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哈尔滨六院官方网黑龙江妇儿医院地址哪里?Thank you very much, Mr. President.非常感谢您,总统先生。We, in fact, did have a candid, thoughtful and thorough conversation on a whole range of bilateral and international issues. 实际上,我们在一系列的双边和国际问题上确实进行了坦诚的、思想性和彻底的谈话。Over the last three years, the ed States and Russia have been able to make significant progress on a wide range of issues, including the New START Treaty, the 1,2,3 Agreement, the work weve done on Russias accession to the WTO, and setting up a presidential process whereby issues of trade and commerce, science, technology are all discussed at a much more intensive level.在过去的三年中,美国和俄罗斯已经在一系列广泛问题上有了重大进展,包括《新削减战略武器条约》,《1、2、3协议》,我们已经完成了俄罗斯加入世贸组织的工作,并建立一个总统对于贸易和商业,科学,技术等都在一个更密集的水平上讨论的流程。We agreed that we need to build on these successes, even as we recognize that there are going to be areas of disagreement, and that we can find constructive ways to manage through any bilateral tensions. 我们一致认为我们需要在这些成功之上建立,哪怕我们意识到,存在意见分歧,我们可以寻找建设性的方式来渡过两国之间任何的紧张关系。In particular, we discussed the need to expand trade and commercial ties between the ed States and Russia, which are still far below where they should be. 特别是,我们讨论了扩大美国和俄罗斯贸易及商业联系的需要,而这现在仍然远低于目前的水平。And I emphasized my priority of having Congress repeal Jackson-Vanik, provide permanent trade relations status to Russia so that American businesses can take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities now that Russia is a member of the WTO.而且既然俄罗斯已经是世贸组织成员,我强调我的国会优先废除废除《杰逊-凡尼》修正案,提供俄罗斯永久的贸易地位,以便美国的俄罗斯企业可以利用此非凡的机遇。We discussed a range of strategic issues, including missile defense, and resolved to continue to work through some of the difficult problems involved there.我们讨论了一系列的战略问题,包括导弹防御,并决心继续完成一些涉及到的困难问题。I thanked the President and the Russian people for the work theyve done with us on the Northern Distribution Network that is vital to providing supplies and resources to our brave troops who are still in Afghanistan.我感谢总统和俄罗斯人民对于我们北方配送网络所做的工作,提供给我们仍在阿富汗的英勇部队至关重要的资源。We emphasized our shared approach when it comes to the Iranian situation as members of the P5+1. 我们强调的是当作为P5 + 1的成员谈到伊朗局势的时候我们共同的方法。We agreed that theres still time and space to resolve diplomatically the issue of Irans potential development of nuclear weapons, as well as its interest in developing peaceful nuclear power.我们一致认为,仍有时间和空间从外交上解决伊朗开发核武器潜力的问题,以及这个国家开发和平使用核能的兴趣问题。And finally, as Mr. President mentioned, we discussed Syria, where we agreed that we need to see a cessation of the violence, that a political process has to be created to prevent civil war, and the kind of horrific events that weve seen over the last several weeks, and we pledged to work with other international actors including the ed Nations, Kofi Annan, and all the interested parties in trying to find a resolution to this problem.最后,正如总统先生所提到的,我们讨论了叙利亚问题,我们一致认为,我们需要看到暴力停止,这一政治进程创建要防止我们已经看到在过去的几个星期的内战,恐怖事件等。我们承诺与其他合作,包括联合国,秘书长科菲安南,及试图找到解决这个问题的各方人士。Mr. President, I look forward to visiting Russia again, and I look forward to hosting you in the ed States.总统先生,我期待着再一次出访俄罗斯,我期待着你能来美国。Thank you, everybody.谢谢你们,非常感谢。201206/187787哈尔滨省中医院联系电话 Ladies and gentleman , good morning and welcome to the 21st Century Erisson Cup Sixth National English Speaking Competition .女士们,先生们,早上好,欢迎来到;21世纪爱立信杯;第六届全国英语演讲比赛现场.First of all, well in introduce ourselves,My names is Rick.首先,让我们介绍一下自己.我的名字叫里克.Wo Shi Like (Chinese )from China Radio International .Thank you .And let me introduce to you ,from BTV, the very lovely Jiang Hua.