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Is it a beetle or some sort?它是甲虫还是什么?Right in deed.Its a bombardierbeetle.就是甲虫,它是一只投弹手甲虫。This one is an African species, but it could be found on most other continentstoo.虽然它是非洲品种,却也能在其它大多数洲找到。Bombardier? He releases bomb or some sort?投弹手?它会放炸弹还是怎么的?He may look harmless, but when threatened, this little guy fires a rapid spray of boiling hot,这个小东西看起来是无害的,但受到威胁时就会放出沸腾的热水喷雾,toxic chemicals that can kill an insect attacker.和可以杀死攻击它的昆虫的有毒化学物质。The release of the chemicals makes an explosivepopping sound, like a tiny bomb detonating.该化学物质释放时会发出一阵很大的爆炸声,就像一个小炸弹被引爆了。These beetles are great marksmen, too.这些甲虫还是伟大的射手。The chemicals are released from its abdomen, whichit can rotate to adjust its aim.它们从腹部释放化学物质,腹部可以转动以调整目标。There is no part of the beetle’s body that a predator can safelyattack.而且它们的捕食者没有谁能在攻击这些甲虫后毫发无损。How do this hot,toxic not injure or kill the beetle from the inside?为什么这些在甲虫体内的热的、有毒的物质并没有伤害或者是杀死它们呢?The toxicity and heat are not constant inside the beetle, but are produced by a binarychemical reaction.这些热的有毒物质在甲虫体内并不是恒定不变的,它们是一个二元化学反映的产物。This means that the toxicspray is a combination of two main chemicals that arerelatively harmless on their own.这就意味着该有毒喷雾是两种对甲虫本身就无害的化学物质的化合物。They’re stored in separate compartments in the beetle’s body until it needs them.它们被储蓄在甲虫体内的不同区域。直到被需要时它们就会释放到一个叫做“反应室”的不一样的地方。 201405/300920

If youre not aly convinced that regular exercise is important to stay healthy, now there is yet another reason to break a sweat, especially if youre a woman: breast cancer.如果你还不是十分相信经常锻炼对于保持健康很重要,现在就有让自己大汗淋漓的另外一个理由,尤其是如果你是一个女人的话:它就是乳腺癌。Several studies have linked exercise to lowering the risk of developing breast cancer.一些研究发现运动能降低患乳腺癌的风险。Considering that breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, these findings are nothing to shrug about.考虑到乳腺癌是女性的第二常见癌症,这些发现没有什么可以规避的。First, regular exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer by helping women to maintain a healthy and consistent body weight.首先,经常运动可以降低患乳腺癌的风险,帮助女性保持健康及体重稳定。Post-menopausal women who have gained more than twenty pounds since the age of eighteen are forty percent more likely to develop breast cancer.从18岁已经增加超过20磅绝经后的女性患乳腺癌的几率高达40%。Women who gain seventy or more pounds in their adult years are eighty percent more likely to develop breast cancer.成年期增加70磅或更多的女性患乳腺癌的几率高达80%。Another study suggests that the correlation between breast cancer and body weight may have much to do with female hormones produced by body fat.另一项研究表明乳腺癌和体重之间的关联会影响身体脂肪所产生的雌性激素。Higher levels of estrogen, as well as testosterone, have been demonstrated to increase ones risk of developing breast cancer.已经明过度的雌激素,以及睾酮会增加人们患上乳腺癌的风险。However, exercise significantly reduces the levels of these hormones by burning body fat, which produces the hormones.然而,运动明显通过燃烧产生激素的体内脂肪降低了这些激素的水平。So the more you exercise, the more fat you burn, hence the lower your hormone levels, and the lower your risk of developing breast cancer.所以越锻炼,消耗的脂肪越多,因此能够降低你的激素水平,从而降低患乳腺癌的风险。