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Stepping down from his aircraft in Belgium last November, Volvo’s Chinese chairman Li Shufu was appalled with his chauffeured car.去年11月,沃尔沃(Volvo)董事长李书福在比利时一下飞机,等待他的那辆配备了司机的轿车就让他大吃了一惊。Despite reassurances that the small, prosperous country was one of the world’s safest, he ordered that the next time he set foot in the country, he would be provided with a bulletproof car, three people briefed on the incident told the Financial Times.3位知晓事件大概情况的人士告诉英国《金融时报》,尽管别人向李书福保,这个富裕小国的治安非常好,但他仍然要求下次他来比利时时,有一辆防弹轿车在等待他。Culture clashes are not uncommon in cross-border business deals, and there are few partners more disparate than Volvo, the 87-year-old Swedish carmaker famed for its understated Scandinavian design and production quality, and Geely, its Chinese owner whose flagship product sells for roughly #163;10,000.文化冲突在跨境商业交易中并不罕见,而合作双方像沃尔沃和吉利(Geely)这样差异巨大的却是寥寥无几。沃尔沃是一家有着87年历史的瑞典汽车制造商,以低调的北欧设计风格和值得信赖的产品质量闻名于世;而沃尔沃的中国东家吉利,旗下旗舰产品的售价仅为1万英镑左右。After stumbling through its first couple of years under Geely’s ownership, a period marked by falling sales and friction between Swedish executives and Chinese owners, Volvo is back on track, officials told the Financial Times, because of compromises between Gothenburg and Hangzhou, and a strategy signed off in China that has been accepted in Sweden.在被吉利收购之后,沃尔沃头几年经营不太顺利,销量不断下降,瑞典方面高管与中国东家之间也擦不断。不过有官员对英国《金融时报》表示,如今沃尔沃已回到正轨,原因在于哥特堡方面和杭州方面做出了妥协,一份在中国签署的战略协议也得到了瑞典方面的接受。“As long as we are inside the strategy, we have full freedom,” says chief executive H#229;kan Samuelsson. “There are restrictions of course financially and of course strategically#8202;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;there is a defined strategy we must follow. But otherwise there is no interference on an operational level.”沃尔沃首席执行官霍坎#8226;萨穆埃尔松(H#229;kan Samuelsson)表示:“在不违反战略协议的前提下,我们有充分自主权。当然,我们在财务和战略方面受到一些限制……我们有必须遵循的明确战略。不过,除此以外,我们在运营层面不会受到任何干涉。”Mr Samuelsson, an automotive veteran, was parachuted into the top job in October 2012 from the board of directors after the ousting of Stefan Jacoby, with whom Geely executives had disagreed over strategy.萨穆埃尔松是汽车业的老将,2012年10月,斯特凡#8226;雅各比(Stefan Jacoby)被免职后,他被董事会空降至沃尔沃掌门人的位置。之前雅各比与吉利高层在战略上存在分歧。“Chairman Li has been very clear. We have a strategy making sure the traditional brand that holds in Europe and the US needs to be maintained, while at the same time leveraging its opportunity in developing markets like China,” says Xiaolin Yuan, head of Mr Li’s office and his representative in Sweden. “I do not think there is any ambiguity in this strategy or how Volvo will work together with Geely. I’m not saying there are no continued discussions on strategy and products#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but there is absolutely no misalignment about whether we go this way or that,” Mr Yuan says.沃尔沃汽车董事长办公室主任、李书福在瑞典的代言人袁小林表示:“李书福董事长非常明确地表示过,我们的策略是一方面确保在欧美地位稳固的这个传统品牌地位依然不变,同时还要利用在中国等新兴市场的机遇。关于这一战略、以及沃尔沃与吉利的合作方式,我认为没有任何含混之处。我的意思不是说今后在战略和产品方面双方不会继续讨论……而是说在战略方向上绝不存在任何分歧。”