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At a meeting of the nation#39;s top oncologists in Denver a couple of years back, Dr. David Agus, a prominent cancer researcher, was giving a keynote address. Agus talked about the need to take a new approach to treating cancer. He argued that focusing on killing or slowing the sp of cancerous cells was not enough. After all, despite a half-century of research by some of the best medical minds in the world, the death rate from cancer hasn#39;t changed much since the 1950s. Instead, doctors should try to keep a patient#39;s entire system healthy so the disease is less likely to take root in the first place. He said we should be able to control cancer without fully understanding it. At that, hisses arose from the audience.几年前,在丹佛举办的一次全美顶尖肿瘤学家的会议上,知名癌症专家大卫;阿古斯士做了一次专题演讲,指出有必要采取一种新的方法来治疗癌症。他认为,只关注如何杀死癌细胞或减缓癌细胞的扩散是不够的。半个世纪以来,尽管世界各地的医学精英为攻克这一难题进行了不懈的研究工作,但今天的癌症死亡率并没有比上世纪50年代降低多少。因此,医疗人员应该想办法保持病人整个机体的健康,从根本上降低肿瘤在人体内扎根的可能性。他表示,虽然我们目前还不完全了解癌症的病理机制,不过我们依然应该有办法控制癌症。说到这里,听众中响起了一阵嘘声。A few Bronx cheers aren#39;t enough to discourage a scientist as determined as Agus. He believes he has found a new way to greatly reduce the odds of getting sick and has set out his philosophy in a potentially game-changing new book, The End of Illness, which just became a New York Times bestseller. In it, he offers his prescription for preventive medicine, and backs it with studies and lively anecdotes.不过这点嘘声并不能使像阿古斯这样坚定的科学家感到气馁。他相信他已经找到了一种办法,可以大大降低人体生病的几率。阿古斯把他的理论写成了一本有可能具有颠覆意义的新书;;《疾病的终结》(The end of illness),这本书刚刚登上了《纽约时报》(New York Times)的畅销排行榜。阿古斯在书中阐述了他的防病理论,并用相关研究和生动的病例进行了佐。When I caught up with this slim, casually dressed man, he rattled off ideas as if he couldn#39;t let the world know fast enough about his thinking: ;I want doctors to treat toward health and not treat toward disease,; he said. Agus had his eureka moment after ing a 2004 Fortune article called ;Why We#39;re Losing the War on Cancer,; by Cliff Leaf. Himself a cancer survivor, Leaf, a Fortune editor at the time, wrote that researchers have come to treat the individual features of cancer rather than putting their efforts into directly controlling cancer. ;We have forgotten that curing cancer,; says Agus, who was on the team of doctors who treated Steve Jobs in the last years of his life, ;starts with preventing cancer in the first place.;我采访这位身材瘦削、衣着随意的医学家时,他飞快地介绍着他的想法,仿佛唯恐全世界不能尽快了解自己的思想。他说:;我希望医生们从病人健康时就着手治疗,而不是到生病时才去治。;阿古斯的灵感来自他2004年在《财富》杂志(Fortune)上读到的一篇文章:《为什么我们输掉了与癌症的战争》(Why We#39;re Losing the War on Cancer)。文章作者克里夫;利夫当时担任过《财富》杂志编辑,他本人就是一名癌症幸存者。他写道,癌症研究人员们习惯于治疗癌症的各种症状,而不是设法直接控制癌症。史蒂夫;乔布斯去世前的最后几年,阿古斯也是乔布斯治疗团队的一员。阿古斯说:;我们忘了治癌要从防癌开始。;Today, if we get cancer, we attack the cells. If we get a heart attack, we perform a bypass. That#39;s fine, but why not avoid the disease in the first place? Agus believes that diseases like cancer and heart disease should be thought of as verbs and not nouns. In his lexicon, ;cancering; suggests a systemic problem. He points to a study of women who, after treatment for breast cancer, were given either an osteoporosis drug or a placebo. The ones who took the drug had a 40% lower rate of recurrence of the cancer, as their system was changed and the cancer didn#39;t grow back. ;Keep the soil healthy,; says Agus, ;and the bad seed won#39;t grow.;今天,一旦病人得了癌症,我们就会试图去杀死癌细胞。