How much exercise is necessary?那练多少就合适了?Just thirty minutes of exercise each day or three to four hours a week could lower ones risk of breast cancer by about twenty percent.只要每天锻炼30钟或一个星期三至四小时就能够降低20%患乳腺癌的几率。And exercising more than four hours a week may further lower your risk.而一个星期锻炼4个多小时可能会进一步降低你的风险。Keep in mind, however, that no amount of exercise can guarantee you wont develop cancer.不过,要记住,不是再多的运动就可以保你不会患上癌症。Certain risk factors such as genetic make-up and environmental exposures are uncontrollable. 某些如基因构成及环境暴露的风险因素是无法控制的。 201310/261420


  And at the heart of the celebration is the liberation of the ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt,the story of stories, replayed around the Seder table with the help of the Seder plate and its symbolic foods, and a ritual book called the Haggadah.庆祝活动的核心是古代以色列人从埃及的奴役中获得解放,其中所蕴含的故事,通过逾越节家宴的餐桌及其具有象征意义的食物,以及一种称为哈加达的仪式书传递。This is the b of affliction which our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt.这是苦难的面包,我们的祖先在埃及之地所食用的。All who are hungry, let them come and eat.致所有人感到饥饿的人,请他们来吃。But this is about more than just retelling an ancient story. Its about reliving it.但这不仅仅是重新讲述一个古老的故事。这是关于重温。What do we think, everybody, um, salt water for tears or Red Sea?我们会作何选择,每一个人,嗯,眼泪流成的盐水还是红海海水?What do we think? Tears?我们想的是什么呢?眼泪?Is Red Sea an alternate, er...?红海是一种选项吗?And the Haggadah provokes questions that belong as much to the here and now as to the long ago.而哈加达所在这里尽可能多提出的问题属于很久以前。In every generation, there are those who rise up against us and seek to destroy us,but the Holy One, blessed be he,saves us from their hands.在每一代中,有些人起来反对我们,试图摧毁我们,但圣者是应当称颂的,他们拯救我们。This is a tough passage, really.那是一种艰难困苦,真的。I mean, this says that we can predict, really, that in every generation there will be exterminators just around the corner.我的意思是,这表示,我们可以预测,真的,在每一代会有毁灭者在伺机而动。I mean, is Jewish culture always expecting the worst?我的意思是,犹太文化总是期待最糟糕的情况发生? 201403/282570。

  Business商业报道Love, Korean-style韩式之恋Twos company两个人的专属网络The worlds most exclusive social network世界上最专一的社交网络SOUTH KOREANS take romance seriously.韩国人向来注重浪漫。Lovers are expected to swap sweet nothings many times a day and woe betide the clod who forgets a 100-day anniversary.一天之内,恋人总是交换甜言蜜语数遍不厌倦。Some pairs dress in couple style, in the same garish red sweater and blue jeans combo, for instance.若是谁忘了100天纪念日,那他可就要倒霉了。一些情侣穿着情侣装,诸如艳丽的红色羊毛套衫搭配蓝色牛仔裤。Small wonder that a Korean firm has created a social network for couples.由此,一家韩国公司开创了一个专属于情侣的社交网络,这也没什么好大惊小怪的。VCNCs app is called Between.韩国公司VCNC开发了一款叫Between的社交应用。It creates a private space for two people,这款社交应用给情侣们提供了两个人的专属空间。in which they can share photographs and special memories, chat in real time and exchange any number of cute emoticons:情侣们可以分享相片,珍贵的时刻,可以即时聊天,以及交换一些可爱的表情符号。smiley faces, winks, hearts and so on.如笑脸,眨眼,爱心等等。Though revolting to singles, Between is a hit.不得不说,Between让单身人士感到恶心,但它却引领起一股风潮。Since its launch in November, more than 560,000 Koreans have fallen for it.自去年十一月推出以来,超过56万的韩国人爱上了它。This comes despite VCNC spending virtually nothing on marketing.