我是来自中国国际广播电台的里克(中文).谢谢!同时让我来给你们介绍来自北京电视台的非常可爱的姜华.Thank you Rick ,Im Jiang Hua from Beijing TV and Im the host of Hello World .谢谢里克.我是来自北京电视台的姜华,是;你好世界;的主持人.Umm, this is the sixth time that China Daily has organized this contest.This year to stir up enthusiasm and support for Beifings bid for 2008 Olympic Games and popularizing English among Chinese people ,the Competition comes back to Beijing.这已经是中国日报社第六次组织的全国英语演讲比赛.今年为了激发热情,持北京申办2008年的奥运会,为了在中国人当中普及英语,比赛场地又回到了北京.Thats right .This years competition is organized by the China Daily and Ericsson China Company Limited , Coordinted by the Enlish Speaking Union and China University English speaking Association ,and Co-sponsored by EF Education ,Beijing Television ,Times Publishing Group of Singapore ,Shanghai Foreign Laguage Education Press, and pierson Education .是的,今年的比赛由中国日报社和爱立信(中国)有限公司主办,国际英语联合会和中国高校英语口语协会协办,赞助单位有英孚教育集团,北京电视台,新加坡时代出版集团,上海外语教育出版社以及培生出版集团.And now lets go over the rules of the competition .现在让我们介绍一下比赛的有关规则.OK,each of the contestants has five minutes to present a prepared speech ,three minutes to present an unprepared speech and another three minutes to answer questions raised by the panel of judges.每位参赛选手完成五分钟的命题演讲,三分钟的即兴演讲和三分钟的答辩.Now , during the prepared speech a competition staff member will raise a red paper board at the four minutemark to let the speaker know he or she has one minute left.在命题演讲中,比赛工作人员会在四分钟的时候举起一张红纸板,告诉演讲者他或者她还剩下一分钟的演讲时间.And ,a bell will ring out at the end of five minutes.并且在五分钟的结尾会鸣钟示意.Ok, our topic today for prepared speech is ;Beijing 2008:The Meaning of the Bid;.今天我们命题演讲的主题是;北京2008:申奥意义之我见.;The top two contestants will be honored as the most promising speakers to be invited to participate in the internatinal Public Speaking Competition sponsored by the English Speaking Union in London.比赛的前两名获得者将荣获;最具潜力选手;的称号,并被邀请到由国际英语联合会发起,在伦敦举行的国际英语演讲比赛.Among the remaining contestants ,the top two will be awarded a two-week training course in an international language school in Britain sponsored by EF Education.余下的选手当中,前两名将由英孚教育集团赞助,被选送到英国国际知名语言学校进行为期两周的修学访问.The third and fourth place winners will be awarded a study trip to Singapore sponsored by The Times Publishing Group .余下的第三.四名将由时代出版集团赞助到新加坡进行修学访问.The next six among the rest will get the cash prize.The contestant who demonstrates the most creativity will receive a special prize sponsored by Ercsson Company .接下来的六名优胜者将会获得现金奖.最具创造力的选手获得由爱立信公司赞助的特别奖.And the top winner of all the contestants will take home the 21st Century Ericsson Cup.所有参赛选手中的第一名将成为;21世纪爱立信杯;的主人,You will see names of the past top winners have been engraved on the pedestal of the cup.你可以从奖杯的底座看到前几届比赛一等奖获得者的名字刻在上面.Whose name will be added this year, we will find out before sunset.Please welcome contestant number twenty-four.今年谁的名字将加到上面去呢,我们会在日落之前就有分晓.下面有请第二十四号参赛选手出场.06/74257On Wednesday, the President honored math and science educators at the White House and announced several new partnerships and programs in a continuation of the “Educate to Innovate” campaign, an initiative designed to energize and excite America’s students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In November, Steven Harris and Brian Hortellano were invited to the White House to help the President kick off “Educate to Innovate.” After the President’s remarks that day, Steven and Brian demonstrated a robot they built as part of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics competition.In this blog post, Steven writes about how he became interested in robotics, why he believes STEM is important to