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平度市人民医院预约挂号系统青岛市山大医院挂号预约平台梅西因税收欺诈被判监禁 -- :: 来源: 梅西和他的父亲因税收欺诈被判1个月监禁,目前正在上诉 Barcelona football star Lionel Messi and his father will appeal against a Spanish court decision to sentence them each to 1 months in jail tax fraud, the player’s lawyers say.巴塞罗那足球明星莱昂内尔·梅西和他的父亲正要向西班牙的一家法院提起上诉,该法院以税收欺诈罪判决他们1个月的监禁,该球员的律师说Argentine Messi, aged 9, was also fined m euros (1.7m pounds; .m dollars) by the court in Barcelona.阿根廷人梅西,9岁,还被这个位于巴塞罗那的法院罚款0万欧元(0万英镑;万美元)In addition to the prison term, Messi’s father, Jorge, was fined 1.5m euros defrauding Spain of .1m euros in -.除了监禁,梅西的父亲,Jorge,因-年间欺诈西班牙政府万欧元,被罚0万欧元However, neither man is expected to serve time in jail.然而,他们都不会真的入狱刑Under the Spanish legal system, prison terms of under two years can be served under probation.根据西班牙法律系统,少于两年的刑期可以缓刑The pair also face millions of euros in fines using tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to conceal earnings from image rights.他们因利用伯利兹和乌拉圭的避税天堂欺瞒通过肖像权得到的收入,面临数百万欧元的罚款’Corrective payment’“补救性付”"The sentence is not correct and we are confident the appeal will show the defence was right," Messi’s lawyers said in a statement several hours after the guilty verdict was delivered.梅西的律师在有罪判决下达几小时后发表声明说“这个判决不恰当,我们相信上诉会让大家知道我们的辩护是正当的”The lawyers said that "there is a good chance that the appeal will succeed", adding that Messi had always acted in good faith.律师说:“上诉成功的几率很大”,还说梅西一向善意行事The sentence can be appealed against via the Spanish supreme court.这项判决可通过西班牙最高法院上诉The footballer and his father were found guilty of three counts of tax fraud.这个足球运动员和他的父亲被判三项税收诈骗罪As well as the jail terms, Messi and Jorge were also fined. They made a voluntary 5m euros "corrective payment", equal to the alleged unpaid tax plus interest, in August .除了监禁,梅西和他的父亲还被罚款年8月,他们自愿地“补救性付”5百万欧元,抵偿他们所涉嫌的未付税款(加利息)Messi earns an estimated 36m euros per year at Barcelona, and his income of about 3m euros in the past decade has placed him th of bes magazine’s list of the highest-earning athletes in the world.梅西大约每年在巴塞罗那赚3600万欧元,过去十年间3.亿欧元的收入,已使他进入福布斯杂志全球收入最高运动员之列的第十位Lionel Messi’s illustrious career:莱昂内尔·梅西杰出的职业生涯Winner of Fifa Ballon d’Or as world’s best footballer on five occasions国际足联的金球奖得主,五次获得最佳球员Voted Uefa best player in Europe three times三次在欧洲获得欧足联最佳球员Uefa Champions League winner with FC Barcelona on four occasions与巴塞罗那足球俱乐部四次赢得欧洲冠军联赛Spanish championship winner with FC Barcelona eight times与巴塞罗那足球俱乐部八次赢得西班牙冠军Olympic gold medallist with Argentina in 年和阿根廷队赢得奥林匹克冠军Argentina’s all-time leading scorer with 55 goals以55次进球成为阿根廷史上最佳球员...and major disappointments:...还有一些大失所望的经历:June : quits Argentine team after missing penalty in shootout in Copa America final loss to Chile年6月日:在美洲杯决赛点球失分输给智利后退出阿根廷队it was fourth major final defeat Argentina in nine years这是九年间,阿根廷队的第四次重大失败other three losses: Copa America () again to Chile (again on penalties); World Cup to Germany; Copa America () against Brazil其他三次是:美洲杯()还是智利(还是点球);年世界杯对阵德国;美洲杯()对阵巴西FC Barcelona’s reaction巴塞罗那足球俱乐部的回应"FC Barcelona expresses its full support to Leo Messi and his father in relation to the conviction tax fraud...