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look for a needle in a haystack 大海捞针例句:To find her in such a big city is like looking for a needle in a haystack.在这么大的城市里找到她就像大海捞针。Finding a hotel in the holiday season here is like looking for a needle in a haystack.在度假旺季的时候,要想在这里找到一家旅店简直是大海捞针。A:We are supposed to meet John here at the train station.我们要在火车站接约翰。B:Thats like looking for a needle in a haystack.那简直是大海捞针。背景音乐:Robin Thicke-Mona Lisa关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201611/480727。

unit 428酒后驾车dialogue 英语情景对话A:Have you heard that Mel Gibson was arrested by the police last week?A:你听说了么?梅尔·吉布森上周被捕了。B:No, not yet. Why?B:没,怎么啦?A:For suspicion of driving under influence.A:听说是酒后驾车。B:Oh. I am not his fan.B:哦,我不是他的粉丝。 /201605/446605。

1.Buying cosmetics Dialogue1.购买化妆品 对话Today Steven accompanies Julia to go shopping. Julia wants to buy a moisturizer. So they go to a toiletry shop.今天史蒂文陪他的妻子来逛街。茱莉娅想买一款润肤霜。于是他们来到了一家化妆品店。Saleswoman: Welcome. How can I help you?专柜:欢迎光临,请问你们要些什么?Julia: We want to look at some of your products.茱莉娅:我们想看看你们的产品。Saleswoman: This way please. We have a full range of products from cosmetics to skin cleansers.专柜:这边请。我们有一系列的产品,从妆到洁肤品应有尽有。Julia: Could you commend me some moisturizers?茱莉娅:你可以介绍一些保湿产品吗?Saleswoman: Your T-zone gets oily easily, but your cheeks are dry in winter. Am I right?专柜:你的T字部位容易出油,但是在冬天两颊却很干。是吗?Julia: Yes, thats right.茱莉娅:是的,就是那样。Saleswoman: This ;Cream of Olives; is our bestseller for combination skin. You can try it on your hand.专柜:这款橄榄滋养霜是我们卖得最好的,专门针对混合型肌肤。你可以在手上试一下。Julia: Oh, very good. I will buy this one.茱莉娅:嗯,不错。我买这个了。Saleswoman: All right. Anything else?专柜:好的。还要别的吗? Julia: No. Thank you.茱莉娅:不需要了。谢谢你。Saleswoman: My pleasure.专柜:很乐意为您务。 /201603/430209。

讲解文本:meet up 约会碰头,见面Wanna meet up tonight?今晚约不约?OK,lets meet up here at 8.行啊,8点就在这碰头。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201605/446104。

A: Im really tired. I want to sleep now!A: 累死了,我现在想睡觉!B: What? Its just 10 oclock in the morning.B: 什么?现在是上午十点钟。A: I know. But Im sleepy.A: 我知道。不过我真的很困。B: You had a bad nights sleep yesterday.B. 你昨晚没睡好吧。A: Yes, I stayed up very late last night.A. 是的,我昨天晚上熬到很晚。B: What were you doing?B: 你忙什么了?A: I watched the Naruto all night.A: 我看了一晚上《火影忍者》。B: You are crazy. It seems that you have spent the whole week on it.B: 你真是疯了。你这一星期似乎都在看《火影忍者》。A: I think Im addicted to it now.A. 我觉得我现在有点上瘾了。B: If you are addicted to your work...B: 你要是对工作上瘾……A: Haha , I will try.A: 哈哈,我会试着上瘾的。B: Well , youd better go to bed now. We will have a test in the afternoon. A good rest is necessary. Otherwise, you may fail the test.B: 你现在最好去睡个觉吧。我们下午有一个测验。好好休息一下是十分必要的。否则,你考试可能会不及格。A: I nearly forget it. Thanks!A: 我差点把这事忘了。谢了! /201505/373069。

小咖实用英语口语 第134期:怎么区分奶酪 /201512/413772。

经典句型:Are there any good drinks? 有什么好酒吗?Are there any good drinks?有什么好酒吗?Here is the list.这是酒水单。Id like some Martini.我想要些马提尼酒。经典句型:Do you have ontap beers? 有桶装啤酒吗?Do you have ontap beers?有桶装啤酒吗?No,only bottled.没有,只有瓶装的。What imported beer do you have?有什么进口啤酒?How about Budweiser?Its popular here.百威怎么样?这儿很多人都喝这个。Sounds good.Ill take that.听起来不错。就要那个。Wait a minute.请稍等。句型讲解:Tap是“水龙头”的意思,beer on tap即盛放在带龙头的酒桶中的啤酒,非常形象。 /201501/352786。

2 Food Dialogue2 饮食 对话Julia had done the breakfast well. She called Steven to have it. Now theyare at the table.史蒂文的妻子菜莉娅已经做好了早餐。她喊史蒂文一起吃早餐。他们此刻正在饭桌上。Julia: Steven, I am y for breakfast.茱莉娅:史蒂文,可以吃早餐了。Steven: OK. But where is my favorite coffee?史蒂文:好的。但是我最喜欢喝的咖啡在哪里?Julia: Its in that pan there. Your boy Dean broke the silex yesterday, so I have to boil it in the pan.茱莉娅:在那个锅里。儿子迪恩昨晚把咖啡壶打碎了,所以我只能用锅煮咖啡。Steven: It tastes like crankcase oil, but delicious.史蒂文:这味道有点儿像汽车里的机油,不过还不错。Julia: Thats good. You can make breakfast yourself if you dont like it.茱莉娅:那好,如果你不喜欢,你可以自己动手做早餐。Steven: What is there besides coffee?史蒂文:除了咖啡还有什么?Julia: I warmed a couple of snails, and your eggs are in the frying pan.茱莉娅:我热的两个面包卷。你的鸡蛋在煎锅里。Steven: Oh, my God. Its nearly eight, f have no time to have breakfast now. My watch says seven fifty.史蒂文:哦,天啊。将近8点了。我没时间吃早餐了。我的表已经7点50分了。Julia: Dont worry. Its only ten to seven. You must have forgotten to set your watch back.茱莉娅:不要担心,现在刚6点50分,你一定忘了把表拨快1小时了。Steven: Yes, it was. The clock on the wall says eight to seven.史蒂文:嗯,墙上的钟表是6点52分了。Julia: Yeah.Keep on eating your breakfast. You can catch the early bus.茱莉娅:是啊。继续吃早餐吧。你能赶上早班车的。Steven: Gee. I could have slept another hour.史蒂文:唉!我本来可以再多睡1小时的。 /201505/377286。

10. Meat 10.肉A: What kind of meat are you buying?A:你要买什么样的肉?B: Im just buying some pork shoulders.B:我只是要买些猪肩肉。A: Why did you make them cut it in half?A:你为什么要让他们把它切成了两半?B: Its tenderer if you do it that way.B:这样会更嫩。A: Do you need anything else?A:你需要别的吗?B: Yes, I need some tenderloin pieces.B:是的,我需要一些里脊片。A: You sure are buying a lot of meat.A:你确实买了很多的肉。B: Meat makes you strong!B:肉使你强壮!A: And it also tastes amazing!A:而且它尝起来也很好吃!B: Would you like to come over for dinner?B:你想要过来一起吃晚餐吗?A: Sure! Id like to see how well you cook.A:当然愿意!我想看看你的厨艺有多好。B: Alright! Youll find it delicious! B:好的!你会发现非常美味! /201509/400417。