the future of our country, and the experience of meeting President Obama. A of the event is posted below this post.I have been a part of FIRST Robotics for eight years. My first exposure to FIRST Robotics was in fourth grade. On Saturdays, when my brother was a member of the team at Oakton High School, I got to go to the team meetings because my father was a parent mentor for the team, helping the members of the team build and design the robots. The first time I got to go to a meeting was when my mother was away on a trip, so I went to the meeting with my brother and father since I could not stay home alone. After my first meeting I was hooked and could not be convinced to stay home. My brother was a senior the year he did robotics, and the next year my sister joined the team so I continued to go to the meetings. Up until my first year of high school I was an honorary member of the team and got to watch and learn from the team but did not actually get to contribute to the robot.From those first experiences with robotics when I was little more than a bystander—only getting in the way—I have now become a leader on the team. Having seen many robots built, I am able to guide the team through the process of building a robot. Also, as one of the leaders on the team I help coordinate the website and animation teams so that the whole team functions together smoothly. Our country is caught up in the midst of many problems. We expel large amounts of greenhouse gases, which are contributing to global climate change. We get most of our energy from dirty and inefficient sources. We are in the middle of an economic downturn that has cost many Americans their jobs. These problems are exactly the reason why science and technology education needs to be a priority. Science and technology provide the base of knowledge from which people will invent and innovate solutions for our country’s problems. While other disciplines and majors have their own significance to our nation, the majority of the solutions to our problems will come from students who study math or science. Currently not enough students are studying math and science. Programs such as FIRST Robotics introduce students to math and science in a way that is enjoyable and engaging while still being educational. These programs need to be made more available to students across the country.Getting to meet the President was a great honor. Presidents Obama’s recognition of the work that Brian and I did in FIRST Robotics reinforced in my mind that what we were doing was important. Plus the national recognition that FIRST got that day has helped the organization gain more visibility, not just within my own school but across the country.Steven Harris is a student at Oakton High School in Vienna, VADownload Video: mp4 (364MB) | mp3 (17MB) 201001/94146黑龙江省人民医院门诊部电话

延寿县妇幼保健院生殖科The President spoke about what the Labor movement has meant for America:It was working men and women who made the 20th century the American century. It was the labor movement that helped secure so much of what we take for granted today. (Applause.) The 40-hour work week, the minimum wage, family leave, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, retirement plans. The cornerstones of the middle-class security all bear the union label.Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (480MB) | mp3 (46MB) 201009/113395哈尔滨第三医院妇科 Honorable judges ,ladies and gentlemen:尊敬的评委,女士们,先生们:Id like to begin my speech with a story I from a newspaper .A chinese writer visited the International Olympic Museum in Switzerland three years ago .