如果病人心脏病发作,我们就做心脏搭桥。这无可厚非。但我们为什么不能;防病于未然; 呢?阿古斯认为,我们应该把癌症和心脏病这类疾病看成一个动词,而不是名词。在阿古斯的字典里,;患有癌症;意味着一个系统性的问题。他指出,在一项研究中,一组女性在接受了乳腺癌治疗后,医生向她们发放了一些治疗骨质疏松的药物或安慰剂。但用了这些药物的患者的复发率却比平均水平低了40%。随着她们的身体系统发生良性改变,癌症没有再复发。阿古斯说道:;只要保持土壤健康,坏的种子就无法萌芽。One way to keep your body#39;s soil healthy is to treat inflammation. When something is wrong with your body, it goes into panic mode and triggers inflammation, a process that rallies the vascular, immune, and cellular systems to heal injured tissue. Numerous studies show that patients who take statins ; which not only lower cholesterol but reduce inflammation ; lowered cancer rates by 40%, although no one knows exactly why. That#39;s not all. A growing body of evidence suggests that inflammation may be linked to a host of other diseases, from heart attacks to Alzheimer#39;s to diabetes. This doctor#39;s orders? Ask your physician if you should be on Lipitor or other statins and a regimen of baby aspirin, which help curb your body#39;s inflammation.保持身体土壤健康的方法之一是治疗炎症。身体出毛病的时候,人体机能就会进入一种恐慌模式,引起炎症。发炎这个过程就是身体在调动血管、细胞和免疫系统来修复受损的组织。大量研究表明,用他汀类药物的病人,患癌几率会降低40%,只是具体原因尚不明确。他汀类药物不仅能降低胆固醇,还可以消炎。此外还有越来越多的据显示,炎症可能与大量其它疾病有着联系,如心脏病、老年痴呆、糖尿病等。阿古斯对此有何建议呢?可以询问医生,看看是否可以用立普妥(Lipitor)或其它的他汀类药物,或经常用小剂量阿斯匹林来养生,这有助于人们控制身体的炎症。 /201202/172296




  How to fall in love with yourself? 如何爱上你自己?We are constantly bombarded with visions of how we are not good enough or how we need to improve ourselves. And itrsquo;s not only external things that cause us to have such low self-esteems and feel bad about ourselves either. Maybe you think all the negative-self talk is your way of being real with yourself. Little things like: Irsquo;ll never get it done, I don#39;t deserve that, why would they want to help me? oh I could never wear that, and I#39;m not smart enough. Instead of focusing on and telling yourself what you can#39;t do try focusing on what you can do.我们总是被这些想法狂轰滥炸:觉得自己不够好,需要完善自我。不只是外在的因素让我们自尊心不够或者觉得自己不好,也许你会觉得,这样自我否定的消极对话是你内心对自己的真正看法,那些都是生活中的琐事:我永远办不好这件事;我不值得;他们为什么想帮我?唉,我真不该穿那件衣;我不够聪明......现在,我们需要转变注意力:试着去关注那些我们能做到的,而不是那些我们做不到的。Here are a few ideas you can try to build yourself up and fall in love with yourself all over again.下面这些小贴士,会让你变得更强大,重新爱上你自己:Focus on your strengths. We all have strengths and luckily they are not all the same. Do things you are naturally good at and enjoy and you will build self confidence, efficiency and pride.聚焦自己的强项。我们都有强项,很幸运,大家的强项各有不同。做一些你天生擅长的事情,享受过程,你会建立自信、效率和骄傲。Be proud of your accomplishments. No matter how big or seemingly small your accomplishments are you should be very proud of each and every one of them. Whether it#39;s completing high school, university, starting your own company, having kids and raising a family, completing a project that#39;s hanging around for far too long, be proud. Celebrate the small and large accomplishments and everything in between.为自己的成功感到骄傲。为自己的每一次成功感到骄傲,不论大小。也许是完成高中学业,可能是从大学顺利毕业,也许是开了自己的公司,有了孩子,开始养家糊口,也可能是完成了一个拖了很久的项目,这些都值得骄傲。为自己这些大大小小的成功的一切喝。Get excited about who you are. Celebrate your uniqueness. Maybe you#39;re a very caring individual, efficient, or adept to solving problems. Embrace it. Be proud that you#39;re not like everyone else in your social circle. People love you for being you.