Geely executives want flashy, eye-catching cars for the Chinese market, while Volvo stress their understated roots. Tensions simmered to the surface just months into Mr Samuelsson’s tenure when he emphasised the importance of Volvo’s roots, only for Mr Li to retort days later that he found the brand “too Scandinavian”.对于中国市场,吉利方面的高管想要的是华丽而吸引眼球的车型,而沃尔沃则强调该品牌低调的传统。在萨穆埃尔松上任仅几个月时,双方的紧张气氛就到了一触即发的地步,当时萨穆埃尔松强调沃尔沃保持传统的重要性,而李书福则在几天后反驳说,他觉得该品牌“太过北欧化”。Volvo is almost halfway through a five-year, bn investment plan that it – and Geely – hope will turn it into a leaner, more global carmaker that has retained its Scandinavian charm while leveraging low-cost Chinese sourcing and manufacturing skills.沃尔沃有一项规模为110亿美元、为期五年的投资计划,该计划目前差不多已进行到一半。该公司和吉利集团都希望这项计划能让沃尔沃变得更精干、更全球化,在保持该品牌北欧魅力的同时,能够利用中国的低成本采购和制造技术。The company will announce a “substantial” operating profit for 2013 later this month, according to Mr Samuelsson, as close to 0m of savings help the carmaker improve on a break-even position in 2012.萨穆埃尔松表示,由于节省了近2.5亿美元开,2013年,这家汽车制造商在2012年实现收平衡的基础上更进一步,实现了“可观的”营业利润。该公司将于本月晚些时候公布具体情况。Key to its future is a new vehicle family, designed with Geely, that will allow it to build smaller, lower-end models that share parts and designs with high-end Geely products, bridging the gap in brand power between owner and asset.沃尔沃将与吉利共同设计一个新的汽车系列,主要是体积偏小、档次偏低的车型,能够与吉利的高端产品共享零配件和设计,这对沃尔沃的未来将是至关重要的一步。这一新系列也将填补吉利和沃尔沃之间品牌档次差距的鸿沟。“Volvo cannot afford to be dragged [downwards],” says Mr Samuelsson. “Geely will move more than us#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;it has an ambition to move upwards towards us#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;There is a limit how big this band [of shared products] can be.”萨穆埃尔松表示:“档次被拉低对沃尔沃而言将是致命的。缩小差距主要靠吉利提升品牌档次……吉利有追赶沃尔沃的雄心壮志……(共享产品的)规模将是有限的。”“There is no danger of a customer paying for a Volvo brand car that is essentially a Geely. That is stupid,” says Mr Yuan.袁小林表示:“我们肯定不会让顾客花沃尔沃的价钱,买来一辆吉利。这样做是非常愚蠢的。”Much of Volvo’s future will depend on its fortunes in China and the US. The US was once by far its biggest market but was almost overtaken by China last year, as the group struggled with unsuitable products.沃尔沃的未来在很大程度上要看它在中国和美国的经营情况。美国一度是沃尔沃的第一大市场,但由于沃尔沃缺乏适合该国市场的产品,去年美国的地位几乎被中国超过。Increasing sales in the US and Europe will be tackled mainly by products designed to be exclusive to Volvo, while a sales push in China will be fuelled by products shared between it and Geely, according to two people with knowledge of the strategy.两位知悉该集团战略的人士表示,在欧美,沃尔沃将主要通过独家设计的产品取得销量增长,而其在华销量的增长则将由沃尔沃和吉利共同生产的产品推动。Mr Li, described as “very entrepreneurial and willing to take risks,” by one member of the Volvo board, shot Geely into global prominence when he bought Volvo from Ford in 2010. Two years later he swallowed up the London Taxi Company, maker of the iconic black Hackney cab.李书福曾被沃尔沃董事会一名董事誉为“极具企业家精神,愿意承担风险”。2010年他从福特(Ford)手中收购了沃尔沃,这一举动让全世界都知道了吉利。两年后,他又收购了伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company),该公司是伦敦标志性黑色哈克尼(Hackney)出租车的生产商。His first influences on the Volvo brand will be seen this year with the XC90 SUV launch, the first model developed under Chinese ownership. The shared models will arrive around 2017.