我想以在报纸上看到的一个故事开始.三年前,一个中国作家参观了瑞士国际奥林匹克物馆.When he went to get the ticket ,he discovered that each ticket bears a design representing the city that had hosted the Olympic Games.他去买票时发现每张票上都印有曾举办过奥运会的城市的标志.He was frustrated ,however ,because the enthusiastic assistant who wished to give him one representing his country had to apologize.他觉得很失落,因为那位热情的售票员未能为他找到一张代表中国的票,而只能感到抱歉了.I thought to myself :Why cant China ,where sports have become an essential part of peoples lives ,host the Olympics?我想,为什么中国- 一个体育已成为人们生活不可缺少的一部分国家,却不能举办奥运会?Why cant China ,a country playing an important role in nearly all sports worldwide,host the Olympics?为什么中国——一个几乎在全世界各项体育运动中都有扮演着重要角色的国家,却不能举办奥运会?Why cant China ,a country playing an important role in economics and developing with a fast pace ,have a ticket of her own ?为什么中国-一个高速发展的,在经济领域中起着举足轻重作用的国家,却不能有一张代表自己的票?I believe China has plenty of reasons to be such a host and what China can contribute to the Olympics is not merely a ticket design .我相信中国有着充足的理由来举办奥运会,中国对奥运会做出的贡献将不仅仅是一张票的设计.The spirit of Olympic goes far beyond sports.It is an active way of living ,a demonstration of self-confidence and a presentation of courage.奥运精神远不只体育运动,它是一种积极的生活方式,一种自信和勇气的展示.The Olympic spirit has enlivened people in China ,especially the younger generation .奥运精神使中国人更加朝气蓬勃,尤其是年轻一代.I am a prime example.I encountered many obstacles in preparing for this speech contest,but the African swimmer Eric Moussambani was a great encouragement to me .我自己就是一个最好的例子.为在这次演讲比赛做准备时,我遇到了许多困难,但非洲游泳运动员埃里克.穆山巴尼给了我极大的鼓励.He reached the finish line long after others had,but his perseverance and courage won the applause of the audience and other competitors.其他人都达到终点后他才游完,但他的勇气和毅力赢得了观众和其他运动员的掌声.I now understand that the essential thing in life lies more in striving than in conquering.现在我明白了,生命最重要的在于争取,而不在获胜.China has 400 million youths today .If the 2008 Games can be held in China,the Olmpic spirit will be sp,enhanced, and passed down from generation to generation in the worlds most populous nation .现在中国有四亿年轻人,如果二零零八年奥运会在中国举行,那么奥运精神将在世界上人口最多的国家得发扬光大并代代相传.Moreover ,Beijings contribution to the Olympics will not only be sping the spirit within China,but also bringing rich Eastern culture to Olympics and to the world .还有,北京对奥运会的贡献不只是在中国传播奥运精神,还能将大精深的东方文化带给奥运和世界.The Olympics originated in ancient Greece ,the primary source of Western culture .奥运会起源于古希腊--- 西方文化的发源地.But the modern Olympics has become a celebration of mankind.It is an important international event and therefore needs global involvement.但现代奥运会已成为人类的一个庆典.它是一项重要的国际运动,需要全球的参与.The five-ring symbol calls not only for peace and unity in the world but also for a mutual understanding of Western and Eastern cultures.五环符号不仅呼唤着世界的和平统一,而且呼唤着西方文化与东方文化的相互理解.China is the cradle of the ancient Eastern civilization .When the Olympics steps into the new century by returning to their birthplace,中国是东方古文化的摇篮.当奥运会步入新世纪而回归发源地的时候,the next choice should be the ancient and modernized Beijing .I say this ,下一步选择就应该是古老而现代的北京.我之所以这样说,Because the Olympic needs constant enrichment from different cultures.I say this ,because I believe that the two cultures will nourish and benefit each other ,I say this ,是因为奥运会需要不同的文化来不断充实.我之所以这样说,是因为我相信这两种文化将互补充,相互充实;我之所以这样说,because Beijing is y to make all preparations necessary to host the Games.是因为北京已做好了所有必要的准备工作来举办奥运会.Beijing no longer impress the world with the Great Wall and the Forbidden City alone ;she is wooing the global community with her modern look .