实际上,VCNC公司并没有在营销上做出太多动作。Park Jae-uk, the firms boss, claims another 200,000 users abroad, divided between China, Japan and North America.公司老板朴在旭宣称Between在海外拥有20万用户,并分布在中国,日本以及北美。Between is part of a trend towards intimacy in social networking.如今社交网络趋向私密化,Between也紧跟这种潮流。Some Facebook users are fed up with the torrent of friend requests from people they barely know.一些Facebook用户已经对源源不断的好友申请感到厌倦。这些好友申请通常来自于他们几乎不认识的人。Others resent being tagged in embarrassing photographs their boss can see.而一些用户则讨厌被标记在一些尴尬的照片上,因为这些照片连他们的老板也看得到。Hence the rise of services such as Path, an American network that limits members to 150 friends.因此,一些社交网络务的崛起,诸如Path,就严格限制了好友的封顶数为150人,Other networks, such as FamilyLeaf and Storytree, target families.而其它的一些社交网络,如FamilyLeaf和Storytree的目标受众则是家族成员。VCNC is betting that couples particularly value their privacy.VCNC认定情侣之间特别重视个人隐私。A message on ones Facebook Wall from an old flame can incinerate a new relationship.在Facebook上一条旧情人的信息足以破坏一段新恋情。Cutting the ex out removes the risk.屏蔽掉前度或者其他人则可以移除风险。Cynics may ask how a social network for two differs from simply sending text messages back and forth.有些愤世嫉俗者可能会问,Between和简单的来回发短信有什么不同。Betweens users presumably think the cynics lack romance in their souls.Between的用户可能会认为,这些批判者是骨子里缺乏浪漫基因。Revenue will come from advertising.未来,Between的收入将来自于广告。The firm hopes that nice restaurants and sellers of romantic holidays will pay to pitch to loved-up couples.VCNC公司希望一些高品质的餐馆,以及一些以浪漫假期为主打商品的商家可以来它的网站做宣传,VCNC由此收取广告费。It also plans to offer premium services, such as the printing of photobooks documenting the progress of a relationship.VCNC同时计划推出一项付费务,例如将相片集结成书,以此来记录情侣之间的感情历程。Swingers may be miffed to learn that Between allows only one partner per user.得知Between只允许每位用户拥有一位伴侣,一些滥交人士可能会有些许恼怒。But some cheaters have beaten the system by using multiple identities, laughs Mr Park.朴先生笑着说,然而有一些骗子却骗过系统的法眼,使用了多重身份。He is unlikely to join them.他自己不可能加入这些人的阵营中。Running VCNC keeps him too busy even for one girlfriend, he laments.他感叹道,经营VCNC已经让他够忙了,一个女朋友足矣。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/245487

  With the discovery of the Stanley plot, the privy chamber went into locked out.随着斯坦利阴谋的发现,这个小房间成了外人永远不能踏足之地。Previously, its working was transparent, but with the new security overhaul, only those who would best content the king were admitted.以前,它的工作是透明的,但是随着新的安全检修,只有那些最好的内容才能被国王认同。So at the heart of this glittering household was an institutional black hole, whose working was known only to Henry himself.所以这个表面光鲜的家族核心其实是一个由来已久的黑洞,其工作仅仅亨利本人知晓。Inside the privy chamber, things were changing.在小私室内,一切都发生了改变。Henry was obsessed with control, especially when it came to money.亨利痴迷于控权,特别是提到钱的时候。The remit of his privy chamber treasure was expanding.他的职权范围之内的小私室财宝被扩大。These books are chamber accounts.这些书是皇室的账目。They are books of payments and whats interesting about these books is that they represent Henrys very personal control of finance.这是账单册而且关于这些书有趣的地方是,它们代表亨利非常个人的财务控制。These account books are brought to him, and he would look down everything and he would sign it at the bottom.