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五常第一人民中医院怎么预约哈尔滨市道外区妇幼保健院不孕不育科黑龙江阳光妇科医院大概需要多少钱 Chris, The World#39;s Woolliest Sheep Gets A Much Needed Haircut绵羊Chris终于重获轻松On September 2nd, Canberra#39;s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) received news of a woolly creature roaming around in the Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve on the outskirts of the city. When the officials arrived to investigate, they discovered a barely visible ram buried under a giant ball of beautiful merino wool.9月2日,堪培拉皇家动物保护协会(简称RSPCA)收到了报告,说在位于郊区的Mulligans自然保护区有只毛巨长的家伙在游荡。当相关人员赶去调查时,发现了这只被厚厚羊毛包裹得几乎看不到身子的绵羊。It took five men to bring the errant animal to the rescue center. The poor sheep who was nicknamed ;Chris; could barely walk under what appeared to be at least seven years of fleece growth. RSPCA officials knew that to ensure the animal#39;s well-being, they should relieve him of his thick coat as soon as possible. That#39;s because Chris could be harboring some serious infections under the wool and it could also be impeding his need to go to the bathroom.五个人一起才把这只游荡的小东西带回营救中心。这只被人们起名为Chris的绵羊,身负至少长了7年的羊毛,几乎不能走动。RSPCA很清楚,要帮助这只小家伙,就必须先除去它厚重的毛。因为它毛下很可能严重感染,同时排泄也受到阻碍。However, the shearing had to be approached carefully. That#39;s because Chris had not been subjected to it for many years and just the process could lead to shock and death. To minimize his trauma, the rescuers decided to mildly sedate the animal. They also enlisted the help of experienced shearer Ian Elkins for the job.然而,剪羊毛必须谨慎进行。因为它应该多年无此经历,这个过程很可能引起惊吓甚至导致死亡。为了减小它可能遭受的风险,该组织决定采取温和的方式使其镇定下来。同时,他们也找来了经验丰富的剪羊毛工人Ian Elkins来进行这个工作。While a lot longer than the three minutes it takes to shear an average sheep with five pounds of fleece, Elkins said he been expecting to spend at least two-three hours on the job. The expert attributes the success of the smooth operation to Chris. The smart sheep appeared to understand what the humans were trying to accomplish and remained surprisingly calm and relaxed through the shearing process.给大约五磅羊毛的绵羊剃毛仅需大概3分钟,但是Elkins说给Chris剪也许需要花费2-3个小时。专家们认为这次的成功主要归功于Chris自身,它在剪毛过程中十分镇定和放松,仿佛懂得人们是为了它好。Chris, who has lost almost half his weight, is now recuperating under the watchful eyes of the rescue center#39;s veterinarians. As for his wool? Turns out it is not of very high quality and therefore, has no commercial value.Chris身上大概剪去了相当于它原来体重一般的羊毛,现在正在营救中心接受兽医的监护。那它剪去的羊毛还有用吗?由于这些经年积累的羊毛质量并不高,所以并没有什么商业价值。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201510/405754哈尔滨省第九人民医院客服中心

黑龙江省阳光妇科医院打胎可靠吗Ballet is one of the world’s most graceful and glamorous art forms. But the new Starz series, Flesh and Bone, explores the ugly, brutal side of the industry.芭蕾舞是世界上最优雅、最有魅力的艺术形式之一。不过Starz有线电视台的新剧《骨肉之躯》却深扒了芭蕾舞界丑陋、残酷的一面。The show, which premiered on Nov 8, centers on Claire Robbins (Sarah Hay), a gifted young ballerina who runs away from her abusive home in Pittsburgh and goes to New York to pursue a dancing career.本剧于11月8日首播。主角克莱尔圠宾斯(萨拉眠伊饰)是一位极有天赋的年轻芭蕾舞演员。由于不堪忍受在家乡匹兹堡受到的凌辱,她决定前往纽约追求她的舞蹈事业。Her skills soon earn her a leading position at a renowned ballet company. But her swift rise also rankles her fellow dancers. Robbins struggles to succeed in this highly competitive new environment while dealing with the scars of sexual assault.娴熟的舞蹈技艺让她很快成了著名芭蕾舞团的领舞。但她的平步青云却引来了其他舞蹈演员的不满。罗宾斯不仅要在竞争激烈的新环境中拼搏奋斗,还要一直忍受性骚扰留下的伤害。“This is the first time we’ve really seen the underbelly of a ballet company,” the show’s writer, Moira Walley-Beckett, told Los Angeles Times. Walley-Beckett spent 20 years in ballet herself, and she said she drew on that experience to give the show its grit. “A lot of those movies have catered to the very glossy, ethereal, optical illusion that is ballet, and we ripped the Band-Aid off.”