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2019年10月21日 14:22:06 | 作者:健步解答 | 来源:新华社
Tower Hamlets has overcrowding and homelessness way above the national average. Officers on the safer neighborhood teams are dedicated to a small area, and working with other agencies to improve the quality of life for those that live here. Latest crime figures in Shadwell show a mixed picture, violence and criminal damage are down, but robbery and drug offenses are up. Response policing, really, you're, you're flying around and police stars or blue lights, .....uh....it really is so profound and so sticking plaster, type of thing/ , to the old. It's what you do with it on the daily basis. This community's policing role provides the longer term, or after-care if you like, actually, dealing with the problem, seeing it through, and trying to eradicate the problem.There are three Police Community Support Officers on the team. They can detain suspects but not arrest them. Their main role is to listen to public concerns, and consider solutions to problems like vandals at the old music hall. ‘By the time I call/ 999, they at least just run away. So, it's, you know, it's no police's fault at all, but when the police come, there is nothing for them to do. I just have to say I am really sorry if they were here. This is what happens , like they either smash/ these windows or like start this fire. But because we don’t have any CCTV (closed circuit television) coverage, we don’t actually have any way of catching them, or proving that is them. " They will bring a crime-prevention team, and they'll , they will (try), will look at the whole area to guarantee how we can iron these problems out. It's easy to come down here and go see (it), but what we want is to look at things a long term to solve the problem for long term, so we have, you know, lots of patrolling, in the area." The police federation which represents junior ranks says PCSOs have their role, but believes their uniforms should be much more distinct form regular officers, and they should not confront the public. Residents we spoke to had a variety of views. "Basically, they're all our security guards, but at least they said something. It's fair and it was. I mean there was a time we never see a police before wit's your end, and I'll mainly, literally , (when)wit's your end , never see a car go pass or a cop on the bay, but now you see them once or twice a day, so what’s wrong with that?’ ‘I feel they should, they should, I feel the community police office should have more, more arrest policies, and like, have the chance to arrest people, so you know, if they just stop for half an hour, it can’t be stopped in half an hour, cause like by the time police get there, they'll go anywhere. The experiment has really just begun. The government is committed to the model of the community support officer. In two years' time, nationally, there will be more than 20,000 of them. They will be familiar figures everywhere. Martin Brunt , Sky news, in London's East End. 200805/39220Conversation 1会话 1A:Hello,A Company.A:您好,A公司B:Hello,could I speak to Mr. Wang,please?B:您好,能让王先生接电话吗?A:I am sorry. Hes out in a meeting now. Could I ask who is call-ing?A:很抱歉,他现在正出席一个会议,请问您是哪位?B:This is Mr.Smith of XYZ Company. When will he be back?B:我是XYZ公司的史密斯先生,他什么时候回来?A:Hell be back at about five in the afternoon. Could I take a message?A:他大约今天下午五点回来,要留言吗?B:Yes. Please tell him I called and ask him to return my call as soon as possible. Its about the PPT contract.B:是的,请告诉他我给他打电话了,并让他尽快给我回电 话,是关于PPT合同的。A:All right,Mr. Smith. Ill be sure he gets your message.A:好的,史密斯先生,我会转达给他的。Conversation 2会话 2A:Drexler,may I help you?A:德瑞斯勒公司。我能为你效劳吗?B:Yes,Id like to speak to Mr. Baker.B:我想请贝克先生听电话。A:May I ask whos calling?A:请问你是谁?B:This is Mr. Stewart,his accountant.B:我是他的会计师史图尔特先生。A:Please hold. Ill tell him youre calling. (To Mr. Baker)Sir,Mr.Stewart is on the phone. Do you wish to talk to him?A:请稍等,我告诉他你打电话来。(对贝克先生说)先生, 史图尔特先生找你。你要跟他说话吗?C:Yes,of course. Put him through.C:当然,请接进来。 /201604/438186