这些帐册都会呈给亨利,他会仔细浏览一切,然后在最底下签字。We have everything from wages for trumpeters, for barbers, queens ministrants, the princes trumpeters, falcons bought from Hungary.我们已经掌握了从号手,理发师,女王的侍从,王子的号手,从匈牙利购买回猎鹰的薪金。Falcons bought from Hungary, brilliant.从匈牙利购买回的猎鹰,太棒了。Its quite a journey.那段旅途可真够漫长的。Brilliant.非常棒。Historian Sean Curriham has been studying Henrys account books.历史学家肖恩?克里姆一直在研究亨利的帐簿。This one shows money coming directly to Henrys personal coffers, and these pages are written by Henry himself.这一条目显示钱直接送入亨利的个人保险库,而这几页是亨利自己签字。He loved this entry in particular.他尤其喜爱这一条目。He had many delivered in old weighty crowns.他运送了许多旧的王冠。You can sense him weighing in his hand.你可以感觉到他在自己手里掂分量的情景。Thats right.是的。Picking his weighty crown.挑选他沉重的。Oh, thats good.哦,那很好。And then I like these good crowns.我喜欢这些好的王冠。These are some good crowns we have here.这些都是一些我们这里好的王冠。 201311/264921

  Science and technology科学技术Reptilian micturition爬行动物的排尿Thats a relief可算是方便了Softshell turtles urinate through their mouths鳖类通过其嘴部小便WHY did the turtle stick its head in a bucket?为什么乌龟会把它的脑袋扎到桶里呢?sounds like the sort of riddle asked by ten-year-olds in school playgrounds.这听起来像十岁小孩子在学校操场上问的那种谜题。But it was also asked recently by Yuen Ip of the National University of Singapore.但是新加坡国立大学的元艾坡最近也问了这个问题。And his answer, it has to be said, is precisely the sort that would appeal to a ten-year-old.不得不说,他的恰恰是能吸引十岁小孩子的那种。It is that turtles pee through their mouths.是乌龟在用嘴巴撒尿。The turtles in question are a species known as the Chinese softshell.问题中的乌龟是一种被称为中华鳖的龟种。By preference, they live in brackish swamps.它们偏爱生活在微咸水湿地中。But such swamps are liable to dry up, and then the turtles often do something which has puzzled zoologists for centuries:但是这类湿地容易干涸,然后中华鳖经常会做出下面的动作,这让动物学家们困惑了几个世纪:they put their heads into those small pools of water which remain and hold them there for as long as two hours.鳖将它们的头部扎入余留的小水坑里,一待就是2个钟头。In 1886 a pair of American biologists called Gage, who were investigating this curious behaviour, dissected several turtles and found something strange in the animals mouths, namely a set of structures that look like gills.1886年,两名叫盖奇的美国生物学家研究了这一古怪的行为。他们解剖了数只鳖,在鳖的嘴巴里发现了些奇异之处,即一付长得像腮的结构。That, they felt, explained how turtles were able to perform their head-in-a-pool trick, but not why. Softshells are not compelled to breathe through their gills; they have a perfectly adequate pair of lungs to do the job.他们觉得这解释了鳖为何能做出把头扎入水坑的把戏,但无法解释为什么要这么做。鳖类并非必须要通过腮来呼吸,用它们的两个肺就完全足够了。Nor did zoologists take seriously the hypothesis that the reptiles were pining for their aquatic homes and putting their heads in puddles to keep their spirits up.还有一个动物学家不会当真的假设:这些爬行动物离不开它们的水之家,它们将头伸入水坑里是为了提提神。So, with the aid of a dozen turtles purchased from a local market, Dr Ip decided he would try to solve the mystery once and for all.所以艾坡士从本地市场中买了十二只鳖,决定借助它们设法彻底的解开这个迷。To do so, he strapped the animals down, to stop them moving, and provided each with a container of water into which it could dip its head if it chose.他将这些鳖绑住,使它们无法移动,每一只前面都放了一个装有水的容器,以便鳖可以将头扎进去。