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荆门人民中妇幼保健医院男科挂号宜昌男健医院孩子看包茎哪个医生好?宜昌泌尿专科医院割包皮手术价格 Hi, Steve.乔总,您好Hi.您好Quick question, I think people are curious to know what the city residence can benefit from this new campus.貌似大家都比较关心民众能从新园区中受益吗?Well, as you know, were the largest tax payer in Cupertino, so wed like to continue to stay here and pay taxes.我们是Cupertino的纳税大户,你懂得,我们很高兴能留下来继续缴税Thats number one. Because if we cant, then we go have to somewhere like Mountain View.这点最重要。如果新园区项目流产,我们不得不另栖他处,比如Mountain View.。And we take up people with us, we give up and over years sell the land here, and the largest tax base would go away.我们只有带着员工离开,把地卖掉。That wouldnt be good for Cupertino.我想Cupertino不会希望缴税大户离开。No of course not.当然不想了。And wouldnt be good for us either, so thats number one.我们也不想,所以这是第一条。And number two, we employ some really talented great people and across the whole age spectrum.此外,我们雇佣了很多优秀人才,各个年龄阶段的人都有。A lot of people right out of collage, hire a lot of Stanford grads, etc, and you know people in their 50s and even 60s, like me Im in my 50s.我雇了很多大学毕业生,比如斯坦福大学,还有50、60岁的员工,像我就是。So I think theres a lot of them wanna live around where they work.在这里安家会是他们的首选。We have a lot of people riding bikes to work now. We also run a bus service. We got 20 buses that run on bio-diesel fuel.现在就有很多员工选择骑自行车去上班,我们也有公共交通系统,20辆烧生物燃料的班车They are the cleanest bus that you can buy. Weve got 20 of them doing routes all the way from San Francisco to Santa Cruz bringing people in.是目前最环保的车。这20辆班车目前正在旧金山和圣克鲁兹之间来回运行。So, those are the kinds of things could benefit Cupertino.这些都能让Cupertino受益。And influx of tax base, and influx of very talented people who are, you know, getting paid. We put them in a fairly affluent group of people,给Cupertino带来稳定的税收,优秀的人才,这些人收入颇丰,and many of them would choose to make Cupertino their personal home as well as professional home.他们多半还会选择定居此地(拉动消费),I think there is a lot there plusia whole lot of trees.当然,还有大片的数目和景观咯。Sure. Those are great things. Thank you be more specific. Do we get free Wi-Fi or something like that?谢谢,确实很赞。我还想知道苹果是否可以提供一些免费得务,比如WIFI?Well, see Im always im a simpleton. Ive always had the view that we pay taxes and the city should do those things.我是个直肠子,我认为既然我们交税了政府就改提供这些务。Now, if we can get out of paying taxes, Id be glad to put up Wi-Fi.如果你给我们免税,我们就提供免费得WI-FI。Wish you use our sales tax, part of that to provide iPad of something to our residence and then get a free Wi-Fi.那给你免掉一些销售税,为市民免费提供iPad和Wi-Fi。Yeah, I think we bring a lot more than free Wi-Fi and so.我相信我们创造的价值比免费得Wi-Fi多得多。Totally agree, well, thank you so much.完全同意,非常感谢。Sure.不客气。201412/350490And that was democracy growing up,民主制度在当时正在形成but it was also science growing up at the same time.但同时科技也在发展And its really clear, if you look at the history of the Founding Fathers,非常明显的是,如果你注意一下建国者的历史a lot of them were very interested in science,他们中的许多人都对科学很感兴趣and they were interested in a concept并且他们都对自然主义世界这个概念of a naturalistic world.很感兴趣They were moving away from supernatural explanations,他们摒弃超自然的说法and they were rejecting things like a supernatural concept of power,他们排斥那些关于超自然力量的说法where it transmitted因为超自然力量的概念被传播because of a very vague concept of birthright.是基于非常模糊的身世的理念They were moving towards a naturalistic concept.他们倡导自然主义的概念And if you look, for example, in the Declaration of Independence,如果你观察会发现,例如在独立宣言中they talk about nature and natures God.他们提及到自然和自然之神They dont talk about God and Gods nature.他们没有提到上帝和上帝的自然Theyre talking about the power of nature他们提到自然的力量to tell us who we are.来解释我们是谁So as part of that,因此作为其中的一部分they were coming to us with a concept他们为我们带来一个概念that was about anatomical commonality.