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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may have changed course and turned back toward Kuala Lumpur -- but there were no indications from the pilot that he was doing so, officials said at a news conference Sunday.在周日的新闻发布会上,官方人员表示,马航MH370航班可能改变飞行路径,并折返吉隆坡。但是没有迹象表明飞机上的机师在这么做。Officials said a recording on radar indicated the plane#39;s change of course.官方表示,雷达记录显示飞机改变了飞行路径。The latest revelation added to the questions that have puzzled authorities since the commercial jetliner, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, went missing early Saturday while flying from the Malaysian capital to Beijing: what happened to the plane, why was no distress signal issued, and who exactly was aboard?这个最新披露的消息更增加了此次飞机失联事件的谜团。这架失去联系的商用飞机载有227名乘客,12名机组人员,于周六凌晨从马来西亚首都吉隆坡飞往北京。但是,这架飞机到底发生了什么事?为什么会失去联系?到底有哪些人登机了?这些谜团都未得到解答。Forty ships and 22 planes were scouring a portion of the South China Sea on Sunday for any sign of where the flight may have gone down, officials said at the news briefing.在新闻发布会上,官方表示,已经派出了40艘船只和22架飞机在南中国海附近搜寻失联飞机的踪迹。 /201403/279205

Wanda, has set out an ambitious global expansion plan – but has vowed not to sell all the homes it builds to wealthy investors in its home market.万达(Wanda)已提出一个雄心勃勃的全球扩张计划,但承诺不会将其建造的所有住宅都售予中国的富有投资者。China’s biggest commercial property developer by sales aims to increase its current bn annual turnover to 0bn by 2020, primarily through international property development, according to Michael Purefoy, the man in charge of Wanda’s international housing sales.万达国际房地产销售主管迈克尔#8226;普里福伊(Michael Purefoy)表示,万达计划到2020年将其目前的300亿美元年度销售额增至1000亿美元,主要通过国际房地产开发。万达是中国销售额最高的商业地产开发商。“Our ambition is to turn Wanda, which is a very well-known brand in China and Asia, into a global brand,” he said.他表示:“我们的理想是将万达这个在中国和亚洲非常知名的品牌变成一个全球品牌。”Although Wanda is primarily a real estate developer, it has also branched out into leisure. It owns 60 hotels in China, US cinema chain AMC and yachtmaker Sunseeker.尽管万达的主业是房地产开发,但该集团也将触角伸向了休闲业。万达在中国拥有60家酒店,还拥有美国影院连锁AMC以及英国游艇制造商圣汐(Sunseeker)。Chinese property companies have reacted to brewing trouble in their home market by diversifying and taking their first steps abroad. Most are simply buying existing assets as an investment, but Wanda wants to take on the more complicated and challenging task of developing new property.面对中国市场即将出现的困境,中国房地产公司的回应是实现多元化,同时首次将目光投向海外。多数房地产公司只是购买现有资产作为投资,而万达则希望开发新的地产,承担更为复杂且更具挑战性的任务。Wanda took its first step overseas last year, purchasing a site in Vauxhall, south London, where it plans to build 440 homes and a hotel in two residential towers.万达是在去年首次进军海外市场的,在伦敦南部的沃克斯豪尔(Vauxhall)购买了一个地块,计划建造两栋住宅楼,包括440套住宅和一家酒店。It then moved into Spain, Australia and the US earlier this year with land purchases in Madrid, the Gold Coast and Chicago, and is in the process of buying a property on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.接着,今年早些时候,万达进军西班牙、澳大利亚和美国,在马德里、澳大利亚黄金海岸和芝加哥购地,目前正收购洛杉矶比佛利山威尔夏大道(Wilshire Boulevard)的一处地产。It is now seeking further sites “throughout the world” in “key global cities”, Mr Purefoy said.普里福伊表示,万达现在正在“全球主要城市”继续寻找地产项目。Wanda will put the first group of homes in the Vauxhall development, called One Nine Elms, up for sale this week.万达将在本周销售沃克斯豪尔项目的首期住宅,该项目名为One Nine Elms。London developers have been criticised for selling homes abroad, particularly to Asia. Wanda will benefit from “brand recognition” when marketing foreign homes to Chinese buyers, Mr Purefoy said, but the company does not want simply to channel Asian cash into the British housing market.伦敦开发商一直因将住宅向海外(特别是亚洲)销售而受到批评。