He also fitted each turtle with a plastic box that collected its urine, for he had a suspicion that therein lay the key to the mystery.他还给每只鳖配了一个塑料桶来收集它们的尿液,他怀疑解开这个谜的钥匙就藏于其中。This done, he monitored the animals for six days, paying particular attention to the chemistry of the water in the container.准备好后,他对这些鳖监测了六天,并特别关注了容器中水的化学成分。As expected, the turtles periodically submerged their heads in the water for between 20 and 100 minutes at a time.正如所料,这些鳖定期将它们的头扎入水中,每次的时长在20到100分钟之间。During these periods, Dr Ip noted that oxygen was being extracted from it.在此期间,艾坡士注意到水中的氧气在被提取。This confirmed that turtles can, indeed, breathe underwater through their mouths.这肯定了鳖确实可以在水下通过嘴部呼吸。As the oxygen level fell, though, something else rose: the level of urea.可是,随着氧含量下降,其他物质的含量上升了-尿素。Clearly, the animals were disposing of this waste product by secreting it from their mouths into the water.显然,鳖通过它们的嘴部悄悄的将这种废物排入了水中。Indeed, a calculation Dr Ip performed, based on the volume and composition of the urine he collected in the plastic buckets, and of the head-dunking water at the end of each day, suggested that only 6% of the urea excreted by the turtles was leaving them in the traditional manner, via urine. The question was, why?的确如此,艾坡士根据每天结束后其在塑料桶中所收集尿液以及头部所扎入水的成分和体积进行了计算,表明鳖排泄的尿素中只有6%是以尿液这一传统方式排出的。问题是,为什么?The most likely answer, as he explains in a paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology, is that urine, though cheap to produce when water is plentiful, is a physiologically costly product when water is scarce.最可能的是,正如他在《实验生物学》上发表的论文中解释的:虽然在水量丰沛时,产生尿液很便宜,但当水稀缺之时,这就成了一种生理上很昂贵的产品了。Turtle kidneys have difficulty processing salt water, so for an animal that lives in a brackish environment potable water is always scarce.鳖的肾无法处理咸水,所以对于一个生活在微咸水环境中的动物来说,食水一直弥足珍贵。One way round this for a swimming animal is to develop an outlet which allows urea to dissolve directly in the water as it swims, which is what the turtles seem to have done.对游泳动物来讲,规避此点的一种方式是进化出一个可以在其游水时将尿素直接排到水中排泄器官,就像鳖类似乎已经做到的那样。Dr Ip looked at which genes were active in the gill-like structures of the mouth and found one that appears, from its similarity to genes of known function from other species, to encode a urea transporter.艾坡士检查了嘴部这一类腮结构中有哪些基因在起作用,他发现一个基因,根据其和其他物种中已知功能基因的相似程度,会转译出一种尿素通道蛋白。The turtles gills, then, not only take in oxygen, they also excrete urea.这样,鳖的腮不仅能吸取氧气,也能排出尿素。If there is insufficient water to swim in, however, the turtles have to resort to desperate measures. The reason they stick their heads in puddles is in order to relieve themselves.然而如果水量不足以供鳖游水时,它们会采取极端手段-将头扎入水坑是为了方便一下。 /201401/274372