今年,随着XC90运动型多用途车(SUV)的推出,人们将首次见识李书福对沃尔沃品牌的影响。该款产品是沃尔沃被中国收购后开发的第一款车型。至于沃尔沃与吉利共同开发的车型,大约会在2017年推出。“If you start talking very early before the design is set, you can save 25 to 30 per cent on the cost of key components,” says Mr Samuelsson, who compares Volvo and Geely to Audi and Skoda, which share designs under Volkswagen Group ownership. “This is a way for us to create a very competitive car.”萨穆埃尔松把沃尔沃与吉利之间的这种关系,与大众汽车集团(Volkswagen Group)旗下奥迪(Audi)与斯柯达(Skoda)分享设计的情况相提并论。他说:“如果你在设计成型前很早就开展相关讨论,你就能在关键部件上节省25%到30%的成本。对我们而言,这是设计出一款极具竞争力车型的好办法。”In two years Volvo expects to increase the usage of Chinese parts to 75 per cent in some models, and will explore using China as a production base for Southeast Asia.沃尔沃预计,它将在两年内将某些车型的中国零配件使用率提升至75%,并将探索把中国作为东南亚市场生产基地的可能性。 /201403/279751。

More than 300 kindergartens, primary and middle schools in Tianjin Binhai New Area, including 16 affected by the huge blasts on Aug 12, began the new semester on Monday.周一,天津滨海新区300多所幼儿园,小学以及中学,包括8月12号被大爆炸影响的16所学校迎来了新学期。School buildings damaged by the blasts have been repaired, and the environment is safe for students and teachers, according to monitoring data, said Fang Hua, an official at the area#39;s education department.新区教育局的一位官员芳华说,学校被爆炸损毁的建筑已经修复,根据监测数据,环境对于孩子和老师来说也很安全。As of Monday afternoon, the blasts that rocked a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals had claimed 158 lives, including 94 firefighters, and left 15 missing.截止周一下午,由于引燃储存危险化学制品仓库而导致的爆炸已经造成158人死亡,包括94名消防员,另有15名人员失踪。A total of 356 people are still hospitalized and four are in critical condition. About 160 students have changed schools temporarily or permanently due to the disaster#39;s impact on their families.共计356人仍住院接受治疗,其中四人情况严重。有大约160名的学生基于灾难对自己家庭的影响,暂时或者永久转学。Zhang Jingyu, a fourth-grader at Tianjin TEDA Maple Leaf International School, said: ;I was a bit worried about the impact on our campus. But when I saw my classmates and teachers again and found the classrooms were perfect, I felt pretty good.;张晶宇是天津泰达枫叶国际学校四年级的一名学生,他说道:“我有点担心遭难给学校带来的影响。但我再次看到我的老师和同学,并且发现教室很完美的时候,我感觉很棒。”The school, which is about 2 kilometers from the warehouse, had about 2,300 square meters of window glass affected by the explosion, according to Principal Liu Changyong.这所学校距离爆炸仓库2公里远,据校长说,大概有2300平方米的玻璃窗户被爆炸损毁。In addition to replacing the broken windows and cleaning the campus, an environmental monitoring vehicle has been stationed on campus, and results are being released twice a day.除了替换破碎的玻璃,清理校园以后,学校还安置了一台电动环境监控器,每隔两天进行一次监测。Wang Sining, head of Tianjin TEDA Maple Leaf International Kindergarten, said, ;If the children talk about the explosions, our teachers have been trained to encourage them to voice their feelings.;天津泰达枫叶国际幼儿园园长王思宁说:“如果学生谈到爆炸,我们已经培训过老师,让他们鼓励学生说出自己内心的感受。”Two of the three main containers at the blast zone had been cleaned by Sunday, according to the Tianjin Information Office.天津市信息化办公室称,爆炸区内三个主要容器的两个已经在周日被清理。On Sunday, the Housing Management Department in Tianjin Binhai New Area announced a plan to handle apartments damaged at seven residential compounds near the blast scene.