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8.The child who is decked with prince robes and who has jewelled chains round his neck loses all pleasure in his play; his dress hampers him at every step.那穿起王子的衣袍和挂起珠宝项链的孩子,在游戏中他失去了一切的快乐;他的衣绊着他的步履In fear that it may be frayed, or stained with dust he keeps himself from the world, and is afraid even to move.为怕衣饰的破裂和污损,他不敢走进世界,甚至于不敢挪动Mother, it is no gain, thy bondage of finery, if it keeps one shut off from the healthful dust of the earth, if it rob one of the right of entrance to the great fair of common human life.母亲,这是毫无好处的,如你的华美的约束,使人和大地健康的尘土隔断,把人进入日常生活的盛大集会的权利剥夺去了 59

Identity Crisis身份危机With industrialization and modernization, more and more people are confronted with the problem of identity.随着工业化和现代化的发展,越来越多的人要面对身份问题The most interesting example is that of a so-called ;banana;,最有趣的例子是所谓的香蕉型人,which refers to an American who has an Asian face but holds Western values.它代表长着一张亚洲人的脸,却拥有西方价值观的美国人In the US many banana children complain that they cannot explain to their young friends in the kindergarten在美国,越来越多的“香蕉”儿童抱怨自己在幼儿园不知道怎么跟伙伴们解释why they cannot speak a word of Chinese and practice Kungfu although they look exactly like a Chinese.他们不会说汉语,不会功夫的原因,尽管他们的样子和中国人没什么区别In Shanghai, there now live a group of people from abroad.在上海,有一群国外归来的华人They look no different from the locals and speak fluent mandarin or even Shanghai dialect,他们看上去和当地人没有区别,说着一口流利的普通话或者上海方言,but when it comes to writing the Chinese characters, they are almost illiterate.但是谈到汉字,他们就像是文盲Jack is such an example. He runs a bar at the Changshu Road.杰克就是这样的一个典型他出生在上海,Born in Shanghai, he moved to Los Angeles at the age of two with his parents.两岁的时候和父母一起去了洛杉矶,现在在常熟路开了一个酒吧With his family, Jack spoke two languages English and Shanghai dialect.和父母在一起的时候,他说两种语言:英语和上海话But he never learned to or write the Chinese words, which he find mysterious and difficult.但是他从来没有阅读和书写过汉字,在他看来这是比较困难的事情;To be frank,; he said, ;Every time I signed a contract,“说实话,每次我签署合同,”他说,I would pretend to its contents carefully, but actually I understood no word of it.;“我都会假装很认真地看合同,但事实上我根本看不懂” 135

Ina: It was a great idea to split up to go see different movies. I really liked The McQuillanator!分开来看不同的电影是个好主意我非常喜欢;The McQuillanator;Paco: Irsquo;m glad to hear it. You made a better choice than I did. The biopic I saw was mind-numbing. I was bored to death!很高兴挺你那么说你的选择比我好我看的传记片无聊透顶我真是百般无聊Ina: Really? My movie was great. It was action-packed and fast-paced. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.真的吗?我看的电影很棒内容丰富而且节奏很快从始至终我都快坐不住了Paco: I wish I had been. My movie moved at a snailrsquo;s pace and what was supposed to be dramatic was just repetitive. I canrsquo;t believe I sat through that entire thing. Irsquo;m sure I nodded off more than once.我希望我也能像你那样我的电影节奏很慢,应该有情节的部分只是重复我不相信看电影整个期间我能一直坐着我确信我 打瞌睡不止一次Ina: Thatrsquo;s too bad. You should have abandoned your theater and joined me in mine. Irsquo;m still feeling the adrenaline rush.那太糟糕了你不应该去影剧院,和我一起看电影吧我还很兴奋呢Paco: Yeah, but instead I got a good nap. What a waste of money!是啊,我得去打个盹真是浪费钱Ina: Just consider it a good lesson learned.把它当做教训Paco: What lesson?什么教训?Ina: Let me pick the movies. I know a good bang the buck!我来挑选电影我知道什么划算split up 划分biopic n. 传记片mind-numbing adj.非常无聊的bored to death 百般无聊action-packed (电影)内容丰富有趣的fast-paced adj. 快节奏的on the edge of my seat 坐不住了snailrsquo;s pace 非常慢dramatic adj. 戏剧性的nod off 打瞌睡repetitive adj. 反复的abandon vt.抛弃,放弃adrenaline rush兴奋激发nap n. 打盹儿bang the buck 合算