那就是人人生来平等And in doing so, they were really setting up in a beautiful way为此,他们确实为将来的民权运动the Civil Rights movement of the future.铺垫了一个很美好的道路They didnt think of it that way, but they did it for us, and it was great.他们想不到将来会怎样,但是他们为我们奠定了基础,这是非常伟大的So what happened years afterward?那么数年后发生了什么呢?What happened was women, for example,例如在女性身上都发生了什么who wanted the right to vote,她们渴望投票的权利took the Founding Fathers concept按照建国者的概念of anatomical commonality being more important人人平等要远重要于than anatomical difference人的出身and said, ;The fact that we have a uterus and ovaries她们说:“我们有子宫和卵巢是事实is not significant enough in terms of a difference这些不同完全不足以to mean that we shouldnt have the right to vote,意味着我们没有投票权the right to full citizenship,没有充分的公民权利the right to own property, etc., etc.;没有私人财产权等等”And women successfully argued that.女性的主张获得了成效Next came the successful Civil Rights movement,接下来便是成功的民权运动where we found people like Sojourner Truth运动中出现了像索杰纳·特鲁思这样的人talking about, ;Aint I a woman?;她的名言“我就不是女人吗?”We find men我们知道男人on the marching lines of the Civil Rights movement曾经在民权运动的发展路线上saying, ;I am a man.;有句名言“我是个男人”Again, people of color此外,有色人群appealing to a commonality of anatomy over a difference of anatomy,呼吁人人平等而不应种族歧视again, successfully.再者,We see the same thing with the disability rights movement.我们看到同样的成功案例发生在伤残人士的权利运动中The problem is, of course,问题是,当然that, as we begin to look at all that commonality,当我们开始去审视所有的公民we have to begin to question我们不得不开始质疑why we maintain certain divisions.为什么我们去维护一个固定的界限Now mind you, I want to maintain some divisions,现在,需要提醒大家的是,我希望去保持一些界限anatomically, in our culture.身体结构上的,在我们的文化范围被内For example, I dont want举个例子,我不希望to give a fish the same rights as a human.给予鱼和人类一样的权利I dont want to say we give up entirely on anatomy.我不希望我们放弃一切在解剖学上的区分界限I dont want to say five-year-olds我不希望,一个五岁的孩子should be allowed to consent to sex or consent to marry.可以被允许有性行为或者说允许结婚So there are some anatomical divisions所以说,有一些在解剖学上的界限that make sense to me and that I think we should retain.对我们来说是有意义的,我想那些应该被保留But the challenge is trying to figure out which ones they are但是,艰巨的任务是试着去找出哪些是应该保留的and why do we retain them and do they have meaning.为什么我们要保留它们,它们有什么意义So lets go back to those two beings所以,让我们回到刚才说到的那两人conceived at the beginning of this talk.就是演讲一开始所虚构的那两个人We have two beings, both conceived我们有两对夫妇in the middle of 1979 on the exact same day.都在1979年年中的同一天怀了Lets imagine one of them, Mary,让我们设想一下,玛丽is born three months prematurely,提前三个月出生了so shes born on June 1, 1980.因此她出生于1980年6月1日Henry, by contrast, is born at term,亨利,相反的,足月出生so hes born on March 1, 1980.他出生于1980年3月1日Simply by virtue of the fact仅仅是由于that Mary was born prematurely three months,玛丽早出生了三个月这个事实she comes into all sorts of rights她获得各种权利的时间three months earlier than Henry does --要比亨利早三个月the right to consent to sex,允许有性行为的权利the right to vote, the right to drink.选举的权利,喝酒的权利Henry has to wait for all of that,亨利就不得不等待not because hes actually any different in age, biologically,他的生理学年龄没有任何不同except in terms of when he was born.只是因为他出生的时间不同We find other kinds of weirdness in terms of what their rights are.我们还发现其他一些离奇的权利问题Henry, by virtue of being assumed to be male --亨利,由于被假定为男性--although I havent told you that hes the XY one --尽管我没有告诉过大家他是XY型染色体——by virtue of being assumed to be male由于被假定为男性is now liable to be drafted,所以现在要应征入伍which Mary does not need to worry about.玛丽就不需要去担心这些Mary, meanwhile, cannot in all the states与此同时,玛丽不能在所有的州have the same right that Henry has in all the states,像亨利一样享受同样权利namely, the right to marry.也就是,结婚的权利Henry can marry in every state a woman,亨利可以在任何一个州结婚but Mary can only marry today in a few states a woman.但是玛丽如今只能在少数几个州娶一位女性So we have these anatomical categories that persist因此我们所坚持的一些结构上的生物分类that are in many ways problematic and questionable.它们在很多方面是有问题并且需要质疑的201508/395061湖北宜昌治疗阳痿哪家医院最好

