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女朋友-- :31: A:Marco,how did you came to know your girl friend?  Marco,你是怎么认识你女朋友的?  B:Why are you intrersted?I'm not having this conversation with you.  你怎么问这个我可不想谈这个问题  A:Cause I wanna find a girl to spoil too  我也想找个女生宠宠  B:Really?  真的?  A:Yeah,you know, I guess it would be better if I have a soul mate, someone that I can trust.  是的你知道,要是有个半儿会更好  B:Well,listen,I don't wanna kill your time,But this could be a long-life story.  那好,我可不想耽误你时间,可我的故事会很长  A:Just go ahead. I'm all ears.  快点儿讲吧我听着呢  B:Okay,3 years ago.bee I came to Beijing ,I was teaching English in my city,You know,not in those middle schools or high schools,It's like some kind of training institute. Everybody can come if they pay the tuition  三年前,我还没来北京,我在家那边教英语不时那种初高中是那种培训学校谁交钱都能去的那种  A:I know the stuff.Go on  我知道接着说  B:Then one day, I was doing my class as usual.It was summer time .So everyone was sweaty.Then all of a sudden,there came in girls,one of which is tall and pretty,the other is shorter and very cute,of course,she's my present girl friend.The girls are like cool wind.. I was like "Wow.that's my idea of beautiful"I'll have to figure out a way to know her.  然后有一天我象以前一样上课当时是夏天,我们都出汗,突然,进来了两个女孩子,其中一个又高又漂亮,另一个特别可爱,当然,她就是我现在的女朋友这两个姑娘就象清凉的风,我当时就想:天啊这就是我认为的漂亮我得找到她的名字  A:What happened next?  然后呢?  B:She became one of my students and I was her teacher.Naturally we became friends,not the normal friends,I mean the one that you can hang out with.So I dated her many many times until at last,I got enough courage to tell her.  她成了我的学生,慢慢的,我们成了朋友,我是说那中可以出去逛的那种,我约了她好多次,知道最后,我终于鼓足勇气向她表白  A:What did you say?  你都说了些什么?  B:I said nothing,I just wrote everything down on the paper and told her "you're not my first one,but you're definitely my last one"  我什么都没说,我只是把一切都写在纸上,告诉她,你虽然不是我的第一个,但肯定是最后一个  A:Luckly man.  你真幸运  B:I guess I am.  我想是的  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音  [1]I'm all ears.它并不象字面上的那样表示"全是耳朵"恰当的翻译应该是专心倾听ie:Tell me about your work. I'm all ears跟我说说你的工作,我洗耳恭听  []That's my idea of….这就是我所想的….这个句型比较难直接翻译,还是给它举几个例子,大家自己体会吧ie:This is my idea of good teacher.[这就是我概念中的好老师]This is not my idea of a dope movie.[我所想的好电影不是这样的]  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***" mean? "***"是什么意思?]  Beauty is in the eye of beholders. Love at first sight life-long partner。

President Obama has put ward sweeping new rules to curb the size and risk-taking of big banks. He said banks that taxpayers safeguarded against failure should not take unnecessary risks, and he would tighten any loopholes that allowed those banks to undertake risky transactions their own profit.奥巴马总统提出了全面的新法规,抑制大的规模和冒险行为.他说,受纳税人保护免于破产的不应该冒不必要的风险.他会紧缩一切漏洞,防止为了自己的利益进行风险交易.***文本及翻译来自于本站在线广播频道. 01955。

谈论喜欢的书Reading- :5: A:What do you ing, Linda?你在看什么书啊,Linda?B:I'm ing a novel, The mill on the floss,writen by the famous novelist gorge aliat.我在读一本小说,是著名的小说家gorge aliat写的《水磨坊A:What's it about?是写什么的?B:It's meanly about relationship between a brother and a sisiter, who live in the mill on the river floss. It describe there are childhood and disputes cauce them to seperate,the book ends with them ha主要是写生活在河边磨坊的兄关系描写了他们的童年以及分歧所致的分离,结尾他们又在一起了但是他们都被洪水淹死了A:Is it difficult to understand?很难理解吗?B:Not really, i would consider it easy.不会啊,我觉得很容易A:Besides novels, any other types literary works that you indulgence.除了小说,你还喜欢其他形式的文学作品吗?B:I really like short stories.我喜欢短篇小说A:Have you anything else besides literature?除了文学作品你还读过其他的吗?B:Certainly I have. I like to books on vary subjects, and i can everything I can get my hands on in my spare time. I don't want to idle away and waste my time.当然啦我喜欢读各种题材的书,我会在空闲读我手头有的所有东西我可不想浪费时间A:I agree. People who don't are no better often people who can't . I also agree that books are like food the mind.我同意不会读总比不读好我认为书籍是精神的粮食的说法是对的。

The -year-old won the men\\'s 800 and 1,500 meters freestyle gold medals at the th FINA World Championships in July. Sun clocked :. in 1,500m to break the world record of :.56 set by Australian Grant Hackett years ago.。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活战胜失败Keep dreaming big dreams梦想要足够大 Always have your destination in mind; keep dreaming your big dreams. 始终铭记你的梦想,做你的梦,不要停Spend time to visualize them and let the dreams energize you. Let them make you passionate and enthusiastic. 花点时间去构想你的美梦,这会带给你动力,和冲劲Once you cease dreaming, soon you will also loseyour energy and be back to mediocrity.一旦你停止梦想,你就会失去继续前行的力量,又变回一个平庸的人mediocrity n.平庸,平凡;庸人;平平常常的才能 例句:Fashion today is sloppy mediocrity.如今的时尚品位低下,平庸无奇更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 37651。

品牌英语口语00句(7):公然撒谎 --9 ::01 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. No shoptalk.不谈公事. That was a blatant lie.那是公然撒谎3. I won it fair and square.我赢得光明正大#9658;fair and square 公正,正大光明地,诚实地,正面地,完全地e.g. He won the race fair and square without any cheating. 他赢得正大光明,没有任何欺骗行为e.g. I made every penny fair and square. 我的每一分钱都是老老实实地赚来的. How can you have the impudence to say that?你竟然有脸说这个?5. He said that in a roundabout way.他拐弯抹角地说的6. Full of political humbug.充满政治谎言7. You should cut your coat according to your cloth.你得量入为出#9658;cut one coat according to one cloth 量体裁衣,量入为出e.g. Now money is tight, and you should cut your coat according to your cloth. 现在钱很紧,你们应该量入为出8. One swallow doesn’t make a summer.一燕不成夏9. Gargle with this mouthwash.用漱口水漱一下口. Otherwise I would’t be able to do justice to your kindness.否则对不起你一片苦心哪#9658;do justice to 公平对待,适当处理;不辜负;使…的价值充分发挥 口语。