“巴塞罗那足球俱乐部在税收欺诈案件上对梅西和他的父亲表示全力持...”"The club... considers that the player, who has corrected his position with the Spanish tax office, is in no way criminally responsible with regards to the facts underlined in this case."“俱乐部...考虑到球员已经与西班牙税务局纠正了立场,没有任何理由在该情形下还向他们要求刑事责任”潍坊宫颈糜烂三度的治疗去哪家医院比较好 胡萝卜能提高视力?我们对视力的个误解 -- :50: 来源:chinadaily We can probably all recount at least a dozen weird and alarming things parents, teachers, and older siblings told us about our eyes when we were kids. instance, we'd be permanently cross-eyed if we didn't stop making those faces at our brother or we'd go blind from ing in the dark. But maybe, just maybe, we could find redemption by eating lots of carrots. Here are a few common myths and misconceptions.我们都能回忆起自己小时候,父母、老师和哥哥们曾经告诉过我们的那些有关视力怪异又吓人的事情比如,如果我们再继续向哥哥扮鬼脸,以后就会变成斗鸡眼,又或者在黑暗中阅读眼睛会瞎掉但是,如果我们吃很多很多的胡萝卜,也许我们的眼睛还有救以下就是关于视力的几个常见的误解和迷思MYTH #1: IF YOU CROSS YOUR EYES, THEY'LL STAY THAT WAY. 误解1:如果你装成斗鸡眼,那么你将一直是斗鸡眼Crossed eyes occur when your eyes don't look the same way at the same time. There are six muscles attached to each of our eyes that, guided by signals from the brain, control their movements. When your eyes don't align, the brain gets two different images. Over time, this can cause more serious vision issues. That's a real problem, but it's not caused by making your eyes cross on purpose short periods of time.斗鸡眼只有在你的两只眼睛没有同时看向同一个方向的时候才会出现我们的每只眼睛周围有六块肌肉,它们由大脑中的信号控制你的两只眼睛若是没有对齐,那么你的大脑就会得到两幅不同的图像随着时间的流逝,这会造成更加严重的视力问题不过你短暂地装一下斗鸡眼并不能达到这种效果MYTH #. EATING CARROTS WILL HELP YOU SEE IN THE DARK. 误解:吃胡萝卜能增强你的夜间视力Well, carrots certainly aren't bad your eyesight. They contain plenty of beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A, a crucial vitamin vision. But carrots don't do anything exceptional your nighttime vision.其实胡萝卜对你的视力没有坏处,它们含有丰富的β-胡萝卜素,随后你的身体会将它们变成维他命A,这种维他命对视力至关重要但胡萝卜无法让你的夜间视力变得超常MYTH #3: THE BIGGER YOUR EYES, THE BETTER YOUR EYESIGHT. 误解3:你的眼睛越大,视力越好When you're born, your eyeballs are approximately millimeters in diameter, reaching millimeters as an adult. But your eyes getting larger does not necessarily mean that your vision is getting better. In fact, excessive growth in human eyes can cause myopia, or nearsightedness. If the eyeball is too long, the eye's lens can't focus the light in the right part of the retina to process images clearly.人类刚出生的时候,眼球直径约为毫米,成年后会达到毫米但你的眼睛变大了并不意味着你的视力变强了事实上,人类眼睛过度增长会造成近视如果眼球太长,那么眼睛的晶状体就无法将光线聚集在视网膜的正确位置,人类也无法接收到清晰的图像MYTH #: PUPIL DILATION OCCURS ONLY IN RESPONSE TO CHANGES IN LIGHT. 误解:人眼只有在应对光线变化的时候才会出现瞳孔扩张Sexual arousal, solving a complicated mental math problem, fear, and other cognitive and emotional events can provoke changes in pupil size, though the precise reasons why are not yet clearly understood.我们的情绪和精神状态也会造成瞳孔扩张,性唤起、解决了复杂的数学问题和恐惧等都会让瞳孔大小发生变化,不过人类并未完全了解其中的原因MYTH #5: UV RAYS CAN ONLY DAME EYES WHEN THE SUN IS SHINING. 误解5:只有阳光灿烂的时候紫外线才能损害我们的眼睛Even on cloudy and foggy days, ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause eye damage. Years of exposure can increase your risk of developing cataracts.