周日,天津滨海新区房管局宣布了处理距离爆炸区较近的七个居民区中被损毁房屋的计划。Under the plan, the apartments will be sold to an association of State-owned property developers that was formed after the accident to deal with the issue. The price will be the higher of the purchasing and market prices before the accident.根据计划,这些公寓将被出售给国有房地产开发商联盟,该联盟是在灾后形成以处理此次问题的。在事故以前,价格将要高于市场价格和购买价格。The apartments can be repaired by the government for free. For residential compounds still being built, apartment owners can either cancel the deal or proceed with it.公寓将被政府免费维修。对于居民区在建房屋而言,公寓所有者可以选择取消购买或者继续购买。Extra compensation will be granted by the local government to all affected households, whatever their choice.当地政府将为受爆炸影响的所有家庭提供额外的抚慰金,无论他们是否要求。 /201509/396876。

Amazon, the US ecommerce group, plans to ramp up its business in China by setting up operations in Shanghai’s new free-trade zone, allowing it to sell more imports, more cheaply to better compete with domestic rivals Alibaba and JD.com.美国电商集团亚马逊(Amazon)计划入驻上海自由贸易区(FTZ),从而能以更低价格销售更多进口产品,提高面对阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和京东(JD.com)等本地对手时的竞争力。The retailer follows software company Microsoft and a string of banks into the 28 sq km free-trade zone, set up a year ago as a test bed for economic reforms. Amazon hopes that by setting up a logistics warehouse within the zone, thus enjoying lower shipping costs and freight times, it will boost its wafer-thin 2 per cent slice of the online shopping market.一年前,中国在上海设立了28平方公里的自贸区,把它作为经济改革的一块试验田,已吸引到微软(Microsoft)和多家入驻。亚马逊希望在区内设立一个物流仓库,以降低运费、减少货运时间,扩大中国市场份额。目前亚马逊只占有2%的中国电商市场。“We’re going to have lower shipping charges, faster delivery coming into the free-trade zone, so there are going to be many benefits,” said Diego Piacentini , vice-president of international consumer business, speaking to Chinese television on Wednesday.“进驻自贸区后,我们的运费会更低,交货速度会更快,所以将带来很多好处,”亚马逊国际消费业务副总裁迭戈#8226;皮亚琴蒂尼(Diego Piacentini)周三在中国电视节目中说。 /201408/322968。

Are you saving too much for retirement? Can you believe I#39;m even asking that question?你的养老金是不是存得太多了?或者你认为这个问题本身就很无厘头?Full disclosure: The folks at Morningstar Investment Management, specifically head of retirement research David Blanchett, asked it first. He found that for many people the answer is yes -- by an average of 20%. That, as Blanchett acknowledges, is a big deal. ;Retirement is, by and large, the most expensive purchase of anyone#39;s lifetime,; he says. ;For people who think they need million but find they only need 0,000, it is a big difference.;而事实是这样的:晨星投资管理公司(Morningstar Investment Management)退休研究部主管大卫?布兰切特率先提出了这个问题,而且他发现, 20%左右的人对这个问题的回答是肯定的。布兰切特认为情况有些严重,他说:“养老储蓄金毫无疑问是大多数人人生最大的一笔投入。但想象和现实差距很大,人们以为自己需要存上100万美元来养老,实际上只要80万就够了。”So how do you figure out whether it applies to you? You have to take a step back and look at both the retirement saving goals you#39;ve set for yourself and your current spending.那么,这种情况是否也出现在你身上?大家最好还是重新审视一下自己的养老储蓄计划,以及目前的开销。