普里福伊表示,在将外国房产推介给中国买家时,万达将受益于“品牌认知度”,但该公司不仅仅是希望将亚洲资金引入英国房地产市场。It has “internal guidelines controlling the level of sales within China” in an attempt to diversify its customer base, Mr Purefoy said: “We want to be a global brand and we can’t do that if we only sell homes in Asia.”万达“在中国有控制销售水平的内部原则”,目的是将客户基础多样化,普里福伊表示:“我们希望成为一个全球品牌,如果我们只在亚洲卖房的话,我们就不可能做到这点。”Wanda has signed up to London mayor Boris Johnson’s initiative asking developers to market their homes to Londoners first, before offering them to buyers abroad. All of Wanda’s planned projects combine residential development with its expertise in hotels.万达参加了伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)提出的计划,该计划要求开发商首先向伦敦人推介它们的房产,然后再面向海外买家。万达所有计划中的项目都将住宅开发与其在酒店方面的专长结合在一起。 /201410/337018



  A total of 47 new nominations, including Documents of the Nanjing Massacre from China, are inscribed on the Memory of the World Register by the International Advisory Committee of UNESCO#39;s Memory of the World Programme in Paris, announced Friday UNESCO in a press release.位于巴黎的联合国教科文组织世界遗产工程的国际咨询委员会,在周五的新闻发布会上公布,中国申报的南京大屠杀档案“申遗”成功,入选的项目共47个。The decision was made during a three day meeting of UNESCO from Oct. 4 to 6 in Abu Dhabi, the ed Arab Emirates, following a two-year process as part of the 2014-2015 nomination cycle during which 88 submissions from 61 countries were examined.自10月4日到6日,联合国教科文组织进行了为期三天的会议,于阿联酋阿布扎比作出最终决定。2014 - 2015年提名过程的两年期间,联合国教科文组织对来自61个国家的88份申请书进行了核查。According to UNESCO, Documents of the Nanjing Massacre consists of three parts: the first part concerns the period of the massacre (1937-1938), the second part is related to the post-war investigation and trials of war criminals documented by the Chinese National Government#39;s Military Tribunal (1945-1947), and the third part deals with files documented by the judiciary authorities of the People#39;s Republic of China (1952-1956).据联合国教科文组织,南京大屠杀的档案由三部分组成:第一部分是关于大屠杀时间(1937-1938),第二部分是由中国国家政府的军事法庭记录的战后调查和战犯审判(1945-1947),第三部分是中国人民共和国(1952-1956)记录的司法当局明文件。On Dec. 13, 1937 when Japanese invaders first occupied Nanjing, China, they began six weeks of destruction, pillage and slaughter in the city, which were planned, organized and purposefully executed by the Japanese Army. Over 300,000 Chinese, including defenseless civilians and unarmed soldiers, were murdered, together with countless cases of rape, looting and arson.1937年12月13日,日本侵略军首先占领中国南京,接着在南京展开了长达六周有计划、有组织的蓄意破坏、掠夺和杀戮行为。 30多万中国人,包括手无寸铁的平民和非武装的士兵惨遭杀害,强奸、抢劫和纵火案件更是罄竹难书。The Memory of the World Register is the list of documentary heritage under UNESCO#39;s Memory of the World Programme which was set up in 1992 to ;preserve documentary heritage and memory for the benefit of present and future generations in the spirit of international cooperation and mutual understanding, building peace in the minds of women and men;.世界记忆名册是联合国教科文组织世界遗产项目的文献遗产名单,该项目成立于1992年,以“保存文献遗产和记忆,为这一代和子孙后代谋福利,本着国际合作和相互理解的精神,构建人们心目中的和平”为宗旨。With Documents of the Nanjing Massacre, China now has 10 inscriptions on the International Memory of the World Register.包括南京大屠杀档案,目前中国已有10份文献被列入世界记忆名册。 /201510/403200