即便在多云和大雾天气,紫外线也会伤害我们的眼睛,多年持续下来会增大你患白内障的风险MYTH #6: WEARING GLASSES TOO MUCH CAN MAKE YOUR EYESIGHT WORSE. 误解6:戴眼镜越久近视越深Giving the correct prescription "reduces the progression of myopia."戴度数合适的眼镜会让“近视度数增长变慢”MYTH #7: READING IN DIM LIGHT WILL DIMINISH YOUR EYESIGHT. 误解7:在昏暗的灯光下阅读会损害视力While ing in semi-darkness may put a temporary strain on your eyes, it's not going to permanently damage your eyesight.在昏暗的灯光下阅读会暂时让你的眼睛用力过度,但不会永久损害你的视力MYTH #8: IF YOUR PARENTS HAVE BAD EYESIGHT, YOU WILL, TOO. 误解8:视力不好会遗传You might, of course, because some eye problems are genetic. But there's no guarantee that we will develop the same vision impairments as our parents. One study found that if both parents are myopic, there's a 30 to 0 percent chance that the child is. If only one parent is myopic, the child has a to 5 percent chance, and it's down to percent kids with non-myopic parents.有些眼睛问题会遗传,但这并不意味着我们视力受损的程度会与父母一致有研究发现如果父母双方是近视,那么他们孩子近视的概率为百分之三十至百分之四十如果父母仅一人近视,那么孩子近视的概率为百分之二十至百分之二十五若父母双方均不近视,那么孩子近视的概率为百分之十MYTH #9: TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME WILL DESTROY YOUR EYESIGHT. 误解9:盯屏幕时间过久会损害视力More and more people are complaining of symptoms like dry, irritated eyes after prolonged periods of screen time. The American Optometric Association (AOA) defines this group of symptoms collectively as Computer Vision Syndrome—or Digital Eye Strain—which can be further exacerbated by trying to focus on small screens such as tablets or phones. The AOA recommends following the -- rule: Every minutes, take a -second break to look at something feet away.越来越多人长时间盯着屏幕之后会眼干眼涩,美国眼科协会将这些症状统称为计算机视觉综合症,继续盯着小屏幕会让这种症状加重美国眼科协会建议人们遵循--规则:每隔二十分钟,休息二十秒钟,并试图看看英尺以外的东西MYTH #: THE RIGHT "VITAMIN COCKTAIL" CAN PREVENT VISION DECLINE. 误解:正确的“维他命鸡尾酒”能够防止视力下降According to Harvard researchers, vitamins may help slow the progression of macular degeneration, but people not aly suffering from the disease, preventative use of such vitamins didn't appear to make a significant difference.哈佛的研究人员指出,维他命也许能够减缓黄斑退化的过程,但对于没啥毛病的人来说,用这类维他命预防并没有什么效果MYTH #: DYSLEXIA IS LINKED TO VISION PROBLEMS. 误解:阅读障碍与视力问题有关A recent study from Bristol and Newcastle Universities in the UK found that children with dyslexia were no more likely than others to suffer from common vision problems.英国布里斯托尔和纽卡斯尔大学最近的研究发现,有阅读障碍的儿童患有眼部疾病的几率并不比其他孩子高MYTH #: IF YOU DON'T TREAT LAZY EYE WHEN YOU'RE A SMALL CHILD, YOU'LL HAVE IT EVER. 误解:弱视不从小开始治疗,就再也治不好了While doctors say that the sooner it's treated the better, there are an increasing number of remedies that can help adults as well.虽然医生说越早治疗越好,但其实随着科技的发展也有越来越多的技术能够帮助弱视的成年人MYTH #: BLIND PEOPLE SEE ONLY DARKNESS. 误解:盲人看到的只有一片黑暗Only 18 percent of people who have visual impairments are totally blind. Most are able to differentiate between light and dark.只有百分之十八视力严重受损的人永久失明,大部分盲人能够区分光明和黑暗MYTH #: HUMAN VISION IS THE SAME IN SPACE AS IT IS ON EARTH. 误解:人类在地球和在太空中的视力一样Actually, NASA scientists have found that space can impair our vision, though they still aren't sure why.NASA发现,在太空中我们的视力会受损,但原因不明MYTH #: PEOPLE WHO ARE COLORBLIND CAN'T SEE COLOR. 