  Business商业报道German business德国商业Screwdrivers drawn拉锯战A shareholder stand-off in the Black Forest黑森林里的股东对峙IF YOU have ever struggled to assemble a flat-pack wardrobe, the chances are that its wooden pieces were cut, drilled and finished on machines made by Homag.你若曾奋力想组装起一个平板式包装的衣橱,那么该衣橱的木质组件很可能是由豪迈公司生产的机器切割、打孔、抛光而成的。Founded in 1960 in Schopfloch, in the Black Forest, Homag is one of those little-known world champions that are the backbone of the German economy.1960年,豪迈公司在黑森林深处的Schopfloch小镇成立。一些德国经济的柱企业是业内的世界领跑者,却很少为人所知,豪迈公司便是其中之一。But not all is well in Schopfloch. Gerhard Schuler,然而位于Schopfloch的豪迈公司的情况并非一切如意。one of its founders,now a sprightly 85, is at war with Deutsche Beteiligungs , a private-equity firm that was once his dream partner.公司创始人之一,现年85岁高龄,精神矍铄的舒勒正与他曾经的梦中情人—德意志参股上市公司闹不和。After buying into the company in 1997 DB built up a stake of 60%.私募股权公司DB于1997年入股豪迈公司,而后持有豪迈60%的股份。When Homag was floated on the stockmarket in 2007 it kept 33% and Mr Schuler stayed on as honorary chairman with a small stake.当豪迈公司2007年在券市场上市时,DB保留了33%的股份,舒勒先生则手持小额股份,以名誉总裁的身份留任。But business dipped in 2008 and the shares plunged.然而,2008年豪迈公司生意惨淡,股票跳水。Mr Schuler and his supporters, worried about the direction the company was taking, started buying.They built a blocking minority of 25.01%舒勒先生与众持者对公司的走向倍感堪忧,继而纷纷入股,他们买下25.0%的股权,成立了有否决权的少数股权。That did not stop DB kicking Mr Schulers three appointees off Homags supervisory board two years ago and replacing them with people who were more internationally minded.DB却对此置之不理,反而在两年前将舒勒任命的三名委员踢出豪迈的监事会,用两位更具国际化眼光的成员替代之。Since then, the two sides have been at screwdrivers drawn.自那时起,两方便进入拉锯相持阶段。At a stormy shareholders meeting last month things came to a head.在上个月硝烟四起的股东大会上,两方争斗达到了高潮。Mr Schuler and his allies accused DB of being a locust interested only inshort-term profit, and of selling out to a foreign buyer.舒勒及其盟友指责DB只关注眼前利益,向外国买家兜售的做法如蝗虫般贪婪。 地方员工希望长期担任豪迈公司技术总监的高斯先生恢复原职。Local staff want Achim Gauss, Homags long-standing technical director, who resigned abruptly for personal reasons on May 23rd, to be reinstated.今年5月23日,高斯先生突然以个人原因为由,辞去总监一职。高斯先生的离职同样引起了豪迈公司大客户,IKEA, a Swedish furniture chain and Homags biggest customer, also expressed concern at Mr Gausss departure.瑞典家具连锁公司宜家的堪忧。DB, one of Germanys oldest private-equity firms, is not obviously locust-like.DB是德国资历最老的私募股权企业之一,显然与蝗虫无半点相像之处。Its executives insist it is there for the long term. However, Homag is DBs biggest investment and its shares have not performed well.DB的主管们坚称,公司在为豪迈的长远利益着想。Half of DBs stake is owned by two of its investment funds, one of which is scheduled to wind up this year.不管怎样,豪迈是DB最大的一笔投资,而豪迈的股票的表现并不良好。DB所持的股份中,一半由其旗下两只投资基金操控,So a partial exit would be logical.而其中一只计划于今年停止运作。There is no reason for a forced sale,says a DB source:因而DB部分退出的做法合情合理。that would weaken DBs influence. Meanwhile, Mr Schulers crowd are looking for a white knight.DB的线人称,公司没道理强制抛股,这样做会削弱DB的影响力。与此同时,舒勒先生的团队正另寻救星。More happily, Homags business is on the rebound.更庆幸的是,豪迈的生意正开始反弹。Last years turnover of 800m was near the pre-crisis peak, and the closing of three German subsidiaries should cut costs.去年豪迈的营业额为8亿英镑,接近危机前的最高额,德国境内三家子公司的关闭应该能降低成本。Gordon Schonell of Bankhaus Lampe, a private bank, says that the managers are doing the right things.私人Bankhaus Lampe的舒奈尔说,管理层现今所做的是对的。But for Mr Schuler the shift from family firm to shareholder capitalism has gone too far.但是对于舒勒先生,从家族企业向股东资本主义转变的有点离谱了。 /201307/247187





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