  The world#39;s largest travel website, TripAdvisor, released a survey on female travel on April 9. It revealed that 43 percent of Chinese women have holidayed alone, slightly higher than the global average of 41 percent.全球最大的旅游网站TripAdvisor于4月9日发布了一份关于女性旅游的调查报告。调查结果显示,43%的中国女性曾经独自旅行,比世界平均水平41%要稍高一点。The survey covered 10 countries and regions, including China, the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, and aimed to explore women#39;s travel habits especially with regards solo travelling.这项调查覆盖了10个国家和地区,包括中国、美国、英国、德国、法国、意大利以及西班牙,旨在研究女性的旅行习惯尤其是独自旅行。According to the survey, when choosing hotels, 85 percent of Chinese women will compare prices on different travel websites, much higher than the world average of 57 percent. However, 92 percent of women around the world regard online hotel reviews as an important reference while 71 percent of Chinese female travelers do so, which demonstrates that global women travelers attach greater importance to hotel reviews to avoid unsatisfactory accommodation experiences. In contrast, though Chinese women do also check the ratings, they still prefer to be guided by lower prices.根据这项调查,当选择旅游的住宿酒店时,85%的中国女性会在不同的旅游网站上反复比价,这一比例要远远高出世界平均水平57%。全球92%的女性都会在网上查看旅店的评价作为重要的参考指标,而这么做的中国女性占71%,这表明全球的女性旅游者都对旅店很重视,从而避免不愉快的入住体验。相比之下,虽然中国女性也看评价,但她们更易被低价吸引。Interestingly, 84 percent of Chinese women identified trying local food as one of the necessary activities when traveling alone, higher than the global average of 62 percent. Plus, 76 percent of Chinese women and 73 percent of global females will partake in cultural and scenic activities. Surprisingly, only 30 percent of Chinese women list shopping as an indispensable must-do on their solo travel trips, lower than the average of 43 percent.有趣的是,84%的中国女性会把尝试当地代表性的美食作为单人旅行的重要一环,高于世界平均水平62%。另外,76%的中国女性和73%的全球女性会参加文化活动和风景区活动。意外的是,只有30%的中国女性会把购物视为单人旅途中的必做之事,低于世界平均的43%。TripAdvisor China President Zheng Jiali said, ;Globally speaking, solo travel has gradually become a trend among the young generation. And there is no denying that women must face the greater challenges of unknown environments by themselves on their solo trips in the future.;TripAdvisor大中华区总裁郑嘉丽表示:“从全球来看,独自旅行在年轻一代中已成为一种趋势。毫无疑问,女性未来在单人旅行中会去迎接未知环境带来的更大挑战。For most Chinese women traveling alone, they not only focus on the journey process but also long for changes that travel can bring about in their minds. Among more than 9,000 respondents scattered around the world, a majority spoke highly of independent trips which have triggered significant changes in themselves, with 36 percent saying they have learned about different cultures, 43 percent expressing that they are more confident than before and 56 percent feeling they become more independent. In addition, 45 percent of Chinese female travelers think independent trips have helped reshape their outlook on life, well above the international average of merely 15 percent.对于大多数选择独自旅行的中国女性来说,她们不仅关注旅行过程,更重要的是旅行能给她们头脑带来的改变。在全球逾9000的被调查者中,大多数都认为独自旅行对于自身的重大改变起到了很大作用,其中36%说她们对不同的文化有了了解,43%表示她们比以前更自信了,56%感觉自己更独立了。另外,45%的中国女性旅行者认为独自旅行帮助重塑了她们的人生观,远高于世界平均15%的比例。 /201504/371851Bare legs and briefs filled train cars from Sydney to New York Sunday as passengers traveled trouserless -- provoking laughs and perplexed looks -- for the 13th annual ;No Pants Subway Ride.;周日为迎接第十三届“地铁无裤日”,从悉尼到纽约的地铁上充满了赤腿乘客,引来周围人的大笑以及困惑表情。Commuters in some 60 cities braved public transportation in their undies for the stunt, which has gone global since its first staging by US group Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002.大约有60个城市的乘客仅着内裤来持这个活动,“地铁无裤日”自从美国团体“到处即兴”2002年在纽约发起后迅速在全球范围流行起来。The premise is simple: participants convene on a given route on a designated day every year without trousers on, and ride the rails (or road) for shock value and laughs.参与活动很简单:参与者在特定的日期不穿裤子汇聚在指定地铁线路上,一路上得到引起人们吃惊或大笑的效果。;It is just about fun, and providing a laugh and a smile,; said Charlie Todd, who created the event 12 years ago when just seven people took part.查理·托德在12年前组织了第一届“地铁无裤日”活动,当时参与者只有7人。他说:“这仅仅是为了好玩,创造更多的欢声笑语。”