北京不仅以长城和紫禁城而闻名世界,她正以崭新的姿态取得全球共识.The environment ,telecommunications ,transportation,and other services are improving daily .环境,电讯,交通,以及其他设施正日新月异地发展,More important are the changes in peoples minds.More and more people have adoptetd the environment-friendly lifestyle .然而更重要的是人们观念的更新.越来越多的人们采取了对环境更为有利的生活方式.Increasing numbers of residents can speak English to the international community .These significant changes,越来越多的北京居民能与来自世界各地的团体用英语交谈.这些重大变化,both physical and mental ,and the endeavor to improve themselves ,no doubt ,will ensure a successful hosting and will enable a new Beijing to have a ticket with her name inscribed in the Olympic Museum.物质和精神这两者(的重大变化).以及提高自身的努力,无疑可以确实北京能够成功地举办奥运会,从而使新面貌的北京也拥有一张印有自己名字的票,在奥林匹克物馆占有一席之地.This ticket will not be a common ticket any more.With this ticket ,the Olympicss hosts will increase by 1.2 billions;这张票不再是一张普通的票了.有了这张票,奥运会的主办者将增加十二亿人;with this ticket ,the Olympics will have a new field to cultivate ,and this ticket will be a symbol of Chinas contribution to the Olympics.Thank you!有了这张票,奥运会将开辟出一片新领域,而这张票也将成为中国对奥运会所做贡献的一个象征.谢谢大家!Judge:Thank you very much indeed,contestant number 22,I m bringing you back to the Olympics.评委:非常谢谢二十二号参赛选手,我们还是回到奥运会的话题上去.You will guess.Im sure ,that yours was not the first presentation that weve heard today ,about the Olympics ,but you re almost the first person to say anything at all about the growing interest in modern China in competitive sports of the kind that come from western countries and from the Olmpic movement.我敢肯定,你在想,你的演讲并不是我们今天听到的第一个关于奥运会的演讲,但你几乎是第一个谈到了现代中国对来自西方国家的各种奥运竞技运动越来越感兴趣.And I wonder if you might like to say a little bit more about that and why you think it is that in modern China these kinds of traditionally western sports have become so much more popular.你能否说一说为什么这些传统的西方体育运动在现代中国越来越受欢迎?Guo Zhongbao:Thank you for your question .I think that we all know some Chinese sports.郭中宝:谢谢您的提问.我想,大家都知道中国的一些体育运动.I think that Chinese sports and Western sports have lots in common .But as for such a competitive society ,students need the sense of competition,and the Western sports emphasize more on competition .我认为中国的体育运动和西方的体育运动在许多方面有着共同点.但是这样一个竞争激烈的社会,学生要有竞争感,西方体育运动突出了这种竞争意识,So I think maybe that is one of the reasons that Chinese students like to choose Western sports.因此我认为这就是为什么中国学生选择西方体育运动的原因之一.And another reason ,I think ,it is very good for the audience to watch ,because it is competitive ,it is exciting and we have a lot of channels for that such as CCTV channel 5 and the sports section in China Daily.第二个原因,我认为,是体育运动适合观看,因为体育运动竞争性强,令人感到十分兴奋,我们可以通过许多渠道来了解体育,如中央电视台第五套节目以及lt;lt;中国日报gt;gt;体育版.So I think that these are very ...I think that why we like the Western sports is because it emphasize the competition,所以我觉得这些都是....这就是为什么我们喜欢西方体育运动的原因,因为它强调了竞争,and in the market based economy ,I think China badly needs that kind of idea.Thank you .在市场经济下,中国是十分需要这种理念的.谢谢.Judge :Thank you ,Im going to ask a more personal question .In your first presentation you mentioned that you had to overcome a lot of difficulties in order to participate in this contest.评委:谢谢.我还想问一个更私人的问题.在你的演讲中,你谈到为了参加这次演讲比赛,你克了很多困难.I wonder if you could tell us about those difficulties and what you did to overcome them.我希望你能向我们说说你都遇到了什么困难,以及你是怎样克它们的.Guo Zhongbao:Thank you .There is something wrong happen in my family and a disagreement between my father and mother .郭中宝:谢谢.我的家庭出现了一些问题.爸爸和妈妈之间出现不和.I couldnt tell because that is very personal .My mother told me that you just strive on ,work on your work and do not mention ,do ...not care about your family because the competition is very important for you .