很开心,我是这样的人。庆祝你的独一无二。也许你富有爱心,也许你办事很有效率,又或者你解决问题很老道。拥抱你的特别。你应该感到骄傲,因为你跟你的社交圈里的其他人都不一样。正因为你是你,所以大家才会爱。Share your talent. If you#39;ve got a talent share it with the world. If you can write ; write, if you can dance ; dance, if you can organize ;well you get the picture. Believe it or not there are people out there who could benefit greatly from you sharing your talents. Ever notice how giving to others makes you feel so incredible about yourself?分享你的才华。如果你天赋异禀,记得跟全世界分享。如果你文笔很好,那就写作吧;如果你舞跳得很棒,那就跳给大家看;如果你组织能力强,呃,你懂的。不管你相信与否,这世界上总会有人会因为你分享的才华而获益匪浅。你更应该注意的是,这样的分享过程,会让你觉得自己很棒。Forgive yourself. Guilt is a weird thing. All guilt does is hold us in the past reliving something we wish we could change. Not going to happen I#39;m afraid. Forgiveness is a choice. Forgive yourself. The past is the past (I know you#39;ve heard this before but the more you hear it the more you may start to believe it). Forgive yourself, apologize and move on.原谅你自己。内疚是件很奇怪的事情。内疚感只能让我们纠结着过去不放手,老是想着要是重来一遍一切会不一样。不过我想应该什么都不会发生。宽恕其实是种选择,原谅自己,过去的就让它过去吧(我知道你以前肯定也老是听到这句话,不过听到次数越多,你就越应该相信)。原谅,道歉,然后继续向前。Do something just for you. Take time for yourself and just relax. Rest both your mind and your body. Rejuvenate by sitting quietly listen to soft soothing music or watch the wonders of nature from your own backyard, balcony or window. Treat yourself to a massage or spa day. Whatever it is that makes you feel special and relaxed ; do it.为自己做点什么。给自己留点时间,放松下。让你的身心都能好好休息下。静静地坐着,听着抚慰心灵的轻音乐,或者从后院、阳台或窗户看出去,欣赏大自然的奥妙奇景,这些都会让你变年轻。去做做或者泡泡温泉,犒劳一下自己。不论是什么让你觉得很特别很放松,去做就好。Love yourself. Take pride in all your unique glory. Maybe you#39;re quirky and have a very different talent. Embrace it. Flaunt it and share it with the world!爱自己,为自己所有独一无二的魅力感到骄傲。也许你有点奇怪,有点不同常人的才华,拥抱你的特别。要炫耀,然后跟全世界分享。 /201112/165069




  Women wearing skirt suits are viewed as more successful than those wearing trouser suits favoured by powerful women such as Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, scientists have found. 社会学家发现:穿裙子的女性要比喜欢穿裤子套装的女性,比如Hillary Clinton 和Angela Merkel 看起来更成功。 They are seen as the uniform of the high-flying career businesswoman, but it seems trouser suits are not the best way to make a good first impression. 裤装看起来似乎是对于职场女强人的职业套装,但是似乎裤装有时候并不能给人一个很好的第一印象。 Research has revealed women who wear skirts and jackets are viewed as more confident, higher-earning and more flexible than those opting for a trouser suit. 调查发现,相对于穿裤装来说,穿裙子和短上衣的女性看起来更加自信,收入更高也更加可靠。 Scientists also found that opinions of others, based purely on the clothes they are wearing, are formed within seconds of first meeting. 社会学家还发现,基于人们所穿的衣,别人在第一次见面时,几秒钟之内就会形成一个印象。 So while trouser suits – favoured by powerful women such as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and German chancellor Angela Merkel – are associated with ambition and success, a skirt suit gives a more positive first impression. 所以当想美国国务秘书Hillary Clinton以及德国司法官Angela Merkel等职场女强人喜欢裤装示人,并以因此使人联想到强势和成功时,裙装则更容易给人一个更加正面的第一印象。 Professor Karen Pine, who co-led the research at the department of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, said: "We make very rapid judgements about people within the first few seconds of meeting them based on their clothing. 