Act ;normal. Remember to keep a straight face,; Todd instructed participants in the Big Apple -- some 3,000 to 4,000 people this year aged three months to 71.今年纽约的参与者有3000到4000人,年龄从3个月到71岁不等。托德指导他们说,要表现得“正常些,记住要忍着别笑出来。”;If somebody tells you you have no pants, just say you forgot, and yes it#39;s cold, yes it#39;s unfortunate,; he said.“如果有人告诉你你没穿裤子,就说你忘了,的确很冷,忘记穿裤子真的很倒霉。”Uniforms and business suits are encouraged to amplify the lower-half effect, as are props -- bicycles, prams, shopping bags or even a briefcase.活动鼓励人们用制和正装来放大下半身效果,其他的道具还包括自行车、婴儿车、购物袋和手提箱。Seven New York subway stops were designated for this year#39;s stunt, with the group planning to reconvene ultimately at Union Square in Manhattan.纽约的七个地铁车站被指定为今年活动场地,活动参与者计划在曼哈顿联合广场最终汇合。;It#39;s a bit chilly, but it is fun,; said Pedro, in red underwear and socks, wearing a hat and carrying a briefcase, as he stood on a subway platform.“有点冷,但很好玩。” 佩德罗说道,他穿着红色内裤和袜子站在地铁站台上,戴着一顶帽子拿着一个公文包。A woman in her thirties donning briefs and talking on her cell phone prompted amused glances from passersby, with one older woman sporting a perplexed stare.一个身穿内衣的30岁左右女子打着电话,非常吸引行人瞩目,旁边一位年长女人投来困惑的目光。In Paris, the meeting point was the Charles de Gaulle-Etoile metro stop, with pants-free passengers headed all the way to Bastille. More than 1,200 people had signed up ahead of time via Facebook.在巴黎活动的聚集点是地铁站,活动参与者的目的地是巴士底站。活动开始之前有超过1200人在Facebook上签名。Other events were smaller, like in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, where a handful of young people, mainly men in suits, ties -- and brightly-colored flowery boxers -- drew laughs.其他类似活动规模稍小,比如在阿根廷首都布宜诺斯艾利斯,一伙衣着西装领带的青年小伙子,穿着色鲜艳的花内裤,引来人们大笑。;Insist that it is a coincidence that others also forgot their trousers,; the organizers told participants, who were also forbidden from speaking to one another.“一定要表现出事情很凑巧,并且其他人也碰巧忘记穿裤子了,” 活动组织者告诉大家,也不能和其他参与者说话。On a busy Hong Kong subway, around 40 people, including Australian Bess Hepworth and her 18-month-old son, joined in the fun.在一列拥挤的香港地铁上,有40人参与了这个有趣的活动,其中包括来自澳大利的亚贝丝·赫普沃思和她18个月大儿子。;It#39;s the first time he will be publicly taking off his pants, although he does it regularly aly,; the 37-year-old said.“虽然我儿子在日常生活中脱裤子很平常,但这是他第一次在公众场合脱裤子。” 37岁的妈妈说道。In Beijing, a handful of trouserless people took to the Chinese capital#39;s fast-growing subway, drawing confused glances from onlookers.在北京,一小群没穿外裤的活动者乘坐着北京快速运行的地铁,引来路人不解的注目。;I want to show that (Chinese people) are internationalized now,; said 22-year-old Huang Li, wearing blue underwear decorated with dots. But ;people say I#39;m a psycho,; she added.22岁的黄丽穿着蓝色斑点内裤,她说:“我参加这个活动,想表明中国人现在很国际化。” 但是“人们说我是个神经病。” 她补充道。 /201401/272712


  BEIJING — Taxi drivers in a half-dozen cities across China have gone on strike in recent days to protest what they say are soaring expenses, shrinking incomes and the competition presented by a spate of new ride-hailing apps.北京——近日,中国四五座城市的出租车司机举行罢运,抗议他们眼中的问题——费用高涨、收入减少,以及层出不穷的新打车软件引发的竞争。Early in the week, hundreds of drivers in the northeastern rust-belt city of Changchun blocked roads, prompting the intervention of police officers who arrested scores of drivers, according to social media postings that were later deleted by censors.社交媒体上有帖子称,本周早些时候,东北老工业城市长春的数百名出租车司机封锁了道路,导致警方出手干预,抓走了数十名司机。这些帖子后来被审查部门删除。Cabbies in other cities, including Chengdu, in Sichuan Province, and Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, also took part in organized work stoppages.四川成都、江西省会南昌等城市的出租车司机也参与了有组织的停运活动。Last week, a two-day strike in Nanjing, a prosperous city in the Yangtze River delta, left thousands of people scrambling to find alternate transportation at the city’s airport, train stations and bus terminals.