an eagle…  Harry: Now, I haven’t warmed up…  克里斯汀·麦吉:早上好  哈里:告诉我一些坐在办公桌前能做的缓解肌肉紧张、使我感觉更加良好的瑜伽动作  克里斯汀:好的,嗯,我要教你的第一个瑜伽动作是“老鹰展翅”,双臂像鹰一样向两边伸展……  哈里:我还没有热身呢……   Kristin: No, you can do this completely, yep, right out of the…OK, take your arm, one on top of the other, good Harry!Now cross at the elbows and tryand press the palms, you can  even just take the back of the hands together, so there’s that tension in the shoulders. You feel that as you lift your elbows,breathe into the upper back…  Harry: Oh, OK.That’s really good.  Kristin: ...works the scapula and then you can do the opposite arm, and you know, we’re on the computer and the Blackberries all day long. Now it’s good the wrists. This is another great one – the Mountain Pose. Now drop the shoulders down away from the ears. Yes, breathe through the nose. That relieves the tension in your neck, your shoulders…very nice. And you can hold this just like you’re doing, three to five breaths, is a great detoxifying…you do a big twist around like this…if you feel like you ate too much  克里斯汀:不用,你完全不用热身就可以做到位,展开双臂……好的,一只手臂放在另一只手臂上,做得对,哈里!双臂在肘部交叉,试着将手掌相贴,你甚至可以做到将手背相贴,你会感到肩部肌肉绷紧了当你抬起手肘,吸气到上背部时你会感觉……  哈里:噢,是的感觉真的很棒  克里斯汀:……这个动作可以锻炼肩胛骨,然后你可以换另一只胳膊你知道,人们一整天都对着电脑和手机,这个动作对手腕很好这是另一个非常好的动作—“山式”( 坐直,双臂举过头顶,十指紧扣,掌心朝向天花板) 肩部向下放,远离耳朵,好的,用鼻子呼吸这个动作能缓解脖子和肩膀的压力……非常好保持这个动作呼吸三到五次,然后伸展双臂,接下来是有益的“旋转动作”如果你喝了太多酒,这个动作是一个很棒的排毒运动……像这样做一个大的旋转( 胸部和腹部向一边转)……如果你觉得某天晚上吃得太多了,可以做这个动作   Harry: Am I going the right way?  Kristin: Yes, beautiful! One hand to the knee and then take your opposite hand back to the chair…  Harry: Oh, wow.  Kristin: …or to the desk,wonderful! You can always make sure you go to both sides, so that you stay even.  Harry: Wow, that is really good.Kristin: Now Th the Needle.You take one ankle over the  knee, and it’s just like thing the needle. You take your hands through and you try and catch the bottom. You could bend ward this way if you want to stretch your hips.And that’s good the lower back because when the hips get tight they pull on the lower back.  Harry: That is really working.  Kristin: Isn’t that wonderful?  Harry: Alright, show us the one that I know I can’t do.  Kristin: The last…OK…so this isScale Pose. This is good your lower abdominals.  Harry: Right.  Kristin: You could start by just lifting…  哈里:我做得对吗?  克里斯汀:是的,非常棒!一只手放在膝盖上,另一只手向后放在椅子上……  哈里:噢,哇  克里斯汀:……或者放在办公桌上,很好!一定要两边都转,这样才能保持均衡  哈里:哇,真的很棒  克里斯汀:现在我们来做“穿针引线”将一只脚踝放在另一条腿的膝盖上,然后就像穿针引线一样,双手穿过去抱住膝盖如果你想拉伸臀部,那么你可以像这样向前俯身这个动作对下背部很好,因为当臀部收紧时,它们会拉动下背部  哈里:真的很有用  克里斯汀:很棒吧?  哈里:好的,向我们演示一下那个我知道自己做不了的动作吧  克里斯汀:最后一个动作……好……最后一个动作是“天平式”这个动作有利于你的下腹部  哈里:嗯  克里斯汀:你只要一开始将整个身体从椅子上撑起来……  哈里:我相信我肯定做不了!  Harry: I’m sure I can’t!  Kristin: First of all, you can lift just your seat.  Harry: Alright, that I can do!  Kristin: Now you can try lifting just your legs.  Harry: Maybe not. Alright  Kristin, thank you so much.  Kristin: Thank you!  Harry: That was really helpful.  克里斯汀:首先,你的屁股先离开  椅子  哈里:好的,那个我可以做到!  