4 数量要求3句英文任你选Well need about 400 units per order.每单大概400个。Do you have any in stock?你们有现货吗?Please send us 50 sets only so that we may tap the market. If successful, we will give you large orders in the future.试订50台,以开发市场。如果成功,随后必将大量订购。半个句型要记牢in stock (现货,有库存)Tip:相反的out of stock表示脱销的意思。卖方询问卖方订货数量,可以说 How much do you intend to order about the goods? (你打算订多少呢?) /201604/434103

A man accused of killing 5 women who were working as prostitutes has admitted he could have picked up all of them on the nights they disappeared. Steve Wright told Ipswich Crown Court, he might to have sex with 4 of the victims on those occasions and was a victim of coincidences himself, he denied murder, saying he wasn't a random psychopath involved in a campaign against prostitutes. In court, he used the same answer more than 50 times, as Keme Nzerem reports from Ipswich.Later 1 December night a traffic camera picks up Steve Wright leaving Ipswich, wearing his distinctive reflective yellow jacket, the prosecution alleges right was on his way to dump the body of Anneli Alderton, having just paid her for sex at his house while his wife was at work.Steve Wright says that it's a coincidence that there were any links at all between him and the 5 prostitutes that were murdered in Ipswich during the winter of 2006, he admits bringing 3 of them here to his house to have sex with them, another one he had admits having sex with in his car. The prosecutor today asked Steve Wright, could it be a coincidence that he'd selected the 5 prostitutes in the order that they died, further more that they died surely after being with him and that there was a DNA evidence linking him to them, Steve Wright replied: "it would seem so, yes."Repeatedly asked to explain an apparent coincidence after coincidence more than 50 times, Wright responded the same way, and when Peter Wright QC the prosecutor commented you've been singularly unfortunate, Wright replied once again, "it would seem so, yes." Wright described how he'd been tempted by the street prostitutes walking where he lived in Ipswich's red light district, but insisted that as time went on that sexual temptation didn't turn to murder. The body of Tania Nicol, the first woman to go missing, was found in Bested broke on the outskirts of town on the 8th of December, Wright picked her up, but says he didn’t have sex with her because he had agony, but the prosecution claims the fiber from his car found on her head suggests he killed her, Peter Wright put it to the defendant that Miss Nicol had died, because there was violence upon her wasn't there, his response, not by me, Mr. Wright went on, and that violence involved you squeezing the very life out of her, his response, no I did not.Paula Clennell was the last of the 5 women to disappear on December the 10th, her body found 2 days later, Wright admits paying her for sex at his home, but prefer not to lie on the bed he shared with his partner insteads lying on his yellow work jacket, he told the court that like the others there have been no violence with Miss. Clennell, so why then was her blood found on the left shoulder of the coat, the prosecution asked because she may have bitten her tone. Wright claimed. He would wear this jackets when driving to dispose of the bodies, the court heard so he looked like a shift worker on his way home. Steve Wright denies all the charges, the case continues. 200805/40245