上周,位于长江三角洲地区的繁华都市南京的出租车司机停工两天,导致机场、火车站及公交站的成千上万名乘客争相寻找替代的交通工具。In an article published by China Daily, one driver complained that he had to hand over more than half of his fare receipts to the fleet company from which he rented his vehicle. “I get up before 6 a.m. every morning and sit for about 14 hours a day, only to get 2,000 yuan a month,” or about 5, said the man, Liu Xingyou. “That’s unbearable.”《中国日报》的一篇报道称,一名司机抱怨他需要将超过一半的收入上交给出租车公司。“我每天早上不到6点起床,然后一天开大约14个小时的车,每个月只能挣2000块,”司机刘兴友(音)说。“实在熬不下去了。”His income is less than the national average.他的月收入比全国平均水平低大约430元人民币。Although taxi strikes in China are not new, the cascade of copycat protests around the country highlights the organizational power of social media, presenting a challenge to a government that has little tolerance for labor unrest.虽然出租车罢运在中国并不是什么新鲜事,但全国各地纷纷效仿的现象突显了社交媒体的组织能力,给基本不能容忍劳工骚动的政府带来了挑战。According to China Labor Bulletin, a watchdog group based in Hong Kong, worker activism has surged over the past year, with 569 incidents counted in the final quarter of last year, or three times the number in the same period in 2013.总部位于香港的监督组织“中国劳工通讯”(China Labor Bulletin)透露,中国大陆的劳工运动在过去一年中激增,去年第四季度共出现569起此类事件,同比增加了两倍。The group said the increase in protests and strikes by truck drivers, construction workers and miners was probably due to a slowing economy, but also to the sp of inexpensive smartphones that have allowed organizers to sp the word about unpaid wages, broken contracts and other labor complaints.该组织表示,卡车司机、建筑工人及矿工的抗议和罢工活动不断增加,其原因很可能是经济放缓,不过廉价智能手机的流行也不容忽视。组织者可以通过手机传播有关拖欠工资、违反合同及其他劳动纠纷的信息。Cabdrivers in China have long complained about low wages and long days, but the recent strikes appear to also have been fueled by the sp of ride-hailing apps like Uber and a flurry of news media attention to what many drivers say is unfair competition.中国的出租车司机一直在抱怨收入低、工作时间长,但推动近期停运事件的,似乎还有优步(Uber)等打车软件的流行,以及新闻媒体对许多司机口中的不公平竞争的密集关注。Last week, the central government introduced new rules that prohibit privately owned vehicles from using such apps to offer rides. In an announcement posted on its website last Thursday, the Ministry of Transport said that only licensed taxis could use ride-hailing apps, a ruling that would seem to favor homegrown Chinese apps that allow users to summon licensed taxis by paying an additional fee.上周,中央政府出台了禁止私家车利用此类软件提供打车务的新规定。交通运输部上周四在其网站上发表声明,宣布只有通过认的租赁车辆才能使用打车软件。这个决定似乎有利于中国本土的应用——它们允许用户通过付额外费用的方式来招叫有牌照的出租车。“While we encourage innovation, we prohibit private cars from using platforms to participate in the ‘hired car’ business,” the ministry wrote.交通运输部在文中写道,“鼓励创新但禁止私家车接入平台参与‘专车’经营。”Uber drivers in a number of Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Chongqing, have been fined in recent weeks, but the service remains widely available. Huang Min, a spokeswoman for Uber in China, said the company had not been contacted by the authorities.最近几周,上海和重庆等一些中国城市的优步司机遭遇了罚款,但该务仍然能广泛使用。优步中国公关部的黄敏表示,政府监管机构尚未联系该公司。Geoffrey Crothall of China Labor Bulletin said the news media’s focus on ride-hailing apps obscured the main complaint of the Chinese taxi drivers: that rapacious fleet companies charge onerous rental fees that leave drivers with little to show for their toil.中国劳工通讯的郭展睿(Geoffrey Crothall)表示,新闻媒体对打车软件的关注掩盖了中国出租车司机的主要困扰:那些唯利是图的出租车公司经常收取巨额份子钱,让司机辛苦挣来的钱所剩无几。“Drivers are basically held hostage to the companies, and they are constantly getting squeezed,” he said. “But the discussion of these apps seems to have encouraged taxi drivers to press their case and try to draw attention to their longstanding grievances.”