我不想说,因为这是很私人的事情.妈妈对我说,你只管继续努力,专注于自己的工作,不要管家里的事情,因为这次比赛对你来说十分重要.Besides the problem in my family I encountered many difficulties in language because I am only a second year student.除了家庭问题,我还遇到了许多语言上的困难,因为我只是一个二年级的学生.And a lot of difficulties understanding the Olympic spirit .And also ,the bidding because I m not a student in Beijing .还有在理解奥运精神上的困难.还有关于北京申奥,因为我不是北京的学生.So,to overcome these difficulties ,I really need some idea or some spirit .因此,为了克这些困难,我真的需要一些思想和精神上的鼓励.Gradually , I found that Erics spirit can support me ,because he never stop.逐渐地,我发现,埃里克精神可以给我以持,因为他从来停止过,He never quit.Because he tells us that a quiltter never wins and a winner never quits .他从来没有放弃过.因为他曾说,一个放弃者永远也不会获胜,而一个胜利者永远也不会放弃.So I think I got a lot of support from that accident .And I think that this kind of understanding was rooted in my mind .我认为我从这次事件中得到许多持.我想,这种理解将根植于我的头脑之中.Probably some day in the future ,when I have a child ,I will tell him,especially when he or she,has difficulties.也许在未来的某一天,我也有了自己的孩子,当他或她有了困难的时候,I will he or she,him or her,to learn for that accident.Thank you very much indeed.我会告诉他,无论是男孩还是女孩,我会让他从这次事中吸取经验教训.真的非常感谢.09/85159哈尔滨省人民医院门诊部营业时间

黑龙江省哈尔滨妇女儿童医院电子病历Good morning ,honorable judges ,ladies and gentlemen .One hot summer afternoon many years ago,早上好,尊敬的评委,女士们,先生们。许多年前的一个炎热的夏天下午,I saw my parents sitting before a small black and white TV set , fixing their eyes on a proceeding volleyball match .我看见父母坐在一部小黑白电视机前,目不转睛地看着一场正在进行的排球比赛。They looked attentive ,nervous and excited .Sometimes they shouted enthusiastically ,他们看得那样专注,紧张和兴奋,他们有时激动地大喊,and sometimes sighted disappointedly .What was going on?有时失望地叹息。怎么回事?Never has I seen my parents reacted so excitedly in any cases before.It mustve been something very special.以前我从没有见过父母为任何事情如此兴奋过,一定有什么特别的事情。It was the Olympics Games, my parents told me .But how can a single sprots meeting be so charming and attractive?我父母告诉我,那是奥运会,但是一个运动会怎么会如此有魅力和吸引人?Is it simply the huge scene of so many athletes meeting and competing together ?那只是许多运动员汇聚一起竞赛的巨大场面而已。I was too young to understand .我太小而无法理解。Years later it was my turn to sit before the TV,watching each game with devoted enthusiasm,多年以后,轮到我坐在电视机前,全神贯注地观看每一场比赛,especially with Chinas teams participation .I came to realize why my parents had been so much stirred up .特别是有中国队参加的比赛。我终于明白我的父母为什么如此兴奋了。With thousands of sports players,regardless of their races and nationalities ,gathering together .随着成千上万的运动员,不管他们的种族和国籍,相聚一起,running ,jumping ,dashing ,the Olympics exhibits fully its spirit :swifter ,higher ,and stronger .长跑,跳高跳远,短跑,充分体现了奥运精神,更快,更高和更强。However ,I felt it was not simply the athletic competition ,the emotional excitement,the spectacular enjoyment ,但是,我觉得那不单是运动员的竞技,情绪和兴奋,视觉的享受,but there must be something more ,something deeper ,behind it and beyond it .而是在它的后面和上面蕴含更多,更深。Picture in your mind:the American jazz music in LosAngles ,Alirang in Seoul ,bullfighting in Barcelona,Aborigines dance in Sydney ,你的脑海中有如此图象:洛杉矶的美国爵士,汉城的发歌《阿里郎》,巴赛罗那的斗牛,悉尼的土著舞,all these reflected the amazing attraction of the nations culture .The running cities of the Olympics are fortunate,所有这些都反映了一个国家文化的惊人的吸引力。奥运会的主办城市是幸运的,for the Games besttowned on them pride and offered them golden opportunities to show the world themselves and their splendid culture .奥运会授予他们荣誉,为他们提供展现自我和他们的辉煌文化的黄金机会。As the Olympics travels aroung the world from one city to another city ,from one culture to another culture ,随着奥运会从一个城市转到另一个城市,从一个文化到另外一种文化,it absorbs diversities of each separate civilization and makes itself more completed every four years.