Istanbul Hit by Deadly Bombings土耳其连环爆炸十七亡百多人受伤  On Sunday night at least 17 people were killed and over 150 injured in two deadly bombings in Turkey's largest city Istanbul. The attacks took place in a residential district of western Istanbul. The bombings occurred as Turkey is in the midst of a political crisis involving the the ruling AKP Party. 土耳其最大城市伊斯坦布尔星期天晚间发生两起致命爆炸案,造成至少17人死亡,150多人受伤。袭击发生在伊斯坦布尔西部一个居民区。连环爆炸案发生之际,正值土耳其爆发一场跟执政党正义与发展党相关的政治危机。The attack started around 10:00 p.m. local time, when a small explosion occurred in the Gungoren district of Istanbul. The area was packed with people taking a traditional late evening walk after a hot summer day. The explosion saw people rush to help the injured. According to eyewitnesses there was then a second much more powerful explosion causing death and destruction on a massive scale, as one witness explains.  炸弹袭击是当地时间晚上10点左右发生的,当时在伊斯坦布尔贡高伦区发生了一次小规模爆炸。在炎热夏日的夜晚,街上挤满了习惯在晚间散步的人群。爆炸发生后,人们赶到现场帮助受伤的人。一名目击者说,就在那个时候,第二枚威力更大的炸弹爆炸,造成大规模的人员伤亡和破坏。"I saw lots of dead people , and lots of injured people , that was terrible," said the witness. "I can't say anything just bodies all around and injured people. that was terrible." 目击者说:“我看到很多死人,很多受伤的人。真是可怕。我看到周围全是死尸和受伤的人,很恐怖。”Local hospitals were overwhelmed with the casualties and an urgent appeal has been put out for blood donors. Many of those injured are in critical condition. Turkey's President Abdullah Gul condemned the attack saying no goals can be achieved by terrorism and these attacks show how inhumane the instigators are.  当地医院挤满了受伤的人,医院紧急呼吁人们献血,很多伤者伤势严重。土耳其总统居尔谴责这次袭击,他说,靠恐怖主义手段是无法达到任何目标的,这些袭击显示,凶手是多么的没有人性。According to local TV reports, ing security officers, the bombings have the hallmark of the Kurdish separatist group the PKK. The same source also said security forces had been bracing themselves for a bombing campaign by the separatists. Two years ago a splinter group of the PKK known as the Kurdistan freedom falcons or Tak was responsible for a series of fatal bombings in Istanbul and some of Turkey's main tourist resorts. 据当地电视台援引保安官员的话说,连环爆炸案带有库尔德分离主义组织库尔德工人党制造的爆炸案的特点。同一消息来源还表示,安全部队已经加强戒备,防止库尔德分离分子发动炸弹袭击。两年前,库尔德工人党的一个分库尔德自由之鹰组织在伊斯坦布尔和土耳其的一些主要旅游区制造了一系列致命爆炸案。The PKK, which has been fighting the Turkish state for Kurdish autonomy in the southeast for more than 20 years, has been under intense pressure in the last few months from the Turkish army. On Sunday Turkish jets struck numerous rebel targets in northern Iraq. Dozens of rebels have also been killed in Turkey in recent weeks. 在土耳其东南为争取库尔德族自治而斗争了20多年的库尔德工人党,最近几个月受到土耳其军队的强大压力。这个星期天,土耳其战机轰炸了伊拉克北部的几个反叛份子目标。在最近几个星期,有几十名反叛份子在土耳其被打死。But the PKK is not the only group under suspicion, radical Islamic and far left organizations have also carried out bombings in recent years. The Minister of Interior Besir Atalay, speaking at the scene, said the government wouldn't bow to terrorism. 但是库尔德工人党不是唯一受到怀疑的组织,激进伊斯兰和极左组织最近几年也从事了几起爆炸事件。土耳其内政部长阿特雷在现场说,土耳其政府不会向恐怖主义屈。"We have lost many of our citizens today but our fight against this merciless terrorism will continue," he said. "No one can intimidate us. We are determined to bring all those responsible to justice."  他说:“我们今天失去了许多公民,但是我们同冷血的恐怖主义份子的战斗会继续下去。没有人能够胁迫我们。我们决心将所有有关罪犯绳之以法。”Security forces are now under intense pressure to find the bombers. The attacks will inevitably fuel rising political tensions in the country. Turkey's constitutional court on Monday starts deliberating a case calling for the closure of the ruling, Islamic-rooted, Justice and Development Party or AKP. The party is accused of undermining the secular state. A verdict is expected in three to 10 days. 安全部队现在受到强大压力去找寻炸弹杀手。这些攻击无疑会助长土耳其的政治紧张。土耳其宪法法庭星期一开始考虑一项动议,要求关闭土耳其执政党根植于伊斯兰的“正义发展党”。这个党被控损害土耳其的世俗性质。对于这项动议的裁决预定在3到10天内做出。200807/45039

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