“司机基本被公司挟持了,而且不断受到压榨,”他说。 “不过,关于这些应用的讨论似乎鼓励了出租车司机,促使他们去表达自己的观点,努力让人们注意到他们长期以来的不满。”The strikes, it seems, are having the desired effect, and a number of newspapers in recent days have published commentaries supporting the plight of the drivers. In an editorial published on Jan. 6, the official People’s Daily described the current system as “deformed” and called for an end to the monopoly enjoyed by cab companies, many of which are owned by well-connected businessmen.这些罢运活动似乎正在取得预期效果。报刊杂志最近几天纷纷发表,对司机的难处表示持。官媒《人民日报》在发表于1月6日的社论文章中称,当前的出租车行业发展极为“畸形”,并呼吁打破出租车公司的垄断局面。许多公司的所有者是拥有强大关系网的商人。“The drivers are in an absolutely weak position,” the editorial said. “It’s time to reform the taxi system. The matters of the market should be left for the market to decide.”“出租车司机处于绝对的弱势地位,”这篇社论称。“难的是,在出租车领域深化改革。市场的事,应该由市场说了算。” /201501/354743


  BEIJING — A court in eastern China has ordered six companies to pay fines totaling about million for discharging waste acid into two waterways, according to the court’s microblog account.北京——中国东部一家法院的微账号宣布,该法院下令对六家将废酸排进两条河流的公司处以总计逾1.6亿元的罚款。The fine, 160 million renminbi, is the biggest of any Chinese environmental pollution case and seems to signal that officials are trying to crack down on companies that have steadily degraded much of China’s land, water and air.这是迄今中国环境污染案件中开出的最高罚单,似乎也表明,官方正在努力打击导致中国大量土壤、水和大气逐步恶化的企业。The court announced its verdict on Tuesday. The ruling rejected the companies’ appeal of a lower court’s verdict in a civil case brought by a public interest group, according to state news organizations.法院于周二宣布了判决。官方新闻机构称,该法院的判决维持了下一级法院对相关企业做出的裁决。这起民事案件的诉讼是一家公益组织提起的。Pollution has become a top concern of people in China, and some officials see those anxieties as a growing threat to the Communist Party.污染已经成了中国人最关心的事情,部分官员认为,这些担忧对共产党构成了日益严峻的威胁。The Higher People’s Court of Jiangsu Province said the companies had discharged 25,000 tons of acid into the two waterways, the Rutai Canal and Gumagan River, from January 2012 to February 2013. The companies are based in an industrial district of Taizhou, a city that is in a densely populated part of China. One company, Jiangsu Changlong, was ordered to pay .3 million. That company employs about 1,300 people and makes chemicals used in farming, including pesticides, herbicides and those that promote plant growth.江苏省高级人民法院称,2012年1月至2013年2月期间,涉事公司向泰运河和古马干河排放了2.5万吨废酸。相关公司均位于泰州市的一个工业区内。泰州所在地区是中国的人口稠密地带。法院下令其中一家公司江苏常隆赔偿8500余万元。该公司拥有约1300名员工,生产农用化学制品,包括杀虫剂、除草剂以及其他促进植物生长的产品。Four of the other companies fined — Jinhui, Fu’an, Shenlong and Zhenqing — also make chemicals. The sixth, Shimeikang, is a pharmaceutical company.其他受罚企业中还有四家,即锦汇、富安、申龙、臻庆,也是化工企业。另一家施美康是制药企业。The court said the companies must pay the fines to an environmental protection fund within 30 days.法院称,六家公司须在30日内将赔偿款项付给一家环保基金。Taizhou City Environmental Protection Association, the public interest group that brought the lawsuit, was established in February, according to an official document posted online. The chairman, Tian Jun, is also the head of Taizhou’s environmental protection bureau.公布在网上的官方文件显示,提起诉讼的公益组织泰州市环保联合会成立于去年2月。会长田军同时也是该市环保局局长。The document said the group had 60 members and “was formed voluntarily by local people who are enthusiastic about environmental protection, some government offices and other social organizations.”文件称该组织有60名成员,是“各界热心于环保事业的人士、企事业单位和其他社会组织自愿结成的”。Officials began investigating the companies after hearing complaints from local residents, according to a report by Henan Business Daily. In August, the Intermediate People’s Court, in a criminal case, sentenced 14 people whom it deemed responsible for the pollution to prison sentences ranging from two to five years. The court ordered the companies to pay fines of about ,000 to ,000.