编剧莫拉瓦利-贝基特告诉《洛杉矶时报》:“这是我们第一次亲眼目睹芭蕾舞团的内幕。”瓦利-贝基特曾跳过二十年的芭蕾舞,这段经历帮她更好地打磨了这部戏。“很多电影只是一味地迎合人们对芭蕾舞耀眼夺目和高贵优雅的幻想,但我们却撕开了这块遮羞布。”To create a sense of authenticity, Walley-Beckett insisted that the show cast real-life ballet dancers. Hay, for instance, was formerly a soloist with the Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, Germany.为了让剧集看起来更真实,瓦利-贝基特坚持让真正的芭蕾舞演员参演。例如,本剧主演海伊曾是德国德累斯顿森帕歌剧院的芭蕾舞独舞演员。“The verisimilitude was really important to me. I didn’t want to fake it. I didn’t want to have body doubles. I wanted to watch [the dancers] sweat and bleed and suffer and sore,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald.瓦利-贝基特告诉《悉尼先驱晨报》:“真实感对我来说十分重要,我不想伪造它。我也不想要替身。我要看到舞者们流汗、流血,看到他们的伤痛和愤怒。”Thanks to the ballerinas’ talents, the show is able to stage dazzling dance scenes. But the show is not only appealing to dance lovers.多亏芭蕾舞演员们的天赋,本剧才能展现绚烂的舞蹈场景。不过被这部剧吸引的不仅只有舞蹈爱好者。“I’m not telling a story about ballet. I’m telling a story about the characters,” said Walley-Beckett.瓦利-贝基特表示:“我并不是在讲芭蕾舞的故事。我讲的是人物的故事。”Indeed, Flesh and Bone gets under the skin of its characters, who all have their own dark pasts. The show tackles incest, drugs, eating disorders, the dancers’ low wages and their psychological and physical pain.事实上,《骨肉之躯》触及了人物皮囊之下的内心世界,他们都有各自不堪回首的过往。该剧探究了乱伦,毒品,厌食症,舞蹈演员的低薪水和他们心理和生理上的双重痛苦。“Going deep into the intricate aspects and darker impulses of human nature has always been appealing to me,” said Walley-Beckett, who is also the writer and producer of the Emmy-winning TV series Breaking Bad (《绝命毒师》).瓦利-贝基特还是艾美奖获奖剧集《绝命毒师》的编剧及制片人,她表示:“探究人内心深处错综复杂的方面和天性中黑暗的冲动让我着迷。”The fascinating thing about darkness is that it sometimes empowers people. In Robbins’ case, her self-loathing and despair later turn out to be the source of her strength. Her darkness is also a gift. And this idea is the very “genesis” of Flesh and Bone, said Walley-Beckett.黑暗最吸引人的地方就是它有时能赋予人力量。在罗宾斯的案例中,她的自我憎恨和绝望后来成了她力量的源泉。她的阴暗也是一种天赋。瓦利-贝基特说,这正是《骨肉之躯》的“起源”。 /201512/413727哈尔滨妇幼保健医院预约电话 About 74 percent of Chinese people are confident the country#39;s culture will be globally popular, a survey has showed.近日一项调查显示,约有74%的中国人相信,未来中国文化在世界上会有很强号召力。According to a survey jointly conducted by the China Youth Daily and wenjuan.com, more than half of those surveyed believe Chinese characters and traditional costume, designs and patterns are the top representatives of Chinese culture. According to the newspaper, a total of 2,000 people were surveyed. Among them, about half are post-1980s generations, while those born after 1990 account for 23 percent.据中国青年报和问卷网联合进行的调查结果显示,超过一半的受访者认为中国的汉字、传统饰、纹样和图案是中国风的重要载体。据悉,共有2000人参与了这项调查,其中一半是80后,而90后占了23%。About 83 percent of the people surveyed said they have a strong interest in products that carry traditional Chinese elements, the China Youth Daily reported on Tuesday.据中国青年报2月16日的报道,83%的受访者表示他们对带有中国风元素的产品有浓厚的兴趣。The majority of respondents said Chinese culture is reserved and diversified, with more than 78 percent questioning the way in which international brands employ Chinese elements.多数受访者表示,中国文化是一个含蓄而又多元化的概念,有超过78%的受访者认为国际品牌追求的中国味儿不够地道。Meanwhile, only 33 percent of the respondents considered bright red and yellow as elements representing Chinese culture, though the two colors were promoted by many designers.然而,各大商家普遍认为“用了#39;大红、大黄等颜色#39;就是中国风”这一观点,仅有33%的受访者表示赞同。 /201602/427138牡丹江市妇女儿童医院网上预约

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