误解:色盲的人看不到色It's quite rare someone not to see color at all. It's more common color blind individuals to have difficulty differentiating between certain colors, like red and green, or blue and yellow. And while color blindness is far more common in males than females, it does affect a small percentage of women.很少有人完全看不到色,色盲中较为常见的是人们难以区分特定的颜色,比如红绿和黄蓝虽然色盲在男性群体中更为常见,但依旧有少数女性深受其扰Vocabularycataract: 白内障macular degeneration: 黄斑退化;黄斑部病变dyslexia: 阅读障碍英文来源:mentalfloss翻译#38;编辑:丹妮兰蔻发声明取消与何韵诗合作 -- ::1 来源: 兰蔻因选择于何韵诗合作引起中国大陆网民的不满,其后取消了其在香港的宣传演唱会 French cosmetics giant Lancome has cancelled a promotional concert in Hong Kong after an online backlash in mainland China over an artist apparently set to perm.法国化妆品巨头兰蔻因艺人的选择引起中国大陆网民的不满后,取消了其在香港的宣传演唱会Denise Ho, a well-known pro-democracy activist, said she had been due to sing at the sold-out concert on 19 June.何韵诗作为知名亲民主活动家,称她原本要在6月19日的演唱会上演出,该演出的门票已售罄The news sparked calls a boycott of Lancome in Chinese online ums.该消息引了在中国线上论坛上网民对兰蔻的抵制Lancome cancelled the event citing "possible safety reasons" without clarifying if she was set to perm.兰蔻声称“因潜在的安全因素”取消了该演出,但没有澄清她是否要表演Lancome also added, in a post on Facebook, that Ms Ho, 39, was not the brand’s spokesperson.兰蔻还在脸书上称,今年39岁的何韵诗不是其品牌代言人"Lancome is an international brand. Of course, even an international brand has to fall to its knees in the face of this kind of bullying. We have to seriously face up to this problem," she said.“兰蔻是一个国际品牌当然,即便是国际品牌,也要在这种抵制面前双膝跪地我们必须认真地面对这个问题,”她说Ms Ho was one of the first celebrities to be arrested participating in the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in , when thousands of people occupied parts of Hong Kong to demand fully free elections.何韵诗是因参加年的亲民主雨伞运动而首先被捕的名人之一,该运动召集了几千人占领香港的一些区域,要求完全自由的选举The pro-democracy protest was seen by observers as the biggest challenge to Beijing’s rule since Hong Kong was returned to China by the British in 1997.该亲民主抗议被观察员认为是自1997年香港从英国回归以来对北京制度的最大挑战She had merly posted pictures of herself with Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, calling him a "loving grandfather".她曾经正式发布她和西藏精神领袖达赖喇嘛的照片,称他为“爱的祖父”Lancome announced the concert last week and Ms Ho said on her Facebook page that she would be perming.兰蔻于上周宣布了该演唱会,何韵诗在其脸书上说她将出席表演Then on Saturday, Beijing newspaper Global Times questioned her appearance, calling her a supporter of Hong Kong independence in a post on micro-blogging site Weibo.然后在周六,北京报纸《环球时报质疑她的出席,在微上称她是“港独”的持者Ms Ho has not publicly expressed her support independence the territory from China.何韵诗没有公开表示过持从中国独立出来The Global Times post, as well as Lancome’s Facebook post, drew an intense reaction from netizens with some condemning the move and other calling a boycott of Lancome products.《环球时报的帖子和兰蔻的脸书帖子,引起了网民激烈的反应,有些人谴责该举动,而有些人号召抵制兰蔻的产品One user said the brand could not both "earn Chinese money" and have "such a person" endorse the brand.一位用户说该品牌不可能同时“赚中国的钱”而让“这样的人”代言该品牌青岛人流都有哪些好医院

