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Men like the London wood-turner, Nehemiah Wallington,像伦敦的木匠 尼哈迈尔·沃灵顿would be in the front line of this battle,a storm trooper of the Reformation,y to fight every waking hour.会冲在战斗的前线 宗教改革的猛士们 每时每刻准备着战斗You may see now how Antichrist doth plot against the poor church of God.你们能窥见 主的教堂如何受到了反基督者的蓄意攻击But so long as we put our trust in the Lord,但是只要我们一心向主let us once again take note of his great deliverances from those great and devilish bloodsucking Papists.让我们再一次接受主的救赎 使我们免受邪恶的教皇党教徒的迫害Of course, Charles was not going to lose any sleep over the Nehemiah Wallingtons of this world.当然 查理对于尼哈迈尔·沃灵顿之流 大可不必在意But Puritanism was not just the faith of merchants and artisans.但是清教徒中可不是只有商人和手工艺者There were plenty among the gentry and the nobility too,还有许多上流人士和贵族都是清教徒who believed just as passionately in the word of scripture,他们都笃信圣经中的字字句句and for all of them it was an article of faith that nobody, neither pope nor king,对于他们来说 圣经是信仰 没有人 不管是教皇还是国王would ever be allowed to flout the word of God.胆敢轻易蔑视主的世界And Charles would never be allowed to forget it.而他们要查理铭记于心Yes, finally, they were a minority.是的 他们始终是少数派But it was one of Charless most costly errors to let so many in the Protestant middle of the country但是 这个拥护新教的国家 开始把查理 而非清教徒的好战分子come to regard him as a greater threat to their church than the Puritan militants.当作教会更可怕的威胁 这成了查理最严重的错误之一And for this fatal error,Charles had one man to thank, William Laud,whom he made Archbishop of Canterbury in 1633.而这个致命的错误 查理得将此归功于威廉·罗德 正是他在1633年被任命为坎特伯雷大主教 /201703/495979



Evolutionists still clung to the theory that a fish evolved into the first five-fingered land walking ancestor进化论者依然坚持认为因为干旱,鱼进化成了最早的五趾陆行祖先as a result of drought, even though they knew there was a gap in the story,尽管他们知道这一理论中还有一个很大的漏洞but without new evidence no one could come up with a better idea.但是如果没有新的据,谁都无法提出更合理的解释But then in 1981 along came palaeontologys avenging angel.可是后来,到了1981年,古生物学界的“复仇天使”降临了Jenny Clack had long dreamed of embarking on the quest to find out why we first walked on the land,Jenny Clack一直梦想着找出我们涉足陆地的原因but when she arrived in Cambridge it seemed a remote hope.但当她来到剑桥时,看起来却是希望渺茫I had just finished my thesis when I started work here and was looking around for another project来这里工作时,我刚完成我的论文,正准备联系下一个项目and a colleague of mine said dont worry, something will turn up and I didnt believe him.我的一位同事说:“别担心,有些东西会突然出现的”,我一点都不相信他What turned up was the notebook of a geology student who had visited Greenland in 1970.这突然出现的东西是一位地质系学生的记录本,他曾于1970年去过格陵兰In one corner hed made an extraordinary note that showed though he knew about rocks, he knew little of fossils.在一个角落里发现了他那本很特别的记录本,从中可以看出虽然他很了解岩石,但他并不了解化石Hed written that he had found remains of ichthyostega, Jarviks legendary first tetrapod他写道他发现了鱼石螈的遗骸,也就是Jarvik找到的第一只颇具传奇色的四足动物of which only one complete specimen existed anywhere in the world.目前世界各地只找到了一具完整的标本Hes noted, ;Ichthyostega bones and skull bones common,; and他写道:“鱼石螈骨骼和头骨很常见”early tetrapod specimens are not common anywhere, particularly not Devonian tetrapods on a mountain in Greenland不管在什么地方,早期四足动物标本都不是很常见,尤其是格陵兰山区并没有发现泥盆纪四足动物and to see this in his notebook just set the bells ringing. We have to go there.他的记录虽然语焉不详,但却是一石激起千层浪。我们必须去那儿。201702/493263

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