There has long been a rule of thumb that says you should plan to replace 70% to 80% of your pre-retirement income (that is, your final annual salary before you retire) in retirement -- and that that number should be adjusted upward, with inflation, each year. In real life, data from the Survey of Consumer Finances shows, spending, and therefore the amount you#39;ll need, isn#39;t that linear.长期以来,根据概测法,人们应该存下退休前收入(即退休前的最终年收入)的70%到80%作为养老金。而且,算上通货膨胀的话,这个比例还应该逐年上调。但美国消费者金融调查报告(Survey of Consumer Finances)的数据显示,人们的实际开销并不会因为通胀的影响而上涨。People in their mid-40s to 50s spend the most. (As someone right in the middle of that range with one child in college and another starting in 18 months, I can totally see why that#39;s the case.) From there, spending starts to decline as -- typically -- the kids leave the nest, you downsize, retire the mortgage (although that#39;s getting less common), ditch the extra car, etc., etc., until medical needs drive expenses up again toward the end of life. Bottom line, the amount people need to replace varies from under 54% of pre-retirement income to over 87%.通常,四十五至五十岁的人群开销最大。(这个年龄段的人通常要负担一个上大学的孩子,同时抚养一个一两岁的小家伙。)但之后,开就逐渐减少了,尤其是等到孩子们都成年以后,父母们就会缩减开销,取消房贷抵押(尽管这种情况越来越少),处理掉多余的汽车。这种状态一直持续到晚年,直到医疗和交通方面的开销出现增长。根据年龄段的不同,人们退休后的年均最低花费在退休前收入中的占比从低于54%到超过87%不等。For average earners, whose pre-retirement income is roughly ,000, this is welcome news, says Michael Falcon, Head of Retirement at JP Morgan Asset Management. Their annual spending in retirement seems not to be escalating as previously thought from around ,000 at age 65 to nearly ,000 at age 90 (due to inflation); instead, it climbs only to around ,000. Social Security can cover a significant chunk of that.根大通资产管理公司(JP Morgan Asset Management)退休部的主管迈克尔?法尔孔说,这对于年收入约5.6万美元的中等收入人群是个鼓舞人心的消息:这部分人群退休后的年度开并没有像当初预料的那样,从65岁时所需的4.3万美元增长到90岁时的8万美元(受通胀影响),而是仅仅止步于5万美元左右。其中,社保资金弥补了相当大的缺口。But higher earners -- particularly those who earn more than the median income but below what the country considers wealthy -- should be cautious before taking their feet off the gas. Their spending actually declines in retirement -- but that still doesn#39;t mean they#39;ll have saved enough to cover it.但收入更高的人群,尤其是高于平均水平,但称不上富豪的那些人,在决定养老储蓄时不能掉以轻心。他们退休后的开当然会较之退休前减少,但这并不意味着他们的储蓄足以维持这些开。;Having to save more is an affluent problem,; Falcon says. And here#39;s why: ;If I make 0,000 to 0,000 a year, I#39;m probably spending a lower percentage of my gross income pre-retirement because of saving and taxes,; Falcon says. ;I may be spending only 50% of my gross salary.; Still, because of the higher take-home, Social Security will not replace the same percentage of pre-retirement income. And taxes -- including those on withdrawals from retirement accounts -- will take a bigger bite.法尔孔说:“多攒钱是‘富人’不得不面对的问题。”他的解释是:“如果我一年能挣20万到30万美元,那么在退休前,我的开销可能是收入中较小的一部分,因为我得存钱,还得交税。我大概只会花掉总收入的50%。”而由于扣除各种费用后的实际收入更高,社会保险所能承担的退休后开占退休前收入的比例也无法达到与较低收入人群相同的比例。而税款也是很大一笔开,包括从退休账户取款需要缴纳的税款。Of course it pays to figure out if indeed you#39;re over-saving. That would free you up to use the money in the present, whether you put it toward defraying student loan debt for your kids or enjoying yourselves. Blanchett recommends a personal touch. ;Nothing can substitute for spending five hours with a CFP,; he says. ;But the percent of the population that will do that ... is a definite minority.; For people who are not going to engage, utilizing the online tools and retirement calculators available is a step in the right direction.