克里斯汀:现在,你可以试着将双腿抬起来  哈里:我可能做不到好的,克里斯汀,非常感谢你  克里斯汀:谢谢!  哈里:这些真的非常有用暑假英语日记每日一篇:帮老奶奶过马路 -- ::39 来源: 暑假英语日记每日一篇:帮老奶奶过马路Today i was very happy because i helped a grandma.今天我很开心,因为我帮了一位老奶奶On the way tothe park this morning,I saw an old lady whose hair is all white and she seemed didn’t move smoothly. I worried about that she would have accidents without help. So I helped her to go through the road. As last, I was thanked by her, I was very happy. 早上,在去公园的路上,我看到一个头发全白的老奶奶,而且她行动似乎不是很方便我担心没有别人的帮助她会出事所以我帮助她过马路最后,老奶奶谢了我,我很高兴

My Day -- 3:55:56 来源: My DayToday is Monday. I get up at 6:00. I have my breakfast at about 6:30.then I clean my room, wash my face and brush my teeth. I have noodles breakfast. I go to school at 7:00. I do morning exercises at 7:50.We have four classes in morning. At :30, I’m very hungry. I have lunch at school. I go to bed at :00 in the noon. We have three classes in the afternoon. I have computer class and art classes. I like them very much. I go home at 5:30. I do homework after school. My sister、brother and I watch TV at 8:00 in the evening. then I wash my face and brush my teeth. I go to bed at :00.I’m happy today!旅游至西藏,别忘了看看西藏毛毯哦 -01-30 :3:35 来源: " border"0" src"http:www.58en.comuploadfile000005.jpg" alt"\" >ty-seven-year-old Li Ping (left) shows a Tibetan carpet, who passes on her technique of Tibetan spinning to her daughter as family business in Trigu Township of Comai County in Lhoka Prefecture of Tibet. Every December, the family"s textile products are very popular in the commodity fair of Lhoka. 图为7岁的李萍(左)手拿西藏地毯李萍家住西藏山南地区的错美县,她已将织造西藏纺织技术作为家族事业传给了她的女儿每年月,她们家的纺织产品在山南商品展览会上很受欢迎" border"0" src"http:www.58en.comuploadfile00000.jpg" alt"" >Li Ping spends over days in producing a pair of Tibetan rug, which sell at a price of more than 800 yuan. 李萍花了多天织造一条西藏小地毯,这条地毯售价800多元 旅游至西藏 别忘了看看西藏毛毯哦盘点影视经典台词七大最 -- :9:01 来源:   最好运 break A leg这个乍一看【打断腿】意思的短语,其实恰恰相反,是祝好运的意思记住是A,不是the哦~《广告狂人里,每次Don要提案比稿,总有美女祝他break a leg!关于这个短语,有一个有趣的传说传说人们非常相信精灵的存在,而这些精灵最喜欢制造争端如果你许了个愿望,他们就会故意让相反的事情发生于是人们要“祝愿某人好运”时,就会故意说“祝你跌断一条腿”希望借此骗过那些精灵,让好运来临随着时间的推移,“break a leg”也可用于祝福某人试镜考试面试成功,相当于“good luck”如:Break a leg in your test today.(祝你今天考试顺利)  最痴情Always当一个男人说下always的时候,早就不是时常了,那代表着永远死亡圣器下,斯内普放出他的守护神,是一只牝鹿,代表的是lily,就是harry的母亲邓布利多问他这样多久了, 斯内普就回答了“always”当一个女孩说,I will always be your girl时,又饱含了多少承诺——Why are you so good to me ?——You are my girl.——I will always be your girl.选自:珍妮与阿甘的对话——《阿甘正传  最哲理be the change you want to see in the world这句圣雄甘地的名言,和《越狱这部剧的主题完美契合Michael最爱这句话, 最后也成了michael的墓志铭  最霸气 say my name《绝命毒师里的老白,制毒暴富,一步步膨胀之后,送给了大家一句经典台词  最实用 it comes and goes在邱政政老师最喜欢的《拯救大兵瑞恩里汤姆汉克斯演的团长手会时不时地抽搐他告诉副手,没事it comes and goes...Comes and goes,《friends里的菲比也说过一句经典的people comes and goes, but friends stay ever!这句话,也是老友记的精髓吧~回顾下,他是如何陶醉于差一步就制造出原子弹的德国物理学家的名称下的  最烂大街 let it gomove on美国佬是有多喜欢这句话!资深美剧迷现在都跪求一部没有这句话的美剧!算了,还是给这句话配上最经典的翻译吧:天要下雨,娘要嫁人,随他去吧 影视经典 七大 台词

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