它吸收了各种各样不同的文明。每隔四年就使自己更加完美。To me,that is the most important meaning of the Olympics and Beijings bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.对我来说,这就是奥运会和北京申办二零零八年奥运会的最重要的意义。Beijing is not simply bidding for a sports meeting ,but also bidding for a chance to display herself and her cultural essence to the whole worl北京不仅仅是申办一个运动会,申奥是向世界展示自己文化精髓的时机Giving Beijing her chance the 2008 Olympics Games will be a grand occasion for the perfect combination of the Olympic spirit and Chinese culture .给予北京一个机会,二零零八年奥运会盛会将是奥运会精神和中国文化的完美结合。For centuries ,this grand culture has remaind a mystery to people from the other continents of the world.几个世纪以来,这个辉煌的文化对于其他洲的人是一个谜。Even at the present era ,means to understand it for may only include some Chinese -made movies ,即使在现代,大多数人认识中国都是通过中国电影,or visits to China towns in the cities where they live.The chinese culture is just like a vast treasure island waiting to be tapped by most of the worlds population .和他们住的唐人街。中国文化就像一个蕴含宝藏的岛屿,等待世界大部分人来开发,The Olympics is just the gateway to that island. I always imagine ,in the antique city of Beijing ,alongside with the Forbidden City ,而奥运会只是进入宝岛的大门。我总在想象,在北京这个古城里,和紫禁城,the Great wall and the Summer Palace ,stands a beautiful ,Chinese-style Olympic city in which all those things about serial bells,长城和颐和园一起形成了一个有中国特色的奥运城,里面蕴藏着古钟楼,京剧院,about dragon dance, about the spacious courtyards, all the stories and tales about spacious courtyards ,echo around.舞龙,还有关于大四合院的所有故事和传说,In the year of 2008 ,it will be the time for China to unveil the mystery of its splendid and superb ancient civilization ;二零零八年是中国揭开笼罩着它的辉煌璀璨的古代文明的神秘面纱,it will be the time for China to demonstrate to the world the demeanor of its dramatic and dynamic new image.是中国展示它引人注目的和生机勃勃的新形象的时候。In the year of 2008,if fortune comes to Beijing ,it will be the place where sports and culture join ,二零零八年,如果好运降临在北京上,那是体育与文化相结合,where history and fashion meet,where the east and the west shake hands under the five rings of the Olympics.历史与潮流相结合,东西方在奥运会的五环下握手的地方。To bid for the 2008 Olympic Games,Beijing is waiting for such a chance to contribute her part to the Olympic culture as a whole.申办二零零八年奥运会,是北京等着为奥林匹克文化贡献一分力量的机会。Without Chinas participation ,without a civilization that was cultivated by one fifth of the worlds population ,没有中国的参与,没有世界五分之一人口创造的文明,the Olympic culture ,as a gloal one ,will never be completed.On that unforgettable night in Montreal in 1993,奥林匹克文化作为一个全球文化是不完整的。在一九九三年蒙特利尔的那个难忘的夜晚,When Beijing lost her bid for the 2000 Olympic Game,it was not only a pity for Olympics ,当北京失去了二零零零年奥运会的主办权,那不仅是奥运会的遗憾,but also a pity for the whole world,because they had lost an earlier chance to access a great culture through this grand event.也是全世界的遗憾,因为他们失去了通过一次盛会更早地认识如此辉煌的文化的机会。This time I dont think they shall miss it ,for Beijing is y ,这一次我想他们不会错过它,因为北京在准备,China is y ,the whole world is y ,to see the sacred Olympic flame burning on this sacred land.Thank you.中国在准备,世界在准备观看奥运圣炎在这块社圣的土地上点燃。谢谢。Judge :Candiadate number five ,thank you for uh, both your,both your speeches.评委:五号选手,谢谢你的两个演讲。And you have made us feel the excitement of watching the Olympics and indeed other sports on televison .你让我们真的感到从电视观看奥运会和其他体育运动时的兴奋,And this is an excitement that is shared by millions all over the world .这也是全世界许许多多人民共享的兴奋。Why do you think watching sports or the Olympics is so exciting ?Why ?Why is it so exciting ?为什么你观看体育运动或奥运会时感到如此兴奋?为什么?