青岛市新阳光妇科是私立还是公立的?中国连续两月减持美国国债 -- :: 来源:sohu 根据美国财政部6月日最新数据显示,美国国债最大持有国中国在月减持美国国债 China, the top buyer of U.S. Treasury securities, cut its holding in April, the latest data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on June th, . 月,中国持有的美债减少了18亿美元,减少至1.万亿美元3月和月两个月份,中国连续减持美债 China reduced its holding of the treasuries by 1.8 billion U.S. dollars to 1. trillion U.S. dollars in April. The country has cut its holding two consecutive months by April. 月,美债第二大持有国日本持有的美债增加了57亿美元,增加至1.万亿美元全球美债持有量从3月的6.7万亿美元降至6.385万亿美元 Japan, the second largest eign holder of U.S. treasuries, increased its holding by 5.7 billion dollars to 1. trillion dollars in April. In April, overall eign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities dropped to 6.385 trillion U.S. dollars from 6.7 trillion dollars in March.青岛市胸科医院价格 奥巴马:美英“特殊关系”不会因脱欧公投结果而改变 --5 18:53:59 来源: 美国总统奥巴马当地时间日就英国脱欧公投结果表态,强调美英特殊关系“历久弥坚”,是美国外交、安全和经济政策的“重要基石” Barack Obama said that the special relationship between the US and the UK would endure despite Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.尽管英国决定脱离欧盟,但奥巴马表示,美国和英国的特殊关系将会历久弥坚The president said that the two countries would stay close to ensure "economic growth and financial stability".他说,两国将保持紧密联系,以保“经济增长和财政稳定”He said the UK and EU were still "indispensable partners" the US.他认为,欧盟和英国仍都将继续是美国“不可或缺的伙伴”The UK’s decision to leave the EU had raised questions about its relationship with the US, a long-time ally.英国决定离开欧盟引发了它和长期盟友——美国的关系如何处理的问题"While the UK’s relationship with the EU will change, one thing that will not change is special relationship that exists between our two nations," Mr Obama said.奥巴马表示,“尽管英国和欧盟的关系发生了变化,但英国两国之间的关系不会改变”The president said he was confident that the UK was committed to an orderly transition from the EU.这位美国总统说,对于英国脱欧后的有序过渡,他很有信心During a visit to the UK in April Mr Obama urged Britons to vote to stay in the EU.在奥巴马今年月访问英国时,他还敦促英国人投票留在欧盟He warned that a Brexit would put the UK at "the back of the queue" negotiating a trade deal with the US, which is focused on striking a free trade deal with the EU.他警告英国,一旦离开欧盟,那么英国就要“从头排队”同美国签署贸易协议而欧盟同美国已经签署了自由贸易协议Mr Obama said he valued his relationship with David Cameron, who said today he would step down as prime minister by October. The two men will have been in office nearly the same period of time.奥巴马表示他很看好与英国首相卡梅伦的关系——他的首相任期到今年月结束所以二人的在职时间相差无几The president was speaking at Stand University on Friday at an entrepreneur summit.星期五,在斯坦福大学举办的企业家峰会上,美国总统奥巴马发表了以上言论"Yesterday’s vote speaks to the ongoing changes and challenges that are raised by globalisation," he told the audience.他告诉观众,“昨天的英国脱欧公投结果表明,全球化带来的变化和挑战持续存在”青岛市第五人民医院做人流好不

青岛宫外孕手术费多少钱马克·扎克伯格的社交媒体账户被黑客攻击 -- ::0 来源: 扎克伯格的Instagram、推特、领英和Pinterest的账号遭到短暂地黑客攻击 He might run the world’s biggest social networking site, but not even Mark Zuckerberg is immune to being hacked.虽然马克·扎克伯格统治着世界上最大的社交媒体网站,但也无法对黑客攻击免疫The Facebook founder’s s on sites including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest appear to have been briefly compromised on Sunday.这位脸书创始人的包括Instagram、推特、领英和Pinterest的账号在周日显示遭到短暂地黑客攻击A hacker group called Ourmine, which has more than 0,000 Twitter followers, claimed responsibility.拥有万名粉丝的名为Ourmine的黑客组织称这起事件为其所为The group bragged about the alleged hacks in a tweet and invited Mr Zuckerberg to contact them.该组织在推特上自夸了这起所谓的黑客行动,并要求扎克伯格联系他们"Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter Instagram Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us."