参加调研的Hertfordshire大学教授Karen Pine说:我们通常在第一次见面的前几秒之内就会给对方一个快速的判断,而这个判断就是基于他们所穿的衣。 "It was surprising that the skirt suit elicited more favourable attributes than the trouser suit as other studies have suggested that women who dress in a more masculine style were perceived as having greater professional status. 真是出人意料——穿裙装会得到更多的认同,而不是像之前其他的研究所建议的,在职场中,穿着更加男性化的女人更加职业。 "What we found suggests women can still dress in a feminine way yet still be perceived as confident and successful. The skirt suit seems to balance professionalism with attractiveness." 我们的调查发现:女人可以穿着女性化的装,这也表达了一种自信和成功。裙装似乎是职业和吸引力的一种平衡。 Researchers showed 306 volunteers a series of pictures of a man or a woman wearing suits for three seconds before asking them to rate them on a number of personality traits. 调查有306名志愿者,向展示了一系列的男人或女人穿套装的图片,并紧跟着让他们回答关于照片上人的个人品质的一系列的问题。 The facial features of the man and woman in the pictures had been obscured so the volunteers were only making judgements about what they were wearing. 照片里的人的社会特征被掩盖住了,所以志愿者们只能根据他们的穿着进行判断。 They were also shown the images individually so they could not compare the suits side by side. 照片时单独展示的,所以志愿者们不能放在一起进行对比。 The woman was rated more confident and having a higher salary and better flexibility when she was wearing skirt suits. 调查结果就是穿裙装的女人看起更自信,收入更高,并且更加可靠。 Brenda Polen, director of programmes at London College of Fashion, said: "Trousers are traditionally the uniform of power because men wear it. 伦敦大学时装学院的Brenda Polen,也就是本项目的发起者说:裤装是传统的职业装,因为男人就是这么穿的。 "This could be more about fashion as we have had two decades where the trouser suit has not had a significant role to play in fashion. 这可能会带起新的时尚潮流,因为在过去二十几年里裤装在时尚里一直没有一个举足轻重的角色。 "Women wear trousers at the weekend and for leisure so the skirt suit has become far more associated with successful women. Heels also look a lot better with pencil skirts than with trousers flapping around them." 女人会在周末休闲的时候穿裤装,所以裙装与成功女士的联系更加密切了。高跟鞋配铅笔裙也要比配罩在四周的裤子好看的。 Among men, wearing made-to-measure bespoke suits were rated as having better personality traits than those wearing good quality off-the-peg suits bought from a major high street retailer. 对男人来说,穿定制装要比穿在装店里买的高档成品衣要看起来更有个人魅力。 Although the suits were made from the same material, men wearing the bespoke suits were regarded as being more confident, more successful, having a better salary and a more flexible personality than those wearing the high street suit. 即使面料相同,穿定制衣的男人比穿高档成品衣要看起来更加的自信,成功,收入高以及有更加可靠的个人品质。 Professor Pine added: "We seem to make these judgements very instinctively and rapidly. 教授Pine补充道:我们似乎是凭着直觉很迅速的就做出了那些判断。 "The man was rated as a higher salary earner when wearing the bespoke suit. People are influenced by subtle features such as the cut of a suit and it has a powerful impact on judgments of personality and professional status." 穿定制装的人被认为是高收入者。人们被类似于衣飞剪裁这样微小的特征影响着,并且更深的影响着于判断一个人的品质和职业状况。回帖话题:What's your opinion about the passage? /201109/154396

  N;SO#abNIU)Gs3T1d#)oa~C,R9zWT4Q#.What better way to wrap up 2012 than with a look back at the year#39;s loveliest dresses? These 12 red carpet picks have one thing in common: they’re just plain stunning!有什么比回顾年度最美装更好的方法来结束2012年?这12件红毯选择有一个共同点:它们只是完全惊为天人!bWV;^Z#@E15r53k|jGY7+XV;2m_GiR*_bzwgTb*LY5 /201301/220385


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