当然,确定自己是否过度储蓄是明智之举。这样的话,你就不会在当下急需开时瞻前顾后。比如,你可以把一部分储蓄用来替孩子还掉助学贷款,也可以把它用于休闲。布兰切特给出了一条私人建议:“和金融理财师交流5小时绝对有必要。遗憾的是,很少有人这么做。”如果你不想聘请理财师,利用网络工具和退休计算器也不失为明智的做法。And remember, one thing this paper shows is that this is not a one-and-done experience. Your spending is not static. Neither is your health, earning potential, or -- even further from your control -- the sequence of your investment returns. Even if you#39;ve set retirement goals and are working toward them, revisiting the process every couple of years will pay off. Not just in how you#39;re able to live in the long run, but in how you#39;re able to live today.另外,请记住,这篇文章要说明的道理之一是,制定退休储蓄计划不是一劳永逸的事。你的花销并不是一成不变,同样,你的健康状况、赚钱能力以及你的投资回报顺序也不是一成不变的,未来它们甚至会失去控制。即使你已设定了退休目标,而且正在为之奋斗,每隔几年重新评估一下也是相当重要的。这样做不仅有益于未来的生活,也有助于过好当前的生活。 /201401/273437。

That the Chinese car market has surpassed the US to become the world’s largest is a source of immense pride for the architects of China’s car boom. That the market is dominated by foreign brands is not, write Henry Foy and Tom Mitchell.中国已经超过美国成为世界第一大汽车市场,为中国汽车繁荣的创造者带来巨大的自豪感。但中国汽车市场主要被外国品牌占据,这就不值得骄傲了。Chinese branded cars together account for less than 40 per cent of the total market of more than 18m vehicles in China, trailing well behind market leaders such as Germany’s Volkswagen and General Motors of the US.中国汽车年销量超过1800万辆,但中国品牌汽车仅占不到40%的份额,远远落后于德国大众(Volkswagen)和美国通用汽车(General Motors)等外国企业。In the past, that gap was accepted because of rules that mean all foreign carmakers have to operate in China in a joint venture with a local player. Those rules were engineered to help Chinese companies get a foot up in the market by learning from their global partners, while both companies made money.过去,人们可以接受这种差距,因为根据规定,所有在华经营的外国汽车厂商必须与本土厂商建立合资企业。这一规定旨在帮助中国企业通过向跨国合作伙伴学习,提高市场竞争力,而中外资企业都能赚到钱。But now the gap is growing at a rate that is alarming many in China, sparking a debate about how to reshape restrictions to encourage domestic players.但如今,差距扩大之快令许多人警醒,并引发一场辩论:如何调整限制性规则,促进国内企业发展?At the same time, global brands that have become very rich selling cars to China’s growing middle class are considering ways to take a bigger slice of their joint ventures, and in some cases, joint-venture partners.与此同时,跨国车企——面向中国日益壮大的中产阶层销售汽车已使它们获利丰厚——正在考虑如何提高自身在合资企业中的出资比例,在某些情况下则是持有合资伙伴的股权。Volkswagen is considering increasing its stake in its Chinese joint venture with state-owned FAW to 50 per cent, from 40 per cent currently, chief executive Martin Winterkorn was ed as saying in a newspaper interview last year.大众与中国国有企业一汽(FAW)组成了合资公司。大众首席执行官文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)去年在接受报纸采访时表示,大众正考虑将其在合资企业中的持股比例从目前的40%提高到50%。Daimler, which sells Mercedes-Benz cars in China in a joint venture with Beijing Automotive, set a precedent last year when it bought a 12 per cent stake in the Chinese carmaker for /201406/307964。