“嘿,@finkd,我们进入了你的推特、Instagram和Pinterest账户,我们只是测试你的安全性,请联系我们”Engadget posted a screengrab of the alleged hack of the Facebook chief executive’s Twitter :瘾科技网站发布了脸书CEO推特账号被所谓黑客攻击后的截屏:The Twitter has since had the offending tweets deleted. Mr Zuckerberg has not sent a tweet from the since .该推特账号从此把这些冒犯的帖子删除了扎克伯格自年就没有用此账户发布信息Developer Ben Hall tweeted a screenshot of Mr Zuckerberg’s "hacked" Pinterest page.程序员Ben Hall在Pinterest页面上发布了扎克伯格“被黑客攻击”的截屏The B understands that Facebook’s security systems prevented Mr Zuckerberg’s Instagram from being accessed. The photo-sharing service is owned by Facebook.B了解的情况是,脸书的安全系统防止扎克伯格的Instagram账户被访问该图片分享务网站为脸书所有Some reports suggested that the hack of LinkedIn may have been responsible the breach.一些报道称年领英遭黑客攻击可能导致了该安全系统的崩溃Last month it was reported that 7 million LinkedIn username and password combinations stolen four years ago were being sold on the dark web 5 bitcoins - worth about $,300 (1,595 pounds).据报道,上个月,四年前1.亿被盗的领英用户的用户名和密码组合在黑网站上以5比特币被出卖,价值300美元The passwords were encoded, but in a m that appears to have been relatively easy to unravel.这些密码是被编码的,但从形式来看显得相对容易解开The , on which he has posted just 30 images, has more than 600,000 followers.这个只发布了30张图片的账号拥有60万粉丝 []李钟硕朴信惠朴宝剑:暑假追剧攻略(双语) -- 18::3 来源:sohu 追剧都是痛苦的,一周只有一部想看的剧,永远都在等更新,等到更新却又不敢看,只怕熬不过下一次等待 热爱追剧的你我是不是都有这样痛苦的回忆! 然而这个暑假再也不用饱受追剧之苦了!好剧太多看花眼?今夏最完整的追剧攻略来啦,一周7天看不停~让我们来细数一下目前在发糖的欧巴和即将发糖的欧巴! Summer vacation is coming, and there are so many great TV series to follow. Let's review those hit TV dramas now! 周一周二(中国更新时间周二周三) Monday amp; Tuesday 《doctors金来沅 朴信惠 暖心大叔金来沅,追到现在只想说,男主要不要这么完美!情商高,智商高,专情,这种粮只能在剧里吃了 The hero has high IQ, high EQ, and also so speical to the heroine. 男神收割机朴信惠出演,必有男神,必属精品朴信惠可谓是搭过了韩国圈所有的男神,就好像杨幂,跟她演,一定火! Piao Xinhui has cooperated with so many great actors in Korea, and nearly all of her TV series achieved high ratings. 朴信惠扮演的“女流氓”慧静和自己曾经的高中老师,金来沅,又爱又虐,绝对不是傻白甜情节 Romantic but not cheesy love story between a female doctor and her high school teacher. 周三周四(中国更新时间周四周五) Wednesday amp; Thursday 《任意依恋金宇彬 秀智 大长腿金宇彬携手国民初恋秀智,光是画面就美不胜收,同样情节也不俗气,自开播以来收视一直不容小觑 这是个关于金宇彬饰演的宇宙大明星和秀智饰演的乙级电视导演之间爱恨情仇的故事 The heart broken story bewteen a famous star and a TV show director. 《W两个世界李钟硕 韩孝周 虽然剧情目前还不明了,但是从海报上可以看出,李钟硕饰演的是财阀二代高富帅,而韩孝周则饰演的是一名医生 Although the plot is unknow now , but from the posters, we can tell that Li Zhongshuo is playing an Rich second generation, and Han Xiaozhou is playing a surgeon. 李钟硕的新剧将于韩国时间7月日与好友金宇彬的《任意依恋同时开播长腿欧巴之间的战争将会结果如何呢? 不知道喜欢男神的你在周四晚上是会选择李钟硕还是金宇彬! 遇到收视率,友谊的小船也是说翻就翻呢~~ Li Zhongshuo's new drama will be broadcasted on th July, same time as his good friend Jin Yubin's drama. Which one will you choose? 但是!如果你谁也不想放弃,我们提供一个两全其美的办法 攒着看周二周三《doctors,周四到周日《任意依恋和《W随便看,一天一集,再也不用饱受追剧的辛酸!到了周一,就休息一天吧! However! If you could give up neither Li Zhongshuo nor Jin Yubin, you can just download both of the TV series and watch them whenever you like! 另外,由朴宝剑主演的《云画的月光预计将于下个月号开播,选择是不是大大的呢! 《云月的童话朴宝剑 金裕贞 (8月号首播) 实习编辑:李沅辰青岛市六院有微创手术吗山东省青岛市第一人民医院地址在哪



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