《河南商报》的报道称,在接到当地居民的举报后,政府开始对这些企业进行调查。去年8月,中级人民法院在刑事诉讼中判处14名污染事件的责任人两年到五年不等的有期徒刑,并判处这些企业16万到41万元的罚款。The Taizhou City Environmental Protection Association then filed civil lawsuits against the six companies with the same court. The court ruled against the companies and ordered them to pay million. The companies appealed that verdict to the higher provincial court, which upheld the lower court’s ruling.随后,泰州市环保联合会在同一家法院对这六家企业提起了民事诉讼。法院同样判决这些企业负有责任,判处它们1.6亿元的罚款。这些企业上诉至省高级人民法院,后者维持了原判。Some Chinese officials who are concerned about environmental deterioration in China have been seeking ways to increase the fines that polluting companies must pay. In April, the Chinese legislature voted to revise an environmental protection law to allow for larger fines against companies and longer detentions of executives responsible for pollution. Earlier in 2014, Li Keqiang, the Chinese prime minister, had said the nation was y to “declare war” on pollution.一些对中国环境恶化心存忧虑的中国官员一直在寻找提高污染企业罚款额度的方法。4月,中国的立法机构投票决定修改一部环保法律,从而能够对污染企业处以更大数额的罚款,对负有污染责任的管理人员处以更长的刑期。2014年早些时候,中国总理李克强表示,中国已经准备好向污染“宣战”。“China’s amended environmental protection law strengthened the authority for environmental public interest lawsuits,” said Alex L. Wang, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who studies Chinese environmental policies and regulations. “The question has always been whether anyone would be able to bring these suits and whether courts would be willing to uphold judgments against companies that are often substantial contributors to local tax bases. This decision seems to be a good result, but it’s hard to tell whether it is a sign of things to come or a one-off anomaly.”“修订后的中国环境保护法强化了环保公益诉讼的权威,”研究中国环境政策和法规的加州大学洛杉矶分校(University of California, Los Angeles)法学教授亚历克斯·L·王(Alex L. Wang)说,“一直以来的疑问是,是否有人能够提起此类诉讼,以及法院是否愿意持不利于作为地方税收主要来源的企业的判决。这个决定似乎是个不错的结果,但很难判断,它是代表着未来的趋势,还是仅仅是昙花一现。”Scientific studies in China have drawn direct connections between river pollution and high rates of cancer among people living near those water sources.中国的科学研究已经表明,河流污染与水源附近居民的癌症发病率较高存在直接关系。In late 2013, a senior Land Ministry official said that eight million acres of China’s farmland — about the size of Maryland — had become so polluted that planting crops “should not be allowed.” In April, the Land Ministry released a report that said nearly 60 percent of areas being monitored had “very poor” or “relatively poor” underground water quality in 2013.2013年末,国土资源部的一名高级官员说,中国约有330万公顷的耕地因过度污染而“不宜耕种”。这和马里兰州的总面积相差无几。去年4月,国土资源部发布的一份报告称,全国近六成受到监测的地下水水质为“极差”和“较差”级。 /201501/352413


  The World Bank formally disavowed a report critical of China’s financial sector on Friday and said it would co-invest in projects with the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, as its president wrapped up a three-day visit to the Chinese capital.周五,在世界(World Bank)行长结束对北京为期三天的访问之际,该行对一篇批评中国金融业的报告予以了正式否定,并表示将与北京牵头的亚洲基础设施投资(AIIB,简称:亚投行)共同投资一些项目。On July 3, the World Bank redacted a section of its latest update on China’s economy. The section, on “reform priorities in China’s financial sector”, said Beijing must address “distorted incentives and poor governance” to achieve its goal of rebalancing the economy away from a traditional reliance on debt-fuelled investment.7月3日,世行从其关于中国经济的最新报告中删除了一个章节。这一名为《中国金融业改革的首要任务》的章节称,中国政府必须解决“遭到扭曲的激励机制与糟糕的治理”,以实现经济再平衡的目标,摆脱对债务驱动型投资的长期依赖。