为什么如此兴奋?Guo Wen:I can still remember the site that in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney,the North Korean and Sourth Korean athletes were standing side by side ,郭雯:我仍然记得二零零零年悉尼奥运会的一幕,南北朝鲜的运动员肩并肩,hand in hand.And do you still remember the conflicts in the bond of their countries?手牵手的在站在一起。你是否还记得他们国家的南北方之间的矛盾冲突?They re fighting .They re in the war.But only in the Olympic games,they can be standing there hand in hand.他们在争斗,他们在战争。但是只有在奥运会上,他们才能手牵手站在一起。World pople are seeing these in the TV .They are not really excited by such a scene that they are chasing for the higher goals.全世界人民通过电视看到了这些,他们不仅仅因为追求更高的目标而兴奋。Theyre running .Theyre dashing.Theyre jumping .But they stand for peace.他们在长跑,他们在短跑,他们在跳高跳远。但他们捍卫和平,They stand for the good prospect of people which is shared by milliions.On the other side,他们体现了无数人民共同的展望,别外,beside peace, it always stands for the highest position that human beings stand .除了和平,它代表人类最崇高的位置。People are always chasing for the higher goals.And when people see this ,they will not only think of volleyball,人们总在追求更高的目标,当人们看到这种场景,他们不仅仅看到排球赛,of running , they will think every respect in their won life.They can chase for higher goals standing for the ,whole human being .田径赛,他们想到了生活中的每一方面。他们在追求代表整个人类的更高的目标。Why cannot I?What is the next goal set by me ?They are excited and the excitement will be brought to every aspect of the society .为什么我不能?我的下一个目标是什么?他们是兴奋的,这种兴奋将带到社会的每一个方面。That is why we are promoting the Olympics.And that is why we will bring the Olympic spirit to China ,to Beijing ,because its so ,because its so precious ,so valuable and so excited .Thank you .那就是为什么我们宣扬奥运,为什么我们要把奥运精神带给中国,带给北京,因为它是如此珍贵,如此有价值,如此令人兴奋。谢谢。Judge:Thank you .评委:谢谢。10/86385 本演讲暂无音频Statement by the President on Legislation to Address Crisis in Financial Markets Over the weekend, members of my Administration and congressional leaders worked on legislation to address the crisis in our Nation's financial markets. They made good headway toward a bill that can pass the House and Senate in a timely manner, and the American people appreciate their efforts.Obviously, there will be differences over some details, and we will have to work through them. That is an understandable part of the policy making process. But it would not be understandable if Members of Congress sought to use this emergency legislation to pass unrelated provisions, or to insist on provisions that would undermine the effectiveness of the plan. I appreciate Members of Congress in both parties resisting the urge to do so, and keeping the rescue bill focused on solving the crisis in our financial markets.Americans are watching to see if Democrats and Republicans, the Congress and the White House, can come together to solve this problem with the urgency it warrants. Indeed, the whole world is watching to see if we can act quickly to shore up our markets and prevent damage to our capital markets, businesses, our housing sector, and retirement accounts.Failure to act would have broad consequences far beyond Wall Street. It would threaten small business owners and homeowners on Main Street.Everyone recognizes that it's not easy to write a bill of this magnitude in a timely manner, and all those who have worked so hard over the weekend and continue this morning deserve the thanks and appreciation of every American. Working together, I am confident we can enact the legislation necessary to prevent lasting damage to our economy and meet the unique challenge facing us today.200809/49937哈尔滨阳光做输卵管通液多少钱黑龙江哈市阳光医院妇科怎么样



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