Pamela: [laughs] Did you see this tweet from Sarah? She so funny.帕梅拉:[大笑]你看过莎拉在 twitter 上的留言了吗?她太有趣了Josh: Hold on. Im texting Lance. I want to make sure he knows where were meeting up.约什:等等我正在给兰斯发短信我要和他确认一下在哪碰面Pamela: [cell phone rings] Hello. Oh, hi Lance. Did you get Josh text? You didnt? Let me IM you, bye.帕梅拉:[电话铃响]哈罗欧,你好,兰斯你收到约什的短信没?我来即时消息你,拜Josh: I wonder why Lance didnt get my text. I sent it from the same number I normally use.约什:真奇怪,为什么兰斯没有收到我的短信我是用常用的号码发送的Pamela: [cell phone rings] Hello. Jessica! Where have you been? Ive been emailing you three days. I thought youd fallen off the face of the earth. What? Youve been on vacation with your parents and youve been incommunicado, with no web access and no phone signal? That mind-blowing!帕梅拉:[电话铃响]哈罗杰西卡!你去哪里了?这三天我一直在给你发邮件我还以为你从地球上消失了什么?你跟父母去度假了,而且还与世隔绝了,没网可上,也没有手机信号?真让我大开眼界啊!Josh: Ask Jessica whether she got my text. Im really starting to worry about my . Better yet, Ill text her a photo of us right now. Say “cheese.”约什:问问杰西卡有没有收到我的短信我担心手机快没话费了最好现在就把我们的照片发给她快说“茄子”Pamela: Cheese. [brakes squealing] What was that?帕梅拉:茄子[一阵刺耳的刹车声 ]发生了什么事情?Josh: It just a reckless driver. Just change lanes.约什:是个粗心大意的司机,换车道就行了Pamela: You change lanes. Youre the one driving.帕梅拉:你换车道,你才是开车的那个人Josh: No, Im not. How can I be driving when Im so busy texting?约什:不,我不是我在忙着发短信,怎么可能开车了?原文译文属! 19

Norma: What is this?诺尔玛:这是什么?Jimmy: It a flyer a meeting Ive called to talk about ming a labor union here.吉米:这是会议通知单,我召开这次会议是为了讨论在这里成立工会Norma: Here? Do you think the management will let us?诺尔玛:在这里?你觉得管理层会允许吗?Jimmy: They cant stop us. Were working longer and longer hours and we need to demand higher pay. We also need better work conditions and a say in hiring and firing procedures. All of us need to band together to have better bargaining power.吉米:他们阻止不了我们我们的工作时间越来越长,而且我们理应获得更高的薪水我们还需要更好的工作环境,以及在人事方面有发言权只有我们团结一致才有能力讨价还价Norma: I dont know. I want to be better paid and to have job security like everybody else, but Im afraid of what will happen when we start agitating.诺尔玛:我不知道我想有更高的收入,像其他人一样工作有保障,但我担心这样鼓动员工会带来什么后果Jimmy: Ill tell you what will happen: The management will finally hear what we have to say. With collective bargaining, the rank and file will get what we deserve, at long last. Are you in or out?吉米:我来告诉你会发生什么:管理层最终会听到我们的声音在集体的力量下,普通员工们到最后会得到应得的待遇你是加入还是退出?Norma: Ill have to think about it.诺尔玛:这事我得再想想Jimmy: He who hesitates is lost.吉米:迟疑者必失良机Norma: Yes, but I was always taught to look bee I leap.诺尔玛:虽然如此,但也要学会三思而后行原文译文属! 3

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