At the time of the redaction, Bert Hofman, the World Bank’s country director for China, said the section had not gone through proper vetting channels and denied that he had received any pressure from Beijing to withdraw it.在作出上述修订时,世行中国局局长郝福满(Bert Hofman)称这一章未经世行常规内部审核,并否认北京方面向他施加了压力要他撤销这一章。On Friday Jim Yong Kim, World Bank president, went further, telling reporters in Beijing “that particular section did not reflect the views of the World Bank”.周五,世行行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)更进一步,在北京对记者说:“那一特定章节并不反映世行观点。”“That’s not the official World Bank position,” Mr Hofman added at the media briefing. “We have worked with the [Chinese] government on the financial sector for many years and the report didn’t fully reflect the type of discourse that we had with the government.”“那不是世行的官方立场,”郝福满在媒体吹风会上补充说,“多年来,我们一直与(中国)政府在金融领域保持合作,该报告并未充分反映我们与中国政府展开的那类对话。”Mr Kim added that the World Bank was preparing a statement that reflected its official position on China’s financial sector reforms.金墉补充说,世行正在准备发布一份反映该行对中国金融业改革官方立场的声明。He was speaking after meetings with Chinese officials including Premier Li Keqiang and Lou Jiwei, finance minister. “I am convinced that their resolve and commitment to reform is as strong as ever,” the World Bank president said.他是在与中国总理李克强、财政部长楼继伟等中国官员会面后发表上述言论的。“我相信,他们对改革的决心和承诺像以往一样坚定,”金墉说。The Chinese leadership’s willingness to embrace difficult economic and financial reforms has been questioned over recent weeks, after the government launched a series of “unconventional measures” to counter a steep sell-off on the country’s stock market.最近几周,中国领导层实施艰巨的经济金融改革的意愿受到了质疑。此前,中国政府推出了一系列“非常规措施”,以应对中国股市的大幅抛售。Mr Kim defended Beijing’s actions. “It’s important to remember that this is a relatively young stock exchange,” he said. “In situations all over the world, governments have taken different measures to reduce volatility in their stock markets.”金墉为中国政府的行动进行了辩护。“重要的是要记住,这是一个相对年轻的券交易所。”他说,“世界各国遇到状况时,政府都采取了不同的措施,来减小股市的波动性。”Mr Kim also held meetings with his counterpart at the AIIB, which was formally launched earlier this month. In spite of concerns raised by the Obama administration, many of Washington’s Asian and European allies rushed to join the AIIB as founding members.金墉还与亚投行多边临时秘书处秘书长金立群举行了会谈。亚投行是本月早些时候正式成立的。尽管奥巴马(Obama)政府提出了许多担忧,但美国的许多亚洲和欧洲盟友还是争相以创始成员国身份加入了亚投行。Beijing pressed ahead with its own development bank in part because of its frustration that developing nations were not being given greater roles at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, whose heads have traditionally been an American and European respectively.中国政府力推自己的开发,部分原因在于,中国对发展中国家不能在世行和国际货币基金组织(IMF)扮演更重要角色感到失望。世行与IMF的领导人传统上一直分别由美国人和欧洲人担任。Mr Kim has consistently said the World Bank welcomes the AIIB’s establishment given the overwhelming need for global infrastructure investment, and on Friday held out the prospect of co-investing in projects with the Chinese institution.金墉一直表示,鉴于全球基础设施投资需求巨大,世行对亚投行的成立表示欢迎。周五,他提出了世行与亚投行共同投资一些项目的可能性。“We plan to hold a meeting later this year [with the AIIB] in Washington to talk about specific projects in which we would be co-investors,” Mr Kim said. “The AIIB is an important new partner … With strong environment, labour and procurement standards, the AIIB will join us and other development banks in addressing huge infrastructure needs that are critical to ending poverty, reducing inequality and boosting shared prosperity.”“我们打算今年晚些时候在华盛顿(与亚投行)举行一次会议,讨论一下双方将共同投资的具体项目。”金墉说,“亚投行是一个重要的新合作伙伴……有了严格的环保、劳工和采购标准,亚投行将与我们及其他开发一道满足巨大的基础设施需求,这对消除贫困、减少不平等和促进共同繁荣是至关重要的。”Additional reporting by Louise Moon路易丝穆恩(Louise Moon)补充报道 /201507/386332

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