宜昌治疗阳痿早泄荆州市人民中妇幼保健医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 What has the War on Drugs done to the world?毒品战争对世界有什么影响?Look at the murder and mayhem in Mexico,Central America, so many other parts of the planet,the global black market estimated at 300 billion dollars a year,prisons packed in the ed States and elsewhere,police and military drawn into an unwinnable war that violates basic rights, and ordinary citizens,just hope they dont get caught in the crossfire,and meanwhile, more people using more drugs than ever. 看看那些发生在墨西哥、中美洲,和世界其他地方的谋杀和混乱。看看全球每年约3000亿美元的黑市交易看看美国和其他地方那些人满为患的监狱,大量的警察和军队被牵扯进这场永远打不赢、而且侵犯基本人权的战争,还有那些无辜的平民,乞求着不要被卷入剿毒行动的交火中,与此同时,吸毒的人却越来越多。Its my countrys history with alcohol prohibition and Al Capone, times 50.这就像我的国家历史上的禁酒令和艾尔卡彭的50倍规模重演。Which is why its particularly galling to me as an American that weve been the driving force behind this global drug war.令我感到难堪的是,我们美国人就是这个全球反毒战争的幕后推手。Ask why so many countries criminalize drugs theyd never heard of,why the U.N. drug treaties emphasize criminalization over health, even why most of the money worldwide for dealing with drug abuse goes not to helping agencies but those that punish,and youll find the good old U.S. of A.去问问为什么那么多国家把他们听都没听过的药物列为非法,为什么联合国的药物条约强调刑事定罪超过人们的健康?甚至为什么全世界大部分解决药物滥用的资金都不用在研究改善药物的机构而是用于惩罚药物滥用,你会发现它们的就是—我们大美国。Why did we do this?我们为什么这样做?Some people, especially in Latin America,think its not really about drugs.有些人,尤其是拉丁美洲的人,认为这并不是真的关乎毒品。Its just a subterfuge for advancing the realpolitik interests of the U.S.事实上这只是美国用来推进政治利益的托词。But by and large, thats not it.但总的来说,又不完全是这样。We dont want gangsters and guerrillas funded with illegal drug money terrorizing and taking over other nations.我们确实不希望,有黑帮和游击队有来自非法毒品的资金持去恐吓和接管其他国家。No, the fact is, America really is crazy when it comes to drugs.但,事实是,美国就像疯了一样一旦谈到毒品,或者药物。I mean, dont forget, were the ones who thought that we could prohibit alcohol.我的意思是,不要忘了,我们就是那些以为自己可以禁酒的人。So think about our global drug war not as any sort of rational policy,but as the international projection of a domestic psychosis. 所以,不要把全球禁毒战争想成是一个理性的政策,而要把它想成是一个国家的精神病延伸到了国际上。But heres the good news.但这里还有个好消息。Now its the Russians leading the Drug War and not us.现在是俄罗斯在领导禁毒战争,而不是我们。Most politicians in my country want to roll back the Drug War now,put fewer people behind bars, not more,and Im proud to say as an American that we now lead the world in reforming marijuana policies. 我们国家的大多数政客现在想从禁毒战争里退一步回来,让更少的人被卷入这场战争,而不是更多,我可以很自豪地说,作为一个美国人我们现在正领导世界。改革大麻政策Its now legal for medical purposes in almost half our 50 states,millions of people can purchase their marijuana,their medicine, in government- licensed dispensaries,and over half my fellow citizens now say its time to legally regulate and tax marijuana more or less like alcohol. 现在只要是在合法的医疗目的下美国50个州里几乎一半的民众,数以百万计的人都可以,从政府许可的药店里买到他们的大麻—他们的药物,还有超过一半的同胞们说,现在是时候立法规范大麻和对其征税就跟我们对酒水做的事一样。Thats what Colorado and Washington are doing,这正是科罗拉多州和华盛顿正在做的,and Uruguay, and others are sure to follow.还有乌拉圭,可以肯定其他地方也会跟着这么做。So thats what I do:所以,这就是我在做的事:work to end the Drug War.致力于结束禁毒战争。I think it all started growing up in a fairly religious, moral family,eldest son of a rabbi,going off to university where I smoked some marijuana and I liked it. 我想,这一切是由于我成长在一个比较笃信宗教和注重道德的家庭,作为一个犹太教教士的长子,当我去上大学时,我抽了一些大麻而且很喜欢。201503/363072远安县治疗睾丸炎多少钱

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