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The block chain is really the revolutionary part of Bitcoin.区块链可以说是比特币最具有革命性的一部分What#39;s really unique about it is it#39;s all public它的独特性在于区块链是公开的so you can run the Bitcoin algorithm on your computer因此你可以在自己的电脑上运行比特币算法and your computer#39;s inspecting every single transaction你的电脑可以检查每一笔交易to be sure that it actually followed the rules,来确保一切都是遵循规则的and the rules are really what Bitcoin is.而比特币的本质正是规则You know, that#39;s the rules of the system, that#39;s the algorithm.这是个有规则的系统 是算法It says things like,比如它说;You can only send money to one person at once,;;你一次只能向一个人转账;and we all agree to those rules.我们都同意这个规定And Bitcoin has one other characteristic比特币还有另一个特点which it shares with cash.这点和现金一样It can be very hard to trace.难以被追踪Well, what#39;s controversial about Bitcoin is that比特币备受争议的一点是it goes back to something quite like cash.它很像现金It#39;s not like a bank account但不像那样where a government investigator can just call up the bank政府调查员直接打电话给and get all the records of who I#39;ve ever transacted with就能轻松地拿到without any effort at all.我每一笔交易的记录You know, if they want to go and find out where I got my Bitcoins,但如果他们想查出我在哪得到的比特币they#39;re going to have to ask me.他们就要来问我本人They#39;re going to have to investigate.还需要调查重点解释:1.agree to 同意; 答应例句:We must agree to differ on this.我们得承认在这一问题上有分歧。2.share with 分享例句:I have very happy news to share with you.我有很高兴的消息要告诉你。3.at all 完全例句:It#39;s not at all that bad.这根本没有那么坏。 Article/201703/500447。

  • 霍华德·莱茵戈德谈论了未来世界中的合作参与及协作行为,比如维基百科是如何将人类的合作天性变成它发展的动力的。 Article/201410/337064。
  • TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201506/378373。
  • Edging 立刃 What you might be finding,at state one should completing it turn,你可能会发现,在这个阶段,你应该完成转弯,you might feel like you are actuality sliding down on the snowed,你可能会感到是你事实上是在搓雪并感觉自己慢慢减速,as it supposed to cutting in and feeling yourself slowing down.而本应该是把雪板边刃切入雪中,That#39;s all DVD edges.这就是本集DVD的内容。Now if you can see me stand here, I can roll my knees and ankles into the snowed ,现在你可以看到我站在这,我可以向山上弯曲我的膝盖和踝关节,if I gently roll them out, I#39;m gonna stop to slid down,give it a go,如果我轻微的把膝盖和踝关节向山下弯,我就会向下滑。just down the ice and slight move like this,试一下,站在冰面上像这样慢慢的滑下,roll the knees in gently and let the skate stop to slide down.并弯曲膝盖让雪板停止滑动。so one should master that,I remember this like lessens move, try both ways,you can stop putting into a traverse.所以必须掌握这些,在滑行时尝试这两种方法so come cross the snowed ,and do exactly the same thing,从雪上通过时,做一样的事,flatten the skate gently and roll the edges on,thinking about going around corner on the bicycle,慢慢地放平滑雪板,立刃,you done that just leaving the bike over and quick going round corner ,and then come back up,想象你在是骑着自行车在转弯,倾倒然后回正,you gonna gently impressively roll those skate flat and gently back on the edge,你要体会把慢慢地板放平,慢慢地立刃,and trying get used to feeling the difference.体会两者的不同。some gonna stop by traversing cross,flatten the skate , and feel the edges,flatten the skate ,and feel the edges.放平雪板,感受刃,再放平雪板,再感受刃,Down to traversing cross,so I can feel my edges,and I#39;m gonna flatten and then roll the skate on the edges again.交替几次我可以感受到我的刃,我放平雪板和再次立刃。Once you go that out, you feel quite happy about those movements,一旦你学会这些,你会为掌握这些动作开心,and now we can introduce a proper term, it#39;s exactly same movement.现在我们完整的讲一下整个转弯,是一样的动作。You gonna stop the term,come around the corner,gently and impressively rolling those knees and ankles slowly into the hill,你可以慢慢地向山上弯曲膝盖和踝关节来结束一个弯,这可以猛地弯曲膝盖和踝关节,it#39;s not a sharp movement and you#39;ll be amazed ,你会惊讶,动作并不是很生硬just a couple of more degree,only enough to feel more grape ,只是倾斜一些角度你会觉得滑的更稳it gonna make you feel more comfortable ,and stay to train.它会使你感到更舒,保持练习。I#39;m still slid into the term ,and gentle rolling on to the edges,我继续搓着滑入弯,慢慢的立刃。it#39;s impressive movement, as you roll on the edges,and flatten the skate and to stop by next term,这是个让人印象深刻的动作,当你立刃然后又放平雪板,with an gradually build up the edges again,and turn up the hill to control the speed.持续的立刃可以滑向山上并停下来,达到控制速度的目的。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201504/371375。
  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201511/408737。
  • What makes iron better than bronze铁跟青铜相比 其优势在于is it holds an edge better.能更好地稳固船边If you#39;re trying to work with wood,如果你是用木头工作the ability to keep a sharp edge meant如果想将船边牢固you could make thin planks,就要用很厚的木板you could shape beams, you could build better ships.如果能制造船梁 就能造成理想的大船Iron tools revolutionize shipbuilding铁具给造船业带来了新的春天And allow mankind to innovate as never before.也让人类发生了翻天覆地的变化A revolutionary invention:龙骨的诞生The keel.是一项具有划时代意义的发明Now ships can remain stable in the roughest waters,现在船可以在恶劣的海洋环境中航行The key to mankind#39;s future at sea.而主宰人类未来的关键正是航海Hanno has sailed from the Mediterranean汉诺从地中海出发Into uncharted waters: the Atlantic Ocean.驶向未知的大西洋海域With 30,000 colonists,同三万名殖民地开拓者一道He#39;s looking for new lands, new opportunities.他在找寻新的大陆 新的契机For some of these early explorers,这些开拓者中的一部分人all they#39;ve been told他们知道的只是is that the world drops off.陆地被分成很多部分It#39;s a step into the unknown, it#39;s huge.这就像踏上了未知的旅途 意义重大 Article/201509/401042。
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